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Jyuto/Riou Drabble Collection

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Jyuto woke up with Riou’s warm hands wondering over his body. And a morning wood.
They were both fully naked. He didn’t remember falling asleep. Did he fell asleep in the middle of it? He was working a lot lately.

“Good morning... Sorry, you didn’t get to come, right?”

“Don’t worry... You were tired, you even said that before... do you feel better now?”
Riou nipped at his ear, hunger clear in his tone. His hand wondered even lower to Jyuto’s cock, and Jyuto parted his legs so he could have access easily. He suddenly felt awake. He liked Riou’s careful touch... his gentle fingers around his length. He started trusting in his hand, growing fully hard.

“Yeah... let’s continue where we left off...”

Jyuto turned around and kissed Riou’s neck, hearing him gasp in pleasure.
Riou hugged him closely, their cocks rubbing against each other. Riou was already painfully hard and leaking.

“Oh, poor Riou...”
Jyuto grabbed Riou’s ass, parting his cheeks... “I didn’t know you wanted it so bad!”


He put a finger in easily and Riou met his hand eagerly.
Jyuto took his time teasing him and opening him even if he could have entered him easily.
Riou entwined their legs, rubbed against him, sucked his neck and finally started begging him.

“Put it in already! How much are you gonna make me wait?!”

“Ha ha, sure...” Jyuto turned them so that Riou was on top of him.

“Use me as you wish, Riou”

Riou bit his lip.
He adjusted himself and sunk on Jyuto’s dick.

“What a great view...” Jyuto couldn’t help saying. Riou’s muscular body was always a sight, but the different angle wasn’t bad either. Riou was always a bit scared of being too heavy on him to try it.
He pinched Riou’s nipples taking the man by surprise.

“Ah... don’t do that...”

“But you like it, don’t you?”

Jyuto met his eyes as he put his own fingers on his mouth to wet them properly before continuing.
Riou gave out a moan and quickened the pace, jumping up and down, careful not to push him down too hard.

“There’s no... need to be that careful...” Jyuto grabbed Riou’s waist, meeting his thrusts. “You can be more rough with me if you want...ah”.

Riou did just that, twisting his back until he found the best angle, and finally stilled when he reached orgasm.