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Green Eyed

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Live was good for Hana Kuroo, she was born into a rich family which meant she could have anything she wanted, she was so beautiful that every man she meets checks her out more then twice - it only makes her smug when women do the same thing. She has excellent grades and is always asked by many to tutor her and praise how amazing she is - but who could blame them? She is amazing!

And she had the most handsome boyfriend in the whole school - Aomine Daiki. Many were confused on why girl like her wanted him, she answered simply - he was a beast. He charged in without hesitation, he throws his opponents off him and makes them look weaker then they already are, he’s strong as she’s seen numerous times in his basketball games. And that smirk - oh it makes her shove rin delight - how she couldn’t wait for him to take and ravish her - she hopes he will be an animal in bed.

Yes life was good for her, she gets what she wants without fail - however there is something she would like to get rid of.

And that was Aomine’s childhood friend, Momoi Satsuki.

Hana couldn’t deny that Momoi was beautiful, but she was better - yes Momoi was smart but Hana was smarter. But on Aomine? Hana would always challenge that she was more important then the pink haired girl.

She didn’t understand why Aomine spends so much time with her, yes they’re childhood friends but to they have to see, talk or hang out with each other every day? Hana hated how she would have to seduce Aomine to go somewhere with her, but when Momoi wants to go somewhere he goes with her with no hesitation. If Hana wants to order in food the two argue on what to get, but he always agrees with Momoi whenever she suggests something - if Hana dresses in a sexy short dress he’s all for it, but he hates it when it happens to Momoi, demanding her to get changed and telling her about “guys wanting to do something”.

Numerous times she has asked, demanded if he had feelings for Momoi and she always got the same answer.

“We’re just childhood friends”

At first she would believe it, but now it’s just an excuse to her. She see’s how they are, talking, smiling and laughing together, sharing food and eating together - Momoi is the only one who can get Aomine to do something without having to do little, but for Hana it’s the opposite.

She’s fed up and angry. That’s why she corners him in his home just after she had seen Momoi leave - she took the advantage of his parents not being home and stormed in, hands on her hips as she glared at her boyfriend.

“Why was she here again?” she demanded, he looked at her with a bored expression as he fiddled with the game controller.

“Huh? You mean Satsuki?”

He even calls her by her first name “Of course! Who else would I mean?”

“Relax” he huffed “She just dropped off some stuff about our match next week, wants me to look through them to have the upper hand”

“Why couldn’t she give you them tomorrow?”

“Whenever she gathers intel she wants to share it straight away so that we know who we’re dealing with, she doesn’t like keeping it for too long before sharing”

Hana grits her teeth “Do you have any idea how wrong this looks?”

He raises an eyebrow at her “What are you talking about?”

“The two of you are always together no matter what, on and off school there you two are together doing whatever and acting like more then childhood friends when I’m right here!”

“Not this again” he mutters, but Hana hears him well “There’s nothing going on between us-”

“Then prove it” she crosses her arms and he looked at her confused.


“Prove it, prove that there’s nothing going on between you two”

“How the hell would I do something like that? I’ve already told you there’s nothing going on between us but you refuse to listen!”

“Stop seeing her”

Aomine narrows his eyes at her “Excuse me?”

“Stop seeing her, stop seeing her in and out of school. Don’t talk to her, message her, let her give you her homework or intel - don’t even let her in your house, If you do that I’ll believe there’s nothing going on between you two”

Aomine looked at her in disbelief “Y-You...You can’t be serious!”

“I am”

“No...No! There’s no way I’m ever going to do that”

“If you don’t then I’ll break up with you!” she yelled, his eyes widened at her statement but she didn’t back down “I will, if you don’t stop seeing her I’m leaving”


“It’s either me or her Aomine-kun, pick”

She expected him to look hurt, to beg her not to leave him, to grab her and tell her that he’ll stop seeing Momoi - to kiss and hold her tightly before going to his bedroom.

She didn’t expect him to start at her, to look angry and tell her “Fine”


“If that’s how it is, we’re done”

Hana looked at him shocked “N-No you can’t! You have to stop seeing her and be with me! That’s how this was supposed to go!”

“Well sorry to burst your dream bubble, but it’s not”

How? How could he chose her over me? I’m much more better then her in every way!  So why…

“Why choose her over me? Why?!”

Aomine doesn’t miss a beat “Because she has always been in my life and be there besides me, no matter what shit I did, even to her she still stayed and helped me every time. No matter how much i say how annoying she is, she would never be annoying to me and I can’t imagine my life without her. She’s is and will always be my best friend, if you don’t like that then go”

The room was filled with silence, Hana was close to tears despite her anger, she wiped her eyes and turned to his door, stepping out she looked back at him.

“I hope you and that pink haired slut rot in hell”

He whipped his head around and gave her the most fighting glare she had ever seen

“Careful, cause your gonna pay for that”

The next day news ran while in the Too Academy, Aomine and Hana breaking up had every student talking - when asked why Hana would call him a cheater, but when they found out it was about Momoi the students dismissed the “cheating” rumours, many of them could see that Aomine and Momoi were just friends, even a lot of girls who had a crush on the basketball player could see it.

However in the next few days Hana was completely gone from the school, students would talk and wonder why, the most common answer was because of the embarrassment she made of Aomine “cheating on her” with Momoi, some were sad to see her go, but with the trouble she caused, school life was a bit easier and they carried on.

Of course Aomine wasn’t bothered, they knew he was glad to see her go - Momoi however was a bit sad, a lot of students told her not to blame herself because she did nothing wrong, some could only fall for her more because of her kind and thoughtfulness.

So school went on as normal as would Aomine and Momoi, always being together even after school, where many students saw them walk home and couldn’t help but be happy that Hana didn’t break them apart.


“Where did she go?”

“I had her and her family transfer to Europe to a slightly less improving school and education system, the staff know what she has done and will be keeping a close tab on her. They also know to to return to Japan unless told otherwise directly by myself”

“Man I can’t believe you did that”

“I cannot condone her behaviour, such a waste of a woman to go such lowness to break a friendship apart because of jealousy”

“I know right, just remembering it just makes me mad”

“I cannot blame you, I feel the same way”

“Yeah, but thanks Akashi, it really helped”

“It was no problem at all, I’m happy I could help”

“Is there any chance you could get Wakamatsu out-”

“Dai-chan! You can’t do that!” Momoi scolded him, placing two bowls of ice cream on the table before sitting besides him “He’s our captain and a good player, you can’t get Akashi-kun to send him away”

“We can still win without him” Momoi pouted at him and he signed “Fine fine”

She giggled at looked at the laptop screen “Thank you for your help Akashi-kun, I didn’t think Dai-chan would call you about this”

“It’s no problem Momoi-san, like I said earlier I was glad to help” Akashi smiled at her, it had been a few months after the WinterCups, Akashi was changing and getting better, much to the relief and joy to his team and the Generation of Miracles - he was easier to talk to and joke around, not to mention he was smiling more.

“We have to have a match together soon, you two didn’t play against each other in the WinterCups”

“Oh! That’s a great idea Satsuki!” Aomine grinned.

I agree” Akashi nodded “I would be good to see our teams play again with us in”

“Too’s gonna wipe the floor with you!”

“Dai-chan, stop spilling your ice cream!”

“I would also be nice to see your abilities Momoi-san” Akashi ignored Aomine “Your data gathering and intelligence have always been exceeding, I look forward to what you gather on us”

“I won’t let you down!” she smiled, Akashi chuckled.

“I know you won’t”

“Speaking of intel” Aomine grinned at the red haired boy “What’s this about you having a fiance?”

Akashi has ended the call

“What the hell?! Satsuki! Get him back on!”

She signed and watch Aomine try to get Akashi back online with ice cream all over his face and clothes Like me and Dai-chan would ever date