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Sittin' In A Tree~ K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

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Loving Toshinori came easy, though admittedly in the past Shouta had a hard time appreciating the man, but now a days all it took to set the tips of Shouta's ears ablaze was a simple brush of fingers in the hallway between classes or a tiny gentle smile from the man during battle simulations. That's not to say they were ever distracted from their true purpose at work, but the close proximity definitely made it difficult not to literally hang all over one another at any given time. Somehow, despite appearances, Shouta was the more affectionate of the two.

Since Toshinori's arrival in the U.A. dorms it felt as if they had already moved in together, they basically had access to each others rooms at any given time and utilized it every free second they had. In the morning while Shouta sprawled across his U.A. issued bed he'd wake to the smell of coffee and breakfast, after classes found the two in Toshinori's dorm apartment going over grading, and in the evening they found themselves nestled on the couch together after a good meal.

The evenings were Shouta's favorite part, as he'd crawl onto his partners lap and cuddle up on his chest with his head under the blonds chin. The taller man was still rather thin, but could handle the weight of the other man just fine, he never complained though the teacher often worried and often offered to lay on the bottom, but Toshinori would just laugh and rest his hands on the others soft sides, "I believe I've proven I can take you, dear." That devilish grin melted all of Shouta's worry and insecurity and instilled in him the drive for a new task. . . one that required locked doors and plenty of kisses. 

So much of their time was spent together lately, ever since Toshinori had been released from the hospital and settled into dorm life, that being apart for longer than a patrol shift made Shouta feel off kilter at times. He wondered if he came across as clingy, but with the way the other man latched onto him whenever he could get away with it, he knew not to voice this concern- his partner wouldn't mind in the slightest if he stayed glued to his side all day. Of course even they needed some time apart to spend with their friends, their loved ones, and to do their own hobbies- but it was never because they felt stifled, they just knew it wasn't healthy to stay wrapped up only in one another. 

It was easy to say Aizawa Shouta had fallen hard for Yagi Toshinori and the feelings were mutual. It didn't take long for them to petition Nezu with a request to share a dorm apartment, it was just a logical decision, really. The small mammal had smiled congenially at them both, but had remained silent for a good deal of time, sizing them both up and clasping his paws together, "Yes. . . I do believe I agree. I think the family dorm on the bottom floor will work nicely for you both, you may begin moving in at any time. I'm afraid there's no furniture, but I'm sure you'll both come to an agreement on that. Good luck you two." With that, they were shooed by a fuzzy paw out the door. That was the day Nezu mass e-mailed everyone to begin the betting pool for when one of them would pop The Question

Nemuri: I say they get a bun in the oven before they even get engaged. 

Sekijiro: . . .We need to discuss some serious matters with you, Midnight. 

Nemuri: I know what I said. 

Nezu:  Interesting. Let's place our bets.

Moving in was absolute chaos. Shouta didn't have an organized bone in his body when it came to anything outside his jobs. He essentially tossed everything he owned into garbage bags and threw them into the middle of their new living room- he didn't even own furniture, besides what U.A. issued all the single unit dorm apartments. Toshinori, on the other hand, was meticulously marking all his boxes and re-using the ones he'd used a short few months ago for his first move into the dorms. He was gentle and orderly with everything he packed away- so it was startling when his boyfriend walked in and offered his help, only to start dumping random things into the boxes. "They're. . . they're labeled." Whispered the blond, gently like he was talking to an anxious cat, and in response his darker counterpart squinted at the words on the boxes and nodded- but rather than fold or stack anything neatly, he began to move things to their correct boxes- but literally gathered up papers like he would a pile of leaves and dropped them into a documents box- when the boxes wouldn't close he tried smashing the papers down. Toshinori quickly texted Hizashi and Nemuri for help, because he didn't have the heart to tell the wonderful idiot he loved with all his heart that he was perhaps the worst packer he'd ever met and needed to get the hell out if they had any hope of actually moving into their new quarters that evening. It was like asking a toddler to put away laundry- absolute disaster. Luckily, Nemuri had no such qualms about dragging Shouta out and demanding he come with her to start moving Toshinori's furniture over while Hizashi helped re-organize his friends chaos so the poor former Symbol Of Peace didn't have to do it alone.  

Thankfully the move did go quickly, despite the stress of trying to organize all their things into a new shared living space, but they definitely had it easier than most couples; a product of neither man really having too many belongings to begin with. Bunny, Toshinori's three legged cat, searched her new home disgruntled, and Shouta did the same, uncertain for the first few days where anything really was. It was an adjustment. Luckily Shouta had only one meltdown though, in which he laid face down on the floor with his hands in his hair, upset that he couldn't find his goggles and feeling completely stressed out right before a patrol. Usually the simple act of losing his goggles wouldn't wreck him like this, but he felt overwhelmed and honestly just needed a moment to freak out. Toshinori had smoothed his dark locks when he'd found him and helped him retrace his steps until he felt rational and stable enough to get up and find them exactly where they'd concluded they had to be- all while Shouta murmured his responses into the floor. Despite finding the lost items, he took a sick day, needing a day to just hold his boyfriend on the couch and watch whatever rom-com his boyfriend chose to turn on. The taller man, for his part, seemed to handle everything scarily well- far too used to having to move from one place to another due to his rather abysmal childhood up until he met Nana. 

Living together was a little different than simply coming and going in one another's rooms whenever they wanted. For one thing, Toshinori slept with all his limbs sprawled out on the futon, constantly moving throughout the night, while Shouta slept fetal or clung to the others thin body- sometimes winding up on top of him by morning. To be honest, they didn't even notice their ridiculous sleeping arrangements, it didn't matter to them- but one day when Hizashi had come in to wake them for an impromptu teachers meeting he couldn't help but gape at them. Apparently they were quite the sight. They had to get used to balancing one another's schedules and living with their quirks, for lack of a better term. 

Shouta was a true blue slob, often leaving the cap off of the toothpaste or a towel on the floor, a basket of unfolded laundry was always in the corner and he would forget to shower for days on end. It wasn't like Toshinori didn't know all of this already, and he grew up with Nana and Sorahiko who had also been a true blue slobs, so he didn't necessarily mind the mess- but it wouldn't kill Shouta to wash a dish. In order to deal with Shouta's overall lack of cleanliness, Sunday became their official Cleaning Day. On Cleaning Day they did their laundry together and cleaned their dorm apartment together and showered together. As for chores that had to be done every day, such as dishes or scooping the litter box, Toshinori invested in a dishwasher and a self cleaning litter box. The blond tried not to let the natural state of his boyfriend bug him too much, it was just the way he was and as long as the other worked with him to keep their place looking clean, he wouldn't fault him for the occasional wet towel on the floor. 

Now, the dark haired hero wasn't the only one with issues; Toshinori had his own. For one thing, he set a timer for everything. With his medications and eating schedule, Shouta completely understood why, but he did wish his lover would stop setting about a time for when they had dinner- the only really flexible meal they had; or when they should get dressed for bed- those were just things they should do whenever they wanted in his opinion. Slowly, the blond was letting go of his odd obsession with scheduling, but it would take time to get out of his strict All Might schedule. Another thing about Toshinori was his inability to accept his limitations and needs. They couldn't go on a walk without the man offering to help someone or without the blond giving Shouta a fucking heart attack because he jumped straight down a flight of stairs or slid down a hand rail- though he had to admit he was thankful the other was starting to feel more energetic, for a while once he'd been released from the hospital he'd been so tired and kind of sad most days, so if Toshinori felt good enough to go on damaging his knees then so be it. 

The man was also refusing to take anit-depressants out of fear, so there were days he'd just sit silently by the window with tea and shrug all day instead of talk, even though his therapist honestly thought they would help balance him out. Those days of silent gray were getting fewer and fewer, much to everyone's relief. Toshinori was a morning person, and Shouta was not. Toshinori made meals ridiculously proportioned, yet ate very little himself- but Shouta ate whatever his love put in front of him at the expense of his waistline- and even though he'd told Toshinori they couldn't keep eating this way, the blonds portions would only shrink infinitesimally and he himself would only take a couple more bites than usual much to Shouta's exasperation. He also didn't waste anything and was very frugal unless trying to spoil others.

Toshinori had a very odd and almost flamboyant fashion sense- even when he was dressed very dapper he had to have some sort of ridiculous tie or cloth somewhere on his person that clashed terribly with everything; Shouta honestly loved the man in everything though, and in turn Toshinori loved his lover whether he was wearing skimpy shorts or what was essentially a black trash bag. That wasn't so much an issue. . . at least to them.

They were both different people with different issues, and yet, even when they were driving one another up a wall- they wouldn't trade it for the world. They quickly grew used to one another's quirks, even if others couldn't manage them at all.

Their fights were often very mundane things, like whose turn it was to empty the dishwasher, or about adjusting the shower head lower than Toshinori's height without moving it back. There was only one real fight between the two, and it was to never happen again. Ever. Shouta would never allow it again. it had gotten frightening for everyone in the building at the time. They tried to keep things to their quarters, but that didn't stop the rest of the teaching staff from hearing them from the common room. Shouta yelled when he was mad and worked up- he came from a large family where you had to yell to be heard. He wasn't one to ever be physically violent unless it was a villain fight, but he'd made the mistake of slamming his hand down onto the kitchen counter while making a point and that had been that for Toshinori- he'd backed away from the other completely and walked out of their home without a word. It had stalled the fight completely, the darker of the two's anger shriveling up and instead became replaced by panic. When mad- really genuinely mad, Toshinori became blank faced and silent- he listened. His words were brutally honest to the point they dug deep- he kept his head during a true blue argument. He didn't slam doors or lash out violently, his movements were instead very deliberate and slow- but his hands shook violently the whole time. He'd never been able to handle the anger of those he loved very well. And so, yes, he'd removed himself entirely from the fight, door clipping silently behind him. He'd come back later that night to apologize, but instead Shouta was upon him, hugging the life out of him and promising they would never again let a fight get to that point.

Like anyone else, they had their problems, and they worked on them. They communicated to the best of both their stilted abilities, what more could you ask for? 

"I want to foster a child."

Toshinori stared at his partner, the other man looked anxious and uncertain, "well. . .I'll go make some tea then." 

Well. . . Toshinori would like it very much if, when communicating, his partner would ease him into bombshells like this. 

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Toshinori had bounced off to the kitchen to start brewing tea, leaving his partner to stand awkwardly in the living room staring after him. After a moment of swaying back and forth, Shouta threw his hands up and followed the other man. "Did you want children, Toshinori?" 

The taller man flapped his hands against his hips for the moment, staring hard at the shiny metal of the kettle. "Ah. Well. Honestly, I probably did before I became a hero. I had always wanted a big family to love and who would love me in return, and I have that now with my brothers family and our students and our friends. . . I have you, as family, now. But. . .but. . . I guess I just never thought having a child of my own was attainable." 

The dark haired man cocked his head to the side and squinted his eyes at the other like a cat, "why?" He hesitated to get too close to his anxious lover, should the other need some space.

A deep sigh, the long restless fingers of the other dragging itself through strands of unruly blond hair, "I'm a gay man, for one thing. Yes, we can do everything heterosexual couples in Japan can do now a days. . . but it wasn't always like this, right? History books tell us that. The bias that still weaves in and out of our system tells us that. People like Yawara Chatora still have to leave the country just to become who they are. There are perks of living in a wild world of quirks, but we also know that historically the system has not worked in favor of homosexuality. . . anything different than tradition is treated poorly in this world. The system has not fixed all it's issues. We're still likely to be turned down as foster parents just for being, well, gay men. Hasn't changed much from when I was a kid; quirkless children are still thrown away like trash and good parents will be overlooked in favor of heterosexual couples. Time marches on, things change and get better- but I'm still worried we're going to face homophobia." His eyes shined and tears threatened to spill over. His monologue had slowly risen in volume and rushed out in a dizzying way that it was a miracle Shouta had caught the end of it at all. Toshinori was swallowing harshly and gripping his shirt tightly, he felt the shorter man grasp one of his hands- easing it from the fabric. He breathed in, and out, then in again, and out- pushing the air out as he went until his heart felt normal again. "Besides all that. . . you and I have never talked about children, or marriage. I feel like we've sort of just been going with the flow here." 

"Maybe fostering is just part of our flow, and if it works out with the kid we could even adopt later. I know I haven't vocalized it, but yeah. . . I want kids. I'm sure my habits aren't the best, but I think I can do it. The question is, do you want to have kids with me? I'll understand if you don't." 

The blond thoughtfully pursed his lips, lightening blue eyes staring holes into his lovers black orbs; he turned his back to the kettle, "I think I'd like to try. I'm worried I won't be any good at it though. I'm not even a very good teacher. I'll try though, for you, if you think we can do this together. I just. . . I don't want to mess anyone up." 

"I think you'd be a good dad." Shouta said softly, "you're not your birth parents. . . there's not a violent bone in your body when you aren't doing hero work or protecting the ones you love. You were hurt. . .terribly, and I understand this might scare you, but you were raised by kind people eventually, and you are the kindest man I've ever met. Your nephew and niece adore you. . .And your teaching has improved. . . so- sounds like parent material to me." 

Toshinori sighed, releasing himself from his lovers hold for a moment to rub his hands along his arms and think. He leaned against the counter, slowly unwinding his body and allowing his nails to tap out a beat on the metal of the sink behind up. "I want to have kids with you Shouta. I'm willing to try, but maybe we should see if we can handle kids first- a trial run before the real thing." A black blur practically tackled him against the counter, hugging him tightly. The taller man wrapped his arms around the smaller and pressed his lips into the wild strands of his lovers greasy hair. "It's Eri, isn't it?" A small nod. "Well, we'll figure this out then. I'll call my brother." 

Eri had been through a lot. She was a traumatized little girl in need of therapy, schooling, and a lot of love that she'd never received before. Currently, she was a ward of U.A. High- but it was a temporary thing until they could find the right home for her. With such a wild and untamed quirk, it made it difficult to find just the right family to take her in. Shouta was an obvious choice, but he wouldn't do anything if his partner wasn't on board with it, luckily he wound up being more agreeable than he'd thought. To be honest, the eraser hero thought Toshinori would say no, not to having kids- just having kids with Shouta. He knew what he was like- stone faced and messy, tired and borderline narcoleptic most days; he was a disaster of a man, but he was ready for children, even if he didn't necessarily feel much like an adult half the time. And Eri. . . Eri had stolen his heart from the first time he'd visited her in the hospital. It was startling what Toshinori actually thought of his own possible parenthood, but Shouta was confident he'd be amazing- they were both wrecks, but together they could make put together parents.

The fight to save the child and stop the quirk-removing drug from being released had been destructive and difficult. Nighteye had lost an arm and almost his life, Shouta had been seriously injured, and several people had almost lost their lives or their quirks- but they all made it out alive and well. Stressed and upset as hell, but alive and well none-the-less. The villains apprehended and a shit ton of property damage, but a good way to end a very difficult mission. He'd watched Toshinori sob and hug Nighteye that night in the hospital- that had been. . . amusing, as he sat on the opposite bed unnoticed by his lover. When the blond had finally noticed him he'd practically mother hen-ed him to lay down, fussing over him, but thankfully not crying anymore. Sir was grinning at him from his bed and he'd been tempted to tell the man to shut up. 

As soon as Shouta had recovered enough he'd begun to work with Eri and talk to her; visit her and provide her with toys or clothes- though the nurses didn't seem particularly thrilled with his outfit choices. Part of his job was now to protect her and eventually train her to control her powers, but nobody had taken into account that outside of all the tutors and therapists, she needed love too. She needed to learn to function as a person and interact with others- so he fulfilled that part. Eventually she was well enough to be moved into U.A., she had her own little room within Recovery Girls office where the woman herself had made herself a home for the time being. It wasn't a permanent solution, but for now it would be enough. She needed a family. Parents. Not the charade she'd had before. She needed to know what good, loving, parents were.

While Eri was still recovering and learning how to be a normal little girl, Shouta and Toshinori were tasked with deciding if parenthood was right for them. Haru, Toshinori's older brother, and his partner Shigeri were passing off their son Tenko and baby Nana for the week while they went on a little impromptu vacation. Toshinori had requested it of his brother, and who was he to deny free childcare? They lived in Hosu, so that meant Tenko would be "home schooled" for the week, but that was just fine to him; He had plowed through most of his coursework so he'd have time to mess around and treat this time as a holiday himself. 

"Nana's wakes at seven in the morning, she needs to be changed and dressed and fed. After that, I'd give her a nap around eight thirty. Don't let her sleep past ten, feed her and keep her awake until maybe eleven thirty. She'll need to eat again around one and then another nap- you know what, this is a lot. Let me write down her schedule for you and some instructions. I'll also write down our emergency numbers and the number for her doctor in case something happens. The kids insurance cards are in the diaper bag." Haru was bustling about Toshinori's home looking for paper, Shouta watched in amusement as the lovely man tugged his much taller younger brother towards the kitchen counter to write everything out. He was looking a little slimmer these days and Shouta frowned at this, he imagined the man had been under a great deal of stress with the birth of his daughter, his brothers hospitalization, and then the raising of said child and constant checking in of the blond. It had been a few months already, but it was a lot for such a short amount of time. Add in work and basic household or family activities and it didn't leave much room for air, did it? The man deserved to get away for a while. 

"You look concerned," Shigeri said softly to him while placing Nana on the floor in her car-seat. Tenko was setting up her playpen and arranging the bedding within it, ever a doting older brother. "Don't worry, he's doing alright, just needs a little rest. I intend to make him." Shigeri seemed to be a constant calm, their slow smile never leaving their face- eyes always half lidded and hair always short, blue, and resting in gentle waves atop their head. Their movements were always very fluid, speech always coming out even and without much tone or emotion. He wondered what it was about Shimura-Yagi's that attracted people like he and Shigeri. "You're looking quite well, it looks as though Toshi is taking good care of you, and you him. He's looking less gaunt and tired. Thank you for taking such good care of him." 

"He's worked hard to get better, still is. As for taking care of one another, I always feel like I've benefited far more from him than the other way around." 

"Mmm. Believe me, you've helped. I can tell. I can see" Their gaze was unwavering and intense to the point he wanted to look away.

 "Okay! We're all done here. Hug time!" Shouted Haru, lifting Tenko from the ground and hugging him tightly, swinging him back and forth in a big bear hug. The man grinned and his son floundered, protesting the embarrassing treatment. Once on the ground, Toshinori received much the same treatment from his brother- Shouta startled and backed up as the man went for him. "Hey! Wait!" It was too late, Haru had already hefted him up off the ground like a sack of potatoes and hugged him as well with a beaming smile on his face. Shouta sighed and just hugged back, hoping to end this sooner rather than later. Baby Nana got kisses goodbye and Shigeri gave little half hugs to everyone- "let us know if you throw in the towel, we'll come back early."

Then they were gone and honestly nap time would be great right around now. But nap time didn't come. . . Nana was screeching within minutes and Tenko was putting headphones on to listen to music, a book in hand and a grin on his face. 

The first four days of watching the kids. . .was a disaster. Nana was often upset about something, and seemed to absolutely despise Shouta. She'd giggle every time Toshinori or Tenko were nearby, a very happy baby, but whenever Shouta came into her view, she'd begin bawling her eyes out. She spit up her formula on him, had kicked him in the nose during playtime, and refused to nap for him- making her very tired and cranky. He almost wanted to cry- what the fuck did this kid want from him?

Toshinori for his part was having trouble with Tenko, who was purposely being difficult, probably by request of his parents who were fully aware of what the two were watching their kids for. He was playing the part of the surly teenager quite well. The blond handled it as well as can be, but Shouta could tell he was feeling a little low that the boy wasn't being as loving as he usually was towards his uncle. Tenko would ignore him or spit vitriol- he'd make loud noises just as Nana was resting or they were catching up on paperwork from their classes; schedules amended to account for their odd week. There was a couple of times where Toshinori had used a stern and authoritative tone that Shouta had never heard before in his life, and it made him want to get his homework done, not wanting to know what the blond had in store when he counted to five

On the fifth day, Nana was blowing happy spit-bubbles at Shouta and making grabby hands for him- and he asked her what the hell had changed, but she didn't answer, choosing instead to suck on his jumpsuit and stare up at him with her big brown eyes. He would fucking die for this child. Tenko had also lost his shit, he'd snapped at Toshinori for seemingly nothing and the blonds crestfallen face made the boy burst into tears, sobbing out "sorry's" and nonsense until his uncle wiped his snotty little face clean with rag and took him to the bedroom for a much needed nap. Things seemed to run much smoother after all that. They fell into a routine, even went on walks, and it made them happy they had stuck it out. It was so worth it when the kids were sleeping and they were snuggled up together in their futon, whispering their doubts and worries, talking about the day, gushing about the funny thing Nana had done or what a smart boy Tenko was.

Their decision was very clear. They were going to be parents.