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Superbat Reunion

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(Up in the skies of National City Supergirl is up there doing her rounds as she's up there someone comes over her comm's.)
Mark: Supergirl.
Kara: Agent Buchanan.
Mark: Supergirl Agent Danvers just got call from detective Sawyer and she called in the help of everyone's favorite superhero.
(Alex is behind him trying to keep from laughing. )
Alex: Kiss ass.
Mark: I'm sorry your girlfriend does want her help does she not?
Maggie: Supergirl I need your help.
Kara: on my way detective.
(She flies off in their direction as she flies off she's laughing at her sister and her friend.)
Adam: Are they always like that?
Maggie: Yes.
Mark: Are not.
Alex: Yes he is.
(Mark looks at her.)
J'onn: Agent Buchanan Agent Danvers.
Mark/Alex: Sorry J'onn.
(Maggie and Adam are in their car laughing at them.)
Mark: It's your fault detectives.
Adam: Awe man. My wife is going to beat me.
Alex: Mark go meet them.
Mark: yes ma'am. Vasquez! Demos! With me.
Demos: Yes sir.
(They rush off to go join NCPD and Supergirl. Minutes later a couple of DEO SUV's arrive on scene. As they arrive Mark looks around the area as he's looking around he gets out and walks up to Maggie and Adam.)
Mark: Detectives.
Adam: Agent Buchanan.
Mark: What you got?
Maggie: Rape suspect.
Mark: What you need Supergirl for?
Maggie: He rapped someone you know.
(Mark looks at her.)
Mark: Who was it?
Maggie: Waverly Earp.
(He Puts his head down. )
Mark: Shit.
Susan: Who's the rape suspect?
Adam: Her ex boyfriend.
Mark: Champ!?
Adam: Yeah.
Mark: If either Wynonna or Nicole find out.
Susan: Deputy Haught and Wynonna would kill him.
Mark: Yup.
(Just then Supergirl comes over Mark's comm's.)
Kara: Hey guys.
Mark: What Is it Supergirl?
Kara: Some kind of breach just opened up in front of me.
Mark: What?
Maggie: Where?
Kara: Right in front of me.
(Just then someone tackles her sending her into the breach.)
Mark: Shit. Supergirl.
(Just as he's about to get to it. It closes up in front of him.)
Mark: Supergirl!
(He turns around to face hits friends.)
Mark: Alex is gonna kill us.
Adam: Where the hell did she go?
Mark: Good question.
(Over on Earth one the breach opens in Gotham City as it opens her and whoever tackled her fall out of it and he runs off down the street as he runs off she quickly gets her barrings and flies off to go after him after minutes of looking for him when she can't find him she lands in front of someone.)
Batwoman: Who are you?
Kara: I'm Supergirl.
Batwoman: Who?
Kara: You don't know who i am?
Batwoman: No. What you doing in Gotham City?
Kara: Uh well it's kind of hard to explain.
Batwoman: I have all night.
Kara: Well see um well i'm from Earth 38 some kind of breach opened in front of me and a suspect from the NCPD on my earth tackled me and well we both went into it and now i am here and on your earth and suddenly afraid for my life.
Batwoman: Okay um a breach brought you here?
Kara: Yes.
Batwoman: To Gotham City of all places.
Kara: I didn't say it made sense.
Batwoman: This suspect you're talking about?
Kara: Yeah.
Batwoman: Why would he jump into a breach taking you with him?
Kara: No idea. All i know is that my sister's girlfriend called for my help and when i got there he was no where to be seen.
Batwoman: So he opened a breach to this earth?
Kara: Like i said it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to be honest i don't really remember how Barry explained it.
Batwoman: Barry! Barry as in Barry Allen?
Kara: Yes. He lives in Central City.
Batwoman: You know the Flash?
Kara: I do.
Batwoman: Okay. Um You're right this really makes no sense.
Kara: He explaned earlier this year on my earth and well frankly i can't for the life of me remember.
Batwoman: Well no offence as good as you look in the suit i can't have Supergirl walking around like this.
Kara: Understood.
Batwoman: Come on.
Kara: Okay.
(She follows behind her to go back to where her office is. Back over on Earth 38 back over at the DEO.)
Alex: Okay can someone please explain to me how the hell you managed to lose a Superhero.
Mark: She said a breach had opened up in front of her.
Alex: Okay.
Mark: And by the time i could get to her and whoever tackled her the damn thing had closed up behind her.
Alex: So you guys lost my sister?
Mark: More along the lines of the NCPD lost your sister.
Adam: Hey.
Mark: I'm just saying.
Alex: Mark my sister is god knows where.
Mark: I know that.
Alex: And without knowing where that damn thing took them we have no superhero.
Mark: Well we do unfortunately have Guardian.
Alex: He's not Supergirl Mark.
Mark: I'm well aware of that. But we can't really relie on Clark when he's in Metropolis.
J'onn: Are right are right look getting onto each others cases isn't going to help us get Kara back.
Mark: Dose anyone have any idea how we can get her back or figure out where the hell that breach took her?
Winn: I've been trying to locate where the breach came from or well where it started.
Mark: Okay.
Winn: It came from Earth 1.
(They all look at him.)
Mark: Earth 1?
Winn: Yeah.
J'onn: Why do you look like you know that earth?
Mark: Barry Allen lives on that earth.
Alex: Know of anyway of getting a hold of him?
Mark: No. I mean the last time either me Winn James or Kara had ever seen Barry was while you and J'onn were on the run from Lane.
Alex: Lovely.
Mark: I'm sorry Alex i should of been paying attention.
Alex: It's no ones fault.
(He laughs at her.)
Mark: Yeah okay.
Maggie: But we do actually have to go and talk to Hardy's victim.
Mark: How she's in Purgatory and there's noway in hell her sister and her girlfriend are going to let two guys anywhere near her.
Alex: More a less two cops.
Maggie: So i'll go and talk to her on my own.
Mark: You sure?
Maggie: Yeah. This guy has to be caught if not find out if maybe he wasn't framed for this.
Mark: I don't know.
Maggie: What?
Mark: From what Nicole told me about what he said when he found out about them. It wouldn't really suprse me if he did it or not.
Maggie: You really don't like this guy do you?
Mark: He's the younger version of James Olsen only thing is James doesn't have a problem with gays.
(They start laughing at the joke then calm down.)
Alex: No offence babe but i don't want you going to Purgatory alone.
Mark: Me and Adam can go with her and she can go and talk to Waverly alone.
Adam: But you just said.
Mark: I can call Nicole right now and see if we can't have the meeting set up at her house. Because Wynonna won't let anyone near Waverly mainly a cop.
Alex: Um.
Mark: Yes we know she's dating one. But then again Nicole's different.
Alex: Okay.
Mark: She's more an likely to tell Maggie something that she hasn't told either Nicole or her sister.
Alex: Are right. Thank you.
Mark: You're welcome.
(Then they turn and walk out of the room. Back over on Earth one in Kate's office.)
Batwoman: I'll be a minute
Kara: Okay.
(She turns and walks off as Kara watches her walk off she looks away quickly making Kate laugh at her.)
Kara: I can hear you.
Batwoman: Damn.
(As she walks of Kara dose a real quick change and then looks around the room as Kate walks back into the room and sees her.)
Kate: Wow.
(Kara turns to look at her.)
Kara: Super speed.
Kate: I bet.
Kara: I'm sorry when i met you out on the street you were wow.
Kate: Kane Kate Kane.
Kara: Also known as Batwoman.
Kate: Yeah.
Kara: Kara Danvers.
Kate: Nice to meet you.
Kara: You too.
Kate: So you wanna try and explain to me why you're in Gotham?
Kara: Like i said i was on my earth helping the NCPD try and catch a rape suspect.
Kate: Okay.
Kara: And while trying to help them a breach opened up in front of me and i'm guessing by the time one of my friends could get to me it had closed up behind us and when it opened here he quickly got up and ran off.
Kate: He dose realize Gotham is the worst place to be in.
Kara: I guess he doesn't care. Or i don't even really think he knows we're no longer on our earth.
Kate: Well if he doesn't realize you two are no longer on your earth well then he's going to be in for one hell of a suprise if whoever he's running from sees him here.
Kara: Yeah.
Kate: Okay. Have any idea why this person is running other then him being a rape suspect.
Kara: He raped someone really close to a friend of mine on my earth.
Kate: Who was it?
Kara: Waverly Earp.
Kate: As in?
Kara: Yeah and i'm guessing you guys have the Earps on this earth?
Kate: We do. Is Wynonna as big of a bitch on your earth as she is on this one?
Kara: Yes.
(She starts laughing at her then calms down.)
Kate: And Nicole she as hot there as she is here?
Kara: She is. A lot Haughter to be honest.
Kate: Wow. Okay um i don't know how she'd feel about you making fun of her last name on this earth.
Kara: She wouldn't be the only one who hates it. The one on my earth hates it just as much.
Kate: Waverly she as sweet on your earth.
Kara: Given who her sister yes. Yes she is.
Kate: Huh. I'm gonna wanna meet your earth's version one day.
Kara: And i have a feeling i just might have to introduce you guys one day.
Kate: Looking forward to it.
Kara: In the meantime i know i don't really know you too well but um.
Kate: You want my help in finding this rape suspect?
Kara: Yeah.
Kate: Have a name?
Kara: Depends you got a Champ Hardy on this earth?
Kate: Yes.
Kara: Oh well then.
Kate: He got any tattoos?
Kara: Yeah.
Kate: Okay why don't you write down what the jerk looks like and i'll keep an eye out for him.
(She smiles at her and nods her head as Kate hands her a pad of paper and pen as she writes what Champ looks like. Once she finishes she hands it to her and she looks it over.)
Kara: I would really be very grateful if you could keep an eye out for him.
Kate: I will.
Kara: Okay. Um now i better get to Central city and talk to Barry so i can get home.
Kate: Okay.
Kara: It was really nice to meet you.
Kate: You too.
(She turns to leave but finds herself not wanting to.)
Kara: Are you hungry?
(She looks at her and laughs.)
Kate: Yes i am.
Kara: You wanna go grab something to eat?
Kate: Sure.
Kara: Do you know any good places here. Seeing as to how i'm a guest in your city.
Kate: I might know a place come on.
(She grabs up her coat and they leave the office to go get some food. Back over on Earth 38 on the way to the airport to fly out and see Waverly. In Mark's truck their driving as their driving Mark looks over at Maggie.)
Mark: You are right Mags?
Maggie: Yeah. It's just i can't even began to imagine what's going through her head right now.
Mark: I don't know either. I mean there's really a good chance she hasn't even told Nicole or Wynonna about this.
Maggie: And if she has?
Mark: Champ better pray we find him before they do.
Maggie: What if he went to Earth 1 with Kara.
Adam: You thinking he's the one who tackled her?
Maggie: He might off been.
Mark: Shit.
(He speeds the truck up as they continue. Back over on Earth 1 Kara and Kate are in the middle of eating as their talking she say's something that makes her laugh.)
Kara: Shut up.
Kate: What is it not true.
Kara: Yeah yeah.
Kate: Anyway. So how is it i have never heard of you?
Kara: Well i'm from a planet called Krypton and when i was thirteen years years old my parents put me into a pod to send me to Earth well my earth anyway. They wanted me to protect my cousin Kal-El Superman.
Kate: Okay.
Kara: Only thing is after they launched my pod it got knocked off course and i got put into Phantom Zone and i was there for twenty-four years and when i woke up my Pod landed on my earth only when i landed he was are ready grown up and are ready Superman.
Kate: Wow.
Kara: Yeah. He really didn't need protecting anymore so he took me to a family that he knew.
Kate: Let me guess.
Kara: Yeah The Danvers.
Kate: Wow.
Kara: Yeah. Uh Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers.
Kate: They have a child?
Kara: Alex!
Kate: You two get along?
Kara: No. In fact as kids we hated each other. We couldn't stand each other.
Kate: What about now?
Kara: Yes we are definitely close now.
Kate: How'd that happen?
Kara: I saved her life and we both have been inseparable since then.
Kate: Wow.
Kara: Yeah.
Kate: How'd you end up in Phantom Zone?
Kara: A piece of Krypton when it exploded a piece of it knocked my pod off course.
Kate: So you got knocked into this Phantom Zone but your cousin got through?
Kara: Yeah. Lucky him.
Kate: But at least when you finally landed you got a family out of the deal.
Kara: I did. Even if their daughter hated me when i first arrived.
Kate: I'm sure she wasn't that bad.
Kara: Wanna bet.
Kate: Sure.
Kara: She once in order to test out my ability's once had me stick my hand into a bees hive.
(Kate looks at her and starts laughing then clams down.)
Kate: Yup that definitely sounds like an older sister.
Kara: Yeah. I mean she was mean to me growing up. But she's one of my best friends and i don't know what i'd do if i ever lost her.
Kate: Hope you never have too.
Kara: Yeah.
Kate: So what made you come out as Supergirl?
Kara: My sister was on a plane bound for Geneva when her plane had engine troubles. I was actually in the middle of a date when the news came on.
Kate: Oh. Sorry.
Kara: No it's okay. Guy was kind of a prick.
Kate: Wow.
Kara: I know if Alex ever heard me say something like that she'd pick at me none stop for saying such words like that.
Kate: Sounds like you hit the big time when you Met Alex and her parents?
Kara: I did. Anyway. Yeah um i was on a date when the news broad cast came on saying that a flight bound for Geneva was having engine trouble i quickly got up and ran from the restaurant and quickly got ready to fly off to go save her plane.
Kate: And given by how you're talking about her you managed to do so?
Kara: I did. And shortly after i safely landed the plane in the water i was outed by my old boss as Supergirl.
Kate: Wow.
Kara: Yeah. Alex wasn't to happy with me.
Kate: I'm sure she wasn't.
Kara: But once everything finally cooled off i was actually able to talk to her freely about this and then not long after my outing myself as Supergirl to the world she met her girlfriend.
Kate: Uh-oh?
Kara: No she's nice funny caring she treats my sister with respect kind of an ass if you piss her off. But other then that very down to earth.
Kate: She sounds like a keeper.
Kara: I sure hope so. I have never seen Alex like this with anyone she had dated before Maggie.
(Kate looks at her not.)
Kate: Wait Maggie Sawyer.
Kara: Yeah.
Kate: Wow.
Kara: What?
Kate: I have an ex here on my earth who also has the name of Maggie.
Kara: Oh.
Kate: Yeah.
Kara: What happen if you don't mind me asking?
Kate: We dated for about Three years i mean we were serious i was even thinking about asking her to marry me. But then one day she just up and left me without giving me a reason why.
Kara: I'm sorry.
Kate: It's fine. It was two years ago.
Kara: Wow. Know whatever happen to her?
Kate: Nope. The last i heard she moved out of Gotham and moved to Metropolis.
Kara: Gees.
Kate: Yeah. Anyway.
(Just then someone rushes into the diner and over to them.)
Champ: Kara!
(She looks over at him.)
Kara: Champ!
Champ: I'm ready to go back to wherever the hell we came from.
Kara: Champ i take you back you're gonna get tried for raping your ex if her girlfriend and sister don't kill you first.
Champ: I didn't rape Waverly.
(They both look at him not sure of what to say.)
Kara: What?
Champ: It wasn't me.
Kara: Who was it?
Champ: I don't know. All i know is that i went to the Homestead to talk to Waverly and then all of sudden the backdoor to the house slammed open and they walked out of it.
Kara: You get a good look at the person?
Champ: All i saw was the back of their head.
Kate: Take him back i'll take care of the bill.
Kara: You sure?
Kate: Yeah.
Kara: Give me a minute.
(He nods his head at her as he stands off and looks around the room keeping an eye out for anyone looking for him.)
Kara: You ever wanna see me again just get in touch with Barry Allen and he'll help you get to me are right.
Kate: Okay. Thank you.
Kara: Anytime. Just let me know and i'll help you meet Team Earp on my earth.
Kate: Okay.
(She smiles at her as grabs him and walks out of the diner. As they walk out she looks around for anyone and they walk off towards an ally as they get there she turns and looks at him.)
Kara: What i'm about to show you doesn't leave this earth understood?
Champ: Yes.
(She goes a real change then grabs him as they take off towards Central city. Minutes later they land in Central City in one of the parks as they land Kara pulls her phone out and calls Barry who answers on the first ring.)
Barry: Kara!
Kara: Yeah hey Barry i need your help.
Barry: Yeah sure what's up?
Kara: I'm kind of on your earth and i need some help getting back.
Barry: Head over here to Star labs and i'll see if Cisco can't open a breach for you.
Kara: Are right.
(She hangs up with him and grabs Champ again and flies off towards Star Labs. Over on Earth 38. Up in the air Mark's looking around as Maggie looks at him.)
Maggie: You are right?
Mark: Yeah i'm just thinking.
Maggie: About?
Mark: What if Champ didn't really go after Waverly.
Maggie: If he didn't.
Mark: Then who the hell did and why pin the blame on the ex?
Maggie: Well given how he reacted to Nicole and Waverly.
Mark: True.
Maggie: You are right?
Mark: Yeah i'm just worried about her.
Maggie: Why?
Mark: Because when i talked to Nicole she said Waverly has been pushing people away since it happen.
Maggie: Gees.
Mark: Both her and Wynonna are really worried about her. Nicole has never seen her shut herself off like this.
Maggie: How long they been together?
Mark: Six months.
Maggie: Gees.
Mark: Mags she really loves her i can honestly say i don't know what will happen if we don't figure out who the hell did this to her.
Adam: We better figure out who did this.
Mark: And arrest the bastard before Wynonna gets her hands on him.
Maggie: Yup.
(Back over on earth one Kara walks into Star Labs with Champ right behind her as they walk out of the elevator she pushes him forward as Barry walks up to them.)
Barry: Hey.
Kara: Hey thanks again for coming to my aid.
Barry: Anytime. Whose this?
Kara: A suspect in Waverly Earp's rape on my earth.
Barry: Oh okay. Well then we really better get you back home before her sister on this earth comes looking for him.
Kara: Yeah.
Barry: Okay.
Cisco: You ready?
Kara: Yeah.
(He opens the breach and Champ looks at it.)
Champ: This is cool.
Kara: Yes it is now move.
(She pushes him towards it.)
Kara: If you guys ever need me.
Barry: We know where to find you.
Kara: Okay.
(She grabs Champ they walk off towards the breach as they walk in it closes behind them. Seconds later the breach opens again into the DEO as it opens Alex and the other's turn to see whose coming through as they step out of it it closes behind them.)
Kara: Vas you might wanna put him into a holding cell.
(She nods her head at her as she grabs him and they walk off towards the holding cells.)
Alex: Was it hard to catch up with him?
Kara: I lost track of him when he ran off and i tried to find him.
Alex: And?
Kara: And when i lost him i landed again and i came across Earth one's version of Batwoman.
Alex: You met their Earth's Batwoman?
Kara: Yeah. And she's very much like Batman.
(She looks at her and laughs.)
Alex: Anyway. What's wrong?
Kara: He say's he didn't do it.
Alex: So who did?
Kara: He doesn't know. He told me that he had gone to the Homestead to talk to Waverly only thing is when he got there someone had slammed open their backdoor and they walked out.
Alex: He didn't see their face?
Kara: No. He said they had their back to him.
Alex: Damn.
Kara: Where's?
Alex: On their way to talk to Waverly.
Kara: Okay.
Alex: So you met Earth one's Batwoman?
Kara: Yeah she's real hot to.
Alex: Oh my god.
(She walks off as Kara laughs at her and runs off with her. The following day in Purgatory Mark pulls up outside of Nicole's house as he gets there he stops the truck and puts it in park.)
Mark: Are right. Here we are.
Maggie: So she knew that we were coming right?
Mark: Yeah i told Nicole to make it more comfortable for Waverly i told her me her and Adam could be in the kitchen while she talks to you.
Maggie: What if she wants Nicole with her.
Mark: Well then me and Adam are going to the local watering hole around here.
Maggie: Okay.
(He looks at her and laughs as he shuts the truck off they all get out of it as they get out he grabs the key's and gets out of the truck once their out they close their doors once their closed he locks it up and they walk up to the house as their walking towards it Mark sees Dolls SUV and gets annoyed.)
Adam: What?
Mark: Deputy Marshall Dolls is here.
Maggie: If he's going to make this harder.
Mark: Nicole's here i'm sure she'll tell Dolls to back off if he gets to involved in the questioning.
Maggie: If he dose i want you and Adam around.
Mark: Okay.
(As they get to the door Mark knocks on the door and waits for someone to answer it. As their waiting Maggie gets a text from Alex.)
Mark: What?
Maggie: Kara's back and she brought Champ with her.
Mark: Okay for right now i think the safest place for him.
Maggie: Yup in the DEO holding area.
Mark: Yeah.
(Mark knocks again. Inside Nicole walks down the stairs and heads over to the door as she gets there she opens it to find them there.)
Mark: Why hello Officer Haughty.
(She looks at him and then walks off laughing at them as him and Adam let Maggie go first and clap hands. Then they drop them as they walk in and Mark closes the door.)
Maggie: Children.
(They start laughing then calm down.)
Mark: I'm sorry Nicole.
Nicole: It's fine. Waves baby Mark's here.
Waverly: Okay.
(Mark hearing how upset she is he looks at Maggie.)
Maggie: How she doing?
Nicole: As well as to be expected.
Mark: Nither one of us can imagine what's going through her head right now.
Nicole: Yeah she's completely shut herself off.
Mark: Has she said anything?
Nicole: No. And i'm trying not to force her to talk about it.
Mark: Well that's actually a really good idea.
Maggie: He's right.
Nicole: I know he is. It's just i really like her and seeing her going through is killing me.
Mark: We know.
(He nudges Maggie making her laugh at him.)
Maggie: Anyway. Nicole this is my partner Adam Parker.
Nicole: Hi.
Adam: Hi. We saw.
Nicole: Yeah he's in the kitchen.
Mark: He's not gonna be a problem for Maggie wanting to talk to Waverly is he?
Nicole: No. I've are ready told him this doesn't involve the BBD.
Mark: Technically it doesn't really involve the DEO.
Nicole: But yet here you are.
Mark: Yeah. I'm mostly here for support.
Nicole: Yeah she has a lot of that going around. Waves!
Waverly: I'm coming.
(As she reaches the stairs she walks down and sees them there.)
Waverly: Hi.
Mark: Hi. I'm not sure she'd be okay with a hug?
Waverly: I'm not.
Mark: Okay. I'll stay back here and do this.
(He smacks Adam's arm making her laugh as he looks at him.)
Adam: What?
Mark: It made her smile.
Adam: Mags.
Maggie: Stop beating on my partner Mark.
Mark: Well i'd kiss him but he's happily married.
Adam: So kiss her.
Mark: Her girlfriend would kill me.
Nicole: Yeah no.
Mark: See.
Maggie: Anyway.
Mark: Waves this is Detective Sawyer and her partner Adam Parker.
Waverly: Hi.
Mark: You mind if she asks you some questions about that day?
Waverly: Not at all.
Mark: You want Nicole in here with you?
Waverly: Please.
Nicole: Anything you want sweetheart.
(She walks over to her and hugs her as they walk over to the couch as Mark points Adam towards Nicole's kitchen as they walk off they sit down.)
Maggie: Are right i know this is going to be hard. But i was hoping you could tell me about that night.
Waverly: I was at home waiting for Wynonna to come home since Nicole was doing a late night.
Maggie: Okay.
Waverly: I was in the kitchen at the homestead when someone broke into the house and came after me.
Maggie: You see who it is?
Waverly: No.
Maggie: They get you from behind?
Waverly: No they were wearing a mask.
(She looks at Nicole who puts her head down and kisses her head then pulls away from it.)
Maggie: Okay what happen after that?
Waverly: They forced me against the counter and well.
Maggie: Hey hey it's okay. I'm not gonna force you to relive that night if you don't want to.
Waverly: I.
Nicole: Take your time baby.
(She nods her head at her. Then she continues to tell Maggie about the night she was attacked.)
Waverly: He forced me down onto the floor and.
Maggie: Hey you really don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
Waverly: I know it's just i feel like if i don't get it out it's going to be with me for the rest of my life.
Maggie: Hey one thing you gotta understand is that a lot of rape victims feel like this.
Waverly: You sound like you're talking from experience.
Mark: Not her.
(She turns and looks at him.)
Nicole: You?
Mark: No my mother and sister.
Waverly: What?
Mark: As you two know my mother and sister have DID.
Nicole: Yeah.
Mark: Well when she was a little girl her father use to abuse her sexually.
Waverly: Oh my god.
Mark: It had gottin so bad to the point to where she created two different personalty Well there's her normal personalty Vicki and then she's got Nikki and Joan.
Nicole: I remember you called her Nikki the hippie.
(Mark looks at her and laughs.)
Mark: Yeah. Um she still hates it when i call her that. Although my sisters find it funny.
Waverly: They ever arrest him?
Mark: Uh no.
Maggie: Why not?
Mark: Because my mother's father's name was Victor Lord Senior.
Maggie: So.
Mark: Llanview is very much unfortunately like Purgatory you don't dare go after the rich if you do you're more an likely going to get trouble later on.
Maggie: Oh.
Mark: So like i said no he was never caught and never sent to prison.
Nicole: Why didn't your mother ever turn him in?
Mark: Out fear i mean from the stories I've heard of the man he made Asa out to be a damn saint which by the way he was not.
(They start laughing then clam down.)
Mark: But then again later on in life right before my mother got pregnant with Jessica and Natalie she was raped again.
Waverly: By who?
Mark: Mitch Laurence. And not long after that happen she found out she was pregnant with my sisters and for the longest time we all thought Jessica was Mitches daughter and not my fathers.
Nicole: Gees.
Mark: Yeah. And just before she gave birth to them her alter ego came out and started causing trouble and not long after that she went into labor and well.
Nicole: What?
Mark: Natalie was stolen from the hospital.
Maggie: Gees.
Mark: Yeah um. We didn't even know she was pregnant with twins until Natalie showed back up fourteen years ago.
Waverly: Wow.
Mark: And to make things worse.
Waverly: What?
Mark: A year earlier Jessica had been raped i don't really remember the bastards name.
Nicole: Hey.
Mark: She even found out a month later that she was pregnant with the bastards child and about two three weeks before her due date she had a miscarriage.
Nicole: Wow.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway. Look like Maggie said she's not gonna force you to continue on with what happen to you that night. Maggie unlike some people isn't like that. You take your time and you tell her at your own pace.
(Waverly looks at him and nods her head as she grabs him and hugs him making him smile at her then she pulls away from him. He goes to get up to leave but she grabs his hand.)
Waverly: Please stay.
Mark: Yeah of course.
(He sits down next to them and listens as Waverly starts telling Maggie about what happen to her the night she was raped as she's telling her she's having flashes of that night and starts panicing but quickly settles down when she feels Nicole wrap her arm around her shoulder making her smile a little at her and she continues on with her side of the story once she finishes Maggie closes up her notepad and smiles at her as Mark stands up and walks off into the kitchen with her leaving Nicole and Waverly alone. In the kitchen.)
Maggie: Nice touch with the story on your mother and sister's experiences.
Mark: Yeah well i could tell she was struggling to get the words out and i know what it's like to live in the shadow of someone being a victim of rape. I saw the hell my sister went through after that bastard went after her.
Adam: Did anyone else ever find out?
Mark: She told Antonio and Nash.
Adam: Oh.
Mark: And believe me when they found out they wanted to go looking for the bastard and kill him themselves.
Maggie: Yeah i'm sure.
Mark: I just hope my mother and sister don't disown me for telling their stories.
(They start laughing then calm down.)
Maggie: Well i better call this into the captain.
Adam: Okay.
Maggie: Then we're gonna have to head back to National City.
Mark: Are right.
(She walks off as Mark turns and looks Dolls.)
Xavier: We're those stories lies?
Mark: I wish i could say that they were.
Xavier: Why?
Mark: Because my mother has told me as such and well Jessica her first child she miscarried while i was in the hospital after 9/11.
Xavier: Oh.
Mark: Yeah.
Xavier: Well people are always wanting to know where everyone was on that day.
Mark: I was smack dab in the middle of it.
Xavier: How?
Mark: I fell onto a piece of re bar sticking out of the floor in one of the offices i was in. I was getting ready to run out of the building when the wall fell in on me and pushed me down on top of a piece re bar.
Xavier: How bad was it?
Mark: Bad i mean not so bad that it made me lose one of my organs but. It was bad enough i was bed ridden for two months.
Xavier: Ouch.
Mark: Yeah i was in the New York hospital for two weeks and then was moved to Llanview general.
Xavier: Sounds like fun.
Mark: Yeah the male nurses were real cute.
(He walks off laughing. Just then Maggie walks in and heads over to Mark.)
Mark: Hey.
Maggie: Hey.
Mark: What's wrong?
Maggie: Alex questioned Champ.
Mark: And?
Maggie: He say's he didn't do it.
Adam: What?
Maggie: He said he was on his way to the Homestead to talk to Waverly to apologize for the way he acted at the party when he found out about them.
Mark: And?
Maggie: He said when he got there he heard someone slam open their back door and then saw him walk out of the house.
Adam: He see his face?
Maggie: No he said he had his back to him.
Mark: Okay so Champ isn't the one who went after Waverly.
Maggie: Yeah. Hey Nicole.
Nicole: Yeah.
Mark: Do you know if the hospital did a rape kit on her?
Nicole: Yeah. My ex wife Shae did it. Why?
Mark: Because it wasn't Champ who went after her.
Nicole: Who the hell was it?
Mark: We don't know.
Maggie: He said he had his back to him the whole time he was walking away from the house.
Nicole: Oh god.
Mark: Did you guys dust the house for finger prints?
Nicole: Dolls had Jeremy in there dusting the house for prints?
Mark: And?
Xavier: All of the finger prints were all of there's.
Mark: Which means her attacker wore gloves.
Maggie: Most likely.
Mark: I mean aside from Champ were there any other witnesses.
Nicole: No. I mean you've seen the homestead Mark it's out in the middle of nowhere.
Mark: So he could of continued to rape Waverly for as long as he wanted and there wouldn't be anyone to hear her for miles.
Nicole: Yeah.
Maggie: Did she get any DNA samples from the attacker?
Nicole: No she said it was probably because the bastard wore a condom.
Mark: Did Jeremy find a condom in the trash?
Xavier: No. Which leads us to believe.
Mark: He took it with him.
Adam: He could of been in the middle of getting ready to do it all over again when Champ pulled up to see her.
Mark: Yeah. But who would have enough motive to wanna frame Champ for her rape?
(Nicole looks back at her and then remembers someone and lightly smacks Mark's arm getting him to look at her.)
Mark: What?
Nicole: Tucker Gardner.
Mark: Mercedes and Beth Gardner's creepy little brother.
Nicole: Yeah. I mean Mark i saw his face the day Waverly told him that me and her are a couple.
Mark: I mean he's a good suspect but their gonna want more then just his crushes girlfriends word.
Nicole: I know.
Maggie: So what we do?
Mark: I have no idea i mean unless someones willing to go to their house and talk to the little bastard there's really nothing else we can do.
Nicole: I know. I just hate seeing her like this.
Mark: I know.
(He grabs his friend and hugs her making her smile at him then pulls away from her.)
Xavier: Mark!
Mark: Yeah.
Xavier: We have to get justice for her.
Mark: And we will. We just have to catch Tucker doing something illegal.
Nicole: Like filming outside of my house.
(He turns and looks out the window and they walk off towards the door as they get there he sees them coming and runs off which causes both Mark and Adam to chase after him as he's running. Mark grabs out his gun and points it at him.)
Mark: Tucker Gardner freeze or i'll shoot.
(He stops running and looks at them as Maggie walks towards him.)
Maggie: Come over here.
(He just looks at her and laughs as he goes to run off only to have Mark fire his gun off in the air making him stop.)
Mark: Gardner get your ass over here before i drag your ass over here.
(He looks at him and walks over to him as Maggie hands him her handcuff's as he gets to them.)
Mark: Down on your knees hands on your head and interlock your fingers.
(He just stands there.)
Mark: Either do it or i'll force your ass down.
Tucker: You can't talk to me like that.
Mark: And why not. Because your big sisters will get your creepy ass out of jail again. I highly doubt they will help you this time.
(He walks around him and puts the handcuffs on his wrist.)
Tucker: Wait what the hell are you doing?
Mark: Tucker Gardner you're under arrest for filming outside of Officer Haughts house.
Tucker: These charges won't stick.
Mark: Probably not. But then again i don't see Deputy Haught dropping the charges anytime soon. You have the right to remain silent You have the right to have attorney present during questioning anything you say can and will be used held against you in the court of law if you can't afford an attorney one will be prived to you by the justice department do you understand these rights that have just been given to you?
Tucker: Yes.
Mark: Okay good.
(Just then someone pulls up and he walks over to the cruiser and opens the door once it's open he sits him inside of it.)
Mark: Thanks for coming so quick Lonnie.
Lonnie: You bet. You read him his rights?
Mark: That i did.
(He nods his head at him as Mark shuts the door as he puts the car in park and gets out to go get Nicole's statement. Minutes later he walks back to his cruiser and gets in as he gets into the car once he's in he closes his door and puts his car in drive then heads back to the station.)
Maggie: How long until his sisters get him out?
Mark: After what he did to Waverly i highly doubt they'll be helping again anytime soon.
Maggie: You wanna bet on that?
Mark: No.
Maggie: Ah.
(She walks off as he laughs at her. After months of trying to find evidence against Tucker Gardner for the rape of Waverly Earp the Purgatory Sheriff's department found the proof they needed to officially charge him with the crime. He was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. A couple of years later over in National City over at the DEO Mark's in the work out room as someone walks into the room to see him. As their watching him beating on the punching bag he whistles at him getting Mark to turn around and look at him.)
Mark: What?
Winn: I just forget how sexy my boyfriend is when he's beating on a punching bag.
Mark: Is that so?
(He grabs him and kisses him making him smile in it then he pulls away from him.)
Winn: Hi.
Mark: Hi. How you doing?
Winn: I'm okay. I mean it's still a shock to know that the bastard is dead.
Mark: I know.
Winn: I mean when i saw that news board cast i didn't think it would bother me so much. I mean he was a great father up until he went nuts and killed all of those people.
Mark: I know i'm sorry honey.
Winn: He was my best friend growing up.
Mark: He was the father you always wanted.
(He looks at him and laughs.)
Winn: Yeah he was.
Mark: How are things with your mother?
(He looks at him and puts his head down.)
Mark: Now Winn Schott start talking.
Winn: Their great we're talking more and she wishes both Alex and Maggie the best.
Mark: You're mother seemed kind of.
Winn: Weird?
Mark: I wasn't going to say that.
Winn: Oh. What were you going to say.
Mark: She seemed like she really wanted to fix things with you guys.
Winn: She did and still dose. I gotta say i couldn't be happier that she's around again. I'm happy.
Mark: Awe Winn are you going to cry.
Winn: No.
(Mark gets him in the side making him laugh.)
Mark: Awe but come on baby you've got a cute laugh.
(He starts getting him in the side making him laugh more.)
Mark: Come on let me hear that cute laugh.
Winn: Stop it.
(He smacks Mark's arm making him laugh as he continues to pick on him Alex walks into the room laughing at them.)
Alex: Seriously.
Mark: What you pick at your wife all the time.
Alex: I do not.
(He looks at her and laughs as she smiles at him. After about year of dating Alex and Maggie got married and as of recently have added a member to their family in the form a cute little boy German shepherd puppy named Krypton. About a month or so after the world killers attacks J'onn retired from the DEO and promoted Alex to be the new director and she has promoted Mark as her deputy Director.)
Mark: Isn't she so much fun to pick on?
Winn: Leave me out of this.
Mark: Such a wuss.
(He runs off.)
Winn: Yes i am.
(As he runs out of the room they start laughing at him as he runs out he runs back in.)
Winn: Um you two better come see this.
Mark: What?
Winn: A brech just opened up in our control room.
(They both rush from the work out room and out into the command center as they get out there they see someone standing there all of the agents have their guns pointing at them.)
Winn: Oh my god.
Mark: What?
Winn: It's Batwoman.
(Mark looks at him and then to Alex.)
Mark: Wait! As in.
Alex: Can we help you?
(She turns and looks at them seeing who it is Mark rushes forward and just in time as she falls into him while holding her abdomen.)
Mark: Someone get a hold of Supergirl.
Winn: Okay.
(He rushes over to his station and gets a hold of Kara.)
Mark: Batwoman!
(She looks at him and he quickly puts his hands on her wound.)
Alex: I need a gurney we've got a stab wound to the abdoman.
Mark: Alex i can carry her up to Medbay.
Alex: Okay just becareful i have no idea what was used and how bad her wound is.
Mark: Okay.
(He picks her up and walks her up the stairs to their med bay as he gets up there and up to the Med bay he rushes her in and lies her down on the bed as group of doctors rush in to work on her as Mark walks out of the room he walks over to Alex.)
Alex: What the hell happen on that earth?
Mark: I wish i knew. Winn!
Winn: Yeah.
Mark: Get a hold of Barry Allen on Earth one.
Winn: On it.
Alex: I bet this isn't how Kara ever pictured seeing the woman she's had a crush on the last two years.
Mark: Yeah.
Alex: You are right?
Mark: Yeah.
Winn: Mark!
(He looks down at him and they walk down to the command center as they get there Mark looks at him.)
Mark: Barry Allen as we all live and breath.
Barry: Hey. What's going on?
Alex: We've got Batwoman on our earth and she has a pretty bad wound to her abdomen.
Barry: She are right?
Mark: She's lost a lot of blood but we believe or well hope she'll be fine and make it through this.
Barry: Damn.
Alex: What's going on over there Barry?
Barry: Us along with Oliver and Kate have been trying find to an escaped prisoner from you're earth.
Mark: What?
Barry: You guys didn't know?
Mark: No. Who is it?
Iris: Tucker Gardner.
(Mark looks at Alex who looks down annoyed.)
Mark: Winn get a hold of Nicole Haught right now.
(He quickly grabs up his phone to call her.)
Mark: Do you think he's come back to this one?
Barry: I wouldn't be surprised.
Mark: Can you guys come here and help us find the little bastard before he goes after Sheriff Haught's fiancee again.
Barry: You bet i'll go get Oliver.
Mark: Are right.
(He hangs up with him as he hangs up Winn hands Mark his phone.)
Mark: Nicole!
Nicole: Hey.
Mark: We've got a problem?
Nicole: What's that?
Mark: Nicole Tucker escaped.
Nicole: What?
Mark: He escaped and went to Barry and Oliver's earth.
Nicole: He still there?
Mark: No idea my best guess is that he could be on the way back here.
Nicole: Waverly!
Mark: Yeah i think it's best if you two come to National City.
Nicole: Okay i'll talk to Wynonna.
Mark: Are right be safe sheriff.
Nicole: I will be.
(Then she hangs up and rushes off towards Wynonna's desk.)
Wynonna: What's going on?
Nicole: I just got a call from Mark.
Wynonna: What's wrong?
Nicole: Tucker escaped and ran off to Earth one.
Wynonna: He still there?
Nicole: Mark doesn't think so in fact he believes he might be headed back here to get Waverly.
Wynonna: Grab her and i'll get Doc we'll head out to National City tonight.
(Nicole nods her head at her.)
Nicole: Jesse!
Jesse: Yeah.
Nicole: You're in charge until i come back.
Jesse: Yes Ma'am Sheriff Haught.
(She nods her head at him as she rushes out of the station. Back over in National City over at the DEO Kara flies into the DEO and lands next to Winn.)
Kara: Winn!
Winn: Hey.
Kara: what happen?
Winn: Your friend Kate came through the breach that opened here in the room and as she walked out Alex asked if we could help her Mark i guess knowing who it was rushed over to her as he got to her she collapsed into his arms which is where they saw she had a stab wound to her abdomen.
Kara: She was stabbed?
Winn: Yeah and it was pretty bad one.
Kara: Where is she?
Winn: They just took her into surgery.
(She nods her head at him.)
Alex: Supergirl!
(She turns and looks at her.)
Kara: Winn just told me.
Alex: I just talked to one of the nurses before they took her in.
Kara: How bad is it?
Alex: She lost a lot of blood.
Kara: I don't understand how the hell did it happen?
Alex: Maybe he can explain it better then i can.
(She turns and faces them. Seeing them she walks over to them.)
Kara: What the hell happen?
Barry: Okay one hi. And two we got word from saying that a breach had opened in the middle of Central city i went there to see who it was.
Kara: Who was it?
Barry: Tucker Gardner.
Kara: But he's been in prison for the last two years.
Barry: He escaped two days ago.
Kara: And we're just learning of this now.
Barry: The warden thinks he made some kind of device to help him get out of his cell in the middle of the night.
Kara: A device that helps us go from earth to earth?
Barry: Yeah. How he would of made it we have no idea all we know is that he showed up in Central city.
Kara: Which then?
Barry: I called in Oliver and Kate to help.
Kara: And?
Barry: We were in the middle of getting ready to go after him and have him rearrested.
Mark: Barry when?
Barry: About two hours ago our time.
Mark: Which would be an hour our time.
Alex: Yeah.
Barry: She was actually on her way into Star labs when he showed up he tried to get into the building she i guess tried to stop him.
Mark: And when she tried.
Barry: He stabbed her.
Mark: Shit.
Alex: He's just gone from rape to assault with a deadly weapon.
Mark: Yup.
Oliver: Only thing is if he's coming here.
Mark: He's going to be coming after Waverly.
Alex: I'm gonna go call Maggie.
Mark: Are right.
Kara: Do you two have any idea as to why he would of gone after Kate?
Oliver: No.
Mark: Well he could of gone after her thinking she was after Waverly.
Barry: But she's not.
Mark: Yeah but the thing is he wouldn't wanna see that. He'll go after anyone he sees as a threat or sees anyone trying to come between him and Waverly.
Oliver: Just how long has this freak had a thing for Waverly?
Mark: From what his sisters have said. He's had a big crush on Waverly since high school.
Oliver: So he went after Kate who doesn't even really know who Waverly is and well lives on another earth.
Mark: Hey the man is nuts no one said he made sense.
(They look at him and laugh.)
Alex: I just got off the phone with Maggie.
Mark: And?
Alex: They should be here soon.
Mark: Okay good.
(Minutes later Maggie and Adam arrive at the DEO and walk over to them.)
Maggie: Hey.
Mark: Hey.
Maggie: Alex told us what happen?
Mark: Tucker Gardner escaped prison and went to Earth one.
Adam: What?
Mark: He attacked a friend of Kara's.
Maggie: Oh god.
Mark: From what Barry and Oliver have told us Star labs had been notified about a breach opening up in the middle of Central city.
Maggie: Okay.
Barry: So i went to check it out and sure enough there was Gardner standing in the middle of the street looking around confused.
Adam: But how did he even end up there and how the hell did he manage to open up a breach?
Barry: We believe he made the same type of device that Cisco had given Kara in order to go and visit Kate whenever she wanted to.
Kara: She's hot okay.
(They start laughing at her.)
Mark: You mean haven't wanted to see her tattoo's.
(Maggie's trying to keep from laughing.)
Kara: Oh come on.
Adam: Am i missing something.
Kara: During one of my visits to see her we started talking and i brought up her tattoo's.
Mark: Yeah i believe her words were out of all of the corporate billionaires I know ware Versace and have five hundred fewer tattoos.
(Adam's looking at her trying to keep from laughing.)
Maggie: Oh boy.
Kara: Oh come on.
Oliver: What she say that?
Mark: And those are only the ones that you can see.
(They bust up laughing at her face.)
Mark: I swear Barry her face turned as red as her cape no wait as your suit.
(He's still laughing.)
Kara: Awe man.
Mark: But then again she did flirt with her again after the whole thing with Arkham Asylum.
Kara: Oh come on.
Barry: No.
Mark: Come on Kara.
Kara: I might of brought up how she had a lot of tattoo's.
Mark: Actually she said and i quote. You really do have a lot of tattoos.
(Their still laughing at her.)
Mark: And then she said. And somehow I feel that Kara Danvers doesn’t have a single one.
(Kara looks at him as the boys are laughing at her face.)
Mark: Her face is once again turning the same shade of red as her cape. James tell me you got that on camera.
James: I did actually.
Kara: Oh come on.
Mark: Now i know you said something to her. Don't make me repeat that line in front of your sisters and Adam.
Kara: I told her and if she's lucky someday she'd just might find out.
(They start laughing at her face. Barry and Oliver are laughing so hard they fall over onto the floor.)
Kara: You guys all suck.
(She walks off as they continue to laugh at her.)
Mark: Oh come on Kara we all know what it's like to have a crush on someone.
Kara: I do not.
(Their still laughing then calm down.)
Mark: I was talking about James and Clark.
(She stops and looks at him then starts laughing as she walks off down the hallway.)
James: Okay seriously.
Mark: Lucy told me.
James: Oh come on. Lucy!
(She looks at him and then quickly walks off down the hallway.)
Alex: You do realize she will get back at you for that.
Mark: I'm well aware of that. But i had to when it comes around to you Danvers girls it's easy to make you blush.
Alex: Is not.
Mark: Alex Maggie called you beautiful one day and your face turned twice the color as Kara's cape.
(She looks at him and then to her wife whose trying to keep from laughing.)
Alex: Yeah well i just might let it slip to Winn that you've had a crush on him since he met Kara at Catco when she first started.
Winn: Wait what?
(Mark looks at her as Barry and Oliver start laughing again.)
Mark: What the hell are you laughing at Queen Mr. I don't believe in Batman.
(Oliver stops laughing and looks at him.)
Oliver: Hey.
Maggie: Wait wait what?
Mark: Yeah Oliver here told both Kara and Barry that Batman was an urban legend made up by the Gotham police.
(Maggie's looking at him along with Alex.)
Alex: Wow.
Oliver: What? I'm the original vigilante.
James: Actually the original vigilante was Batman.
Mark: Oh that's nothing.
Alex: What?
Mark: Barry found the bat signal and he still didn't believe that he was real.
Oliver: He's not.
(He walks off as they start laughing again.)
Mark: Okay enough yoking around.
(They start laughing again then calm down as Mark's phone gose off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing who it is he answers it.)
Mark: You guys are right?
Nicole: Yeah we're fine. I was just calling to let you know we're on the way.
Mark: Are right. Drive as long as you guys can the longer you're on the move.
Nicole: I now the harder it will be for him to find us.
Mark: Yeah. And try to keep your phones off.
Nicole: Are right well i better go.
Mark: Are right bye.
Nicole: Bye.
(Then he hangs up with her as Alex walks over to him.)
Mark: Their on the way.
Alex: Mark what happens if he gets word that their headed here and tries to stop them from getting here.
Mark: We've got a couple of supers here who will help them here if we have to.
Alex: I wonder how Waverly took the news about him being out?
Mark: I have no idea. I didn't even bother to ask.
Alex: You are right?
Mark: Let's see one friend is having to come all the way to California all because her stalker and rappiest broke out of prison and is on his way here to get her and in trying to do so he nearly killed another friend of mine in order to try and get to her.
Alex: On another earth.
Mark: Yeah no one said Tucker was smart.
Alex: Well he was smart enough to make something that got him out of the prison and onto Earth one.
Mark: Yeah but the thing is.
Alex: What?
Mark: How the hell dose he make something like that and some how manage to keep it hidden from the guards?
Barry: More importantly how the hell dose he open something like that and no one hear it open?
Mark: He has a point it's not like prisons are sound proof.
Alex: Our's are.
Mark: Yeah but we have power dampeners in this building no one with powers in our cells is getting out unless they have help.
Alex: Huh.
Mark: So unless Tucker was able to get some money sent to him in prison i don't think he could bripe a guard to turn a blind eye to something opening in his cell.
Barry: How the hell are we going to find out who helped him.
Mark: Deepens on the prison he went to.
Alex: More and likely one in Canada.
Mark: Oh well then we're screwed.
(Barry looks at him and laughs.)
Alex: Mean.
Mark: Hey i remember when i first saw Kate.
Alex: And?
Mark: Dumb ass here asked her how she got them.
(She looks at him and laughs as Barry looks at him.)
Barry: What?
Alex: What she say?
Mark: She got em in prison. Of course he didn't believe her. Although it was still funny as hell seeing the look on his face.
Alex: You tell Nicole that joke?
Mark: I did.
Alex: And.
Mark: She was to busy yaughing to give a yuck.
(They start laughing then calm down as someone walks into the room.)
Mark: Why if it isn't Kara's favorite Luthor.
(She looks at him and laughs.)
Lena: I'm her only favorite Luthor thank you.
Mark: Oh well then. That must make you her favorite person from Earth one Barry.
(Barry looks at him and starts laughing.)
Mark: Oh no wait that's Kate Kane.
Lena: You mean her two year crush finally made it here.
Mark: Yeah. But not really in the shape she was hoping.
Lena: What happen?
Alex: She was stabbed.
Lena: Here.
Mark: No on their earth.
Alex: We're guessing she still had enough strength to get the breach open and make it here but.
Mark: Once she was here and saw me i managed to get to her before she collapsed to the floor.
Lena: How bad is it?
Mark: We don't know. All we know is that she had lost a lot of blood she's in surgery now?
Lena: How's Kara doing?
Alex: She's upset which is understand able.
(She nods her head at her.)
Mark: You know Lena.
(She looks at him.)
Lena: Yeah.
Mark: I've been trying to figure something out.
Lena: What's that?
Mar: How did you find out about Kara being?
Lena: She kind of let it slip one day when she was there interviewing me.
Alex: Slip how?
Lena: She said she had flown to my office on a bus.
(They start laughing then calm down.)
Mark: Oh wow. We've got Maggie who figures it out because well we all know the glasses and the pony tail don't work.
Alex: I know.
Mark: Actually Kara kind of told her.
Alex: What?
Mark: Okay she didn't really tell her. Kara still had her hair down when Kate walked back into her office.
Alex: What the hell? Are all of your friends smart Barry?
Barry: Some more then others.
Alex: Do the Earp's know?
Mark: No idea. I think Nicole dose. But don't take my word for it.
(She nods her head at him.)
Mark: You wanna see her?
Lena: I'm waiting for Sam.
Mark: Finally got the girl did aye?
Lena: I did. With much thanks to Kara.
Mark: Yeah. She's very good at giving advice.
Alex: But she's not so good taking her own.
Mark: Yeah. Hey Parker she's become close to you.
Adam: Yeah.
Mark: Maybe you should talk to her.
Adam: I just might. But right now she's worried about Kate.
Mark: We all are. Did you guys try to locate Bruce?
Barry: Yeah. Caitlin and Iris started looking for him once you guys told us.
Mark: Are right. I'm gonna go see if she's heard anything on Kate.
Alex: Okay.
(He gets up and walks off towards their medical wing.)
Lena: How's he doing?
Alex: He's fine. Why?
Lena: Just seems like he's taking this hard.
Alex: She's one of his friends and seeing her in here doesn't make him feel any better after what happen with Demos last year.
(She nods her head at her. Over in the medical wing Kara's sitting there thinking as Adam walks up to her sits down next to her.)
Adam: Hey.
Kara: Hi.
Adam: You realize their only teasing you right.
Kara: Yeah i know.
Adam: Anything?
Kara: No. Their still in there she must of been pretty bad if they haven't sent anyone out to talk to us.
Adam: She's gonna pull through this Kara.
Kara: I sure hope so.
(He looks at her and sees the look on her face.)
Adam: You must really like this one?
(She looks at him and laughs off the shock.)
Kara: Yes i do. And I've been really scared to tell her.
Adam: Why?
Kara: Because we live on different earths. Me living here on our earth and her living on Earth one.
Adam: You know Cisco made this device for a reason.
Kara: I know he did. It's just she's so busy trying to open her real estate development company.
Adam: Well if you ask me.
Kara: What?
Adam: That's kind of a crappy excuse not to tell her how you feel.
Kara: She's Batwoman.
Adam: Okay.
Kara: And i'm Supergirl.
Adam: And i still stand by what i said just before this.
(She looks at him and laughs.)
Kara: When'd you know you wanted to be with your wife?
Adam: As soon as i met her. I thought she was one the most gorgeous woman i had ever met.
Kara: And.
Adam: We become fast friends and then we got closer the closer we grew the more i thought i could have more with her so one day i asked her out and she said yes.
Kara: How long you two date for?
Adam: Three years. And then on that anniversary i asked her to marry me and well she once again said yes so.
(She starts laughing then calms down.)
Kara: She sounds like a lovely lady.
Adam: She is.
Kara: You two have any kids?
Adam: No. Well unless you count the dog.
Kara: You two have a dog?
Adam: Yeah we named him after your rival planet.
Kara: You didn't.
Adam: Of course not. We named him Colby.
Kara: Oh wow. So it's a little boy?
Adam: Yeah he's so cute to. But you put him up against Krypton then we have problems.
Kara: Yeah i could actually see it to.
Adam: So could i.
Kara: What's his breed?
Adam: He's a beagle.
Kara: Oh wow.
Adam: You'll have to come by sometime and see him.
Kara: I'd like that.
(Just then Mark walks up to them.)
Mark: Hey.
Kara: Hey. Adam was just telling me about his dog.
Mark: You and Laura have a dog?
Adam: We do.
Kara: He's a beagle.
Mark: Wow okay. Then.
Adam: You know I've been wanting to know something.
Kara: What?
Adam: How did you end up seeing Kate again?
(She looks at him and laughs.)
Kara: Well me Barry and Oliver ended up getting arrested.
Alex: What? You Kara Danvers get arrested.
Kara: To be fair it was Barry's fault.
Barry: Hey.
Mark: Anyway.
Kara: Right thank you.
(Flashback to two weeks earlier on Earth one in Gotham City Mark's leaning on the wall of the old Wayne enterprises building as he's leaning on it he sees an SUV pull up and he laughs at them as it stops and gets put into park the three people he's been waiting for get out as they get out he looks at them and laughs.)
Kara: Bruce Wayne got us out of Jail? That doesn't sound like him.
Oliver: No it wasn't. Wayne Left Gotham three years ago.
(They both look at him as Mark remains in the shadows laughing at them.)
Kara: Why? Where to?
Oliver: No one knows.
Barry: So who's manning the shop now?
(Oliver looks at him as Mark say's something getting them to turn and look at him.)
Mark: I know and i'm sure Kara will love to see who it is.
Barry: Who is it?
(He moves his hands towards the doors and telling them let's find out.)
Kara: Mark!
(She walks over to him and hugs him then pulls away from him as they walk up to the building and walk in as they walk in Mark look around the lobby.)
Mark: God i can't image why he left but it sucks that he did.
Oliver: Yeah. Apparently after he left most of his board of directors went to town with a bunch of aggressive get rich quick deals.
Mark: Sounds about right.
Oliver: You know people like this?
Mark: Unfortunately i do. And my dad dated the bitch.
Oliver: But of course.
Barry: Yeah, but an abandoned building didn’t bail us out. Right?
Mark: No it didn't. Oliver do us a favor and look up.
(Everyone looks up at whose standing on the walk way. Seeing her Kara smiles a little.)
Kara: Wow, that is definitely not Bruce Wayne.
Mark: No it is not.
Kara: Kate!
(He smiles at her making her blush a little.)
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: Oliver Queen!
(Barry looks at Oliver and then Mark who nudges him.)
Barry: Yeah yeah i'm Oliver Queen yeah. And you are?
Kate: The rain on your parade. If your visiting Gotham to compare grappling hooks with Batman your out of luck. No one’s seen him in years.
(Mark looks over at the real Oliver Queen and starts laughing as she walks off towards the stairs.)
Kara: She can be the rain on my parade.
(Mark looks at her trying to keep from laughing.)
Barry: I told ya.
Oliver: Myth.
Mark: I'm sorry what?
Kara: Oliver doesn't believe in Batman.
Mark: Dude what the hell's the matter with you?
Barry: I know right.
Oliver: What?
Mark: How the hell do you not know he's real?
Oliver: I.
(Just then Barry gets Mark's attention as he notices Kate coming down the stairs.)
Barry: I would never compare myself to a total bad ass like Batman.
(Mark puts his head down trying to keep from laughing at Oliver's face.)
Mark: Have they been like this the whole time?
(He looks at Kara who nods her head at him and he's still trying to keep from laughing as he looks at her.)
Mark: We get it Oliver Barry bad.
(Kara's standing next to them trying to keep from laughing.)
Kara: Can we be serious here?
Mark: Right sorry.
Kara: What I think, Oliver, is trying to say is, thank you for getting us out of jail.
(Kate looks at her seeing who it she smiles a little at her as Oliver says something to her getting her to look at him.)
Oliver: What Oliver is actually trying to say is, who are you and why are you helping us?
Kate: Gotham has enough problems without a guy in green leather showing off his arrows to everyone.
(Mark's standing next to Barry and Kara trying to keep from laughing. As Oliver turns and walks off annoyed.)
Kate: So the faster you find what you're looking the faster you can get the hell out of my city.
(Mark looks over at Barry and Oliver still trying to keep from laughing as Kara smacks him making him look at her.)
Kara: So what should we call you Rain Ms. Parade?
(Mark looks at her and then to Kate whose trying to keep from smiling at her.)
Kate: Kane Kate Kane.
(Then she turns and walks off towards the elevators as Mark starts laughing at Kara's face.)
Mark: Wow.
Kara: It's shock shut up.
Mark: Oh i believe it.
Oliver: Kara!
Kara: What she's cool.
Mark: And hot.
(She pushes him forward making Barry and Oliver laugh at them. As they get onto the elevator Mark pay's Kate twenty bucks and she starts laughing at Kara's face getting her to turn and look at them.)
Kara: What?
Mark: Oh nothing.
(End of flashback. Their all laughing at Kara's face again as she finishes telling them about how she saw Kate again.)
Adam: What was with the twenty dollars you gave her?
Mark: I bet her twenty bucks that Kara wouldn't make it look like she knew her.
Adam: Ah.
Kara: And i did.
Mark: You did very well actually.
Alex: So you want her to rain on your parade.
Kara: Yes.
(They start laughing again then calm down.)
Alex: You two must said something else while in the elevator?
Mark: You wanna know the real reason why she paid your guys bail?
(Kara looks at him and nods her head at him.)
Mark: Kara she knew you were in Gotham.
Kara: What?
Mark: Kate knew you three were in Gotham and it had nothing to do with the police there.
Kara: So how did she know?
(He shows her the extrapolator in his hand.)
Barry: How?
Mark: Winn made me one after the whole thing with Earth X last year.
Barry: Oh.
Mark: And when Alex called and told me that Kara had once again disappeared to go and help you and Oliver on your earth i thought i'd head to Gotham and get Kate up to speed on you three.
Barry: So she knew.
Mark: Yes she knew that you were Barry and he was Oliver.
Oliver: Why didn't she say anything.
Mark: To be honest she didn't really wanna say anything.
Kara: So she.
Mark: Kara when she found out that you three were in Gotham i'll be honest she was a little pissed off knowing that the Green Arrow was in Gotham City and Barry as Oliver trying to start a fight with a cop.
Barry: I was just doing what he would done.
Mark: And it nearly got you killed.
(He nods his head at him.)
Kara: I uh i uh have to go excuse me.
(She gets up and quickly walks off.)
Mark: Kara!
(He gets up and goes after her leaving everyone there in shock.)
Alex: Well.
Adam: She must really have it bad for her?
Oliver: I guess more then any of us ever thought.
Alex: I haven't seen her like this since she got to earth.
Maggie: What happen?
Alex: Uh well after she got here i mean i told you i wasn't the greatest sister when she first arrived and i just got worse when our dad died.
Maggie: Hey.
Alex: I know. But compared to losing him is different to what she feels for Kate. I mean i haven't seen her face light up like that since James.
(They all look at her and then down the hallway.)
Maggie: I guess meeting her kind of.
Alex: Threw her crush on him out the window.
Barry: Think she'll be okay?
Alex: Yeah Mark's with her so.
(They nod their heads at her. Over by command center Winn points him towards the balcony where he sees her.)
Mark: Thanks baby.
Winn: Anytime.
(Mark kisses him then pulls away from him as he walks off towards the balcony to go check on his friend. As he gets there he walks up next to her and leans on the wall looking out towards the city.)
Kara: I didn't know that was the reason why she bailed us out. She told us that it was because of Oliver being in Gotham City.
Mark: Look i know how you feel about her Kara and it's really no surprise that you were over the moon when you saw her in Wayne tower that night.
(She smiles at him.)
Kara: There's just something about her that i can't seem to get out of my mind.
Mark: Like?
Kara: I can't really put my finger on it. All i know is that whenever i think about her i can't help but smile. I mean Rao Lena's noticed.
Mark: Yeah Lena might be a Luther but a dumb ass she is not.
(She starts laughing at him then calms down.)
Kara: Mark i really like her and i'm so damn scared of what will happen if i tell her.
Mark: She's not gonna force you to tell her Kara. Besides i saw the way she looked at you in Gotham.
(She looks at him.)
Kara: Yeah.
Mark: Yeah. Although she won't say it until you're ready to say something to her.
Kara: Okay.
Mark: You want some sound advice?
Kara: Sure.
Mark: When you figure out when you wanna be with her.
Kara: Yeah.
Mark: Don't let the moment slip away from you because you never know when the next time will come around.
(She looks at him and nods her head at him as he turns and walks off to go see there are any updates on Kate's surgery. A couple of hours later Kate's out of surgery and in a room sleeping after her surgery as she's sleeping Mark walks by the room and sees Kara in there with her with her head on her arm with her hand in hers as she's lying there Mark snaps picture of them and smiles as he walks off down the hallway to go see Alex. As he gets to her office he knocks on the door.)
Alex: Come in.
(He opens the door and walks into the room as he walks in he closes the door behind him once it's closed he walks towards her desk and sits down in the chair next to her desk.)
Alex: What's up?
Mark: Just seeing how much pain Kara's in due to Kate's injury.
Alex: She really that into her?
Mark: She is. Alex i saw her face light up when she saw her again in Gotham.
Alex: Did Oliver and Barry know why?
Mark: They were to focused on Kate to really notice the smile on Kara's face.
Alex: Yeah i was telling Maggie and the other's that i haven't seen Kara this way about anyone since.
Mark: James!
Alex: Yeah. I some how get the feeling Kate's her gay awaking.
Mark: Why not Maggie was yours.
Alex: And i don't regret that one bit.
Mark: Well that's great to hear. So how are things with you two?
Alex: Good. I mean it still hurts to know she doesn't want kids. But in the end it was worth the letting the idea of wanting kids go.
Mark: She's worth it.
Alex: In very sense of the word.
Mark: Yeah well.
Alex: You are right?
Mark: Yeah i'm fine. It's just seeing that look on Kara's face when i told her about the real reason that Kate paid for their bail.
Alex: And the funny thing of it all is it didn't involve the boys.
Mark: No it didn't. I mean she was pissed about Oliver being in Gotham i mean i knew she would be.
(She nods her head at him.)
Alex: So how did she take it?
Mark: You really wanna now?
Alex: Yes.
Mark: Are right.
(Flashback to two weeks ago on Earth one in Gotham City. Outside of the old Wayne Enterprises building a breach opens and Mark walks out of it and looks around the area.)
Mark: Huh.
(He looks up at the building and walks in as he walks in he looks around the lobby as someone walks up to the railing and looks down at him.)
Kate: Can i help you?
Mark: Yeah hi. Um Are you Kate Kane?
Kate: I am.
Mark: You got a minute?
(She nods her head at him as she walks off towards the stairs as she gets there she walks down them as she reaches the lobby she walks over to him.)
Kate: What can i do for you?
Mark: First of all i'm a friend of Kara Danvers.
(She looks at him and laughs as she remembers the name.)
Kate: Okay. You got a name?
Mark: Mark Buchanan.
(He puts his hand out for her to shake she takes it and shakes it.)
Kate: What can i do for you?
Mark: Well as it turns out. She's here on Earth One.
(She looks at him and laughs.)
Kate: Really?
Mark: Yeah apparently something happen to The Arrow and The Flash.
Kate: How's that?
Mark: I'm not so sure how i can explain this since i don't really understand it myself.
Kate: Try your best.
Mark: Okay um. Right now Oliver Queen is the Flash.
(She looks at him trying to keep from laughing.)
Kate: Okay.
Mark: And Barry Allen is the Arrow.
Kate: Okay wow. Um that that is a lot take to take in um. So explain to me how Kara is on this Earth again?
Mark: Oliver and Barry went to our Earth to get her and ask her for her help.
(She starts laughing then calms down as he looks at her.)
Kate: Okay.
Mark: I still haven't figured out how they switched bodies. That still has me confessed.
Kate: You and me both.
(He laughs at her.)
Mark: I can honestly see why Kara likes you so much.
Kate: She talks about me?
Mark: Non-stop she drives both her sister and sister in law crazy.
Kate: So the sister got married.
Mark: She did. To a very nice short lady.
Kate: Wow.
Mark: Yeah if you were ever meet our earths Maggie never tell her i said that.
Kate: I'll put the blame on Oliver.
Mark: Oh can i be there when you do?
(They start laughing then calm down.)
Mark: Anyway.
(Just then his phone goes off he grabs it out and looks at it seeing what it say's he looks around the room.)
Mark: Of course they are.
Kate: What?
Mark: Barry Oliver and Kara are here in Gotham.
Kate: Where?
Mark: Their down at the GCPD precinct. Damn it Barry.
Kate: The Green Arrows here?
Mark: Yes.
Kate: Okay um i gotta go do something. Do me favor and wait for them outside when they arrive.
Mark: Okay.
Kate: Are right. Just to let you know.
Mark: What?
Kate: I'm only doing this for Kara.
Mark: I can understand that. You like her don't you?
Kate: Yes i do.
(Then she turns and walks off to go make a call as he turns and walks out of the building as he walks out he leans on the wall. End of flashback.)
Alex: Wow.
Mark: Alex she was beyond pissed when she found out that Oliver was there.
Alex: I guess there's bad blood between him and Batman.
Mark: No just with the GCPD.
Alex: Ouch.
Mark: Yeah.
Alex: But she.
Mark: She said she felt the same way about Kara it's just you know how some people can be.
Alex: I know. With what they do.
Mark: Their two scared to say how they feel about someone.
Alex: Or Maggie's case with me. I'm fresh off the boat and that she shouldn't get with me.
Mark: She just wanted you to experience your new found sexuality before she went that far.
Alex: Yeah i know.
Mark: But she loves you that's for sure.
Alex: She does and i love her more and more everyday.
Mark: You two are such saps.
(She throws her pen at him making him laugh at her.)
Alex: Shut up. We're happy.
Mark: And it shows every time either of you walk into a room.
Alex: I know.
(Just then someone knocks on the door.)
Alex: Come in.
(The door opens and Oliver walks into the room.)
Oliver: Hey.
Alex: Hey.
Oliver: Barry told me to come find you guys.
Mark: What's up?
Oliver: Barry just heard back from Iris.
Mark: And?
Oliver: They still haven't been able to locate Bruce.
Mark: He's gotta be there somewhere. You can't just disappear off of the face of the damn earth.
Alex: You can drop off the radar just by only using cash and not your credit cards.
Mark: So when Bruce and Batman left Gotham City he pretty much left it in Kate's hands.
Alex: Pretty much.
Mark: Huh. Gee what the hell would we do if we ever lost Supergirl and Kara.
Alex: We'd manage like we had before she came out as Supergirl.
Mark: Much your mother's dismay.
Alex: Yeah. But i was just as mad at her when i found it was her who saved mine and Maggie's plane.
Mark: Well you guys could of waited for Clark but not even the man of steel couldn't of gotten to the plane fast enough to stop it from crashing.
(She looks at him not sure of what to say as Oliver walks out of the office laughing.)
Oliver: It's seriously a wonder how she has not killed you yet.
Mark: 2018 is still young.
(He walks out laughing at him.)
Alex: Get out of my office you jerk.
Mark: Okay. But i wanted to show you something first.
(He grabs out his phone and pulls up the picture of Kara and Kate once he has it up he shows it to her. Seeing it she looks up at him and feels bad for her sister.)
Alex: I can't began to imagine what's going through her head with Kate being like this.
Mark: Waverly has had to go through the something believe me.
Alex: Nicole!
Mark: Bit by one the widows last year.
Alex: Yikk's.
Mark: Yeah. But she's alive and well and trying her best everyday not to kill Wynonna.
(She starts laughing then calms down as he grabs his phone from her and walks out of the office as he walks out he sees Maggie and smiles at her.)
Maggie: How's Kara?
Mark: I have a feeling if we don't find Tucker soon she'll go looking for him on her own and given how we have no idea how he even managed to get out of a prison without anyone noticing.
Maggie: Yeah I've been thinking about that.
Mark: And?
Maggie: There's only one person we of that could help someone like Tucker Gardner out of prison and i don't mean Bobo Del Ray.
Mark: Lena's mother?
Maggie: Yeah. I mean her and Lex might hate Aliens but then again.
Mark: No Lena said their to thrilled with the fact that she's gay so.
Maggie: Well then.
Mark: Well the whole Lillian and Lex Luthor theory doesn't seem to bad.
Maggie: Yeah but the thing is.
Mark: We have no proof.
Maggie: No we don't.
Mark: There's always one way to get it.
(He points back towards the command center and they walk over to Winn. As they get there he walks up to him taps his shoulder.)
Winn: Hey what's up?
Mark: There away you can try and get the video footage from the night Tucker escaped prison?
Winn: I can try. I mean it'll take time but i'll see what i can do.
Mark: What if you had help?
(He looks at him and then turns to face Lena.)
Winn: Hey Lena.
(She turns and looks at him.)
Lena: Yeah.
Winn: Wanna help me figure out who helped Tucker escape prison?
Lena: Yeah.
Mark: Are right. Just keep this on the down low we don't want general Alien hater to find out.
Winn: Will do.
(He stands up and walks off to go see Kate. For the pas couple of days Winn and Lena have been trying to break into the Ottawa prison video footage of the day Tucker Garder escaped. But they haven't come up with anything. Over at the DEO in Mark's office he's sitting down at his desk looking through his files as someone knocks on the door.)
Mark: Come in.
(The door opens and Maggie walks in.)
Mark: Lieutenant Sawyer.
(She looks at him and laughs.)
Maggie: Shut up.
Mark: What's up?
Maggie: Lena and Winn have been going through the video footage for the past couple of days and.
Mark: They still haven't found anything?
Maggie: No. It's almost like Tucker was in one of the camera's blind spots.
Mark: Yeah well unfortunately with prisons with them being so big.
Maggie: I know. They have a lot of them.
Mark: They do.
Maggie: Anything new on Kate?
Mark: No. And she's really starting to worry Kara along with Barry and Oliver.
Maggie: Anything on her cousin?
Mark: No Caitlin and Iris have been trying to locate him the past a couple of days on their earth. But still nothing.
Maggie: I don't get it. Someone just doesn't disappear without a reason.
Mark: Yeah well when we have no idea about why he even left Gotham in the first place. That will be one question we'll have answered.
(Just then Winn rushes into Mark's office getting him to look up at him.)
Mark: Winn!
Winn: Me and Lena got something you two should see.
(They both walk out of the office as they walk out he closes the door and then walks off towards the command Center as they get there they walk up to Alex.)
Mark: What's going on?
Alex: I don't know.
Winn: Okay so as you guys know we've been going through the video footage from the prison in Ottawa.
Mark: Okay.
Lena: Over the past couple of hours we've been watching this one camera in the corner of where i'm guessing Tuckers cell is.
Mark: Yeah okay.
Lena: Watch this side of the camera.
(They all look at the screens as their looking Mark sees something glowing in the corner of it and grabs the tablet from her and rewinds the video a little as he sees what he thinks he sees he laughs at them.)
Alex: What's wrong?
Mark: Tucker didn't need the extraplator.
Oliver: What?
Mark: He didn't need it someone opens the breach right in his cell. See watch.
(He pulls it up on another camera angle and they see it.)
Barry: Who the hell would open a breach in prison?
Mark: Someone who wanted to Tucker out of prison and to earth one.
Barry: So he was after someone.
Mark: Yeah he was. But the thing is.
Barry: What?
Mark: You said that when you saw Tucker he looked confused.
Barry: Yeah almost like it wasn't Central City he was to wind up in.
Mark: Maybe his target was someone else.
Oliver: Who?
Mark: She's lying in our medical Wing. He's not after Waverly. I mean she's an added bonus but Kate was the target.
Alex: If she's the target.
Mark: And if Tucker finds out she's still alive on our earth?
Kara: He could come after her again.
Mark: More an likely. I wanna know which guard at this prison was suppost to be on patrol of this cell block.
Winn: Okay.
(He starts looking into the prison guards as Mark looks at Kara who looks worried about Kate.)
Mark: Hey.
Kara: That Guard should of been keeping an eye on that cell block not sitting around doing nothing while that nutcase got out.
Mark: Oh i completely agree.
(Just then Mark's phone goes off he reaches behind him and grabs it out once he has it he looks at the number and answers it.)
Mark: Buchanan!
Agent: Yeah Agent Buchanan we've got some people down here asking for you.
Mark: They give you a name?
Agent: Earp!
Mark: I'll be right down.
Agent: Yes sir.
(He hangs up with him and walks off to go downstairs to the lobby. Minutes later Mark walks out of the elevator and over to them.)
Mark: Anders?
Anders: Their right there.
Mark: Are right.
(He walks off to go talk to them.)
Mark: Hey.
Nicole: Hey.
Mark: You guys made it here okay?
Nicole: Yeah. How's?
Mark: She's fine. At least for now.
Wynonna: What you mean?
Mark: I mean Tucker had help getting out of prison in the form of a breach opening right in his cell.
Xavier: And no one noticed this.
Mark: Winn's upstairs trying to find the list of guards who were duty the night he escaped. But Director Danvers has made one little change to you guys being here.
Nicole: What?
Mark: You and Waverly aren't to leave this building until Tuckers been caught and arrested.
Waverly: What about what it said?
Mark: As far as Director Danvers believes General Lane doesn't get a say in who stay's here under our protection. If the general had it his way this place would be filled with Alien hating Zombies.
(They start laughing at the joke along with the agent behind Mark at the desk.)
Mark: You guys ready?
Nicole: Yeah.
Mark: Got your bags?
Nicole: Yup.
Mark: Are right. Let's go.
(They all head for the elevator as they get there Mark pushes for it to come and get them as he pushes the button he looks at Nicole.)
Mark: You are right?
Nicole: Just hoping that nutcase doesn't find out we're here.
Mark: Yeah well unless we have a mole in this place i highly doubt it.
Xavier: We had one in the BBD.
Mark: Jeremy doesn't count.
Doc: He was talking about you Mark.
Mark: Yes i know he was. But i was planted in there by the DEO.
Waverly: You used my fiancee as an informant.
Mark: Yes but if it hadn't of been for the DEO you never would of gotten together with Nicole and you know it.
(She looks at him as Nicole's trying to keep from laughing.)
Waverly: Babe you're not helping.
Nicole: I'm sorry.
(She smacks Mark in the head making him look at her.)
Mark: Hey.
Nicole: What?
Mark: Man you're mean.
(As he's laughing at her the doors open and they all walk on bags in hand as they walk on he pushes the thirty-eighth floor as he puts in for it he puts his in his code once it's been put in the doors close and they start going up to the floor the DEO's on.)
Robin: Quick question.
Mark: Okay.
Robin: What's it like working here?
Mark: It has it's up and down's.
Robin: Okay.
Mark: I can't tell you a whole lot that goes on here sorry.
Robin: Nope just wondering.
Mark: Okay good. So what's it like living in Purgatory Revenant free.
Wynonna: Great.
Mark: But at least you guys were able to keep Waverly so that's a plus.
Wynonna: Yeah we did.
(She kisses her sisters head making her smile at her then she pulls away from it as Nicole grabs her and holds her making her smile at her.)
Jeremy: What's it like working with people like Supergirl?
(Mark looks at him and laughs.)
Mark: Fine. She's as nice as can be.
Jeremy: Really?
Mark: Yeah. Just try not to piss her off.
(He looks pointedly at Wynonna making everyone else laugh at her.)
Wynonna: I did it once.
Mark: You hit her on ex.
Wynonna: She was cute.
Mark: Yeah her ex is a guy and no longer on earth.
Wynonna: Oh. But he was still cute.
Robin: Is Director Danvers hot by any chance?
Mark: She is and happily married.
Robin: Got it. So Dolls play nice.
(He looks at him as Mark and Wynonna start laughing at his face.)
Xavier: It's the same thing with her. I did it once.
Mark: Right in front of her wife and it was at their wedding reception.
Xavier: How drunk was i?
Mark: Enough to where you almost went home with a potted plant.
(He puts his head down making them laugh at him.)
Nicole: Wow i didn't know you did plants Dolls.
(He looks at her as they continue to laugh at him then calm down as the elevator reaches their floor as they reach the thirty-eighth floor the doors open and they all walk off of it and head over towards Command center.)
Mark: Are right before we get there.
Nicole: What's up?
Mark: We've got two or well three other guests here from Earth one. Which means whatever you guys see in this building dosen't leave it understood.
Nicole: Yeah. It's not so much you gotta worry about secrets getting out.
Mark: Yeah i was talking about Jeremy and Robin.
Jeremy/Robin: Hey.
Mark: How long after you met Supergirl did it take for you to start looking into her?
Jeremy: Point taken.
Mark: She has a secret identity for a reason Jeremy remember that.
(He nods his head at him as they continue on into the room. As they get there Mark sees Alex there.)
Mark: Director Danvers.
(She turns and looks at them.)
Alex: Hey.
Mark: Hey. I believe you remember them.
Alex: I do. And thank you for coming down so fast.
Xavier: Anything to keep Waverly and Nicole safe.
(She looks at him and nods her head at him.)
Mark: Anything?
Alex: Winn just got list from the warden and nothing's popped yet.
Mark: Are right.
Winn: Hey Mark Alex we've got something.
Mark: Okay just a second. Hey Vas can you show them down to my quarters.
Susan: Sure thing. Right this way.
(They follow after her as he watches them leave he looks at Alex.)
Alex: You are right?
Mark: Their my friends Alex i hate having to keep them here just keep Tucker at bay.
Alex: I know that but i mean't because of.
Mark: It's really not that.
Alex: What?
Mark: I have really never seen Nicole like that. I mean she's one of my many best friends but she's like the sisters i are ready have sometimes wish i could trade in.
(She looks at him and laughs.)
Alex: Okay then.
Mark: But don't ever tell her i said that.
Alex: Why not?
Mark: She might sick Fiancee on me.
(She starts laughing at him as they walk over to Winn.)
Mark: What you guys got?
(As They walk over to them and hands Mark the tablet once he has it he looks at it to see the name looking at the name Mark looks up at Alex.)
Mark: Alex i know this name.
Alex: How?
(He rushes off to Office real fast to grab something from his desk. Minutes later he comes back with the paper he was looking at before Maggie walked into his office.)
Alex: What's up?
Mark: He's one of the agents J'onn turned away when he found out we were going harmless bullet's in our guns.
(She looks it over.)
Alex: Ben Williams top of his class out at the desert Base.
Mark: Yeah. He came highly recommended by Lucy before he finished his training.
Alex: But then he was quickly let go when he refused to go along with the new policy.
Mark: Yeah.
Alex: But why go from this to working at a prison?
Mark: I have no idea. But if he was the guard in charge of patrolling that cell block and turned a blind out to someone escaping on his watch.
Alex: Or he didn't really turn a blind eye.
Mark: You thinking he was knocked unconscious.
Alex: Yeah i am.
Mark: Damn.
Alex: Yeah.
(Over the course of the day they continue to look into who helped Tucker escape from prison as they continue to look Kara continues to remain glued to Kate's side as she remains in her coma due to her injury. In Kate's Room Kara's sitting down in chair waiting for her to wake up. As she's sitting there she feels Kate's hand move in hers she quickly sits up and then stands once she's standing she leans over her.)
Kara: Kate!?
(She starts opening her eyes but quickly Closes them when the light hurts them. )
Kara: Kate can you open your eyes for me?
(Kate opens her eyes and looks beside her to see Kara standing next to her bed. Seeing her Kate starts smiling. )
Kate: Kara!
Kara: Hey you.
(She keeps a hold of her hand. )
Kate: Hey.
Kara: I'm so happy you're awake.
Kate: So am i.
Kara: Why's that?
Kate: I get to look into the eyes of the most beautiful woman I've ever met.
(Kara starts blushing at the compliment.)
Kara: Stop it.
Kate: What it's true.
Kara: Well I'm glad you think so.
Kate: I don't think. I know.
(Kara looks at her and smiles.)
Kara: So are you.
Kate: I know.
(She starts laughing then calms down as she looks at her.)
Kara: I'll be right back okay.
Kate: Where you going?
Kara: To get a doctor to let them know that you are awake.
Kate: Where am I?
Kara: My earth.
(She looks at her a little confused then remembers why she opened the breach in the first place.)
Kate: Waverly!
Kara: She's safe and here with her fiancee along with her sister.
Kate: Tucker!
Kara: What about him?
Kate: He threatened to kill Nicole.
Kara: Oh God. I gotta go find my sister and tell her.
Kate: okay.
(She lets go of her hand and rushes out of the room and down towards Alex's office. As she gets there she rushes in without knocking getting her to look up at her.)
Alex: Kara!?
Kara: Kate's awake.
Alex: Well that's great to hear.
Kara: It is.
Alex: What's wrong?
Kara: She said Tucker threatened to kill Nicole.
(Alex looks at her in shock. )
Alex: When?
Kara: I'm guessing before he stabbed her.
Alex: I gotta call Maggie and tell her.
Kara: Okay I'm gonna head back to Kate's room.
Alex: Okay.
(She turns and walks out of the office to go back and see Kate again. As she's walking out she hears Alex talking with Maggie about what she told her. Over by her room Kara walks back over to it and walks in to see her still awake and looking around the room.)
Kara: You okay?
Kate: Just trying to wrap my head around all of this.
(Kara laughs at her as she walks back into the room to talk to her.)
Kara: How you feeling?
Kate: Like I was run over by a bus.
(Kara laughs a little at her.)
Kate: You are right?
Kara: I am now.
Kate: Why's that?
Kara: Because I get to thank you again for bailing me and the guys out again.
Kate: Honestly I didn't do it for them.
Kara: Well then who did you do it for?
Kate: You.
(Kara smiles at her.)
Kara: Yeah?
Kate: Yeah. I like you a lot Kara. As in more than just a friend.
(Kara looks at her and smiles again.)
Kara: You beat me to it you ass.
Kate: Wait really?
Kara: Yeah really.
Kate: That's great.
Kara: It is. Can I kiss you?
Kate: You won't hear me say no.
(She leans in and kisses her as their kissing she smiles in it then she pulls away from her.)
Kara: So worth the wait.
Kate: Yes it was.
Kara: Hey who knows.
Kate: What?
Kara: Maybe when you're feeling better and are healed.
Kate: What?
Kara: Maybe I'll show you my tattoo less body.
(Kate looks at her and smiles.)
Kate: Can't wait.
Kara: Nither can i.
(She leans in and kisses her again. As their kissing someone snaps a picture of them making them pull away from each other and getting them to turn and look at him.)
Barry: That's going to be my new wallpaper.
Kara: I'll kill him later.
(She kisses her again as Barry walks off laughing at her. Then she pulls away from her as doctor walks in to check on her.)
Doctor: How you doing Ms. Kane?
Kate: Good.
(Kara looks at him not sure of what to think of him and knowing she's seen him before she stay's by Kate's side as the doctor looks over her chart and looks at all of the machines as he's looking them over Nicole walks into the room and sees them there but quickly backs out before he notices her. As he finishes he turns and walks out of the room as he walks out Nicole walks in and looks at them.)
Kara: Nicole!
Nicole: Hey. Who was that?
Kara: A doctor who came in to look Kate over why?
Nicole: Nothing it's just i thought i saw that look on your face that said you weren't so sure about him.
Kara: It's just i did go and tell a doctor it just wasn't him.
Nicole: Who'd you go and tell?
Alex: Me.
(She turns and looks at her.)
Nicole: Oh.
Kara: Did you guys hire some new doctor?
Alex: No. Why?
Kara: Because one was just in here and i hadn't told anyone else about her being awake.
(She looks at her and then looks out of the room.)
Alex: Well maybe Barry told him.
Kara: Maybe.
Alex: So now if maybe you're done kissing your girlfriend here.
(Nicole's behind her trying to keep from laughing.)
Kara: Okay shut up.
Alex: How you feel Kate?
(She looks at her and laughs.)
Kate: Good. Whose this?
Kara: Oh god Kate i'm sorry. Kate this is my sister Alex.
Alex: Hi.
Kate: Hi. Kara speaks highly of you.
Alex: Does she now.
Kate: Yeah she said her sisters a smart ass and that your wife is no better.
Mark: Actually her wife is worse.
Alex: Maggie is not that bad.
Mark: See she's defiance of.
Alex: You're picking on my wife.
Mark: Has anyone said how cute you are when you pout?
Alex: Once and he got his ass kicked.
Mark: Man never leaving that one day.
Alex: No.
Mark: Man. Shut up Kara.
(She looks at him as the other three laugh at him. Just then the alarms go off getting them all to look around.)
Mark: Winn!
Winn: We've got a breach down the garage.
(Mark rushes from the room and out towards the command center as he gets there he has a group agents meet him down in the garage as they get down there they start looking around when they don't see anything they continue to search the area.)
Mark: Winn you got eyes on where they might of disappeared to?
Winn: No. It's almost like it appeared and then disappeared in a matter of seconds.
Mark: Keep your eyes open.
Agent: Yes sir.
(Up in the command Room Kara rushes towards him and looks at the screen to see Nicole and Kate talking as Waverly walks in to talk to her fiance and get to know the new woman soon to be in Kara's life. Down in the garage.)
Mark: Winn anything?
Winn: Nothing. Mark the damn thing's gone.
Mark: Are right. Everyone back upstairs Winn notify NCPD.
Winn: Okay.
(They all rush back upstairs. As their running up the alarms go off again.)
Mark: Winn what the hell?
Winn: We've got another breach.
Mark: Where?
Winn: It's in Kate's room.
Mark: Shit.
(They all rush up the stairs leading to the floor her room is on as they get there.)
Mark: It still there.
Winn: No. But someone did walk out of it and is pointing a gun at one of the girls.
Mark: Who is it?
Winn: I think it's Nicole but i can't be sure.
Mark: Damn. We don't need a shot out in the medical wing.
Winn: I know Alex is on stand by.
Mark: Are right. And while you're at see if you can't get a hold of Clark i don't trust this prick.
Winn: Okay.
(Just then he notices him grab Waverly and backs up as he's backing up the breach opens and Nicole goes to go after him only to have it close in front of her.)
Nicole: Waverly!
(She looks over at Kate whose out cold she looks at her and sees her drip.)
Nicole: Oh god. I need a doctor in here.
(Just then Alex rushes into the room and looks over at Nicole.)
Nicole: That Doctor that was in here he messed with her IV.
(She walks over to her and looks it over.)
Alex: He cut it.
Nicole: She going to be okay?
Alex: She'll be fine. We just need to give her a new one and quick.
Nicole: What you need?
Alex: A new IV look in that cabinet there. It should some more needles in it.
(She rushes over to it and grabs one out as she grabs one she rushes over to Alex with it and hands it to her once she has it she opens it and starts replacing the needle in her IV. Once she's finished with replacing the needle and the drip she checks Kate over again and sees she's still breathing and looks at all of the machines.)
Alex: Okay looks like he just messed with the IV.
Nicole: Why mess with anything?
Alex: He doesn't want her to live.
Nicole: Because if she dose?
Alex: Earth one will have their Batwoman back.
Nicole: It was Tucker.
(Alex looks at her.)
Alex: What was?
Nicole: The person who was in this room with us was Tucker.
Alex: You sure?
Nicole: I'm positive.
Alex: Damn it. Winn!
Winn: On it Alex scanning for more breaches in the area.
Alex: Okay and when you locate one let me know.
Winn: Yes ma'am.
(He starts scanning the area for breaches as he's scanning Mark walks up to him and kisses his head making him look up at him.)
Winn: You are right?
Mark: Yeah i'm fine. Just worried about Kate.
Winn: What happen?
Mark: Nicole said the doctor that was in there with them before Alex walked in messed with her IV.
Winn: How?
Mark: Bastard cut it.
Winn: Lovely.
Mark: Yeah. And during all of Tucker managed to grab Waverly.
Winn: Damn.
Mark: Babe keep scanning for breaches we need to find Waverly before he can take her somewhere.
Winn: Are right.
(Mark walks off to go and stand out on the balcony. An hour later Winn gets a an alarm about another breach opening.)
Alex: Where?
Winn: Over National City park.
Alex: Mark get a strick team together and go down there.
Mark: Yes Ma'am. Vasquez you're with me.
(She nods her head at him as he rushes off to go get ready to get his friend back.)
Alex: Winn notify NCPD and have them meet Mark there.
Winn: Okay.
(He calls Maggie and let's her know.)
Maggie: Okay we're on the way.
(She hangs up and tells Parker who gets up and they rush out of the precinct as they rush out they head for their cruiser as they get to it they both get in as they get in they close their doors as Maggie puts her key's into the ignition and turns the car on once it's on she quickly puts it into drive and drives off towards the scene.)
Maggie: Where in the park is he suppost to be Winn?
Winn: When you get there southeast corner.
Maggie: Are right. Supergirl!
Winn: She's in route Along with Superman The Flash and Arrow.
Maggie: Okay.
Adam: Sucks we can't use Batwoman on this mission.
Maggie: Yeah. Winn!
Winn: He's still there and Maggie you guys better hurry.
Maggie: Why?
Winn: Maggie Nicole's there.
Mark: Vas speed this damn thing up the hell with Lane.
(She dose as she's told and speeds the car up to get to the park in time.)
Alex: Mark you two take it easy once you get there.
Mark: Yes Ma'am Director. That goes the same for you Supergirl we don't know what this nutcase capable of.
Kara: Okay.
Alex: Mark!
Mark: I'm fine.
Alex: No Mark Clark just got back to us.
Mark: What's wrong?
Alex: Champ Hardy just showed up and he's standing right next to Nicole.
Mark: Oh this is getting better and better. Where the hell are Dolls and Doc at?
Alex: On the way with Wynonna.
Mark: I don't care what you have to do Alex but you keep Wynonna the hell back until we get Waverly out of there.
Alex: I can do my best.
Mark: Okay good.
Susan: She's not gonna like that.
Mark: Yeah well right now i should only to have worry about one Earp being danger not both of them. Even if one of them is the former Earp Heir.
(She looks at him and laughs. Minutes later they pull up and she stops the hummer and puts it in park once it's in park they all get out of their cars and look around the area.)
Mark: Arrow you got anything?
Oliver: No it's clear over here.
Mark: Flash!
Barry: Clear over here.
Mark: Supergirl! Superman!
Clark: It's clear on our end.
Mark: Winn did he move?
Winn: No it shows he's still there.
(Mark looks around the park and sees something.)
Mark: I got him. Mags get uniforms to back some of those people up before they get hurt.
Maggie: Okay. Let's get these people out of here.
Officer: Yes Ma'am. Are folks start walking towards the other end of the park and stay back.
(The people start doing what their told to do as their walking off Mark walks up to them.)
Mark: Winn!
Winn: He's still there he's waving his gun around to keep them at bay.
Mark: Are right.
(Over by them.)
Tucker: I'm taking her out of here and you can't stop me.
Waverly: Tucker just let me go.
Tucker: Noway. She's brainwashed you into believing you're gay. And him doing everything he can to keep us apart while you were together.
Waverly: I've never seen you like that.
Tucker: You will.
(He keeps his gun pointed at Nicole who looks at him hands up in the air she looks at Champ whose doing the something.)
Champ: How stupid do you think it would be if i threw a rock at him.
Nicole: You played football you tell me the odds are of you getting him.
(He looks at her and then looks away from her.)
Champ: Yeah pretty stupid idea.
Nicole: Yeah.
Tucker: I'm taking her with me and you two can't stop me.
Kara: No but i can.
(He turns and looks at her gun pointed in her direction.)
Tucker: Not even you can stop me Supergirl.
Kara: Wanna bet.
(He looks at her not sure of what to say.)
Kara: You injured someone very near and dear to Kara Danvers heart Mr. Gardner.
Tucker: She was in the way.
Kara: Of what?
Tucker: Of me getting to her and trying to keep her away from the likes of Sheriff Haught and that boy toy she dated.
Champ: Hey.
(Mark smacks him and they both walk off with him once their out of sight Mark turns and looks at them.)
Mark: You are right?
Nicole: Yeah. Where the hell did you guys come from?
Mark: Our mothers.
(She looks at him and laughs.)
Mark: And as for you.
Champ: What?
Mark: I believe the words Waverly used for you were Boy man.
Champ: Boy man.
Mark: Nicole said the same thing.
Champ: Okay i get it i'm the worst.
Mark: At least he say's it now.
(She starts laughing at him as a gun shot goes off they quickly duck down.)
Mark: Where the hell did that shot come from?
Winn: I don't know i'm looking.
Mark: Guardian you see anything?
James: No.
Mark: Oh great. Someone find out where the hell that shot came from.
(They start scanning the area for where that shot came from when they can't find it they stand up and look around the area.)
Mark: You two see anything?
Nicole: No.
(Over by Tucker Waverly and Supergirl she's trying to talk him down as Champ looks around the bush.)
Tucker: You're gonna keep me from any longer i finally have my chance at being with her and i'm not to let some man child and Dyke keep me from her. More importantly you.
Mark: You realize bullets can't hurt her right?
Tucker: What?
Mark: Supergirl is bullet proof no bullet in that gun will hurt her. I mean i'm sure it'll sting a little but it won't hurt her.
Tucker: Well then maybe i should aim for something that'll hurt her a lot more.
(He turns around and goes to fire at Nicole only to have Champ Shove her out of the way as she goes down Tuckers bullet hits Champ square in the chest sending him backwards seeing him go down Mark turns and looks at him.)
Waverly: Champ!
Mark: Shit.
(He rushes over to him as someone tackles Tucker to the ground with Waverly still in his arms as he goes down his gun goes flying as he lands Waverly gets out of his grip an runs towards Champ as she gets to him she helps Mark keep pressure on his wound.)
Waverly: Why'd you do that?
Champ: I see it now.
(She looks at him along with Mark.)
Mark: See what?
Champ: See the way she looks at Haught.
(Mark and Waverly look over at Nicole whose fighting Tucker who quickly grabs out a knife and puts it into her leg making her yell out in pain.)
Waverly: Nicole!
(She falls over as Tucker twist the knife in her leg making her scream out more in pain as someone grabs him from behind and pulls him away from her and then knocks him out cold as he falls back the person who knocked him unconscious. Seeing who it is she laughs at her.)
Nicole: Hi.
Wynonna: Hi. You and Champ need to stop getting yourself's into so much trouble.
Nicole: I've been trying. Oh god.
(She looks over at him seeing who it is and watching Mark keeping pressure on his wound.)
Wynonna: Oh no. Baby girl.
Waverly: He's bleeding a lot.
Mark: Supergirl!
(She rushes over to them and picks him up.)
Mark: Get him there fast he's losing a lot of blood.
(She nods her head at him as she picks him and then quickly takes off with him in her arms.)
Mark: You are right Haught?
(She looks at him and then lies back from the pain in her leg from the knife.)
Mark: Alex!
Alex: Yeah.
Mark: Tucker's down.
(Maggie and Adam rush forward and put him in hand cuff's as Mark grabs up his gun and puts it into a bag then hands it to Maggie who takes it from him.)
Adam: You are right Sheriff Haught?
Nicole: Yeah. I need a medical attention.
Mark: Alex Tucker put knife into Nicole's leg.
Alex: How deep is it?
Clark: It's not to deep.
Alex: Okay well Mark you should be able to just pull it out if it's not in too deep.
Mark: Alex won't she bleed out if i do that?
Alex: It near anything?
Clark: Looks like it just hit muscal.
Alex: It should be fine. Mark pull it out.
(He looks at Nicole who nods her head at him and he pulls it out making her yell out in pain as Waverly quickly wraps her leg. Once it's wrapped he looks at Clark.)
Mark: Get her back to the DEO and have a doctor look at it.
(He nods his head at him as he picks her up and they quickly take off towards the DEO as Mark looks at Waverly. Minutes later back over at the DEO Mark's sitting down in the locker room sitting down thinking as someone walks in to see him.)
Maggie: Hey.
Mark: Hey.
Maggie: How's Nicole?
Mark: She's good Eliza cleaned it up and gave her some stitches she should be fine in a couple of days.
Maggie: Okay good.
Mark: Are right. How's?
Maggie: I'm sorry.
(He puts his head down annoyed with himself.)
Mark: Shit.
Maggie: You're taking his death offly hard.
Mark: He might of been an ass alive. But he started to understand how much Nicole mean't to Waverly.
Maggie: He say that?
Mark: Yeah. He said he finally saw it.
(She laughs at him.)
Maggie: There's more to it.
Mark: Okay um. Before me and Winn got together you remember that guy i told you about?
Maggie: It was Champ.
Mark: Yeah it was.
(She walks over to him and sits down next to him.)
Maggie: You ever tell Waverly?
Mark: No.
Maggie: Why not?
Mark: Because me and my stupid i don't date my friends ex's rule.
Maggie: Oh.
Mark: I mean both Wynonna and Nicole knew but Waverly didn't.
Maggie: I'm sorry Mark.
Mark: So am i. I mean don't get me wrong i love Winn with every fiber of my being. But.
Maggie: Champ's always going to be the one you let get away because of a rule.
Mark: Yeah.
Maggie: You know Parker told me about a time where he dated someone in high school only to break it off with them because he the girl he was with was his bestfriends ex.
Mark: Oh.
Maggie: Yeah. So him being the good friend that he is he broke up with her.
Mark: Me and Champ never became official.
Maggie: But if you had wanted to. Would you of talked to Waverly first?
Mark: Yes i would of and if she wouldn't of been okay with it i wouldn't of acted on them.
Maggie: Mark i somehow get the feeling she knew how you felt about him. Just didn't wanna say anything.
Mark: I know. And now because of Tucker he'll never know.
Maggie: I know.
Mark: If he thought his sisters were disappointed him in before they sure as hell are now.
Maggie: There's no getting out prison this time.
Mark: Yeah well. Anyway. How's Kate?
Maggie: She's okay. Alex got the doctor that was in the room and locked him up in a holding cell.
Mark: Okay good.
Maggie: I'm sorry about Champ Mark.
Mark: Thanks.
(She turns and walks out of the room as he puts his head down again as he's sitting there Waverly walks into the room and walks over to him as she gets to him she kneels down in front of him and hugs him as he starts crying on her shoulder making her feel bad for him as she's hugging him Nicole walks in and uses the cane Eliza gave her and walks over to him along Wynonna and everyone else from Purgatory as she gets to him he leans into her. A couple of months later it's been two months since Champ died and they had his funeral. Tucker was charged with the murder of Champ Hardy after two three weeks of his trial and was sentenced to 25 years to life and added on years to prison due to his escape. Over at Mark's apartment he's sitting down on his couch thinking as someone knocks on the door.)
Mark: Yeah.
(The door opens and Maggie walks into the apartment with Adam behind her.)
Mark: Hey.
Adam: Hey. How you feeling?
(He looks at him and laughs.)
Mark: Um i'd be lying if i said i was okay.
Adam: Look we know it's only been two months but.
Mark: I'm are right Parker he was dick but he was someone i keep kicking myself for not going after.
Adam: I hear aye.
(He looks at him and laughs.)
Adam: I'm sure Maggie told you this but.
Mark: She did. The girl you had been dating in high school had turned out to be your best friends ex.
Adam: She had. And yes i broke up with her. As much as i love my wife and wanna be with her there isn't a day that doesn't go by that i don't regret that action.
Mark: You were doing it for your friend.
Adam: Actually i wasn't. I was doing it for me i was trying to a friendship that i knew one day would end.
Mark: You got back together with her.
(He looks at him and laughs.)
Adam: I did.
Mark: And it's your wife.
Adam: It's amazing how my stories end themselves.
(Maggie looks at him and laughs.)
Maggie: Yeah.
Mark: This has nothing to do with Champ.
Maggie: Oh.
Mark: I mean as i sit here and i start thinking i start realizing how important it is to go after what you want.
Maggie: So why didn't you?
Mark: Because i'm an idiot.
(She looks at him and feels bad for him.)
Mark: Yeah i mean he was an ass while he was alive and with Waverly but.
Maggie: Hey we all have regrets that we could all get past but we all live and learn.
Mark: I know.
(She smiles at him as they stay there to talk and joke around with him. Over Kara's apartment she's finishing getting ready for her date with Kate as Alex walks into the apartment.)
Alex: Hey.
Kara: Hey.
Alex: You nervous?
Kara: I'd be lying if i said that i wasn't. I mean after our kisses in the medical wing two months ago i didn't think we'd be here.
Alex: She coming here or.
(Just then the breach opens behind them getting them to turn and look at it as they turn and look Alex's answer walks out of it and laughs at her.)
Alex: Well that answers my question.
(Kara looks at her and laughs.)
Kara: Hey you.
Kate: Hey. Alex.
Alex: Kate!
Kara: Alex stop.
Alex: What?
Kara: I'm just about ready.
Kate: Okay. Take your time.
(She smiles at her as she walks off she looks at Alex.)
Alex: How you feeling?
Kate: Good. It pulls every now and then but i'm okay.
Alex: And the new suit?
Kate: Working just fine thanks to Winn.
Alex: You know they tried to find your cousin for you while you were injured.
Kate: I know. Barry told me just before they left.
Alex: Okay good.
Kate: Is this where you give me the shovel talk?
Alex: Um no. I'm just here to let you know that if you hurt my sister.
Kate: See this sounds a lot like the shovel talk to me.
(Alex starts laughing at her.)
Alex: Okay it is. I just don't want her to get hurt.
Kate: I won't hurt her i promise.
Alex: Good.
Kate: How's?
Alex: He's still grieving he really liked him a lot.
Kate: How's Winn handling that?
Alex: As well as he can be.
Kate: I just can't imagine what's going through his head right now.
Alex: Guilt over falling for one his best friends ex's.
Kate: Yeah. Um.
Alex: I'm sure if she could see you now she'd be kicking herself in the ass for tossing you away.
Kate: Yes she would be.
Alex: I mean i don't mean to be an ass but.
Kate: What?
Alex: I'm kind of glad our earths version of you and Maggie broke up.
Kate: Why?
Alex: I got her in the end.
(She looks at her and laughs.)
Kate: That you did.
Alex: And i'm sure my sister is glad you and your earth's version of Maggie broke up.
Kate: It's a win all around.
Alex: Yeah it is. Anyway. I'm gonna go home to my wife and well try not to imagine you on top of my sister.
Kate: Who said i was top?
Alex: Oh my god.
(Kara's behind her laughing then she calms down as she walks over to Kate and kisses her then pulls away from her.)
Kara: Oh my that was funny. I should of recorded that part and showed it to Lena and Sam.
Alex: No.
Kara: I didn't. But if you want me too.
Alex: Kara Danvers you better not.
Kara: Awe babe she's no fun.
Kate: I know right.
Alex: Hey.
Kate: What?
Alex: You might be Batwoman but i can still kick your ass.
Kate: Oh due tell.
Kara: Oh my god Kate.
Kate: I'm sorry. She made me say it.
Alex: How the hell did i make you say it?
Kate: No idea.
Kara: Anyway if you will.
Alex: Right i'll see you guys tomorrow.
Kara: Yes breakfast at Noonan's.
Alex: Okay.
(She turns and walks off as she walks off Kate's trying to keep from laughing.)
Kara: I'm sending it to Maggie.
(Kate starts laughing as Kara sends the video to Maggie once it's sent she looks at her laughing.)
Kara: She's gonna kill me.
Kate: Yeah.
Kara: Oh well it'll be worth it.
Kate: Will it really?
Kara: Yeah i mean i love my sister she makes me laugh.
Kate: What about me?
Kara: You make me happy in so many other ways.
Kate: Oh do tell.
(She kisses her making her laugh in it then she pulls away from her.)
Kara: In so many ways.
Kate: Well then i say we skip dinner.
Kara: Na.
Kate: Ah.
Kara: I'm sorry it's just Lena went all out to help me plan tonight.
Kate: I'm still trying to figure out if i should be jealous or not.
Kara: She has a girlfriend.
Kate: Oh well then.
(She starts laughing then calms down.)
Kate: Did you ever tell the guys what happen between us in my office that night i bailed you three dumb dumb's out?
Kara: I didn't.
Kate: Why not?
Kara: It was their fault i landed in jail.
Kate: True.
Kara: Well mostly Barry's.
Kate: Okay.
Kara: So you and Mark bet each other twenty bucks.
Kate: I was hoping that wouldn't come up.
Kara: Too late are ready did.
Kate: We honestly didn't think you'd pretend that you didn't know me.
Kara: Hey i can have some mystery in my life thank you very much.
Kate: Can you really?
Kara: As long as it's with you.
Kate: Okay. Come on before Lena sends her girlfriend up to grab us.
Kara: Yeah okay.
(She grabs up her coat and they leave the apartment to go out on their date. Back over at Mark's apartment he's sitting down on his couch watching television as someone knocks on the door.)
Mark: No ones home.
Alex: That only works when you don't say anything.
Mark: I knew that's where i fucked up.
(She looks at him and laughs as she walks in and closes the door.)
Mark: What's up?
Alex: Kara's out on her big date with Kate and well Maggie's over here.
Mark: Hey Mags.
Maggie: Yeah.
Mark: Your wife is here.
(She walks out of the kitchen and walks over to her.)
Maggie: Hi.
Alex: Hi.
(She kisses her then pulls from her away as she hears Mark start laughing.)
Alex: What?
Mark: So how was the shovel talk with Kate Alex?
(She looks at him then to Maggie whose trying to keep from laughing.)
Alex: I'm going to kill her.
(Mark rolls off of the couch laughing at her face.)
Mark: Who said i was top?
Alex: Oh my god. I can't believe i got her to say that.
Mark: I can't believe your reaction to her saying it.
Alex: Yeah i know.
Mark: Alex Danvers that's your sisters girlfriend you were flirting with.
Alex: Shut up i'm happily married thank you.
Mark: I'm well aware of that. If only Barry and Oliver had been here to hear you say something like that to Kate.
Alex: She brought it up.
Mark: But you're the one who said i'm going home to my wife and try not to picture you on top of my sister.
Alex: Okay yeah i did say that.
Mark: Man your face turned as red as Kara's cape.
Alex: You feel better?
Mark: Just a little yeah.
Alex: She actually asked how you're doing.
(He looks at her and smiles.)
Mark: I'm fine. I have great friends and even better boyfriend.
Alex: Good.
Mark: How she doing?
Alex: She said she's doing good she say's the wound pulls every now and then.
Mark: As long as she's okay. That's all that really matters.
Alex: Yeah.
(He looks at them and gets upset again but quickly hides it as he goes back to watching the game. Alex and Maggie walk off towards the kitchen as they get there she turns and looks at her.)
Alex: How's he doing really?
Maggie: Babe he really misses him. I think he has a lot guilt over never talking to Waverly and telling her how he felt about him.
Alex: I can see it on his face.
Maggie: I mean he loves Winn and it shows but.
Alex: Champ's always going to be one those guys he's forever regret never telling how he felt about him.
Maggie: Yeah.
(She kisses her head then pulls away from it.)
Alex: I just i really can't imagine what is going through his head right now.
Maggie: I know.
Alex: Babe i feel so damn bad for him.
Maggie: Hey.
Alex: Yeah.
Maggie: He'll get past this he always does.
Alex: Okay.
Maggie: Are right. Now what's going on?
Alex: I kind of put an image i didn't want into my head.
Maggie: That being?
Alex: Kate doing my little sister.
Maggie: Oh my god Alex.
Alex: I know.
(She puts her head on her shoulder making her laugh. As they continue to talk they start joking around. Over at the restaurant Kara and Kate are having fun on their double date with Sam and Lena. Kate and Sam are laughing at Kara's face.)
Kate: Wow. What a way to get me in trouble with my girlfriend Lena.
Lena: Yeah well given the look she's giving you. You might be getting lucky tonight.
(Kate looks at her along with Sam.)
Sam: Oh my God Lena. Kate I'm so sorry about this.
Kate: It's fine. I mean two months ago she did promise me a chance to see her tattoo less body again.
(Kara puts her head in her hands making them laugh at her.)
Kara: I'm starting to think this was a bad idea.
Lena: What?
Kara: My best friends and my girlfriend are teaming up against me.
Sam: Hey it could be worse.
Kate: How?
Kara: We could of made this a triple date and invited Alex and Maggie.
Kate: Oh.
Kara: Yeah babe if they were here this date would be a whole lot different.
Kate: Huh. Makes you wonder how your guys earth's version of me could handle Maggie?
Sam: Pretty damn easy.
Kate: How?
Sam: She's so tiny.
(They start laughing at the joke then calm down.)
Lena: Oh my god Sam.
Sam: I'm sorry it was right there. And i had to.
Lena: Of course you did honey.
(Their still laughing then calm down.)
Kara: Of course if Alex was here she'd agree.
Lena: she would actually.
(They start laughing again then calm down.)
Kara: Anyway I've never met her.
Kate: So you can't compare the two of us then.
Kara: Even if I could I would say you're hotter.
(Kate looks at her as Sam and Lena start laughing at her face.)
Kate: Well thank you love.
Kara: You're welcome.
(She leans over and whispers in her ear.)
Kate: Wanna get out of here?
(Kara looks at her and smiles.)
Kara: Only if it involves me getting to see all of your tattoos again.
(Kate looks at her trying to keep from blushing.)
Kate: Only if that's what you want?
Kara: It's been two months since the last time we did it.
Kate: I think we'll be going.
Sam: okay.
Lena: What?
Sam: The one thing I hate. About still having super hearing.
Lena: Oh.
Kara: See you at work tomorrow.
Lena: Take your time.
Kara: Okay. So I'll be in at noon.
Lena: Okay.
Kate: Thanks for dinner.
Lena: Just take Care of our best friend.
Kate: I will.
(They both get up and leave the restaurant. Minutes later back at Kara's apartment both her and Kate stumble in the door kissing as their kissing she closes the door behind her and leans Kate against it as she leans on it she pushes her coat off once it's off it falls to the floor as it hits the floor she pushes Kara's off once it's off it also falls to the floor as it hits the floor she smiles at her.)
Kara: I've been wanting to do this again for to long.
Kate: Now you don't have to wait.
Kara: Thank Rao.
(She kisses her again as their kissing she deepens it as their kissing she pushes back towards her room as they get there Kara lightly pushes her back onto the bed as she falls back onto it she laughs at her.)
Kate: Nice to know you can do things lightly.
Kara: That so.
(She jokingly smacks her leg and gets on top of her.)
Kate: What?
(She leans in kisses her then pulls away from her.)
Kara: You're mean.
Kate: I am. But you like me anyway.
Kara: Yes I do.
(She pushes her shirt up and kisses her stomach making her smile at her then she pulls away from it.)
Kate: Kara!
(She looks down at her. )
Kara: What's wrong?
(She sits up and pulls her shirt open making laugh.)
Kara: So nothing.
Kate: Nope.
(She kisses her again as their kissing she deepens it as their kiss continues she pushes it off of her as she pushes it off of her as it falls to the floor she smiles in it as it hits the floor she grabs Kate's shirt and pulls it up and off once it's off she throws it to the floor as it hits the floor they both fall back to the bed. As they fall back to she pulls away from her.)
Kate: What?
Kara: It's I know we've done this before but this is still really wired for me.
Kate: We don't.
Kara: No I do you have no idea how bad I wanna do this.
Kate: Hey I'm not going to force you into doing this.
Kara: I know you won't.
Kate: Okay.
(She kisses her again as their kissing she smiles in it as their kiss continues she deepens it. Later their both under the covers kissing after having sex as their kissing she smiles in it then she pulls away from her. As she pulls away from her she lies back onto the bed and looks up.)
Kara: Is it just me or dose sex get better with you when you're in a relationship?
(She looks at her and laughs.)
Kate: Ouch.
(Kara looks at her.)
Kara: No baby it's not that. I really enjoyed it just much as I did the first time around.
Kate: Really.
Kara: Yeah. Being with you to me made the sex even better for me.
Kate: Now that is even better.
(She gets back on top of her and kisses her again as their kissing she smiles in it. As their kissing she deepens it as their kiss continues she smiles in it then she pulls away from her.)
Kara: Kate!
Kate: Yeah.
Kara: I love you.
(Kate looks at her and smiles. )
Kate: I love you too.
Kara: Yeah.
Kate: Yeah.
(She kisses her again sending them into another love making session. Throughout the night and through out the next morning they make love to each other. Kate and Kara dated for over a year before Kate asked her to marry her. A year later they plan to get married.