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Jyuto/Riou Drabble Collection

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Riou was bound tightly to a chair, naked and unable to move.
The room was dark and he couldn’t see a thing.
The door opened, the light that came through it was painful on his eyes.
He heard heels hitting the floor, stopping in front of him.

“So, you aren’t going to talk?”

Riou didn’t look up and didn’t respond.
The hit was quick and unexpected, and he gasped.
He couldn’t see it, but he felt the red line from the crop on his thigh.

“I’ll make you talk, don’t worry”.

Jyuto hit him again and again, and Riou’s cock grew painfully hard but he didn't made a sound.

Jyuto left him and lit the room.
When Riou's sight adjusted to the change of light, he saw Jyuto's attire.
His heels were even higher than what he had thought initially - were those stilettos? - making his already amazing legs even longer.
He was wearing leather shorts and a corset that left his pecs visible.

Jyuto went back to him and his gloved hand grabbed his jaw.
Riou felt Jyuto’s tongue over his lips.
He parted them obediently and Jyuto soon deepened the kiss.

"What a tough guy you are..."