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Twiceborn: The Fate of an Uchiha | Sakura

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The sound made her sigh, her eyes falling on the bloodied sword in her hands. Red was dripping from it, the cloying scent of blood encompassing her as she stood there amidst the corpses she’d made. The Uchiha District was littered with them, each one sporting a nice gash somewhere on their chest.


Sakura hummed quietly under her breath, skipping over to nearest corpse, turning over the quickly cooling body with her foot. She wouldn’t dirty her hands with the likes of him. “I suppose you’re the closest blood relative to me with them…” she mumbled, pulling out a little jar of greenish liquid, anticipation rising as she crouched down next to the corpse. “Thanks for the eyes.” She giggled, fingers digging into the fleshy skin around the man’s eyes, laughter ringing out as it popped out of its socket. He didn’t deserve them. “That’s one…” she purred, plopping the severed eye into the jar she’d brought – the jar she’d prepared specifically for that purpose. As soon as she’d overheard that he had the eyes… as soon as she’d heard what he was planning… “And two…” she said with a note of finality, sticking her fingers back into his head, wrenching her last prize loose, quickly storing it all away out of sight. Her bloodied fingers returned to the man’s face, hysterical laughter bubbling at her lips. He was gone. Finally gone. “You should be honoured,” she murmured, caressing his face gently, uncaring as she left trails of congealing blood in her wake. He wouldn’t be able to hurt either of her brothers again. She’d made sure of that… she’d protected them from the snakes in their nest, just like Aniki would’ve done. He’d be so proud of her… well, he would if he’d known everything she did… known what fate she’d saved him from. “I’ll put them to good use, I promise.”


“Imouto?” the small voice made her pause. His chakra hadn’t registered on her senses, but then again, she’d only really been searching for the one’s large enough that they could’ve stopped her. Would’ve tried to stop her… But they didn’t know… didn’t understand. She did it all for them. Everything was for them… because she loved them. “Saku… what’s going on?”


She turned, a grin with too many teeth appearing on her blood-stained face. “Don’t worry, Sasuke-nii…” Her eyes narrowed, bloodlust curdling the air around her. They’d never lay a hand on him. She’d made sure of that. “They got exactly what was coming to them.”


“What?” his voice was a squeak, feet backpeddling till he tripped over one of the numerous corpses. “Saku, what’s going on? Who killed them all…? We need to go… need to leave… before they come back…”


“They can’t hurt us anymore, Sasuke-nii…” Sakura purred, looking earnestly up at her big brother. Maybe he’d understand… it was so obvious… “I did it. I got rid of them, so we don’t have to go anywhere… they couldn’t be allowed to live…”


The scent of urine hit her nose, swiftly followed by the stench of vomit as Sasuke hurled his guts up as the moonlight, previously hidden by the clouds, shed light on the entirety of the situation. Bodies pinned to the wall with kunai, blood trailing from sliced open chests, viscera and brain matter forming little puddles here and there.






Sakura recoiled at the sheer venom with which the word was spat out.


“How could you?”


Sakura blinked. Oh, that was right… Sasuke was stupid. He didn’t understand her. Couldn’t understand her. After all, he was the one who murdered precious Aniki the last time. “Silly Sasuke… seems you’re too young to understand…” She giggled, ducking under the kunai that was thrown at her by her older brother. He needed to learn. “That’s not nice.” Her sharingan spun. But she wouldn’t hurt her precious older brother. He was family, unlike the scum on the ground. “So I think it’s nap time for you, Sasuke-nii…” she whispered, sending him to sleep with a simple genjutsu. It was better that way… even if he hated her. “You’re just proof of how all of them would react… That’s right… They’ll hate me. They don’t understand me… not even Aniki does, but that’s OK. I still love him,” she mumbled, turning her back on the carnage as she hoped over the wall of the Uchiha district. She needed to leave. “Aniki can’t see me like this… Aniki always has to love me…” She sprinted towards the gates, supplies already packed. She’d known all along she’d have to leave. Known deep down that they wouldn’t understand. With a few well-executed shunshins she was outside, breathing in the crisp cool night air, heading straight for the river as she made her way out of Konoha lands.


Nobody would find her.


Nobody could… except perhaps Aniki, but Sakura didn’t mind that.


Everything had been done for him.


Anything for Aniki.