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Blood Earned Money

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Hey all!

I've been getting a lot of comments on this work, which wow, definitely made me realize maaayyybe I should have actually went back to edit. Y'all are throwing some seriously good points out here, and honestly, i should have been able to figure that stuff by myself, but again. I was really rushing through this, and it showed. So, for now, I'm gonna be taking this fic down, work on it a little more before putting it back up.

The problem is, I'm gonna be out of country for the most of next month, and I really don't want to deal with any big commitments, like. At all. So I'll try to work on it before I leave, but seeing as I don't wanna rush through this again, there's a chance this won't be back at least until around May.

Until then, thanks for the fast comments. :P Maybe I should post fics I know for sure I'm not done with so I can get more helpful input from y'all (jk, jk)

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Uh, first off, if you're subscribed to this and see I've added a new chapter and got all happy thinking I came back real quick... I'm hella sorry?

But main point: Someone left a comment, username anlal, all the way on chapter 5. When I deleted the chapter, unfortunately, I lost some amazing comments in the process. I've thankfully screenshotted the contents and have the critical points saved so I know what to do...

Point is, I've never done the whole reconstructing thing before though. So, try everything once, don't knock it till ya try it, whatever, a mix of those kinda phrases... I'm'a do something I don't think I'd have ever dared to do before.

I'm gonna copy and paste the link to the doc I have for this fic (so those of you who were left hanging midair can read up the end, rough draft as it frigging is) but so that not only can you creepily stalk my process and unnerve me with your presence if you happen to be on when I'm working on it, but also, because I'm essentially putting in so much effort for this fic at this point when I was just tryna wash my hands of it (is that the right english phrase? Or did I just directly translate a phrase from a different language and get mixed up again?)...

I would love if you guys can head over there and leave a comment about what y'all think needs fixing. Of course, I will reserve the right to decide what to do with your comments at the end, obviously, so please don't take offense if I don't exactly do what you comment, buuuut. Y'all told me what was wrong in the first place, and while I could fix, unless I'm rewriting this from scratch, there's gonna be a high chance I'll forget some stuff or mess other things up.

So. Y'all're welcome, kindly, don't use this opportunity to leave nasty filth on my chat, or god forbid, spam me. I will block you if I have to. And take down privilages for anyone to be able to access the doc. So don't ruin it for others!

Anyhoo, here y'all go!



*prays y'all comment soon because like I said, there's only so long I can work on this when my parents aren't spying on me before I leave*

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real quick sorry for the unnecessary updates of not actual chapters but –

y'all are giving me formatting tips on the doc? And like thanks but ?? one they're a little confusing, elaborate on why you comment what you do and also

??? I mean, thanks again but? Uhm, I actually need more help with fic content rather than formatting? Bro, believe me, if this was a paper id be a lot more concerned with my formatting but as its a fic thats kinda like.. the last thing on my mind?