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Blasty 1/2

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Eijirou looked out of the window and over the grounds of the Kirishima Dojo of Anything Goes Martial Arts. The sky was clear that Saturday morning, but it was a bit muggy out. The ground looked a little damp too.

Guess I’m training indoors today.

He began his daily routine of stacking bricks and smashing his arm through them. Training like this was peaceful, methodical even, and it helped distract from the crappiness at school. Not to mention, it was definitely good at keeping him strong and manly.

Strength and manliness were the keys to inheriting the dojo and carrying on the family legacy. So he trained 30 minutes in the morning and two hours at night on weekdays, with three 1-hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

It was a lot for a second-year high school student, but not more than he could handle. He definitely planned to step it up after graduation though with some serious training with his dad for a few years. No more basic training for him.

The world’s greatest action hero, All Might, studied Anything Goes under his dad back in the day, back when his dad still went by the name Fat Gum. So when high school ended, his career could really take off. He’d take over the dojo and train the next batch of heroes.

He huffed and lined up a new column of bricks. Someone needed to take on the family dojo There weren’t many practitioners of Anything Goes, despite how useful it is in day-to-day struggles. Improvised weapons, unpredictable movements, quick thinking, and making the best of any situation were important skills for a hero to have, and Anything Goes was the best form of Martial Arts to teach them.

Plus his dad was getting older, and honestly a little bit pudgy. More than his quirk usually allowed.

Tamaki might be feeding us all a bit too much these days , he thought and let his hardened arm smash through them with a satisfying crunch.

A little grin managed to work its way onto his face, revealing the tips of a few sharp teeth. “That was three more bricks than usual!” He stood straight, took a breath, then turned to grab a few more bricks.

The shōji door suddenly slid open and in walked his sister Setsuna, snapping a quick photo with a disposable camera. He could tell by her wicked grin that something seriously messed up was about to happen. He sighed and turned towards her, setting aside his daily training.

“Ei, didn’t you hear dad calling you?”


“Dad’s been calling you for like ten minutes. He’s got an important announcement today.”

Eijirou tilted his head, confused. Memories of the last few days rushed through his mind, but none that would be related to today. Surely he didn’t forget anything important?

Definitely not like that time he forgot to walk Setsuna home from the dentist’s office, and she came home doped up on anesthesia without her mouth. They had to check all over town for it. As it turned out, she left in a drawer at Dr. Mirio’s office. Why was she even there anyway? He’s not even the dentist and-

“Ei!” Setsuna shouted, snapping him back into reality. She let out a hearty laugh before slapping him on the back.

“Stuff like this is why the boys all think you’re weird.”

“Shove it. Not everybody thinks the world revolves around boys like you,” he bit back.

“You do though. Don’t you Ei? All this about being manly and whatnot.” She gave him an all-knowing look that had his jaw falling faster than he could sputter.

“Hey-t-that’s not-I mean! That’s not what this is about!”

Setsuna laughed again and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Well, it actually is. So, come with me.”

Eijirou blushed furiously. He buried his face in his hands, his shoulders rising up to his ears.

“Let’s just get this over with. I still have to train today.”

They rushed across the grounds to the tatami room where his father, Taishirou, and the eldest, Tamaki sat drinking tea. Setsuna quickly plopped down next to Tamaki, Eijirou raising an eyebrow. Something was definitely up, and he was the only one out of the loop. He lowered himself skeptically next to Setsuna, never taking his eyes off his father.

“Ah Eijirou~,” his father singsonged, “It’s time ya heard the news. We’ve finally settled the matter of the dojo.”

Eijirou jumped up, excitement overwhelming patience. He clapped his hands down on his father’s shoulders from across the table.

“Am I going to finally inherit the dojo?! When can I start?”

“Err, about that,” Taishirou looked at his sitting children for support. Setsuna gave him a smug grin while Tamaki looked shamefully at the floor. Eijirou picked up on the strange aura and dropped his hands to his sides limply. He quickly glanced at his siblings, his smile wavering.

“Dad,” Eijirou urged, dropping to sit again. “What’s going to happen to the dojo?”

Taishirou took a deep breath before continuing. “Ei, we need an alpha to inherit the dojo if we wanna keep our reputation. It’s gonna be hard ta get students to train here-”

“Under an omega,” Eijirou finished.

I’ll never be good enough.

Eijirou could feel tears filling up to his water line, but he held it together. He wasn’t going to cry damn it. Besides, every crappy thing in his life came down to the day he presented as an omega.

“Let me finish,” Taishirou urged, moving to sit on the other side of his brokenhearted son. He knew it was going to be easy breaking the news to him.

Power was everything here in the fighting town: Furinkan, nestled quietly in the Nerima ward. Most of the population here were alphas, despite being only 5% of the world’s population, and at least a third of the town is made up of alpha primes. Eijirou and Tamaki were the only omegas from Furinkan to Tokyo.

Eijirou’s face fell. His red eyes met the tatami mats as he struggled to find the words he wanted to say. Tamaki rested his hand on Ei’s thigh while Setsuna’s arms popped off and pulled him into an unnecessarily big hug.

“Ei, you can still run the dojo. Just... not the way ya originally planned.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve arranged for ya to marry a very strong alpha prime: Bakugou Katsuki. He’s the son of an excellent friend of mine. If ya marry him and carry on this training hall, it would secure our family legacy. Then ya can run the dojo the way ya always wanted.”

Eijirou suddenly found it hard to breathe. It wasn’t because Setsuna was squeezing him tighter, or that Tamaki was pinching a nerve. No, he couldn’t breathe because he felt himself falling after the shock of having the metaphorical rug yanked out from under him. Not only was he not good enough to claim the dojo, his goal since childhood, now he had to marry some stranger and watch them live out his dream.

He wasn’t stupid. An alpha wouldn’t let him take charge of anything. And this was an alpha prime! The alpha prime probably wanted to take over a dojo that trained a legend, with a bonus little omega to take care of him. A docile, weak little trophy wife. Everything his dad said he didn’t need to be.

Panic had set in, and oxygen was out.

His dad looked blissfully happy and painfully unaware of what was going on around him.

“It’s great, right? The Bakugous will be here any minute.” Taishirou held up a panda postcard, nearly jumping for joy. As Taishirou’s excitement grew, Eijirou’s mood soured.

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Eijirou shrieked, pounding a jagged fist into the chabudai.

It rattled but fortunately didn’t break. Things had to be sturdy in the Kirishima household; they were a hard and clumsy lot. He did, however, manage to tip over the teapot which sent a steady stream of hot green tea pouring over the end of the table and left a long trail across the floor.

His family stared at him, shocked by his rare angry outburst. Setsuna’s arms had reattached themselves, away from Eijirou, and poor Tamaki jumped back a foot away.

“Ei honey-”

They all stilled at the sound of a sliding door.

“That must be him,” Tamaki all but whispered, curling in on himself. This was a disaster.

Heavy footfalls led down the hall as Eijirou’s breath stilled.

“No. No please. Dad, why are you doing this? Please be the mailman. This can’t be happening to me,” Ei muttered, pulling his head between his knees. “No no no!”

A panda holding a struggling blonde girl slid open the door and stopped in front of the family. Taishirou fainted.