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You're Better Than My Morning Coffee

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A month.
A month had passed since the Androids won the revolution.
It was now nearing the end of January. The snow was ceasing to fall, and the first signs of spring were starting to show.
Things had started quieting down a fair amount, given the fact that, with much discussion, arrangements were being made to start giving Androids the rights they deserved.

Even so, many people weren't very happy with the deviating of their own Androids. Some were still trying to protest with the government about giving the beings human kind created free rights.
That being said, it was still a busy time in the police department. Everyone was jammed with new work and investigations. Gavin Reed had just recently completed an investigation of his own, and was now awaiting new instruction to come in. He knew it wouldn't be long based off of the activities recently.

Of course, he was correct.


It was 6:34 A.M.
Gavin was relaxing in the break room when his name was suddenly called out by nobody other than Captain Fowler.
Grumbling to himself, the prickly male got up and made his way to Fowler's office, wondering what the man had in store for him this time.
Gavin thought it was going to be any other ordinary case, but he was mistaken.
It was when Gavin raised his eyes to survey the room as he walked in, that was when he saw it.
An Android.
Gavin's already existing scowl deepened.
"Do you mind telling me what this piece of plastic is doing here?"
"Sit down, Gavin." Fowler commanded, obviously in no mood to have any argument.
Gavin obeyed, letting out an irked huff of breath as he sat down.

"You've just been assigned a new case." Fowler said. "It's a case that is fairly difficult in a sense, which is half the reason I'm assigning it to you. I know if there's anyone in the apartment who can solve it, it's you."
"Okay," Gavin said flatly. "But why is that here?"
"We found it in an area of the CyberLife tower. They said that though they stopped the production of the RK series, they had a few models of this one. Because of the difficulty of the case, and its many components, I agreed to take in this Android and assign it to be your partner. It will aid you in your investigation."
Gavin knew it was coming, but that still didn't stop him from lashing out.
"What? Why?! I am perfectly capable of doing the investigation alone! I don't need any plastic pricks to get in my way!"
"This is not a negotiation, Reed! You will be working with the Android, whether you like it or not!"
Gavin let out a frustrated growl, ripping the file Fowler was handing to him out of the man's hands.
"Son of a bitch," Gavin spat, storming out angrily, slurring curses as exited.

Gavin plopped angrily down in his chair, throwing the file onto the desk in anger.
"Hello, Detective Reed. I am RK900 or Nines, sent by CyberLife."
No real name?
Gavin glared at the new voice, which, of course, was coming from nobody other than that fucking plastic prick.

Looking at him, Gavin realized the Android resembled Connor in a way. Though that was true, the Android possessed sharper features. A sharper nose, more defined jawline, and icy blue eyes. The outfit was different, too, but overall the Android had a similar hairstyle and was, of course, clearly apart of the RK series.

What Fowler said was true.
Ever since the revolution, Cyberlife had shut down the production of the RK-models, because they possessed the ability to convert other Androids, like Markus and Connor did.
So why, why was this one here now?
Why didn't they destroy it?

Not wanting to ask, Gavin let out a disapproving huff.
"I don't give a shit."
The Android wasn't fazed by Gavin's dismissive attitude.
"I feel it's important for you to know the basic information about your partner, Detective, whether you want to or not."
"Who gave you that sad name of fucking Nines? They run out of ideas?"
"No," The Android replied in a cool tone. "Connor assigned the name to me after activating me."

Okay, so there was a difference between this RK900 model and Connor's model. This Android had a different, less innocent vibe to him, Gavin could already tell. His voice was slightly lower than Connor's, and also more refined. Definitely more direct, too.

The Android sat down on the chair opposite to Gavin before Gavin could let out another snarky remark, and grabbed the case report. He removed the paperclip that was keeping the files neat and in order and began examining what they were dealing with.
"Hey tin-can," Gavin sneered. "Get me a cup of coffee."

Of course.
Connor, the RK800 Nines was originally supposed to replace warned him that Gavin would probably ask him that.
It was probably in some way supposed to test him. Find an excuse to "teach him a lesson" about mindless obedience.

RK900 barely spared Gavin a glance.

"Detective, I was not designed to be your servant. I am supposed to be working on a case. You are perfectly capable of getting up and getting it yourself, since you are currently not doing any work."
"What the fuck did you just say to me?" Gavin hissed, standing up in his chair.
"You fucking piece of plastic-"
As Gavin went to swing a punch at Nines, but the Android simply blocked it with his arm before grabbing the detective's wrist, bringing his arm down against the table.
"What the fu-!?"
Gavin tried to rip his wrist from the Android's tight grasp, but utterly failed.
"You're acting childish," RK900 growled. He then grabbed Gavin's hood and brought it over his head, then let go, leaving Gavin to reorganize himself.
Gavin seemed fairly baffled and disoriented at such sudden actions, which nearly caused the Android to chuckle.
He seemed to decide against it, knowing it would be highly inappropriate in the situation they were in.
"Shall we continue, Detective?"
"Fuck you," Gavin spat, but said nothing further.
Nines sighed, and began to explain the situation.
"A woman, a mother, came in this morning reporting that both her daughters and her Android went missing yesterday around noon."
Gavin nearly laughed.
"And people still want to let these damn machines have rights."
Nines ignored the comment. "It isn't confirmed whether or not the Android is responsible for the disappearance of her children."
Gavin grunted, rolling his eyes.
"They are always responsible for everything."
The Android seemed like it was debating on whether or not to make a comment.
"Detective... not all Androids are bad," he said in a rather defensive tone.
Yet again, another grunt of dismissal, which caused RK900 to let out a sigh, before standing.
"We should go investigate the house and also question the mother, Carol, about her Android."
The detective gave a slight shrug, before getting up, wanting to get out of the station.
"Let's go then, you fucking prick."
With that, RK900 grinned.

The two made their way to the parking lot, and Nines looked around.
"Do you have a car, Detective?"
The response was a sly grin, and the man pulled out a pair of keys.
Motorcycle keys.
"Not today," he said, walking over to a motorcycle and hopping on.
"What?" He said, looking over at Nines, who was hesitating.
"Are you scared?"
The Android's LED spun yellow, then back to blue.
"I'm not afraid, Detective. I'm just skeptical whether this is the most ideal and safest way of transport."
"Well we are taking the motorcycle, whether you like it or not. If you don't want to ride it, then don't come. But you'll need to move out of my fucking way."
The Android hesitated a second more, before climbing on. His investigation was of upmost importance. He had to do whatever he had to do to get by.
"Okay," Gavin snorted. "Hold on tight, I tend to go fast." He then tacked on with a mutter, "I don't want to pay for any damaged equipment."
Nines did what he was told, arms snaking around Gavin's torso. Gavin tensed at the movement, even though he had advised the action.
"Fucking Androids," Gavin growled, before starting up the motorcycle and speeding off.

The ride was fast, RK900 had to admit, but he felt a strange surge of... energy as they drove. He read Gavin's stress levels subconsciously, wanting to learn more about Gavin's likes and dislikes.

Stress levels: 20%

So, Gavin must like motorcycles, Nines analyzed. He made the mental note, then continued to look around at the city, which was slowly starting to fade into the countryside.

It was peaceful.
The Android found he liked the quiet compared to the hustle of the city.
As they drove, they passed farms with different animals and crops. There was a sweet, country smell to the area, something the robot couldn't exactly place. It seemed like a faded memory of the summer that was hidden under the new, crisp spring air, but still present as they drove down the countryside.
Either way, he found himself enjoying himself, and subconsciously tightened his grip on Gavin.


The two pulled up to a large house on a fairly large property, which was obviously at least 10 acres or more of land.
Gavin remove his helmet and climbed off the vehicle, followed by the Android.
"Your hair is a mess," Gavin sneered, though it didn't really have any bite to it. It was more teasing than anything.
Nines looked in the mirror of the motorcycle, quickly brushing his fingers through it to fix it the best he could, the narcissist.

RK900 followed the detective up the pebble driveway and up the steps to a large porch where children's items were strewn around.
Shoes, toys, and other miscellaneous items were spewed around the porch and grass out front, obvious signs that children inhabited the house.
"What's the daughter's names?" Gavin asked with a yawn.
"Emily and Sarah," The Android answered, coming forward and ringing the doorbell.
Inside, Colin could detect a voice.
There was some shuffling, then the door opened.
Immediately the RK900 scanned the female to check identity.

Born: 05/17/2005// Hair Stylist
Age: 33
Criminal record: none
Height: 5'5" - Weight: 168 lbs.

Checking condition...



Stress levels: 47%

"Hello, I am RK900, or Nines. I was sent here on the behalf of the Detroit Police Department with Detective Gavin Reed to discuss your call about your missing children and Android. May we come in?"
The woman looked relieved, nodding and stepping aside.
"Of course, of course. Come on in and sit over on the couch. Do you need anything? Coffee? Tea?"
Gavin perked up. "Coffee would be wonderful, thank you."

The two entered the house, looking around. The room was massive, with big glass windows and bright skylights.
Gavin sat down on the couch, making himself comfortable. The Android stood for a moment, before deciding to sit down as well, folding his arms in his lap as he waited.
"Nice place," Gavin commented, then snorted, "God, the pleasures of being rich."
"I'm sorry I wasn't expecting you to come so quickly-" Carol was rambling as she brought over a cup of steaming hot coffee.
"Here," she set the coffee down on the coffee table, sitting down in an armchair across from the two.

"Mrs. Carol," RK900 began. "You called this morning about the disappearance of your children and Android, is that correct?"
"Yes," she nodded.
"But you said that they disappeared yesterday afternoon? Why call so late?"
She nodded in confirmation. "I wasn't home since 11:00 A.M. yesterday. I got home very early this morning, around 5:30. I noticed that my android, an RT600 model, was not in the house, and then realized the two girls were gone. I checked the security footage in the house and outside, and it showed the three going outside to the field around 1:05 PM. They didn't come back."
Nines noted all the information, determining his next approach.
"An RT600... Is your Android a deviant?"
Carol nodded. "Yes, she deviated a while back, but it was out of care for the kids. Ever since then she's stayed with us, even with the freedom Androids have now."
"RT600 models are known to be very loyal, I'm not surprised. And I also feel that because of that nature, the Android definitely wouldn't have any intention of harming your kids."
"That's what I thought, too. She's super close to my children, I can't imagine her having any bad intents," The mother agreed.
"What's her name?" Gavin asked, sipping his coffee.
"Do you mind if we take a look around, Mrs. Wood?"
"Not at all. You can go anywhere as long as it helps get my daughters home safely. The back door leads to the field where they went out."
The Android nodded, before looking around.
"Where can I view security footage?"
"On my computer. Here, I'll take you the office."

Gavin followed closely behind the two as they made their way into the office, and Carol unlocked the computer, the security footage already pulled up.
"Here you go," she said.
The Android nodded, taking a seat.
"I am going to go wake up my son, Zach."
"Good idea, I might ask him a few things later," Nines told her.

When Carol went out, Nines allowed for his synthetic skin on his hand to disappear, revealing the plastic underneath.
"Woah, woah, woah, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Gavin said, gripping the Android's hand.
Nines looked Gavin straight in the eye.
"I would like to download all existing data from the past three days to see if I can find any clues."
Gavin let out a tch, but said nothing else, letting go of the Android's arm.
Taking that as an OK, the Android connected to the computer and downloaded the data.




RK900 opened his eyes again, typing away at the keyboard and switching to the back door cameras, which showed footage from their leave for the field.
"The girls obviously were going without force. They voluntarily went out. And the Android isn't distressed, it looks like."
"Alright, smart-ass," Gavin said in a salty tone. "What are you proposing?"
"My guess is that they were kidnapped by someone else. Zach, Mrs. Wood's son, left only ten minutes before they went out. It might be a good idea to question him."
Gavin gave the Android a look.
"You think her own son is responsible for the three's disappearance?"
The answer was through a shrug.
Gavin let out a snort. "I can't believe I'm listening to a fucking toaster. Okay, let's go talk to this son of a bitch then."
"I advise you to keep your language to a minimum, Detective," Nines said as he stood up from his seat.
Gavin simply flipped the Android off and stalked out of the office.

Carol was making Zach breakfast when they came out. Out of instinct, RK900 analyzed the teen.

Born: 08/07/2021// Minor
Age: 17
Criminal record: none
Height: 5'8" - Weight: 138 lbs.

No criminal record, the robot thought to himself. He knew it was hard to believe the girl's brother would in any way harm them, but he had to look at every aspect.
"Good morning, Zach," The RK900 greeted simply. "I am RK900, but you can call me Nines."
"Mornin'" he replied, taking a bite of his French toast.
Taking that as a friendly sign, the Android clasped his hands together.
"If you don't mind, I would like to ask you some questions about the disappearance of your siblings."
The boy nodded, a concerned look in his eye.
"Zach, looking at security footage, you left the house before the three went out, is this correct?"
"Yeah," Zach confirmed.
"Where were you going?" Gavin stepped in, leaning against the wall.
"I was headed over to my friend's house for the day and ended up staying the night there. I came back to the house for only about two minutes around 7:00 to get some things before I left again."
Nines looked down in thought, eyebrows furrowed.
"Did it ever occur to you that the house was completely empty when you visited?"
"Not really," Zach replied honestly. "I was too caught up in the rush to get my things that I didn't really think about it. I guess I assumed they were downstairs in the rec room. But thinking of it now, Clove didn't greet me at the door like usual. She's supposed to check who enters the house, even if we unlock the door on our own. It's a security precaution."
The Android nodded, knowing the basic protocols of household Androids.
"Okay. Did you exchange any conversation with any of the three before leaving the house originally?"
"No-wait-yes. Yes, I did. Sarah told me they were going out to play in the field, and asked where the soccer ball was."
"Anything else?" Gavin asked, head tilted ever so slightly.
"Nope," he shrugged. "I saw them going out and then I left."
Gavin nodded, shooting RK an, "I told you so" sort of look.
The Android shrugged it off.
"Okay. Thank you for the information."
"Of course. All I want is to have my sisters back."
"And we will find them," Nines reassured.
The Android turned back to Gavin.
"We should take a look around outside."


There was a faint breeze as the Android and detective walked outside through the back door.
Looking down to find tracks, Nines was unsuccessful, and decided to go in the general direction they were told the three went.
"Hey tin-can," Gavin said, pointing up ahead.
"I think that could be a clue."
Following where Gavin was pointing, Nines saw an oak tree that had a swing on it. Beside it there was a blanket set up for an apparent picnic.
"That's one place to start."

Gavin made his way up the gentle slope to the tree and took a look around.
"It seems like they were just planning to spend some time outside," he mused, picking up a book, The Secret Life of Bees.
"At least the kids are still reading paperback," Gavin huffed.
The RK900 looked around, analyzing the area.

It was... completely normal.

He continued looking around, in the tree, the perimeter...
"Nothing," he announced, rather frustrated.
Gavin had come to that conclusion several moments ago, swinging back and forth on the wooden seat of the swing like a child.
"That's what I thought, smart-ass."
"It doesn't make sense," Nines said, pacing.
"They come out to enjoy themselves. There's no sign of struggle anywhere..."
He looked around again, seeing the same ball pump he looked at a few times.

Then something clicked.

"Zach said that the girls took a soccer ball out, right?"
"Yeah..." Gavin said slowly, and it seemed he was picking up on what the Android was thinking.
"We need to find it. It might be a good clue."
"No shit," Gavin huffed.
"I will check over here, where the grass gets longer," RK said, pointing northeast.
Gavin let out a small huff of breath, but didn't say anything.

Nines turned and set out into the lush, overgrown grass, blinking in slight surprise as a butterfly flew past his face. He followed several trails of trampled grass, trying to find one that lead to a clue.
All of the trails lead nowhere, and Nines was about to give up but then he saw something out of the ordinary.
The Android kneeled down, seeing a spot of red in the grass. He placed his finger on the blood spot, and though it was dry, he still got some of it on his finger.


Sample Date: > 6 hours, 6 minutes

So that was a clue.
The trace lead back to the previous day around 2:47 P.M.

"Detective Reed!" Nines called, looking over his shoulder.
"What!?" Gavin's voice could be heard.
"I've found something!"

There was the trace of muttering coming from Gavin as he trudged through the tall grass toward the Android, face showing obvious signs of displeasure as he swatted bugs away.
"Okay, I've come all the way over here. What is it?"
The Android crouched down, gently grabbing the bunch of grass that possessed the traces of blood.
"It's Emily's blood from about six hours ago."
"Dear God, how did you find that? It's like finding a needle in a goddamn haystack around here."
"I was following some trails where the grass was broken or trampled on. I somehow stumbled across it."
"Shit," Gavin cursed in disbelief, before looking at the Android, his sharp gaze narrowing.
"Well what are you waiting for? Try to find a damn trail!"
RK900 stood there for a moment, wondering whether or not to comment on Gavin's rude behavior.
Though he didn't particularly like Gavin's remarks, he didn't want to cause any more tension than what was already present.
So without further commentary, the Android turned around and began scanning the area for what seemed like the hundredth time.
It was easier this time now that he had found one spot of blood. It took no time to come to another spot of blood farther up.
When analyzed, the results came back the same as before.
Nines stood, looking around again.
"Hey dipshit!" Gavin called over just a few seconds after.
"Yes, Detective?" Nines replied.
"You might want to come look at this," Gavin said, and the Android made his way over to stand where Gavin stood, pointing.

There was a soccer ball.

More specifically, the soccer ball the girls had taken out with them. It was located at the bottom of the small slope, sitting in a puddle of mud.
The mud, Nines realized, lead to a stream, which on the other side, about 120 yards away, was a road.

The two looked at each other, and without a single word, Nines was sliding down the muddy slope and onto the bank of the small stream. He walked over to the ball, analyzing it.

It had finger prints and blood marks on it, obviously being carried by Emily.

Was she trying to leave a trail? RK900 wondered as he crouched beside the evidence. The mud around the ball was disrupted, as if Emily had fallen on the way down.
"Well?" Gavin asked, carefully making his way down the slope in contrast to RK's more reckless manner.
"It's Emily's ball, that's for certain. Her fingerprints and blood are on it."
"Anything on the kidnapper?"
Nines shook his head.

Nines surveyed the ground, quickly finding the footprints in the muddy ground.
There were four sets of them, all different sizes. He could only guess that they belonged to the kidnapper, the two girls, and the Android.
He followed the path, wading through the chilled stream to the other side where he found a branch, coated with blue blood.

Nines reconstructed the situation once he figured out it was Carol's Android.

The kidnapper must have taken them down the slope, Emily falling as they went down. She stuck the ball in the mud, before being pulled up by the kidnapper and forced into walking. They crossed the river, and then Clove cut herself on a branch in the process.

RK900 followed the new blue blood trail, but found himself stopping at the dirt road.
"Shit," he growled, looking, trying to find any other clues.
Tire tracks?
No, just the dusty footprints, but even then, following those tracks just lead Nines to the main road, which was all asphalt.
The Android paced, trying to think of anything that could lead them on farther.
He couldn't have lost them. Not when they were this close!
Gavin caught up with the machine as he did so, spitting out curses about his cold, drenched pants.
"Did you lose them?" Gavin asked, seeing the Android's frustration.
"The trail stops here. They probably got in a car and drove off." RK900 said bluntly. There was disappointment in his voice.
Gavin huffed out another "phck" before bringing a hand to card through his hair.
"Okay. Okay, well we've got a lot of evidence so far. Let's go back and regroup at the station. I'll call for more backup to mark the evidence."
There was hesitation.
A burn for the need to keep going. Gavin couldn't blame him, it was what he was designed to do.
"Okay?" He pressed, stepping forward ever so slightly and trying to catch the troubled Android's gaze.
Finally Nines nodded, and Gavin, nearly scoffing, turned back around and started walking back toward the house.
Nines could hear a splash as the detective waded back through the stream, and the, "God fucking dammit!" accompanying the sounds of sloshing water.

Nines stood where he was for a moment. He didn't feel ready to go back yet. Something in his chest felt tight, and he couldn't place the feeling.
He was so bad at feelings.
"Are you coming or what, tin-can?" Gavin called irritability from across the stream.
"Yes, I'm coming," RK900 replied back.
He took one last look at the road longingly before joining his partner on the trek back to the house, where Carol and Zack sat waiting.