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Yeah, give me what I need...


Elphaba Thropp was not a particularly sentimental person. But here she was, sitting in her room, sorting through dozens of pictures she had taken and printed throughout the summer. She flipped through the pictures- neon lights, blue waves, cotton candy, palm trees, raindrops, coffee cups…

And her- so many pictures of her .

Elphaba knew she shouldn’t overthink any of this. Spending too much time dwelling on this would just open up all the barely-healed scars of the summer.

A small, white cat jumped on the bed, messing up the neatly arranged pictures.

“Malky, the entire bed is open, and you chose to step on my pictures. Asshole.”

Malky let out a small mrrow as he rubbed against Elphaba’s hand, begging for attention.

“Alright, I forgive you.” She scratched the cat behind his ears, and he crawled into her lap. “It’s been a long summer, Malky. Can I tell you about it? I know you’ve heard the story a thousand times over, but you’re just a cat, you have no choice but to listen.”

The sleepy cat only purred in response.

“I’ve told you the story before, Malks, I’d hate to bore you with it again, are you sure?”

Malky meowed lazily, as if reluctantly agreeing.

“Okay, thanks for listening, you dumb cat.” Elphaba sighed as she picked up a blurry picture. A girl, dancing on the beach, a smile on her face, the sun lighting up her golden, windswept hair.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A thousand pictures are worth more than words could ever say.

“Like so many stories, Malky, this one starts with a girl.”