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Let the Games Begin!

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“How should we decide the participants for the Games?”


“It should be done randomly!”


“I must strongly disagree!”


“We should pick out the participants ourselves,”


“No, it should be-”


“Quiet! I implore you all to, please, quiet down!” at the voice of one of the fairy council members, Council member Hisui Fiore, everyone began to calm down. Regardless of the fact that she was one of the youngest members, everyone present still looked at her with respect.


“Thank you everyone, now let us come up with a solution peacefully.” She continued once the room was silent.


“Now, I believe we should separate and randomly draw the names of 5 schools that each have only one race. Then each school should have a small competition of sorts in order to pick their best two students that will compete for each races’ A and B teams.” Hisui finished, looking around the room expectantly.


Everyone looked around at each other nodding since this seemed like a fair solution.


“But what sort of competition should the schools hold?” questioned one of the Fae council members, Itachi Uchiha, asked with curiosity rather than skepticism.


“Why don't we leave it up to the schools, yeah?” replied the other Fairy council member, Mavis Vermillion.


After agreeing to this plan with no other questions, demon summoner council member Vitalini Blackwood stood up from her seat.


“Well, now that that is all settled let us go do our parts and most importantly…”


“Let the Games Begin.”