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Epiphany - Back to Tell You Something

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            It all started after the Representative Battle.

            Sawada Tsunayoshi was sure it all started after the gigantic battle between Reborn’s representative, he — the Neo Vongola Primo; the Vongola Decimo; the Dame-Tsuna —, and Bermuda, the former Arcobaleno that survived with the 8th flame.

            At first, the young tenth boss of the Vongola family denied.

            Firstly, denying that he would take the responsibility of being the next boss of the mafia; the boss of a powerful and big family called Vongola. To be honest, the young boy with hazel-colored eyes knew that he would be the next boss, whatever his choice was. That because Reborn would chase him with his green gun — or, as everyone knew, his little friend called Leon. And Tsunayoshi didn’t really wanted to piss the Arcobaleno of the sun — the world’s greatest hitman; the number one, actually.

            Secondly, denying that he would have a normal life after this battle — since he showed his true power. There was no doubt that the heir of the ninth boss of the Vongola family would be a target of other mafia families. The way everyone faced him was oddly weird. As if the young boy was already the next boss. All of them, including Xanxus — the angriest person he knew, after Reborn —, looked up to him; respected him and his tremendous power.

            And thirdly, denying that he fell in love with his home tutor; the one that torture him with his spartan ways of teaching; the one that introduced the young boy to the underworld, to the terrible and scary world of mafiosos. When Tsunayoshi glanced the baby growing up within seconds, showing his true self, the boy felt his heart beating fast. It was a mix of feelings. The feeling that he knew the man in front of him — when he fought his own father, the man showed up and gave him tips; the happiness growing inside him, for seeing his tutor have his body back; and attraction. That last part was scary.

            The to-be tenth boss always heard that Reborn was handsome when he wasn’t an Arcobaleno; always heard that a lot of women and men observed the man, as if he was their prey — only because they wanted to fuck or be fucked by the hitman; always heard that his body was incredibly hot and beautiful; always heard that the thin curly sideburns was stylish and amazing. And, damn it, Tsuna could see why people talked about the former Arcobaleno like that. It was all true.

            However, Tsunayoshi could only deny to himself.

            “No way that I, Sawada Tsunayoshi, am in love with my home tutor! No way that I’m in love with a sadistic and cruel person! A hitman! A man!” The young boy kept telling himself. He could not fall in love with that type of person.

            So, he moved on. He learnt to keep those thoughts away, always saying that it wasn’t possible, nor true. The young boy kept his mind on his first crush, Sasagawa Kyoko. The beautiful girl that he loved with his heart, since the beginning of middle school. Nevertheless, that time, Sawada Tsunayoshi could not focus on his first crush. Every time he imagined him and the gorgeous girl, his home tutor would always appear in his thoughts, with a smirk on his lips and onyx eyes glancing towards his hazel-colored ones.

            And it was like living in hell. The to-be tenth boss was always imagining things with his tutor, every single time that the man passed by; every single time that the man taught something about mafia or his homework; every single time the man tortured him. Every single time! And the young one was starting to be tired of his own mind.

            One time he just accepted that he wasn’t in love with Ryohei’s sister; he wasn’t in love with some cute girl nor any girl. The Vongola Decimo was in love with his tutor, in love with a handsome man. A man that Sawada Tsunayoshi could not and never would have. He accepted his fate. And, as he accepted his fate, the to-be tenth boss felt sad. His imagination always pranking him with images of him and his tutor in bed, or in a date somewhere. As the days passed, Tsunayoshi was sick of his own feelings.

            And then, it happened. The day where Sawada Tsunayoshi finally ended the high-school, receiving a message from the Vongola Nono, explaining to the now young man when and where the inheritance ceremony would happen. Though the Vongola Decimo was afraid of some attack happening, exactly like last time with the Simon Famiglia — that was now a powerful alliance, since Enma and Tsunayoshi are good friends —, the ninth boss of the family said that there were no problems. Only a few people were invited to the ceremony — the ninth and tenth Vongola generation, the former Arcobaleno, the Simon family, Dino, the Varia and the CEDEF.

            Sawada Tsunayoshi was definitely ready for that moment. He and his guardians — Reborn as well — trained hard for this day. After some meetings with the ninth boss, the to-be tenth boss had the information of where the ceremony would be and when. As a priority, the ninth made the now boss of Vongola invite the families and people, with his own Dying Will Flame. It was new for the young man; however, his Hyper Intuition was telling him what he should and shouldn’t do. After writing the invites and sign his name — with his Sky Flame on it —, he went to the Simon family to give them the invite. The ninth kept his invite, the CEDEF invite and the Varia invite  — he would give them himself.

            “Reborn,” Sawada Tsunayoshi called the man in a black suit. “Here is your invitation.” The Vongola Decimo gave the man the invite, Sky Flames shining, representing the signature of the new boss. A smirk grew on the hitman’s lips, mocking the young man.

            “Is that your signature?” Reborn asked, smirking as his free hand pushed the fedora up. Now the young boss could see the onyx-colored eyes glancing his. “It looks like a child did it, Dame-Tsuna.” Despite the insult, the tenth boss laughed, watching his now ex-tutor smile. It was obvious that the man in front of him felt proud. He accomplished his mission of tutoring the new Vongola boss, and now he was free.

            At that, Tsunayoshi froze.

            Reborn, the world’s number one hitman, was now free to do whatever he wanted — go to Italy, see his old house; hangout with young girls; or killing people for money. And suddenly, the tenth boss felt empty. The former baby, now man, was leaving him forever. The person that took care of him, through all these years, was now leaving him alone to take care of a big mafia family.

            “What’s with that face, Tsuna?” The assassin asked, holding the invite in his left hand, while his other hand played with the curls of his own hair. “That’s definitely not like you.” Vongola Decimo watched his ex-tutor, as he cursed under his teeth. He was still easy to read, and he hated it.

            “Nothing, Reborn.” The brunet lied, of course. But it went well. In his lips a smile, while his hands rested in his pockets. “Make sure to give those invites to the rest of them. I’m counting on you.” He left. It did not matter if his now ex-tutor knew that something was wrong with him. Tsunayoshi was still easy to read, however he had improved through these years — having Reborn teaching him the ways to not show emotions, as a Vongola boss should be. Now only his ex-tutor could read him, and even though he could, it was still difficult.

            The student surpassed the teacher.

            Vongola Decimo received the blood of Simon Cozart — with the consent of his now best friend Enma. And with that, he finally was considered the tenth boss of the tenth Vongola generation. Sawada Tsunayoshi glanced at his guardians, watching them attentively. Gokudera Hayato, his right-hand man and the storm guardian, was crying — tears of happiness and proudness towards he official boss falling down his white pale cheeks. Yamamoto Takeshi, his best friend and rain guardian, was comforting the other guardians, with his typical smile. Sasagawa Ryohei, the sun guardian and the older brother of Kyoko, was screaming as always (“Sawada is now the extreme boss!”). Lambo, the young boy from the Bovino family and his lightning guardian, at the age of eight, was grinning at his boss — and brother. Hibari and Chrome — his cloud and mist guardians — were quiet as always, observing the ceremony without saying anything.

            Sawada Tsunayoshi had his flames burning on his forehead — the x-gloves version Vongola Gear shining —, showing everyone inside that place his resolution and power. The orange-red-colored eyes glanced towards his ex-tutor. Reborn was observing the ceremony with a smirk in his red lips, onyx-colored eyes sharp and proud of something. Vongola Decimo was able to read the mind of the hitman — after living five years by the side of the world’s number one hitman. It was obvious that the man was proud, however, there was only one thing that Tsuna wasn’t sure. He could not tell if the hitman was proud of the new boss of the Vongola Famiglia, or if he was proud of accomplishing his mission.

            Right after the ceremony, the now Vongola Decimo was busy with the former boss of Vongola, the ninth. Both of them were discussing about where the base of Vongola would stay. The Nono gave him the option of staying in Japan, to keep his mother safe. It was a good option, however, seemed wrong to all the work the Vongola Primo had to build that place in Italy. After some meetings with his guardians, the tenth decided that they would all go to Italy, live there inside the castle. Hibari Kyoya disagreed, telling his boss that Namimori was his place and he could not just leave the place behind. Tsunayoshi agreed, asking for Hibari to stay in a small base in Japan, Namimori. There the cloud guardian would protect the little city — including tenth’s mother — with the old Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee, now a special force, would fight the little crimes.

            Vongola Decimo told that Hibari would also have to come to Italy sometime to report the situation in Namimori to the boss. While his cloud guardian stayed in Japan, Tsunayoshi’s guardians decided to stay beside their boss — including the young Lambo and Chrome. With him leaving his city behind, at the age o eighteen, he felt that he needed to explain the mafia world to his mother. It was a risky move; however, he did not want his mother in trouble only because he was the new boss of a big mafia family.

            Sawada Iemitsu complained, saying that it was dangerous and absurd. “You can’t let her know, Tsuna! I don’t want you to tell her that you and I are involved with the mafia.” The blonde man was standing in front of his son, angry. They were both in front of their house.

            Tsunayoshi felt his blood burn with anger. All those years, the little boy Tsuna and his single mother lived alone, without knowing what the man’s job was. He remembered the days where he missed having a father inside his house, to help him with homework, or to encourage him to sports. He missed it all. And yet, his father didn’t care about them.

            “It’s an order, Sawada Iemitsu.” The Vongola Decimo said with venom in his words, hazel-colored eyes glancing his dad with coldness. He hid his anger inside his heart, remembering what Reborn once said (“Don’t let them know your weakness. And your weakness is your emotions.”). The brunet hid his hands inside his pockets. “You’ve put her in this world when you decided to marry her, you shitty husband. Now endure it.” With that, the boss walked inside his house, telling all to his mother.

            The blond man was standing outside, wide-eyes watching his son entering the house. Fear controlled his body. He never seen his cute brunet son talk to him like that. It was something he never expected.

            Nana cried, punching the table where she and her son chatted. She would never expect that her husband was a mafioso — and would never expect that her own son was a boss of a big mafia family called Vongola. Tsunayoshi let her cry, waiting for her answer — he wanted to know if the woman was fine with him going to Italy, since he could not stay in Japan. The woman dried her tears, letting a small smile grow on her pinky lips. Even if the mafia meant danger, she would let her son go. It was his choice, after all. She would respect him and believe in his powers. Tsuna smiled, hugging his mother with passion. He loved her and would make sure to protect her.

             Going to Italy was simple.

            The plane ride was calm and long. Sawada Tsunayoshi slept all the time, waking up to check Lambo — his youngest guardian — and the rest of the group. Yamamoto and Gokudera were near the boss, with the job to watch the plane — at any moment an enemy could attack them. Chrome was sleeping next to the lightning guardian. Lambo was asleep, drooling on his cow shirt. Vongola Decimo was careful, alone next to the window, sleeping, however, keeping his attention high.

            After hours, they were in Italy. A black limousine was parked outside the airport. Tsunayoshi and his guardians — after some minutes having trouble to pick their luggage — went to the limousine and just waited some hours to go to the Vongola Headquarters. Lambo was energetic, he wanted to explore the city and buy some new toys — Tsuna was laughing, telling him that they would explore the city; however Gokudera was angry at the young boy, screaming him to stop messing around. Yamamoto was trying to calm the storm guardian, with his typical serenity. Chrome was still a shy person, so stayed quiet, trying not to laugh when Lambo kicked Gokudera. Ryohei was screaming, encouraging the young boy to kick the storm guardian.

            Tsunayoshi sighed, listening to that mess. And inside his mind a baby Reborn, the former sun Arcobaleno, was telling him something, mocking the young man. “A boss should be able to control their man, Dame-Tsuna!” The tenth boss only rolled his eyes, ignoring that voice. He missed his ex-tutor, he needed to forget him.

            “Please, could you guys stop?” Tsuna asked, holding Lambo’s arm. “Lambo, once we arrive, I’ll give you candies. And if you keep quiet, tomorrow we’ll visit the city to buy you some toys. Is that ok?” The young boy from the Bovino family had his emerald-colored eyes shining with happiness. Tsuna smiled, glancing his right-hand man. “Gokudera, stop screaming at Lambo. That’s not how kids work.”

            “I am sorry, Juudaime.” His right-hand said, with sadness in his bluish-colored eyes.

            The trip was short and quiet. Tsunayoshi loved their family, however, on that moment, he wanted to sleep, and his messy family was incredibly loud. The limousine stopped and they all could see the big castle. They would all live in there. Tsuna felt nervous but kept going. It was now his job, after all.

            At the age of twenty, Sawada Tsunayoshi was famous in the underworld, as the Neo Vongola Primo. Of course he hated being called Neo Primo; his title was Decimo, he wasn’t anything like Giotto. However people kept calling him Primo, and he could do nothing about it.

            After two years being the tenth boss of Vongola, the mafia family completely changed. As he wanted — as Primo always wanted from the beginning. Italy was now almost clean. Kids in the streets received help from Vongola and their allies, taking the drugs out of them and teaching them. Anyone who would sell drugs to kids in Italy would be brutally dead by the forces Tsunayoshi created. And after months proving and sending reports of their actions — the Clean Drugs operation one year after Tsuna became boss and crime statistics, that were now low thanks to Vongola —, the police was now working with the tenth boss. Specially with CEDEF.

            Speaking of CEDEF, Tsunayoshi gave Basil the position of boss — giving his father time to stay in Japan and live with Nana for the rest of his life. The tenth boss forgave his father, learning that work for the mafia was not easy, and Iemitsu needed a break. Basil works directly with investigations — always searching for drug dealers and families that sold guns illegally to people, exclusively to kids.

            Vongola was now a clean and vigilante group, as Decimo and Primo always wanted. Tsunayoshi was happy with his life. He found out that he wasn’t that bad as a boss. Actually, people respected him and his decisions. The employees that worked inside the castle always said that their boss was kind and happy, but also powerful and scary when he wanted. And that was true. Tsunayoshi would do everything to protect his family, and now Italy.

            At the age of twenty-one, Vongola Decimo was in his office, taking care of some documents — the police wanted a firm contract with his family, where they would always cooperate; however, Tsunayoshi still had to negotiate some terms with the government of Italy and the police itself. Gokudera was sent on a mission to Germany with Ryohei — a small mafia family asked for help to clean the drugs in their small city. Lambo was playing inside the castle with Afonso, their butler — since he was still too young to go on missions alone; Tsuna would never let him go alone. Chrome was back in Japan to talk to Hibari and Rokudo Mukuro — Tsuna wanted the help of the greatest illusionist to work on an operation in Japan, alongside Hibari and Chrome.

            Working with papers, he heard the door in his office open. “I’m sorry, Lambo, I don’t have time to play with you. And please don’t run away from Afonso. That’s your mission for today.” Tsunayoshi said sighing, feeling his eyes burning — he was working on papers for hours. He heard a snort. Almost instantly he knew who that was. “Reborn…”

            “Decimo,” the hitman said with a smirk in his reddish lips.

            “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to work?” Tsunayoshi rolled his eyes. He didn’t know why, but inside his body, anger flame burned through his blood. Maybe he knew why, he just didn’t want to admit. The feeling of being abandoned by his ex-tutor was aching. However, he kept his serious expression on his face. Do not show your weakness, Tsunayoshi, he said to himself. “Never mind, if you want to tell me something, be quick, I’m working.”

            “Right…” The hitman walked toward the armchair in front of his desk, sitting there watching the brunet working pacifically. “I was working in the city near here… decided to take a look at you.” The assassin said, honest. Tsuna looked up, meeting the famous onyx-colored eyes, observing him. He missed him so much. And listening to his ex-tutor saying those things, only made his heart beat fast. He missed him and still loved him.

            Tsunayoshi dated some people in Italy, trying to forget the face of the hitman that would always appear in his imagination. The first one, called Angela, with a beautiful face, thin chin and nose, dark-brown hair and light green eyes. The girl was sweet and passionate, always helping the young man with his own emotions. However, for the brunet she was more like a friend than a lover. The second one was called Ester, a curly blonde hair and sharp brown eyes. She was aggressive sometimes; but she always cared about the brunet’s health. It didn’t work, obviously. His mind was always focusing on his job and the hitman.

            So then he dated a man. Lorenzo, with chubby face, bright blue eyes and brown-spiky hair. It was his first man date. New experiences. Tsuna discovered that some men are sensible and passionate about their love — just like his companion. Lorenzo always smiled and supported Tsuna in his job. And when they had sex, Tsuna learned that some men liked to penetrate, and others liked to receive — Lorenzo was fine with both. It was new for Tsuna, but he got used to it. However, after some months, the tenth gave up. No one would made him forget about his ex-tutor.

            Tsunayoshi sighed. “Thanks, Reborn.” He said, looking at some pages. The terms that the police and the government imposed were fine, however they decided to put some limits in the Vongola power. He didn’t like it and would do everything to change that. However, with Reborn in front of him, he could not focus on the papers. “Is that all?”

            “Kinda…” the hitman kept watching his ex-student. “I also came to say that I’m proud of you, Tsuna.” Tsunayoshi looked up, to watch his ex-tutor. He was confused but listening to those words made him almost blush; however, he kept his feelings inside. “I was so proud of me for accomplishing my mission, that I forgot about you,” the hitman said with a smirk. “So I came to tell you this and say a proper goodbye.” Reborn said, pushing his fedora up, only to observe the brunet. “You’re doing well, Dame-Tsuna. Keep going like that.” With that the assassin hid his hands inside his pockets and walked away, leaving Tsunayoshi behind.

            Tsuna felt his face burn with embarrassment — and a mix of feeling, like joy and love. He was really angry at Reborn for not saying anything when he moved to Italy; he was really angry that the hitman forgot about him and left him alone inside that castle; he was really angry that the hitman didn’t care about him. However, on that moment, Tsuna felt that the hitman did care about him and was also proud of him. His heart was shaking so hard and fast. He loved Reborn with all his heart.

            At the age of twenty-five, Sawada Tsunayoshi was sad. No one could cheer him up, not even Yamamoto with his typical smile and voice. Lambo, the youngest guardian, was worried about his boss — and brother. He would always see the brunet walking through the hallways, with a sad expression in his eyes. He didn’t know why Tsuna was like that but told the other guardians about it.

            The Vongola Decimo knew the reason why his hazel-eyes were sad. One time he heard from someone “the eyes are the window of the soul”, and at that moment, the brunet’s soul was broken and depressed. For some reason he couldn’t forget about the hitman; for some reason he would always remember the assassin’s face and expression — his typical smirk and sharp onyx-colored eyes, mocking Tsuna’s actions. And every single time that he saw the hitman’s face in his mind, he would feel pain inside his heart. As if someone was crushing his vital organ with their bare hands. It hurts so much. And Tsunayoshi couldn’t help, he loved the assassin and it was killing him.

            Reborn stopped coming to the castle some years ago, saying that he would now officially work to the Cavallone family. Tsuna didn’t understand his ex-tutor decision. The man was a freelancer hitman, hired by everyone who had the money. Reborn was famous. And yet he was now officially working to Dino. Decimo felt like he was betrayed. Nevertheless, Tsunayoshi kept working as the tenth boss of the Vongola. He kept strong and ordered his guardians and employees. He needed to be strong. For his family.

            However, why was he remembering all his journey through all those ten years? Specially in that moment? Tsunayoshi didn’t really cared about remembering his past — at least not remembering how he started to love Reborn.  Well, one day, working as usual, Tsunayoshi was inside his office, signing some papers. When he heard a loud scream. It was Lambo. The boss ran with his x-gloves in hands, prepared to attack. Tsuna stepped outside, searching for his youngest guardian in the garden — the big one that Giotto built centuries ago.

            He approached the young teen from the Bovino family, confused. There wasn’t anyone attacking the castle. It was only Lambo and Gokudera, fighting again, as always. Tsuna sighed tired, removing his gloves and putting them inside the pockets of his suit jacket. He watched Lambo cry — even with fifteen years, Lambo was still a crybaby. Suddenly the young teen picked something inside his backpack, while Tsuna and Gokudera widened their eyes. The ten-year-bazooka was finally there. The cow teen hadn’t done this in years, always saying that he was now capable of fighting on his own.

            “I’ll kill you!” Lambo screamed, crying hard. Tsunayoshi watched when the boy’s tears fell onto the bazooka. The weapon was the same, however, at some point, the tenth boss could see a purple lightning coming out of the bazooka. Worried about his youngest guardian, Tsuna grabbed the weapon before he could shoot on himself. However, that was a mistake. The Vongola Decimo felt the purple bullet hitting his head, letting the pink smoke come out. And at that moment, Tsunayoshi knew what was going to happen.

            But, for some reason, as he travelled to the future, his Vongola Gear glowed, reacting to the time tunnel. And all of a sudden, Tsuna was remembering his journey through all those years. So there he was, inside that time tunnel, travelling through time. And he still had a lot of work to do. Tsunayoshi sighed, tired. After some minutes, the tenth boss could feel his body shock against something soft. He waited for the smoke to go away — he couldn’t see anything. The smoke went away slowly, showing something that surprised the Decimo.

            It was his old room.

            Sawada Tsunayoshi was in his old room, in Japan, Namimori. Sitting on the soft thing, he discovered that he was on his old bed — it wasn’t anything like his bed in the castle, but it was still nostalgic. He missed his old room. A smile grew in his pinky lips. However it quickly went away when he heard someone calling him.

            “Tsu-kun! Time to wake up!” It was his mother, Sawada Nana. He looked to his door feeling nostalgic. It was so nice to be in his room and listen to his mother’s voice. However, there was something that he could not understand. What was his doing inside his old room? That meant that in ten years in the future he went to Japan to visit his mother? “Eh, you’re going to wake him up? That’s nice, Reborn, thanks!” Tsunayoshi froze. What was Reborn doing there?

            The door was suddenly open, with brutal force. The hitman had a gun in his right hand, ready to shoot Tsunayoshi. The Vongola Decimo got up, confused, hazel-colored eyes glancing Reborn’s onyx-colored eyes. Both of them were now confused. “What are you doing here?”

            “Dame-Tsuna?” Reborn asked, putting his gun inside his suit jacket’s pocket.

            What the hell is happening?