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Obvious and Not-So Obvious

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Felix got his soulmark when he was when he was three months old. It was a skateboard covered in paint splats, a triangle with a line through it at the top and a pencil in the middle, indicating that his soulmate would be a creative person with a love of skateboarding.

Growing up, Felix knew tons of people who loved art and skateboarding. They were kids, of course lots of them liked that stuff. But when he started high school, his options quickly thinned out. By the time he started year 10, he was pretty sure that his soulmate was Bremin High’s ‘Golden Boy’, Sam Conte. Sam wasn’t the brightest kid in their year level, far from it, actually, but he was very talented in art, having his work hung up in the school corridor by whichever art teacher he had at the time and had his skateboard on him constantly, almost like it was an extra limb.

Felix didn’t hate Sam, he actually started to develop a crush on the shorter boy, but he didn’t want to risk it. Sam was at the top of the social ladder and Felix was six feet below it. It also didn’t benefit Felix in the slightest that Sam was friends with Jake Riles, who had been bulling Felix and other kids since year 7. Even though he liked Sam and was pretty sure that they were soulmates, Felix was certain that Sam would reject him.

Sam was born with his soulmark and had no idea what to make of it. It was this weird circle thing with lines through it, zodiac signs around it and was surrounded by triangle. His parents thought that maybe his soulmate was part of a cult or something when Sam was first born but Sam just had a feeling that they weren’t. Sam had looked up different parts of his soulmark from time to time, getting very little information. The only thing Sam could even guess about his soulmate was that they had something to do with fire. Apparently, a normal triangle was the sign for fire out of the four elements, making his parents thoughts about being in a cult a little more believable, that or that his soulmate was a pyromaniac. Sam couldn’t wait to figure out what the image on his wrist was and find who it represented.

In the middle of year 10, Sam went on an excursion to the Bremin Ranges and was put in a group with his friend Jake and two other kids he didn’t know all too well, Andy Lau and Felix Ferne. Sam liked them well enough, but it was kinda hard to get along with them due to Andy’s gift of being a walking, talking encyclopedia and Felix being quite strange. Then they get lost and fall down a cliff, Felix loses the map and they go in circles for hours. They manage to bum a ride home with a guy named Roland the next morning and at first, Sam is ecstatic to be home, but there’s no press, no ‘missing’ posters and his family aren’t jumping for joy when he comes back home, quite the opposite, actually. He’s replaced, Andy’s taken his title of being the cool kid and then he’s being attacked by dogs while trying to sort out what to do about his girlfriend with his girlfriend, who doesn’t know that she’s his girlfriend. He’s not exactly having the time of his life. But Felix says some weird-arse poetry, his necklace starts to glow and suddenly, the dogs are fine. Which of course leads to Andy, Jake and Sam questioning Felix all the way back to the shack.

“Okay, can we go over this one more time? I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.” Jake sat down on the floor of the shack, looking over at Felix. The other three joined him on the ground. “So, everyone is linked to one of the four elements, Earth,” Felix pointed at Jake. “Water” Then Andy. “Fire” Then himself. “And Air.” And finally, Sam, who snapped his head up. “Wait… we’re the elements…” Felix rolled his eyes. “Yeah Sam, this is the fifth time I’ve said it.” Sam continued anyway. “A-And you’re fire?” Felix, now a bit worried, nodded. “Yeah…” Sam, blinked a few times and looked down from Felix’s face to the strange necklace that started the whole conversation. “Can I… look at that for a second?” Sam asked, gesturing to the talisman. “Uh… It should probably stay with me.” Felix replied, gripping it in his hand. Sam went to grab it anyway, touching Felix’s hand, who flinched back, letting Sam get a hold of it. He held it gently, making sure he didn’t choke the taller boy, and had a close look at the detailing of the pendant. That was it. That was his soulmark. “Holy shit…” Sam looked up at Felix, who was honestly, kinda terrified. “Holy shit. Felix, you’re my soulmate.” Scratch that, Felix was fully terrified.

“Uh…” Felix didn’t know how to react. He’d been dodging this moment since Oscar’s accident. He didn’t want to have another person to latch himself onto, Felix didn’t feel like he deserved it. But he was already getting attached to these guys and with Sam confirming that they were soulmates, he was struggling with how to figure a way out of this. Sam grabbed Felix’s wrist and shoved down his wristband. Jake and Andy peered over the two to see the goth’s mark. “Yeah, that’s definitely Sam.” Jake said nodding. “No doubt about it.” Andy added. “How did you not figure it out by now?” Felix looked down. “I was pretty sure for a while now…” Sam jumped up. Pretty sure for a while now?

“You knew I was your soulmate and you didn’t tell me?” Sam was hurt. Did Felix not want him as a soulmate? He knew that they were very different people living very different lives, but they had been fated together for a reason, right? “I didn’t know… it just seemed likely.” Felix answered, still looking at the ground. “But you didn’t ask me about it? Did you not even want to try to find out if you were right?” Sam walked back over to Felix and crouched down in front of the goth boy. “Seriously Felix, if you don’t want me as a soulmate, just tell me. It’s better than keeping me in the dark.” Sam said softly. Felix looked up at the shorter boy, confused. “It’s not that… It’s just, you’re the popular kid and I’m the freak who gets shoved around every day. It’s not fair that you have to be stuck with me. I’d probably fuck it up one way or another.” Sam tilted his head. “C’mon dude, you’re not that bad. Plus, we had to be fated together for some reason, right?” Felix still wasn’t convinced. “I guess… but-““No. No buts, we’re soulmates, dude.” Sam smiled. “Yeah, okay but what about Mia?” Sam paused. “Oh… oh. Um, well… We both know that we aren’t soulmates, so once us four figure this shit out, I’ll talk to her about it.”

“Okay, good that we got all of that figured out and out of the way, but can we get back to the whole ‘elemental magic’ shit, please?” Jake asked. “Oh, yeah, so this talisman thing, right?”