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Let the Bullets Rain

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“You up for getting in some trouble?” Chris asked peeking his head in the door. Danny and Rob left two days ago to meet Hightower and in those few days the two men had bonded. They discovered they had a lot in common; they both had an appreciation for weapons, football, and cooking.

Julian grinned from ear to ear pulling on a t-shirt as Max trotted after. “Danny would be pissed if he knew I showed you this part of the house.” The guard couldn’t help but grin, he loved breaking into the store house it had so many fun toys in it. He pushed the door open and motioned Julian inside. The spy nodded in approval surveying the room's contents. “Nice store house.”

“Oh you haven’t seen anything yet.” After exploring the weapons store house for almost an hour, selecting a few weapons the two made their way outside to the shooting range. An afternoon shooting guns was just what the doctor ordered well Chris did but he was close enough to a doctor, at least to the spy. Julian sighed flopping down on the bed minding his injured side.

The bed wasn’t the same when Danny was gone. He could have slapped himself for that thought. The man had only been gone two days and he was already pining. He huffed in frustrating smacking the pillows to a more comfortable shape as a set of eyes appeared over the edge of the bed.

“I suppose you miss him too?” Max nudged his leg and Julian took the hint sliding over. Max happily hopped up on the bed stretching out across the warm spot Julian had left behind. the agent curled up on Danny’s side of the bed and he could smell him. He buried his face in Danny’s pillow inhaling his scent; he quickly pulled away at the shrill sound of a phone.

He gingerly reached over grabbing the phone Danny left for him on the nightstand. The phone lit up with an unknown number and the agent broke out into a grin; only one person had the number to this phone. He swiped his thumb across the green bubble “Missing me already?”

A chuckle drifted through the phone. “Maybe. Are you behaving?” It was Julian’s turn to laugh. “Maybe. Depends on your definition of behaving.” “Why does this not come as a shock to me?” “Because its me and you love it.” Julian purred.

Danny’s voice dropped an octave. “I have half a mind to spank you when I get home.” “Promise?” Danny unsuccessfully held back a growl. “Don’t tempt me Jules.” Julian’s laughter rang out and it was infectious.

Their laughter died down and the arms dealer spoke up. “I know we were supposed to come home tomorrow but it’s going to be a few more days. Fucking fussy clients!” Julian laughed quietly “Chris told me earlier.” “I’m sorry. I should have known, this guy is finicky as hell.”

“Danny its fine. Business is business we both know that.” There was a pregnant pause “Are you feeling ok?” Danny asked quietly. “Yea. Max and I walked on the beach today after Dr. Chris ok’ed it.” The older man groaned “Don’t call him Dr. Chris his ego is already big enough. But you’re seriously doing alright?”

Danny couldn’t help himself; he’d had a nagging feeling since yesterday that something was off. He had talked to Chris who assured him everything was ok but the feeling didn’t recede. Julian echoed Chris’s sentiments that everything at home was good. Then why did something feel off?

He brushed the feelings aside in favor of listening to Julian’s voice through the phone. It had been two days. Just two fucking days and he was already missing the younger man! Sleeping without him near made sleep almost impossible.

He shook his head, what was wrong with him? He was growing soft and he didn't like it. The agent yawned and he smiled despite his best intentions not to.“You go sleep. I’ll see you in a few days.”

What he was sure was going to be a one-time thing, turned out to be a nightly ritual. One of anything with Julian never seemed to be enough. Listening to the sound of the other man through the phone was like a soothing balm to his soul and Danny couldn’t get enough. He and Rob headed home tomorrow and it couldn’t come soon enough.

Home. Finally it was coming into sight. Danny sighed in relief, it had been too long. Gronk hid a snicker as the gun runner half ran/half jogged off the plane and into the mansion. Danyy scanned the house, it was quiet, too quiet. He deposited his suitcase upstairs and finding no one he stepped out onto the balcony and heard something.

It was laughter and it was coming from the beach. He shucked his suit coat in the chair, bounding down the stairs and out the door to the beach. He followed voices down the stone path as it wound down to the private beach. He rounded the corner, a smile tugging at his lips at the sight.

Chris was closest to him, his back to Danny as he tossed a perfect spiral down the beach to Julian. The younger man caught the ball as Max barked excitedly dancing around at his feet. Five days away and Julian looked worlds better. His color had improved dramatically, the freckles sprinkled across his nose and cheeks darkening in the sunlight.

He was wearing a pair of tight black swim trunks which Danny recognized as his own. The bandage was still present on his side but the bruising had diminished dramatically. Julian tossed the ball to Max who snatched it out of the air and took off racing towards Chris. The doberman was almost to other man when he saw Danny.

He dropped the ball, howling ecstatically and racing towards his owner. Well his cover was blown now. Danny reached out as Max leapt toward him, scooping the dog up in his arms. “You’re too big to be carried Max.” He chuckled as the dog wiggled in his hold, attempting to kick his face.

He put Max down, dusting off the damn sand that was now stuck to his dress pants. His eyes locked with Julian’s as the man strode towards him slowly. It was like a magnet, pulling them together and his feet were moving towards the other man before his brain could catch up.

A moment later and then were nose to nose and lips were crashing together “You’re looking good.” Danny mumbled between kisses and breathes. “So do you. Really good.” Julian murmured in return. “For fuck’s sake it’s been a week you two! Can you go a minute without sucking each other’s faces off?”

Danny flipped him the bird while using his free arm to pull the ex-agent closer. “I’m outta here!” Chris growled stomping away “Come on Max!” The dog whined at him in protest. “Trust me Max you don’t want to see what they are going to do.”

They barely made it into the house, Danny mumbling something about sex on the beach should only be a drink. He complained a lot about sand for a guy who lived on an island surrounded by it. The arms dealer was about to proceed upstairs when Julian shoved him down on the couch.

He raised an eyebrow in question at the spy as the younger man tugged at his shirt encouraging it off. Julian then busied himself with unbuckling his belt and sliding down the older man's pants and underwear in one fluid movement. He tossed his swim suit aside before crawling on top of Danny and straddling him.

Their lips met in the most delicate kiss Danny had ever experienced. He let his hands roam down Julian’s back gently pressing their crotches closer. They both moaned as their dicks slid past one another. The younger man’s lips trailing down Danny’s neck while his hand slipped lower to fondle his balls.

Electricity was running through his veins and setting his body on fire. He wanted more but he also didn’t want to hurt his lover. “Julian.” The younger man’s lips paused on his nipple as blue eyes rose to meet his. “Are you sure you’re up for this?”

A tongue flicked his nipple causing his to shiver as Julian moved up to nuzzle his neck “I’ll be fine.” Before Danny could respond he had moved lower and a warm wet mouth was engulfing his cock. “Oh fuck!” He dug his fingers into Julian’s scalp as the younger man’s head bobbed up and down.

Neither man noticed as Gronk made his way downstairs in search of a snack. He bopped down the stairs with a grin on his face! He was glad to be home and he couldn't wait to open a beer and relax on the patio. He paused on the last step, his grin fading as the moans and groans could be heard from the living room.

Curios but also nervous, he turned the corner to see the uncovered top half of Julian move up and down and heard a moan that no doubt belonged to his boss. He shuddered at the thought of what they were doing on that poor innocent couch. He quickly whipped around, tearing back up the stairs. His beer would have to wait, it wasn't worth walking past those two!

Julian pulled back ensuring Danny’s cock was nice and wet before mounting the older man. He lining himself up with Danny and sinking onto the slippery cock. He groaned as his hole was stretched, the older man brought his hands up grasping the slim hips to steady him.

Fuck, it felt good! The combination of pleasure and burn of being stretched mixing together and he tossed his head back with a moan. He needed more contact, leaning down to sneak a kiss from Danny. He slowly rolled his hips forward, drawing a moan from the man underneath him.

Danny was a coarse guy; he dealt in weapons after all. He liked his sex like he liked his cars; pretty, fast, and rough. He wasn’t a gentle, love making guy but damn the heat Julian was causing his body was off the charts!

The way he undulated his hips in a steady unhurried rhythm to the way his kisses burned his skin so good. It was drawing emotions out of Danny he never knew he had! Sex and emotion had always been two separate things before; but now the lines were so blurred he would never get them untangled.

Julian groaned loudly picking up the pace lightly and Danny took the hint, wrapping his fingers around the agent’s cock and stroking. It wasn’t long until the younger man was trembling with orgasm above him. He rode it out still rolling his hips and bringing Danny towards the edge.

He tumbled over drawing in and out of Julian until the younger collapsed on top of him. He held the spy close, hands running lightly over his back. They laid tangled together, content to bask in the other’s presence. It wasn’t until Danny heard little snores did he realize Julian had fallen asleep.

He shifted to a more comfortable position, reaching for a blanket to cover them both. A nap wouldn’t hurt he thought as his eyes drifted closed. When he opened them again it was dark and Julian was stirring on his chest.

“What time is it?” Danny asked rubbing his eyes as Julian sat up between his legs. “I don’t know.” The spy shrugged, rising to his feet and heading for the kitchen. “I’m starved. You?” Julian nodded as Danny dug though the freezer “Pizza?”

“Perfect.” Julian yawned leaning against the counter. Danny tossed it in the oven and grabbed a couple beers, handing one to Julian. “Pizza and beer. You sure know how to woo a guy Dola.” Danny smirked motioning toward the oven with his beer “Is there a better combo on the planet than this?” “I don’t know whiskey is pretty damn good.” Julian smirked taking a sip of his beer. The older man nodded in agreement. “Touche.”

An hour later, they were cuddled up together on the couch. One lone piece of pizza sat next to a few empty beer bottles. Julian groaned pressing closer to Danny. “I'm too full to move and upstairs seems so far away.” “Agreed.” Danny replied pulling Julian with him as he reclined back onto the couch.

Gronk crept down the stairs as quietly as possible the next morning. He sincerely hoped to find that Julian and Danny had migrated back upstairs after last night’s festivities. He groaned as he saw the clothes scattered around the couch. He still held out hope that they were upstairs as he peeked around the sofa. No such luck! Both men were curled up together on the sofa blanket partially covering them both.

“I hope they at least have clothes on.” Chris grumbled making his way down the stairs. As if to answer the question, Danny shifted in his sleep and the blanket slipped lower, revealing Julian’s thigh and ass. Both men were immensely grateful to discover that at least the spy had the decency to put underwear on.

“I feel bad for the poor couch. It was the innocent victim in all of this.” Gronk quipped. Chris snorted shaking his head at the other man. "We'll have to get a new one now. There's no way I'm sitting on it." Chris replied and Gronk agreed.

Max came trotting in, he glanced to the two guards before scanning the room and eyeing the pizza box. He slunk around them both men, sniffing eagerly at the lonely slice of pizza. He glanced at Chris and Rob slowly moving towards the delicious slice of heaven, as if daring them to stop him.

He made one last check that Julian and Danny were still sleeping soundly before quickly snatching the pizza gulping it down. A few seconds later the pizza was gone and Max's smacked his lips in satisfaction. He turned towards the couch, now that his snack was finished it was time for a nap.

He hopped up, somehow managing to crawl over both sleeping men and tuck himself in the crack between Danny and couch cushions. Chris and Rob stared in awe as both men seemed completely unfazed by the large dog crawling all over them. "I want to sleep that deeply." Chris grumbled as Gronk laughed. "I think they wore each other out after last nights activities."

"Gross." Chris replied wrinkling his nose in disgust as he headed for the kitchen. Gronk followed after leaving the two men and their dog to finish their nap.