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Within These Walls

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“Of course, of course.”  Audrey Tindall shook her head and pointed at the phone.  Her assistant smiled and double checked the GPS. “Dear, dear Lana, as you know I am about to film in Hollywood, but as soon as I can clear some of that from my schedule, I will be happy to fly out and sit on your couch.”  She nodded as she rolled her finger. “Of course. Toodles love.” The actress hit the off button on her phone. “Bloody hell. That woman could talk the ear off a statue.” She pulled the visor down and checked her lipstick.  “Make sure that the bloody agency team knows about this, but sits on the interview until I have gotten at least half my scenes done so I can pump the movie while I chit chat about Nightmare.”


“I’ll take care of that just as soon as I make sure the advance team got your kitchen stocked and tp in the bathroom.”  Susan said as she made a right turn.


“And the house they are putting me up in?  Is it as lovely as they say?” Audrey cracked open a water.  “So hot out here. I hope the air conditioning works.”


“It’s a picture of the grand old Hollywood style.  There is nothing else like it. Lots of Tiffany and hickory detailing.  The kitchen is updated and the furniture looks a little retro to stick with the feel, but its all brand new.”  


Audrey sighed.  “I don’t understand why they are putting me up in an old house.  I prefer an ocean front house with the feel of being in an IKEA catalog, all clean lines and light colored woods.”


Susan laughed.  “I guess one of the producers picked it up just to put stars from other countries in so he wouldn’t have to pay for hotels.  I heard he put some South Korean heartthrob in it for about a week while he was doing tests and readings. The actor bailed on the film and probably went home for some 20 episode action drama or something.”  She pulled up in front of the house.


The star looked up at the house.  “Why it’s lovely.” She saw the stained glass and brick.  “Anyone I would know of live there?”


The assistant looked out at the house.  She knew the true history of the house and worse she knew its current status, but was bound by contracts tighter than ropes.  “I don’t think so. Think it was built by some doctor to the stars for his socialite wife. She had high expectations it seems or maybe he loved her that much.  Shall we?” She hopped out and grabbed Audrey’s bags from the trunk. She hoped that rat hearted bastard of a producer burned in hell for this. Susan led the way to the door and unlocked it before putting the bags down.


Audrey walked through and looked around.  She ran her fingers over the wood and smiled gently at the light through the stained glass.  She wished her beloved Rory could have seen this. He would have likely gone looking for a spot for his games and started plotting adventure weekends for the two of them moments after entering.  The actress wondered if she would ever find anyone who could awaken her heart again. “This is magnificent Susan.”


Susan came back from checking the supplies.  ‘There’s several bedrooms, take your pick. Lots of supplies, but there is also an account and phone number for ordering things from one of those fancy schmancy groceries slash delis on the counter in the kitchen.  Actually, there is a whole folder of stuff there. The library has a ton of books and there are DVDs in the bust thingie...pedestal in the living room.”


Audrey considered.  “Sounds like you have me prepared to hunker down.”


“Definitely.  There are some heavy rainstorms in the forecast and I know those are easy peasy in England, but in LA it brings out the stupid and suicidal.   I think the producer just wanted you settled in before the storms rather than have to wait on them to subside and then you come in to start readings.”  Susan looked around. “The revised script is due to get dropped off tomorrow. Listen...if you want something different…..”


Audrey gently gripped Susan’s arm.  “Don’t worry about me love. I can entertain myself until the readings.  You will be picking me up for those?”


Susan smiled.  “Of course. Just pick up the phone and call if you need anything.”  She frowned. “The building was like overbuilt. You might have signal dropout in some parts of the house, so I made sure there are a few landlines through the place for you.  Anything else, anything else….” she trailed off looking around. She made a point not to stare at any of the cameras. “Well, if you need anything, my number and about fifty other useful numbers are in the folder.”


Audrey walked her to the door.  “I’ll call if I need anything. Thank you for bringing me here Susan.”


Susan nodded.  “Anything Audrey, you call.  Have a wonderful day.” She got in the car and drove just a few blocks where a small production trailer huddled in a parking lot.  The redhead headed in. “That is just fucked. You know how bad things were in Nightmare,” she said angrily.


John Bishop, the producer turned in his chair, the dozens of screens behind him showing a peaceful house where a Brit far from home was slowly exploring her space.  “It probably won’t do anything. I’m just… its in case. That Howard woman? She says this place feeds on misery and pain. Tindall has been up to her eyeballs in that.  Let’s see if anything happens.”


“What’s going to happen is she is going to sue your ass for all those cameras.”  Susan crossed her arms and paced.


“Never happen.  Even if she found a lawyer who could undo that itty bitty but ever so huge clause in what she signed, she would be a fool to fight the publicity train that she would be riding if something did happen.  Lightning does strike twice even three times if you have the rod.” He pointed at Audrey sipping her tea as she walked from room to room. “She is the hottest rod going.”