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The prowler

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1 hour earlier.....

The Prowler's POV

I felt the twigs lap at my fur; thorns latching onto me like some sort of pin cussion. I was shooting through the woods. I smelt fear.

"Danger." An odly familiar voice Murmured in my mind

my senses were going haywire
I shot through the woods like a bullet. I could feel the wind pulling on my fur as I rushed through the trees. Missing branch after branch, pushing against the ground until my speed accelerated.

"Caution, we must stop." The voice snapped.
I came to a hault as my paws dug into the earth scraping up dirt. My paws slid and i skitted into a slow trot, pacing up a small hill; to get a better view of what's ahead.

I lifted my snout- I felt my nose twitch when I inhaled. I could feel the earths heartbeat. I could finally smell something after taking a few deep breaths.
I could smell, charcoal..blood.
I smelt...rust or maybe old metal?..and dead skin??

"It smells infectious, we should follow the trail, what if someone is hurt around here?" Said the voice. It sounded oddly reasonable.
There was just one thing jerking me back

"the blood... I won't be able
To take it without going on another hunger rampage" I snapped at the voice echoing in my head. I couldn't let myself be around any kind of blood Let alone the blood someone from my kind.
"Let what happens happen, this is fait."

My stomach started growling just when I shook my head, to prevent another hunger frenzie. Being partly human, of course I would know what flesh smelt like. Sometimes I found myself biting at my arm because it smells so good. It smelt almost too good. I can't control myself anymore, I need to stabalize my power or I'm going to starve to death.

"We should have Hunted when I told you too, but you wanted to keep running." Said the voice again, starting to sound annoying.

"Yeah.." I sighed

"But I opted out, because I can't hunt half blind in the dark, I'm supposed to be the prowler!
How am I supposed to prowl around if I'm falling on my face-"
'And Snout' she corrected interupting me
"Exactly! All the time! See my point?" I started growing louder, but she replied in silence.

With another gust of wind blowing blissfully against my muzzle I smelt... Nitinol...

"We need that!" She hissed. I felt a sudden rush of anticipation rush through my body as I realised what she meant.

'Finally! I could finish working on that mechanical eye prototype if I can get my hands on some of that tech they've got hidden in there.' I muttered.
Sometimes I completely forgot I was half blind until I'd go to hunt, winding up slamming my head against trees.

"And let's not forget we'll finally be able to see, which means we can..."
"Hunt!!" I said allowed finishing her sentence.

"Follow the trail". She told me. With that I pushed myself through a few trees before finding a large building, with four sleek white vans sleeping in the woods, almost hidden. I could smell the burnt rubber of the tires.
Once I looked closer my left eye caught four armed men.

"Time for a distraction." The voice barely whispered.
I opened my mouth letting out a piercing howl; harshly breaking the heavy night silence.
Just as I expected the group of men approached the woods.

"Now for some fun."She murmured as I took the lead.
I quickly huntched as low as possible before committing to what I considered a perfect hiding spot. I then released my energy, as I felt my body fade into invisibility.

As soon as I knew I couldn't be seen, I let out a shrill scream. As if a girl was running for her life. The men then rushed past me, one tripped over my tail. Causing me to nearly yelp in pain before clenching my jaws shut, and slowly shuffling towards the building.

Once I got a good look at the building, I saw something then a wave of realisation hit me.

"They left the fucking door open" I heard her say; I chuckled at that
"Dumb asses". I snapped after getting serious.
As soon as I looked around I turned then lept through the open door, following the lingering scent of blood, and Nitinol.
I felt the weight of the world press against my back. My clause would clink against the concrete floor, and my stress only elevated as I approached a dimly lit room at the end of what I thought was a hallway. The scent only grew stronger, and stronger, burning my nostrils.

And once I walked wouldn't believe what I saw.