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Kim Taehyung is a lot of things.


He’s creative, friendly, outgoing, kind, funny, clever and he has a gigantic heart too.


But most of all Kim Taehyung is clumsy, which is how he finds himself in his current position in his brand new apartment that he just moved into today, staring between the broken clothing rail in his cupboard and his shirts and jackets that are now on the floor of said cupboard.


Jimin comes rushing in when he hears the noise of the clothing rail breaking and everything falling to the floor, and promptly bursts into laughter at the sight before him.


“Jiminie, it’s not funny!” Taehyung whines, pouting petulantly at his best friend who is trying and failing to reign in his giggles.


“You’ve been here all of an hour and a half and have already managed to break something, I’m sorry Taehyungie but it is at least a little bit funny.” Jimin calms down enough to reply and walks over to his best friend to pat him on the back.


“It’s not even a lot of stuff though, why do things like this keep happening to me?” Taehyung has now flopped onto his bed and throws an arm across his eyes dramatically as he thinks about his terrible luck.


“This may not be a lot of stuff to you, but to most normal people that is a lot of clothes Taehyung. And to answer your question, I don’t know why this keeps happening to you, maybe you did something only kind of bad in a past life and this is your punishment?”


“Excuse you Park Jimin, but I resent that.” Taehyung huffs in annoyance and shoots a playful glare Jimin’s way who just snorts and shakes his head, walking over to sit next to Taehyung’s form that is sprawled across his bed.


“What am I going to do?” Taehyung mumbles after a moment of silence and Jimin is quiet for a few minutes before responding.


“If it were me I would phone the Landlord and ask for help, he should know someone who can fix it?”


“But I just moved in today, he’s going to think I’m a bad tenant.” He really doesn’t want to be kicked out of this apartment. It took Taehyung ages to find one that was both in a decent area and affordable, he doesn’t want to have to start looking again. Also packing and unpacking is a bitch and a half and there is no way he wants to do that again either.


Jimin just shrugs at his statement and gets up to go help finish unpacking Taehyung’s kitchen stuff that he had been busy with before being interrupted by what shall now be referred to as The Cupboard Incident™.


“Thanks for being so helpful dear Jiminie.” Taehyung calls out sarcastically, although it still mostly sounds like a whine, and all he hears in response is Jimin snorting and then breaking into laughter again.


But as much as he may whine and pout about his lack of fortune, Taehyung is a grown man and damnit he is going to act like one!


Pulling out his phone from the pocket of his sweat pants, Taehyung unlocks it before going into his contacts and searching for the newly added one labelled LANDLORD.


His finger hovers over the call button for a few seconds before he bucks up and presses it, bringing the now ringing phone to his ear. As he waits for the short, but intimidating man to answer he goes over his little speech in his head and crosses his fingers that he won’t be kicked out for his clumsiness.


“Hello?” A voice says and Taehyung is slightly startled as that’s definitely not what his Landlord sounded like when he showed Taehyung his apartment.


He checks his screen quickly to see that he pressed the correct contact and when he sees that he did his brows furrow.


“Hello, um, I was looking for Mr Min? Is this the correct number?” Taehyung responds carefully and prays that he didn’t further mess up and save the wrong number when his Landlord gave it to him earlier that day.


“That depends, why are you looking for him?” The voice replies just as carefully.


“He’s the Landlord for the apartment building I just moved in to and I needed to ask him something about it, if this is indeed his number?”


“Oh,” Comes the short response followed by a sweet laugh that Taehyung honestly wouldn’t mind hearing again, “then yes this is the right number. Dad was just busy with something so I answered for him, hang on one second.”


There is the sound of someone walking around followed by a shout of ‘Dad, phone!’ before the line crackles slightly and a gruff voice that Taehyung finally recognises, speaks into the phone.


“Yoongi speaking, what do you need?” Mr Min mutters and Taehyung crosses his fingers again.


“Mr Min, uh hi, it’s Taehyung.” He clears his throat and tries again, “Kim Taehyung, I moved into the empty apartment on the third floor today.”


He gets a grunt in response and takes that as his cue to continue.


“Sorry to bother you, I know you’re probably doing other Landlord things.” Taehyung face palms at his own words but carries on, “I seem to have had a bit of an accident? Nothing terribly bad, but I was hanging up my clothes in the cupboard and the clothing rail kind of broke in half and I was wondering if you possibly knew someone that could help me fix it?” Taehyung is biting his bottom lip now and quickly releases it when he remembers what he wanted to add, “I’ll totally pay for the damage and repairs myself, I just wanted to know if you knew anyone.”


The line is silent for a few moments save for their breathing and the sound of fingers typing away on a keyboard coming from Mr Min’s end and Taehyung wonders if he’s already typing out an eviction notice.


“The one on the third floor you said?” Mr Min finally answers and Taehyung nods his head before remembering that Mr Min can’t see him and responds with a ‘yes’.


“That cupboard actually needed replacing anyways and I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet so don’t worry. I’ll either come up myself or send someone up tomorrow to come take a look and sort it out, does 10am work for you?” Mr Min asks and Taehyung wants to yell, he wants to run to the rooftop and shout in excitement at his luck that his Landlord is this cool and helpful, and that he doesn’t have to find a new place to live.


“Yes of course, 10am is fine, I’ll be here.” Taehyung says with a grin and just has the time to murmur a small ‘thank you, bye’ before Mr Min hangs up on him.


Filled with the joy of not being evicted, Taehyung jumps off his bed and runs to find Jimin who is sitting on his kitchen floor carefully packing away the mountain of Tupperware that Taehyung somehow acquired in his 4 years since moving away from home.


“Jiminie, I am saved!” Taehyung all but yells while playfully messing with Jimin’s hair.


Saved saved, or can I borrow money and I’ll be saved saved?” Jimin retorts, not even batting an eye as Taehyung continues to make his hair go in directions it usually never does.


“That was one time-”


“Four times TaeTae, four.”


Taehyung momentarily huffs in annoyance before sitting down next to Jimin on his kitchen floor, grinning at his best friend.


Saved saved Jiminie. Mr Min said that either he or someone else will be by tomorrow at 10am to have a look and sort it out.” Taehyung sighs in relief and Jimin reaches over to pat his thigh twice.


“I’m happy for you Taehyungie. This doesn’t mean you can stop unpacking though, so get your ass up and help because I’m not unpacking your stuff alone.” With one more pat to Taehyung’s thigh, although it felt more like a slap, Jimin continued his uphill battle with the Tupperware while Taehyung pulled himself off the floor and trudged back to his room.



The next morning Taehyung woke up to loud knocking on his door, which he was ready to be angry about until he glanced at his clock and saw the time.






With a yell, Taehyung all but fell out of bed and rushed to his bathroom to do a quick gargle of mouthwash because a) there was currently no time to properly brush his teeth and b) he did not want to kill the poor soul at his door with his morning breath.


Practically skidding all the way to his front door in his socks, Taehyung quickly opens the door only to want to slam his own head in it.


Not because his short, yet intimidating, Landlord was standing there fuming. No, it was because possibly the most attractive man Taehyung has ever seen, was standing before him in a worn, white t-shirt, ripped blue jeans, worker boots and an honest to God tool-belt with another toolbox at his feet while Taehyung was there in his mismatched socks, giant grey t-shirt that had paint splatters on it and his blue boxers that are covered in tiny, white, cartoon clouds.


Could it get any worse?


It was at that moment Taehyung caught a glimpse of his reflection in the glass of one of the pictures on his wall and it had managed to get worse.


The bedhead, the horribly astounding bedhead he was currently sporting from going to bed with damp hair, would now be the cherry on top of the worst possible way to be seen by an actual angel™.


“I’m sorry.” Were the first words out of Taehyung’s mouth and the slight frown that was on the angel’s™ face disappeared, only to be replaced by the sweetest smile Taehyung had ever seen.


“Ahh, don’t worry about it. Late night?” The angel™ asked and the exhaustion from the previous day decided to reappear with vigour at that moment and Taehyung slumped against his open door, his eyes suddenly becoming heavy again.


“I’m really sorry. Jiminie and I were unpacking until midnight, and then we still had to eat and tidy up, and then I had to shower and move all my clothes off my bed so I could sleep and so I may have overslept.” Taehyung mumbles sleepily, rubbing his eyes with one hand while he stifles a yawn with the other.


“It’s fine, really. Although you are lucky it’s me and not my dad who came to help.” The angel™ responds and Taehyung perks up a bit at the way he said ‘my dad’.


“Your dad as in?” Taehyung trails off and crosses his fingers behind his back, hoping that it’s not what he thinks.


“The Landlord. I’m his son, Jungkook.”


Double crap.


Resisting the urge to frown at his terrible luck, Taehyung remembers that there is indeed a reason for the angel™ Jungkook being at his door and so he sticks out his hand.


“I’m Taehyung, thanks for coming to fix my cupboard.”


“Nice to meet you Taehyung-ssi, it’s no problem.” Jungkook replies as he shakes Taehyung’s outstretched hand, the smile not leaving his face which was starting to make the beginnings of butterflies to start forming in Taehyung’s stomach.


Letting go of Jungkook’s hand, Taehyung clears his throat before gesturing down the passageway.


“My bed… I mean bedroom… uhm broken cupboard is this way.” Taehyung stumbles over his words as he leads the way and silently thanks God that Jungkook can’t see his bright red cheeks from behind him.


It’s very faint but he thinks he hears a stifled giggle behind him, but when he glances back Jungkook looks as composed as ever as he follows behind Taehyung.


When they get to his room Taehyung briefly prays he didn’t leave too much of a mess, but opens his door that had swung shut slightly.


“Excuse the mess but uh, here it is.” Taehyung points to what once was his cupboard, rubbing his neck sheepishly with his other hand as Jungkook assesses the damage.


Jungkook places his toolbox on the floor before taking a couple steps forward to get a better look. He crouches down to reach for the broken wooden railing, straightening up once the rail is in his hand before leaning in to get a look at the inside of the cupboard.


While Jungkook is busy with his assessment, Taehyung takes the chance to move over and sit on his bed, cuddling a pillow in his lap as he watches Jungkook take measurements, noting them down on his phone and then double checking the hinges and shelves too.


And Taehyung… Taehyung just keeps watching until he is snapped out of his daydream by Jungkook clearing his throat.


“So uh, I think it’ll just be easier to replace the whole thing. I already messaged my dad and he agrees. Don’t worry about the cost,” Jungkook holds up a hand as Taehyung is about to ask, “it needs replacing which is our job and cost to cover.


I could probably get it done today, but that means I’ll also probably be in and out getting the new cupboard and a few other things and it’ll get kind of noisy while I take apart the old one and put together the new one – I don’t know if you’d rather go out?” Jungkook asks politely and Taehyung shrugs.


“I could stay while you get everything sorted and pop out while you’re busy with the taking apart and building stuff?” Taehyung suggests, already contemplating buying lunch for Jungkook as a Thank-You.


“Sure. Dad ordered the cupboard so I’m just going to fetch that and a few other things and I’ll be back.” Jungkook replies, giving a small wave before going back the way they came, closing the front door behind him.


Taehyung waits a few moments to be sure he’s gone before lunging for his phone.


“What Taehyungie?” Comes the groan as soon as the call connects and Taehyung is practically bouncing on his bed.


“Jiminie, stop cuddling Joon-hyung and listen up. I have so much to tell you, starting with how I saw a real life angel.”




When Jungkook had gotten back with his cupboard, Taehyung had already finished telling Jimin (and Namjoon, who had decided he also wanted to know) about everything, he’d had a shower, got changed into his good™ jeans and one of his shirts that show off his collarbones, styled his hair and tidied up a little.


He was not getting caught off guard again. So what if he had to rush through his shower and not enjoy the heat like he usually does. At least he managed to also brush his teeth in the shower and got everything else done in time.


Sure, that may have been the fastest he’d ever gotten through all of that, and yeah he might have been out of breath, but at least he no longer looked like a hot mess.


And while a large part of his mind keeps reminding him that as his Landlord’s son, Jungkook should be off limits. An even bigger, louder part keeps going on about how this is a once in a lifetime Man-Angel™ and he’d be stupid to let him pass by.


The reaction from Jungkook, although small, was worth it though. When he came back and Taehyung opened the door, the way Jungkook’s eyes widened slightly and his neck flushed, made Taehyung all kinds of giddy.


Jungkook was quick to compose himself but Taehyung had seen it and that was enough.


As he left Jungkook to do what he needed, Taehyung shot him a grin and did a little wave, causing Jungkook to look a little flustered from the brightness of his smile, aka his secret weapon.


But when he returned home a couple hours later, fried chicken in hand as his Thank-You, he almost dropped said chicken when he walked in on Jungkook putting the last door on his new cupboard. Not because the cupboard was horrible, or because something bad had happened, it was all because Jungkook’s biceps were bulging from all the lifting and carrying he undoubtedly did and Taehyung’s poor heart almost stopped.


He managed to keep it together though and got through Jungkook cutely thanking him for the food, and them eating together while maintaining a friendly conversation.


It was only much later when Taehyung was already in bed that he realised that the new cupboard Jungkook had put together for him was almost double the size of the old one and had a full length mirror unlike the one he’d accidentally broken.


It’s safe to say that he went to bed grinning that night.




“Hi Mr Min, I’m sorry to call again so soon but my kitchen light seems to have fused and I was wondering if I could borrow a step-ladder to replace it?”


“No need, I’ll send Jungkook to sort it out, we already have the bulbs. Who is it for again?”


“Sorry, it’s Taehyung, on the third floor. You replaced my cupboard 2 weeks ago.” Taehyung sheepishly replies, raising an eyebrow when he hears what sounds like a cough trying to cover a laugh.


“Ohh that Taehyung. Yep, I’ll definitely send Jungkook to sort it out.” Mr Min answers before hanging up.


Taehyung stares at his phone momentarily in confusion before hovering his finger over the redial button, ready to call back and ask when to expect Jungkook when a text comes through.


From: Landlord

Kid will be there in 20.


A small yelp escapes Taehyung’s mouth as he drops his phone onto his kitchen counter, wasting no time racing around to tidy up as much as possible before Jungkook arrived.


He knows it’s probably useless and that someone as attractive as Jungkook is probably already taken or straight, but he can’t stop himself from at least trying.


Taehyung manages to tidy up with enough time to sit for a few minutes to catch his breath before there is knocking at his door that makes his stomach flip. He takes his time walking the few steps to his door, taking a deep breath before pulling it open and smiling at Jungkook.


“Taehyung-ssi, my dad said you needed some help with a light?” Are Jungkook’s first words to him and Taehyung can’t help but dislike the formality of his greeting.


“You already installed a new cupboard for me and had a meal with me. I think that means you can call me Taehyung.” Taehyung jokes, but he hopes Jungkook takes him up on his offer.


“Well then, you can call me Jungkook, Taehyung-hyung.” Jungkook replies with a sweet smile which Taehyung returns while stifling a giggle.




Jungkook flushes at Taehyung’s amused expression, shrugging before responding.


“Dad has everyone’s information on file so I know that you’re older than me.”


“Oh really, so you looked at my file?” Taehyung teases and Jungkook’s flush deepens.


“N-no.” Jungkook clears his throat and tries again, “I mean, it’s only polite to know how to address you.”


A bunch of ways for how he’d like Jungkook to address him pops into his mind, but now is NOT the time for that. Taehyung mentally shakes his head to clear his thoughts before grinning at Jungkook.


“I’m just messing around with you. My name already has ‘hyung’ in it so just call me Taehyung and it’ll be like you’re calling me Tae-hyung, see? Sorted.”


With that Taehyung cocks his head in the direction of his kitchen and pushes off from where he was leaning on his door.


“Come on, kitchen is this way.”


He starts walking towards said kitchen and glances back once after hearing his door close to make sure Jungkook is following him.


He is.


When they get to his kitchen Taehyung points to the light that is no longer working, before hopping on to his kitchen counter to watch Jungkook work his handyman magic.


Jungkook takes that as his cue to go ahead and places the bulb next to Taehyung where it can’t roll off the counter and break, before opening the step-ladder and placing it under the light.


Just before he climbs the first step though he stops and turns to Taehyung.


“Is the switch off?”


Taehyung thinks about it for a second before nodding his head and replying with a ‘yup!’


Jungkook looks back and forth between Taehyung and the light and decides there is no harm in double checking. However he is wrong; because as soon as he goes to see that the switch is indeed off, Taehyung gasps, one hand held to his chest in shock.


“I can’t believe you don’t trust me!” Taehyung playfully yells and Jungkook is about to defend himself when he notices Taehyung’s cheeky grin.


Sighing in relief, he moves back to the step-ladder, climbing 2 of the 4 steps before reaching up to remove the old bulb.


“Sorry, but I don’t feel like getting shocked today.” Jungkook jokes as he climbs down the steps, placing the old bulb in his toolbox.


“So not today but some other time then?” Taehyung jokes back, handing the new bulb to Jungkook.


“More like never. I enjoy being alive.” Jungkook snorts in response, taking the new lightbulb from Taehyung before going up the 2 steps again to put it in.


“Well good, I like you being alive too.” Taehyung replies without thinking, his eyes going wide a few seconds later when he realises what he just said.


“You do?” Jungkook is quick to ask, eyes probably as wide as Taehyung’s.


“Yeah uh… because who would fix my cupboard or lights if you were gone?” Taehyung manages to respond, throwing in a fake laugh in the hopes that Jungkook won’t realise how terrible he is at lying.


“Oh yeah, totally.” Comes Jungkook’s reply as he chuckles weakly, both of them avoiding eye contact as they compose themselves.


It’s awkward as Jungkook folds up the step-ladder and Taehyung hops off his counter, and it doesn’t stop until they each mutter a ‘Goodbye’ and Taehyung closes his door.


Leaning his head against the cool surface of his door, Taehyung pulls his phone out of his pocket and hits speed dial 3, bringing his phone to his ear as he rubs a hand over his face.


“Why am I awful at even speaking to anyone attractive?” Taehyung groans into the receiver, turning around so his back is to his door which he uses to his advantage to slide down and sit on the floor.


“Start from the beginning and tell me what happened.” Comes Jimin’s response and Taehyung just sighs.




“Kook, I’m super sorry. You didn’t have to come here so late.”


Jungkook sighs at Taehyung’s greeting as he’d opened the door, just raising an eyebrow in response.


“Firstly, Kook? And secondly, you messaged my dad at 11:30pm on a Saturday night because your smoke detector magically broke? Of course he sent me because there is no way he will get out of bed once he is in bed unless his actual bed is on fire.” Jungkook is busy massaging his forehead so it’s only when he looks up does he realise that there are 3 people looking back at him instead of just Taehyung.


“Uhm, hi?”


“Hello” The other people reply in unison which makes Taehyung face palm.


“Firstly, just go with the nickname, I’m trying something. Secondly, I messaged your dad because it is 11:30pm on a Saturday so I didn’t want to disturb him by calling. I thought he would just reply in the morning, not send you right now. And thirdly, this is Namjoon-hyung and Jiminie, they’d both be hyung to you. They sometimes talk like that because they’ve been dating for so long they may as well be one person.” Taehyung gestures to Namjoon and Jimin as he introduces them, wincing when Jimin jabs him in the ribs.


“We’re cute okay?”


“Yes, the cutest.” Namjoon soothes Jimin while he sticks out a hand for Jungkook to shake. “Jungkook right?”


Dazed at the scene that he had just witnessed, Jungkook shakes his head to clear it before nodding and shaking Namjoon’s outstretched hand.


“Yup, that’s me. How do you know me?” Jungkook asks the tall, dark haired man whose hand he just shook and Namjoon and Jimin turn to smirk at each other, before Namjoon directs his at Jungkook and Jimin directs his at Taehyung.


“Oh, we know all about you because Taehyu-” Jimin is cut off by Taehyung’s hand covering his mouth as Taehyung smiles sheepishly.


“Ignore them, they were just leaving.” Taehyung emphasizes the word ‘leaving’, making Jimin roll his eyes before grabbing Namjoon’s hand and slipping past Jungkook to the elevator.


“Text me!” Jimin calls out once they are in the elevator.


“Only if you text me when you’re home safe.” Taehyung calls back.


This makes Jimin roll his eyes again, but the fond smile on his face tells a different story.


“You know I will you worrywart. Love you!”


“Love you too and I am not a worrywart!” Taehyung manages to get out before the elevator doors close and all that can be heard is Jimin’s muffled laugh as it descends.


“Sorry, where were we?” Taehyung turns his attention back towards a confused looking Jungkook who shakes his head a couple times to clear it again.


“Right, uh… broken smoke detector?” Jungkook responds and Taehyung let’s out an ‘ah’ before gesturing with his head for Jungkook to follow him.


They make their way to the one in Taehyung’s lounge and Jungkook stares at the detached smoke detector now laying on the floor before shooting Taehyung a pointed questioning look.


“I can explain.” Taehyung holds his hands out in defence as if Jungkook was ready to attack, which considering Jungkook was losing valuable sleep right now, didn’t seem too far of a possibility.


Jungkook waves his hand at the mess on the floor as if to say ‘Go on’ and Taehyung bites his lip before sighing.


“Myself, Joonie hyung and Jiminie were all hanging out and for some reason they started doing their weird couple play fighting and Jimin got up to run from Joonie who was trying to tickle him, but Joon grabbed him and then threw him over his shoulder, and so Jimin started flailing and accidentally hit the smoke detector with his foot and it came off. And yeah, Namjoon is tall enough to reach where it used to be without some form of step-ladder, but he is also even more prone to breaking things than I am so I messaged your dad so I could sort it out in the morning, and long story short; I basically need new friends.” Taehyung finished with a deep breath and Jungkook couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


The whole situation combined with him being tired just amused Jungkook and he carried on laughing to himself; even as he unfolded the step-ladder, picked up the smoke detector, climbed the ladder and reattached his reason for being woken up.


Taehyung pouted at his laughter at first but it was so sweet and contagious that he ended up joining in, and they were both still giggling even as Taehyung walked Jungkook back to his front door.


“I really am sorry that your dad made you come fix this now.” Taehyung apologised and Jungkook waved it off.


“It’s cool, I mean I would prefer to have been sleeping, but it’s a smoke detector so I had to make sure it would still be functional and at least I got a laugh out of it.”


“Okay well, thank you again Jungkookie, sleep well.” Taehyung smiled softly and Jungkook was so awestruck by it that he only managed to mumble back a ‘you too’ before Taehyung closed his door and he made his way back to the apartment he shared with his dad.


It was only once he was in bed that he realised what Taehyung had called him and it only took until the next morning for him to decide that he liked it.




“Kook, I need you to go fix something please.”


“Please don’t be for Taehyung, please don’t be for Taehyung, please don’t be for Taehyung.” Jungkook mutters under his breath as he walks to his dad’s office to see what he needs.


But as soon as he stops in the doorway, he knows who it’s for by the smirk on his dad’s face and the way he suggestively wiggles his eyebrows.


“Oh come on, again?” Jungkook all but yells, running his hand through his hair in frustration. “He’s been here for 4 months and I’ve already been to fix things there more times than some of the people that have lived here for 2 years!”


“Maybe he’s clumsy? All I know is that he’s a sweet kid, he pays his rent on time and doesn’t hassle me besides the occasional call or text to fix something.” His dad responds and Jungkook huffs out a sarcastic laugh before glaring at his dad.


“Occasional. Occasional? Yeah right, I’ve been there so often I could probably find my way around in the dark. And don’t try pretend this is anything more that trying to get him on your side because you saw he’s friends with Seokjin hyung.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Yoongi feigns nonchalance towards his son before gesturing to the door. “Come now, don’t want to keep Taehyungie waiting. I already texted him to tell him you’re coming.”


“You text him?” Jungkook gapes and Yoongi just smirks before turning around in his desk chair to face his computer again.


“Don’t worry, as soon as you buck up the courage you could be texting him too. You can even save his contact with a heart next to his name.” His dad teases him and Jungkook grabs one of the throw pillows off the tiny couch in his dad’s office and proceeds to throw it at the back of his chair as he huffs and walks off.


“Ahh young love.” Is all Jungkook hears as he storms off, grabbing his tool belt, toolbox and the step-ladder as he stomps towards Taehyung’s apartment.


Might as well bring everything because he was too annoyed with his dad to actually ask what needed fixing this time. When he gets to Taehyung’s apartment he knocks harshly on his door 3 times, tapping his foot as he waits for the older to answer.


As soon as Taehyung opens the door Jungkook strides past him and goes straight towards the living room, setting his stuff down and starting to pace as he waits for Taehyung to join him.


“And hello to you too Jungkookie.” Are the first words out of Taehyung’s mouth and Jungkook loses it.


“Stop. Stop with the ‘Jungkookie’ or ‘Kookie’ or ‘Kook’. Stop with the stupidly bright, beautiful smiles of yours and buying me food or banana milk or anything as a Thank-You. Stop walking around in those bloody big shirts that show off your collarbones for the world to see and opening the door when you’re sleepy and look adorable as heck. Do you know how difficult it is for me? I have one job, one, to fix things for the people that live here and I used to love it because I’m good at it and it was helpful and they appreciated it. But then you had to move in with your nice laugh, deep voice, cute moles, and amazing personality and make it a million times harder for me to do my job. And I’m tired because you keep running through my mind all the damn time, which doesn’t help because I’m always busy fixing stuff, mainly for you, and I’ve have enough so can you please just stop.” Jungkook finished his rant with a deep breath and it only takes a couple seconds for what he said to sink in, but once it does he slaps his hand over his mouth and goes bright red.


Taehyung stares at him with his mouth hanging open before he smiles and takes a step towards a blushing Jungkook.


“Did you just confess to me, by yelling at me?” Taehyung asks and Jungkook gulps.


“Uhm, no?”


“You don’t seem so sure about that?” Taehyung is grinning now as he takes another step towards Jungkook and Jungkook takes one back.


“Uhhhh…” Is all Jungkook can get out as Taehyung keeps taking steps forward and he keeps taking steps back. That is until his back hits the wall and he has nowhere else to go.


“Jungkookie, do you like me?” Taehyung asks, caging him in with his arms.


“Uhhh… mayhaps.” Jungkook stumbles over his words, his mind not being able to work properly with Taehyung so close.


“Mayhaps?” Taehyung repeats, raising an eyebrow.


“I started to say maybe and then changed my mind to perhaps, and then it just came out like that.”


Taehyung grins even more at Jungkook’s explanation, watching as Jungkook flushes all over again.


“Well Jungkook, mayhaps I like you too. Mayhaps the reason you kept having to come here to fix things was partially because I wanted to see you and partially because my friends and I can be clumsy at times. And mayhaps I would really like it if I could kiss you?” Taehyung is now blushing as he finally admits his feelings to the Man-Angel™ that is Jungkook, which seems to be enough to snap Jungkook out of his daze.


“Mayhaps I would like to kiss you too.” Jungkook murmurs back before leaning in and softly pressing his lips against Taehyung’s.




“So let me get this straight, my son confessed to you by yelling at you?” Yoongi asks as he stares at Jungkook and Taehyung who sit across from him in the little café next to their apartment building.


“Yup.” Taehyung replies, his signature, boxy grin on his face.


“And then you kissed?”


“Yup.” This time it’s Jungkook who replies, blushing as he answers his dad.


“And now you two are boyfriends?” Is Yoongi’s final question and Taehyung and Jungkook glance at each other before facing him and answering in unison.




“Fucking finally!” Yoongi almost yells, his own smile making its way onto his face. “If I had to go one more day hearing Jungkook whine about ‘why is Taehyung’s smile so pretty’ or ‘I wish I could hold Tae’s hand’ I would have probably just come and confessed for him.”


Jungkook has gone red from his neck all the way to the tips of his ears by now because of his dad’s teasing, but he has a determined look on his face that Yoongi doesn’t notice until it’s too late.


“Oh really dad? I was bad? Should I go on about how you walk around mumbling to yourself ‘how can someone be as handsome as Kim Seokjin’ or ‘do you think Seokjin-ssi remembers me? Maybe I should tip extra big next time so he will’.”


“Jungkook-” Yoongi warns but Jungkook just ignores him in favour of continuing to tease his dad.


“’I wonder if Seokjin-ssi is eating well’, ‘its cold today, I hope Seokjin-ssi is warm’, ‘Seokjin-ssi really has the prettiest lips, I’d love to-” Yoongi reaches forward to slap his hand over his son’s mouth but it’s too late.


“You’d really love to what, Mr Min?” The Owner of the café, Kim Seokjin, had walked up behind Yoongi while Jungkook was teasing his dad and Yoongi stiffens.


“Uhh, nothing Seokjin-ssi, just ignore my BRAT of a son.” Yoongi stutters out and Seokjin shakes his head, pulling out the last open seat at their table and sitting down.


“Nonsense, I think I’d quite like to know what Jungkookie was going to say, although I have a feeling I already know.” Seokjin winks at Jungkook before turning to flash a smile at Yoongi who has now frozen in his seat.


“Dinner, tomorrow night, you’re cooking and maybe we can finish that thought you had that Jungkookie was talking about. Also, men who think I’m handsome, pretty and worry about my well-being, get to call me Jin.” Jin smiles at Yoongi again before standing up and pushing his chair back in.


This action causes Yoongi to ‘defrost’ and turn to catch Jin’s arm before he walks away.


“Yoongi… You can call me Yoongi, that’s my name.” Yoongi manages to get out and Jin shoots him one last bright smile before walking away, only stopping once to look back and respond with a wink.


“I know.”


Just that small interaction has Yoongi smiling his bright, gummy smile that Jungkook wishes he could see more often, although he has a feeling he’ll be seeing a lot of it soon.


“Man, your cousin really is something TaeTae.” Jungkook laughs, nudging Taehyung’s side softly.


“Cousin?” Yoongi snaps his attention back to the boys in front of him and their eyes widen at the same time.






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