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Sakura woke with an unwelcome start. After only 4 hours of sleep she would’ve thought her start to the day would be more sluggish. She deserved the extra sleep after her week of night shifts at the Konoha Bar and Grille, which she had been working at more often during her time off from school. She knew by the time spring semester started she wouldn’t be nearly as available.

She groaned and, begrudgingly, she accepted the fact that waking up like clockwork to a toddler alarm at 6am probably alters your sleep schedule.

So, (like clockwork) at 6am, she opened her eyes and readied herself to bolt out of bed, march down the hallway and open the last bedroom door to find the cutest little face beaming and buzzing with excitement in her crib with arms raised to her momma except…

Except there wouldn’t be a beaming and buzzing toddler awaiting her. There wouldn’t be a reason for her to get up and scoop up that bundle of happiness and carry her downstairs to prepare breakfast and start their day together. There wouldn’t be a car ride to daycare or grandpa’s house because…oh right, Sarada was already at her grandpa’s house.

With a loud groan and a toss of her comforter over her head, Sakura suddenly remembered for the one hundredth time that Sarada would not be staying with her throughout this last semester of her college career. The scene played again in her head; her father sitting her down earlier in the week while Sarada played in the backyard.

It had come as a surprise, really. Sakura would have never expected her father to so readily present the idea of Sarada staying with him while she played this last semester out. At first, she had shot it down without a second thought. How could she just abandon her only daughter? She was barely 2 years old. She needed her mother. She could handle it. She had proved that she could and she had a stellar transcript and relatively happy livelihood to prove it. But that was only just skimming the surface she supposed…

She then gave it a second thought. This last semester had taken such a toll on Sakura. Her mother had suddenly passed away shortly after Sarada had turned a year. With her mother being Sarada’s caretaker during the day, the loss did an even bigger number on Sakura. Her mother made it so that finishing school didn’t seem impossible. She made it so that being a single mom wasn’t so painful. God, she missed her.

Not to say her father didn’t love Sarada as much as her mother had. But she couldn’t imagine Sarada suddenly just living with him for 5 months. She couldn’t imagine only seeing her daughter on the weekends because she’d be too exhausted from school… and work… and TAing… and FUCK!

With that final thought Sakura shot up straight as a friggin’ arrow in her bed.

“Fuuuuuck….” Sakura groaned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and resting her head in her hands.

The TA job. Right. She had almost completely forgotten that Tsunade had put in her recommendation as TA for the Microbiology class that she took the previous Spring semester. She absolutely loved the class and the lab and once she heard word that they were seeking out TAs she immediately applied. She had almost completely forgot that she would be meeting with her fellow TA and the Professor for the lab. They had picked two, Sakura being one of them. The name of the other TA had escaped her mind. Come to think of it, the Professor for the lab was different than from that previous spring semester as well. The name did not ring a bell at all when she had first seen it.

Reaching over to the nightstand she grabbed her phone, squinting her eyes to adjust to the light as the bright screen came to life. She opened up the email from the Professor whose name escaped her, requesting to meet and go over what would be covered in lab this semester, along with what would be expected of them as TAs.

“Hatake…” she murmured quietly, still squinting as she read the name aloud to herself.

She frowned. She had never heard that name and she was well acquainted with most of the Professors in the Biology department. If she didn’t know them personally, she could at least match a name to a face.

She immediately opened up her web browser and searched the directory of her school to see if she could find a picture or even a short bio of some sort. After a couple minutes of perusing she couldn’t find anything except for an email and phone number for what she assumed was an office number or a fax.

‘So this professor must be new…” she thought to herself. Referring back to the email she skimmed to see what time the Professor had requested for them to come in and where to meet.

They were to meet in the lab their class would be held at 10am. That gave Sakura 3 hours to either fall back asleep or just cut her losses and get up to get ready, seeing as she had already wasted about an hour slowly slipping into madness…

Yup, she was just going to get her ass up and face the music.


After a long shower and preparing herself a small breakfast of just some yogurt and fruit, Sakura was out the door of her quaint cape style house and into her sedan at approximately 9:30, giving her plenty of time to drive across town to the university.

After her grandparents had passed, she received quite a bit of money as inheritance; Sakura being their only grandchild. She originally was going to save it, but after Sarada was born, Sakura found that she wanted more independence and wanted a place she could call her own for her and Sarada. At first, she strictly limited herself to apartments, but was soon hit with the realization that neighbors would not be too fond of a newborn screaming at all hours of the day and night. She broadened her search to houses just outside city limits and found that with a lofty enough down payment, she could afford a nice two- or three-bedroom house for her and her daughter. Her credit was stellar and she had a steady job at Konoha Bar and Grille for the past three years; so she was consistent.

Sakura had always been the responsible type, which would come to a surprise to some people upon finding out she was a single mom. There were times when Sarada was younger that she would have to bring her to lectures or labs. To Sakura’s surprise and gratitude, her Professors mostly didn’t mind. They knew Sakura was a model student and almost respected her for remaining vigilant and attending classes regularly. Her fellow students, however, didn’t seem to regard her the same way. They would always look at her funny if she brought Sarada in. It wasn’t often, so she couldn’t place why she was being judged so.

Driving to campus had become the most relaxing part of her day. Cranking up the radio with a piping hot to-go mug of tea and leaving time for herself to think were one of the little luxuries she learned to take advantage of.

“I don’t believe in fate,

No psychic vision,

But when things fall in to place, superposition…”

She sang softly to herself as Superposition by Young the Giant came on the radio. The familiar melody calmed her mind as she continued her drive and allowed her mind to shut off. It was an uncommonly warm day for February so she found herself rolling down the window, letting the crisp air fill her lungs. It smelled of the seasons changing. Winter just on the cusp of changing into Spring. Sakura loved the Spring. She loved the new life blossoming around her; like a fresh start. It was invigorating.

Pulling into the university, she checked her hair and outfit. She had her hair tied in a messy bun with some tendrils hanging and framing her face. She had thrown on some skinny jeans, a cream-colored sweater and paired it with black combat boots. She’d be in a lab and had to wear closed toed shoes after all and what kind of model TA would she be if she didn’t?

Just terrible.

She stepped out of her car and slung her backpack over her shoulder. “Now or never,” she said to herself as she walked up the hill to the Biology building. It was one of the oldest buildings on campus and the basement floor was commonly referred to as “The Dungeons”, which were where the labs were located. She entered the building and took the stairs that led to said dungeons immediately to her right.

“9:55…” she muttered to herself after glancing at her watch. Perfect. Right on time.

She approached the lab door to the class she was assigned to and grasped the door handle, giving it a swift turn.

It was locked… but there were lights on inside? Maybe no one was there yet. She proceeded to press her nose up against the small glass window that allowed for her to look inside to see if she could see any semblance of life in the dimly lit and sterile room.

With a huff she dropped her bag and sat herself down against the door, taking out her phone to do god knows what while she waited.


She had waited a half hour. “What the actual fuck!” she groaned loudly to herself. She had checked the email at least 20 times and it indeed had read,

“Meet at 10am”.

So far this mystery Professor was not making a good impression. It was nearly 10:45 now and she was considering just cutting her losses and leaving a strongly worded email to Professor Hatake.

Just as she was about to pack up her shit and leave, she heard voices coming down the hallway. It sounded like two men. ‘Was the TA late with him too?!’ she thought angrily to herself. Was this some sort of practical joke? She was about to stand when she saw the two men round the corner, chuckling about something.

After they rounded the corner, the two men both immediately dropped their gazes to her on the floor. Feeling a bit intimidated she stood up and gave them a rather heated once over. They looked fairly young. Maybe in their 30s? One had brown hair tied into a ponytail with a scar across his nose and the other was…


He was… very interesting looking. He had either silver or white hair, a bit disheveled but not in a bad way. Like that sexy messy when you’ve just woken up. His face sort of looked tired too, his eyes half lidded. He also had a scar, though it didn’t match his friends’. It went vertically from the middle of his forehead, over his eye and ended below his cheekbone. How in the world does someone get a scar like that? Maybe he was attacked? Maybe he was mauled. He wore a navy blue button down that accentuated his arms and nicely fitted pants. She was immediately jarred out of her thoughts as she heard one of them speak up.

“Ah… you must be…?”

Oh. The silver fox who she presumed was the Professor had addressed her. Addressed her like he was trying to remember her name…

Oh that hurt.

“Sakura… your other TA,” she muttered, “And you’re late!” she continued.

The other TA chuckled, muttering “I’ll let you handle this,” beneath his breath and swiftly walked past the two of them to unlock the lab door and let himself in.

“I’ve been waiting since 10am, the time you specifically asked to meet. Not AROUND” she animated with her hands, “AT 10am” she exclaimed and finished with crossing her arms.

“Ah, well…” he chuckled and crinkled his eyes and gave her a lopsided grin, reaching behind and scratching the back of his neck, “there was traffic and, on my walk here, I found a child almost drowning in the fountain outside the administration building so I had to save him. It was quite heroic. Maybe you’ll see it on the campus news”.

“Will your friend back up that testimony?” she quipped, an unimpressed look on her face.

He shrugged, not seeming to care if he did or didn’t and walked passed her into the lab room.

“This is Umino Iruka. He’s a microbio grad and will be assisting me in teaching this class,” Professor Hatake began.

“So I’m the only TA…” Sakura said, eyeing the both of them. They both looked at her, crinkling their eyebrows as if she should’ve known.

“This is the only lab you’re responsible for,” Iruka clarified and Sakura breathed a sigh of relief. There was no way she’d be able to take on a full semester, TA multiple labs and take on shifts at the bar without losing her damn mind.

She set her backpack down on one of the long lab tables and made her way back to the front of the room where Professor Hatake took a seat at the desk. Iruka busied himself with doing inventory it looked like. She heard a little cough and turned her attention to the tardy Professor.

“Shall we begin?” he questioned, motioning for her to sit in the chair settled across from him.


So there we have the first chapter. Again, please be kind. I have not written in quite some time. I’ll try and update as much as I can depending on the responses I get. I might look for a beta too but again, that depends on how I feel this fic turns out. I'll definitely be clarifying on unfolding more of Sakura's backstory and more of what went down at the beginning of this chapter.

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Her meeting lasted about an hour and a half. The time was mostly spent going over lesson plans and her role as a TA. Given she had already taken the class and had one of the highest grades at the end, her understanding of the labs was the most crucial part of her role. She would need to readily aid students and answer questions or clarify any confusion. She would also be responsible for setting up the lab and making sure all of the equipment was taken out beforehand, meaning Sakura would need to allot extra time for herself to prepare.


All in all the meeting was a success, despite her initial impression of Professor Hatake as being extremely rude and inconsiderate to be 45 minutes late to a meeting that HE had requested. He dismissed himself, saying that he had a few other meetings to attend, to which Sakura had to bite her tongue and not make a snarky remark about how he possibly couldn’t be late for those.


Absolutely not.


That left her and Iruka by themselves. She was curious, since she originally had thought he would be another TA. Picking up her bag to make her way out she decided to prompt some light conversation.


“So, you’re a grad student?” she started. He was a little slow to answer, seemingly unaware that she was still present or that she was talking to him. He turned around from what he was doing and regarded her with a small smile.


“Yes,” he answered, “I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology and I’m getting my Master’s in Microbiology”.


Sakura regarded him with a slight nod, “That’s what I’m finishing up with too. Though, I don’t know if I’ll continue onto grad school just yet”.


“Why’s that?” He pressed.


She shrugged, not wanting to be completely honest. They had only just met. Her blurting out ‘well I’m a single mom with a mortgage, a few loans and just barely hanging on’ seemed a but much. “I just don’t think it’s the right time. I could use the break” she settled with.


He nodded, accepting her answer.


She was curious about their Professor and wanted desperately to ask more, but didn’t want to seem suspicious. She figured, fuck it, and decided to go with something light.


“So, is Professor Hatake new to the university? I’m quite familiar with the biology department and his name didn’t ring a bell.”


Iruka nodded, placing some items back in the large cabinet. “Relatively. This is his second semester, I think? I’m not sure what he was doing beforehand. I think he was just at another university. He seems pretty private though.”


That answered her next question. She figured that was probably enough for now. They said their goodbyes and she made a swift exit. Checking her watch, it read 12:45.


Good. She had just about enough time to make it to her shift at the bar. Now that the semester was starting, she scheduled her shifts to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the afternoon from 1 to 7. She absolutely refused to do any closing shifts. Being a bartender was already hard enough and required a lot.


Making her way back to her car she noticed a figure standing a few car spaces behind hers. The figure was smoking a cigarette and as she walked closer, she found that it was none other than her tardy Professor. His sleeves had been rolled up to his elbows and she noticed a few tattoos marking his forearms. She wondered if he had some anywhere else.


“Didn’t you say you had a few meetings to attend?” she called, giving him a slight smirk and rocking on her heels, “Those will kill you, ya know,” she continued, pointing to the cigarette in his hand.


He regarded the item in between his fingers as if it were a foreign object and sighed, “I have a reputation to uphold you know. Late is my middle name,” he brought the cigarette to his lips and exhaled a cloud of smoke, “I don’t smoke often,” he continued.


“Stress?” she questioned, that being the most obvious reason to her.


“The day before the start of every semester is always the most stressful,” he stated, looking up at the slow-moving clouds, “Plus, it’s nice out for February. Figured I’d take advantage of being outside before I’m trapped in the dungeons,” he finished with a smirk of his own.


She regarded him with a nod, leaning her hip against the hood of her car. Checking her watch again she sighed.


“Somewhere you need to be?” he asked.


“I could ask you the same thing,” she shot back quickly, to which he chuckled and responded, “Touché,” bringing the cigarette back up to his lips for a long drag, finishing it and tossing it onto the pavement.


“I have to head to work. 7-hour shift” she admitted, grabbing her keys from out of the front pocket of her backpack.


“Where do you work?” he added, shoving his hands into his packets as he started walking backwards away from her and towards the campus buildings.


“I bartend at a bar in town” she answered and took a long sigh, “about three years now,” she finished.  He tilted his head and nodded, as if he didn’t hear correctly but continued slowly moving backward.


“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then for our first day, and I’ll promise not be too late,” he added with a smirk and turned around, taking his hand out to give her a slight wave before shoving it back in his pocket to extract a small orange book, slouching slightly as he walked away and shoving his nose in said book.


‘He has terrible posture…’ she thought and scowled to herself as she turned towards the driver side door, opening it and letting herself in. She brought the engine to life with a deft turn of the keys in the ignition and pulled away, turning on some music and calming her mind in preparation of the shift awaiting her. ‘At least it’s Monday…’ she thought fondly to herself, knowing Monday’s were the slowest, and she was in a particularly slow mood today.

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Sakura laid motionless in bed that Monday night. The next day she would be beginning the last semester of her college career. Her bachelor’s degree would be done in May. The thought was met with both relief and terror. Though she was excited for this upcoming semester, she couldn’t shake off this feeling of uncertainty. She stared at the full moon outside her window from her bed. When she was consumed by her thoughts like this, she sometimes wished she could just meld with the stars in the sky. She missed Sarada. What she wouldn’t give to have her in the house right now. Sakura found herself standing outside her bedroom door, just staring at the seemingly empty room that once had a crib, changing table, rocking chair and other elements of a typical toddler room. Her heart ached for her daughter.


The room now held a pack and play, something normally used for traveling and a few toys here and there. A bean bag chair was also perched up against the far corner of the room. All things meant for a temporary stay. With a heavy sigh she turned back to her bedroom, trying hard not to slip deeper into these dark thoughts.


‘It’s only temporary,” she reminded herself. When she rationalized through these thoughts, she knew that everything would be fine. She proceeded to remind herself that every video chat thus far was met with a beaming and impossibly happy face. She could even drop in any given day if she wanted. It really wasn’t the end of the world. It’s not like Sarada would forget her.


Would she?


Oh God, she needed to go to sleep. She needed to shut down these obsessive thoughts before they consumed her.


Dragging herself back to her room, she collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes, praying sleep would take her soon after.




Sakura woke to the incessant buzzing of her phone. Her heart dropped. She never got calls in the middle of the night. Squinting hard and picking up the vibrating object she brought it up to her face, praying it didn’t read ‘Dad’ on the caller ID.


It read ‘Ino’.


“God dammit…” she mumbled, unlocking her phone and bringing the device to her ear, “Hello…?” she muttered, trying hard to suppress a yawn.


“Sakura, oh thank GOD!” she heard on the other end, the familiar high-pitched shrill belonging to her best friend, “I need you to pick me up.”


“Excuse me…?” Sakura replied, teeth almost bared in frustration. She brought her phone down to her face and read ‘1:50 am’. What could she possibly be doing at 2 am on a Tuesday morning? Better yet, what possessed her to have late night plans on a Monday?


“Why?” Sakura pressed further, bringing her hand up to pinch the bridge of her nose.


“Remember that date I had?” she pressed.


“Yes….” meaning ‘no’. She didn’t remember, she just wanted to spare being kept on the phone with the boring details.


“Well, it didn’t end well”.


With that Sakura shot up for the second night in a row, “Are you hurt?!” she asked, suddenly ready to jump out of bed, run out the door and into her car to race to wherever Ino was.


“Noooooo nonononono….no” she said hurriedly, sensing Sakura’s panic, “Um…. the sex was just really bad and I don’t feel like staying for the morning after round, ya know?” she finished with.


“Piiiiiiiiiig…” Sakura groaned. She was really going to waste a night of sleep for this? Of course she was. Because it was always Sakura to the rescue.


“Forehead, please! I swear I’ll buy you breakfast tomorrow if you just-“


“Fine,” Sakura interrupted, already halfway out the door and pulling her jacket on, “Send me where you are and I’ll be there as fast as I can,” she replied quickly.


“BLESS you, girl,” Ino replied and hung up.




It took Sakura about 10 minutes to get to said destination. She found Ino outside of a laundromat, wearing a black trench coat and some strappy heels. The sight made her shake her head. This wasn’t necessarily the safest part of town. She tutted and shook her head once more as Ino climbed into the passenger seat, “Don’t give me that look, Forehead…” she said as she strapped herself in.


“I’m honestly too tired to even scold you right now and you live on the other side of town. Can we just go back to my place and you can go back home tomorrow?” Sakura offered.


Ino shrugged, “Any excuse to stay in an actual house and not my tiny one-bedroom apartment is fine with me. Thanks for picking me up.”


“You’re welcome,” Sakura replied. She turned out of the laundromat and set the course for home. It wasn’t as warm as earlier, but it was nice enough to roll down the windows. Breathing in the crisp air deep into her lungs, which immediately stilled whatever tension or negative feelings she had been experiencing.


Ino shifted a bit next to her, clearly a little uncomfortable and wanting to fill the silence. Ino was always like that though. Not one for silence and always needing to break it. Sakura on the other hand loved it. So, she wasn’t surprised when the silence turned into small talk and Ino prompted with how her day went.


“Oh, you know…” Sakura trailed off, thinking about her day. It had been eventful, she supposed. Meeting with Professor Tardy (his official name to her now) and Iruka ended nice. She looked forward to her interactions with that silver fox this semester ahead. Honestly, those whole couple hours out of her day had been the most herself Sakura had felt in a long while. She loved being able to embrace fiery side. She always did prefer it. She was genuinely excited to spend her semester TAing for Professor Tardy.


She could also get used to staring at that impossibly handsome face, or imagine stripping him down and searching every inch of his body for any other tattoos he may have been hiding, searching his chest first and tracing lower and lower until… wait WHAT? Where the hell did that come from...


‘Dirty girl’ she thought to herself, ‘you need to get laid,’ she groaned inwardly.


“You didn’t hear from ‘him’ did you?” Ino asked, which jarred Sakura out of her impure thoughts.


The fuck?


“What makes you say that?” Sakura asked, regretting the bit of bite in her reply. She noticed Ino wince just slightly.


“I don’t know… you just seem awfully quiet, like maybe he had,” she pressed. Sakura had let out a heavy sigh at that.


No. She had not heard from him. Last she heard or even saw him she threatened a restraining order. He had let himself into her home, obsessed with seeing Sarada. He was obviously under the influence, high on god knows what. The last thing she said to him was to leave and never come back. To take the last bit of cash she had in her wallet to go far away or shoot up the rest. She honestly didn’t care, as long as he never stepped foot in her house again or even so much as laid his eyes on either her or Sarada.


‘Sasuke…’ she thought to herself, willing back the tears that threatened to spill out of her eyes. She clutched the steering wheel a bit harder and forced the tears back inside. A simple shake of her head was her reply to Ino.


Maybe she should fantasize a bit about Professor Tardy and his secret tattoos just to get her mind off of him.


“Good,” was the blonde’s reply, and the rest of the car ride was bathed in silence, relief washing over Sakura as she wouldn’t have to utter his name or discuss it any further.




But it was all short lived. That’s just how things worked, right? You can never have a good thing for too long. On the surface everything can seem close to perfect but then you peel back that thin layer and all your fears come creeping back.


It had been at least 6 months. Sitting on the edge of her bed with shaky hands as she stared at the screen on her phone at the last messege she had received just moments ago.


Tuesday 2:30am

Sasuke: Hey


A simple, “Hey,” and she knew he was back in some capacity. Just one simple word and Sakura was left to sit in fear of what was to possibly come. For now, she would keep it to herself and delete the message as if nothing happened.


She needed to keep that ghost of her past repressed to stay sane. At least for now.





Woooo, alrighty. Now we have a bit of an idea as to why Sasuke is not in the picture. Things will pick up a bit after this chapter and they'll definitely be a bit longer. The first few chapters are mainly meant to just set the stage and tone of this fic. Please comment and let me know what you think!


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As promised for waking Sakura up at an ungodly hour (on a week night no less…), Ino dragged her friend out of bed at 8am to grab breakfast before they both needed to head to campus for their first day. They hit up their favorite local café that had the best coffee and tea in town. Fancying herself more of a tea drinker, Sakura ordered her usual chai tea latte and paired it with a warm and flaky chocolate croissant. After paying for their order they found a booth and situated themselves before catching up.


It was then that Sakura had realized that she really hadn’t hung out with Ino in quite some time. A month at least. She was so busy either bartending or spending time with Sarada that reserving time to spend with her friends had completely slipped her mind. She felt a tad guilty, if she were being honest with herself. 


“So, what is your schedule like? You never told me if you nailed that TA job,” Ino prompted, blowing the steam from her coffee and taking a small sip, testing the temperature.


“Hmmm,” Sakura started, taking a sip of her own drink, “I got it. Met with the Professor and a grad student who will be assisting him. They both seem nice, though they were both 45 minutes late…”


“You’re kidding,” Ino scoffed, “I’ve heard of Professors being late but that’s a bit extreme”.


“As punishment his new name is ‘Professor Tardy’,” Sakura said with an accent and a flick of her finger, making Ino sputter into her drink.


“You’re gonna call him that to his face?”


“Thinking about it.”


“Hmmm… is he hot?”




“What? He’s not technically your Professor. He’s not grading you,” Ino quipped. Sakura just stared.


“You don’t even know how old he is.”


“Age is but a number, Sakura.”


“Ohmygod, Ino.”


“Oh common, Sakura. I should know better than anyone that you need either a really good lay or someone to just friggin’ take care of you. You deserve it after all of the shit that’s been thrown at you,” she sighed and sat back in her chair, crossing her arms and examining the pink haired girl sitting across from her, “You’ve got the personality and the looks, and definitely had some of your assets enhanced if you know what I mean…” Ino drawled.


Sakura scowled and looked down at herself.


“What?” Ino exclaimed, “Pregnancy did wonders for you! You’ve got hips and an ass and breastfeeding actually benefitted you! You’ve gotta take advantage of that shit.”


“Yeah, just wait until they see the stretch marks on a 21 year old girl…”


“You’re gonna be 22-“


“I hardly see how that matters.”


“And news flash, Forehead,” she shot forward from her chair and animated with her arms, “everyone has got stretch marks.”


“Be that as it may…” Sakura began with her hand raised as if to silence her chatty friend, “he is a Professor that I will be working under and that is enough to make it unorthodox if anything were to happen. Why are your suggestions always hopelessly impossible? They don’t actually help…”


“AH-HAH!” Ino exclaimed while clapping her hands together and sitting back in her chair with a victorious smirk on her face, completely ignoring her question.


“What?” Sakura asked, not understanding what she had just admitted.


“So, you do have the hots for your Professor!” Ino exclaimed.


Sakura audibly groaned, loudly, and pinched the bridge of her nose.


“Okay first of all, keep your fucking voice down and second, yes, fine, I think he’s the hottest thing I’ve ever friggin’ seen in my life, but unlike you, I can actually keep it in my pants, and I’m not going to fling myself at something so dangerous just for the mystique,” Sakura seethed lowly.


Ino tutted and shook her head, “Oh Forehead, sooner or later you’re gonna realize that things aren’t going to just come to you. You gotta start grabbing life by the balls!”


“You realize you’re only talking about my love life, right? Because in terms of grabbing life by the balls I think I’ve pretty much accomplished that,” she stated, crossing her own arms and raising a brow at her friend.


Ino scoffed, “Just think about what I’ve said, okay? It may be time to put yourself back out there. You’re a bartender for crying out loud. You’ve got dudes flinging themselves at you almost all day,” Ino winked, which was met with a scowl.


Sakura knew that all too well. But why would she want a disgusting drunk to take her to bed? She knew that wasn’t what Ino meant but that didn’t exactly paint a pretty picture. What she really wanted to picture was a certain disheveled yet immaculately kempt silver haired Adonis she had met yesterday to take her home and worship her body with his large deft hands. She imagined them being slightly calloused, catching over certain areas of her skin to create goosebumps. She imagined how soft his lips would be as they traveled down her neck, making their way down to her breasts and continuing until…


Oh God, here we go again.


Sakura’s eyes glazed a bit and she bit her lip, wondering if she had enough time to run home and have a quick session with her vibrator.


Slamming that thought out of her mind and realizing she was still in public, she straightened herself and continued on finishing her drink and meal in a comfortable silence, thinking to herself that she indeed needed to get laid.

And soon.




Since it was the first day of classes, Sakura didn’t need to come in early to prepare the lab. Instead, she came in about 10 minutes before class was due to start. She was pleasantly surprised to see that Iruka was already there, stapling some papers last minute. To no surprise at all, she found the lab lacking of a certain tardy Professor. She chuckled to herself, remembering what he had said to her the day prior about promising not to be ‘too’ late. Today she would find out just how late. For the student’s sake, hopefully not too much so.


There were already quite a number of students already situated at the lab tables. Glancing at the clock it had read ‘9:55’. Lab was due to start in 5 minutes.


“Anything you need me to do?” she asked Iruka, who replied with a small smile.


“No, everything is prepared. You can just take a seat somewhere at the front of the room. Hopefully Hatake won’t be too late,” he said with a smirk.


Situating herself down onto a chair at the front she grabbed a lab book and flipped through it idly to pass the time as more students poured in.


At about 10:10 Professor Hatake walked in. She gazed up and felt her breath hitch. He was wearing a grey henley with the top button undone and dark olive-green khaki’s that fit his legs perfectly. He had his sleeves rolled up so that you could see the tattoos on his forearms. He had half-sleeves, it looked like. The thought of him possibly having more made her body shiver. Since when was she so into tattoos?


It took all of Sakura’s ability to not audibly moan at the deliciousness that had just walked passed her. And if him just simply walking by her wasn’t enough, he shot her a toothy grin while saying, “Not too late I hope Ms. Haruno,” with a wink as he passed.


Yup. It was going to take everything in her not to collapse out of her chair from a heart attack. Tearing herself from the thought of him merely grazing passed her and nearly sending her to her death from pure arousal, she focused her attention to the class who seemed to have the same reaction to him. She scowled and turned her attention to him as he readied himself.


“Alright, well I hope you’re all seated where you’d like to be because it’ll be your seat the rest of this semester,” he said, tossing a seating chart with a pen to be passed around the room. Some students looked around quickly to see if there was anyone they noticed, but it seemed everyone was relatively content with where they were.


“I’m Professor Hatake. You can just call me Professor H. if you want, doesn’t matter either way,” he continued, shoving his hand in his pocket and turning to the white board, writing his name, “though I’m listed as your Professor for this class, Umino Iruka,” he motioned towards the man at the man beside him, “will also be instructing you through some of your labs, mainly in the first half of this semester…” he trailed off, allowing for Iruka to introduce himself to the class.


As Iruka was introducing himself she couldn’t help but feel someone’s gaze on her. Looking to the side her eyes met Kakashi’s, along with an expectant grin on his face. She wiggled her eyebrows at him teasingly. He certainly wasn’t making it seem like he was her Professor so why should she act like it? She supposed light flirting wouldn’t kill her.


She heard a cough emanate from his mouth as he motioned towards Sakura. “Ms. Haruno will be your TA this semester…” tilting his head and grinning as he gave her the floor.


“Yes,” she smiled, turning her attention to the class, “You can just call me Sakura though,” she clarified and continued.


“Well, I took this same Microbiology lab last spring semester and learned so much. I’m here to answer any questions you may have while you’re working through your labs or if you run into a snag and need help, I’m here to assist. The labs can be challenging and time consuming but again, my job is to help. And better yet, hopefully you’ll have some fun along the way. I remember I did, which is why I so readily became a TA for this class. Anyway, I’ll stop before I start rambling,” which got a chuckle out of everyone, “I look forward to getting to know you all,” she finished with a smile and sat back down.


Professor Tardy carried on going through the syllabus while he had Sakura pass out the ‘lab coats’ and some sharpies. They were these super unattractive white sheets, exactly as she remembered. It was almost cruel. Thankfully, her, Iruka and the Professor actually had lab coats of their own, which made her feel even worse for the students as she looked over everyone.


‘My life is turning into such a joke…’ Sakura thought to herself as she looked over to Professor Hatake, dressed in his white lab coat over his regular clothes, trying to keep herself from drooling. It was like all of her sexual fantasies were coming to life right before her eyes. She’d occasionally glance over at the clock, praying the time would go by faster so that she could run home to her vibrator before visiting the bar tonight.




After a quick session Sakura felt a little better, but definitely not satisfied enough to quell this unquenchable thirst she seemed to have for Professor Tardy. 


She needed to get laid.




It was going to happen.


Sakura stood in front of her mirror to assess how she looked. She didn’t have to work tonight, but she figured she’d make an appearance in the hope of meeting someone. She wore a black tube top which showed off a nice amount of cleavage. Ino was right, breastfeeding had done wonders for her body in some ways. What were As were now Cs, and on her frame were definitely noticeable in the kind of top she was wearing. She paired it with high waisted black skinny jeans and black open-toed booties.


For a split second she thought about calling up Ino to join her, but decided against a wing-woman tonight. She needed to do this herself.


Packing herself in her car with only her clutch purse and phone, she made her way to Konoha Bar and Grille. It was honestly more a bar than anything. No one really got the food there so people went strictly to drink and wind down. They were mainly known for having the coldest beer out of any of the other bars in town.


After about 15 minutes of driving and allowing herself to fully tire her mind with going back and forth on whether this was a good idea or not, she finally pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself before letting herself out and walking towards the bar.


She walked passed the neon lit window and peered inside, looking at who was bartending tonight. She saw Shikamaru behind the bar and immediately remembered that he had so kindly offered to take over her night shifts. She reminded herself that she needed to take him out to dinner some time soon to thank him. She made her way inside, glancing around at the crowd. Tuesday nights weren’t terribly busy. There were a few parties crowded around the pool tables and she found the bar to be reasonably open.


It was nice, she concluded. Not too loud that you have to scream over the noise but not too quiet that it’s awkward. She took her place at the bar and nodded over to Shikamaru, who gave her a smirk.


“Fancy seeing you here on a Tuesday night,” he called to her, already preparing her drink.


“I just needed to wind down a bit,” she responded, seeing that he was making her favorite drink: a vodka tonic with lime, “thanks for being so okay with swapping our shifts by the way; remind me to take you to dinner some time,” she smiled as he placed her drink down in front of her.


“No worries,” he responded, looking over the crowd, “so what are you really doing here? I’m surprised to see no Ino,” he pressed.


“I just wanted some time for myself,” she said, feeling a bit redundant and furrowing her brow at him.


“Well,” he started, “there’s a guy at the end of the bar that has been here quite a while. I think he’s looking for the same thing that you’re not admitting to,” he said with a wink.


“What makes you think that’s what I’m looking for,” she quipped.


“The way you're dressed practically screams it,” he said with a smirk.


God, was she that obvious?


She let her gaze fall to the man that was at the end of the bar. She did indeed notice that he had been stealing glances her way every once in a while. She couldn’t get a good look at him though since there were a few people between him and her. She glanced back at Shikamaru who was giving her a shit-eating grin which she responded with a scowl. Picking up her drink, she was about to make her over to the vicinity of said bar patron until she felt heat on her right side.


She turned and was pleasantly surprised to see quite an attractive man. He had about neck length chestnut brown hair and was nursing a toothpick in his mouth. He grinned and let out a breathy, “Hello,” to which she responded with a squeaky, “Hi.”


“I’m Genma, and I hope you don’t mind but I noticed you ever since you walked in and would hate myself if I didn’t at least try to talk to you,” he said with a wink.




Oh yes.


He would do.




It didn’t take long to convince herself that she indeed would be going home with that man. Whether it was his or hers, she didn’t care. They had a wonderful time, talking about the most random things without going into too much detail about their lives. That wasn’t what this was about anyway. They exchanged little touches here and there, confirming their obvious physical attraction to each other.


So, it didn’t come as a surprise to her when she woke up in an unfamiliar bed. She looked over, seeing Genma still fast asleep beside her. He was snoring softly, indicating that he was still deep in sleep. He had his arm around her though, making the plan to escape unnoticed a bit more difficult. She glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand which read ‘7:45’.


She carefully started peeling his arm off of her and slipped off the bed to gather her clothes and swiftly put them back on. Looking back at Genma, a small shred of guilt tore into her. What if he had liked her and she was just leaving without as much as a goodbye? She frowned and looked around for a pen and paper. She found a pen on the nightstand but just settled on an old receipt in her clutch and scribbled down a simple Thanks with a heart.


It was then that she heard a faint commotion outside of the bedroom door. It sounded like a dog padding past the bedroom door and someone else following closely behind.


‘Fuck,’ she thought, ‘he has a roommate.’


This was going to make her walk of shame much more complicated. She looked in the mirror he had in his room and wiped off some excess makeup that had been messed up from their midnight romp.


Good. Now she didn’t look like a total banshee. She threw her hair up into a messy bun and quietly opened the door, hoping to escape the house unnoticed and call an uber. She vaguely remembered that they had left her car at the bar and he drove them to his house.


She made her way down the hallway to what looked like opened up into a kitchen and living room. She saw a front door and smiled. Her escape.


Swiftly making her way over to remain unnoticed, she was interrupted by a rustling to where she thought came from the kitchen. She decided to look over to see the source of it. Surely whoever was there wouldn’t be upset if she was just simply leaving? It’s not like she was just going to make herself at home.


The person who she assumed was the roommate had taken something out of the fridge and proceeded to close it, revealing himself to her.


Her breath hitched.


‘No, no no no no no…’ she chanted like a religious prayer to herself, hoping she was hallucinating that bit of silver she thought she saw. She immediately froze as the fridge closed completely, and she was met with that impossibly handsome face that was attached to a shirtless body, sweatpants riding low on his hips and she almost dropped dead right there seeing that silver patch right below his navel.


“Well hello, Ms. Haruno,” he said with a smirk and heat in his eyes.





I originally wasn't going to have this chapter end like this, but I thought of it last night and couldn't stop laughing about it. Don't you worry your pretty little heads though. Kakasaku is end game here ;)


Edit: For those of you that are curious as to when we'll see Sarada; she'll be making an appearance next chapter :) 




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“Well hello, Ms. Haruno.”


Sakura remained motionless and speechless, willing the ground underneath her to just swallow her up so she could disappear forever. Would it be too late to pull out of the TA job? Surely she wouldn’t be able to continue after this. Though the look on his face was of pure amusement. Oh, she wished she could wipe that shit-eating grin off his beautiful face.


She couldn’t keep her eyes from roving over his body. She must’ve looked insane with her eyes bugging out of her head. But who wouldn’t when she was staring at near perfection, at least in her eyes.


He was lean but muscular, his chest chiseled and his arms strong. She wanted nothing more than to run her hands over them and down his chest, over his 6 pack and down to that little patch of silver right below his navel. His tattoos, she had just realized where strictly kept to his arms, which she didn’t find as disappointing as she would’ve thought. Both of his arms were completely covered, and with the absence of a shirt it made her mouth go dry.


She could tell that he sensed her staring at him and it ignited a fire within her. Something dangerous and primal that she should definitely ignore.


Sakura this is punishment, she told herself internally, this is punishment for being so reckless and just going out to bang whoever. You’re better than that. So just turn around and leave. Now, she commanded herself.


Except she couldn’t move. Why couldn’t she move?




Because he was starting to approach her.


And he had a bowl of fruit in his hands. Strawberries?


He was bringing her strawberries.


“You know,” he began, “I thought it was a little strange when I heard my roommate moaning the same name as my little TA… but I just assumed it was a funny coincidence,” he said with that same grin, “I’ll admit, I’m a bit jealous…” he said, approaching even closer so that their chests almost touched. He extended the arm that was holding the bowl of strawberries off to the side and out of the way.


“Why is that?” she questioned quietly, mentally stomping her foot for sounding like a weak little girl, ignoring the fact that he had just called her his little TA. It made her blood boil and legs weak at the same time.


“I’m not sure I should say… but I think it’s quite obvious by now,” he responded with a tilt of his head, angling towards her neck. Her breath hitched as she felt his breath running up and down the length of her neck, just barely feeling his lips hovering over her skin.


“You shouldn’t say things like that,” she said, a bit breathless, trying to understand all that he was saying and where this was coming from. She felt him take a large inhale against the crook of her neck, like he was scenting her.


He didn’t respond and pulled back slightly, looking into her emerald eyes, “You smell like strawberries,” he murmured thoughtfully. She pulled back, blinking at him and slightly confused, wondering what had happened to that teasing tone she was learning to love, “You always do; it makes me crave them constantly,” he said with a grin.


There it is.


Grasping one of the more juicer ones he brought it up to her lips and traced her mouth with it. She couldn’t help but open her mouth slightly and sigh. Seeing the fire ignite in the abyss of his dark gaze did things to her. It made her want to swat that strawberry away and grab his beautiful face and crash their lips together, smearing the remnants of the strawberry on her lips into his mouth so that he could have a taste. She wanted to turn the tables on him and show him just how naughty she could be.


God, she loved this. She hated to admit it but she did. She should’ve hated the way he talked to her just now, the way he was touching her, the things he was saying… but she couldn’t ignore the darkness inside of her that craved it.


And then she suddenly felt him pulling away. She opened her eyes to see him pop the strawberry in his mouth, give her a wink, and turn around as if nothing had just transpired.


“I think your ride has pulled up, Ms. Haruno,” he said, motioning towards the bay window beside the front door.


Oh right. Her Uber.


She stared at him though, mouth gaping, slightly stunned and unsure of what to do. She was just supposed to leave? After that? The mutual physical attraction was obvious now. It became blatantly obvious when he was practically kissing her neck.


Ohthat bastard, she seethed as she looked up at him. He was leaning against the counter with a wide smirk and a darkness in his eyes, looking her up and down, clearly pleased with what he had done to her. If she looked closely enough, she thought she could see the beginnings of his hardness tenting his pants.


He was playing with her. Toying with her. Dominating her. It was painfully obvious.


This was how he liked it.


And she had just admitted to herself how much she loved it.


Well… Two could play at that game.


With a look of confidence towards him that read we’re not done here, she swiftly turned towards the door without a second glance back at him, walking down the steps towards the car awaiting her.


Oh, yes.


Two can play at that game.




After the uber driver dropped her off at the bar so she could collect her car, Sakura made her way back home for a much-needed shower and some food. She ran a hand through her hair, letting it down from the bun she had tossed it up into. Last night was a welcome change. She needed the release, with an actual person. And from what she remembered it was enjoyable. She would definitely be willing to go for another round with Genma if she ever ran into him at the bar again.


Just maybe not at his place…for obvious reasons.


But now she had to figure out what was going on with her and Professor Hatake. Clearly they’ve already violated some sort of university rule, right? Whether unspoken or not, within the span of a couple days they’ve already botched their work relationship. She was close to practically humping his thigh when he was breathing on her neck. She let down the window to let the cool air in and take a few deep breaths.


She thought back to what Ino said. He’s not your Professor, it’s not like he’s grading you.


She was technically correct. They weren’t in clear violation of a teacher/student relationship. The only kind of review he would be giving her would be at the end of the semester when he reviews how well of a TA she was. So, there wasn’t anything technically wrong with what they were doing.


Let’s just roll with that for now.


And who knows. Maybe he just liked teasing her. Maybe he has this bad boy persona with his tatted up body and cigarette smoking… maybe he was just playing with her and it was all just fun and games to him. She was okay with that.






Walking out of her last class, Sakura was pleasantly surprised to find that a bartender at her work had texted her and requested to take her shift that day, needing the extra hours; just as long as Sakura took the night shift Saturday night. She supposed Ino could babysit that night, since Sakura had Sarada on the weekends. 


Deciding to surprise Sarada now that she had free time, Sakura started planning out what they were going to do since they had a whole afternoon together. It made Sakura giddy. She had missed her little girl so much. It was nice outside so she decided they’d take a drive over to the local park.


She shot a message to her dad, saying she’d be there in a few minutes to pick up Sarada. With a toothy grin she cranked up the radio and pulled out of the parking spot, singing softly as she set course to see her daughter.


It hadn’t been that long, really, but Sakura couldn’t remember a time that she was away from Sarada for more than a day. She had only spent one night away from her. One. Ino had always been pestering her to take some time off, go to the beach with her or just the next town over to let loose for a bit, but Sakura could never bring herself to. She always felt sick whenever she was away from Sarada. She would just tell Ino that it was a mom thing and that would be the end of the discussion. Ino loved Sarada almost as much as Sakura did, but she could also see the heavy tole that was weighing on her best friend.


Sakura really needed to show her appreciation for Ino a bit more. Maybe start with not calling her Pig so much… she thought to herself with a soft grin.


She pulled into the driveway of her parent’s house, parking her sedan beside the SUV that was already there. Before getting out Sakura peered behind her at the backseat to make sure Sarada’s car seat and mirror were all properly in their place.


“Mama!” she heard as she was getting out of the car.


Sakura looked up to see her beaming little girl running towards her, arms outstretched to be picked up. She was dressed in little jeans and a soft pink top. Her hair, the small amount that she had, was gathered up at the top and tied with a white bow.  Sakura let out an enthusiastic laugh and scooped the little girl up, inspecting her and showering her little face with kisses, saying how much she missed her.


She looked over to the front door to see her father standing at the entryway, smiling softly as he watched his daughter and granddaughter being reunited.


“Do we want to go to the park?!” Sakura asked enthusiastically, placing Sarada on her hip and waiting eagerly for a reply.


Sarada nodded viciously. Whether she understood her or not, she didn’t know, but seemed to be up for anything as long she was with her momma. Sakura asked her dad if he’d like to join, but he shook his head, insisting that she take the time to spend with her daughter by herself.


Without another word Sakura buckled Sarada into her car seat, making sure she was safely secured before climbing into the driver’s side and pulling out of the driveway, heading to the park.




The park ended up being the perfect place to go. There were plenty of other kids around Sarada’s age and there was nothing Sakura loved more than watching how Sarada interacted with other kids. It gave her a bit of insight as to how she might be when she grows up.


Sarada was giving her a taste of that now.


Sakura was sitting on a park bench, observing Sarada watching a pair of twin boys, about two and a half Sakura guessed. They were currently wrestling with each other, to which Sarada seemed pleasantly amused by, as if she was wondering whether to join in or not. She’d keep walking up to them but then proceeded to run away while laughing. It made Sakura chuckle to herself. Sarada then proceeded to run in between the boys, breaking up their wrestling periodically.


Sakura had also observed that Sarada was never one to immediately cry if she fell. She would almost always get up and shake it off, resuming whatever it was she had been doing. She wasn’t one to ever get upset if she were to get knocked down. So when it came to light horseplay, Sakura knew that her daughter could hold her own, and it made her so damn proud.


To stretch her legs Sakura got up to walk around, not taking her eyes off Sarada for more than a few seconds. She looked around the park, making light observation of who was there. She mostly saw families, people walking their dogs, kids at soccer practice, a dark figure in the parking lot that looked a bit suspicious…




What was that?


She shook her head a bit, thinking she may have hallucinated.




Her breath caught in her throat and her gaze immediately shot back and forth from Sarada’s wide smile and impossibly happy disposition to the brooding figure that was staring at her from across the way in the parking lot.


No, not now. Not when she was about to start getting a handle on things.


But her eyes didn’t fool her. She was staring straight into the gaze of someone who she said she hated, and never wanted to lay eyes on ever again. Someone who she threatened to never come near and never set foot anywhere near her or her daughter.


No. Her eyes didn’t fool her.


It was him.



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Sakura’s world was at a standstill.


She was stuck between fight or flight. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t tear her eyes off of what she thought she was seeing. If she were honest with herself, there were times she thought she had seen shadows of him. Whether they were a figment of her imagination as a result of the abuse she had undergone from him; she didn’t know.


And that scared her sometimes.


She wasn’t too proud to admit that she may have been losing grip with her own reality. Having to always be semi-aware and looking behind your back must affect your psyche negatively to a degree.


No. She wasn’t too proud to admit that. And it made her angry too. That someone who hurt her so much had such a hold on her life. Sometimes she admitted to herself that Sarada not being at her house was a relief. Sasuke had never actually visited her parent’s house so he wouldn’t know where Sarada was. That gave Sakura some relief, knowing that if Sasuke was in fact back, he wouldn’t know where to find Sarada aside from Sakura’s house. And she could deal with that herself. She had done so plenty of times before.


“Ms. Haruno?”


A hand on her shoulder jolted her out of her thoughts and ripped her obsessive gaze off of Sarada, making sure she was where she was supposed to be. She yelped, thinking the man she had thought she saw had materialized behind her. She swatted the hand away and turned around, immediately bringing her hand to her chest to slow her breathing.


It was just Professor Hatake. She realized then that she should’ve known there was only one person who called her Ms. Haruno in that sexy deep voice that made her legs weak. The same man she had been touching herself to the past few nights. He raised his hands in reassurance, that he wasn’t there to harm her, “Hey hey hey, it’s alright… you okay there?” he asked, looking around as if he was making sure no one had taken her reaction personally. Like he was a predator. He did give her quite a fright after all.


Sakura stared for a moment and slowly turned her gaze back to the parking lot, finding that what she was so sure she saw had disappeared. She suddenly started feeling light headed, looking around and searching for a place to sit down.


“Sakura,” he said a bit more firmly, a hint of concern in his voice.


“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine,” Sakura said, still sounding a bit out of it and focusing her attention back on Sarada. She tried to relax a bit and looked up at him from the bench she was sitting on. He was wearing a hoodie and some running shorts and sneakers. Had he been on a run?


“What are you doing here?” she asked, turning her gaze back to Sarada and seeing that she was now playing with a group of girls similar to her age, chasing each other around the playground.


He brought his hand behind his neck to rub it, giving her a grin, “I was just out walking my dog, he’s right over there at the dog park,” he motioned to just a couple yards away.


“Oh, that’s nice…” Sakura said, trailing off. Still stuck in obsessive thoughts about Sasuke. She was having a hard time deciding whether to just grab Sarada and bolt or try and forget about it. He was obviously gone, for now. Professor Hatake may have been her saving grace.


“I can leave… if you’d rather be alone? I just saw you over here and thought I’d say hello,” he said. She looked up at him then, slightly confused as to why he was acting like this. Not twelve hours ago she was in his living room, close to practically throwing themselves at each other after she had fucked his roommate.


“No! No no no. I’m sorry. I was just stuck in thought about something… I thought I had to work tonight and was relieved when I realized I didn’t so…” she made up quickly. It wasn’t entirely a lie, but she didn’t want to admit that she thought she saw her drugged out and abusive baby daddy come back to haunt her.


“Right…” he said, obvious that he didn’t quite believe her. Probably because she looked shook up as all hell.


“Mama!” she heard from the distance and saw Sarada running up to her.


Oh, shit. It completely slipped her mind just now that she was there with her daughter. And her Professor was about to meet her. And he didn’t know she was a single mom. Would he judge her? Would he treat her differently now?


“Hi, baby!” she said a bit shakily as Sarada ran up and patted Sakura’s purse, signaling that she wanted her juice bottle. Sakura proceeded to open her purse and take out the bottle to hand to her. Sarada immediately went back to what she was doing, running towards the girls she had been playing with. She slowly looked up at Professor Hatake, to see his reaction to what had just transpired.


“You have a daughter…” he said, almost like it was to himself. Sakura nodded slowly, unsure of what to say. Was he upset with her? Angry? Confused? It was probably the latter, observing his furrowed brow and quizzical look.


“Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I guess I just thought it would come up eventually…” she trailed off. He snapped his head towards her like he had a revelation of sorts.


“Are you…? Does she…? I mean,” he stammered, obviously trying to get to grips with what he was asking.


Oh, he’s wondering if I’m married, she smirked inwardly. It was amusing to see him flustered, a welcome change from the confidence that practically oozed out of him.


“No, Sarada’s dad isn’t in the picture,” she said with a finite tone, wanting to make that fact very clear. He nodded, though she couldn’t read if he was satisfied with that answer or not, “Do you like kids?” she asked randomly, trying to break the tension.


Why the hell did she ask that? Why did she care if he liked kids or not?


He chuckled at that, “I love kids, actually,” he said. And that made her heart flutter a bit. “A few of my friends have kids, around the same age as yours actually. I’m a favorite when it comes to babysitting,” he said with a grin. Sakura looked at him a bit slack jawed.


“What?” he asked, amused by her stunned look.


“I didn’t really peg you as someone who likes kids…” she said with a disbelieving smile, “That bad boy persona you’re sporting must be working,” she continued with a shy grin and looked back towards the playground.


“Bad boy, huh? Is that how you see me?” he asked, cocking his head at her.


“Well, it’s not a bad look on you,” she said, with a wide stupid grin on her face.


“Well…” he began, bending down so that his lips were brushing her ear, “MILF isn’t a bad look on you either I suppose,” he said with a smirk.


Her eyes rolled back slightly. God, he was doing it to her again wasn’t he? Making her want to just drown in a puddle of her own arousal. Making her want to push him down onto the bench and straddle him, grind down into him and make him feel just as delirious as he made her feel. She groaned a bit when he pulled away and straightened himself.


Right, they were at a park. Where there were families and children and her daughter within 20 or 30 feet of them. God, what was wrong with her? She realized then that he was getting ready to walk away and return to the dog park where he had left his dog to play with the others. She felt a small bit of sadness, wishing he’d stay a bit. Maybe he could stay awhile and introduce his dog to her and Sarada? Sarada loved animals, and since he admitted to liking kids surely he wouldn’t mind?


Before she could muster up the courage though he was slowly walking away, shoving his hands back in his pockets, “I’ll see you tomorrow for lab Ms. Haruno,” he said with a grin, “And by the way, you can call me Kakashi… though I’ll miss the way you call me Professor,” he said with a wink, turning around and making his way.


She blushed at that and smiled, ignoring the cheeky comment he had thrown in at the end. He told her his name.


“Kakashi…” she said softly, testing how it felt leaving her lips.




With a heavy heart Sakura left her dad’s house later that night. She had joined them for dinner and put Sarada down for bed. It pained her that she wouldn’t be there in the morning to wake her up. She had stayed for a glass of wine with her dad, catching up a bit and letting him know how the first few days were going, as well as how she was coping with not having Sarada around.


“You’re strong, Sakura, just like your mother. You’ll get through it. We’ll get through it,” he had told her reassuringly, giving her a strong hug before she turned from the door to walk down the steps and to her car. She had to admit, she was relived to be going back to any empty house. The past few days had been a bit hectic and she was looking forward to winding down in the comfortable silence of her home. She was just feeling so drained.


She was nervous about Sasuke, of course. Trying to string everything together, from the text message to the stalking at the park, she really didn’t know if she may have just been imagining it all. Once Kakashi had appeared behind her he had just vanished. It didn’t help ease her anxiety at all. Was he really there? Or was he just a hallucination? If he was there, why?


The last time she saw him was six months ago, just after the fall semester had started. He had just showed up at her house, unannounced. She had just finished putting Sarada down for bed when she heard an incessant knocking at the door and heard his screaming for Sarada. She made the mistake of rushing down the stairs and letting him in, not wanting him to disturb the neighbors. She lived in such a quiet neighborhood. After she let him in…


Well she didn’t want to think about that now. She needed to figure out what she was going to do moving forward. She couldn’t just ignore the fact that she may have possibly seen him. For her and Sarada’s safety, she needed to take this seriously. The last thing she remembered from their stare down at the park was Kakashi’s welcome interruption.


Oh God, what if seeing Kakashi sparked something? What if it drove him through a fit and he bolted, too consumed in his anger to face it at that moment; needing to get high or do god knows what. He had always been an extremely angry person, and Sakura being the one with an incessant need to try and fix people thought she could be the one to make him see the light. She really needed to stop being everyone’s savior and start worrying about herself.


So, what if it was true then? What if he was really back, and he had been thrown into anger after seeing her with Kakashi? For all she knew he may had been brooding somewhere, watching their interaction. She knew how dangerous Sasuke could be. She knew what he was capable of; she had the mental and physical scars to prove it. He could be around the corner and she wouldn’t even know.


 If Sakura knew anything about herself, it was that she would never let him get in the way of anyone close to her without him having to go through her first. She didn’t know what was going on with her and Kakashi. Honestly, whatever the fuck they were doing wasn’t right. She had been reckless, alone too long and giving into her feelings too easily. For God’s sake they had only known each other a few days. It was just sad how she was letting herself give into him. It was all becoming so clear now and she felt like such a juvenile.


She needed to put an end to things. For her sake and the safety of everyone around her. She would pull him aside tomorrow and set things straight before things got out of control for them.




After a fitful night Sakura was not feeling too confident about her impending conversation with Kakashi. She was nervous, her stomach in knots. To be completely honest she did not want to do this at all. Yeah it seemed fucked up on the outside looking in but the encounters that they had excited her. Their brief moments together made her feel the most alive she had felt in a long time. But she had decided last night that she really didn’t have a choice; she needed to do this.


So, with shaky legs she entered the lab room. She was there about 45 min early since they would be starting proper labs today and she needed to set up the room. She made her way over to the cabinet that had the streak plates and inoculation loops, since they’d be learning streak techniques today. Her job was to assign each student with two streak plates and one inoculation loop each. She started by making sure the inoculation loops were sterile before placing them and the streak plates on each student’s place around the lab. She then heard the lab door open and close as her back was turned.


Fuck she thought as she already caught his familiar scent. He smelled like crisp mountain air, a hint of whiskey and some mint. It made her delirious sometimes. Slowly she turned around and immediately wanted to forget everything she had been planned on saying to him and just pounce on him. He was dressed so deliciously it was fucking unfair. He was wearing a dark blue short sleeve collared shirt with the first few buttons undone, almost completely showing off his tattoos and his lean but muscular arms. He obviously didn’t care about keeping them covered up. He was wearing grey khakis to match and the way they hugged his legs made her mouth water.


God, get a fucking grip, Sakura! She cursed to herself, you can’t just give in this time, she reminded herself.


“Thought I’d find you here,” he said, giving her his usual smirk with a slight tilt of his eyebrow upward.


“We need to talk,” she blurted, painfully awkward and shuffling her feet, not knowing how else to say it.


He furrowed his brow at her, “Okay…” he said, motioning towards the storage closet at the back of the room where the students put their backpacks and other belongings. It was quite large, so it’s not like they’d be stuck in an intimate space, but it was private enough for what she wanted to get out.


She followed him into the spacious closet space, fidgeting with her hands, trying to look anywhere but him. He leaned against one of the shelves, arms crossed, waiting for her to say what she had to say. His stance didn’t make it any easier for her to focus, the way he was leaning with his arms crossed made it so that his arms were practically bulging out of the sleeves. She could feel herself starting to sweat.




“I don’t think we should be doing whatever it is we’re doing anymore,” she word vomited at him. He furrowed his brow, not completely understanding what she was saying. She took a deep breath to calm herself, “What?” he asked, looking for clarification.


“Whatever this is- whatever has transpired between us over the past few days… it needs to end. I’m sorry,” she said, casting her eyes downward.


“Okay…” he began, “can I ask why?” he asked, not moving from where he was positioned.


“Why?” she began, shaking her head, “Kakashi we’ve only known each other a few days and we’ve already managed to violate our work relationship. It’s not appropriate. I know I’m not your student but I still technically am one and you’re a Professor. And I don’t know if I appreciate all of the teasing and undermining, like you get off just toying with me…” she finished with a bit too much bite and not totally thinking about what she had just said.


With that he pushed off from where he was standing, giving her an impossibly dark stare, “Is that what you think this is?” he asked, “You think I’m just trying to play with you? Toy with you?” he almost seethed, imposing his body onto her as she was being backed up against a column of shelves. She felt the bump of the shelf against her rear and he brought his hands to up to either side of her face, properly caging her in. She could tell he was upset by what she said. Maybe she had gotten it all wrong. Maybe he did genuinely like her?


“Don’t get me wrong, Sakura, I enjoy the teasing, I enjoy it a lot, but you’re not my play thing,” he began, “You see, when I turned the corner that first day and met this hot-headed little thing, it ignited something within me, something I didn’t want to ignore. If you had been my student, I would’ve ignored it without a second thought, but seeing you again in the parking lot had me damn curious about you,” he said, caging her in even deeper so that their foreheads were almost touching. She could feel his warm breath on her lips.


“And then I had to find out that you slept with my roommate. You think I found that amusing? Well sweetie, I found it fucking infuriating,” he said, backing up a bit so she could let out the breath she was holding in.


He pulled away suddenly and turned around, running a hand through his hair and placed his hands on his hips. She didn’t know what to do or say. This was not at all how she imagined this conversation would go. All she could do was stare at a stain on the floor and start counting back from one hundred so that she didn’t have to think about the total catastrophe that was unfolding before her.


“Maybe you’re right,” he said, breaking the silence. Her head shot up at that.


“You’re right,” he continued, “whatever this is, it happened too fast, I should’ve been more professional.”




“It’s fine. I’m not upset. Things just got a bit out of control, but we’re both adults and we can put it all behind us,” he said and turned back around to look at her, “is that clear?” he finished, locking his gaze onto hers.


She finally looked up from the floor, bringing her gaze up to him, feeling even more defeated than she had before.


“Crystal,” she said.

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“So that’s everything that happened, in the span of 4 days,” Sakura said, finishing Ino’s second vodka cranberry and placing it in front of her. It was Friday afternoon and Sakura was working the afternoon shift at the bar. She spent most of her morning staring at the ceiling before having to go to her classes, replaying what had transpired the day before on a loop. She felt like such an idiot. There she was Wednesday night, so sure of her decision to squash whatever was going on between her and Kakashi. She hadn’t wanted to confront him, she really didn’t, but she felt it was the smart thing to do.


Now she didn’t know what to feel.


“Well that’s quite a story,” Ino began, taking a sip of her drink, “is that really why you wanted to end things?” she asked.




That was a lie. She wasn’t about to tell Ino that she thought she saw Sasuke stalking them at the park. She’d go off again about how Sakura wasn’t doing enough. How she was putting her and Sarada through unnecessary danger by not having the police track him down.


She didn’t want to admit it, and the thought made her sick to her stomach, but there was still a small part of her that loved Sasuke. Hell, that small part of her would probably always love him. How could she not? He was the father of her child. That’s what made her situation so hard. Sure, she could threaten him all she wanted but if she were honest, they were mostly empty threats. She didn’t know how she could bring herself to call the cops on the father of her child. She didn’t want Sarada growing up knowing her father was a deadbeat drug addict.


Sakura sighed, gliding to the end of the bar where a couple had just left, picking up their bill and the tip they had left for her. She gathered up their glasses and brought them back towards where Ino was sitting, placing them in the dirty dish rack.


“Well, I guess there’s nothing more you can do then,” Ino said, giving her friend a look, like she didn’t quite believe her friend’s explanation for ending things with Kakashi.


“You don’t think I made the right decision?” Sakura pressed, leaning against the counter and looking out towards the bar. It wasn’t particularly busy. It was actually fairly quiet for a Friday afternoon, which worked out in her favor. She just needed to get through the next few hours before it got rowdy as all hell and she’d leave Shikamaru and the other bartenders to the night shift. It was Friday night after all.


Ino shrugged, “It’s not my place to say.”


Sakura frowned at that, “Well you practically made it your place on Tuesday morning when you couldn’t shut up about the two of us,” she quipped.


“Look Sakura, I just don’t want you to get hurt. And you seem hurt now, which is kind of your fault. Oh, don’t give me that look. Anyway, I don’t think you necessarily had to go to him and end things. You could’ve just offered to slow things down, ya know?” Ino said, taking another last sip of her drink before putting it down and scooting it back to Sakura.


Sakura didn’t know how to respond to that. If Sasuke hadn’t showed up at the park, things would be a lot different, for sure. But her interaction with Kakashi at the park could’ve put something in motion. There could be a shit storm coming and Sakura wouldn’t have a clue. She needed to be on her toes; to be guarded, and ending things with Kakashi was the first step, no matter how much her heart protested. She couldn’t think with her heart. She did that often enough and look at where it got her.


Sakura shrugged and turned away from her friend upon hearing the door open. Grabbing a few coasters, she made her way to the group of people who had settled down to the bar, deciding to just try and keep her chin up and get through the day.





Kakashi let out a long sigh as he opened the door to his Subaru, climbing in and throwing his belongings into the passenger seat. He leaned his head forward against the steering wheel and took a few deep breaths.


It was a shit day. Gorgeous outside, but just shit. Yesterday had… not gone the way he thought it would. And it all had to do with a certain pink haired woman…


He groaned and picked his head back up, turning the car on and letting the windows down, allowing himself to relax for a few moments before heading home. It was the weekend now, and Genma was sure to be having people over from the station. It gave Kakashi something to look forward to, if he didn’t decide to bail last minute, but not without the intrusion of some unwanted thoughts. Genma had always been a good friend, always checking with Kakashi to make sure he was okay with socializing with people from the station. They were all old friends after all, but that life was behind him, at least for now.


And the now was what he needed to focus on. At least that’s what his therapist kept telling him.


And he thought he was doing a pretty god job with it, until that whole shit storm that went down yesterday. He thought that moment they had at the park was a turning point for them. He had gotten over whatever happened between her and Genma. No one was at fault for their behavior so he couldn’t allow himself to be upset over it, and it’s not like he had a claim on Sakura. But then she had to go and pull him aside and accuse him of toying with her? Undermining her? Teasing her just for the fun of it?


It made him snap, really, as it gave life to the anger and frustration he had been repressing from his previous life.


No. He couldn’t go down that rabbit hole.


With shaky hands he dug through the center console to find his cigarette stash. It was a nasty habit, but it helped ease the tremors. He ignited the flame from the lighter and brought the cigarette to his lips, lighting the end and taking in a long drag, trying to steady his breathing and exhale though his mouth, watching the pillow of smoke that left through the open window. A few drags later and he noticed the tremor in his hand start to ease up.


An unwelcome trait of his recently diagnosed PTSD.


He didn’t want to admit it, but he wished he were with Sakura. He missed their banter and the way she would get shy around him, all while managing to still maintain that sharp wit that he couldn’t resist. She was different; that’s for sure. It wasn’t like him to get hung up on a woman. He had never been one for relationships in the first place. He was always either too busy or just didn’t have an interest. If he ever got an itch he would just put himself out there and get lucky, especially if he had a wingman like Genma.


But then Sakura came through like a damn hurricane with her immediate criticism of his tardiness and her snarky comments to him in the parking lot. It was the sexiest thing he had ever witnessed. He couldn’t resist the pull he felt towards her and it excited him beyond belief.


But he supposed it didn’t matter anymore. It was over, at least for now.


Maybe that’s what he would tell himself.


It’s just for now.





Sakura was a bit on edge that Saturday night. She was happy to have Sarada at home but of course the first weekend she had her back she needed to work a shift at the bar. On top of that it was Saturday night, the busiest night of the week. She’d be working with Shikamaru so she wasn’t entirely dreading it, but she still would rather be spending her time with Sarada; what little of it she had. Ino was more than happy to watch Sarada for the night, stating how she had missed her little niece.


When Sakura had evening shifts on Fridays or Saturdays, she would always dress a bit flirtier. It was the easiest way to get bigger tips and she couldn’t solely rely on her charm since drunk people easily annoyed her. With a sigh she gave herself a once-over. She had decided on a white button up that was tight enough to accentuate her breasts, leaving the first few buttons undone so that she could show off her cleavage. She had it tucked into a black leather mini skirt that had an asymmetrical flap, then finished off the whole outfit with black combat boots. She had to admit, she looked positively lethal. Satisfied with what she saw, she pulled her hair up and into a messy bun, not wanting it in the way.


She grabbed her phone from her nightstand where it was charging and made her way downstairs to where Sarada and Ino were. They were both parked in front of the TV with a large pizza in front of them, looking like they were in for a relaxing night.


“Damn girl,” Ino said with eyebrows raised to the ceiling, “you look hot as FU-,”


“Don’t say that word, please,” Sakura bit out with her hand raised and gestured towards Sarada. Ino just smirked and turned her attention back to the TV. Sakura walked over to the front door where she kept her purse and keys and then made her way back to the living room to give Sarada a peck on the cheek.


“My phone is charged and I’ll have it on me so call if you need ANYTHING, okay?”


“Yes, Moooom,” Ino said with that same smirk, turning her attention back to Sarada and the cartoon that they were watching.




“Genma, I’m really not in the mood to go out to a bar. It’s Saturday night and we live in a college town. That doesn’t sound like a great time to me,” Kakashi said as he plucked a beer from the fridge, opening it and taking a swig.


“But almost everyone from the station will be there, man! I’ve tolerated you wallowing the past few weekends but tonight I’m taking you out!” Genma said with a hard slap on Kakashi’s back.




“Wallowing, moping around, being a loner whatever you want to call it. Everyone keeps talking about you and asking how you’re doing. I keep having to tell them for you so why don’t you tag along so you can tell them yourself,” Genma said, taking the beer from Kakashi’s hands, proceeded to chug it and then chucked it into the recycle bin.


“Common, everyone is already there so we’re technically late,” Genma said, moving around the house to grab his belongings.


“I’m not even dressed.”


“What are you talking about you look great. Stop making excuses and let’s go,” Genma said, grabbing the keys to his car and opening the front door, motioning for Kakashi to step out. With a groan Kakashi grabbed his things and followed suit, plucking Genma’s keys from his hands, “I’m the designated driver for tonight though,” Kakashi said, giving a warning glance to his friend, to which Genma responded with a sheepish grin.


Genma gave directions to the bar where they were all supposedly meeting. He had pulled the car up to the establishment, finding that it looked like any other college bar he had been to. Kakashi wrinkled his nose, wondering why Genma had chosen here of all places. It wasn’t exactly dive-y, but definitely not a place you would go for food or anything other than a drink.


“I don’t think I’ve ever been here before…” Kakashi said, giving the establishment a onceover. It was fairly small and plain looking, with a few neon signs that lit up the windows. Already he could here the music booming inside, putting him on edge.


“This place is great; they’ve got pool tables and darts. Oh, and it’s where I picked up Pinky,” he heard Genma laugh from the other side of the car.


Kakashi froze, unsure he had heard his friend correctly. And then he remembered what Sakura had told him that one day in the parking lot.


Right. She was a bartender. This was the bar she worked at.




Shit. Fuck. It’s not like he could leave. He couldn’t just tell Genma deuces and see him tomorrow. Genma had already told all of their friends that he’d be making an appearance.


Fuck. He supposed all he could do was hope she wasn’t working that night. Right. Maybe she wasn’t- and he was going through all of this worrying for nothing.


But when he followed Genma through the entrance that led into the bar he did in fact have reason to worry.


Because one look at her behind the bar and Kakashi knew.


He knew he had walked into the den of a temptress.



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Sakura had been too busy making drinks to even notice that Kakashi was in her bar. It was stupidly busy for a Saturday night and the pounding bass of the obnoxiously loud music was making her head spin. She hated Friday and Saturday nights but there really was no reason for her to be too upset. Her outfit seemed to work out for her because she had already racked up a good number of tips.


She glanced over at Shikamaru who was next to her, preparing drinks at the speed of light. He looked over at her and they both gave each other sympathetic looks before promptly snickering to themselves, probably thinking about how ridiculous this whole night was. They were catering to a smorgasbord of people. A gaggle of bros were huddled at one corner of the bar. Sorority girls to the other side. Mostly professionals were making themselves comfortable at the pool tables at the back of the room where the music wasn’t so loud.


Looking over the sea of people, Sakura had concluded that everyone looked content, enjoying their drinks and company. She was suddenly interrupted by a figure coming up to the bar and flagging her down. She ripped her gaze away from the room and zeroed in on who was trying to get her attention. She immediately recognized the man and raised her brow at the shit-eating grin he was giving her.


“How can I help you, Genma?” Sakura said, putting on her princess smile and sweet voice, trying to charm her way into a fat tip.


“Looks like you’re servicing me tonight,” he said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. Sakura scoffed.


“The only servicing you’ll be getting from me tonight is drinks. So, what’ll it be?” she asked, shooting down his flirtatious comments towards her. 


“Ouch, baby, that hurts,” he said, bringing a hand to his heart as if implying it was broken, obviously tooling with her. He stood up straight, righting himself and motioning towards the back of the room towards the pool tables, “I’ve got a group of friends here and I need to put in an order. Can we get a pitcher and 5 glasses along with it,” he asked with a grin while handing over his card.


“Sure,” she said, plucking the card from his hands and turning around to put in his order, “I’ll just find you,” she called over her shoulder and proceeded to work on the pitcher he had ordered.


Once she had loaded up her tray, she hoisted it up onto her hand and over her shoulder, balancing it effortlessly. Three years of working at a bar and you become an expert at balancing all kind of combinations of drinks. She quickly made her way over to the back of the bar where it was much less crowded and she allowed herself to breath a bit. She saw a group of people and was able to point out Genma and his group of friends. They parted a bit upon seeing her with their order and she froze at the spot seeing a familiar figure with white hair.


GOD no why is this happening to me??? she groaned inwardly as the figure she was looking at was looking at her with the same terrified expression. She gulped down the lump in her throat and resumed making her way over to them, not wanting to look like a total weirdo. She placed the tray down onto the bar table that they had been crowded around.


“Alright, well, just let me know if you need anything else. I kept your tab open,” she said, trying to keep her gaze on Genma but finding it almost impossible not to shift her gaze over to Kakashi, who was leaning against the pool table, arms crossed and focusing in on her. His gaze upon her was dark, and she realized he looked quite taken by her outfit. It made a warmth creep up in her belly.


She promptly turned away, feeling his gaze practically burning into her backside as she made her way through the sea of people and back to her place behind the bar. A new group of people had made their way over, waiting for someone to take their drink orders. She shot Shikamaru an apologetic look before focusing her attention on them and taking their drink orders.




It was approaching midnight and the bar had emptied out considerably. The amount of people that had crowded the whole bar earlier had literally been constricting her breath. She thought she’d get some relief but a certain someone who kept stealing glances her way was making it hard to carry out basic human functions. Every time he’d look her way she’d feel her body clench, the heat in his eyes not making her situation any easier.


She turned her attention to the mess at the bar and sighed, grabbing a dish rag and squirt bottle filled with a mixture of soap and water, spraying and scrubbing at the stickiness that had clung to the surface of the bar. She had been doing it long enough to not notice that someone had approached the bar, clearing their throat to get her attention. She shot her head up and met the same eyes that had been staring her down all throughout the night.


“Hi,” she squeaked, placing the rag and bottle down, slowly turning her attention towards him, suddenly feeling awkward and not knowing what to do with her hands so she just leaned against the bar counter, trying to look calm and collected but failing miserably, “Would you like something to drink?” she asked.


He nodded, “Yeah, actually. If that’s alright,” he said, like he was testing the waters.


“Of course,” she said, giving him a warm smile, “what’ll it be?”


“Whiskey on the rocks. I don’t care what, just not your most expensive,” he said with a smirk, taking a seat at the bar.


“It’s on the house anyway,” she said with her back turned, reaching for a glass and giving the rows of liquor a onceover, trying to decide what she wanted to give him. He must not have been too upset with her if he was already teasing her.


“Sakura you don’t have to-“


“It’s going on Genma’s tab,” she said, looking over her shoulder and shooting him a smirk. He chuckled and brought his hand to the back of his neck to rub it. A nervous twitch, she had assumed.


“Well in that case…” he said, deciding to let her choose her whiskey of choice for him.


A thought had then surfaced in her mind. She wasn’t much of a whiskey drinker, but there was a time that Shikamaru had made her a drink that consisted of whiskey and a literal chocolate morsel floating at the bottom and it had completely changed her view on whiskey forever. She turned to Kakashi and shot him a sly grin.


“Say…how would you feel about me surprising you?” she asked, pumping her eyebrows at him. He gave her a suspicious look but had a grin on his face, obviously amused, “as long as it involves whiskey, I think I’m up for a surprise.”


With a satisfied grin she turned around and made her way around the bar, preparing his drink, all while knowing that he was keeping a close eye on her. She was feeling particularly daring and proceeded to put some bounce in her step and extra sway in her hips, hoping he was entranced by it. Finishing his drink she turned around, placing it in front of him and watching his face, eagerly awaiting his verdict.


He furrowed his brow, picking up the glass and inspecting it, “Is that… a ball of chocolate?” he asked, giving her a quizzical look.


“Yup!” she said, feeling quite proud of herself and putting her hands on her hips. He raised his eyebrow, “I don’t normally like sweets…” he trailed off, studying her gaze, “but since you seem so eager, I’ll give it a try,” he said with a wink and brought the glass to his lips.


She watched intently, eyes locked on his lips around the rim of his glass and then shifted down to his throat, watching his Adam’s apple bob as the whiskey scorched down his throat. He pulled the glass away and made a face of surprise, as if he wasn’t expecting to enjoy whatever he had just consumed.


“Not bad,” he concluded, “I actually quite like that,” he said with a satisfied grin and placed the glass back on the counter. She didn’t say anything immediately, just continued staring at him. She desperately wanted to know what he had been thinking about over the past couple of days. Was he still angry or upset with her? Was he just doing this to be polite?


They remained like that for quite some time, soaking in each other’s presence, wondering exactly what the other person was thinking. Kakashi broke the silence, bringing a hand up to his glass and tapping his finger on one side.


“Sakura,” he said with a sigh, “I just wanted to apologize for the other day. I was way out of line and if I startled you, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean some of things I said and I’m sorry for that too,” he said, giving her an apologetic look. She was surprised by what she heard, but also happy to hear that he had been thinking about it as much as she had. She smiled and shook her head, putting her hand over his.


“It’s okay. I said some things I shouldn’t have either. I didn’t mean them and I wasn’t thinking. It’s just that… I-I like you. More than I’d care to admit,” she blurted out, unsure of whether she should have made that admission right then and there.


His head shot up and he looked at her with the most intense stare she had ever seen. Her breath hitched as he grabbed her hand suddenly, unsure if he heard her correctly.


They suddenly heard a commotion towards the other side of the bar and turned their heads to find his friends were gathering their things to get ready to leave. The one with dark hair and dark skin with a woman with long dark hair and pale skin on his arm called for him, “Hatake? You coming or not?” he shouted from across the bar, “I can give Genma a ride home,” he finished, probably sensing that his friend didn’t want to leave just yet.


Kakashi looked back towards Sakura, giving her a heated stare, “Tell me to leave and I’ll leave,” he said in a low and primal tone.


Sakura gazed into his eyes, like she was trying to search for an answer within them but couldn’t find any reason to say no. She wanted him. She wanted him so badly and for just this once, she was going to do what she wanted. For herself.






Next thing she knew Sakura was being backed into a bar table, Kakashi’s hungry lips on hers. They were impossibly soft and she could taste the whiskey in his mouth as his tongue massaged hers. She took the opportunity to let her hands roam his body, ridding him of his denim jacket and resuming the path that her hands had started, trailing up his arms and feeling his muscles. He groaned at her touch and perched her ass up onto the table. He grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulling so that her head was angled up at him.


“God, I know this isn’t what we agreed on but I can’t help it… I need you” he groaned against her mouth, trailing his tongue along her parted lips, teasing her mouth while grabbing her shirt and yanking it up from where it was tucked into her leather skirt.


“Then take me,” Sakura moaned, “just for tonight,” Sakura let out breathlessly, eyes fluttering closed and allowing him to reach under her shirt and let his hands roam her sides. Her head fell back at the sensation. His touch was both gentle and rough, grabbing at her hips and pulling her closer to him. Her breasts were rubbing against his chest and the contact made her nipples harden; the lacy material of her bra making it hard not to be turned on by the smallest of stimuli.


He let out a groan as she brought a knee in between them and brushed his hardening erection. His gaze focused downward as he brought his hands down to the hem of her skirt, trying to push it up but it was just too damn tight and he let out a growl of frustration.


“There’s a button on the side,” she murmured, too focused on how it felt to have his lips and hands all over her.


“Fucking fantastic- where?” he growled, looking back down to the location that she was padding at. He swatted her hands away and grabbed the material, yanking it open with an aggression that made Sakura’s eye roll to the back of her head. Discarding the piece of fabric, he gazed at her panties, tracing the lace and looping his finger into the hem, thinking he had seen a small print on her skin. Curiously, he furrowed his brow, pulling down the hem of her panties lower to reveal…


A cherry blossom.


His breath hitched as he traced the ink imbedded into her skin just below her hipbone and brought his gaze to her, mouth hanging slightly open. She looked at him and gave him a shy smile, looking away slightly.


“I-I got it when I turned 18…” she trailed off, looking back towards him to meet his lust filled gaze and he positively groaned as he brought his head down to her shoulder, taking a deep breath to right himself.


“Fuck, Sakura you’re trying to kill me,” he growled and started trailing his lips over her collarbone, “You’re so perfect,” he murmured against her skin. Now that her legs were free of their confinement, she wrapped them tightly around his waist, bringing his erection right to her crotch and started a slow grind. He let out a loud groan and brought his lips back to hers, his tongue immediately opening her mouth and seeking her own.


He brought a hand up to her shirt and proceeded to yank on it, exposing the lacy bra that she had on. He pulled the cups of her bra down, mouth watering at the sight of her breasts and already puckered nipples. Placing his palm on her chest, he guided her down onto the table while resuming his frantic pace on her growing arousal. He brought his mouth down to her chest, licking a stripe between her cleavage and bringing his mouth over to a nipple, bringing it into his mouth.


The double sensation of his tongue swirling around the sensitive bud and his rock-hard cock grinding against her clit was practically making her sing. She grabbed a fistful of his hair to pull him closer, bringing her hips up to meet his eager thrusts. He swirled his tongue faster, taking little bites and nibbles in between before switching breasts and giving the same attention to it’s twin. She mewled at the sensation and arched her back with need.


“Fuck you love this don’t you, baby?” he growled against her breast and she writhed and whined underneath him. He brought himself back up and she almost screamed until she saw him start unbuttoning his jeans. She promptly picked herself up from her previous position of laying down and licked her lips in anticipation, wanting to see his weeping cock in all of its glory.


Eagerly eyeing his hands that were undoing his belt and unbuttoning his pants, Sakura’s breath quickened and she brought her hands down to her crotch, swirling her fingers and padding at the wetness that was already threatening to drench the fabric. She loved seeing his gaze darken and him lick his lips, watching her intently as he worked his zipper down. She brought her hand back up to the hem of her panties, wanting to shed herself of them and show him her already dripping pussy and-




Sakura’s eyes blew wide open as she heard the familiar tone of her phone going off. Her gaze met Kakashi’s as he froze, hands still on his zipper with a look of defeat on his face. She proceeded to get up from her position on the bar table and approached him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek to reassure him that it’d be okay before making her way to the other side of the bar where her phone was located.


She read the screen and unlocked her phone, bringing the device to her ear and answering it.


“WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” she heard a clearly enraged Ino on the other side. Sakura jolted away from the phone, a bit surprised by Ino’s tone until she pulled the phone away and looked at the time. It had read 2:30am. Now she understood why Ino was so upset.


“Shit, I’m sorry Ino I didn’t realize it was so late. Something…came up,” Sakura said, glancing over at Kakashi who was zipping himself back up and picking up her skirt, unable to think of a lie she could make up on the spot. The bar officially closed at 1am and her closing routine would usually only take about a half hour, but with the addition of her inviting Kakashi to stay a bit longer and what had just transpired…well. The time had gotten away from her, “I’ll be home ASAP. Is Sarada okay?”


“Yeah she’s fine,” Ino said, “honestly I don’t care when you come home I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Now that I know I’ll see you whenever, okay? Have fun with whoever you’re banging,” Ino dropped at the end, promptly hanging up and leaving Sakura with her mouth wide open.


Setting the phone down on the bar she looked over to find Kakashi at the other side of it, handing her skirt to her and giving her a sheepish grin. She grabbed it with a small smile and he brought his hand to the back of his neck, rubbing it and huffing a sigh, “Well that was… interesting,” he said, obviously feeling a bit flustered and astonished by what had just happened between the two of them.


“Yeah,” Sakura said with a stupid grin on her face and putting her skirt back on, “definitely interesting… and unexpected.”


He looked up at her, a glimmer of hope in his eyes but he retrained himself.


“I don’t regret it. Honestly, I’ve wanted that since the moment I saw you but… we should probably talk about this, figure out what this is and what not…” Sakura trailed off, studying his gaze. He shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded, agreeing with her.


“I’d like that,” he said, giving her a satisfied smile before motioning towards the door for them to take their leave. Sakura gathered her jacket and purse and made her way around the bar, taking out her keys to lock up. She opened the front entryway to let both her and Kakashi out, turning around to insert the key in the lock, twisting the knob to double check that it was indeed locked.


Making their way into the parking lot at the front of the building, Sakura extended her hand to grasp Kakashi’s, giving him a reassuring squeeze. He brought her hand up to his lips to give it a chaste kiss before walking backwards to his car, giving her that smirk that never failed to make her knees weak.


“Goodnight, Sakura,” he said with a wink before turning around and making his way to Genma’s car.


Sakura watched him for the entire way, the smile never leaving her lips.


“Goodnight, Kakashi,” she whispered to herself, the wind carrying it into the cool spring night.  

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Little did they know a figure had been observing the two, almost since Kakashi had first arrived at the bar. He had been posted up in a sedan with the windows blacked out, across the street from where the bar was situated. The figure had been watching the two of them closely, ever since that man had interrupted the moment between him and Sakura at the park. He had been planning to reconcile his family but that man


He had recognized that man. You don’t forget someone like him, especially since he had silvery white hair and a pretty damn distinctive scar over his right eye. Yeah… he had had a few run ins with him. His gang had received intel that someone had been working undercover for a while, tracking down evidence against the gang he was a part of. But then he had suddenly disappeared, seemingly replaced by someone else. That wasn’t the best decision they made. It definitely raised suspicions about who the mystery white haired, scarred up druggy actually was, and now he knew for sure. He had been standing right before him, plain as day and in normal civilian clothing. This man was a cop. Sasuke immediately recognized the friend he had arrived with too. He was the one the white-haired cop had been replaced with. Oh yes… this information would be very useful to bring back to the organization. What a strange turn of events…


He had come here for Sakura, originally. He was there to put together his family. Being in the organization, though they marketed in drugs, meant you had to be clean. He had been 90 days clean now and thought that would be a nice surprise to bring to Sakura. Maybe after hearing of his progress she would reconsider mending their family with both of them at its center. He would keep the organization a secret for now…


But first that man… that cop. She had somehow gotten herself involved with a cop who had been undercover, seeking evidence against his organization. This was going to be a mess, once he brought this news back. He needed to figure out what to do about him. It was obvious that him and Sakura were somewhat close. They had held hands and he dared to put his mouth to hers before parting. He even noticed that they were the only ones left in the bar and quite some time had past after the last patrons had left. What in the world had they been doing in there? Whatever the case, he needed to get to Sakura before it was too late. He needed to get to her and make her realize he’s all she ever wanted.


And that this time…


He was back for good.




Sakura woke that Monday morning feeling refreshed. It was 6am and then sun had just started peeking through her bedroom window. She had an early evening, which was a nice change. After putting Sarada down for the night she had decided to get into bed herself and read a book. She rarely made time for herself and it was a nice change of pace compared to her normal coming home after a late night at the bar and collapsing into bed.


Though she could get used to it if it meant coming home after being almost-fucked by her hot as hell Professor…


She shook her head, smiling into her pillow, feeling her heart start to race at the thought of him. They hadn’t spoken since that night but they had no reason to. She would see him on Tuesday and they would talk about what happened, hopefully without any distractions… though she couldn’t make any promises.


It really had been quite amazing; their encounter. It was so heated and passionate and looking back on it still gave her butterflies. He was so exciting and was such a force of nature. It was a nice change considering how depressing her life had been just a couple of weeks ago. She actually looked forward to the next day rather than going to bed dreading it. She woke up with a smile rather than a grimace. She would get herself ready for the day with a spring in her step rather than dragging her body around like a zombie.


Yes… it was a nice change.


She stretched her limbs and swung her legs over to the side of the bed, sitting herself up and glancing over to the baby monitor screen that was perched on her nightstand, showing a little figure bouncing up and down in her crib. Sakura giggled upon seeing Sarada’s little face momentarily appear and then disappear over the crib as she bounced like she was on a pogo stick. Sakura stood herself up and walked over to her bedroom door, letting herself out so that she could walk down the hall and retrieve Sarada.


“Good mooooorning, baby!” Sakura announced excitedly as she opened the door, looking towards the bouncing bean that was buzzing with energy in her little crib. She scooped the tiny girl up and gave her a loud smack of a kiss on her chubby cheeks. She wanted to savor this morning with Sarada, the last one they’d have together until Saturday morning. Mornings were when Sarada was in her best mood too. She seemed to be a morning person, like Sakura found herself to be when Sarada was living with her.


Sakura made her way down the stairs with Sarada perched on her hip and continued on into the living room. She placed her on a couch that was situated behind a table, facing a TV that was mounted to the wall. Sakura turned on a movie for Sarada to watch while she prepared breakfast for the two of them.


“What are we thinking for breakfast, baby?” Sakura prompted, looking towards her daughter from the kitchen. The little girl shrugged, unsure of what she wanted. She then gave Sakura a goofy smile and said, “Pancakes!” while clapping her hands together. Sakura clapped hers together as well, happy with Sarada’s choice. Sakura’s pancakes were famous. Even her friends would ask for them if they ever spent the night. Leaving Sarada to her program, Sakura made her way around the kitchen, gathering the materials she would need for breakfast.


Her mind wandered to Kakashi as she started preparing. Would she ever find herself in this position with him? Making him breakfast in the morning because he had spent the night? A light blush crept on her cheeks, finding herself hoping for that prospect. She missed him, she concluded. She wished she could talk to him, just to hear his voice. Shit, she wished she could hear him next to her at night. He had one of those voices you’d fall asleep to reading a bed time story. But it was oh so sexy too…


“Fuck you’re loving this aren’t you baby?” his voice had popped into her head. She groaned, placing the voice with the memory. How he was aggressive but gentle. How he bit but licked his little love bites. How his hands grabbed but stroked her body and how his rock-hard cock rubbed against her cli-




Got eggshell in the batter…


She shook her head, looking down at her batter and seeing a few eggshells had gotten into it due to her lack of concentration. It’s not like he made it very easy. She needed to focus on breakfast and not on how she almost got laid again on Saturday. She desperately wanted to talk to him though… she didn’t know if she could wait until tomorrow. Her traitorous anxious mind was telling her all sorts of things, but her rational mind was telling her that they had never exchanged numbers.


Which was perfectly rational.


Maybe he had put his number in the syllabus for his class? No, it was probably just an email and his office number. It’s not like Professors wanted their personal number in their student’s possession. But his email… would that be weird? Sending him an email asking for his number? It sounded so lame in her head and she found it made her look desperate.


But how he acted on Saturday made him seem just as desperate…


Deciding to bite the bullet she whipped out her phone, scrolling through her email and retrieving the one he had sent at the beginning of the semester, asking to meet. She hit the reply button, pausing a moment before typing a message, biting her lip and contemplating what to say. Her thumb hovered over the keyboard slightly before she started typing…



This might be way too forward but I was wondering if I could possibly have your number? Or I can just leave mine and you can message me, so we could talk. Not that there’s an issue or anything. I guess I just miss you. Is that weird? I don’t know. I’ll leave my number at the bottom. No hard feelings if you don’t want it.

I’m gonna stop now. Okay. Bye.

See you Tuesday.


After she signed off with her number and hit send she tossed her phone onto the counter like it was a hot potato. She didn’t even want to look at it she was feeling so embarrassed. But of course she just stood there, staring at the object she had practically thrown, thinking about what she had just said and how much of an idiot she made herself out to be. She groaned and put her head on the counter, getting some batter that had spilt on her forehead. She groaned again, a bit louder, bringing the back of her hand to her forehead to wipe it off, wondering if her day was just going to be shitty from here on out. She really couldn’t dwell on it. What was done was done and she needed to just focus on her morning with Sarada and not if she had just made a complete idiot of herself.


So, she straightened her apron and put her hair up in a ponytail, redoing the pancake batter and putting her mind to work, determined to make this last morning with Sarada enjoyable for the both of them.




Sakura had pulled into the parking lot of the university at 9:30am. She had about a half an hour to get to class and allowed herself to just relax in her car with the windows down. She needed some fresh air, feeling hot and on edge all morning. She had been obsessively checking her phone. It was pathetic, really. She dropped off Sarada at her Dad’s house before making her way to school and had checked her phone maybe twice on the way. She groaned, loudly, placing her forehead on the steering wheel. This is what she got for being too eager. She should have just waited until Tuesday to talk to him. He probably thought she was too clingy or some typical bullshit he thought of girls her age. Well if that was the case he could just fuck himself and-


And then her phone had gone off.


Her eyes darted from where they were scanning outside her window and immediately to her phone in the center console. She ripped it from its connection to the car charger and unlocked it, finding an unfamiliar number flashing at her. She grinned like the damn cheshire cat and started giggling to herself, reading his message, not needing to check since it was obviously from him.


Unknown: You’re really adorable, you know that right?


She maintained her smile as she catalogued his number under “Kakashi”.


Sakura: I was actually really embarrassed writing that…


Kakashi: I could tell.


She grimaced but knew he was toying with her. She smirked to herself, glancing at the time on her dashboard and decided she had enough time to play with him a bit. She made herself comfortable in her sedan, reclining her seat back and bit her lip, typing her next message.


Sakura: I’m not embarrassed about Saturday night though…


Kakashi: Ah, going straight to the fun, are we?


Sakura: I’m all about having fun.


Kakashi: So I’ve heard. I think I quite like that about you, kitten.


Sakura’s heart fluttered at the pet name. Kitten? What about her made him decide to call her that? Oh god, was he teasing her? Was it actually an insult? Her anxious mind was rearing its ugly head again. She decided to shake it off immediately, not wanting to take it the wrong way.


Sakura: Kitten? How did you come up with that?


Kakashi: I found myself thinking later that night how I’d stroke you… and how I’d make you purr.




Sakura: …You’re bad.


Kakashi: Kitten, you have no idea.


Feeling bold, Sakura typed out her last message, biting her lip so hard she could draw blood, knowing full well what she was offering to him.


Sakura: Well in that case, I think I’d quite like to find out.

               How you’d stroke me.


Sakura clutched her phone to her chest, taking a deep breath and waiting for his reply. She felt herself getting warm, thinking back to all of the moments they had shared together. His flirtatious glances all throughout their first class together, the way he teased her with that strawberry, his naughty words at the park, and finally their heated encounter at the bar…


She couldn’t wait to share even more of those moments with him. She smiled at the thought and felt her phone vibrate. Casting her glance downward she read,


Kakashi: Consider it a date.


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Kakashi: Consider it a date


That exchange hadn’t lasted long, but it definitely got the point across. Whatever transpired between them Saturday night, neither of them was so willing to let it go.  He was pleasantly surprised Monday morning when he had awoken to that cute and awkward as hell email from her. He had originally let his anxiety get the best of him and thought she was emailing him to tell him she wished to pull out from the TA job. But as he read through the adorable awkwardness of her message, he felt a grin emerge so large it hurt his face.


He really liked this girl. It scared him, but he did. He loved how fiery but impossibly sweet she was. He loved teasing her and watching the blush that would spread across her soft cheeks. He loved her sharp whit and how she could shut him down. He found it to sexy. Hell, he found everything about her sexy. And what had happened Saturday night; it completely threw him. He walked in and found her wearing that outfit that oozed sin. She was wearing a black leather skirt for christ’s sake. It was unfair having to be in her presence most of that night and not be able to touch her.


But then things took a turn when he found himself at the bar and let himself become entranced just by the sheer presence of her. She was so alluring. Captivating. The way she would look at him with a mix of heat and hesitation in her eyes only made him want her more. He could tell that she was holding back whenever they were around each other, and he had to admit that it only made whatever was going on between them more alluring.


His thoughts brought him to later that night when everyone had left. He had watched her close up from his seat at the bar, nursing the second whiskey she had poured for him. He loved watching her waltz around in her short little skirt and it was not lost on him that she was putting a bit more sway in her hips and throwing him short but heated glances when she would pass by him. And she just had to smell like strawberries too, the scent wafting the air around him.


The minx.


His cock started stirring and he couldn’t ignore the desire for her that started brewing deep within him. This happened more often then he cared to admit. Him sitting in his bed in the morning, staring at the ceiling and his thoughts drifting to her. He would proceed to quickly rub one out then immediately feel extremely dissatisfied, knowing the real thing would be so much better.


But now he had that to look forward to. The vixen had admitted how she’d like for him to stroke her. Oh, she was just as bad as he was and he was loving every bit of it.


So with a grunt he shed himself of his lounge pants, bringing his hand down to his weeping cock and fisted his hand around it, giving it a few experimental pumps. He immersed himself in some fantasy. It sounded so cliché but something about having sex with her in the bio lab while she wore that lab coat did things to him. He circled a finger around the tip, spreading the pre-cum along him length as he continues his slow ministrations.


God, he wished she were with him. He wished it could be her hand instead of his. He wished she could be the one to relieve him all these times he found himself wanting her in her absence. And then an idea crept up in his head, and he felt a devilish grin spring to his face. Putting a halt to what he was doing momentarily, he grabbed for his phone and brought up their previous conversation. He licked his lips, hovering his thumbs over the keypad as he thought of what to say.


Kakashi: I can’t stop thinking about Saturday night.


He figured that was fine to start off with. He wanted to ease her into it, in case she had never done something like this before. He grinned wolfishly, feeling naughty and eager to play with her. He felt his phone ping and he brought the screen to his face, grinning maniacally.


Sakura: I was thinking about it in the shower this morning. It was very hard not to touch myself.


That’s a good girl… he thought to himself, pleased that she was just as affected by that night as he was.


Kakashi: What’s stopping you?


Sakura: I’d rather have the real thing.


Kakashi: You could have something close to it…


Sakura: That would be something. Especially since I’m in bed… completely naked, and still a little wet.


Kakashi choked, imagining a wet Sakura on her bed, spread for him and touching herself at the thought of him. He groaned and looked down at his cock. It looked even more angry now, begging for him to stroke it and put it out of its misery.


Kakashi: What if I told you that I started touching myself before I messaged you?


Sakura: I’d tell you I was doing the same thing.


Kakashi: Fuck Sakura, you’re killing me.


Sakura: I’d rather make you come instead.


And with that he closed their conversation, dialing her number and bringing the phone to his ear. He heard a breathy “Hello,” on the other end and that alone almost made him cum right then and there.


“Fuck, Sakura are you touching yourself right now?” he asked, bringing his hand down to fist his cock, pumping up and down and focusing on how fucking sexy her voice sounded.


“Yes,” she said on the other end, letting out a little whine, “I told you I had been before I got your message. It was very rude to interrupt me,” she teased.


“Tell me what you’re thinking about. Tell me what you want me to do to you, kitten,” he pressed, squeezing his eyes shut and concentrating on her words as he kept his pace on his cock, pumping up and down as he imagined her on her bed, swirling her fingers around her clit like she had on that bar table, except she was naked now and he could imagine her bare.


“I want you to fuck me on one of the counters in the bio lab. I want you to fuck me so hard I forget my own name. I want… I want you to come in me and fill me up,” she whined through the speaker.


Kakashi groaned, not believing what he was hearing coming out of this girl’s mouth. He quickened his pace, “I’ve thought the same thing, baby girl. I’ve wanted to take you on top of one of those counters ever since the first day I saw you in that lab coat,” he said a bit breathlessly, imagining her in nothing but that coat and seeing her perfect naked breasts, nipples hard and legs spread wide open for him so he could see her perfect throbbing cunt. His eyes almost rolled completely to the back of his head at the image, sending an intense wave of pleasure through his groin and directly to his balls.


“Mmmm, yes, I love the pet names you give me; they drive me insane,” he heard her say and he found himself smiling devilishly, a very naughty thought popping into his head.


“Call me, Daddy,” he said without hesitation, closing his eyes and awaiting her response. His heart stopped for a split second, unsure of how she would take that but his question was answered when he heard a sigh on the other end.


“Yes… Daddy,” he heard her squeak and he let out a low, guttural moan, pumping his hand over his cock even faster, loving the sound of her saying something as naughty as that.


“You gonna be good and come for me, baby girl?” he crooned, letting his head fall back and get himself lost in how perfect this moment was.


“Yes, Daddy. I’ve been such a good girl. Will you let me come?” she asked, desperation in her voice, signaling she was close to her own release.


“Fuck, yes, baby. Come for Daddy,” he urged, watching his cock throb and imagining it pumping in and out of her. He imagined her riding on top of him, watching her perfect cunt pulse around him as he slammed into her. He hissed and sucked in air in between his teeth, painfully close and he continued pumping furiously. He heard her mewls on the other side and it only threw him even further over the edge.


“I’m coming, Daddy,” he suddenly heard and he lost it, squeezing the base of his cock as he felt his cum spurting out and onto his sheets. In that moment he imagined pulling himself out of her, letting himself cum all over her stomach and breasts and it only made his orgasm that much more intense. He was breathing heavily and a thin coat of sweat covered his chest, obviously quite spent from that intense session. He heard her soft breathing on the other side.


“Wow,” was all she could manage to say, he supposed. He chuckled, wiping his hand off on his sheets and bringing the back of his hand to his forehead, steadying his breath, “Wow, indeed,” he responded, bringing himself to a sit against his headboard.


“I’ve never done that before…” he heard her admit, a hint of embarrassment in her voice. He imagined the blush that would creep up on her cheeks and it made his heart soar, “You did great, kitten,” he said in a soothing tone and he heard her sigh, content with his answer.


She really had. He didn’t think he had ever sexted or dirty talked quite like that before. It was exhilarating and it only made him eager for when they would actually spend a proper evening together.


They had agreed it would happen, now it was only a matter of time. 



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Two weeks had passed since that heated phone call between Sakura and Kakashi. It was the middle of March and spring was in full bloom. The trees had grown their leaves and the flowers had blossomed. The animals all emerged from their hibernations to bathe in the sun and enjoy the warmer air. Sakura loved spring, and not just because her birthday was just around the corner, but because both Sakura and Sarada shared birthdays that month. To make it even better the actual dates that they fell on weren’t too far apart and they had thrown the biggest party the year prior for Sakura’s 21st and Sarada’s 1st.


Sakura smiled, busying herself in the lab and getting it prepared for class, drifting off into the not too distant memory of the party that was held almost a year ago. It was held at Sakura’s home and her and Ino had decorated the entire backyard together. Sakura had initially been worried about the rain that the spring months brought but that day had been nothing short of perfection; not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was mild. Ino had helped Sakura hang lights from the trees that were in her backyard and set up tables with decorative runners; covering them with flower petals and other flowery and glittery centerpieces. Her backyard had turned into a damn fairytale.


Ino and Sakura had been planning something similar for this year’s celebration. Sarada would be turning 2 and Sakura 22; not as big a deal as 1 and 21 but still just as important for Sakura that they hold a party of some sort. It wasn’t even about Sakura, she just wanted to celebrate how amazing her daughter was. That’s what made the parties so fun; watching Sarada run around excitedly and mingle with all of the guests, despite not even knowning a third of them. It was truly amazing what difference a year made, and looking back on it made Sakura beam with pride for her daughter. She was truly growing into a very well-adjusted little girl, and for a moment it made her forget about the other things that littered her mind.


It was not lost on her that Sasuke had reared his head just a few weeks ago. Whether it was a figment of her imagination or not, Sakura couldn’t afford to just forget about it. She found herself looking over her shoulder more often, making sure she wasn’t out at night alone and double checking that her windows and doors were locked. From the way it sounded it seemed like she was running from a serial killer. It gave her a headache thinking about it sometimes, the stress and fear becoming overwhelming.


But she never thought of it for very long. She had another person who occupied her thoughts quite often, and Kakashi was more of an obsession…


Her and Kakashi had been taking things slow and steady, which was a nice change from the hostile nature of their relationship that first week. What Sakura needed at this point in her life was stability, and taking things slow was what she needed to achieve that. Don’t get her wrong, they had many an intimate moment in the lab after the students had left, but it never went past a heated make out session or some fondling. Honestly, those two things alone were enough to satiate Sakura’s need for him constantly.


For now.


They hadn’t yet had the date that was implied in that text exchange yet. Much to Sakura’s chagrin, they had both become very busy in their work. He had endless amounts of labs to grade and lesson plans to make up while Sakura needed to continue focusing on this last semester of college. Sakura had always been a good student, but she had to admit this first month she was more distracted than ever before. She had so much more going on in her life now, both positive and negative influences that she couldn’t afford to get in the way of her walking across that stage and getting her diploma.


Though it really didn’t help when her thoughts were constantly plagued with images of a certain white-haired Adonis who insisted on wearing tight henleys with the sleeves rolled up to show off his tattoo covered forearms and chinos that hugged his legs and tight ass. Sakura took a deep, shaky breath, focusing on the task in front of her and setting up the student’s work places, willing herself to clear her mind before she decided to go seek him out and help her through this insatiable need for him.


Knowing him he’d probably come in early to corner her in the supply closet with his large hands and soft lips roaming all over her, pulling her to him roughly and grabbing her hair so he could kiss the living daylights out of her…


Fucking great.


Suddenly feeling flustered, she stopped what she was doing and turned around, leaning her ass against the counter. She brought the back of her hand up to her forehead, wiping off the thin layer of sweat that had formed there. The bio lab was always a bit warm from the incubators and she shed her lab coat off, throwing it on to the front desk. She then heard the door to the lab open and checked her watch, seeing there was still at least an hour before class. She turned her head to see the man she had been willing herself to stop thinking about for even just a minute. He sauntered into the room, hands in his pockets and set his gaze on her, a knowing look in his eyes, as if this was already a routine for them. She huffed a sigh of relief.


“Oh, thank God,” she said and he cocked his eyebrow, taking his hands out of his pockets and walking towards her. She grabbed his hand and led him towards the back of the room and to the supply closet, shutting the door behind her and pushing him back into the far wall, bringing her mouth to his and immediately tracing her tongue along the seam of his lips.


He wasn’t surprised in the least and hummed against her lips, bringing his hands up and placing them on her hips to pull her closer to him, rolling his hips against hers roughly. She smirked against his mouth and trailed her hand downward and towards his belt, hooking her hand around the hem of his pants. She broke the kiss and trailed her lips over to his neck, gently nipping and licking her way up and down. He focused his gaze upward to the ceiling, reveling in whatever it was that had gotten into her. Normally she wasn’t so brazen but she wanted to please him so badly in that moment.


“What’s got you so wound up?” he asked and proceeded to groan as she quickly undid his belt and dipped her hand into his pants, brushing it against his already stiff cock. He hissed as she started brushing her knuckles up and down his covered shaft, “I was thinking some naughty things about you earlier… Daddy,” she purred against his neck and he groaned at the usage of that word he had begged her to say a couple weeks ago. It sent a shiver down his spine. She slowly brought herself to the ground, kneeling in from of him. His breath hitched as she started undoing his pants and lowered them, along with his boxer-briefs.


His cock sprung out from its confines and he smirked upon seeing her eyes widen slightly. He watched her with heat in his eyes as he focused on how she wrapped her hand around his stiff member, licking her lips in anticipation. The sight made his cock twitch and she brought her gaze up to him, heat permeating her eyes.


He sucked in a sharp breath as she traced her tongue over the underside of his shaft and up to his head, licking the small bead of pre-cum that had emerged at the top. She kept up with the small ministrations and he let out a low groan, “Stop teasing me, kitten,” he whined and she felt her heart flutter at his desperation and the pet name.


He watched her open her mouth and take all of him in, slowly swirling her tongue around the head as she made her way down. She started off slowly, breathing in and out and savoring the taste of him. She looked up at him and found he was looking directly at her, a heat in his eyes that she had never seen before. He let out a ragged breath as she hollowed out her cheeks to suck softly on her way back up.


“Fuck, baby girl…” he moaned as she continued bobbing her head up and down, using a combination or her tongue and sucking softly as she made her way up and down his shaft. He brought his hand to the back of her head and grabbed a fistful of hair, slowly moving his hips and fucking her mouth. She brought her hand to the base of his shaft to steady herself and slowly began moving it along with her mouth.


She heard him choke above her and gazed upward to see that his eyes were sewn shut and a small amount of sweat had formed on his forehead. She smiled wickedly and quickened the pace, her eyes starting to water at the effort. She then brought her mouth back up and left his cock with a ‘pop!’. He immediately wrenched his eyes open and gave her a quizzical look, hand still firmly grasping her hair. She pulled away and looked up at him, giving him the most devilish look he had ever seen from her.


“I want you to come in my mouth, Daddy. I want to taste your cum so badly,” she whined and promptly brought her mouth back over his cock. He let his head fall back and he groaned, loudly, unsure of what he had done to deserve this. Her looking up at him like that and then saying those impossibly naughty words was probably the most erotic thing he had heard in his entire life. He felt his balls tightening and felt the tension break, feeling thick spurts of his come spilling into her mouth and down her throat.


“Fuuuuuck…” he groaned as she hollowed out her cheeks again, licking her way up his shaft to make sure she got every last drop of his cum. She pulled away, wiping her mouth and looked up at him with a satisfied grin. He returned her proud look with a slack jaw and a look of disbelief as if wondering if that had really just happened. She giggled and got herself up, giving him a peck on the cheek and waltzed her way to the door, pausing before giving him a wink.


“I guess I should get back to preparing the lab.” she said and sauntered off, leaving him alone with his pants still halfway down his legs and a dumbfound look plastered on his face.




Kakashi and Sakura left the lab separately that day, having agreed awhile ago that they should remain somewhat discreet. They weren’t technically breaking any university rules and he honestly couldn’t have cared less but if it mattered enough to Sakura then he would take it seriously.


This job was only temporary for him. He didn’t have enough to lose but she could lose everything.


It really was a happy accident that he had stumbled across the job. His Captain was good friends with the president of the university and ended up nailing the job for him. Before he joined the force, he was deep into pursuing a Master’s in Microbiology. But then a terrorist attack on the city had changed his entire world view and made him realize that he could do more. Science and medicine were important, that’s for sure but he wanted to do something that would have an effect on the community now. So, he changed his entire life course and enrolled into the police academy. He had been top in his class and rose the ranks faster than anyone had before him. It definitely proved as a sign for Kakashi, confirming that what he had done was the right decision. It had been the best decade of his life. He made lifelong friends in the force and lived a very meaningful life.


Until it all came crashing down in one night. He thought he had seen it all… he really had.  But that night proved him wrong and changed his life forever. He left, putting himself on administrative leave indefinitely, or at least until he felt like himself again. His Captain had been all for it, if he had promised he’d come back. And he did. Whether he meant it, he wasn’t sure.


With a sigh he opened the door to exit the Biology building and made his way across the large yard and to his car. He checked his phone, seeing that Genma had texted him all throughout lab and he furrowed his brow, reading the messages and concluding that they seemed pretty urgent. He was requesting Kakashi come home as soon as he was able. He quickened his pace and jogged across the parking lot and to his car, unlocking it and throwing his belongings into the passenger seat. He turned the key in the ignition and felt the engine come to life, putting the car in gear and quickly turning out of his parking spot so that he could get home and find out what his friend needed that was so urgent.




“Boss! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you,” he heard Genma shout, jogging up to him from down the hallway almost as soon as he made his way through the front door.


“Genma stop calling me that, I’m not your lieutenant anymore,” Kakashi said flippantly, tossing his bag over to the couch where Pakkun had been laying. He walked over and gave him a pat on the head before making his way to the fridge to look for a drink.


“I wouldn’t say that too soon…” Genma trailed off, looking a tad nervous. Kakashi slowed his pace towards the fridge and cast his gaze over his shoulder to his friend, “What the fuck are you talking about?” he pressed, slowly turning around to focus his gaze on Genma, not liking the tone of his voice. Not one bit.


“Well… there have been developments on that drug sting. I don’t know much except for the Captain needs to see us,” he said, making his way over to the kitchen island across from Kakashi and leaning against it.


“I’m on administrative leave… indefinitely. As in indefinitely made by me.”


“Right, well from recent developments it seems this is out of your control. Guess your time is up,” Genma said with a shrug.


Kakashi brought his elbows down to the counter and rubbed his temples. He had been pretty deep undercover before he left the force. He knew he would always have a place back there after what had happened but he didn’t think he’d be going back so soon and he honestly wasn’t sure he was ready after what had happened. His head felt white hot again and he saw flashes as he closed his eyes, unwillingly succumbing to the sounds and images that burned in his mind.


All of the screaming.


The women’s lifeless eyes staring at him.


The terrified little boy in the closet who was covered in his mother’s blood.


He took in a shaky breath and felt his hands start shaking as the memories started flooding his mind and he closed his eyes, willing the thoughts away so he could focus on what Genma was saying.


“Kakashi I know this is hard for you… but you know this group better than anyone. You’ve been following them for years and according to the Captain we’ve received A LOT of new intel,” Genma pressed, bringing his hand to Kakashi shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeeze.


He nodded, knowing Genma was right. Of course he was right. No one knew the Akatsuki like Kakashi did. He had been on their tail for the past 5 years and recently went undercover to gather more information and become familiar with who was in the group. The last interaction he had was with a younger male, maybe around 20 or so who had joined not too long ago, but it was obvious that the leaders of the group were grooming him to take over one day. He was pretty ruthless and hellbent the last time he conversed with him. He had also been extremely suspicious of him from day one, not willing to share any bit of detail with him. He was definitely a tough nut to crack.


Kakashi looked towards Genma, nodding his head in understanding.


“Let’s go see Tsunade.”




Kakashi and Genma made their way into the station. It had been 8 months since Kakashi had stepped foot in this place. He took a deep breath as he stuffed his hands in his pockets, following behind his friend. He immediately took notice to the uniformed officers who noticed his presence and immediately saluted him, giving him a surprised look. He nodded to them and and kept his pace behind Genma, making their way to the Captain’s office at the back of the bullpen.


“Look who I dragged in,” Genma said with a sly smile and arms outstretched, both him and Kakashi walking into the Captain’s office. She had been faced away in her leather armchair, facing the window that was situated behind her desk. She turned and set her gaze on Kakashi, giving him a warm smile and flicking her hand out, signaling for Genma to leave.


“Shut the door behind you, Genma,” she prompted and he nodded, walking backwards to the door, “Aye aye, Captain,” he said, giving her a salute before letting himself out. She brought her gaze back to Kakashi and motioned for him to sit in the chair across from her. He pulled it out, sitting himself down and bringing his forearms to the edge of the desk and clasping his hands.


“You wished to see me, Captain?” he asked, focusing his gaze on her honey brown eyes. She looked very much the same. Not that 8 months would change a person. She still looked as young and fierce as ever, despite her age. Her blonde hair was tied up into a tight bun and she wore her Captain’s uniform. She was definitely a very intimidating woman.


“Yes, Lieutenant. But first I wanted to check and ask how you are doing? You look good, that’s for sure,” she said, maintaining her smile with a glint of sympathy in her eyes. Her eyes were very telling.


“I’ve been worse, if that helps,” he said with a shrug.


“It does,” she responded, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms, “because we need you.” she continued, a hint of hesitation in her voice.


“So Genma had said,” he responded, maintaining his gaze on her and wanting to get to why she had called him in. He didn’t care much for pleasantries.


“I guess it’s to business then…” she said with a sigh and he nodded slowly.


“We’ve made a lot of progress on the Akatsuki and we think we’re ready to take them down, but we still need a bit of evidence to back it up. We’ve received intel that a certain Sasuke Uchiha is being groomed to take over the group and that this takeover is imminent. From your reports 8 months ago, you stated that if he were to take over it could mean a total change in dynamic; that he’s ruthless,” Tsunade said, keeping her gaze locked on his, her tone very serious.


“Yes, that is correct,” he acknowledged, glancing around the room briefly, noticing that much of it remained the same except for a few plants that littered the windowsill behind her.


“Well, we’ve gathered up interesting information on this Sasuke Uchiha,” she said, his eyes snapping to hers, knowing she had gotten his attention with that name.


“You have?” he asked, raising a brow towards her, “such as…?”


“Well for one, we believe he has an offspring; a daughter,” she clarified.


“Oh,” he said in mild shock, leaning back and bringing a hand to his chin, rubbing it in thought. He had never mentioned having a daughter during his time undercover. Not that he would, but it was still a surprising piece of information.


“And a wife… or lover. I’m not sure what the situation is with her yet. But we’re thinking we could bring her in for questioning.”


“That’s certainly… interesting,” he said, bringing his hand to the back of his neck and giving it a rub, “How did you find this out?” he pressed.


“Well, one of our field agents tracked him to a park a few weeks ago, lurking it seemed. He had been staring at a women and child. We did a bit more digging and tracked the girl as well. They have history. It’s obvious he’s estranged from them, so we think we can maybe get some information from her.”


“Interesting…” he repeated with a nod of his head, taking the field report from her desk and flipping through it, observing the photos that had been taken of the Uchiha boy, “Have you reached out to the woman? What do we know about her?”


“We haven’t reached out to her yet but we know she’s a university student and we know she works at a bar in town,” she said with a wave of her hand, watching him flip through the folder.


Kakashi’s head shot up and he froze. University student? Works at a bar? He felt himself start to sweat, feeling bile rise up his throat as he started putting the pieces together; the memories of that day at the park started flashing in his mind.


Sakura at the park on the same date as this field report.


With her daughter.


Her fearful reaction when he had approached her from behind.


Her hesitation to hold a conversation with him.


And the constant glances over her shoulder.


No… he thought. It couldn’t possibly be.


Kakashi steadied his gaze on the Captain and gulped down the lump in his throat, “What is her name?”


Tsunade brought her hands up, clasping them together and resting her chin on them, taking a deep breath.  


“Her name is Sakura Haruno.”



Chapter Text

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It had been three weeks.


Three weeks since that supply closet tryst. Two weeks since she had sent her last text to him. One week since her and Sarada’s birthday party.


Sakura hadn’t heard from Kakashi; and it had been three painful weeks. Sakura spent the first week in a downward spiral, thinking she had done something wrong. Maybe she was too forward in the supply closet? Maybe he wasn’t prepared to go that far? She sort of just left without saying a word, though she thought she was just being cheeky. She spent the entirety of that week overanalyzing everything she had done with him.


She spent the second week calling him and sending text messages, asking him if he was okay. Iruka took over for the lab that first week, but then they had a permanent replacement come the second. Sakura asked Iruka if he had heard anything from Kakashi and he said no, looking just as perplexed and confused as she. She went to the head of the department and asked what the deal was, and they explained that Kakashi had pulled out, sending in his resignation; effective immediately.


And that made her blood boil.


She had been texting him frantically and just wanted a simple answer to make sure he was okay; which she figured he must have been if he had sent in his resignation. It made Sakura outright furious that he couldn’t so much as send her a short message so she forced herself to forget about him, choking it up to just a fling and she was so naïve for getting caught up in it all. He was fourteen years her senior for christ’s sake. Of course he was just using her. Fortunately, her anger made it so that she could easily just up and forget him… for a short period at least. A few wine nights with Ino definitely helped with that, as well as preparing for a birthday party that she was going to invite a certain someone to… and that thought prompted some more wine and tears.


Her and Sarada’s birthday party was underwhelming to say the least and Sakura felt horrible for being such a downer. If she hadn’t been preoccupied the entire time then it would’ve been at least enjoyable. But she was so stuck between being upset and angry. The anger helped her get through the rough patches but then she would just end up feeling depressed from all of the anger she was feeling. She couldn’t deny it. Couldn’t fight it.


She missed him.


She missed him so much. He was her medicine. All of the shit she had littering her mind like a disease all seemed to disappear whenever she was with him. He would often keep her company during her shifts at the bar and they’d just talk. It was like he knew she had things on her mind and just talking to him was enough to life her mood. She would always give him his drinks on the house and he’d counter by insisting on giving her a big tip, in more ways than one, finding themselves making out in one another’s car as soon as she was off the clock. God, she really missed him.


But she supposed there really was nothing she could do now. She had to put on a strong face for Sarada since it was now the weekend and it was Sakura’s chance to spend as much precious time with her daughter as possible. She had been missing her as well, now more than ever. The lonely nights had been starting to get to Sakura and she’d find herself frantically calling Ino to come over so they could just talk. She had been getting virtually no sleep, her mind in a constant state of turbulence. But she needed to squash that shit now.


Sakura pulled her car into her dad’s driveway, pulling down the visor to reveal a small mirror so she could check her appearance. Her eyes were still a bit puffy but nothing she couldn’t get away with. She smoothed her hair and pulled herself together, swinging the door of her car open to go and greet her daughter. She smiled when she noticed she was already waiting for her at the doorway, dressed in a yellow sundress and her hair pulled up into two little pigtails with a smile on her face that reflected the sun when she saw her momma.


And in that brief moment, all of the anger and sadness that she had been harboring that past week melted away. It seemed to not matter anymore, because whenever Sakura laid eyes on her daughter and saw just how happy she was to see her mom, she knew in the grand scheme of things that everything would be okay.




Sakura had just put Sarada down for her afternoon nap, nothing short of exhausted since they had been doing nothing but running around the entirety of the house, playing around and goofing off. It was obvious that Sarada was much more comfortable in this house since she still knew it was her real home. It made Sakura happy that she wasn’t forgetting anything from her life before. And besides, it was all temporary.


Sakura was busying herself with washing the dishes when she heard a knock at the door. She frowned and toweled off the glass she had been washing, not expecting anyone and rolled her eyes, really hoping it wasn’t someone trying to sell her something for the umpteenth time. Even worse, someone coming to tell her oh your neighbor is getting new shingles would you like to upgrade your roof? which usually prompted in her telling them that she’s a poor university student and would politely decline by shutting the door in their face before they could say anything further about their payment plans.


She huffed and made her way to the door, preparing herself for whoever was on the other side. She took a deep breath and willed her mind for whatever tedious conversation she was bout to have, unlocked the latch, swung the door open and immediately froze.


Her eyes widened, breath stilled, and she swore her heart stopped beating. There, standing in front of her, with a hint of dare she say a smirk above that stupid beauty mark on his perfect face and his hands shoved awkwardly in his pockets was the man she vowed to never contact again… as well as kick him where ‘the sun don’t shine’ if she were ever to lay eyes on him. Her look of shock quickly turned to displeasure and she did what any reasonable person would do after not seeing someone in a long while.


She slapped him. Hard.


She cocked her head and crossed her arms, raising a defiant brow at him and chewing the inside of her mouth. He kept his face frozen to the side and brought a hand up to his jaw, rubbing it and chuckling softly.


“I guess I deserved that,” he said, bringing his gaze back to her and he almost looked… apologetic?


The gall of this man.


“You deserve a lot more than that,” she snapped and brought her hand to the door as if to slam it in his face. He immediately reacted by slapping his hand on the outside of the door to stop her.


“Wait!” he began, “Wait… I really need to talk to you,” he said in desperation which prompted her to scoff and almost laugh straight in his face, “You think you deserve to say anything to me?” she seethed, bringing herself close to him so that she could make what she was about to say crystal clear.


“Let me break it down for you: you up and leave your position at the university and I have to find out you sent in your resignation which you made effective that day, you don’t say a word to me after that day in the supply closet so of course I’m left thinking I overstepped and oh!... my daughter and I’s birthdays were last weekend and my dumbass was actually going to invite you because I thought we actually had something going on here but clearly I was mistaken,” she said, enjoying the look of hurt that grew on his face. She shook her head and laughed bitterly, looking at him and intending on making it the last time.


“We’re done here,” she said and made her way to turn around but he grabbed her hand, swiftly bringing her too him and crashing his lips to hers, cradling the back of her neck with his hand and swinging his arm around her waist so that she wouldn’t try and break away.


And she did try. But he was too strong and friggin’ built more like Clarke Kent than she thought and found herself melting into the kiss, finding she didn’t even try and fight it. She had missed it so much and found that there was desperation in it from his side. It wasn’t like any other kiss that they had shared. It was genuine and apologetic. It was remorseful and gentle and it confused Sakura. It made her want answers even though she also wanted to shut him out not moments ago for hurting her so badly. No tongue was used and their kiss softened as they hummed together, enjoying being in each other’s arms once again.


He broke the kiss after sensing she had calmed down and nuzzled his nose against hers, “I’m sorry…” he whispered against her lips, “I’m so sorry I hurt you but I can explain. Please just let me explain it all to you,” he begged, looking into her eyes and she sighed, bringing her gaze to him and already getting lost in those deep depths.


“Give me one good reason then,” she said, keeping her lips dangerously close to his and fluttering her eyes closed, not prepared for what he was about to say. He snapped his gaze to her and her eyes widened, gasping at the intensity of it, almost of if he was trying to tell her with his penetrative stare.


“Sasuke Uchiha,” he said without missing a beat and Sakura pulled back, not believing what she had just heard come out of his mouth. She furrowed her brow at him, unsure if she heard him correctly but the knowing look in his eyes said it all. Completely fear stricken she almost stumbled back onto the floor behind her doorway if he hadn’t caught her. She looked up at him, disbelief and confusion written all over her face.






He was a cop.


Sakura didn’t know what to do with this information. She sat on the couch across from him with a blank expression on her face. She initially thought he had been investigating her or something and the university job was a reuse and had been lying to her, which prompted in another outburst from her telling him to leave but then he explained that he left after a traumatizing call one night. He had been away from the force for eight months and got a job at the university to take a break and gain control of himself again.


That prompted in her feeling like an ass and she felt sorry for him. When he had told her that he left the force due to a traumatizing experience, she could feel the tension in his voice and the effect that it still had on him. She noticed his jaw visibly clench and his hands start to shake. She knew it was a symptom of PTSD and it made her heart break for him. He was such a strong and confident man on the inside, but one real look at him and you could see the inner demons he was battling. She wanted to ask why he went back despite that but figured it wasn’t her business yet and would let him tell her when he was ready. 


“Which brings me to Sasuke…” he said, breaking through her thoughts and she shot her head up at him at the mention of his name again, it feeling so foreign coming out of his mouth.


“What do you know of him? Is he the reason you’ve been gone?” she asked. He nodded, taking a deep breath and readjusting his position on the couch, sitting a bit straighter. It made her a little nervous, sensing this was serious but how could she not be prepared for that? A cop came to her doorstep coming to her about her daughter’s father. That doesn’t exactly scream happy news.


“The last day we saw each other, my partner and I got called in to see our Captain. She received word about a drug organization that I had been doing undercover work on. I don’t know if you’re aware but he’s a part of this group called the Akatsuki. I met him several months ago,” Kakashi said, looking towards her to gage her reaction but honestly, so far nothing he was saying really surprised her so she nodded her head for him to continue.


“Right. So, I had received some intel that he was being groomed to take over the group, and I suppose in the recent months they’ve determined that his takeover is soon. I’d been asked to go undercover again but I had to change my entire look because there was word they were getting suspicious. They already accused Genma of being a cop so we needed to get him out of there. Our Captain ordered for me to go undercover for the last three weeks. That’s why I couldn’t contact you. Believe me, I didn’t do it without fuss, but these guys are dangerous. We needed to start our work immediately.”


Sakura nodded, understanding and not feeling so angry with him anymore after his explanation of things. She opened her mouth to speak but Kakashi cut her off, giving her a sidelong glance, hesitating at first, “There’s something else…when I went to meet our Captain, she had been digging on Sasuke and… she had information on you and Sarada.”


Sakura froze, her throat constricting and feeling like she couldn’t breathe. She looked over towards the monitor that she set on the table that showed Sarada’s sleeping form and she gulped, “Are we in trouble…?” she finally asked and Kakashi shook his head viciously.


“No, not at all. But we do need to bring you in for questioning. I’m assuming you know about his drug use and his behavioral patterns. Would you be okay with being brought in and giving us that information?” he asked, looking towards her and placing his hand over hers. She closed her eyes, unsure of how to answer that. Sasuke was a dangerous person, there was no doubt about that anymore. She held out hope that he would change but now he’s got himself wound up in a freaking drug organization. How on earth would he be able to come back from that?


But she couldn’t just go against him. Could she? He was the father of her child and she was being asked to go to the police to possibly tell them everything he’s ever done. He could be sent to prison and send people for her if he was that dangerous now. He could send people for Sarada. She couldn’t allow for that to happen and it was the main reason she never went to police in the first place.


“Kakashi… I-I don’t know. I don’t know if I can bring myself to do that.”


“Why?” he asked, and Sakura just shook her head, looking away from him. He got up from the couch and knelt down before her, placing his hands over hers and looking at her with a newfound desperation. She couldn’t bring herself to answer. She remained frozen and just stared at him, trying to keep the fear from her eyes but failing miserably.


“Has he hurt you?”


Sakura stiffened, trying desperately to hide how transparent she was being. Why did he have to ask her that? She just shrugged her shoulder despite her clear discomfort, “Well yeah he’s hurt me emo-“


“No. Sakura,” he said, a finite tone in his voice that made her wince and look away from his penetrating eyes, “has he put his hands on you?”


Sakura remained silent, looking away from him and trying to will the memories away but she couldn’t. Tears started spilling down her cheeks and she cast her head down, shoulders trembling as the weight of what Sasuke had done to her hit her once more. She couldn’t hide it from him. Kakashi could see it. His brow furrowed and his grip on her tightened as the gravity of the situation hit him too. She lifted her gaze slightly to meet his.


“Yes…” she said, taking a deep breath and letting herself give in to what happened that night.


Sakura found herself crawling backwards on the floor, desperate to get away from the irate man who was scrambling after her. She used her foot to slam into his face but he promptly grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her weak form towards him.


She screamed underneath him and used her arms to shield her face as he started throwing blows above her, yelling obscenities at her.


“Stupid, bitch!”


“Keeping me from my daughter!”


“She needs her father!”


And he kept throwing the punches, albeit not reaching her face but creating bruises on her arms. She kneed him, trying to hit his groin and he keeled over long enough to give her the opportunity to run around him but he promptly got up and grabbed her arm, throwing her against the wall with a painful thud. The contact of her head hitting the wall caused a slight cracking sound which she hoped wasn’t her head but she wasn’t quite sure. She then felt a wetness run down her neck and deduced that it was in fact her head that was mostly likely bleeding. The immediate throbbing and blurred vision was evidence of that.


Sasuke brought his grip to her neck and started to squeeze. She was so sure she was going to die that night. He was drugged up out of his mind and was far too gone for her to reason with him. He had been violent with her before but nothing like this. She brought her gaze up to him and gave him a pleading look, tears flooding her eyes from the pain and the hurt and choked out, “S-Sasuke… please…”.


After a few moments of darkness she felt herself go limp and slid down the wall behind her, leaving a trail of red. She let her eyes close as she felt impossibly weak, hearing his footsteps leaving the house and towards the door, letting it slam as he exited.


She was too tired to get herself up. Too tired to call for help. Too tired to cry.


She was just tired of it all.


Sakura sighed as she finished recounting that night, never looking directly at Kakashi. The only other person she ever told was Ino, and even then she never went into full detail. She needed to get the story out sooner or later, and she didn’t know what it was about him but she trusted Kakashi more than anyone, even if he had just hurt her, but she supposed she could look past it after everything he’s told her now.


She finally dared to look at him and saw that he wasn’t even looking at her. He was still kneeling before her but he had his head turned to the side so that all she could see was his profile. His hands were clenched and his jaw was tight. His brows were furrowed as if he was in deep thought. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


“I don’t know how I’m going to get through this without killing him…” he finally said, bringing his gaze to her and looking at her with such sorrow and contempt. It made her want to crawl over into his lap and comfort him, knowing that he was in a state of turmoil after listening to her recount her story. She shook her head and brought her hands to either side of his face, bringing her forehead down to his in a reassuring way. They remained like that for a few moments before she heard him sigh, pulling her back so he could look at her.


“Sakura… he is dangerous. You know better than anyone and it sickens me knowing what he’s done to you but he’s hurt other people too, and he’ll continue to hurt other people,” he said, frantically searching her eyes, “We need you in order to bring him and the Akatsuki down. I hate to put it on you like that but it’s true. And I swear to myself that I will do everything in my power to protect you and your daughter. I would go to hell and back if it meant keeping you safe,” he said, taking her hands in his and bringing them to his lips, tracing them across her knuckles and leaving small kisses. 


Sakura sighed and took a moment to process his words. She knew he was right, and she’d be damned if she let Sasuke harm more people. Like she had said before, he would have to go through her first if he wanted to get to the people she loved, and that’s exactly how Kakashi felt about her. It made her heart soar at the knowledge that someone felt this strongly for her. She gave him a small smile, scared to death that it had come to this but finding comfort in his words. She had never felt safer than with him, that was true, and she knew she could trust him with her life.


“Alright, I’ll do it.”


Kakashi let out a sigh of relief and brought his forehead down to rest on her knees, “Thank you,” he murmured, bringing his head up to close his mouth to each of her knees, giving them a soft kiss. She sighed and brought a hand up to run through his hair and let her head fall back against the back of the couch, letting herself get lost in his gentle touch again, if only for a few moments. He looked up and gave her a playful stare, bringing his mouth back down to her legs and trailing kisses up them, causing her to emit another sigh that started to sound more like a moan.


“How much longer should she be down for?” he asked and she assumed he was talking about Sarada. She thought for a moment, glancing at the clock that was mounted across the room, “Maybe a half hour more,” she groaned as he sat himself up and spread her legs, kneeling between them and bringing her closer to him.


“Good,” he crooned, “because I missed you,” he said and brought his head up to meet her lips. It started out soft at first and she wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing herself to the edge of the couch so she could get closer to him, deepening the kiss by running her tongue along his bottom lip. He groaned and let her slip through, allowing her to massage his tongue with hers and made sure to taste every part of him. She lifted herself from the couch slowly and climbed onto his lap, letting her knees fall to either side of him and bringing her heat down onto his.


She gasped when he broke from her and left frantic open mouthed kisses trailing to her neck, licking and nipping at her jugular. She grabbed the hair at the nape of his neck and pulled, shivering at the feeling of his tongue on that sensitive spot that always made her squirm with pleasure. He trailed his kisses down to her chest, swiftly unbuttoning her shirt and running his hands down her sides, causing another shiver to ripple through her body. He brought his mouth over the mounds that were bulging out from her bra and licked and sucked at them, eliciting a moan from deep within her. He pulled the cups of her bra down and brought his hand to her breast, making teasing circles with his finger around her nipple and smirked at her mewls. He brought his lips back to hers and gave her a deep kiss.


“God, I missed you so much,” he repeated with more desperation against her mouth and she moaned at his confession, tightening her grip on his hair to steady his head, done with the teasing and taking control by grinding into him furiously.


“Tell me,” she demanded, keeping her grip on him and he moaned at her aggression,” Tell me how much you missed me,” she whispered against his lips, not allowing him to kiss her until he had.


“Fuck, Sakura…” he moaned against her and grunted, bringing his hands to her hips to guide her against his already rock-hard erection, “I missed this. I missed your body against mine. I missed you taking control of me. I missed the different sounds you would make when I’d touch you. I missed…” he paused, slowing his ministrations and slowly bringing his gaze up to hers, a look of deep longing in his dark eyes. Almost as if he was trying so desperately to peer into her soul. He immediately hid his face in her neck, leaving intermittent little kisses and breathing low, beginning his movements under her again.


“I missed how you would light up around me. I missed how you could make me forget about everything that’s fucked up in my life. I missed how you make me laugh,” he was saying frantically and she brought her head up to the ceiling, closing her eyes and letting herself got lost in how vulnerable he sounded.  


“God, Sakura. I care about you so much…” he continued, keeping his head in her neck as he continued leaving small and gentle kisses. She sighed and brought her hands to either side of his face, pulling him up once again to gaze into his eyes.


“If anything were to happen to you…” he continued but stopped, unsure of what to say. She shook her head frantically and gave him a harsh kiss, as if trying to prove a point. He gasped and shuddered against her and she could feel the emotion pouring out of him. She broke away from his lips and kissed the entirety of his face, starting at his lips and trailing along his cheeks and up his forehead, making her way back down and reveling in his short breaths and little groans.


Sakura looked back at him and felt her heart swell at the impossibly affectionate look he was giving her. Just moments ago they were lost in the mind bending pleasure of being in each other’s arms again but it soon changed into something much deeper and more intimate. She knew then that despite everything that happened she wanted him and only him. She wanted a life with this man. She wanted to share every aspect of her being him.


She knew then that she loved him.



Chapter Text

test timage








“Can I get you some water or coffee, kitten?” she heard a soothing voice ask her as it broke her out of her obsessive thoughts. She brought her gaze up to the figure who had interrupted her and gave him a soft smile, realizing it was the man she had grown so fond of over the past couple of months. She studied him quickly, taking in the officer uniform that he donned regularly now, replacing the tight henleys and khakis that she had grown accustomed to. His uniform was black and short sleeved, not leaving his tattoos to the imagination. He had cuffs and other accoutrements that lined his belt. It made her mouth water, seeing him in his true identity.


 She nodded and mouthed ‘water’ to him, bringing her gaze back down to her clasped hands and resumed her thinking, not without chancing a glance at his ass as he left the room. She smirked and figured though this was a difficult situation for her, she could get used to seeing Kakashi in his uniform.


She sighed, bringing her clasped hands up to rub her face in exasperation. This was the day of reckoning. She was currently at the precinct, awaiting the sergeant to come in and question her about Sasuke; the father of her child. Normally Kakashi would be the one questioning her but since he stipulated that they were involved with one another, he couldn’t get involved any further than asking if she wanted something to drink.


It had been a week since he had shown up at her doorstep, after having vanished for three weeks. A week since she had agreed to come in and submit herself to questioning. A week since they had unveiled their secrets to each other. A week since she had confessed to herself that she loved him…


She sighed and glanced towards the door where he had just exited from. There had been many opportunities that she could have told him. They spent quite a lot of time together, mainly her calling him over because she’d be having a panic attack of sorts about her upcoming questioning. But then she’d feel silly because once he’d burst through her door, since she’d immediately feel better; as if nothing was wrong in the first place.


That was reason number one for loving him.


He’d proceed to usher her over to her couch and let her tangle herself in him. He wouldn’t even touch her sexually, unless she prompted it. He would just hold her and run his fingers through her hair affectionately until she fell asleep, or he’d order her her favorite take out and they’d just eat and talk. She always marveled in how much he could eat too. She kept forgetting that he was a cop and maintained a strict workout regiment, which meant he needed a lot of energy.


That was reason number two.


There were many others that she could list from events that had happened from just that past week but her thoughts were interrupted once again by a burly man who entered the room, followed by Kakashi. She immediately recognized him as the man with tanned skin and dark hair who was at the bar with Genma, Kakashi and a woman. He was dressed in a uniform similar to Kakashi except his sleeves were long. She particularly liked how Kakashi looked in his, his tattoos completely visible and muscles tight. Even still they both looked quite intimidating, she concluded.


“Hello, Ms. Haruno,” the man said and gave her a warm smile, which calmed her creeping nerves, “My name is Asuma Sarutobi, one of the sergeants of this precinct. I just want to preface this by saying we really appreciate you coming in to answer some questions for us. We know it can’t be easy for you but it will help us immensely,” he said and sat himself across from her, setting his clipboard down on the metal table. The slight clang made her wince slightly and she nodded timidly, bringing her gaze up to the man.


“As you know Kakashi can not be present for your questioning so I’ll have to ask him to leave now,” he said and nodded towards the man who was leaning against the back wall, keeping a reassuring gaze on Sakura. He tilted his head at her, asking for her permission to leave and she gave him a small smile. In all honestly, she wanted to beg and scream for him to stay but knew he couldn’t. He nodded and uncrossed his arms, pushing himself off of the wall and opened the door to let himself out. He let it close softly behind him but not without turning back and giving her a wink and one-sided grin, knowing the gesture would ease her nerves.


Mr. Sarutobi unclipped the manila folder from the clipboard and opened it up, revealing its contents. Sakura’s eyes widened and immediately fell on photos of her and Sarada from the park and she gulped, unprepared to see photos of her that she was not aware of. There were also photos of Sasuke at that same park and she felt her breath hitch, realizing that he had in fact been there and she felt bile rise in her throat. Mr. Sarutobi saw her blanch and gave her a reassuring glance, “You alright?” he asked and she nodded, waving her hand in front of her face.


“Yeah, fine. I just wasn’t expecting the photos,” she said and pointed towards the few that were before him. He nodded in realization, “I guess I don’t need to ask you if this is you and your daughter then,” he said and she shook her head, casting her glance down the table.


“And I don’t need to ask if this is in fact Sasuke Uchiha?” he asked, picking up a photo of him and she felt herself sweat, observing him in an all-black ensemble. He must not have been that good at remaining inconspicuous because he stuck out like a sore thumb there, “Kind of obvious I suppose,” she snickered, “He’s always dressed in black,” and she was pleased that her comment elicited a small laugh from the intimidating man in front of her.


“To the reason we’re really here then…” he trailed off and put the photos back in the folder, “I’m assuming Lieutenant Hatake has filled you in on why you’re here.”


Sakura blanched upon hearing Kakashi’s designation, not prepared for the title. She knew it, of course, but it was different coming from someone else’s mouth. It sounded so… paramount, especially coming from a man who she’d consider to be a bit more intimidating than Kakashi. Only because of his size, really.


He snickered, noticing her reaction, “I have to call him that,” he said and she nodded, trying to hide her blush, “So let’s begin with how you and Sasuke Uchiha met?” she nodded, appreciating the easy question.


“Well, we’ve known each other since we were 12. We had a really small school system so him and I were part of a really tight- knit group of friends,” she said, watching him scribble down some notes and feeling her heart rate steady.


“And the two of you became close?”


She scoffed and he lifted his head, “More like I forced myself on him,” she said and the confused look on his face made her straighten herself and she cleared her throat.


“I mean… he had always been a really troubled boy. His brother killed his parents and was sent to prison so being alone is all he knew, I guess. I don’t know… I’m not proud of it but I suppose I have a hunch for ‘trying to save people’ and I guess that mixed with teenage hormones drew me to him,” she said and he nodded slowly.


“And you think the drug use stemmed from that; his parents dying at an early age at the hands of his brother?” he asked and she nodded her head vigorously, “Oh, yes. He got into a bad crowd pretty much as soon as we got to high school and that’s when it started. To my knowledge he’s been using recreationally ever since…” she trailed off, looking down at the table and willing some unwanted memories away.


“And you have a child together?” he asked and she nodded, not elaborating and not wanting to say anything further. She stipulated to Kakashi that she wanted Sarada to remain out of this whole ordeal for as long as she could help it and he assured her she would. As if reading her thoughts Mr. Sarutobi just nodded and flipped to the next page.


“And had he exhibited any kind of violent behavior that you witnessed? He’s a volatile force from what our undercover agents have observed and has hurt numerous people” he said, bringing his gaze to hers and her breath hitched. She gulped as she felt her heart rate start to pick up again. She twiddled with her thumbs and she nodded her head.


“Can you elaborate?” he asked and she furrowed her brow, not appreciating his callous tone.


“He’s put his hands on me before,” she said firmly and he nodded, continuing his scribbling. She crossed her arms over her chest as she tried to read his face but he remained as stoic as he had when he first walked in.


“Did you ever call the police on him?” he asked and she shook her head, “I-I was too afraid…” she stammered, not caring to elaborate and feeling slightly embarrassed confessing that it front of an officer. He gave her a short nod and turned back a page.


“Going back to when you said he put his hands on you… was it ever serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital?” he asked and she let out a shaky breath, bringing her gaze to his. He still looked extremely serious and she couldn’t help but feel like she was being interrogated. It only made her anxiety rise further as she thought back to the last night, when she saw him and he practically cracked her skull open. She formed a scar on the back of her head from that encounter and could still feel it whenever she ran her hand over it.


“Ms. Haruno?” he asked and she shot her gaze to him, feeling her body start to shake and she shook her head violently, pulling herself up from the chair and grabbing her jacket, tripping her way to the door. She grabbed the handle and wrenched her way out, leaving the man alone in the room with a surprised look on his face.


She was immediately met by Kakashi’s form since he had been leaning up against the wall directly across from the door, waiting for her. He brought his gaze to her and smiled initially but it immediately fell upon seeing the look of distress on her face. She shook her head again and let a few tears fall that had been threatening to spill.


 “I- I’m sorry,” she gasped and ran down the hall to escape the station, ignoring Kakashi’s calls from behind her.




“Sakura!... Sakura, please wait… SAKURA!” he said and she halted, spinning around and shaking her head frantically, tears starting to stream down her face. He gave her a reassuring look and put his hands on her shoulders, “Sakura, what happened?” he asked, confusion written all over his face and she looked away, ashamed that she had failed him.


“I just… we were getting to the end and it was going fine and… I don’t know, I just…” she began, taking a few deep breaths which he was helping her through and she lifted her head, keeping her gaze past him and towards the front doors that she had just dramatically barreled through.


“He asked me about Sasuke’s ‘volatile’ nature and if he had ever been violent with me,” she began and he nodded his head, urging her to continue, “and when he asked me to elaborate I just… I froze and just couldn’t get it out,” she said and slowly brought her gaze back to him. He sighed and brought a hand to his temple, rubbing it and stood there in thought for a moment. She was concerned that he was disappointed in her until he slowly brought his arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer to his chest and into his embrace. He stroked her hair the way she liked and rested his chin atop her head, his other hand rubbing small circles into her back.


She took in a deep breath and breathed him in, letting his scent calm and soothe her. He didn’t even have to say anything. He could just hold her and she’d feel better.


“Come home with me… please,” she murmured and he nodded immediately, taking her hand in his and leading her to his patrol car. She shook her head and smiled faintly, wondering how in the world her life had come to this.




Sakura led Kakashi up the pebbled path to her front steps, climbing up them with him following closely behind her. She fished for her keys in her purse and unlocked the door, letting them both into her home.


Sakura had waited in his car while he went back into the precinct to change into his civilian clothing and inform everyone he’d be leaving. He assured Sakura that he had left a few words with Asuma, letting him know that she was okay and she’d return some time in the next week to resume her questioning. She really did feel bad and hoped he didn’t think she thought poorly of him. She knew he was just doing his job.


The ride was left in silence, Kakashi allowing Sakura to remain in her thoughts as he reassuringly held her hand. She appreciated the silence and knew he was there for her. He’d occasionally bring her hand to his mouth and he’d leave a chaste kiss on her knuckles. She would look over and he’d give her a wink which never failed to make her heart flutter.


They found themselves standing in the nook in front of her front door where you could either take the stairs to the second floor or proceed into the living room area. Sakura glanced towards Kakashi who kept his eyes on her, waiting for her to instruct him and tell him where she wanted them to be. She thought for a long while and they just stared at each other, wondering what the other was thinking in that moment.


She knew what she thinking about. That was for sure. She wanted him. All of him. She was done with their teasing and messing around. She was done with the waiting because there was really no reason for it anymore.


So, she grabbed his hand and made her way up the steps, hearing the wood creak under her feet and focusing on his following after her. She’d look back every so often as she led him to her room, gauging his reaction and wondering if he knew what she was implying they do now that they were alone. She figured he was in on it too when she saw his gaze darkening and her breath hitched, the realization dawning on her as to what was about to happen.


She opened the door to her bedroom and held her breath, the thought completely escaping her that it could be dirty. But she exhaled in quiet relief as she saw that it had been tidied up. Her bed wasn’t made but they were just going to mess it up anyway she supposed. She turned to him and swallowed, taking him in and feeling the love surge through her like the collapse of a neutron star. It was so overwhelming she could feel the tears well up in her eyes. He immediately took her hands in his and brought them up to his mouth, giving them a tender kiss.


“Sakura, kitten, we don’t have to do this if you aren’t ready,” he said and brought a hand to her cheek, using his thumb to brush away a tear that had rolled down from her traitorous eyes.


She shook her head with confidence and took in a deep breath, “No, Kakashi. I want this. I want all of this. I want all of you. I feel so free when I’m with you and I’m reminded that everything will be okay. I-“ she hesitated and brought her gaze to him, realizing there was no turning back from this. She didn’t want to turn back from this.


“Kakashi… I love you.” she said, without hesitation and brought her emerald gaze to him, anxiously awaiting his answer.   


He didn’t smile or frown. He didn’t accept or deny. He didn’t run away. He brought his hands up to either side of her face and brought her lips to his, kissing her hard and pouring all of the emotion he felt for her into it and it was then that she knew. He kissed her with passion and conviction, wrapping his hand around the back of her neck and grabbing her hair, pulling her head to the side and trailing his mouth down the column of her throat.


“I love you, Sakura,” he whispered against it and she let out a groan, loving how it sounded coming from his lips and feeling his breath on her neck, “I love you so much it’s terrifying,” he continued saying and left wet kisses up and down her jugular. He grabbed her by her bottom and hoisted her up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist. He brought her over to her bed and laid her down, her legs still wrapped around him as he stood at the edge, taking her in. He grabbed his shirt from behind his neck and pulled it over his head, smirking when she licked her lips and sat herself up, bringing her hand to his toned chest.


She used her finger to trace the ridges that made up his muscles. He kept his heated gaze on hers as she explored his chest, tilting her head and remaining mesmerized by his impossibly attractive figure, “See something you like, kitten?” he asked as he grabbed a lock of her hair, twirling it around his fingers and admiring how it looked in the light of the setting sun behind them.   


Sakura nodded, looking up at him through her eyelashes and brought her mouth to his chiseled stomach, not keeping her eyes off him. She wanted to feel the ridges on her mouth, on her tongue. She brought her lips to his stomach and reveled in how he twitched underneath her.


“I see something I love…” she purred and trailed her lips along the ridges of his abs, soaking in his gasps and moans at the contact. She loved everything about this man that it was almost too much to bear. Everything about him was perfect. Even his imperfections. It only made him more human and more endearing. His scars, both physical and mental were all beautiful in her eyes. And there was no doubt in her mind that he felt the same about her.


“Sakura…” he began, taking her by the shoulders and leaning her back, away from him, “let me take care of you, kitten.”


She nodded and let him push her down onto the bed, climbing over her form and placing his arms on either side of her head, bringing his lips down to hers. She hummed against him and tilted her head, bringing her hand to the back of his head and pulling him closer to her. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist which allowed for her to bring her hips up to his, slowly grinding into him. He groaned into the kiss and trailed his hand up her covered leg and to the hem of her pants, hooking his finger around and to the front, thumbing the button and undoing it with ease. She helped him slide them off, revealing her white panties and the cherry blossom that sat above her hip bone.


He groaned upon seeing it and brought his finger to trace over it, “This is still the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said, giving her a wink and lowering himself down her body. His hands traced down her sides, gathering up her shirt and bringing it over her head, revealing the bra she was wearing underneath. She felt a bit self-conscious and sat up on her elbows, undoing her bra to discard of it quickly since it was old and contained some holes. She bit her lip when she realized she was revealed to him and blushed when she caught him staring.


“They’re not the perkiest…” she admitted, casting her gaze to the side. Sakura had stopped breastfeeding quite some time ago, and what once were larger, full and plump breasts were now decently sized though not as perky and bared a few stretch marks on the sides. Kakashi shook his head and brought his head down, kissing the tops of each and she let her head fall back at the contact.


“You are perfect just the way you are,” he said before engulfing a nipple in his mouth, using his tongue to swirl around her already hardened bud. He brought his hand to the other, palming and testing its weightiness. He plucked at her other nipple and she writhed underneath him, bringing her hips up to his to meet his hardness. He groaned against her nipple and sucked hard, eliciting a sharp moan to escape her lips. She knew she was a wet mess underneath her panties and if he didn’t touch her there soon she’d surely come undone.


“Kakashi please…” she crooned, “please touch me,” she said and felt him grin and let up from her breast, coming to give her a small peck on the lips before moving to its twin. She arched her back as he began his ministrations with his tongue but trailed his hand down her stomach, past her abdomen and to the apex of her thighs. She felt his middle finger pad at the wetness forming outside her panties and he moaned against her nipple.


She squirmed as he hooked his finger around her panties, pulling them down tantalizingly slow, making her grab the back of his head and pull him off of her nipple with a pop and up to her face, “No teasing… I’ve waited long enough for this,” she said breathlessly and brought her hand down to his, pulling down her panties along with him and placing his hand above her heat. He cupped his hand over her and used his thumb to find her clit, circling it teasingly and watching her gasp.


She arched her back and he smirked, bringing himself back to her breast and lapping at her bud with his tongue. He continued circling her clit and brought his middle finger down to her folds, pressing in and delving into her. Her breath hitched at the intrusion and she let out a low moan, reveling in the feeling of finally having a part of him inside her. He slowly pumped in and out of her while working on her breast, finding that she liked when he would nip and bite at it lightly.


He left her breast and brought his heated gaze to hers, slowly adding another finger and watching her eyes roll to the back of her head. She was a dripping and writhing mess underneath him, arching her back and panting, a sheet of sweat slowly covering her chest and sparkling in the light of the setting sun. He smirked and let his forehead fall on hers as he continued pumping in and out of her, her wetness making it all the easier to quicken his pace and watch the effect he had on her. She whined when he pulled himself out, sitting himself up and licking himself clean of her. The act made Sakura practically gush and she wished he’d put his mouth to good use.


“As much as I’d like to taste more of you, I don’t think I can wait any longer either,” he said and she nodded eagerly, sitting herself up on the edge of the bed and grabbing his belt, undoing it in earnest and yanking it from the loops of his pants. He chuckled at her eagerness and unbuttoned them, lowering the zipper and letting them fall along with his boxers down to his feet. His cock bounced free in front of her and she licked her lips, feeling a hypnotizing pull to his shaft but he guided her back down to the bed and tutted, shaking his head as she pouted at him.


“I think you’ll like what’s about to happen a lot more than that, kitten,” he said and lowered himself over her once again, lining his cock at her weeping entrance. She brought her gaze to his once again, emerald meeting black and she took in a deep breath, watching him bring his gaze to hers, silently asking for permission to continue and she nodded her head, bringing her lips to his and kissing him with so much passion she thought she’d explode. He immediately trailed his tongue along her lips and she immediately opened herself up to him, greedily seeking out his tongue and tasting every ounce of him.


He groaned into the kiss and slowly pushed his cock into her, feeling herself engulf him and pull him in to the hilt. He broke away from her and brought his head down to her neck, letting out a long and low groan, stilling his movement as he was now completely inside her. She felt impossibly full and could feel him shaking slightly above her.


“God, I’ve dreamed of this. You feel like heaven,” he moaned and licked at her collarbone, tasting the inherent sweetness of her skin and the salt of the her sweat.


She let out little mewls as he started moving, panting into her neck and thrusting deep within her. She wrapped her legs around him, signaling for him to move faster and he did, grabbing her by her hips and quickening his pace. He bottomed out into her over and over, setting a pace that was making the bed rock back and forth. The legs that were wrapped around his waist allowed for him to go deep but she found it wasn’t deep enough. She opened her eyes to stare at his face and was met with a look of pure ecstasy, as if he had been waiting forever for this. But she wanted more. More of him. She hurriedly pushed him off and he raised a brow in confusion. She winked and climbed off the bed, turning her back towards him and kneeling onto the edge, spreading her knees and presenting her dripping heat to him.


“Oh fuck,” he growled as he traced her sex with his fingers, watching her quiver underneath his touch. She wiggled her ass at him, begging for him to enter her again but he shushed her, bringing his hand to her shapely ass, tracing the curve of it and marveling in its perfection. He was even delighted by the fact that she had a small beauty mark sitting on one of her cheeks. He brought his lips down to kiss it which prompted in a surprised yelp from her.


“Kakashi…please,” she begged, wiggling her ass at him again, “please fuck me,” she said and paused, feeling a devilish grin spreading across her face as she was presented with a naughty idea that he was sure to lose his mind over. She brought herself up on her hands and looked back towards him, giving him a sidelong stare and raised a brow.


“Please fuck me… Daddy…” she said with a pout and almost broke into a snicker watching his eyes widen, “I’ve been such a good girl…” she continued, enjoying watching his eyes darken. He brought his hand to her ass and rubbed it preemptively, giving it a thoughtful look.


He then raised his hand up and brought it down with a loud crack that echoed in the room. She practically screamed at the mix of pain and pleasure and he swiftly brought his mouth to her ear, “I beg to differ, kitten. It’s not nice to tease. Do you think wiggling your little ass at me is good behavior?” he asked as he nipped at her ear.


She stuffed her face into her comforter to hide her smile and shook her head, “Use your words, kitten.”


“No, Daddy.”


“Do you think you need a punishment for your devious behavior?” he asked as he rubbed her ass, licking and nipping at her ear.


“Yes, Daddy” she responded, “I think… I think I need to be spanked,” she said and he groaned into her ear, “How many do you suggest, kitten?”




“Mmmm, try again.”


“…5?” she replied after some thought and she could feel him nod and take in a deep breath, bringing himself back to his standing position, “Each time I spank this little ass of yours I want you to count and say thank you, do you understand?” he asked as he rubbed her cheek in preparation. She nodded and braced herself as she felt his hand raise from its former position. She held her breath as she felt the sting of his hand connecting to her ass with a loud smack. She jolted forward and suppressed a moan, biting her lip.


“Mmmm, one. Thank you, Daddy,” she mumbled and buried her face in the cushions. He brought his hand down again and she felt his hand reverberate off her already reddening globe.


“Two… mmmf thank you, Daddy,” she whimpered.


He took a small break after three spanks and placed kisses on each of her cheeks, having alternated between the two as not to put too much strain on one or the other. He continued to five and she yelped, her slit practically dripping and her thighs soaked from desire. He growled, seeing her writhe underneath him.


“Oh! Five… thank you, Daddy!” she wailed and he groaned behind her, smoothing her ass with his hand and lining his painfully hard cock to her slit, trailing it up and down to cover the head with her juices.


“So good for me, kitten…” he growled as he finally plunged back into her, her wetness making it easy to bottom out. She screamed and grabbed the cushions with a death grip. He groaned as he grabbed her hips, sure to leave bruises as he set a grueling pace. She lifted her ass more and her eyes promptly rolled to the back of her head, not believing he could be any deeper.


“Fuck, Daddy…” Sakura groaned and arched her back like the kitten she was and purred at his cock racing into her. She moaned loudly when she felt him hook his arm under her shoulder, bringing her body up; ass and back pressed to his front. He brought his mouth to her neck and aggressively started nipping and sucking at her jugular. She moaned loudly as he wrapped his other hand around her throat, steadying her head against his shoulder and the contact made her want to shriek. He wasn’t constricting in the slightest but just the feel of his hand on her throat was enough to make her roll her eyes back in pure ecstasy.


“I love you, Kakashi,” she moaned loudly and he set a punishing pace at her confession, groaning into her neck.


“God, I love you so much,” he responded and kept his hold on her, pounding into her heat and biting into her shoulder at the pleasure that was coursing through them.


 “I’m going to cum, Sakura…” he groaned, motioning to pull himself out of her to spend elsewhere but she stopped him.


“No!” she said, throwing her arm behind her and around his back, “Cum in me please,” she practically begged and he growled loudly, circling his hand to her front and trailing down to her clit. She screamed at the contact and thought she was going to die right there from the insane amount of pleasure she was receiving. She felt his cock twitching violently inside her and he let out a low groan, biting her shoulder harder and she sighed, bringing her hand around to the back of his head and grabbed a fistful of his hair, feeling her own orgasm overtake her.


He slowed his pace, allowing them both to ride out their own orgasms, covered in each other’s fluids and their own sweat shining in the moon’s gaze that was beginning to take its hold in the sky. She fell forward, allowing to break from their entanglement as he slid out of her. They both took their positions on the bed and curled into one another, laying on their sides and basking in their post coital bliss.


“I think this is the best day of my life…” she heard him murmur and she snorted, to which he returned with a fake look of pain but then shifted into a look of seriousness, grasping her hand in his and bringing it to his mouth, giving it a chaste kiss, “Hopefully the first of many,” he said and she nodded, smiling into her pillow and letting her eyes drift close.


The first of many, for sure.