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“Uuhhnff…” came an involuntary groan.  Muscles tensed, especially in his arms and legs, which wasn’t the best, as they held him up.


“Relax.”  The order came sinisterly quiet, yet echoed through the room.


After a moment, he began to relax as ordered.  Then came another.



Wood hitting flesh, a quick sting, and then a shout.


“Ah-oh, fuck !” Another moan.

“Newton.  I did not give you permission to speak.”  The voice came with a side of smirk that pissed Newton off.  

It wasn’t fair. There should be no way someone as unassuming as Hermann Gottlieb could be able to make him feel this way.  This sickening, wonderful way. “Fuck, Herm, you didn’t have any problem with me making noises bef -- oh !”  

Hermann had grabbed his balls, making Newton go silent.  “Strike one. Three strikes and I’ll have to put you in a cock cage.  Moans are tolerated, not words. Now apologize.”

“I’m sorry, Hermann,” Newton murmured, which only earned him another squeeze.

“Strike two.  Address me properly, as we discussed.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.”  Newton bit his lower lip.  He was tense again.


Hermann slowly let go of Newton’s balls.  “Good boy, relax.”

How could Hermann be such a fucking dom?  This wasn’t like the math geek he knew at all.  When Hermann had previously suggested they try out something new in the bedroom, he had thought Herm meant like a vibrator, or a butt plug, not being roped to the bed and on hands and knees, taking Hermann’s cane to his goddamned ass.


Maybe Newton should have said no. He didn’t think it was going to be this much?  While Hermann was tying him to the bed, he had been telling Newton rules, rules that Newton now realized, he had wished he paid attention to.  He didn’t think Hermann was going to go all Fifty Shades on his ass. He had probably said something about a safe word somewhere in- “Fuck!” Newton yelped as the cane came across is ass again.

“Strike Three, I’m getting the cage,”  Hermann snapped.

Newton’s heart skipped a beat.  Yes, he was into that, but maybe he wasn’t ready for this.  “Um-ah-fuck, Herms?” He could hear Hermann rummaging around the box Hermann had brought to their apartment the previous morning.

“It’s ‘Sir’, Newton.”  Hermann didn’t sound happy with him.

Fuck it.

“Safe word, safe word, safe word!”  Newton began to yell.

Hermann stopped what he was doing.  He stood up from the bed and walked to him, gently putting a hand on his ass and rubbing over his cheek and the red lines that he had put across Newton’s skin.  “Newton?”


“Ah, fuck, safe word, please, fuck, if you told me a safe word, I don’t remember it.  Safe word, please. I don’t want a cock cage, fuck it Herm, sorry I doubted you could do this, get me out.  Please?” Newton was slowly dissolving into tears. He didn’t understand why he was, but he couldn’t stop the waterworks.


Hermann dropped the cane that had been in his other hand and got up behind Newton.  He covered his lover and kissed Newton’s freckled shoulder while he held him. “Darling?  This is too much, isn’t it?”

Newton nodded as he started crying harder.  

Hermann was quick to undo the ties around Newton’s wrists and ankles and sat down on the bed, pulling his husband into his arms.  Newton had been stripped of every article of clothing while Hermann was still put together in his usual sweater vested combo. He held Newton like a baby while he cried into his shoulder.  Hermann wouldn’t complain that his shirt was wet or that Newton was wrinkling it as he clutched the front of his clothes. It was a little too late and he wished he had realized how Newton was feeling earlier.  He rocked Newton gently. “Darling? Shhh, it’s okay.”

Crying felt so freeing.  He hadn’t noticed what had twisted up in his gut and now it came out of him at full force.  “H-hermann…”

“Yes?  What is it?  Newton, I didn’t mean...I didn’t intend any actual harm.  I’m sorry,” Hermann whispered. He grabbed a soft blanket to wrap up Newton in.  

“S-sorry, I shouldn’t be crying.  I don’t know why I’m crying. I can’t stop, f-fuck,”  Newton’s voice cracked.

“Was I too hard?  Harsh? My beautiful boy, I never meant this,”  Hermann said as he began to lay Newton down on the bed, keeping him wrapped up.  He kissed Newton’s tear stained cheeks.

“H-holy fuck H-herm, where did you learn this?  When did you learn this?” Newton asked.

“Um, I suppose I’d rather not say.  Let’s just say it was some time in college though,”  Hermann murmured. He gently rubbed Newton’s chest as he laid beside him.  “You weren’t ready for anything of this caliber. This is my fault.”

“No, it’s not,”  Newton whispered.

“It is,” Hermann insisted.  “You’re not alright. Talk to me.  Tell me how I can make it better, love.”  

Newton turned his wedding ring on his finger.  “I don’t know. I guess, I just didn’t expect...Jesus Herm, I mean, I talk a big game, but I’m so fucking vanilla, it’s not even funny.” Newton closed his eyes tightly.  

Hermann kissed Newton’s neck, down to the crook and out to the shoulder.  He had an arm slung around his husband’s waist, trying not to impede on Newton’s hand finicking.  “I was too rough,” he whispered.

“I just wasn’t prepared for you to do that...fuck. When you said you were going to dominate me and spank me, I thought you meant like talk dirty and have me over your knee, not the whole dominatrix, caning, master fantasy.  Like...fuck. It’s hot but…”

Newton trailed off.  


“You just weren’t ready,”  Hermann smiled a bit. “You didn’t expect me to be a good dom.”

Newton took a shaky breath.  “Yeah,” He whispered. He looked over at Hermann.  “I’m sorry…”

“Stop.  No apologizing.  We don’t ever have to do that again,”  Hermann kissed his cheek again. “Never ever.”

“Hermie...It’s not that.  I just...I wasn’t prepared…”  The tears had finally stopped.  He rubbed his eyes and sat up. “I mean, the first hit was a surprise….but I kinda liked it.  I think…I’d want to talk about it and try again.”

“Are you sure?”

Newton nodded.  “Yes. Definitely.  I just need to calm down, then maybe--”

“No,”  Hermann said.  “Not again tonight.  We will talk about it, but tonight you are getting into some pjs and we’re putting a movie on.”

“Beauty and the Beast?”  Newton asked with a small smile.  

“Your heart is animated, you silly man,”  Hermann whispered warmly and got up, getting to work.  He took away the ties, put his cane to the side, picked out the softest flannel pants and oversized shirt for Newton, then went out to find the movie and start popcorn.


Newton got into the clothing picked for him and went to the bathroom to wash his face off.  He came out and saw the popcorn on the table, their black cat, Mozzart, curled around the bowl to leech its warmth. “Mozzie!”  Newt laughed and went to go pet him. “Silly boy,” Newton whispered.

Hermann walked from the kitchen with a heat pack.  “Sit, Darling, let me get you comfy and I’ll make you hot chocolate.”  

Newton grinned.  “You’re trying hard to make up for this.  You don’t have to, Herm.”

“Shh, I will take care of my husband and that’s final.  Sit.”

Newton suddenly realized how in control Hermann had been their whole relationship.  Hermann was the one to drag him to bed after long hours in the lab until 2 or 3 am. He tucked Newton in, made Newton take showers even when he would rather roll out of bed and just head straight to work, cooked for the two of them and limited Newton’s junk food intake.  Hermann had always been the dominant one; he just never noticed. Hermann took care of him.


“Newton,”   Hermann’s voice broke his thoughts.  “Sit.”


And like the good boy he was, Newton sat.  Hermann put the heat pack behind Newton’s lower back and tucked Newt onto the couch with one of the quilts sent by Hermann’s grandmother.

“That’s my sweet husband.  Let me get that hot chocolate.”  Hermann left to make it, no doubt from scratch.


Newton was left to his thoughts of Hermann’s dominance once more.



A week later, the ties were tightened around Newton’s wrists.  There were some yellow lines across Newton’s skin from the cane last week.  They were very close to having some companion lines.

“What’s the safe word, Newton?”  Hermann asked loudly.

“‘Integer,’ Master,”  Newton said loudly. Newton smirked.  

“Mm, Master?  You little Tart,”  Hermann chuckled and gave Newton’s ass a slap.

Newton moaned.  “Yes, Master.~”

“No more words unless I say so, am I clear?”  Hermann asked, grinning.

“Yes, Master,”  Newton chimed, like music to Hermann’s ears.

“Good boy.”  Hermann walked around to the back side of Newton with his cane and gave Newton’s ass a long look before getting ready.

The first hit came without warning.  Newton had counted to forty two seconds in his head.  



Newton moaned loudly.  Moaning was allowed. His master must be smiling.

Hermann was.  This time, instead of being fully dressed, Hermann was in a button up, with the front open, boxers, and socks, so Newton wouldn’t feel so vulnerable and alone.  He took a bit more care. Newton wasn’t like those Rowers back in college he could be as rough as and distant with as he wanted. This was his husband. After the first smack, he took a break to rub Newton’s new stripe and kiss his back.  “What a good boy,” he whispered.

It elicited another moan from Newton.  Perfect.

Thwack.  Thwack. Thwack.

A few more strikes.  Hermann rubbed them gingerly.  “My good, good, boy. You take them so well.  Look at you. So pliant and needy. Do you want more, Newton?”

Newton nodded.

“I can’t hear you.  Do you want more?” Hermann said, a little less tender, and a bit stricter.


“Yes, Master.~” Newton said lovingly.

“That’s my good boy.”

One more hit and then Hermann was behind him, face first, hands on Newt’s hips.  He gave a few kisses to the marks. Then he licked the marks and blew a bit of cold air on them to tease Newt.  


Newton moaned and quivered.  Hermann held him a bit tighter.  


“What’s that safe word again, Newton?”  Hermann asked loudly.

“The safe word is ‘Integer,’ Master.”  Newton whispered.

“Louder,”  Hermann ordered.

“‘Integer,’ Master,”  Newton said louder.

“Do you need to use it, Newton?”  Hermann asked.”

“No, Master.~”  Newton chimed. He had taken a few breaths while Hermann took a break on him.  The quivering stopped and his body relaxed.


Hermann ran his hands over Newton’s hamstrings and stomach, making sure his husband was no longer tense.  Newton was still wound up tight, but was working on relaxing. “Good boy, Newton.”


Newton let out a shuddered breath and waited for the cane to resume.

Hermann didn’t resume it.  He took the cues from Newton’s body and threw the cane over on the ground near his side table next to the bed.  Then he kissed Newton’s left cheek and slapped Newton’s right with his open palm.


Newton let out a surprised yelp but then let out another even breath.


“Tell your Master how much you love him,”  Hermann ordered as he went and got the lube.  

“I love my Master so very much.   He takes care of me so well. He pets and plays with me.  He makes me the best food. He lets me watch all the movies I want in my jammies and if I’m a good boy, he lets me suck his dick off.~”  Newton rambled.


Hermann smiled as he listened.  He took his time opening the bottle of lube and wetting his fingers.  When Newton was done speaking, Hermann thrusted two fingers into Newton’s ass.  He twisted them, earning another moan as he worked quickly to stretch his husband.  

“Oh, oh yes, yes please.  Yes Master, yes. Oh I love that, yes please, Master.  Please, please, please.~” Newton said quickly as he realized what Hermann was getting up to.

“Quiet, Newton. Otherwise, I’ll leave you like this,”  Hermann teased.

Newton was quick to shut up.

After Newton was well prepared, with a bit more lube than usual, just in case he tensed again, Hermann worked his own cock out of his boxers.  He took his time getting hard and lining up, and waited twenty three seconds before thrusting in so Newton wouldn’t be able to tell when he was going to come in.

Newton involuntary clenched around the member pushing in and moaned again as Hermann’s wonderful cock brushed against his prostate.


Hermann stayed in, waiting for Newton to relax before starting a pace, rocking into his love.  He wrapped a hand around to caress and stroke Newton’s cock.


Newton moaned loudly and rocked with him.  He was close to the edge. Hermann took notice and grabbed his balls tightly to keep Newton from blowing his load too soon.  

When Hermann was close, he let Newton go and thrusted a bit faster.  

“H-hermann!~” Newton called as he came all over the covers beneath him.  

Hermann followed suit with Newton’s name on his own lips.  He wrapped around Newton, but didn’t collapse on or crush him.  Newton and Hermann panted together for some time. Eventually Hermann pulled out and undid the ropes.  They both curled up together on the drier side of the bed, Hermann spooning Newton.


“Oh Hermann, I love you,”  Newton whispered.

“I love you, too,”  Hermann whispered back and kissed his neck.  

Newton turned and hugged him tight.  “Oof, Goodnight, Master.~”

“Goodnight, my love.”