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Jyuto/Riou Drabble Collection

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Riou was sucking him off with a pretty good technique. It was getting to the point Jyuto had trouble standing up.
Riou seemed perfectly fine, even with his knees hitting the floor. He was grabbing his ass, making Jyuto unable to escape from his firm grasp.
Jyuto tried to push him off grabbing his hair but that just got him a hungry growl that he felt through his cock and didn’t help at all. He had underestimated Riou.
Riou glanced up and their eyes met.
That hit him as much as Riou’s warm tongue over his cock.

Riou seemed to notice his legs trembling more. He let go of his ass and instead grabbed Jyuto’s hands, guiding them to his shoulders so that Jyuto could support himself better.
Jyuto fingers sunk almost painfully on those muscles, but Riou didn't seem to mind.
"You! Why are"
Jyuto couldn't find an appropriate insult. Riou was always so considerate.
Jyuto abandoned any resemblance of dignity and started trusting against Riou's mouth.

"You'll.. drive me mad, Riou... ah"
Even when he was too rough, Riou didn't flinch nor complained.
Jyuto tried not to come inside, but Riou didn't let him.