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Lessons of Humanity

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How many more? Germany cried out, clutching the dying German soldier in his arms. How many of his people must he watch die before it is enough? He felt a hand grasp his shoulder.

“Hurry up commander, there’s no time to waste. We’ll take care of this. You still need to take care of Italy, after all.”

Germany stood up, regained his composure and thanked the soldier for his hard work. Suddenly, a new sense of panic struck his body. Where was Italy and his troops? He dashed around the battlefield having very little sense of direction. The sounds of gunfire echoed in his head and each time his soldiers got hurt, his body would feel heavier. Being the physical representation of a country was getting to be more than he could handle. But he couldn’t care less at the moment. He needed to find his ally and see if he was okay.

“ITALY!!!” Suddenly, a hand grenade dropped in front of him. He yelled at his soldiers to get back, but it detonated too quickly for anyone to react. Smoke filled the air and dimmed the sky, despite it being midday. When it cleared, Germany found himself surrounded by a plethora of dead or severely injured soldiers.

Goddamnit! Is there nothing I can do? He ran to the nearest able bodied soldier to order him to fetch the nearest medic. He looked like a child in a man’s uniform, shaking in his boots and clutching his rifle to his chest.

“L-listen! I need you to listen to me, alright?” Germany shouted, much too loudly. There was a strong ringing in his ears. “Get a doctor. Save everyone who can still walk.” The boy nervously shook his head up and down in agreement, but his eyes were terrified.

“Germany, is that right?” The boy stammered. “When is this going to end?”

“I don’t know.” He replied in a dejected tone. He wished he could give the boy more comforting words- it was his duty as a country to boost the moral of his people, after all. But he really needed to make sure Italy was okay. He felt terrible for abandoning him in the middle of battle. He had almost made it to the Italian base camp when an enemy shot at him. Caught off guard by the impact, Germany stepped backwards and accidentally fell down a ditch.

He landed face down in the bottom of a muddy ditch. His uniform was in ruins, and his arm was bleeding profusely in the area he had been shot at. Germany couldn’t help but laugh a little. Despite being an immortal being, he still lived as a mortal and bled as a mortal. But he couldn’t do things normal mortals could do, like get married and have kids… or die, eventually. There, at the bottom of the ditch, in the midst of the longest battles he’d ever endured, was where Germany finally had a moment to reflect.

“I wish I could have been born as a normal human being.” he said aloud to himself. But that was enough moping, he had to get up and be strong, for the good of his country. And he needed to see if Italy was okay. He had never left his side in the past, so every moment that passed made Germany grow even more nervous.

However, despite his best efforts, his body refused to listen to him. The weight of his country’s spirits were so dangerously low that there was nothing he could do but stay down. He was getting tired, so very tired. Germany tried to fight it the best he could, but he could feel himself slowly slipping into a deep sleep…