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The Darklands

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It was dark. It was always dark here. The orange light from the flames was a welcome change from the sick green glow of the crystals. Jim watched the fire pensively.

He had been here a week. At least that’s how long he thought it had been. His phone had died some time ago and, with no natural light, the only way to tell the passage of time was by sleep. That didn’t really help. Sleep was nearly impossible, yet he was always tired. It had settled in his bones as surely as the Eclipse armor lay across his skin.

The only thing keeping him going at this point was Enrique. He had promised Claire that he would find her brother. He had broken so many promises recently. He hated it. He couldn’t break this one too.

Something roared in the distance and the rocks under Jim vibrated at the passage of some great beast. He stilled, holding his breath for good measure. There was a flash of blue. A Nyarlagroth then. Jim’s gaze darted to his fire. He should put it out. Quickly. Heat attracted them.

He raised a hand but couldn’t bring himself go any farther. He was so tired. If he put out the fire he would be cold again. It would be completely dark. He… He just couldn’t.

He waited.

Slowly the shaking subsided as the Nyarlagroth’s cries grew more distant.

Jim let out a breath. He slumped forward to lean on his knees and stare into the fire. He began to shake. Tears seeped down his face.

He just wanted to go home.