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Little Spitfire

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To say you were surprised when Bucky's girlfriend had invited you to dinner with the team, would be an understatement. You and her didn't mesh well, to be honest, you didn't mesh with the team either. 

Something about you stealing the spot on the team, apparently a certain Sharon Carter had presented her candidature to the Avengers initiative. Fury hadn't been to keen on her after the SHIELD fall, she had fled on go to work for the CIA instead of working with Hills. He said she was a good agent, but not necessarily strong enough to work with demigod and supersoldiers. One week after, you were there with just a « this is the new Avengers, be nice. » and just like that he was gone.

They didn't even try to know what you were able to do. Not like you were going to tell them but c'mon for spies and shit they sure didn't try to know who were sharing their home. Sly comments were thrown your way every day. If there was a party or get together night they didn't invite you. You became a wallflower, but one of them try to acknowledge you.

James Buchanan Barnes was somewhat kind to you. He would bring you something from the restaurant or his missions.He even went as far as ask you on a date and you were thrilled. You had developed quite the crush on the supersoldier. But the son of a bitch stood you up. You had waited for him, the nice lady who owns the diner had taken upon her self to make you feel better. She had sat with you, telling you about her life and proceed to trash men and you loved her for it. 

Your night hadn't been this awful thanks to her, but when you came to the compound the snickers of the avengers accompanied you.  Natasha had been so gracious as to mention she was an ex of Barnes, 'so why did you think you had a chance with him'

You caught his eyes and you could see a little remorse but it was soon erased and replaced by a smug grin. You just shrugged, and made your way to your room, but not before earring Sam complaining that he was waiting for you to be a cry baby about it. 'Little winged bitch'.

After that night, Bucky stopped being nice with you. Leaving you to wonder what you had done wrong to make this kind man despise you. 

The answer came in the form of Bucky's new girlfriend. So now you had to suffer from loneliness, petty behavior, and a jealous girlfriend. 

The thing is, the team hadn't had a glimpse of the real you. See to be accepted you had to change your look, toned down your makeup and attitude. They saw you like a quiet mouse, with a gentle smile, soft eyes, and pastel cardigans and white shirt, the star-struck girl who would make pastries to Bucky. You thought that if they saw you as no threats then they wouldn't be afraid of you when your capacities would be disclosed. That strategy had bitten you in the ass, as the French would say 'trop bonne, trop conne'. They saw a gentle and quiet person and took this as a license to walk all over you.

So yeah, being invited raised so many alarms in your mind. You didn't know how much patience you could have without unleashing the Kraken.



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You are bored out of your mind, Barton is sitting at your right and Wilson to your left. In front of you are Romanoff, next to her  Barnes's girlfriend but you didn't make the effort to retain her name so you call her precious in your mind. She reminds you of the little pampered ankle biter dog. She is sitting so close to Barnes that she could as well sit on his laps. He is currently talking and laughing with Rogers who is in front of him.

Nobody is talking to you, making great efforts to even avoid looking at you. Wilson and Stark are making bets about some mission while Banner sitting next to Romanoff try to calm their bets.

« I don't know why you invited her, she doesn't belong here. » Steve ask precious who only shrug with a blinding smile « I know, but I took pity on her, the poor girl doesn't have anything going for her. »

You close your eyes, and hung your head down, searching in the bottom of yourself for some remaining patience. You pinch your lips tighter than Rogers's ass, shaking your head because you find none. The precious bitch had just awoken the dragon.

You can hear the laughter of the others, but when you open your eyes you could feel Romanoff's eyes on you. She is reading your body language, and all she can think about is how stark is the contrast between the 'you' at the start of the dinner and now 'you'. Then you looked like a fragile bird but now you look like a predator, and there is something dangerous and borderlines feral in your eyes now.
You wink at her and send a sultry smirk that rival her owns, which only serve to unsettle her more. She looks around the table to see if someones else has picked your change of demeanor but she is the only one.
Her green eyes are locked with yours when precious grabbed your intention, you wiggle your eyebrows subtly taunting Romanoff a little more and finally look over Precious.


« Yes dear ? » you answer with a light smile and pleasant voice.
« So I was thinking, why are you on the Avengers team? It's kinda concerning to have you there without knowing your role. » she throws at you with an ugly saccharine smile.
« Oh honey, » you start with mock concern, « do not trouble yourself on my account, we all know that thinking is not your strong suit and it makes those ugly lines on your face popped out. »  you waived her concerns off with your hand.

Several gasps could be heard, and Precious just narrowed her eyes at you and the smile like the cat that ate the canary.
« No, what I meant is why are you here when Bucky says that you are perfectly inutile and a waste of air and space, » she said smugly.
You look over at Bucky, and channel your inner Marion Cotillard, and look at him with betrayal. « How could you say that Bucky? »

« With all the blowjobs I gave to you after missions to help you unwind! I let you cum in my face so many times just because she, » you point your finger at his wide eyes girl « always put too many teeth on your dick that you are scared she might cut it out clean. »  You even managed to summon one or two tears. The silence in the room was satisfying, at least for you.

Barnes looks absolutely blindsided by your saying and action. Looking every bit of a deer caught in the headlight. 

The precious looked over her boyfriend, with real tears and heartbreak written all over her face. « So that's why you won't let me go down on you? Did you cheat on me with her? »

« He also said, fuckin you is like fuckin a sea star, he has to do all the work when you stay on your back and moan like a dying sea lion . » you ad with a trembling voice and a sniff.

The resoning of the slap she gives him might just be your new favorite sound, with the sound of her walking away with Barnes hot on her tail.

Every pair off eye are on you, trying to understand what the hell had happened. You on the other hand, just sit back, serve yourself a glass of red wine. You lean on the back chair and look around you completely satisfied with the scene you had caused. You smile at Natasha and raise your glass « To love! » You proclaim cheerfully to your gloomy audience.



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You woke up with a smile this morning. It felt so good to be able to be the real you without hiding behind your fake persona.

Take your clothes for instances, no one had prepared you for the itchiness of the material of cardigan, and trustfully for someone wearing tank top even in winter, it felt constricting and too hot. The last may be due to the fact that your temperature runs extremely hot.

You make your way to the garage ignoring the warnings of F.R.I.D.A.Y, and you are glad to see that one of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents is waiting for you with your motorbike. You had missed your baby immensely, and it would be easier for you to go to the ‘restaurant’ Fury had set up for you in a very secluded place near Philadelphia, more precisely in the Woodland area.
The agent visibly blanches as you're near him, but you offer him a kind smile to soothe his nerves. « So what’s on the menu today ? »  you say taking the keys off his fingers and sat down on your baby.

« Director Fury had had to deliver for you fours cows and two sheep agent L/N. » he stuttered just a little, at least this time he was able to talk to you, you would take that as a win. 

« Please Mark, call me Y/N, we both know I’m no trained agent. If you’ll excuse me, I’m famished and I could literally eat a horse.»  you joked.  
At this Marc, eyes grew wild and his eyebrows shot up to his hairline,  « Please don’t eat horses. » he pleaded with you clearly shaken by the thought.
You winked at him, « I make no promise, a girl gotta eat huh. » you shot back teasingly and your engine roared as you made your way out leaving a really flustered agent in your wake.



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The team is gathered in the common room, no one is willing to talk, as they can sense the anger radiate from the two super soldiers.

They didn’t know how to react, you had left them with a good night and thank you for the delightful dinner. Steve had no other choice than to send each one of his friends to sleep in the hope of calming down the potentially explosive situation you had made.

Bucky just came back from his now ex-girlfriend’s apartment, he had tried to plead with her all night, telling her that you were just a lying bitch but she didn’t listen and even called the cops on him.

« Easy tiger, that’s an original Persian rug you are pacing on, it cost more than your annual salary. » Stark is the first to break the silence earning only a scorching glare from Steve.

« More than his salary? How is this even possible ? » interjects Sam, not believing this as they're more than comfortably remunerated for their labor.

« Well, the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet had been sold in auction 33 million so … » Natasha counter.

« First, how do you know that ? » she just shrugs at Clint and took a much-needed sip of coffee.
« And what kind of asshole would pay 33 million for a carpet ?» he sighs incredulously.

«Hey! It was a good deal, and it goes with the decoration of my Tunisian villa you absolute heathen. »

« Would you all stop! » Steve interrupts the banter with his captain voice. « We have a more important matter to discuss. F.R.I.D.A.Y please tell L/N, she is wanted in the common room. We are discussing this like adults, she has to learn she can’t behave like this. »

Steve wouldn’t let go off the hook easily, you had mess with his plan for his best friend. Crystalline had been a master key in his plan of getting his old Bucky back, she was the spitting image of Dolores, Bucky’s first flame, and you had to drive her away with 3 sentences. You had already stolen the place of Sharon and now this? He couldn’t help but think you have stolen his second chance to be like in the 4O with Howard’s son, Peggy’s niece and Dolores look alike.

« Ms. L/N had decline your offer of a meeting. »

‘Wait what ?’ Steve could feel his blood boil you were on thin ice already. « Tell her that is not an offer but an order. »  he looked over his friends and see try their astonished expression that he is not the only one shocked by your behavior.

« She said, no thank you but she will not take orders from you. »

« It’s like watching an angry game of ping-pong. » Clint murmured to Nat only to have her elbow in his ribs.

« I’m her superior, she will do as I say. »  he barked back.

They waited 10 minutes for your answer getting angsty with the delay of answer when finally F.R.I.D.A.Y give them your answer that was more of a declaration than an actual reply. « Anyone who must say I am your superior is no true superior. »

Tony, Clint, and Sam lost it and burst in laughter, Nat was just smirking « Look like we underestimated her. » she noted with a hint of new found respect for you while Steve and Bucky looked like lost puppies.

He regains quickly his composure and went for your room when F.R.I.D.A.Y   decided to save him from an unnecessary journey. « She has left the perimeter of the compound 10 minutes ago. » She then chooses to show them your departure thanks delivery of your motorbike by a very recognizable S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

« Call Fury. »  He finally snapped back.

« Captain to what I do the honor of your call? »

« The new recruit L/N, she is threatening the cohesion of the team. Her toxic behavior had cost Bucky is a relationship -"

« Do I look like your confident Captain? Talking about your heart’s bobos ? » a very unimpressed Fury raised his brow at him.

Steve could feel his ear heating and look bashfully at the ground.  Racking his throat he looks up « No sir, what I meant to say is why is she an Avengers? »
« It took you 6 months to ask this question, I’m sure a little more without knowing won’t kill you. »

Not wanting to back down he asked the real question that had bothered him all this time. « Why didn’t you authorized Carter to be an Avengers? She is clearly more competent than L/N. » he stated plainly.

« I don’t do explanation but let me indulge you this time. Carter is a great agent and she had proved her valor more than once-«  

« So why didn’t you promote her? »

Fury pinched his lips, not liking the way Steve had interrupted him. « As I was saying she is great no question, but her range of action is not needed in your team, you have already Romanoff and Barton for it and now Barnes. Her potential would not be exploited to her fullest with this team. »

« And L/N? »

« Let’s just says that if Carter is a knife then L/N is a bazooka. And this team need this kind of firepower. »

« So what’s makes her so great? » Nat inquired, curious about you.

« You’ll see if the situation arose. I’m the only one with the habilitation to deploy her on the field. »

Fury disconnected the call leaving the Avengers even more curious and skeptic about you.

You came back at sundown and were met with Wilson.

« Cap wants to see you. » he just offers at your silent question.
« So you can see me ? » you shot back earning a small laugh from him.
« Yeah, I guess I was kind of a dick to you. Sorry. » he offers lamely.

You rolled your eyes following him « Aw, thank you for your great apology, it makes it all better, we can be best-friends and braid each other hair. » you said clapping your hand and with a sardonic smile.

« See, you are actually bearable when you are not playing miss goody two shoes. »

« I wish I could return you the compliment but you are still a dick. » he huffs a laugh amused by the complete change of your persona.

He let you entered the conference room first.
« Oh geez, I feel like I’m finally invited to the cool kid table », you said gleefully, successfully making Stark snorts.
Like yesterday at dinner, all eyes are on you. You shrug it off and just like this morning, Tony take upon himself to broke the tension with his salutation to you « Hey Lannister, you were missed this morning. »

You tilt your head to the side for a sec and remember why he would call you like that. Using a game of thrones quotes apparently had lent you a surname.

« Trust me Stark, I’m more of a Targaryen than a Lannister. » you confide to him.

He raised his brow and look you up from head to tow, and speak his head « You don’t look like a Khaleesi. »

« More the words of the Targaryen, Fire, and Blood. »

« Well, I’m a Stark so brace yourself Winter is coming sweetheart. »  he joked.
« Haven’t you heard? I already made Winter cum more than once. »  you bragged taking a chair.

« Enough! » the captain roared, « Haven’t you done enough damages yesterday? »

You scoffed at that, « Not nearly enough if you ask me. »



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Barnes looks royally pissed but he says nothing. The others were too stunned at your boldness, it’s not every day that you see someone holding Steve Rogers’s glare without cowering. Yes in this form he has the advantage, but you can change at a moment notice and then all bet would be off. He is a formidable warrior, yes, and his strategic mind is something to marvel at. In fact, prior to your affectation to the Avengers, you were his biggest fan, but his attitude toward you had managed to immunize you against his charms. You have problems, but masochism is not one of them.

You would have the effect of surprise, who would think that behind your innocent enough human form hides a mythical creature?

He is so done with you, pinching the bridge of his nose he sighs, « why would you lie about something like that? »

« Was I lying though? I mean how would I know something as intimate as this ? » you challenge back.

He rose from his seat ever so slowly and make his way to you ‘whoah dramatic much?!’, and crossed his arms in front of him. You’ll admit that the way his muscles are bulging is distracting but you held your ground and stare back at him, but after what it feels like a few minutes you are bored.

« Did I broke him? » You turn your head and ask the others heroes with a confused tone. 

That only makes to anger him further. « You think you are funny huh? Do you think you have what it take to be an Avengers? Because you don’t. »  he snarled at you.

« Maybe it’s the Avengers that don’t have what it take to be me. » you teased.

He stood in front of you, all tall and shoulder square. He stared you down and this alone would have intimidated the lesser man. But a man you were not and even less intimidated you were.

« Is it some strange nuptial parade Captain? Because I must say that you do indeed a great rendition of a horny peacock, but the lack of feather kinda kill the mood » you shrugged bitting your lips.

He stayed silent, only warning you with his blazing glare.

« I feel like there is some tension between us. » you gestured between the Blond soldier and you.

He clenches his jaw hard, « Yes, L/N I would say that there is some tension between us indeed. »

« Would you say that it is the interesting kind? The one where you fuck me into oblivion to assert your dominance on me and release your pent-up frustration ? » you ask innocently with a sinful voice.

His cheeks are now painfully red, and he only shook his head at you not trusting his voice at this moment.

« Then why the fuck are you wasting my time for ? » you snarled at him and storm out the room leaving once again a dumbfounded audience in your wake.

A low whistle could be heard, « you certainly showed her place Cap, good leadership skills. » Sam observed his two thumbs in the air.


Walking toward your rooms you were suddenly thrown cheek against the wall. You could feel a mountain of muscles pressed against your back.

« Why the fuck did you said that to Crystal, doll? » the mountain of a man whisper in your ear.

You were shaking from anger and try to shake him off but now he had the advantage. « Don’t you dare call me that Barnes. »

« Answer me when I ask you a question. » he admonishes you.
« Well, why do you ask? Maybe because you lead me on, you played with my emotions and then betray me and what for huh? So you can screw Precious the dumbest bitch of this side of the earth ? »  it was hard to talk with your left cheek squished against the wall.
He doesn’t talk so you continue.
« You made damn sure I was attached to you and then you stood me up and give me the cold shoulder for weeks. »

« You think it was easy for me Y/N, seeing what I have done to you every day? But I had too Steve told me you were no good for me and he knows me even better than I know myself. »

« Was it worth it ? » you ask quietly stopping every movement.

« What doll face? »

« Breaking my heart to have the approval or your friends » tears glistening in your eyes.

His eyes and his grip on you softened at this, and he turns you so you could face him.

You refused to meet his eyes, and so ever gently he lifted your chin.

Your eyes locked with his and you surprised to see tenderness.

« You have no ideas how hard it was for me to stay away from you, and I can’t possibly tell you how much you mean for me. Please forgive. Doll, please I’m sorry. »

And with you seethed with a renewed anger. « You said your hail Marie and except me to forgive you? Do I look like a fucking priest to absolve you ? » you tried to push him off of you with no luck.

« What do you want me to do! I said I was sorry, » he stressed.  

« What I want you to do? Geez, I don’t know, how about you actually grow a pair and don’t follow your friends wishes like a little bitch. »

All tenderness he might have had in his eyes are now gone, he grabs a good portion of your hair, tugs it harshly so you meet his eyes once again. He leans close to you, his nose brushing with yours.

« You want to run that by me again? »  

The thing is, you were never someone who backed down, always escalated situations even when you should really not.

« Gladly, I mean how are you different from the Winter Soldier huh? They told you what to do and you do it. »  you then poke your finger to his forehead three times.
« The thing in your head it’s called a brain, everyone has one you might want to try and use yours. »

At lightning speed, Bucky grabbed your two wrists and pinned them down forcefully against the wall.  The dark glare he sends you is cold and unforgiven. For a second you are scared but you can feel the fire in your veins coming to life.
However, all thought of morphing to your other form vanished when you feel his lips on your mouth.



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The way Bucky’s body press into yours is so intoxicating. Your mind goes dizzy every-time you inhale his scent. He let go of your wrist and with his metal hand cradle your head so he could deepen the kiss. His tongue is invading your mouth massaging you and coaxing low moan deep from your throat. His flesh hand had made its way to the small of your back making your arch into him. His every touch setting you in fire. 

His lips leave yours. You try to chase after it, but your heart gave a summersault when he begins to kiss you under your ear. Nibbling at it, the way Bucky’s breath tickle your neck give you a delicious shudder. The way he rasps you to touch him snaps something in you. Y

ou were so lost in the feeling of him, you hadn’t noticed that your arms had stayed at your side. You sprang into action. One hand on his hair, the other boldly going south racking his stomach eliciting a groan from him. His lips crash hard on you, it’s messier, needier, you can feel the bulge on his front pressing into your core. It feels so good. His lips, his tongue, his hands, his entire being are intoxicating you. It feels like heaven and you are not sure why you two didn’t do this earlier.



Bucky doesn’t notice that you stopped reciprocating. Your eyes are open now both literally and figuratively. You know damn why … Precious.

You feel bile rise in your throat. Your hands shot to his pecs trying to push him. It does nothing to deter him he is still lost in the feel of your mouth, totally mesmerized with you. You resort to bit his tongue a little bit harder than you should have, surprising him. You profit from it and pushed him again, « Get off of me! » You screech.

The look on his face break you a little but you have to be strong. He already made you suffer, he tricked you once, you won’t let him trick you twice at least not so easily. You won’t fall for his lines this time, nor his puppy eyes. Fuck him and fuck blue eyes.

Tentatively, he tries to reach for your hand. You shook your head at him trying to gather your wits. And maybe caught your breath because for all his faults this man could certainly kiss.

« Y/N » he pleads with you, his tone soft, brow furrowed.

The fog left by his lips on your mind dissipated, and it clicked. « I swear to god Barnes don’t touch me, » you state with cold voice and hard eyes.

« Is there a problem? »

Thank god for Sam Wilson.

Barnes is currently starring him down and you take this as your chance to leave.

You passed them and rush to your door. 

You are quick to close it and slide to your knees trying so hard to not cry, you take a big breath and close your eyes. You catch a whiff of Bucky’s scent on you, and you can feel your heart constricted. You feel used and soiled. The feeling of his touch repulses you. You got up on your feet and barge in your bathroom. You throw your clothes on the ground and jump in the shower. You don’t even wait for the water to warm up. It’s cold, but you needed that thermic choc, as it takes your mind off Bucky for the moment.


Punch after punch, Bucky tries to exorcize the thought of your betrayed heartbroken face out of his mind.

He doesn’t know what is right or wrong anymore yet your accusation had hit a little too close to home for his comfort.

Steve had asked him to seduce you, he obeyed. Steve asked him to stand you up, he did as told. Steve told him to go out with prec- huh Crystalline again he followed his friend’s wishes.

He certainly hadn’t planned on falling for you. It was because of your stupid smile he was sure of that, or your dumb cherry scented hair. Maybe was because of the way your face would lit up when he appeared in a room.

« Hey pal, I’ll Chrystal and explain her everything, you’ll be with your girl in no time. » Steve offer his best friend with a kind smile.

Bucky can’t help the snort that escaped him while grabbing the punching bag that swung toward his direction.

« I’ll pass, but thanks. » his response is short leaving his best friend dumbfounded.

« Wadda you mean you’ll pass? She is your best girl. » Steve admonish him and Bucky his head, « No she is not. Look, Steve, you set us up, she is a nice girl, but she is not the one I want. »

« And who might that be? », Bucky only raised his brow, taking a so much need gulp of water.

He can see the exact moment when his best friend realizes who he is talking. If he wasn’t that hurt by you he would be amused by the grimace Stevie is pulling.

« You gotta be fucking with me » Steve screech and Bucky only shake his head.

Steve sigh, and come near his friend, patting him on the shoulder. « Look, it was your mission. You did it. But sometimes, when in undercover peoples tend to forget themselves and they embrace their cover. Your mission was to seduce her and play a lovesick fool so she would be hurt enough to quit the team on her own. What you are feeling for her, it’s not real. It’s part of the cover. »Steve enunciated calmly.

Bucky looks at his feet, trying to gauge his emotions, his feelings. Was it possible that Steve was right? Face scrunching, he tried to understand what it is he is feeling.

« Maybe you are right about Y/N, but one thing is sure, I don’t want Chrystal, I don’t have feelings for her. »

« You can’t be serious. I’ll call her maybe have a nice dinner in her favorite restaurant and-«  Steve is interrupted by Bucky hard glare. « I said no, give it a rest, » he says through his teeth and barge out the gym. Leaving a confused Steve, he only wanted to take care of his friend.

He had to stop your bad influence on his friend. Without thinking, his feet lead him toward the leaving area. He looked right and left and knocked on the door of Nat. He heard a rustle, and finally, she opened up with an arched brow.

« I need a favor, I’m losing him. »


You woke up with a start. Maybe you should change your ringing alarm because as ‘melodious’ Till Lindemann's voice is, blasting Rammstein Feuer Frei song in the morning was not the gentlest way to come to consciousness. But at least it makes the job and you need only one portion of the song to jolt out of your bed.

You should’ve let the music played, as the memories of yesterday crept back to your mind.

After your outburst and your shower, you have come to the decision to talk things out with Bucky. Perhaps, you would not like what he had to say but there would be a chance for you to maybe salvage a somewhat cordial relationship. You had made your way to the training room in time to catch an interesting conversation between him and Steve. You were his mission, you thought with bitterness. Nothing was true, he had played you and you were none the wiser and it hurt. For once in your life, you were grateful for your upbringing as thank it you had to develop a mean poker face and the capacity to act as nothing could bother you. It sure would be handy for the day.

You stepped out of your room and are met with the sight of Precious in front of you. You look to the ceiling with a betrayed look. ‘Oh fucking shit, a break I just want a fucking break.’ You sigh loudly and try to compose yourself and face the girl you despise.

« Good morning » she chirped.

« Not really, no » you deadpan. You were waiting for her lashing but she smiled at you making you grimaced. « Would you stopped that, you are creeping the fuck out of me plus you have some lettuce between your teeth. » you gestured your own.

She sucks her teeth, making you cringed. Once again you looked over the ceiling, « you fuckin hates me huh » you throw your arms in the air exasperatedly.

« No silly, of course, F.R.I.D.A.Y doesn’t hate you, she is a robot she can’t have emotions. »

« I was not talking about F.R.I.D.A.Y, » you said slowly hoping she’ll get the message. But the light didn’t seem to reach her eyes.

« There is another A.I ? » she asked innocently with her doe eyes.

You passed a tired hand on your face. « No, there is not -«  you were about to explain her but you didn’t think there was enough Tylenol in the world to have this conversation with her.

So you snapped your finger, to make her focused « What do you want ? «  you asked tiredly. « And why are you talking to me like… I’m sorry what it is supposed to be ? » you said gesturing between the two of you.

« I thought we could be friends, » you scrunch your nose and raised a brow as to say really?

« because if Bucky dear and I are going to work out, I need to be friend with all his colleague. »

So Bucky is back with his precious, why are you even surprised? You just need to end this conversation quickly. You don’t want to think about him anymore.

« No, what you need is to fuck off … »‘being friends she said’. You shook your head, « You want us to be friends when I’m not even if favor of you to be breathing so you can fuck right off with your friendship bracelet and kumbaya. » and you storm past her.

You heard the laugh in the kitchen before stepping in, you halted your pace and observe quietly. Earth mightiest heroes, goofing around in their pj while preparing breakfast. You looked at them with a pained smile and longing. When Fury had talked to you about your soon to be colleagues, you thought you will finally find a family, somewhere you would belong. Looking at Steve joking around easily. Or Sam preparing the pancakes for the others made your heartache. Of course, a monster would not have a family. Why would they want you when your own family couldn’t even stomach to be in the same room as you.

Steve had spotted you, and it was hard for him not to look directly at you. He was giddy, today is going to be a great day for him thanks to Nat he has a solid plan concerning the L/N situation. 

He waits a couple of minutes and pretends that he just had seen you. When he looks at you he saw your melancholic gaze and wonder what could have caused it. But for now, he has matter at hand so he stacks this thought on a corner of his mind for later. 

He grabs a bottle of raisin juice for you. Easy to know what you take in the morning as you were the only one drinking this. He also had taken upon himself to grab one of the frozen pain of chocolat from the box and had to heat it up for you. He thought you were a prissy pretentious girl who imports some of her food from France, even worse the name of the baking good enterprise you purchase it from, ‘Paul’, you can’t do more pretentious if you ask him.

« Good morning Y/N, have a sit your pain au chocolat is on its way. » he winked at you. You narrowed your eyes at him and at the others. You are pretty sure, you woke up on parallel dimension. You snort, ‘yeah right, as if I ever would be that lucky’, no surely, it was some elaborate ‘prank’ to get back at you, ‘more likely’.

You step into the kitchen, with slow cautious steps. You look over the chair, checking it out for glue or maybe a broken leg. Satisfied with its state, you sat on it. Steve smiles at you, again and put your pain au chocolat in front of you. « Okay, weird. What’s going on ? »you ask him pointing your finger accusatively at him. « Nothing, I’m just trying to be nice, mend the fence. » he shrugs simply while you took a glass of your juice and eat your patisserie.

The others start to talk again and you spotted Bucky entering the room. He looks fresh out the shower, he looked delicious even in a plain white tank and grey pant. ‘Focus girl’ you admonished yourself, this man had played you, this warrant a new no drooling policy. You look back to your glass and gulp the rest of it. Your mouth feels like cotton. You grabbed your head with your right hand. The massive throbbing you were experiencing made you think you had 3 elephants dancing the Carioca in your head.

Bucky had spotted your behavior and your pained look and made his way to you. He sat on the tool next to you, and rub your back gently concerned by your well being. You didn’t notice it at first, but then Romanoff spoke « Bucky why are you touching her ? »she asks bluntly. Now you feel his hands and shook them off. You look back at her and you are no surprised with the absolute look of disgust she throwing your way. And you know, you just know that this breakfast is about to go south but you don’t feel that well for this confrontation.

« Nat», Bucky warn his eyes hardening.

« Oh please, Bucky how you can go for that after me ? » you don’t let the time for Bucky to answer as you cut him off.  

« That’s called an upgrade, he has the right to rise from the mediocrity that you are. » You feel dizzy but you don’t miss the look of absolute shock on the pretty redhead face.

« At least he never stood me up. » she gloats.

« Is this your attempt at being bitchy? Because it’s just as bad as your haircut. »

You raised your hand in the air, stopping her replied. « No, shut up. Let me be frank. You might be a top assassin because of your education in a boarding school for ballerinas slash assassins. But I went to a normal school, and regular high school with teens girls full of hormones so believe me when I say, you can’t simply out-bitch me. »

She had a satisfied smile and you didn’t like one bit of it. She opens the files that were in front of her.  « Talking about your past, it’s interesting, to say the least. »

You could feel your heart leap in your chest, where the fuck did she manage to have your file? At this point, you can feel every pair of eyes on you.

« Average student during all your education. So we know that you are not here because of your intellect. You didn’t even try to enter any university. »

« Well you said it, I was average so why would I go to college ? » you answered bitterly.

« You had no extra scholar activity either. You did nothing noticeable while your brothers and sister attend to the better schools, had multiple activities and even had the time to have some minor job on the side. »

Bucky cringed at how hard you were clenching your jaw. He saw the hurt in your eyes. He should stop Nat, but it was the most he learn about you so he let continue her interrogation even if he knows it was selfish.

« What I found particularly interesting is that your father bought you an immense manor the year of your birth and it stated that he is versing an indecent sum of money even year while he demands excellence to his others children without giving them what he does to you. »

"Hold on" Sam cut Nat « She rich? »

Nat only scoffed at the understatement. « She is Stark level of rich… she is old money … she is an L/N. » Nat let hung in the air this declaration. Several gasps could be heard, even Steve and Bucky knew of your family, they were a saying back in the day? Rich like an L/N.

Steve was fuming, Sharon had lost her place on the team to a daddy’s girl.

He takes the place right in front of you, shoulder straight and a permanent scowl on his face.



« You are just a spoiled princess. » he snapped, disgust evident on his face and tone. « You dad spoiled you and Fury vouch for you. You are a sorry excuse of a human being and you have no business here. You are nothing, your existence is waste of space and—«  

You laughed, but there is nothing joyous in it. "I swear to god, if you wear a dress with col Claudine you would pass for mother ». You snarked, but in your head, you were screaming why were you divulging this when you never talk about your family.

« Don’t try the pity card-«  Nat admonished you, « you have trouble with your mother.. big deal, you are still a daddy’s girl. »

You rolled your eyes at that. « Hardly. I only saw him 6 times in my life. He bought the house only because Mother couldn’t stand me as soon as she expelled me from her womb. »

James had to know, « And your brothers and sister? »

« I saw them once at 15, they made their distaste for me really clear. »

« You sure your mother is that categoric about you? » Sam asked, not understanding how a mother could be like this with her newborn.

« When I was 16, father came to the manor. I was excited because he said he had a gift for me. He never gives me one so I was over the moon. But then he explains, mother didn’t want her son on a death engine. She would be too afraid to lose one of her children. So father brought the motorbike my brother was going to ride. »

You shook your head, trying to erase the hurtful memory from your mind. There was a heavy silence. «  When my father left I taught myself to drive, you don’t want to know how many times I fell, I have so many scars because of it. But eventually, I manage to be quite good I came to enjoy the speed. » you didn’t why you were telling all this but you felt compelled to do so. « I figured I learn out of spite. For once, I would be the one mastering something. But sometimes, it felt like if I met my end while driving I would be able to make Mother proud just once in my life. » you finished head down and voice softer.

« Tragic, really, but it doesn’t explain why you are here. » Nat deadpan.

« What do you know about monsters ? » you asked.

« Everything, I’m a monster, » she said in lieu to intimidate you. But the look you sent her was not a scared one but a dangerous one.



You raise from your spot and walk toward her, circling her voice impossibly low and rough. « If you are a monster little red then where are your claws?"  you inspected closely, " Your fangs? » You stop in front of her. « You are no monster little girl, but remember when you go in the forest the wolves might be the less of your worries. » you laughed, but then you stop feeling something warm coming out of your nose. You passed your hand on it to see what it is. Blood, you sashayed bit and fell yourself fall only to be caught by two strong arms encircling you. You lost consciousness at the sound of a gentle « I got you doll. »

Chapter Text



The pounding in your head is insufferable you scrunch your eyes shut and hold your breath.  Yeah, no it doesn’t alleviate the pain you are feeling.  Wait why were you feeling like shit? You rattle your head and didn’t succeed to conjure the reason for such a headache. For a hot second, you have the feeling to be back to your wild days when partying was one of the only things that make you feel alive.

Yes, this feel like a serious hangover, the ones when you can feel your hair growing. You can’t remember why though. You peel your eyes open slowly and « Fuck, bad idea » you groan closing them immediately. Everything is a blur, and in your semi-conscious state, you had missed the door of the room closing or the irritating beep of the machine.

It doesn’t feel like your bed and images crept in your mind, Bucky’s lips on you, you crying in the shower going to bed and wake up and your little discussion with precious. Nothing after that. ‘Oh god no’, did you finally loosed control morphed and eat precious? No, you always recall what you do in your other form but just to be sure you passed your tongue on your teeth.  The only conclusion to this action is that you need to brush your teeth.


This time you heard the door.

« Good morning sunshine. » Tony greats you, trying to steer to consciousness.
You succeed to keep your eyes opens and look him straight in the eyes.
« What happened ? » you croaked, your throat feeling sore.  Okay, why are you smelling like Bucky?

He sighs, rubbing his temple, and plop into the chair next to your bed. Tony opened his mouth to talk but closed it immediately. He looks over the widow searching for a way to tell you. He looks ashamed, and this doesn’t sit well with you.
« So why I’m here ? » you finally asked Tony. He became embarrassed again.  

« You were drugged, »  he said simply. He racks his throat, « they gave you a new formula of the truth serum. The goal was to learn your dirty secret. »

He shook his head. « I’m sorry, I didn’t have any ideas that they would do that and huh. » he bit his lips. Balancing his hand back and forth showing his discomfort. «  You didn’t say anything about why you are here, but you did say a lot about your past…. I should make you pay rent, clearly you can afford it L/N » he joked.

It works slightly, and the corner of your rise up a little. « You could, but I think I’m going to find a hotel. I don’t want to stay here, the petty behavior I can handle but being drudged? No, I won’t tolerate it. »

« Understandable » Tony nods.  « So I heard, you are a gold member of the poor millionaire with daddy issues' club? »

You snort, « You could say that. You too I take it? »

Tony smiled, « drug or alcohol or both… maybe gambling? »
You knew he was asking how you coped with your family abuse and drama.

« Sex and speed, ideally not together » you winked.
He laughed at that. « Ah the cliche, searching validation that daddy didn’t give you in between the sheets of some stranger? »

« No, it was never about validation. » he seemed perplexed. « Even if it’s only for the night, lovers make you feel loved or at least needed.  I cherished everyone one of them because they gave me a warm touch in my cold sheets. »

« Oh don’t make that face Tony, you know as well as me that party girls or party boys do have fun between two sessions of self-loathing. »

Tony looked at you, trying to fit the pieces of your puzzle together. He overlooked you since your arriving here. He knew what the others did to you but never partakes. You were just an afterthought for him, he had so much on his plates with Stark Industries, the productions of the techs and gears for the Avengers and his fallout with Pepper. 

The team was here for him. Steve always prepared him breakfast before going on his runs. Sam came by his lab to discuss with him every now and then. Clint would pop up out the air vent in the night, forcing Tony to baby proof his lab to protect his creations and maybe the over-caffeinated archer who was a walking disaster out of the field. Natasha would escort him to his function being the arm candy for the externe eyes but his protection against gold diggers male or female. And  Rhodey, well this man was his anchor. Always here for him and always have his best interest at heart.

So now he felt guilty because he could’ve stepped up and protected you but he chooses his comfort and let them do as they please with you.

« You know I used to hate you, » you said softly not looking Tony in his eyes.
He hummed prompting you to go on.

« Father, he huh » you sigh loudly exasperated with yourself that after all this time, your family still had this effect on you. « I can count on my two hands the times I saw him, so of course I remember what we did or what we discussed. »
You decided to look back over the window, not brave enough to face Tony. « He talks about you a lot, how you were this smart and overall genius man. He wouldn’t talk to me about my family, he didn’t want to stains them with me so he talks about how he would’ve loved to be your father, that you would’ve feet right in the family. So yeah huh I hated you. »

Tony was torn between the need to comfort you and the rage of the thought that he was the « Captain America » of someone else.

« I can’t leave you alone fuckers one god damn minute without you doing bad shit, now can I ? » a very irritated director strolled in the room.

He holds his hands to silence Tony « Save it Stark, I don’t want to hear any of what the mean girls' squad has to say. »  he was seething.

« He didn’t do anything, » you said as to placate him.  

« You okay Baly ? » you snorted at the nickname, short for Balerion aka « The black dread ». If the Avengers knew he was such a nerd they would not be so afraid of him.
« Hungry. »  you shrugged.

« You don’t say, I have everything you stomach would desire. If her Majesty would be so kind as to hop in the wheelchair. »

Tony looked the exchange totally bemused, his brow seemed lost in his hairline. He never saw Fury like this with anyone. He observed as Fury took you gently in his arms and put you in the chair. His bows left his head altogether when he saw Fury kissing the top of your head.  
He wheeled you out the room and came back. « You coming Stark? And call Colonel Rhodes too. »
Tony bit a comment back and follow obediently Fury and called Rhodey. He wasn’t sure if his compliance was caused by the behavior of Fury or by the morbid curiosity to see more of this strange experience.


« If I had known we were camping I would’ve brought my tent Fury. » Rhodey shoots Tony a sharp glare, this all trip to the middle of the forest had set him on edge.

They looked as you disappeared in the bush, Fury made a sign to follow him to a clearing, burn traces can be seen everywhere.

«Why are we here? » Rhodey asked Fury, hands clasped behind, eyes fixed on the goats that were eating grass.

« You are here because I’m going to supply you with a new member for you to supervise on the field. »

« I’m not the one who trained recruits, Fury, you know this. »

« Believe me, you won’t have to train her, but you have to see this to know how to operate on the field with her. »  Fury replied with a smirk.

« Everyone needs training. » Rhodey only add with a raise of his brow.
« You don’t train a predator. » was  Fury’s only.

«What? »
He looked away when he saw big fence sprouting out this earth, caging the goats that were becoming agitated.
Tony seem as clueless as him.
The deep low rumble of the earth-shaking had his question dying in his throat.

« It’s not an earthquake. »  Fury stated simply.

They heard a loud flapping, and the sun disappeared for a bit. They didn’t know where to search.
Fury laugh, it was strange to see him like this. He locked eyes with Rhodey and Tony.  « She is playful today. » the man was utterly amused, there was no doubt about that.

« What the fuck! » Tony screeched jumping back, gripping Rhodey’s so he too would back down.  He already had summoned his suit ready for battle.



Rhodey, on the other hand, was just staring at you jaw slack. It’s official he now has seen it all.  While Tony was firing questions at Fury, Rhodey, on the other hand, was questioning his life. Raking his mind to identify what the wrong turn he had made in his past to be staring at a freaking fucking dragon. A whole big ass dragon with scales and all. The bastard overgrown lizard had found it funny to jump in front of them.

Looking over at Tony and Fury he had his wrong turn alright, his meeting with fucking Tony Stark.
« Okay. » was his only answer.

«Okay? OKAY ?! It’s a fucking dragon and you are going with okay Rhodey boo bear? »  Stark point vaguely at you in his armor. And you didn’t like it one bit so you growled a little to show your displeasure at being single out with a weapon.
Tony jumped at the sound, making you huff.



« Calm down Tony, it is only Y/N. » Fury looked over Rhodey, « Isn’t she beautiful ? » he asked with a big smile.

« Yeah, she is but… huh.. how? »

They saw Fury give you a nod, making you blink and surge forward and leap in the sky flying away.  The wind forced them down.  And the three marveled at the sheer power you had.

« That’s her story to tell, I can say that she is not a shapeshifter nor a mutant if it’s what you are thinking. »

« So she is a dragon that’s it. »  Fury only tells them to step back he knew you were hungry and he knew what was coming next.

They saw you approach the clearing, and flames come barging from your now open mouth.



Tony’s eyes were wide as a saucer, « Holy shit! She - she shish kebabed the fuck out of the goat. »He shrilled.
He glanced over Rhodey who was surprisingly cool as a cucumber, in the infernal atmosphere you created with your fire.
« You breathe fire…. okay. »  He simply acknowledges.





Tony barged in the conference room with a bag of berries. He walked in here like he wasn’t late. But hey, it's just coming back from a meeting with a dragon so, being late at a meeting was the least of his preoccupation.

« So what’s the deal Cap? »

Steve elected to ignore Tony’s tardiness and proceed to start the meeting.

« This is Marc Anders, » he said pointing to the picture of a stunning man. « You may know him as Azraël. »



Natasha and Bucky nod as they were familiar with this name that used to strike fear even in the rank of HYDRA and the Red Room. This man was a legend, an extraordinaire assassin. He was credited too many death to even keep counts at this time.  And Natasha just said so to her colleagues.

When the chatter quiets down Steve took his stance of a leader. « It appears that Mister Anders had decided to diversified his trade. He is now an arms dealer. One of the most successful, he can and will provide anything for the right price. And if it wasn’t bad enough, we know H.Y.D.R.A  that H.Y.D.R.A is the biggest bidder. »

Sam facepalmed, he had planned a road trip with Steve and Bucky to relax the tin man, but look like they were all going to be villain duties.

« So what’s the game plan ? » he asked Steve.

« At this time we only know that a meeting will occur between them. We don’t know when, where and with whom. » Steve shook his head exasperated, if his lead was correct, then Anders could provide weapons for a respectable sized army.

Bucky was anxious as soon as H.Y.D.RA was mentioned. « So what do we do know Steve ? » he stressed. H.Y.D.R.A by itself was already enough as a threat he didn’t them to go and buy this amount of weapons.

Steve locked eyes with Bucky. He knew how his best friend was when H.Y.D.R.A was involved? He’d be lying if he said this case didn’t scare a bit and that Bucky’s mind didn’t preoccupy him either.
He racked his throat, and looked over his file and then project the images of a high-end club. The Dark Horse.
« We know that he is actually stationed in New York, he arrived last week. Every night he goes into this club. »

« So Mr. Hitman, go in clubs and hits on women? » Sam inquired.

« No, he never leaves with one of them, he looks but doesn’t touch. »

« This is a mission for me then. I seduce him, and we have access to his secrets. » Nat cuts in, only for Steve to nod at her and he adjourned the meeting as Nat had to prepare herself for the night and the boys had surveillance to planned.

One by one the left the conference room, leaving Tony and Bucky alone.

« How is she? » Bucky inquired rather anxiously.
Tony closed his eyes, and try to control his laughter. All of them had been so clueless about the danger that had been lurking around them.

« She is doing fine Barnes, I will go as far as say that she is on fire, »  he smirked.

Bucky nods he was relieved to know you were fine.

« A piece of advice though, don’t play with her, she’s a great kid with a, » he scratches his goatee searching for the right word. « well let’s just that she didn’t have a great start in life. I know you care about her. » he snorts at Bucky attempt to denies it. «  You past three days by her side, only leaving to take your shower, so don’t even try Barnes. »

« I … huh » Bucky was at lost for words.

Stark clasp him on the shoulder, «  Look if you like her, be honest with her, that’s all but no more games. Ah and Crystalline is banned from the Tower. » he declared as if talking about the weather.

Chapter Text


« So where are we going  ? » you barged all dolled up in Tony’s lab. He perked up at your entrance, jaw slack at your appearance. Breathtaking, sultry and coy at the same time, a real-life Lolita who doesn’t know the impact of her effect on males.

He racks his throat awkwardly adverting his eyes, trying to regain his footing as you had effectively caught him by surprise.

« Your first mission, should you accept it. »  intrigued you came by his station to know what it was talking about.
You were looking at the picture of a man. « You want me to eat me or to burn him ? » you asked not understanding what you could provide apart from roasting everything in the vicinity.

Tony, blanched a little remembering the poor goats. He proceeds to explain to you who this man is and why Nat was to seduce him tonight, which confuse you because they didn’t need you for that.

« No, the thing is Nat is gorgeous and mysterious and I fell for her in the past. But her trick works, well they work on everyone but somehow I don’t think this one is going to let himself been dragged by the spider,» he explains.

You raised an expectant brow, and cross your arms in front of you. «Why? »

« Simple, » Tony showed you images of Anders, women approached him or looked at him not so subtly,  for him to never make a move.  « I trust your inner party girl to be able to seduce him and I know that you could eat him if the situation became too dangerous. So what do you think Targaryen, you in? »

You hummed, Tony was right, this man was a predator, not a prey. Any frontal approach would be off-putting to him.

« Well, I mean look at him he is hot,» you said, maybe it would be beneficial and you would think about something else than Bucky. « I’m in. » you nod.


Clint and Steve are parked on the side of the building ready to barge in the club at a moment notice. Sam is in the V.I.P area looking sharp as ever in his dark jeans molding perfectly his impressive thighs and succulent behind. His black shirt is just as sinful on him. He attracts both boys and girls, and look at the perfect picture of a bachelor.

Bucky is currently sipping a whiskey at the bar. Women had tried to gain his attention but always leave with a huff when he declines their offer. He has his eyes on the target, and he swears that the man must be a super soldier as he is even more buff that Steve and him.

The ambiance in the Dark Horse is hot, it is to be expected for the scene of the rich, young and beautiful of Manhattan.

« Target is on his way to the bar Nat. »  Bucky whisper so only the team can hear him through their coms.

Nat is in a stunning black dress, a blond wig and the make up she is sporting is on point. She is turning heads left and right with her cat-like walk.
She orders, more like she purrs her order to the bartender with a sultry voice. Anders is just next to her and doesn’t pay attention to her yet. So she sits on the bar stool, crossing her leg while nudging him slightly with one of her shoes.

When he turned around she throws him an apology smirk and holds his gaze. The man, look her up and down. The bartender came back with Nat order and placed it in front of her. She purrs her thanks and begins to drink seductively. 



Marc Anders only looks at her like she is having a stroke or something and you and Tony are bent over laughing. This is so cliche it hurt.



The man is a piece of art, you don’t approach him like you would a desperate man the would pee himself just to have a hello from a beautiful lady.

Tony regains his calm and tells the other to relax, he has someone on his sleeve to salvage the mission. He calls Nat back at the compound, fearful she might intervene otherwise.

You, on the other hand, are already on a Uber to the club. You know what you have to do, and even if you are not easily scared, the fact that Tony would have an eye on you thanks to his nano drone and mic make you feel safe.

Upon arriving you made a beeline to the bar, laugh with the bartender, your attitude is carefree and layback, the exact opposite of Romanoff. You only order a Coke, sip it quietly humming along with the song.  You already had attracted the eyes of some men but you don’t pay them no mind. You wink at Joshua, the bartender and go on the dance floor.

The music change instantly and you know it’s Tony the culprit.
You start shaking your hips along Man-eater of Nelly Furtado. Of course, he would choose this one, he already asked you if you had ever eaten a man.

Bucky was sipping on his whiskey when he spotted you dancing.



 Eyes bulging at the sight of you in this dress. What the fuck where you doing here. He asked the same question to the team and Tony supply with an answer that simultaneously had his blood on fire at the anger his feeling and cold caused by the fear that something could happen to you. Your first mission, Tony had added like it was normal to send a rookie on an H.Y.D.R.A mission.

He narrows his eyes when he spots a man dancing with you, twirling you and feeling you. 






He has to use all his restraint not to barge where you are and pummel the man to the ground with his metal fist.
In the midst of his struggle, he spotted the mark eying you, yet you still didn’t pay him any mind while swashing your hips to the rhythm of the music, hypnotizing him.



Bucky is shocked, he had fallen for you when you posed as a shy girl but this new aspect of you didn’t do anything to alleviate his attraction to you.


It felt so good to let loose, and just dance, but you remembered why you were here. You had felt his eyes on you, now you’ll have to entice him further. You decide it was time for refreshment and ask an Ice tea to Joshua who were a teasing smile at you non-alcoholic choice of beverage. You grab the glass and pass it slowly on your neck trying to cool you off.

You felt a presence on your left, rising your head you are met with open blue eyes and a wicked sharp jaw.  « Do you want me to punch your boyfriend ? » you look at him with confusion written all over your face and the man only chuckle and nod in direction of the man with whom you were dancing earlier and that were lip locking with a beautiful blonde.

You laughed, and shook your head « Oh him? He is not my boyfriend just a dance buddy. » you smile and bite your lips. « But how very gentlemanly of you. »

He looked satisfied with your answer and offer you his hand to shake. « Mark, your knight in shining armor. » he teased. Grabbing his hand you decided to humor him. « Y/N, your fair lady. »

« So what a girl like is doing in a club like here ? »  he inquired smoothly only for you to laugh at him.
You bit your lip, and titled your head to the side, « With a face like that you don’t need elaborate pickup lines now do you ? » you asked coyly.

« Now, why would you say that ? » narrowing his eyes at you. It was a first, yes his pick up lines were bad but he never had to up his games. Sometimes he only needs a smile and yet here you are unaffected by his charms.

You rolled your eyes playfully. « Call it a hunch. » you smiled unaware of the fuming supersoldier watching like a hawk at the other end of the bar.



He surprised you by his ordering, you stated that much only to receive a brow pointing at your own non-alcoholic beverage.

« I’m a woman, alone in a club, drinking wouldn’t be that safe for me, what’s your excuse? »
He nods, « I commend you for your prudence. My excuse would be that I came with my motorbike. »

« A bike? I love bikes! »  you squeal with a childlike jump, contrasting even more with the attitude of Natasha.

« No need to pretend to like bikes little one, I already like you. »  he had the nerves to tell you with a cheeky smile.

You punch him lightly on his peck, like you two were old friends and gasp audibly. « How very dare you !I’ll have you know that I can take you on any bike you want and I’ll always finish on top! » you said snapping your fingers.

He shook his head at your adorable antics, you were a bowl of fresh air for him. Just a girl wanting to have fun without the need to be the center of attention and he loved that.

« Really ? » he asked, his voice dripping low and huskier then it was before.  He was closer too, and his smell was invading your sense, and fuck if you weren’t attracted to this man. If being spy was flirting with handsome men,  maybe you should’ve made it your career.

« Yes really. »

« Care to test your affirmation, my fair lady? I happen to have two bikes at home, or maybe you were all talking no bark? »

He was going to be the death of you tonight.
« Oh don’t worry I’ll bite,» you said placing your hand on his tight, before rising from your barstool.

«  Game on big boy, I’m gonna beat your little cute butt. »
He roared a laugh, following you while you made your way out.  Because really you just said that to one of the best assassins in the world. Well, he figures you didn’t know but still his stature alone had men cowering and women throwing at him but never they acted like that with him.


Bucky made his way back to the compound at light speed.  His control was slipping away, he hadn’t even noticed he had bent the wood of the bar upon watching flirting with the mark.
Fuck you were a natural, a sirene lulling a dangerous killer in your net like it was nothing. If he thought to see you dance with the first tool was painful, the way he had molded his body to yours, then your flirting with Mark was pure agony. And to think now you were on your way to his home killed him.

« What the fuck was that ? »  he demands, strutting in Tony’s lab like he owns it.
Nat had changed and is back to her signature red hair, she was in gym clothes.
Sam, Steve, and Clint were watching the feed of the drone.

« What was what Elsa? »
« Tony. » Steve admonished the genius, turning his head to his best pal he raised his hand in the air as to placate him. « Tony made the right call, Nat wasn’t going to seduce him and Y/N managed and salvage the mission. »

« Woah, now she salvages the mission huh? You said that like you accepted her on the team with open arms. » he snorts bitterly.

« Well for once she is doing something good I’m not going to complain! »

« Easy for you to say that, but what if is it was Sharon? »

Steve was in front of him now, « I love you like a brother but don’t you ever compare your cheap whore with Sharon! »  Bucky was so fast that no one saw his fist hitting Steve’s jaw. Steve was on the floor wide eyes a hand on his jaw and looking up at Bucky. He didn’t look like Bucky anymore but every bit of the Winter Soldier. His jaw was set, ragged breath, cold hard stare, and nostril flaring. He was obviously trying to reign his anger.

He was fed-up, always being the compliant Bucky, the nice Bucky, who lost his girl because his best friend couldn’t cope without his.

He took a step forward, which seem to bring the other out of their stupor. Natasha shot forward and put herself between the two super soldiers. Sam and Clint were also ready to take actions if needed, and Tony, well Tony was sitting on his chair watching the exchange with an amused grin.

« Calm down, boys. » Nat velvety voice cut the tension.

Bucky stepped down but looked over her with narrowed eyes. « It’s your fault. » he gritted through his teeth.
« I beg your pardon ? » she looked confused.
« You heard me, it’s your fault. You had one job and you blew it when you should be blowing the mark. »

The slap he received resounded in the room.
« Okay, as much as I love this, Y/N and the Mark are in his garage. » Tony informed the team.
The tension drop significantly, as much as they were angry they were still professionals, and the missions always came first.

« How are we getting this feed? »  Sam asked Tony, it was unlikely that a man like Marc would’ve cameras in his home, his files had shown them how much of a paranoiac man he could be.

Tony looked at him with his signature smugness, «  New Stark Tech, this drone his quasi nondetectable and the quality of the image…. Sometimes I impress even myself. »

« Shhh, I want to hear what she is saying ! » Clint whispered yell.
Tony rolled his eyes and projected the image in the center for the room for all to see.

« No way she is going to ride with her heels! » Nat guffaw, but still you climbed on the red bike Marc had lent you without a care in the world for your less than practical attire.



They heard the screech of the tires as they watch the both of you propelled in the traffic like two devils.

The way you guided your bike was awe-inspiring, it felt like the powerful metal beast you had between your legs was an extension of yourself.
Bucky’s mind sidetracks a little, riding this fast and effortlessly means you had some powerful legs and steel core.

Oh and don’t start him on the flexibility you surely possessed.
He imagined you riding him, you would rock his world he was sure of that and you’ll have the stamina for it.

The majority of people doesn’t know what it takes to ride a bike at this speed, but Bucky knows, bitting his lips he made sure to store this new piece of information about you in a corner of his mind.

The chase between Marc and you is thrilling, the way you swayed around cars, dogging some or even going on the opposite lane had the Avengers watching you with rapt attention.

« Damn she is good » Sam whistle as you he saw you peeled right on time before a tight turn, your engine roaring back to life in the middle of the turn giving you a comfortable ahead of Mark.

It was not long after that you skid to a halt, taking off your helmet triumphantly.

« Look like we got ourself our very own Dominic Torreto. » Clint nod, not really believing what he had just watch. He was sure that should they chase you they would be in for some struggle doing it.

Bucky, on the other hand, had a proud smile, his girl was a damn good racer and a sexy one too.
His satisfied expression didn’t last long as he watches Mark parking his bike next to yours, reminding him that you were not his girl and that you were ‘fraternizing’ with a really dangerous man.


« You cheated! » Marc crowd you with all his formidable height, voice hard but the glint in his eyes tell you he is not really phased by his defeat.

« I did not such thing » you replied casually, tilting your head to the side.

« Then how did you manage to -«  
« Come on top ? » you cut him placing your right hand on his biceps, caressing him slightly. « I warned you, I always come on top » you winked at him.

He bowed his head slightly, you could feel his breath fanning on your lips. « Is that so ? » oh god his voice sent a jolt through your entire body. You looked his lips moving mesmerized by their plushness you brain was fixated on the thought of bitting them, punish them for looking so attractive. 

Are lips kinks are even a thing? Oh never mind you already have one for men’s forearms, and jaws and thighs and veiny hands, what’s a little lips kinks could harm.

Your control slipped, you lunged and capture his lower lips between yours, massaging slightly before biting it, eliciting a warm moan from Marc. He pushed you against the wall of the garage. 

What is it with men going around and pushing you against walls? Yet you are not exactly complaining. He grips your thighs, motioning for you to jump and you do it without an afterthought, clinging to him like a koala would a eucalyptus tree.

Your hands are fumbling with his Henley as you tried to get him rid of it. He takes the hint, pushes his groins and lower body to you, pinning you against the wall while he takes his shirt off.

« Woah. » you couldn’t have stopped the word if you wanted too, good god this man had surely been carved by the gods themselves. Your fingers start to play a little with his chest hair, you used to hate them but now, well you might open an appreciation club of the chest hair thanks to this man.

He breathes a chuckle at your reaction, and come back to your neck, nipping at it, making his way just under your ear exerting from you a formidable shiver. He starts rutting against you, and your core is already on fire, clenching around nothing desperately trying to alleviate the tension in your pussy.  
His lips are on yours, devouring you, leaving you breathless and wanting for more. Your hands made their way to his lower half,  fumbling with his fly.
He smiles in the kiss at your eagerness, seems like he is not the only one this affected. Every little mewl you made, every sharp intake of air you take only serves to make him harder and harder.

He stops the kiss when he feels your hand on his length, resting his head against yours. He clenched his jaw hard, letting you the control. He knows that women are wary of men and rightfully so, and he doesn’t want to be one this pigs, the ones that don’t when to stop and that a woman can still say no after she had said yes. 

So he let you set the pace, and by the gods, he does love your pace.
He felt his cock twitched when you wrapped your hands around the silk of his dick.

Teasing it slowly, spreading his pre-cum, his head falls in the crook of your neck, you welcomed the warmth of it.
Your other hand was already between your leg, spreading your lips apart.
You look at him with the most sinful eyes he has ever seen in his life, and at that moment Marc is not a ruthless assassin anymore, just a man completely enthralled by the beautiful woman in his arms. 

He jerked his hips slightly, his engorged head brushing slightly with pussy, he is lost in the feeling of you, your warmth beckoning him like a moth to a flame. He feels like a teenage boy again but he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care that you can probably feel him trembling either.

You guide his length between your parted lips, the sensation of how wet you are is intoxicating. He just can’t get enough of you, yet he decided against entering you here in the garage. After 5 or 6 going and coming he stop his movement, nuzzling his nose against your neck. The tender gesture making you smile. « Not here ma belle,» he explained at your confused expression. He tucks himself back in his jeans, hissing at the harsh sensation.
Marc opens his arms to you, and you gladly take the invitation and climb right back on that tree of man.


Bucky was shaking, he had to witness you doing this thing with this man and you seemed to take grand pleasure in it. Each sound you made, each moans torn his heart a little bit more.

No one dares to move, shocked by what they just witnessed.  Sam sensing the pain in Bucky’s behavior motion for the others to exit the room. They all did except for Tony and Steve.

« Look, » Steve tried to begin only to be shut by a hard glare sent by Bucky.
Tony decided it was best to intervene a diffuse the situation and took upon himself to go between the men even if this situation was too similar to another situation which still gave him nightmares.

He put his hand on Steve's shoulder, trying to convey his goodwill with his eyes. « I got it » he only whispers.

Steve drew a sharp nod exiting lab not without sending Tony a warning glare.

It’s when the door closed that Tony finally let himself relaxed a bit. One hothead removed from this equation is a win for him. He looked over Bucky, the soldier hadn’t bugle a muscle, rending Tony uneasy.

This was going to be an interesting conversation he thought to himself.




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As Marc made his way through his loft with you in his arm he felt the wetness in the crook of his neck, he then heard a low sob. Instinctively he tightened his hold on you, questioning your sudden change of mood. He puts you on his bed trying to capture your gaze with his, but you didn’t make this easy as you were avoiding him, head hung low. Playing with your hands in front of you, even if he wasn’t an expert at reading peoples, he would know that you were anxious.

While he let you some time for you to speak to him or go for the door, he decided to reflect on what he has known of you so far.

A carefree girl with a wicked smile, a devil with a motorbike, and he were very attracted to you.

«I’m sorry» he heard you whisper lowly, «It’s just that« you didn’t finish your sentence as another sob make it through your mouth.

He rushed to you, on his knees in front of you. He doesn’t know why, but he has this urge to protect you, for a man like him it is not a feeling that he is used on having, so he chose to embrace it, at least for a little while.

«I’m the worst one-night stand ever.» You laughed deprecatingly. He could see the vulnerability in your stance, in your eyes and in what you were saying. It dawns on him that the thing he liked about you is how real you are. Everything about you is raw, bright and dark at the same time. You are a tempest of emotions, a wild creature and somehow it is what he craves as you are the exact opposite of the peoples he sees every day for work or in the clubs.

«Who said it was only for the night ma belle?» He mischievously asked trying to defuse the situation with his charm.

You looked at him incredulously, and he had this urge to soothe your scrunched brows. You lean in his touch relishing the warm sensation.

«Listen, I can see that there is someone else, and if you are not cheating on them with m, then I have a proposition for you.»

You raise your brow at that, what kind of proposition would he have for you? «I’m single,» you assured him. « It’s silly really, we were never really together, and he just manipulated me, I guess, I don’t know I thought I could have something that I never had.» You looked astonished by your confession, why would you say such a thing to a stranger, guess Steve was right, you have nothing to do with the Avengers, the only thing you could do was to turn everything to ash, hardly a weapon used in the everyday fight. It's your first mission and you are spilling the details of your life to the mark when you should be seducing him. Fucking Nat could do that in her sleep.

You messed up, it was a done deal, you had him eating in the palm of your hand but you had to think about stupid Bucky, and his stupid annoying smirk and his smell. This fucker had brands you like possession and you hate it. In the garage, you couldn’t stop to think that you should be with him not with Marc and that was your downfall.

Caressing the apple of your cheek with his thumb Marc stirred you from your treasonous thought. « Let me take your mind off this person. I don’t usually take anyone back to my place, but when I saw you at the club I knew I wanted you, so what do you say? Give me a chance? » He asked you with a boyish smile that had your knees weak, good thing you were already seated or else you are not sure you would’ve had been able to stay on your feet.

You snort at that, « You are really a charmer, aren’t you? Sweet talking me like that » you teased but Marc’s answer is blunt and earnest. « I’m not playing or sweet-talking to you ma belle. I’m a grown man, and I don’t play games. » He captures your eyes and you capture by the intensity in them.« I want you, sexually yes, but I also want to see what we could be. »

«But you know nothing about me! » You all but blurted, cheeks hot caused by his bold statement.

«And?» There it is again, his signature smile, you know he is an assassin with a killer smile, like Bucky. ‘Stop thinking about him,’ you admonish yourself.

«This is why people go out with each other, to learn to know the other, so what do you say?»

You mulled his words, and it would give you an opportunity to succeed in your mission, and in the meantime you’ll have to find an effective way of silencing the annoying voice in your head singing to you that maybe you are not strictly mission oriented and that maybe you are attracted to this man and that maybe you are utterly fucked. But you have always been good at turning your head the other way and avoiding ugly truth.

«We’ll take this slow?»

«Yes we will if it’s what you want,» he assured you.

You nod to yourself and made to go when Marc caught your hand. « Stay, it’s late I have a guest room if you want.»

The prospect of sleeping alone is not appealing, you just know that your mind is going to torment you.

Marc is watching and analyzing your every move, and he is surprised to witness your puppy eyes and at this moment he knows that he is fucked because he internally swooned at how cute you are and it terrifies him. He doesn’t find women cute, he doesn’t want to hug them or to protect them, normally he fucks them and sends them their way but not with you.

«Can I sleep with you?» You shyly asked not quite meetings his eyes by fear of rejection. Bucky had done quite a number on you. You are not sure you can handle this kind of heartbreak anymore. Paradoxically to his status of an assassin, you found the presence of Marc to be comforting and yes, safe.

He doesn’t answer right away and goes to his drawer, giving you one of his t-shirts and asked you if you wanted a bottom. You shook your head, grabbing the piece of clothing. While Marc goes into the bathroom, you quickly discard your dress and put the shirt on fast, because yes since you watched the True Man show you are a little paranoid about hidden cameras. Your brows scrunch slightly as you realized that you are in fact in a fucked-up True Man Show with Tony’s drone. Facepalming you face, you remember what you did in the garage with Marc.’Fuck,’ you sighed, you offered them quite the show. The only highlight is that you can imagine the red spluttered mess that Steve had surely been.

When he exited his bathroom, you meet with the sight of him only in his brief and you are sure that this man was sent to earth to torment you.

«If it bothers you I'll sleep with something else, it’s just that I’m always hot. » He has the nerves to appear sheepish.

You just blink and shrugged, muttering a quiet « I can see that. » Referring to his hotness and Marc has to stifle a laugh at your comment. Your lack of filter is something that he is not afraid to admit that he likes.

You jump in bed next to him, and he opens his arms for you with an easy smile. You bury your head in the crook of his neck, nuzzling in slightly. His comforting sent makes you sigh in contentment. This is all terribly domestic, yet you can’t seem to find it weird.

Marc tightened his hold on you a little and kissed your temple to wish you goodnight. Your breathing is lulling him to sleep and as his eyes closed themselves slowly he thinks that he likes the ways you feel in his arms, and he falls asleep with a lazy smile.

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Tony had decided to take this conversation in his suite. They were now seated on the comfiest sofas Bucky's has had the pleasure to put his butt's on. He didn't want to know the price of this furniture, he had adapted well to this time period, but he had been raised in the Depression, and then it was the war this sofa alone would've guaranteed an easy life to his family back in the day.

He is twirling the ice in his whiskey, the gesture more a mimics appeasing him than a real need of alcohol, as he can't the effect anymore.
He missed it, especially now.

« I'm sorry. » was all Tony said, and Bucky took a double take. This man was so much like his father, but so much different too. Howard would've never said sorry.  

« Are you sorry for sending her with him? » he asked with a renewed anger.

« I'm not sorry about that, I'm sorry because it sucks to see someone you care with someone else. » Tony shrugged.

Gripping at his hair, Bucky let an exasperated sigh,« What would you know about that Tony. »

Tony didn't want to dwell on his personal experience, it was still too fresh in his mind. Pepper’s engagement party to some trader had been one of his greatest pain to live through. It felt like Obediah ripping his reactor from his chest. Absolutely dreadful and painful. Yep, Tony is not ready to talk about that. So he does what he does best and masks his emotion behind sarcasm and overall asshole attitude.

« Geez, what would I know about that huh? I mean, it's not like I didn't witness the agony in Y/N's eyes every goddamn time you'd bring Cristaline here. » he snorts at the name. « Did you know that this is the name of a French brand of water? Not even the fancy one,»  he said offering his signature half side smirk.

« F.R.I.D.A.Y show the feed when our little friend found out about the water girl.»

You are in the kitchen when it happens, you heard the ding of the elevator. Bucky can see clearly on the camera feed that you are searching around you for a clean exit. 

He remembers now, that after the way he stood you up you presence had become even more scarce than before if it was possible.

You are frozen on your spot when you hear the obnoxious laugh of Bucky's date.  He cringes at the sound, and by the look on your face so are you.
He observes as he and his 'girl' made their way to the kitchen because she was thirsty.

 At the time, he had found you there with a gentle smile, but now he can see you preparing yourself for the meeting, the way you rolled your shoulders, take a deep breath and move your weight on your feet made him think of boxers before their entrance in the fighting pit.  He is impressed at how well you schooled your feature to a mask of little indifference.

You greet them with a practice courteousness, now looking at you he can help but to link you to Peppers. Great pose and a smile that can hide your trues emotions and he had been so blind before not to see it through them.

« Who are you ? » the girl in front of you asked you with a bluntness that made you blink.

« I'm Y/N, and you are ? » you offer her as you tend your hand as to shake her's. She looked at it like you were contagious and you just frowned but still kept your smile plastered on your face.

« Oh, » she laughed obnoxiously and you tilted your head to the side. « You are the pathetic girl head over heal for my buckybear. »

The Bucky on the video only laughs, wiggling his eyebrows at the girl on his arm. « Well, who can blame her, I mean look at me,» he says cockily. And the Bucky sat on Tony's sofa want to bash his head on the glass table in front of him. In the 40's he used to despised men talking like that and yet he can see himself incarnating everything he hates just to have a rise on you.

That ugly laugh again and even Tony grimaced at the sound.

« If you'll excuse me, I have to be pathetic somewhere else. Christaline, it was a pleasure really,» you emphasized making your exit in a dignified manner.

F.R.I.D.A.Y show them the feed of your exit, and Bucky can see how your mask slips away progressively. How you quickened your steps and how you collapse in front of your door crying and hugging yourself. The sound making his heart shatter, he remembers his deception at your lack of response this night and once more he is disgusted with himself.

« Stop it! » he growled at Tony.

«Why? You seemed to have a good time back then what changed? »  Tony smirked at him. It was not to be an ass but because he remembered a lesson Jarvis taught him when he was still a boy. 

His mother had bought him a puppy, the cute little ball of fur was not exactly clean yet. Going into the kitchen for his breakfast, Tony had walked in a puddle of warm pee. Jarvis upon seeing had caught the dog gently by the neck and held his nose against the pee. He knows that this pratique is now outdated but maybe he could use it with Bucky. Yes in his mind, Bucky is akin to a puppy. A dangerous puppy, but he knows that he truly has a heart of gold, and Tony is amazed every time he witnesses the assassin being the kind soul that he is despite his horrendous past.

That doesn't mean that he won't condemn his attitude with you, but he knows too well how peer pressure can push one to do things beneath them.

So by showing Bucky this footage, it's like putting his nose in the mess he made.  And judging by the look he is receiving he knows that his plan is working.

« I messed up, I know. And I don't know how I can possibly atone for the hell I put her through. » he sighs, passing his metal hand in his hair, looking more dejected by the minutes.

« But, this really I'll admit I'm jealous but she is in danger, Tony. Anders has a reputation that would give a nightmare even to HYDRA's operative, and she is with him. Call her back, we'll find another way to get the intel, she has nothing to do there, no training no abilities. »

Tony's boisterous laugh cut him through his frantic plead to have you back. « Listen Frosty, Fury is the one that made her one of the team. She can handle herself besides she has the drone with her. » he winked at the incredulous soldier in front of him.

Tony waved his hand to silence him. «  Relax Elsa, I'll tell you what, if I had to cross path with an angry Y/N or an Anders, I'd like my odds better with Anders than with her. »

Bucky narrowed his eyes, rising from his sit and towering Tony. «  So you know her secret? Tell me what it is? »

Tony leaned down in his sit, not bothered by Bucky's display of macholino behavior. «  I think the fuck not. » he sing-song.

« It was not a question Tony! » Bucky seethed, he wanted to know so badly why Fury had made you come here. The fact that Tony knew was fueling his rage. You should've shared this part of you with him! After all your shared nights, spent huddling together talking about his past or when he was so cold he thought he was back into the cryo chamber, you were here, keeping warm with your kindness, yet you didn't share anything relating to your past with him. And you should've! Yet he hadn't pressured you because he had thought that your presence was enough for him. He didn't need your past, and he hadn't thought about your future but now it was all he craved.

« I'm sorry, » Tone began, the smile he sported a clear indication that he was not sorry at all. « Fury's order. » he shrugged.

« And you are all about following order right? »  Bucky snorts.

« Boss, it appears that Miss Y/N is sleeping in the target's home. »

« Thank you F.R.I, keep the watch on her, I'm going to bed too, s'been a tiring day, you should too Elsa, maybe it'll help you clear your mind and you won't act like a dumbass anymore. »


(7 months later ...

« So this is goodbye ? » you asked tears threatening to fall at any moment. You were tucked in your white comforter, Cuddle the four months old Doberman Marc had gifted you headbutting your hand not happy that you had stop petting him.

Marc made his ways to you, this moment too reminiscent of your first night together.

« I have to go, it's not how I wanted things to go but, » he sighed, he grabbed a note that was folded in his jacket pocket and give it to you.
« Please love, whatever you do don't go on this mission with them, I can't protect you if you go there! Let the Avengers do their thing » he pleads with you.

You looked at him surprised, he knew that you were with the Avengers? «How? Wh- how ? » you asked utterly lost.

« I took me one week to know you were sent for me ma belle. You don't do what I do without knowing everything, it's what you don't know that gets you killed. But, one thing I didn't manage to wrap my head around is why you? »  

You stayed silent, not knowing what to says, you knew Marc would never hurt you but you also what kind of man he could be, and you didn't want to cross him.

« You are not a spy or an assassin, you are a normal person, put in the line of fire by earth heroes. » he was cut by your laugh. 'yeah normal' you snorted.

He looked over his watch to see that he was going to miss it if he stayed any longer, so he captured your lips with his for the last time. Marc could feel his heart aching at the thought of not being with you anymore. But it was for the best. He has his new assignment, and he was not about to put you in harm's way like theses asshole.

He took Cuddle face in his large hand, chuckling when the little guy tried to lick him. «  I trust you, big boy, I know you'll take care of her for me and defend her from anything. »

He had really thought that you were his happy ending but when he learned about your dalliance with SHIELD his dreams had shattered like his heart. Your relationship was doomed from the start, broken by design.
Maybe if life was kind to him, he would have another chance with you, for that though he would have to finish his assignment.

Coming out of your funk, you grabbed Cuddle leash. Looking around, you tried to spot if you were missing something. You had already put your clothes and shoes in the trunk of one of your sleek car. Cuddle accessories were also there so you were ready to go.

Putting the key in the ignition, the music started to play instantly. A sweet melody, the one you had surprised Marc dancing around while he was making your breakfast.

You wake up to the feeling of lips on your neck. You let a sigh of contentment, it was like being in a bubble of happiness, warm comforter, soft pillow and Mark's body next to yours, his front to your back. You could feel his hardness as he started to rock slowly behind you. « Good morning my belle » he husked, his breath fanning over your ear. You turn and put your head in the crook of his neck, one of your leg between his. You hugged him tightly making him chuckle, you were adorable.

He leaned in, trying to kiss you but you put your hand in front of his mouth. «  Babe ew, morning breath! » you admonished him eliciting low rumble in Marc's chest as he laughed at your antics. « I don't care, I want to kiss my beautiful girlfriend! » He said making you melt in his arm. But you stood your ground and put the comforter around your head.

He shook his head and left you to drift back to sleep.

This time you are awoken by the sound of the music.  You pad softly toward the bathroom checking on your looks to see if everything is still 'in place'. You are still in the early moment of the relationship so you tried to maintain a certain aura about you.

Satisfied by your states, your feet took you to the kitchen and your hands fly to cover your mouth to silence your giggles.

Here in front of you, clad only with a white boxer is a joyous Marc, jumping and twirling perfectly in sync with the pop song playing on the radio. You don't know what is more adorable, this vision or the fact that he is obviously making breakfast for you. Everything you love to eat is settled on the kitchen table. He also took his time to go out in your garden to pick you some flower.
You don't care about the fact that he has surely ruined one of your parters, you'll talk with your gardener later.  'Has he gone out just like that? Jesus', if you had closed neighbors, he would've made the morning of whoever had seen him.

You can't take it anymore and barreled toward him. If he is caught off guard he doesn't show it, you suppose a man like him is always on his guard so it's not surprising but he did keep putting a show for you, cheeky muscly adorable man.

Whatever thought he was going to voice is cut by your lips on his. He groans at the feeling « Babe, it's going to get cold » he said against your lips, you could feel his smile as he spoke.

« We can eat it after, but I want you now! » you stopped his protested by nipping his ear.

« Y/N, belle behave ! » he tried to admonish you, but his breathless complaint betrayed his eagerness at your actions.
He lowered you on the ground, reaping your pj's out of you leaving you bare for him. « Marc! » you shout, your nipple had hardened at the sensation of the cold floor against your back. « It's cold » you pouted. He smiled devilishly. « Well if you are cold, we really should eat our breakfast ».

You narrowed your eyes, and grabbed him by the neck, you were millimeter apart, « Don't. You. Dare » you growled and crashed your lips on his.

Your heart did a somersault when you felt his weight on you. There is something overly satisfying on having a man you desired on you. You parted your legs so he could nestle his lower half on yours. His boxer grew wet with your excitement and his precum. His bugle was doing a marvelous thing to your heated pussy, the friction, the pression only served to make you delirious with want. The ways he played with one of your nipple with one hand and hold your head gently with the other made you dizzy.

You were dripping, and with the way, your pussy was clenching around nothing you were missing something and you knew exactly what. You deftly lowered his bower, exposing his hard dick. He hissed at the sensation but complied nonetheless and he throws his garment at this other side of the room. You made to grab his dick but were stopped by his hand grabbing yours. He then proceeds to slap your pussy, not hard enough to sting but enough to make you aware of the fact that it had aroused you more. You'll have to ponder this new 'kink' another time, maybe when you could function and think rationally, but for that having Marc between your legs were not helping.

« You'll take what I give you » he commands you and you wanted so hard to rolls your eyes but you didn't have the energy, « Then give it to me ! » you still had the force to snapped at him.

« Brat » he breathed snapping his hips to you, entering you with one long thrust. You let a loud moan out at he feels of his hard cock one you.

« You love it »

Marc locked eyes with you, piercing you with the intensity of his gaze. «  God helps me, I do », somehow the statement made you pose, caught off guard by the honesty and vulnerability he was showing to you.

And you being your awkward self had to ruin the mood, « Kinky, but if we have a threesome can we go for another human so I can feel it? » you asked cheekily, « Or Thor » you add as an afterthought.

« Y/N » he shook his head fondly at you, you looked at him with innocence feigning not to know why he had called you like this. « God you are terrible. » he mused as he resumed is ponding of you.

He had a satisfied smirk as you were now too far gone to be his little bratty belle.

« Decline your identity », the guard at the gates of the compound asked you, pulling you out your memory.

You had heard the voice of Tony at one point in the exchange but you hadn't seen him as you are made your way in the compound.


Bucky hadn't seen you since that night, seven months without you felt like hell for him. You had moved back to your manor. You had called Tony the next day and told him that it would be less suspicious for you to stay there and Tony had agreed. Bucky had taken to do mission after mission after that.

Even if the tension on the team had lessened since you've been gone, there were still some troubles in the AVENGERS's compound thanks to the increased activity of HYDRA.
All the data the team and other Shields agents have managed to acquire were pointing to a massive offensive with weapons that Marc had sold them.

They still didn't know where the weapons were until yesterday when Tony had told them all the information they needed for a strike mission.

Bucky suspected you were the one that they had to thank you for that as rumor has it you were back home.

« Since when do we have a dog? » Sam asked the team as they were gathered in the conference room.

Steve looked at him confused, « We don't ? » searching Nat's face for an answer. She always knew what's was going here. She only offered him a raised eyebrow.

Sam took a seat next to Bucky, the duo was pushing the other arms back and forth, bickering like always and Steve only raised his eyes, looking as if he was searching a divine help to deal with his two best friends.

Tony choose this moment to stroll in the room, Cuddle in his arms. He had already made this little baby furry terror a collar, Gold, and Red with a faint blue light in the front. The collard would expanse as Cuddle would grow.

« This is our new team member! Iron Dog! »  Tony exclaimed, proud of his new little friend.

« You can't be serious Tony! » Steve sigh, children, he was surrounded by children. Tony had put the little beast on the table.

« Oh c' mon, Cap, look at his little paws, he is a good boy, he would do well on the team. » Sam gushed at the puppy and Bucky raised his brow at the baby voice Sam had used, clearly stocking to make fun of him later.



Sam tried to grab the little guy, to make his case to Steve but Cuddle only growled at him, and when he tried to soothe him he tried to nick his hand. «Little bitch » Sam gromeled as Bucky, Tony and Clint were bent over laughing.  

Nat tried after that only to be met by the same attitude. Tony looked at them like the cat that ate the canary. « It's a Doberman, they are not exactly fond of strangers but extremely loyal to their humans. »

« Of course you would choose a snobby dog! »  Sam complained.

Tony looked at him horrified that Sam would talk like that about Cuddle the bubble of love.  « Don't you dare! » he sent a sharp look over Sam and called Cuddle to him, the little ball of fur's tail was wiggling like crazy as he paws over Tony. 



«  You are not a snobby dog, you are a perfect dog, the gooodest and softest boy around! » Tony murmured against his head.  « Plus, he is not mine, »

« How many times did you have to made Pepper released this exact statement ? » he was cut by Clint's dry humor.
Bucky didn't attempt to stifle his laugh earning a heated glare from Tony.

« He is Y/N's fur baby, courtesy of Marc. » he offered Bucky's his trademark smirk, enjoying the change of expression on the supersoldier's face.

« Well that explains why he is a little bitch then, » Nat intervened for the first time earning the attention of those present to her form. « Like master, like dog. » she gloated.

« You know what? » Bucky explodes sending his chair back. « She is maybe a little bitch but at least she is not lusting after her superior trying to make him fall in love with her by agreeing to his every wish while he is clearly not interested in her! » He pointed out cruelly, living the red hair beauty livid at being called out like this.

«Enough! » Steve's roar, not liking his team going at each other throat, and then again it was because of you.

The only sound that could be heard was the hard breathing of several Avengers. 

« Awkward, » Sam's whispered.

« You can say that again. » Clint agreed with him.

« Alright, everybody » Steve gains back the attention. « We finally have the location of the operation, you'll find in your binder the details of the operation and since we have some struggle keeping our calm, I give you the night to study the plan, and we'll discuss it on our way there. »
He looked around gauging his teammates and seemed satisfied with what he saw.
« Dismissed » he concludes the meeting.



Chapter Text


« No,» you said firmly to Tony, crossing your arms in front of you. He had barged in your room ten minutes ago, telling you to get dressed as you were required to go with them for the mission.

« Marc told me not to go, so I won’t! »

Tony was this close to pulls out his hair, arguing with you was like arguing with angry cat, you had even hissed at him when he had pulled your cover off your body.

« So you choose to have faith in a criminal rather than your own teammates ? » He thought he had you there but you didn’t miss a bit.

«Yes! »

He looked at you incredulously. «He is a criminal Y/N! »

« He is, but he never wronged me! You and the rest of the Spicegirls, well I can’t say the same. They poison me, okay it was only a truth serum but it could’ve been something else, or I could have a bad reaction to it. I don’t trust them with my grape’s juice why would I trust them in a dangerous mission with my life huh ? »You ranted.

« You don’t me trust me ? » He asked, the hurt evident in his voice.

You sigh, passing a hand in your face, pondering if you were going, to be honest, or not.
« No, I don’t trust you, Tony. I like you more than I did before but no, I don’t trust you… yet ». Honesty it is then.

He nodded, understanding why you would feel that way, but still it was not the most pleasant thing to hear.

« Plus, who is going to take care of Cuddle the time I’m gone? See I don’t have a dog sitter, I can’t go. It’s been a pleasure talking to you, have a good mission take care, bring me back a souvenir ! » you spilled with an impressing speed while dragging Tony toward your door.

The man only shook his head with a smile «Kid! », your door busted open and young man appeared in front of you.

He was blushing hard at your state of undressed, well your night clothes really.

« Y/N this is Peter, Peter Y/N and the little guy here is Cuddle. »

The boy, Peter had already forgotten about your presence and that he was in your room, he was sprawled on the floor, laughing as your Cuddle was jumping on him and licking him.

« See Cuddle is going to be in good hands now chop chop we should be already in the air by now ! » he stressed.

You know it was a lost cause so you finally concede, brushed your teeth and hair and only took a cardigan to cover yourself.

Tony observed you as you excited your bathroom, and his eyebrow shoots to his hairline at your fashion choice.
Tank top, short and cardigan complimented by the fluffiest pink slipper he ever saw.

« You are going like that ? » he squeaked, you shot him a death glare, and he raised his hands in surrender.
« You do realize it’s a hydra mission right ? » he tried another approach.

« You said I was not needed and would sit in the Quinjet aways from the combat zone,» you said slowly and a low voice, challenging him to go back on his words. « Or did you lie to me Tony ? » you asked tapping your foot on the floor.

He said nothing and you rushed past him and went directly for the kitchen. You raid for your favorites food easy to take on a trip. You’ll have something comforting at least. Peter had and Tony had followed you bringing Cuddle with them and so you put your food in Tony arms, and took Cuddle in yours.

You were now in front of the fancy Avengers’s plane. You have some struggles to leave your fur baby behind and are smothering him with kisses and hugs. You don’t like this, you have the same sensation you used to have just before a school test. Not a sensation you had missed and here you were with it back full force.

Tony saw your hesitation and made a sign to Peter.
The teen came in front of you and hold his arms up in order to take your Cuddle away from you.

You take a big breath, give a final kiss to your little terror. « Please take care of him, » you approached the young boy and lowered your voice so only he could hear you. « He is the only family I have. » you feel pathetic for admitting this, but you are truly alone in this world save for this little guy.

Peter’s eyes softened at this confession, and he vowed to himself than when you get back he’ll be your annoying little brother. No one should feel and be alone, it’s not right. «He is safe with me ma'am,» he assured you, you only nod, the huge tension you were feeling cost your ability to talk.


« What is she doing here? » Bucky asked Tony upon seeing you. ‘What the fuck is she wearing !’

« I’m sure we already have this conversation she is an Avenger her place is here as much as any of us. »

You barely acknowledge him and strapped yourself on your seat. This was going to be a long flight.

You had plug your earphone in your ears, sounds at the highest effectively cutting you from the rest of the team. At least you would not have to listen to Captain’s America angry voice telling how unwanted your presence was.

Your eyes were firmly on the ground if you didn’t make a sound or move maybe they would forget you?

Bucky's eyes were fixed on you. He didn’t want you here, he wanted you safe back at the compound.
‘What the fuck is she wearing !’
Only you would wear this kind of clothing, he mused, he didn’t know if it found this endearing or aggravating.

Steve finally stopped talking about you, trashing you really and started talking about the mission.

« I should stay on the jet with Y/N, we don’t want HYDRA taking her in their custody » he proposed to the team.

« She has no values whatsoever, we would have to pay HYDRA to take her. And you are much-needed on the field with us Buck. » Steve answered him.
The brunet supersoldier had to repress his urges to deck his best friend. His vendetta against you was going too far.

He grinds his teeth, and square his shoulder, «HYDRA taking prisoners is a laughing matter now? »

Steve seemed to realize his error, and for instant guilt could be seen on the blond features. But he didn’t have time to dwell on it, they were near the mission location in South America.

It was a grand operation, unlike other times the Avengers were not the only deployed, several Quinjets had left the Shields’s headquarters with several agents on them. There was 76 of them plus the Avengers and Steve’s fell confident that HYDRA wouldn’t see what is going to hit them hard.

« If everything goes as to plan, and it involves you Bucky on the field, then we have good chance to annihilate HYDRA once and for all! »

The team minus Bucky and you cheered at their Captain’s declaration. Bucky because he was still reeling about Steve’s behavior and the fact that he couldn’t stay behind to protect you and you because it was one thing to be sent in a seduction operation but this was something else entirely

Your anxiety sky rotted when you noticed the team putting all sorts of weapons on them. You watched Bucky with his arsenal and seriously he was just missing a tank with the firepower he was packing.

‘Have mercy on me and let me stay on the plane’ you didn’t know to wich God you were sending this litany but you’ll take the help of whomever or whatever is listening.

You hadn’t even noticed that the jet had landed nor that the majority of the team had already left the jet.

What you noticed though was the strong hand grabbing your shoulder forcibly, making you winced at the contact.

Steve had to lift you so you were now standing. « I don’t know why you here, and I don’t care. If you know what it’s good for you, you’ll stay here. » he leveled you with cold hard eyes. You didn’t answer, just wanting to have this little ‘chat’ ends quickly.

You rolled your eyes, this man was a massive pain in the ass. When he stayed in front of you. 
« If you are going to talk to people this close of their nose you should really consider eating gums » you made to sniff the air before coming to your conclusion, « menthol extra fresh ».

His stance falters slightly and you had to laugh at the fact that the almighty Captain America confidence can be played with only a little jab about his dental hygiene.
« Actually, maybe you should take a stroll around here » he adds viciously.

« Fuck you, Rogers, fuck you,» you said somewhat tone even. Big man trying to intimidate a woman, What’s new?
You could have been spiteful and cursed him in at least three languages but you were so done with him. And honestly, you had more serious matter than an hateful blondy with a great ass, like the fact you were in the middle of massive operation involving HYDRA and the Avengers.
It felt surreal, the closest thing you had been part of would a bar brawl, and one of the men there had to shield you, so you hadn’t seen a thing.

« What are you doing Captain? We are waiting for you. » a hard voice interrupts you, and Steve’s eyes and yours widens comically. Never have you heard Bucky refer to Steve as Captain, and the voice, god the steel in it made your heart beats a little faster.

The blond supersoldier nods before departing but not without sending your final warning, and you can’t help yourself and showed him your middle finger.

Bucky's heat replaces the one of Steve, and you let a sigh of relief at not being close to this madman anymore.

You elect for ignoring Bucky, too prideful even in your state of anxiety to even acknowledge him.

He clenched his jaw, he knows he deserved this but now it’s not the time.
« Y/N » he whispers quietly. « I’m sorry for the pain I caused you, and I hope that maybe in the future I can show you how important you are to me. »

Still, you said nothing, it was too much, this situation was too much, you missed Marc terribly, you were in a dangerous combat zone and Bucky the man who broke your heart was in front of you trying to atone for the sin he had committed against you.

He rubbed the base of his neck, uncomfortable, but he had to do this.
« I know it’s not the time and you probably don’t want to hear it after what I’ve done, but, » he cut himself was he going to do this now? Well, he had learned from the mistake of his jerk of best friend, don’t wait too long you never know when your next chance is.

« Dude, you’re coming ?» Sam asked from behind them. Bucky dropped his head, « yeah coming. » he looked at you and rubbed his eyes. « Stay here doll, F.R.I.D.A.Y is going to play the feed so you can know what is going on but please don’t set a foot outside! » He pleads with you, and you nod. He deemed this good enough, he didn’t time to do anything else. So he just brushed his lips against your forehead startling you in the process. You didn’t know how to react, but he didn’t matter he was already back to you, walking toward Sam and the dangerous mission. You barely had the time to whisper to be prudent.

What you didn’t know is that Bucky thanks to the supersoldier’s sense had heard you, and he was now sporting a dopey smile.
He needed that, not a love declaration. He wasn’t that dense, he knew you needed time and that he would be extremely lucky to be at least able to call you a friend.

It was not a love declaration, but it was a sign that even after what he had put you through you still cared a little about him.
It was not a love declaration but it was hope, and for now, it was more than enough.
Maybe he could take you to the sweet little coffee he used to bring you? He missed their apple pie so much. He hadn’t been there without you and he sure as hell did not bring Crystal there or to any of ‘yours’ place. He didn’t want to taint them with the vapid girl Steve had thrown in his arms.


3 hours 43 minutes, and 2 seconds, they had been gone for 3 hours 43 minutes, and 2 seconds. At first, you had jumped at any ‘suspicious’ read ‘all’ sounds. 
Then you had paced the length of the ramp to finally stop.

You had scared yourself with the thought that HYDRA can hear you.
So here you were, seated on the ground eating with the less noise possible the food you had broughted with you.
You weren’t hungry but it made you focus on something else.

Your hand froze mid-air, the anguished cry of pain of someone stopped all your movement and if you were being honest your brain too.

‘Please be a HYDRA agent’ you hoped crossing your finger.
You could hear somebody muffled sobs and then a shaky voice announces that they had their team of 6 shields agent. The person hadn’t finished his sentence when the disgusting sound of gurgling resonates in the jet.
Oh my god’ you croaked, eyes wide. It sounded like hell outside. To learn that 6 peoples, had died was atrocious but listening to a seventh choking on his blood was heartbreaking.

You had broken a cold sweat and you didn’t dare to move even a damn muscle.

Several things happen at the same time.

A loud detonation making your ears ring in the aftermath. The scream of several persons. Grunts from what you couldn’t say.
Cursed thrown left and right, some in Russians and you were relieved when it sounded like Bucky’s voice, at least he was still alive.

You could have sworn your heart stopped when you catch on the distinguishable roaring of planes flying toward your direction.

You didn’t know what it looked like out there. Were they in an open field or in a base? You should have asked questions about it, but it would’ve made this situation to real for you to handle.

« The bastards have blown up the fuckin base! »
« We have companies »
« Technically we are the guest here, it’s their home! »
« Maybe one our honorary grandpas could teach them how to receive their guest 40s style? »

« Now it’s not the time, what’s the status on those who were in the base F.R.I.D.A.Y? » Steve asked
« Sorry Captain, I can’t pick any vitals activity in there. »

How could a statement feel like cold or void itself? It’s like the words of F.R.I.D.A.Y had sucked any joyous or light you had in you.

« Shit they are aiming for the jets! » Sam screeched.

« They want to trap us there ».

« Buc-« Steve tried to spot his friend, and he succeeds, the little shit was running like a bat out of hell toward the Quinjet. « For fuck’s sake, we are more important matter at hand than a spoiled girl ! » he growled.
He couldn’t do a thing about it though, he was battling against a new wave of hydra’s agent with the few remaining SHIELD agents.
All the Avengers were still alive thank God for it, he thought.

« Y/N! » Bucky screamed at the top of his lungs. He had to see you, and more importantly, he had to make sure not even a scratch could be found on you after this shit show end.

He was relieved when you lunge yourself, throwing your arms around his neck, your legs firmly wrapped around his waist.
He could feel your body tremble again his, and he felt nauseous that you had to be in this environment. If it were to him, you would’ve never been put in this kind of situation.

But you were here, and he had to protect you. He had seen a small cave on the side of the waterfall, it was protected by lush vegetation, you should be safe there as it was at a decent distance from the combat zone.

« Don’t look doll » he orders you, and you agree wholeheartedly to that and pushed your head in his neck, scrunching your eyes shut. You don’t want to see death. You don’t like death. It took you a long time to make peace with how you needed to feed yourself in your other forms. It was never a problem when you were the Dragon, but you would have a nightmare about it later while your other side enjoyed it. As Bucky made his run for the safe place he had promised you, you could feel tree branches whipping your back.

You tried to block the sounds of gunshot it was too much for you.

Bucky gently put you down on the earthy floor. The sound of the crashing water was soothing and you could feel yourself regains your wits.

Bucky squat in front of you softly caressed the apple of your cheek, it was comforting almost pacifying your troubled mind.
« Hey pretty girl, come back to me,» he said tenderly. You finally locked eyes with him. Oh, god, how he had missed your beautiful orbs. He never saw them like that though, they were clouded by this traumatic experience, but still, they were Bucky’s favorite shades.

Once again you launched yourself in his arms searching for comfort, even with all what he had done to you, you still could find solace in his arms.

Yet you couldn’t help yourself to think about Marc. He had warned you not to come. He had put your safety before his cover. But Bucky was with you during an intense fight, jeopardizing the security of the team, but he didn’t seem to care about that.
Maybe he really did care about you.

« No,» he grunts. You looked at him only to find him pressing some button in his earpiece. « I won’t let her alone » he adds with the same stony tone.

You don’t know what the person talking to him told him but it couldn’t be good.

« Doll, I have to go, » you were shaking your head so violently, Bucky thought you would break your neck, so he grabbed your face firmly with his to hands.
« Please don’t leave me » your little voice and the tears threatening to spill freaked his heart, but he had to go.
« I have to, but if you stay here you’ll be safe. » he insists detaching himself from.

« Please » you sobbed.
He stopped in his tracks to face you one last time. « I have to doll. » And god if it weren’t one of the hardest thing he had to do. But the sooner he gets back on the field the sooner he could end those bastards and then you’ll be safe. Sam was right, it was the good thing to do.

And then he was gone.


2 hours and 15 minutes, it was 2 hours and 15 minutes since Bucky had left you here, in the alcove all by yourself.
You didn’t hear much from the fight from here, if it weren’t for the occasional detonation you wouldn’t know if there still was a fight.

« There you are ! » a panicked strike Colonel Rhodes rushed were you where. « We need you! »

«What? Sir, I’m no agent I can’t help you ! » you shriek.

« Oh but you can, you are a dragon be the dragon, we need you to dracarys the place! We are against an army, hundreds of them with powerful weapons. One of the shields inhuman won’t be able to create the barrier that protects us much longer and after that we are dead. »

« But, I never killed a human and I don’t want too » you were fully panicking, you didn’t know if you could control yourself in your other form.

« I know I ask a lot of you, but it’s them or us. »

« Tony, Wilson and I can’t assist them in the air, they have new missiles, Tony barely escaped them with his life. We are grounded. Rogers, Barnes, and Romanoff volunteered to go behind enemy lines to neutralized them but it is a suicide mission. »

Your heart stopped at that. « Bucky ? » you asked with a small voice scared of the suicide mission part of the Colonel’s report of the situation. 

Your brain hadn’t proceeded all the informations but your feet was already leading you outside.

« Tell them to retreat, I don’t do precision. » You told him, confidence and a cold rage sipping through your tone.
When moment ago you were a scared girl now you knew what you have to do. Choosing if you were going to let the free rein to the monster inside of you was the hard part. Now that you had made your decision you could let the burning fire in you getting wild.

« Everybody retreats to a safe place, reinforcement on its sways and it’s going to sways! » Rhodey called over the coms.
Tony barked a relieved laugh, maybe they could make it alive.

You always had loved the sensation of liquid fire flowing through your vein. You didn’t bother to get naked, your clothes had already been burned by the heat emanating out of you. You loved this part when the bones in your body would elongate and changed forms. It was like a good, no the best stretching, you purred out of contentment. You could feel the earth shaking below your large paw. It was not caused by your weight, even if you had an inkling that in this form you surely weigh your weight, but it was because of the roaring fire coursing through your body.

You let a growl of displeasure though when you felt each of scale sprouting out and breaking your skin. It was seriously an itchy sensation and it made you shudder every time you thought about it.


Chapter Text




Steve saw a Shield agent crawling on the ground, her right leg crushed by a mine. He could see a bone pointing in the middle of the chaos of flesh and blood. He rushed toward her deflecting bullets coming his way.

Slinding on the ground he shielded her from shrapnel barring toward her head.

« What’s your name soldier ? » he asked to make her focus on him rather than on her wrecked body.

She didn’t answer though, eyes glued to her leg, agony clear in her eyes. Thank god for the adrenaline, at least she didn’t seem to feel the pain yet or maybe it was the shock. But nothing could erase the horrific image engraved in her mind.

« Everybody retreats to a safe place, reinforcement on its ways and it’s going to sways! » Rhodey called over the coms.

Tony barked a relieved laugh, maybe they could make it alive.

Steve took the agent in his arms, careful of her injuries and rushing where the rest of the team were located.

« Tony what kind of reinforcement ? » he barked to his teammate. The billionaire’s face was one of utter glee, he would witness the face Steve would make when confronted to you.

« Y/N » he deadpan before commanding F.R.I.D.A.Y. to deploy all the drone camera they had to keep a souvenir.

Steve put the agent on the ground grabbing Tony by the forearm. « What do you mean Y/N? » he inquired through greeted teeth.

Tony didn’t have to answer as the earth began to shake.

Steve and Sam share an uneasy glance. The Blond soldier search for his best friend only to find him in a violent melee, still fighting for his life with a brutal finesse.

« What’s happening! » Sam fretted, gaining back the attention of the Captain.

« It’s an earthquake, » Clint shrugged only to receive a slap behind the head from Sam, « I can see that genius. » he ranted.

While the two birdbrains were arguing Tony was giddy, « It’s Y/N » he marveled. Now that he was prepared for what was to come you didn’t scare him as much as you did the first time. He was just excited to be able to admire you in this form once more even if it was in these circumstances.

The sounds they heard was something out of this world.

Something let a mild screech and it was enough to stop all actions on the fields.

Every pair of eyes looked over the direction where the sound came from.

The tension was palpable, no one dares to even bat an eyelash.

A thud could be heard in the distance, steady like a heartbeat. A very loud heartbeat, and a heart that was getting closer and more terrifying with the anticipation to see what was coming their way.

Bucky’s heart stutter, the Colonel had told them you were the reinforcement, so you were the thing coming here.

Bucky’s eyes darted in every direction, palms clammy at the realization that you were going to be on the line of sight of each and every HYDRA agent present.

He braced himself, for he knows that no matter how things were going to get he would lay his life if it means you’d be safe.

He took in his surrounding, an open field with many pits created by all the explosive devices they had used. They were facing the ruins of the old base, only some parts of a high wall standing.

Some vegetation here or there, a HYDRA army with tanks, ground-to-air missiles. The scene this was painting in Bucky’s mind was reminiscent of his soldier’s day in World War II.

If the sound was terrifying, then the vision of a massive dragon landing on the ruined wall in front of them all, was an apocalyptic vision. A beast descending on earth through the gate of the sky to judge humanity and purged it from their sins.



The living embodiment of the Latin locution, « Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius, “Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own. »

You looked over your environment slowly blinking your lizard eyes. You sniffed in the air, the smell of sheer terror was intoxicating and you huffed and revel of the tacit admission that all the living being here were at your mercy.

Each heartbeat was another prey and today was the glorious day you’ll let the earth feel your wrath and power.

Everyone was staring at you, every move you make, every breath and every blink of your nictitating membrane only serves to increase the pregnant smell of fear in the atmosphere.

You love every bit of it.

You finally spot Bucky, your human you zeroed on his form and don’t appreciate the state he is in. That won’t do, tilting your massive head to the side you can even smell the blood he is loosing amidst all the blood.

They have to know not to mess with your human, he is so tiny and fragile you won’t tolerate it.

Opening your jaw wide you thundered the utmost petrifying roar. The sound, in the mind of all the believers of the Religions of the Book present in the assemble, remind them of the Horn that would be blown on the Judgement day.

Smitten with terror indeed.

Every bit of your blast of sound reverberates in the bodies of the poor souls waiting for their torment to end, the earth shaking in sync with their body as if she was empathizing with their anguish.

« Tha… » Steve racked his throat as he was surprised by the shakiness of his voice, « That’s Y/N? » he stammered body still humming with the reverberation of your roar.

Tony was jaw-slacked, he hadn’t counted on the fact that you were even more massive than last time. You were a growing dragon, he cringes when he thought of you teething when your fangs first came out.

Tony nods at Steve’s inquiry « Well, cat out of the bag. »he hummed.

« Ain’t a fucking cat I’ll take a fuckin cat instead » Sam shuddered, eyes wide still in the same position he was in when he first heard you.

Clint takes a step forward, « I like her, she nice ! » he grinned. His teammates' heads snapped in his direction looking at him like he was a lunatic.

The archer only shrugged. «What? We were dicks to her, and she didn’t eat us… she is a nice kid » he paused for a second tapping his chin. « Or maybe she is dieting? I wouldn’t eat Cap and Elsa either, the meat it too old, then again she has the fangs for it » he mused lost in his observation.

« Owww! » he yelped when Nat sent her elbow in his stomach looking at her as to ask what warranted this act of aggression toward his middle, she only rolled her eyes.

The torpor in which everybody seemed to be in was broken by the unmistakable sound of a shot fired.

A HYDRA sniper had taken his chance and tried and succeed to shot you where he thought your heart would be.

Clearly, he hadn’t thought of the fact that you were covered by large scales, and the bullet didn’t do the slight damage.

Steve could’ve sworn he heard the hearts of all the HYDRA drop in their boots when the dragon only narrowed her eyes, bowing her head to sniff the air where the bullet had hit her.

Entire blocks of cement were pulverized by your claw as you crouch to take flight.

Growling, you locked your target and barreled on his localization.

When you passed above the team, your body had blocked the sun easily casting a chill shadow on them.

Bucky stands in awe at the magnificent creäture, he had fear in the past that he wouldn’t be able to protect you that being with him would put a target on your back now he was reassured.

You torched the culprit, dousing him in fire. The roaring blaze covered efficiently the scream of your victim. It’s not like he lasts long enough anyway.

Steve chest rose and fell with rapids breath, a monster, you were a monster. Killing someone with fire without even leaving them the chance to fight back. An abomination of nature, and what’s scared him the most was your control. You must be one of the most willed people he had met.

You could’ve killed them all without much trouble, yet you had endured his petty behavior.

Hothead and show off are easier to handle than those who can reign their emotions and don’t lay all their cards on the table.

Your fury was cold when you are the embodiment of fire.

He’ll have to find a way to put a leash on you, and he knew how but for now he would let you save them.

You saw the puny humans running madly like headless chickens, shouting orders left and right, and pointing at the zone where the tank was.

You fly low, the grumble in the pit of scale stomach a clear announcement of what was going to happen to the heavy machinery and those who operate them. You skid to alt in front of them, flying in station and open fire on them, obliterating what was in your path causing multiple explosion.

The air was charged with ash by now, the heat on the field unbearable, as you circled the perimeter burning HYDRA to the ground.

A merciless fury, drowning in fire the ant-like creatures that had the bad taste of being on her way. Burning them all, trashing tanks in her jaw.

A reminder if it was needed of how precarious and feeble humanity truly was. It’d took only a titan to end them all.

The beast was on the ground now that all the tanks and ground-to-air had been so carefully destroyed.

Walking on her large scaled legs, and the joint of her wings.

The team observed anxiously as you were now just above Bucky, caging under you to protect him. In the chaos, at least 30 of Hydra’s men had decided to try to kill the Winter soldier, capitalizing on your distraction.

But you were here now, growling, daring them to move.

If there is a moment you know you are fucked is when a dragon is coming at you.

You couldn’t have use fire as Bucky was too close, and he would’ve been killed.

Bucky was on the ground, on the brink of fainting courtesy of the amount of blood he had already lost.

You spotted one of your enemy going for his rifle and you lunge at him, grabbing him by your razor-sharp fang, throwing in the air and catching him again in your open jaw grinding in a mist of blood and bones.

The piercing scream the Hydra goon had let out would be engraved in the mind of the surviving.

You didn’t stop there though and snapped your fangs at all those who move. Leaving behind a literal bloodbath in your wake.

« What are you waiting for? Fire the damn thing! » Sven, a burly redhead urged his colleague Manuel, pointing at the rocket launcher that was laying on the ground between them.

That earned him a double take from Manuel, the man’s face going uncomfortably red with his anger slash fear.

«Fire? Oh yes I’m gonna fire a missile on a fuckin dragon, and miss my shot or worst hit it only for tickling him, and with my luck, the big ass lizard doesn’t like tickle and I’m ending on his shit list, yeah I’m gonna just do this, you idiot! »

Sven seemed to ponder what his colleague just said, and looked over where you were, eating and crashing his colleagues. Once finished they’ll be the two last men standing.

The beast had single-handedly destroyed an army.

« Run for it ? » he blurted.

Manuel nods, «Run. »


Bucky couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact you were a dragon. A dragon overprotective of him, guarding fiercely her treasure.

He wasn’t repulsed by you or even afraid of you. Quite the contrary, he was thankful and mesmerized by your every move.

Your little snack session had let him the respite necessary for him to start healing, he could barely stand on his legs though, but at least he wouldn’t faint, he counted that as a win.

He was startled when you lowered your head in front of his height, keeping your distance seemingly not wanting to scare him.

Bucky wasn’t scared though and patted your snouts. It was surprisingly warm but not scorching as he thought it would be.

He loved the purr it earned him, « Thank you doll, » he murmured not wanting to break this peaceful moment in the middle of the chaos you had created.

You blinked slowly, and Bucky couldn’t help but think of you as a cat, a big breathing fire cat but a cat nonetheless.

You nudge him with the utmost care and the WinterSoldier melt at the cuteness of the dragon in front of him.

« No Wilson I can’t walk to there, you’ll have to pick me,» he grumbled at his friend, not liking how he had intruded in your moment.

He was scared you’d fly away when you moved but you only lay yourself on the ground in front of him.

« I can’t doll, I don’t want to hurt you » he whispered but you weren’t having it.

And so, James Buchanan Barnes began his ascent of a mythical creäture.

Your scales are hard and scratchy, he loves the feeling as it is a testimony of your strong defense mechanism.

He felt so small on you, it was an eery feeling, but one he would cherish, he felt mighty safe too.

Bucky’s heart leaps in his chest when you jump to fly where the team was.

His teammates covering their eyes to protect them against the dust you had moved with the flapping of your wing.

Clint was the one to come near you to help Bucky on his feet. The rest didn’t dare to approach you. You stayed behind, not wanting to startle the Avengers.

« Did you see this? » Bucky exclaimed to his best friend.

« Yes, I did » the blond supersoldier decelerated face somber.

« And I called the general Thaddeus Ross, so he can put a leash on here she is too dangerous. »

The statement was followed by a second of silence and then cries of protestation from everyone. Nat though stayed silent.

Steve had resorted to deck Bucky, he wouldn’t let his best friend risks his life or his liberty for the like of you.

The little hiccup in his habitual strategy though, which is ‘acting now thinking later’ was that he had forgotten an itsy, tiny, mini details... the dragon.

The Dragon that had lunged herself at light speed in front of him. He hadn’t realized before now how big you were or large your fangs were.

 Now he was offered a first class seat to admire them, you were so kind as to open your jaw wide. He saw the holes in each side of your mouth, but his attention was attracted somewhere else, You still had a hand stuck in between two of your fang and for the first in a very long time Steve Grant Rogers questioned his action, even more so when he felt the tell-tale of the earthshaking and heard the now unmistakable roaring of the fire flowing in you. He was fucked, and he closed his eyes not wanting to see the fire coming, but he still raised his shield. That was it. Steve Grant Rogers would burn alive.

The burning heat never came through, he was pushed aside by Natasha. She was now standing in front of you, and you had snapped your mouth shut. She took this as a good sign, and so she places her hand in the air, showing you had nothing to be afraid of.

« The men that are coming are bad Y/N. » She started, and note how you moved your head to the side, she had gathered that you could still understand human language in this form.

« You have to go, we won’t be able to stop them, fly away ! » she declared forcefully, she didn’t want you to end up in the Raft. They could try to save you  but you had to be away so Ross won’t use, arrest or killed you. She won’t allow it.

You whimpered, lowering your head to the side and nudge gently Bucky’s body.

The sound you made break the heart of Clint, Sam, and Nat.

« He is alright, just sleeping because of the fight, he just fainted. He’ll be alright, but you won’t if you stayed ! » she pleaded with you. Sam and Clint joining her.

With a last glance to Bucky, you heed their warning and fly away. Leaving a terrible mess behind you.




Chapter Text



«Steve! » Natasha hissed, she tried to grab a hold of his arms, their feet echoing in the pristine floor of the Avengers facility.

Finally, fed up with his rash attitude she speeds her movement and is now in front of him, pushing her palms against his broad chest. «Steve! », she appraised his form, rigid lines, sharps edge and face close to any emotions.

This man in front of her does not bear any resemblance to the man she had come to loves. She should’ve not indulges him in his petty endeavor, but what it’s done is done, now she had to bring him back to her.

He only looks at her through a heated glaze. Huffing through his nose, he reminds her of an angry bull, his stubbornness only accentuated the resemblance.
Jaw set, eyes bitter, lips in fine line, this is a man in warpath and this realization sent a chill through Nat’s spine.

« Move » his tone is cold, low and blunt miles away from his warm voice.
« Where is Bucky? » she doesn’t miss how his jaw ticked, eyes staring straight in front of him, benefiting from his higher height to avoid the redhead inquisitive glare.

« In the Medbay I asked the medics to sedate him. » he scowled.

A sharp intake of breath from Nat, her eyes narrowed dangerously as she stares at the man in front of her.

Their stare off is interrupted by F.R.I.D.A. Y asking them to go to the main conference room as their guest has arrived.

No one dared to utter a word as they take place around the table.

Steve is on his own though, the rest of the team has decided to sit in front of him.
Still wearing their uniforms, they only had 10 minutes of reprieves before the meeting. Ross was prompt to join them in the facility after Steve had called him telling him that you had escaped.

Faces wary, exhaustion clear as the day etched on each and ever heroes.

« I’m glad you finally came to terms with the line of commandment Captain. » Thaddeus Ross had always been one for entry, and this time he was enjoying every second of it.

He observed the room and noticed how the Avengers were divided, much like last time. Only this time he had Captain America in his corner, and he loved it.

« The images you have sent me about the new recruit are highly troubling. I didn’t inform the United Nation just yet. We’ll have to catch her before doing so, the catch is she was untraceable. Stark, care to take the lead on her track? » Thaddeus turn his gaze to Tony.

« No can do, my tech is not calibrated for a dragon. » he shrugged popping a berry in his mouth.

« Don’t take me for a fool! Just do it, or I’ll just order my team to take her down without summation once we’ll find her. »

The door is slammed open, « You’ll do no such things. » he was interrupted by the voice of a gentleman. If his suit screamed wealth, his posture screamed power.
Everything in this man commanded respect.

« I’m sorry sir, but who exactly are you? Are you even supposed to be here, we are dealing with matters that civilians can’t understand ». Steve admonished, only to be met with a raised brow and a sardonic smirk.

« As of now, I’m the man who held the future of every person present in this room, in his hands" he asserted, clearly not bothered when all the heroes present in the room stiffened at his words.

« Are you threatening me, sir? » Steve challenged the older man, his barreling in the wall behind him.

« Please sit, Mr. Rogers, you are tired after your mission. » the man only answered, nothing in his behavior betraying even an inch of anxiety. The finality of his voice not giving place for any argument. Only a man knowing he had the upper hand and is used to have peoples obeying could manage to do so.

«Don’t let your recklessness compromise your friends. Let it be clear that I’m not fond of you. The liberty you have takes with my daughter certainly don’t endear me to your cause. » he offered, waiting for the soldier to grasp his identity.

« You are L/N’s father? » Now that he thought about Steve had noticed how withdrawn Thaddeus had been since your father had come barging in the room.

« It is my understanding that you didn’t hold your daughter in high esteem, so why would you come to her rescue? » Ross asked, not one to be left apart in a discussion.

« She is an L/N, an attack on her is an attack on me. So tell me again, Thaddeus what are your plans concerning my daughter? I for one would be surprised if you had one. » your father taunted. « You elevate incompetence to an art. It is a wonder you still have your position never mind your freedom. »

« How dare you! You may be rich L/N, but I’m a US official, I have the President of the United States on the speed dial! » Ross gloated.

The roar of laugh your father let was tainted by arrogance, nothing joyous in it. « It is a wonderment to have such a naive man at such a high place. How delightful. » The way your father came close Thaddeus was reminiscent of a lion circling his prey.

« I control the press, social media, finance and good part of the entertainment industry as well as the biggest oil corporation in the world. I control your president, if I want him gone he’ll be gone. The world works for me and for my family, and I have half a mind to send you in the raft to correct your impudence. So tell me again, Thaddeus. What are your plans concerning my daughter? » The patriarch of the L/N dynasty asked a now blanched Ross.

Steve’s supersoldier sense caught the erratic heartbeats of Thaddeus, it seemed you were not the only danger your family possessed. Your father was a ruthless man, and it gives the impression to Steve that he would burn the world down for his family. Was he a dragon too?

Tony was impressed, he had thought his father a hard man, but yours is downright terrifying. He discreetly looked into the claims the older had made, what if found let him speechless. 

Your family controlled so many resources and for so long. He could easily wage a war against them and crushed them, he would have the opinion of the public with him. It explains why Ross was not as vocal as his so often was.

Thaddeus defeated, graced the audience with a defeated sigh, under L/N’s relentless gaze, pinching the bridge of his nose he looked over Rogers. Intimating him to follow his lead and not go butt head with your father.
« We’ll release a statement about a pocket of gas hit during refection work in the zone of the last mission. It caused a considerable amount of damages and wildfire that was hard to contain because of the wind. » he relented, causing the left side of your father’s mouth to rise.

« Good, it appears that even your stupidity has its limits. You may go, I don’t require your presence any longer. » The face of the man relaxed in a victorious smile.

Thaddeus’s face was red with humiliation, the veins in his necks visible for all to witness his anger at being told off by your father, stomping toward the exit.

« Ross, » your father called out without bothering to look at him, standing proud at the end of the table where earth's mightiest heroes sat, facing them.

« I knew of your whereabouts the moment you made them. It would be a shame if you were to cross me, I’ll make sure you’ll think of the raft as a paradise for where I’ll cage you not even the devil himself would step his toes there. »

« Man, » Sam cut the awkward tension. «Where was he during the Accords? » he asked a dumbfounded Clint.

« Don’t know but imagine a face off with Fury » the archer shudder.

« Madness and stupidity » you father stated pining him them to their chair with his scorching glaze. « A deadly combination, one that I abhor. Your mission was ill-prepared. »

« And what would you know about that sir? » Steve intervened hotly.

The snort this question earned him was out of character for the older man. « Any youngling keen to strategic games would tell you that going in a place and punched your way through is hardly an effective strategy. What did you know about their defense? What did you know about their numbers? Yes, you tried the stealth approach but you were caught right off the bat. Weren’t it for my daughter you all will be dead? »

The harsh truth was enough to keep them from opening their mouth. « This was an operation for the army Rogers. You are a good man, with exceptional abilities and I commend your sense of honor, but you let your pride and vanity take the precedence over your thinking. »

Peeling his eyes open, the odor of the medical chemicals flood Bucky’s sense. He didn’t spot any grave injuries, and so he was thrown off kilter as to why he was in the medbay. He had already started to heal on the battlefield so it didn’t make any sense.

He winged his legs out the bed, his footing was strong furthering his confusion.
He was dressed in a white tank top and a grey bottom.
Barefooted he walked around the medical area till he crossed the path of a nurse. « How long was I out? » he asked her, scaring her out of her mind. He let the little blonde woman regain her wits, but she was already blushing at his state of undress. Locking her eyes on the ground she finally told him that he was out for barely an hour and that his colleagues were in the principal conference room with Thaddeus Ross.

‘Oh the fucking bastard’, he raged. Every agent he crossed gave him the wide berth as he murders strut to the conference room.

He barged in there without a care in the world for the peoples present, he didn’t notice the lack of Ross nor did he spotted the new man.

Bucky locked his target, stride toward his location, the whirring of his arm resounding as he grabbed his best friend by his neck, slamming in the table with so much violence they all heard it cracked. It was a feat by itself as the furniture was designed by Tony himself as he was tired of the overpowered peoples who roamed these halls, always destructing the equipment.

Steve Rogers was having a hell of a bad day, he would’ve fought back his best friend but the face of the gentle brunet was consumed by rage. Nostril flaring, eyes deadly cold, mouth snarling, even when he tried to kill him in his Winter’s day he hadn’t looked this. This was terrifying, incandescent fury only rivaled by Y/N’s fire.

The others were stunned by the course of action but not totally surprised. This is why Steve had sedated him. 

Rhodey and Tony called their armors to them. Going for Bucky when he was in this state was suicidal, this why Nat, Clint, and Sam hadn’t bulged.
The two men of iron grasped Bucky by his arms, each one and propelled him back.
« Stand down Barnes » Rhodey barked at him while pointing his blaster at his face. Tony was placed protectively in front of Steve.

« I don’t have time for children’s bickering. »

The iron in the voice caught Bucky’s attention. His head snapping so fast toward the direction of the voice that hadn’t been for the serum he would’ve probably risked an internal decapitation caused by the force of his movement.

« Who are you? » Bucky demanded the man.
« He is Y/N’s father. » Tony offered when the man didn’t answer.
« What is he doing here? » the level of bitterness in his tone wasn’t lost on everyone.

« I’m here to protect my daughter. » the leveled head man declared, pinning him down Bucky with his stare.

« Yeah right and where were you when she was growing huh? » Bucky challenge, while coming in front of your father. The man only looks at the soldier with loathing, as if he was no better than the dirt under his boots.
« This doesn’t concern you, young man! » You father sneered.

Nat took upon herself to calm the situation.
« Your daughter is missing, and we don’t have a clue of where she could be,» she reports a matter of fact.

Gracefully, she stands up from her chair and started walking, « HYDRA might be on her trail she is in danger. If we understand her childhood we’ll have a better shot at finding her. » she calmly explained.

Your father clasped his hands behind his back, squaring his shoulder, letting out a pained groaned.
His face was constricted by guilt, and finally, plop down in one of the ridiculously comfortable chairs.
His defeated stance was far cry from the regal man they had trod with since the starts of the meeting. Right hand on his tight, tightening with each passing moments, left elbow on the table hand pinching the bridge of his nose, form slouched he relented and prepared himself to disclose highly secretive information for your security.

« I come from an old family, some would say antique », he grumbled, he stopped to let Tony, Rhodey, Bucky, Nat, and Steve take a place around the table. When he was satisfied with the obvious attention he had gained he resumed his story.

« It is said that my ancestor settled with his family in Herculanum, now situated in the region of the Campania, Italia in the year 62 under the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero.
They fled a war, so they had nothing to their pockets.
The fortune decides to abandon them completely when his wife contracted a mysterious ailment.
They struggled to even eat, so he knew his wife wouldn’t be able to regain her strength with an empty stomach. He traveled to Pompei, where he heard about the Vettii Family. A success story if you will, the American Dream before it’s time. Former slaves the Vettii had fortune by selling wine and agricultural tools. My ancestor decided to ask them for generosity but the Master of the familia decided against it.

But, he hadn’t counted on his younger daughter Junia. She falls in love with my ancestor at first sight. She followed him back to his home and proposed him an exchange. She would guarantee him riches and prosperity for him and his family for centuries if he forwent his wife and took her in his authority as the Cum Manu dictated.
He promptly accepted, and she took him to the Vesuvius, at the time nobody, but she knew it was a volcano.
She was favored by Vulcain himself, you better know him as Hephaïstos. She did some rituals, and throw in the lava 13 snakes and 13 gold pieces as well as some of my ancestor blood and hair, they sealed their agreement by a kiss.
As the rituals wanted my ancestor became insanely rich and all his descendant too, but he broke his promise he never took Junia as a wife. He was too in love with his wife. Little did he know that Junia by adding snakes to her rituals had cursed his blood if he failed to respect their agreement.
She was heartbroken and came back to see him, she was furious when she saw his wife pregnant, she threatened him, telling him that his blood had been cursed by the Draco, and he just laughed at her.

My family decided to go live in Roma, fed up with the crazy lady. Junia lost it and throw herself in the pit of the Volcano in 79, the 24 October. And as we all know it’s when Pompei and Herculanum were destroyed by the Vesuvius. »

« Cool story, but how does it explain your behavior with your daughter? » Tony inquired, tilting his head to the side.

Your father narrowed his eyes at Tony, « This story was passed to each generation, we took it as a nice bed story, I included.
When my wife was pregnant with Y/N we were ecstatic. She had chosen her name, and even design personally the babe bedroom. » His face turned even somber.

« The birth, on the other hand, was a nightmare, so much blood and my wife was in so much pain. Her main priority was the safety of her baby. But, when they finally deliver Y/N she was covered in scales with two wings akin to a bat, one of her eyes was normal the other was one of a snake. My wife, the doctors and even me were horrified to the point of dropping her in the ground. I finally took her in my arm when my wife tried to coax me to kill her. I refused, and to protect her I sent her to the Manor I bought her. Y/N is suffering from the Draco curse Junia bestow upon my family»

Dumbfounded and entirely speechless were the state of the Avengers at this piece of information.



You feel so good you don’t open your eyes just, yet, the feeling is warm quad quiet, soothing like bathing in the sun. A gentle caress of air plays with your hairs. You are on your stomach face on your left arm.
The smell is not one you are used to, it’s pure though, lacking the pollution of a grand city like New York.

The surface you are laying on is shifting with your respiration. It’s not a hard ground nor a solid one. You frown a little when your right hand fails to grab it. You know the feeling this is sand, hot and soft, you finally open your eyes, closing them quickly hurt by the brightness of your new environment.
You brace yourself and decide to open only one eye this time. Yep, it was definitely sand and lot of it. Blinking several times you finally adjust to the harsh light.
Fantastic you are in a desert, you lowered your head and sigh, so in a desert and naked.

You remember flying away after the battle, you didn’t for how long but you were exhausted and manage to faint in your dragon’s form and you had landed in a desert, of course, you had with your luck. The highlight of the situation is that the heat never bothered you, quite the opposite actually.

No, wait maybe not a desert, you tilt your head in the distance you can hear seagulls. You near an ocean or the sea. That’s good, better than being in a desert. You rise from your position and go on unsteady feet. You started to walk, it’s going to be a hassle to walk on the sand each step is another occasion to trip.

You ponder the idea of turning into the dragon but you are too scared of the men Natasha had warned you about. If they are on your tail then you should really keep a low profile and stays human.
So you walked and walked for gods know how long, but you were grateful that as the sun started to set, the temperature didn’t seem to drop significantly.

You finally reach a beach, you welcomed the saltiness of the sea, you looked around and you are bummed when you realized that there is no sea grass around, here go your plan of hiding your modesty. It was a dumb plan anyway.

A small fishing boat caught your attention though, the blue and white painting is peeling, a testimony of his rusticity. As you go near your spot writing on it, maybe it’s the name? You won’t know though, the stylized scripture looks unmistakably Arabic.
Great, while it gave you an indication to which part of the World you had managed to find yourself in, it was still a lot of countries. Some of them were not so stable.

You looked inside the boat, you saw a sharp knife, fishnets and some rags. You sigh, guess you’ll have to let your creativity free rein.
Cutting some fishnet you manage to hurt yourself with the knife. At least all your vaccines were up-to-date.

Piercing four holes in one the rag, you passed the strings of the fishnet in them. Placing the rag on your breast, you secured your new top and tied the knots tightly.
Your bottom would demand less effort. You had saved the biggest cloth for it, you put it around you and tied around you.

You looked at yourself, lowering your head and tried to look at you behind that was perfectly covered. ‘It will do, put a Jean Paul Gaultier tag on the back and the fashionista around the world would definitely pay a fortune for this’.

You are not starving though, eating peoples would do that… « Oh I’m a cannibal, I ate peoples! » you screeched, tugging at your hair. You are man-eater literally. ’Oh fuck’, but they were bad, and they would’ve killed Bucky and the rest had you not intervened.
‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck’ you paced around the beach still near the boat, your heart is beating like a drum, you had eaten humans, what does it make you? « FUUUUUUUUCK » you screamed at the top of your lungs.
Catching your breath you could feel tears falling on your cheeks, crumbling to your knees, soul-wrecking sobs falling from your lips.
You rocked yourself slightly, trying to find comfort.


What was your life? A family that despises you, no friends, you had managed to make Captain America hates you, how do you do that? He is not supposed to be this way so what’ve you done to deserve this?
You must really be a monster.
You took a big intake of air to calm your crying, and rise on your feet slowly. You faced the sea, ‘une mer d’huile’ as the French call it or oil sea with no waves. A calmness contrasting with the violence of your tormented mind.
The beacon of light streamed by the moon casting a silver glow on the sea caught your intention, it was mesmerizing and you could feel yourself relaxing slightly.


The water was calling you, you took a step forward and another one. You stopped when you felt the sea licking your knees.

You were a monster, you were the fire that consumed life, you were death, maybe you should do the right thing in your life for once.
You are the fire, the fire only brings destruction and pain and ashes.
You have to take your responsibilities.
You resumed your walking and don’t stop until the water is at your chin.

You close your eyes, it’s for the best you know it, you are a monster and monster doesn’t deserve to live.

You let your feet floated in the water, you were now horizontally floating in the sea.
It felt like peace, the water engulfing you in her infinity.
The soft ripple on the surface of the sea, requiem for a lost soul.
Quite poetic, as the water extinguished the fire in you.
You lay your head under the sea.
Your body sinking in the abyss.
You savor the bliss for a brief instant, images of your past flooded you, a sad story of an isolated childhood without love or warmth.
A little girl begging the stars in the sky to make her mother and father love her, not understanding what was so unlovable in her that even her mother couldn’t bear to look at her.
This only serves to strengthen your decision, letting the water dragging you down.
And as the saltiness of the sea started to burn your throat and your nose others images came to your mind.

The way Bucky would tease your love for grape juice, how his arms felt around you.

Then it’s Marc's rich laugh that makes your heart ache, how he held you tight at night. The love in his eyes every time he looked at you. How he had given to you his heart without question, never telling you outright ‘I love you’ but showing you every day his devotion.

You opened up your eyes with a start, it hurts but it felt good it means you were still alive and so you welcome the pain and took great impulsion with your legs, your arms following up.

You’ll fight, the love Marc had given you was a testimony that you were not a monster. Nobody loved monsters.

Fire can mean life too, we need fire to survive against the cold, we need fire to eat too. Fire is the light that had led humanity to its next step.
You are duality, light and darkness, life and death.
You break the surface of the water, splurting water trying to gain back air in your lungs, savoring the burn.


You swam back to the shore, crawling on the wet sand, dragging your body next to the blue boat.

Exhaustion finds you, you put yourself against the boat, closing your eyes as sleep was creeping and fall in a blissful slumber curling yourself in a ball.


Chapter Text









Your father had left them stating that he would contact the C.I.A. to find you. When Nat had questioned his choice, he just laughs once again. The arrogant man from the beginning of the meeting resurfacing, well Bucky thought to have the C.I.A. on his payroll was bound to make one a little arrogant.

Nat asked Steve his opinions on his this matter, of the new pieces of information they had on you, apparently, it only means that you were even more dangerous because of the lack of the love you received during your childhood.
Because now apparently not being loved was a crime.

«Sure bout that?» Bucky asked him carefully.

«I stand by it, Buck, imagine what Freud would say about her,» he mocked.
Nat was about to point out that Freud’s theories had been debunked but was cut off by Bucky.

«If anyone tries to intervene, I’ll snap his or her neck, am I clear?» he proclaimed, craning his neck.

Clint and Sam looked at each other wondering what that was about.

Bucky’s steely eyes zeroed on his best friend, one step, two steps and he pounced and tackled Steve on the floor. Metal arm crushing the other soldier’s throats.
Feral. James Buchanan Barnes was completely feral, gone, nothing couldn’t hold him back, not in this state.

He felt Steve knees in his lower half, he knew what was coming. The blond soldier throws Bucky in the air, this one contorting and sliding gracefully on the floor.

Natasha made an attempt to go between them but Clint lashed his arms around her waist. « It’s between them»

«So we let them kill each other?» she asked dumbfounded when she saw nobody budging.

Sharing a glance with Tony, he only shrugged, «I already had three ways with them, didn’t end well for me.»

Between grunts, Steve tried to plead with his best friend only to be thrown through a window.

Bucky followed suits, jumping and landing like a cat.
Luckily for both of them, there were not higher than the three levels.

The sky turned grey instantly, the rumble of the thunder could be heard.
Bucky stopped, thinking that maybe it would be you, but was disappointed to feel the rain on him washing his hope away.

He resumed his assault on his battered friend. Not that he was left untouched but the HYDRA regimen had left pretty much immune to dolor, specifically when in action.

«My friends, it’s been too long,» a boisterous Thor proclaimed where he just appeared with his brother Loki.

Loki eyes were already on the fights between the two boys' wonder.

«Is this a new kind of sparring?» the God of thunder asked the rest of the Avengers. Loki only rolled his eyes. « No, you big oaf. They are out for blood.»

Tony sigh pinching his nose, « What he said. »

Thor face hardened instantly, the once puppy like a mountain of a man strut toward them. His eyes crackling with electricity. «Enough,» he bellowed.

His warning was ignored, the two men far too gone in their anger.

Bucky had the upper hand; an arm raised in the air, readies to pummeled Steve’s head in the ground were it not for the large hand enclosing his biceps.

That made him paused for a second, enough for Thor to through him several meters away from his target.

At this moment everyone was reminded of the fact that Thor was a God and not a mere human or enhanced individual.

«Enough with this folly!»

«Alright, why everyone listens to him when he talks but when I do they keep their fuckery going!» Sam was done with this shit.

«It’s the Hammer dude; I’ll buy you one » Clint winked at him patting his friend’s shoulder.


For the second time this day, the heroes sat in the conference room now with the presence of the two Asgardian Gods.

«This is not a time for division.» The god’s voice commanded the attention.
«We come bearing bad news.»

This seemed to do the trick and even the glaring Winter soldier snapped back his attention to Thor.

«A massive army is coming from Jotunheimen is on its way for Earth.»

«Are they not Loki’s brothers?» Tony asked clearly irritated by the news of yet an impending extraterrestrial invasion.

«I’m his brother, but yes they are frost Giants, and their number is more than preoccupying.»

«How do we kill them?» Natasha inquired.
«Like you’ll do with humans, but they are far more resistant. We used to rain fire on them. What a glorious battle that was. » Thor proclaimed seemingly lost in his memories.

«I’m sorry you said fire?»

«Yes, Brother Tony.»

Tony rise from his sit, laughing hysterically. ‘fire,’ he muttered. « F.R.I.D.A.Y., show Goldy locks and the Ice Queen, what our resident Targaryen can do.»

The A.I, ever the theatrical one, like her creator, turned down all the light and blinded the windows.

They saw the last battle of the Avengers, Thor and Loki didn’t know where to look or why Tony made them look at that. It was not a great demonstration of combat.

The audio was perfect, Tony mused it did a great job at capturing all the sounds of the battlefield. Maybe he could sell his system to the music industry.

Loki looked bored out of his mind, but the sound of your roar made him jump a little. Eyes widening in anticipation of what was to come.

The hair of Thor rise on the back of his head. His imagination could even never conjured the image of what he was seeing now.

Magistral, breathtaking Loki would say mythical as he rises from his seats and went closer to the images.

«Beautiful,» he whispered full of awe when you breathed fire roasting your enemies. « Níðhöggr in the flesh!»


«It can’t be» Thor stuttered, as fascinated as his brother by the image of you. A full smile bloomed on the two brothers face. Thor clasping Loki on his back with a little much force.
«With Níðhöggr in our rank, the Jottuns are doomed» the God of thunder professed with glee.

«I’m sorry with who?» Steve asked dumbfounded by the name the Asgardians kept repeating.

«The dragon, » Thor pointed at you » breathing fire and saving you!»

«Níðhöggr or He who struck with malice,» Loki supplied.« I always thought that the one eating the root of Yggdrasil would be malevolent, but it seemed the prophecy was wrong. »

«Who is eating the roots of what?» Clint asked trying to understand a little of the conversation.

«Yggdrasil, the tree that holds the Cosmos, » Thor deadpan as is he was stating something as simple and known by everyone.

«Ah yes, » Clint lingered on the last word clearly not being what they were talking about.« That’s not wrong. »

Thor clasped his hands together, « Where did you find this magnificent beast? Where do you keep it? And how do you find him? » he fired questions after questions.

«She is a human, Y/N and she not Niodoror or whatever,» Tony intervenes.

«A human, A Migardian?» Loki inquired. This was new even for being as old as them.

«Yes a witch cursed her family back in 62, and I’m not talking about psychedelic rock’60s, I’m talking about 60 years after Jesus.» Tony precise.

«Yes, magic at this time was quite powerful» Loki nods in agreement.« So when can we meet this human? »

The others looked at each other, not wanting to answer this question and had fuel to Bucky’s fire.

«She is gone, we don’t know where?» Steve said, shoulders squared.

«How do you lose a beast this size?« Thor asked brow furrowed trying his best to understand how such a thing was possible.

«Yes Cap, how do you lose a dragon?»

«Tony,» he warned with all his righteousness.

«See, Cap didn’t like her and so he sent Ross, you remember the general yeah? Against her, so she took off because she didn’t want to end up on the raft. » Clint cuts in, shocking effectively the others, but the archer still held a massive grudge against the general, so for Steve to tips him about you, it was like a betrayal for him.

«Surely the good Captain had his reasons; Níðhöggr had been linked with Ragnarok maybe this Midgardian had baleful intentions.»Thor tries to reasons.

«Yeah,» Tony snorted, «He was just pissy because she took the place of his not’ girlfriend in the team,»

Bucky’s feet lead him directly to your chamber. If someone had to go through your things, it would be him.
Upon opening the door, he was met by the sight of the spider boy and the puppy your toy boy had gifted you.

«Oh, hey Mister Winter, you know when Y/N is going to get back? I have a test to study, but this little rascal wants me to fail » the teen fire quickly trying to catch the Doberman.

The little smile Bucky had, was whipped of his face when the boy asked when you would get back. He didn’t know, and it killed him to think that you were alone after the carnage you made to save them.

«I don’t know, but I’ll take care of him, you can go.»

Bucky watched the boy go. Looking around he spotted your unmade bed and unpacked bags. You had take times to make a comfy place for the dog.

He tried to find clues to where you could have gone but found nothing.
When he accepted that he couldn’t find a thing, he tried to take Cuddle to his room but the little beast snapped at him. He already had wicked teeth.

He sighed and grabbed him with his metal arms; he had to take him out so he could relieve himself.

Shields agents had a good laugh when they spotted the Winter Soldier running after the little puppy across the compounds outdoor.

Taking back the little fucker to your room Bucky decided to sleep in there, Steve wouldn’t dare to come here, and although he wouldn’t admit out loud, he felt closer to you surrounded by your sent and your stuff.

The whining of Cuddle rouses him awake. ‘Dogs can have nightmares? Alright, little beast,’ he grumbles taking him in his arms and going back to bed. The little dog seemed to calm himself when he puts one of your scarf next to him.
«Yeah I miss her too.» was the last words before drifting to sleep.

You are roused awake by a gentle hand on your shoulder. ‘I seriously need to stop blacking out everywhere’, you can’t help but think as you slowly peel your eyes open.

At least this time you are met with a much better face than Tony’s. The little boy, maybe a ten year’s old his looking at you with his deep brown curious eyes.

«Hello» you tried, but your throat is sore from yesterday crying and the water forcing its way in. Your eyes glazed over for a slight moment, shaking your head you decided that no you won’t think about that.

The little boy seemed amused by your choice of word and tried to copy them making you both laugh.
« Bonjour, je m’appelle Bachir, » ‘hello my name is Bachir,’ he said with a toothy smile; you narrowed your eyes when you realized that he spoke French. French that you could do and so you told him your name.

The sun-kissed boy told you, you were in Tunisia and took you to his family house.

Everything was so different from the home it took you by surprise. Everything was vibrant, peoples laughed and took their time strolling in the streets. There were cats everywhere. You saw how peoples looked at you and you were slightly uncomfortable.





You finally arrived at his house. White with blue doors, he leads you through a narrow corridor, it opens up to an interior terrace. Outside stairs leading to another floor, the house was square, rooms opening on the terrace. It felt foreign.

A cat rubbed your legs, and you smiled.

«Mama, I’m home » the boys called out.
A woman a little older than you came barging, she was wearing what you knew to be jellaba, it was pink and she had stuck each side on her underwear so it wouldn’t be too long.

They speak in Arabic, you caught one or two words in French, seems like the colonization, nope protectorate as the French had called it, had left a print on their way of speaking.

She looked at you; it was not unkind on the contrary. She made her way to you. « Je suis Sonia, Bachir m’a dit qu’il vous a trouvé sur la plage? » she said politely. ‘I'm Sonia, Bachir told me that he found you on the beach?’

You nod, telling her you didn’t know where you came from. Yes it was a lie but telling the truth could be dangerous for them and you so you stayed silent on the matter.

She kindly proposed you to stay with them, she could use help there, her husband was dead so she was alone raising the little boy and she took care of her mother too. You accepted eagerly.

At first it was a little hard to find your footing but eventually, you finally felt like you were apart of their family.

You particularly liked the afternoon ritual which consists of sleeping on the principal room, all of you one in a banquette the others on the floor on beach towel put on the floor tiles.

Life was simple but good, and you were grateful for this. No men to plays with your heart. No Captain America to bully you but a family accepting you with open arms.

7 months, it’s been already 7 months since your disappearance act. Bucky was going ballistic, he was determined to find you but didn’t find anything, nada, rien, que dalle, que tchi!

Your dog the little rascal was driving up the wall too. He wouldn’t listen to him, and Sam finds it funny, and now youtube had a multitude of videos of Bucky pleading with Cuddle to do things.

Like right this moment, there were out running in the park with the now 11 months old puppy. Everything was going just fine till the little fuck went after a butterfly leaving Sam and Bucky to call after him.

Bucky hadn’t seen the herd of the lady next to him. « Cuddle!» he yells only to grab the attention of the ladies. Terrible mistake.

One particular cheeky grandma beamed at Bucky and grabbed him in her arms with a surprising force for a stature.

It inspired her companions, and the Winter Soldier was engulfed by the older ladies and their grabby hands. The poor man could only suffer in silence while he spotted Sam on the side trying not to die on the spot by too much laughing.

The stupid pigeon managed to film him, though. He looked next to Sam and saw Cuddle the Mischievous Doberman, sat quietly looking back at Bucky with his head tilted to the side. ‘Mother fucker,’

He yelped when one of the ladies pinched his butts with a vice grip.

She had the gal to wiggle her eyebrows at him.


«Help me,» he mouthed at Sam, but the man was now on the phone looking somber. Bucky managed to disentangle himself from the nasty grannies gang and went straight to his pigeon friend.

He waited for the call to end. Calling Cuddle traitor for what he did to him. He was sure that the dog was even worse than the God of Mischief Himself.

« What is it? » he asked when Sam ended the call.

«It was Steve.»

Bucky went dark with fury real quick. « I don’t care then.»He had managed to avoid his best friend since the day of the mission. The other Avengers weren’t on speaking terms with the Captain anymore, and Fury had benched him.

«We have to go to the compound, there are CIA agents sent by her father to find her.»

The ride to the compound was tense, the walk to the conference room even more so. Bucky hadn’t had the time to put Cuddle in your room.

The Doberman rushed in the room, going straight for one of the agents. Acting like a cute puppy and lick his face while the man laughed at him with glee.

Bucky froze in his steps when he saw the Agent. Azraël or Marc Anders was playing with his puppy.

«This is August Walker, our better agent known as the CIA’s hammer,» Erica Sloane said evenly. he asked through gritted teeth.