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Bohemian Rhapsody

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Among many other talents, Tony Stark has the ability to quote from every Queen song ever published.   

There are plenty of ways that you can hurt a man   

And  bring him to the ground  

 It's the terror of knowing what the world is about   

Are you ready hey are you ready for this?   

Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?   

And not in his craziest nightmares would he have imagined that it would just take a single drive for a training session on the compound with Peter to hate their music for the rest of his life.   

It sends shivers down my spine   

Body's aching all the time   

Why, why, why?   

Insanity laughs, under pressure we're breaking   

When, in one impossible instant, he seems to be  loosing  one of the few people  he‘ d die to protect.   

These are the days it never rains but it pours   

Pray tomorrow gets me higher  








“I think I’m going to explode within the next... five seconds.”   


Tony laughed, a mocking smile gracing the billionaire’s lips. “So you want to tell me there’s a way to fill that bottomless pit of your stomach?”  


“Hey!” Peter retorted, pretending to be huffy. “It’s not my fault I got that metabolism. And just because I have to eat more doesn’t mean I can’t be full.” To be completely honest, if he were hungry  hour after  eating literally everything at the huge all you can eat- buffet, he would have either starved already or May would have gone bankrupt. Neither were exactly a nice image.  


“Alright, I’ll make a mental note that it takes four plates piled with food to cope with Peter Parker’s metabolism.”  


“Do you want me to  put  that in sketchpad for you?” Friday asked. Peter raised his eyebrows. The AI was an incredibly useful tool - a friend, he reminded himself, thinking of how much he’d grown to like Karen - but her sense of detecting sarcasm and jokes really needed to be updated.  




“Yes.” Tony interrupted his protégé. Not that it was a life-changing thing to keep in mind, but he liked stumbling over side-notes like this when stuck  on  developing something new which happened quite often, even to the genius that everyone considered Tony Stark to be.  


“Why, Mr. Stark, this is- “He was about to say “-really useless information for you” but was interrupted when the brakes squeaked and Tony pressed an arm against the boy’s chest. Peter hated it, because he felt like a kid every time it happened, but since that one time Tony had to jump on the brakes and the belt had refused to hold Peter upright - with his nose catching the worst of it - this happened frequently: Tony pushing him in the seat when he saw things coming. He couldn’t help  it,  it had just become a natural reflex.  


Around a year earlier ,  Tony would’ve pretended it was because of the legal issues he’d get if one of his interns got hurt on a trip with him - or because he didn’t like  bloodstains  on the interior of his car. Nowadays, no one would believe that. You didn’t just invite any intern to lunch, let alone someone who wasn’t even an actual intern. Truth was, Tony Stark had started caring deeply for someone that wasn’t him,  or  Pepper or Rhodey. He might’ve smiled at that thought if it wasn’t  for the  anger rushing through his system.  


“I hate this goddamn quarter !  Feels like all residents are just too stupid to comprehend the easiest of street signs.”  Tony  let out a breath and relaxed a little, letting his arm sink. “Sorry kiddo.”   


The next  free hour  he’d definitely use to program Friday to avoid routes with higher risk for traffic accidents.  


“At least the sight’s pretty nice.” The man turned the car left, leading them away from the apartment blocks and into more natural areas of the city. Peter couldn’t agree more. The sight was astonishing:  i t was September, autumn was slowly settling in and the tree’s lea ve s looked like molten gold in the sunlight. Looking out of his window, he could watch it draw all known colors onto the surface of the broad river. This was one of the times that Peter wished he could just hop out of the car and swing himself to the top of those trees. If this place wasn’t so far from home, he might even do it on a spare day. Until then, he decided, he’d just enjoy the quick mini-road trip with his mentor.   


As if Tony had heard those words, he turned up the volume of the freshly installed audio system, and it took Peter all of his strength to not start  head-banging  when Bohemian Rhapsody started playing.  It was entirely another question if  humming along to the melody was less embarrassing .  


But Tony Stark was, even though he might not portray himself like that as often ,  just as much of a nerd as Peter was. The fingers of his right hand, wrapped around the steering wheel ,  twitched in the rhythm of the piano, and he rolled his eyes when he saw that the kid was holding back the urge to play along with the guitar. His taps intensified when they reached the well known bridge, and Peter finally couldn’t stop it from happening: He closed his eyes, ignoring the blood rushing in his cheeks by the thought that Tony - fucking Ironman - Stark was sitting in the driver’s seat next to him, listening, and just bursted the song out of his lungs.  


“Thunderbolt and lightning - Very, very frightening me!” Tony grinned, and the following happened with neither of them consciously thinking about it. As if they’d sang it in  duet  billion times already.  




“Galileo.” Peter started grinning.  


“Galileo.” Tony grinned brighter.  




And both finished, in perfect union: “Galileo  figaro !” before taking a short breath to go along with the final chords: “Magnifico-o-o-o!” They laughed, and Peter let all guard down, wholeheartedly playing the solo on the air guitar. It was impossible to believe that a song connected to a memory as crazily beautiful as this would turn into one that Tony would hate to hear for the rest of his life.  


The song was still playing when his eyes widened in shock, his right arm snapping upwards to Peter’s chest, a curse slipping from his mouth when the brakes  squealed  for the second time that day.  


So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye? (Yeah!)  

So you think you can love me and leave me to die?  

Oh, baby, can't do this to me, baby  

Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here.