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Missing Piece

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Being a parent is hard enough, but being a single parent is twice as difficult. Roy Mustang never imagined being a parent or a single parent, but here he is almost five years later after his ex girlfriend passed away giving birth to his now four year old son, Liam Mustang. Liam is Roy's clone except he has big beautiful green eyes. His eyes are much more than plain old green. They’re the stunning green that brings the earth back to life after an unforgiving cold weather.

The green that revives grass from the harsh conditions of winter. The green that, even in the darkest times can be that light that shows you the way home. The beacon of hope in the dreariest of days, at least in Roy's eyes. Liam is also one of the shyest little boys anyone will ever meet, but he's the brightest person in the world once he warms up to someone.

While most believe a quiet house with a child under ten is a bad thing, but that isn't the case in the Mustang household because Liam is naturally a quiet boy. Roy snorts a little at a sudden weight on his chest while he is watching the news on a rare day off, looking down to find Liam laying on top of him watching the news with him comfortably. Of course Roy doesn't have the heart to move him, so instead he gently rubs his son’s back lovingly with one hand while his other arm holds him still. It's pretty rare to have a peaceful moment like this, and Roy doesn't want it to end.

“You look comfy, Buddy.” Roy chuckles quietly, lifting his head slightly and placing a tender kiss onto the top of Liam's head. “Am I comfortable?”

“Papa is comfy so I'm comfy.” Liam mumbles against Roy's chest and watches the reporter on t.v try to interview King Bradley about the rise in gang activity. “What’s a gang, Papa?”

“A gang is a group of bad people committing crimes together. It's my job to help stop bad people like that.” Roy explains while holding Liam so he doesn't fall and grabs his cellphone when it starts ringing, picking up right away in case it's work related. “Mustang.”

“Sir, I know you have the day off, but we need you in the base. Fullmetal has returned.” Riza explains and looks down at her swollen stomach fondly, not flinching when she sees large hands suddenly resting on her bump from behind because she knows it's her mate, Jean Havoc. “He won't give his report to anyone else despite what we've told him about your day off.”

“Figures. I'll be there shortly with my son, I don't have anyone to keep an eye on him.” Roy sighs and stands up slowly while holding Liam up with one arm, shutting off the television after hanging up the phone and placing a kiss to his son's cheek affectionately. “Sorry, Buddy. Looks like you're coming to work with me. You get to meet my problematic blonde and the rest of my squad.”

Liam nods before rubbing his eyes sleepily, laying his cheek on Roy's shoulder gently. “Okay, Papa. I'm sleepy…”

He's so cute I'm going to die. Roy smiles to himself especially when he hears his son's gently breathing in his ear, carefully placing Liam in the backseat without waking him and putting on his seatbelt so his whole world is safe in the car. “Sleep well, Liam. I love you so much.”

Roy’s office is painted grey, and it has only one floor-to-ceiling window, which faces the busy city market. On the grey desk sits a stack of papers sitting under a jellyfish-shaped paperweight. In one corner, the fan is blasting at medium, and there’s also a swivel chair in the middle of the office. A bookshelf, bursting with books is in a different corner, with yet another stack of papers under a second jellyfish paperweight. A few pens are lying on the papers, but some have fallen onto the top of the bookshelf.

Another thing on the desk is none other than Edward Elric with his report from his mission lying next to his waist. Instead of his usual braid, his long golden hair is pulled into a neat ponytail and his bangs are the same like always. It's not a secret that the young blonde is one of two omegas in the military, but there is a rumor around the base that Edward is having an affair with Roy.

“Fullmetal? You're back early.” Roy comments and walks over to his large chair, sitting down while holding his son still.

“Yeah, I brought my-- oh my god he's so cute.” Edward trails off the instant bright green eyes are staring at him and he smiles at the young boy which makes Roy's heart flutter. “Hi, what's your name?”

“I-I'm Liam Mustang.” Liam says softly, turning his head and burying his face into Roy's chest shyly.

“Liam, huh? It's nice to meet you, I'm Edward Elric, you can call me Ed if you want. I work with your dad.” Edward smiles again and Roy suddenly feels gravity isn't holding him to the ground, it's the young blonde and his son keeping him down.

“Fullmetal, your report?” Roy clears his throat to hide the faint blush on his cheeks as well as to return the omega's attention on him again.

“Right.” Edward blushes lightly and hands over his neatly typed report, he types all of his reports because his penmanship is too feminine in his opinion. “Here, it's all there. There was a little trouble… but I handled it.”

“The financial bureau won't be too happy about that. Did you at least repair what you destroyed?” Roy raises an eyebrow suspiciously at Edward, looking down at Liam when he feels his little one sliding off his lap. “Liam? What are you doing, buddy?”

Liam wordlessly goes over to the sofa inside the office and climbs onto it after seeing Roy's jacket. He simply lays on top of the fabric and closes his eyes, feeling as content as he looks. “Papa is busy. I will stay here so I'm not in Papa's way.”

Oh my fucking god. How does the bastard handle this little angel?! Edward covers his mouth to hide the cute noise that escapes, wanting to just hug the little Mustang and not caring if the bigger Mustang got jealous. He hops off Roy's desk quietly after hearing Liam's gentle breathing, silently going over to the boy and feeling his omegan maternal instinct kick in as he wraps Roy's jacket around Liam carefully so he doesn't get cold with the air conditioning on.

“Thank you for that. I wasn't expecting him to do that.” Roy whispers once Edward is sitting on his desk again, looking more exhausted than he normally does.

“You look like you need a nap as well before you go home. I do feel bad for dragging you in now… I didn't know you had a son until now.” Edward says softly and strangely doesn't mind his lap becoming a pillow for Roy, even going so far as stroking the older man's hair with his flesh hand. “I'll come over and make you guys dinner as an apology.”

“There's no need…” Roy murmurs, loving the rare gentle touch and eventually dozing off on his youngest subordinate.

What's this feeling in my chest?