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Let the Bullets Rain

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Somewhere in Africa
“You should have never interfered Garoppolo.” Agent 10 laughed bitterly “Me? You’re the one who betrayed us. Betrayed your country. And for what? Money?”

“Everyone has a price Agent 10. Everyone.” The sound of gunfire echoed throughout the room as another CIA agent crumpled to the ground.

United States
CIA Deputy Director Brady shook his head; they lost another agent. That was the second one this month. First it was Agent 3: Gostkowski and now Agent 10: Garoppolo. He turned to the small vigil gathered around the casket.

Agent 9: Romo was there his arm around their tech expert Flavia. On her other side was Agent 11: Edelman and beside him his handler Allen. His eyes met Edelman’s for a brief second before Director Belichick took the podium.

Director Belichick did his usual eulogy before departing although he seemed off? Almost as if he was nervous. The rest of the group returned to headquarters. When Julian arrived at his hardly used desk he found another assignment waiting for him.

“Oh good you found the file.” Ryan approached him as he flipped through the file. “Yea I did. Weapons dealers? Wasn’t Garoppolo working on this case?” Ryan’s brow furrowed in confusion taking the file and leafing through it.

“No not exactly. Your case is a different arms dealer. One who is apparently in competition with the ones Jimmy was investigating.” “And that was who?” Julian asked arms folded across his chest. “The Manning brothers.”

Julian nodded he had heard of them before but the man he was supposed to investigate, Danny Amendola. Well he had never heard of him before, time to get to work and study up on his new assignment.

“I don’t like this Jules. This world of arms dealing is dangerous. They killed agents before. Please be careful.” Julian smirked at his handler “I’m always careful Ryan.” Ryan did not appreciate the twinkle in those blue eyes “That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.”

“Afraid of what Allen?” Tom asked approaching the pair. “Jules new assignment. I’m not a fan.” Tom’s brow furrowed in confusion “New assignment? I didn’t request anything for him.” Julian shrugged handing the file to Tom who scanned it briefly.

The dark eyes and hair of the man in file staring back at him. Danny Amendola. This was not good. He didn’t want Julian anywhere near this man or the arms dealing trade in general. It had cost them too many agents already.

“I don’t like this either. Who handed down this assignment?” “That would be me.” Came the rough voice of Director Belichick quickly approaching them. “We are not going to stop our investigation because we lost an agent. If anything it should make us worker that much harder.”

“With all due respect Director I don’t think Edelman is the right choice for this mission.” Bill turned to Tom his signature glare plastered on his face. “Well I don’t pay you to think do I Brady?” Tom’s eyes widened in surprise as Bill turned towards Julian.

“Besides I think Edelman is the perfect man for the job. You can handle this assignment right Agent 11?” Julian nodded “Of course sir.” Bill clapped his hands together “Perfect. Go pack your plane leaves in an hour.”

Julian spent the plane ride and a significant portion of the day studying up on Amendola. Or as his clients called him Dola. The man was beautiful not that he noticed or anything. He just appreciated beauty when he saw it.

He shook that thought out of his head and refocused his brain. The man enjoyed whiskey and bourbon. Always seemed to wear a suit sans tie. In fact never in all the information he sorted though had the man worn a tie.

He had two large body guards that seemed to follow him at all times. He also had a large Doberman pincher Maximillian, who he read had a nasty temper. Julian made a quick mental note to watch out for the dog. Danny had a long supposed rap sheet with CIA but no agent had ever been able to pin anything on him.

Julian was about to change that. He smiled to himself as he stood up and strode towards the bar. He had heard Amendola loved to wind down in a local bar after deals. He scanned the bar before ordering; taking care to order the top shelf whiskey. The one he was sure Amendola would order it himself if his information was correct.

The agent relaxed back into a thick leather recliner and grabbing the local newspaper. Never hurt to know what the locals are up to and besides it never hurt to brush up on his Spanish. Julian was halfway through the newspaper when he entered.

Pictures did not do the man justice. His charcoal gray suit fit him like a glove while his black dress shirt hung slightly open exposing a hint of chest hair. There striding right next to him was dog. He was huge; bigger than Julian expected.

He had found Amendola and the dog, now where were the guards. Julian found them in no time leaning near the entrance of the mostly empty bar. Just as Julian had anticipated the man ordered the same top shelf whiskey.

“You’re the second one to order that today.” The bar tender commented mixing the drink. “Really?” Danny was intrigued; it was everyday someone ordered Johnny Walker. “Yup.” The bar tender nodded towards the agent.

Danny turned to catch a glimpse and was taken by surprise. What he figured was some old goat with too much money was actually a young man. Possibly business man like himself or perhaps the CIA sent over another agent. At least this time they sent a decent looking one.

He let his eyes roam over the other man. He was defiantly built, although the suit did a good job of hiding it. Speaking of suits it was definitely high quality and his watch; well Danny was certain a pretty penny was dropped on it.

He was interested in knowing more about this mysterious good looking stranger. He strode forward confidently Max trotting beside him. “You know your liquor.” Blue eyes rose to meet his and Danny had his first good look at his face.

Damn! He wasn’t disappointed; chiseled jaw covered by a five o’ clock shadow. His hair was short and well styled but what caught Danny’s attention the most was his eyes. They sparkled with a dangerous glint that only served to suck him right in.

“What can I say? I like the finer things in life.” Danny grinned wolfishly, he could appreciate that as well. “What brings you hear business or pleasure?” Danny asked taking a seat on the other side of Julian. Max followed perching at Danny’s feet and watching Julian’s every move.

“Business this time.” Julian responded sounding rather dull “You?” “Business as well but it could turn into pleasure.” Danny took a sip of his drink his eyes never leaving Julian’s. “Is that so?” Julian leaned forward slightly as he raised an eyebrow. Danny’s smirk widened in response “It could be if you play your cards right.”

The bodyguards exchanged a glance from where they were seated near the entrance. They saw the look in their boss’s eye; he was taken with blonde man. “Fifty bucks says he beds him within the hour.” Long laughed “I’ll take that bet Gronkowski. That one looks like trouble.”

Max rose to his feet slowing moving towards Julian and sniffing his hand. The blonde let his eyes flicker down to the large beast that was currently licking his fingers. “Hello there.” He murmured gently scratching the dog behind his ears.

Danny’s eyes widened and he attempted to cover his surprise. Max had never let anyone pet him that wasn’t Danny or one of his men. Long almost lost a finger the first time he attempted it. Yet here was a complete stranger petting him as though they were old friends.

“Sweet dog.” Julian commented leaning back in his chair. “Not usually. The last man that tried that nearly lost a hand.” Julian smirked “I must be special then.” Danny was about to reply when his phone went off in his breast pocket.

“Speaking of business. Please excuse me a moment.” He rose to his feet quickly crossing the bar towards his guards. Max gave his hand one more lick before trotting after.

Julian strained to hear what they were saying but to no avail. Danny finished his call returning to the agent’s side. “Unfornately business calls. I will have to take a rain check on our pleasure.” He leaned onto the arm rest of Julian’s chair.

“Pity. I was looking forward to a little pleasure this trip.” Julian’s tone was dripping with sex and Danny had to hold back a growl. He wanted nothing more than to pin the blonde to the bed and have his way with him.

“Till next time. Mr.?” “Julian.” He replied extending his hand. Danny accepted it smirking “Till next time Julian.” The blonde smirked in return. “I look forward to it.” He watched as Danny left and couldn’t help but notice the way his hips swayed as he walked.

He finished his drink before heading up to his room. Julian tossed his suit jacket aside loosening his tie and opening his laptop. Time to test the tracer he slipped of the dog’s collar. It wasn’t long before the GPS triangulated the arms dealers’ position.

He sent the information to his phone and headed for his car. The agent made sure to park his car far enough away to not be seen. He watched through binoculars as Danny shook the hand of some shady looking local. Then weapons dealer climbed into the back of a black SVU and it sped off down the road.
Julian followed at a safe distance as Danny headed for a small private airport. The group disembarked the SVU and boarded an expensive looking private plane. Julian snapped a picture of the plane’s serial number and sent it to Ryan.

Ryan called as he was packing “Amendola has a nice plane. It’s headed to the Bahamas. I’ve booked you on the next flight there. It leaves in a couple of hours.” “Thanks Allen you’re the best.” “Jules just be careful!” “Always do.” Julian chirped hanging up and tucking his phone back in his pocket.

Julian boarded the plane settling comfortable in the seat. It had been a long time since he had been to the Bahamas. Sounded like a nice little vacation, good thing he packed his swim trunks.

Danny stared out the window as the plane descended towards the ground. The sound of his name pulled him from his thoughts. “Hm?” “You ok Dola? You’ve been awfully quiet.” He shot Gronk a funny look. “I’m fine.”

He most certainly was, another deal in the books. Why then did he feel like something was missing? He certainly wasn’t thinking about a blonde man in the bar he really wanted to fuck. No Danny Amendola certainly was thinking about that; besides there were plenty of hot fuckable people in the Bahamas.