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Hurt so Good

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Katsuki was used to it at this point. The hustle and bustle of the bdsm conventions. Giving demonstrations to both the eager and the nervous clientele. Handing out business cards and chatting about shit he personally found boring as hell. Who the fuck really cared what the weather was doing when they could be getting fucked? Or talking about getting fucked, at the very least.

He yawned. It was almost boring. Most of them wanted the same thing. To be hurt but not too hurt; a light spanking here, a little verbal degradation there. But it wasn’t good enough. Was he working the wrong events? Where were the people that wanted Katsuki to make them cry, to scream, to beg for more only for him to leave them hanging?

Bakugou sighed, kicking back in his stool. Maybe one day, ay?

His day continued as much of the same. Here’s my card. Would you like a demonstration? Please lay down on the table and let me spank you a little. Lightly. Always fucking lightly. Why didn’t anyone want him to go hard? Really make them hurt? Not that he would do that here, of course. That shit had to be paid for. He had a couple of regulars that liked some of the heavier shit, sure. But it didn’t look like he was going to be getting any decent new clients today, judging by the amount of vanilla’s milling around.

Katsuki sat down once more, having just talked for about ten minutes with a couple who were debating the merits of a flogger over a paddle, that had no fucking clue what they were on about. He’d done his best, but they had decided on a fucking feather tickler instead. Fucking, instead.

Digging his fingers into the front of his hair to tug the locks back from his forehead, Bakugou gave a groan. He still had four more hours of this shit left to endure. He felt like there was no end in sight all goddamned ready. Promotion could be a real bitch, he thought. But Katsuki, at least, wasn’t a bitch. He could do this. He endured another hour before;

“Oh, uh. Hey?”

Bakugou looked up from picking at his fingernails to lay his eyes upon the most fucking beautiful man he’d ever seen in his life. Fuck. Red hair stood up off his head in gravity defying spikes and he looked built as fuck beneath a tight, tight, red tshirt and a leather jacket that Bakugou watched him shuck off nervously to hand to the grinning, pink haired woman beside him with a sheepish smile.

Instead of speaking, Katsuki quirked a brow at the veritable fucking god stood before him. His mouth had already gone dry at the sight of the redhead stood over his table; sweet, breakable, smile in place as he nervously crossed and uncrossed his thickly muscled arms. Jesus, what the fuck even was he?

“What do you want?” Katsuki asked harshly without thinking. Shit. He was supposed to be being professional. But he couldn’t stop himself from flicking his tongue across his bottom lip to whet it as he assessed the man with a predatory grin. The guy faltered for a moment, before the pink haired woman elbowed him in the ribs. Hard.

“I- uh. Do you do demonstrations?”

Bakugou felt an almost wicked grin spread across his face as he rose from his stool. For this guy? He’d probably smack the devil himself right across the face.

“What are you looking for?” Katsuki asked, smirk still in place to intimidate the man. It worked.

Bakugou watched him gulp before he obviously steeled himself, “I want you to hurt me, that is, um- I’m thinking of Buying adom session.” His voice was barely steady, but when he saw Katsuki swallow thickly at his words, a grin spread across his own face and he became more confident, “think you can handle me?” He asked, more cockily than he had spoken before.

And fucking damn. Katsuki wasn’t sure he’d even remember his own name after a session with the redhead, regardless of whether they ended up fucking or not - which he already hoped they would. More importantly;

“Oh, definitely, but I’m expensive.” He retorted with the hottest smirk he had in his arsenal.

“Yeah, I’ll bet.” The redhead grinned right back at him, moving forward to the table Katsuki had set up already, when he raised a hand to point him silently towards it. “Should I take my shirt off?” He asked.

It wasn’t necessary, and Bakugou had never had a potential client take their top off for a demonstration before. But...

“Take it fucking off.” He demanded.

“My name is Kirishima, by the way. Eijiro Kirishima.” He reached back and pulled his shirt over his head, baring rock hard fucking abs to Bakugou’s view. Fucker. He noticed that the guy had a few nasty looking scars. They were hot as hell. A thick white scar sliced from his shoulder to his bicep - it had to be about five inches long, and looked like it had been deep. Another long thin line ran at an angle from his side to his happy trail, and his abs the other side sported what looked like a puckered puncture wound. Katsuki’s mouth felt dry. He barely stopped himself from demanding to know how Kirishima had gotten them.

“Do I lay down here?” The redhead asked, almost innocently as he indicated to the massage style table next to him.

“What do you fucking think?”

Kirishima blushed, and Bakugou wasn’t even sure he could trust himself to speak any further. But he knew he had to. It was his fucking job to provide a service. And dammit, he wanted this man to become his client. He’d do his damned best to make that shit happen.

As Kirishima climbed to lay atop his demonstration table, Katsuki assessed him. What did this guy want? What did he need? He’d already said that he wanted Bakugou to hurt him. And he’d be fucked if those words coming out of the sexy, shark toothed, guy’s mouth hadn’t been the hottest thing he’d heard in a long time. But sometimes, what someone asked for and what they actually needed were two completely different things. Katsuki had turned plenty of people away for that exact reason. That, and the recent upsurge of people trying to buy his time with the deluded notion that they could be the star in their very own fifty shades of bullshit movie. He rolled his eyes. Fucking idiots.

Sure, he liked to dominate and hurt people; but only when both parties were going to get something out of it. There was no fucking point otherwise. He’d gotten into the BDSM scene a few years ago because, honestly? He was a sadist.

There was absolutely fucking nothing quite like taking a usually well put together human being and dismantling them, piece by piece until they were a sobbing, drooling fucking mess, begging to be fucked and filled. It was always at that point that Katsuki ended his sessions. Partially because leaving people on the edge, desperate and wanting, fulfilled a deep, dark pleasure in Katsuki himself; but mostly, it was because the idea of random sexual encounters did absolutely nothing for him. He knew it was some people’s jam - but it had never been his. Yet he’d already thought about fucking the redhead he’d just met, waiting obediently atop his table.

Katsuki wondered for a moment if he could actually make this guy his, even if it was only for a little while. He found he kinda wanted this Kirishima to be only his. Maybe he could even make him cry...

Katsuki flicked his tongue out to lick across his bottom lip and swallowed as he stepped closer. Fucking, maybe. He leaned down to bring his mouth close to the other man’s ear and whispered, “what do you want from me, Kirishima?

Kirishima shuddered as his shoulders tensed, hands gripping the edge of the table either side of his head as he replied, “I- I don’t know. I just want you to make me feel something - something good.”

And fuck, Bakugou wanted to make him feel good. He had a decent idea what Kirishima needed, and he felt a smirk spread wide across his face as he breathed into his potential client’s ear, “oh, I’ll make you feel good alright. You’ll never be able to get off again without thinking about me.”

Kirishima tensed once more and Katsuki felt arousal pulse through himself too; hot and cloying; urging him to take things further despite the fact that others could see. He reached forward to place a hand between the redhead’s shoulder blades, suddenly wanting physical contact. Kirishima moaned quietly into the leather of the table at his touch, muscles bunching as he tensed and pushed back slightly against Bakugou’s hand.

Was he touch starved? Katsuki flattened his palm against Kirishima’s skin more, before smoothing it up to grip at the base of his neck. He dug his fingers in, gently at first, but then harder at the redhead’s quietly eager groan.


This guy might fucking break him, Katsuki thought as he dug his fingers upwards into carefully styled hair, messing it up. Kirishima made no move to stop him. He even groaned as Bakugou sank his fingernails purposefully into his scalp. Katsuki was already harder than he’d been in a long time as he palmed the redhead’s skull, spreading his fingers wide before snapping them back into a fist. He yanked Kirishima’s head back as he leaned down to whisper once more in his ear, ignoring his gasp of shock at the feel of his hot breath, “something tells me you like it a little rough, Eijiro.” He teased.

A submissive groan tore from Kirishima’s throat just as the woman he had come with shouted out, “spank him already! I didn’t come to watch him get loved on!”

Loved on??

“Is that your girlfriend, Kirishima?” Bakugou couldn’t help himself - he yanked harder. He didn’t like the idea of the redhead being taken, by anyone other than him anyway, “d’you want me to fucking cuck her? Leave you full of cum?” He whispered, probably more harshly than he should have, as he pressed his lips against Kirishima’s ear so that no one else could hear.

A needy gasp was Bakugou’s answer and he tugged again, impatient. He quietly bit out a command for the redhead to answer him as he stood back up properly.

“S-she’s not my girlfriend.” Katsuki watched his charge swallow thickly as he blushed, “but if you wanna fill me full of cum, I’m sure neither of us would mind.”

Fuck. Kirishima was sassy too?

Katsuki grinned menacingly down at the redhead, even as his own cock throbbed in his tight leather trousers. He wanted to make this guy his fucking bitch. He wanted to fuck everything else off, take Kirishima by the hand and lead him straight back to his place; but he had to stay professional and detached - not jump the guys bones. He moved back, reaching for a flogger; the kindest of his toys. With the exception of that fucking feather tickler, anyway.

”D’you want me to hit you?” Katsuki asked, to make sure.

“Yes. So fucking much.” Kirishima bit out, smashing his face into the leather of Katsuki’s table as his face flushed prettily. Bakugou fought back a smile; his potential client was almost too fucking adorable.

Katsuki was going to wreck him. He just needed Kirishima to request a session.

He fisted the flogger and turned back, going through the motions of his standard, almost vanilla, demonstration. Talking about the toy he was using and telling Kirishima how it would be used in a real session, hoping to entice the redhead into asking for one. After a few minutes, Katsuki told Kirishima he could sit back up, smirking as the man automatically covered the large bulge at his crotch with a sheepish smile.

Bakugou didn’t bother trying to hide his own arousal, enjoying the wide eyed stare Kirishima sent his crotch as he worried his bottom lip between sharp teeth. He moved to pull his stool back from his table and motioned Kirishima to sit down in it. The man immediately obeyed, pulling his shirt back over his head as he walked over, hiding his mouth watering abs and sexy scars. If he’d been the pouting type, Bakugou would have definitely pouted at the loss.

“You did really well, Eijiro. Did you enjoy the demonstration?” Katsuki moved behind him and placed a hand on each shoulder, squeezing and relaxing his fingers a few times to knead at the trapezius of his shoulders, before digging his fingers lightly into the muscles; drawing a low, contented groan from the redhead as he arched back into his touch.

“I probably enjoyed it a little too much.” Kirishima laughed, tilting his head back to look up at Katsuki with an almost shy smile on his face, “you could have hit me harder, you know. I barely felt it through my jeans.”

Bakugou laughed, “that’s the idea, dumbass. It was a demonstration. You want me to go hard, you gotta pay up.” He lifted his hand to rub his fingers and thumb together to emphasise his words as he felt himself grin, “I ain’t giving it up like a tipsy teenager at prom.” They both laughed as Bakugou dropped his arms and moved away.

“You can stay there as long as you need to calm down, okay? Then if you’re interested in doing a scene with me, we can discuss pricing and all that shit. What are-”

“Ohh, he’s definitely interested! I’m paying for, like, a third as a birthday present, right Eiji-babe?”

Katsuki turned to raise an eyebrow at the pink haired woman grinning between them both as she held Kirishima’s leather jacket over one arm; one of Bakugou’s richly printed price lists in her other hand. She had so much eyeliner on it made her look like a raccoon; the look completed with large contact lenses that blacked out the whites of her eyes and turned the pupils yellow. Both of her bare arms were covered right to her fingers in pink and lilac swirling tribal tattoos that stood out against her tanned skin.

“Thats some fucking friendship. What if he wants the full day experience?” He shot her a shit eating grin as she looked down at the list, eyes roving until they stopped and widened. But a moment later she was looking back over at him with a devious grin of her own.

“I was thinking more like two hours and a few extras? You’ve got anal fisting -one hand- here. How about I fork over the full price, but you just stick a few fingers in him instead?”

“Mina!” Kirishima’s face flamed.

Katsuki threw back his head to laugh at the redhead’s expense, as ‘Mina’ laughed with him. Maybe the weird looking woman wasn’t so bad. Especially if she was enabling Kirishima’s fantasies to be played out with Bakugou. This was already looking like it had the potential to be the most fun he’d had with a client.

“Oh! And your disclaimer? I am a Professional BDSM Dom and my time with you is NOT an offer of prostitution. Nor am I am an escort of any sort. Therefore, the tributes exchanged are for legal adult personal services, modeling and for time spent together ONLY.

“Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age. I reserve the right to decline appointments as I deem fit. So, does that mean, like definitely no sex?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him, and Bakugou fought another grin as he reached over to snatch the paper from her hand.

That is none for your damned business, raccoon eyes.”

“Pfft. I’m gonna take that as a solid maybe then.” She laughed and turned her attention to Kirishima, “okay hun, I’m gonna be over there for a little while. There’s a new range of alien tentacle toys that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. They’re pink and glittery! You just come find me when you’re not in danger of tripping over your third leg, ‘kay?” She threw his jacket to him as he choked at her, before blowing him a kiss and turning to hurry away.

“I can’t believe I’ve been ditched for a bunch of pink tentacles.” Kirishima laughed as he reached up to scratch the back of his head.

“You forgot the glitter. Make or break, that shit is. Apparently.” Katsuki shot him a smile that was immediately returned, before pulling out the second stool and throwing himself down on to it. It was supposed to be Jirou’s, but the bitch had fucking left him to run the stall on his own after less than an hour, cause apparently trawling for ass was more important than getting clients. He rolled his eyes, and looked up to see Kirishima reaching to pick up his price list and open it.

Bakugou’s attention was almost immediately taken up by another customer, who was interested in his range of leather goods. As they debated the pros and cons of his various paddles, floggers and riding crops, he felt Kirishima’s gaze flicking to him repeatedly and fought not to look too smug. Having such a hot fucking guy unable to take his eyes off him for more than a few seconds was a real confidence boost. Not that he needed one; Katsuki knew how fucking good he looked in his skin tight leather trousers and the tight black tee that showed off his narrow waist, and muscles that were almost as impressive as the ones sported by the veritable fucking beefcake staring at him.

He shot the redhead a quick glance as his customer turned to pick out a paddle, purposefully drawing his tongue along his top lip as he let his eyes drop to half mast. Kirishima’s cheeks immediately flushed and he bit his lip, but he held his gaze until Bakugou had to turn around again. He finished dealing with the man and sent him on his way with one of his business cards, and one of Jirou’s, before sitting back down.

“What’s Vanilla with a twist?” Kirishima asked, looking up from the price list again.

“That’s more like sensual play, slow touching, you can play out fantasies you want to try. I could edge you too, if you wanted. But there’s no dom and sub shit really.”

Eijiro bit his lip and looked back down at the paper in his hands, “that sounds good, but-”

“Yeah, I know. I really wanna make you my fucking bitch too.” Katsuki sent Kirishima another wicked grin as red eyes snapped to his and the air blew from his lungs in an almost-moan. He was almost too much fun. “Tell you what? I’ll wave the consultation fee if you help me out here. All you gotta do is let me do another couple of demonstrations on you, if people ask for them. I fucking hate doing them on customers, but my partner fucked off earlier to walk around instead of doing her part. You can say no if you don’t want to.” He assured.

“T-that sounds good to me, man.” A fucking radiant smile lit Kirishima’s face and Bakugou wondered briefly if it was possible to be blinded by a simple flash of teeth.

“Actually, you can take that fucking shirt off again too. You’ll attract me more customers.” He grinned as the redhead blushed a shade deeper.

“Sure I won’t just distract you from what you’re supposed to be doing?” He countered.

Bakugou laughed, “you definitely fucking will. But I can work with a boner, so off with it.” He motioned Kirishima to hurry, pleased when he was immediately obeyed. Reaching to take the jacket and shirt from Kirishima’s hands, he quickly hung them up with his own coat, at the back of the temporary booth, before walking back to stand before him. “Want me to take mine off too?” He offered with a grin.

“Holy shit- I uh, seriously?”

“Fucking yeah, seriously. If you want me to, that is.”

“Then yeah, dude. Take it off!” Kirishima laughed, but fell quiet to stare at Katsuki as he peeled his shirt off and dropped it backwards onto his stool without looking. He moved closer to the redhead, staring down at him as he flashed a cocky smirk, using his height and the fact that he was standing to assert a little subtle dominance over Kirishima; who gulped and tried to look him in the eyes, but failed. His gaze dropped to Bakugou’s abs and he whispered out an almost awed, “so manly...”

Katsuki couldn’t help himself, he reached out to grip Kirishima’s jaw between a forefinger and thumb, tilting his head back to look up at him, “my eyes are up here, fucker.” His voice was low and gravelled, but he knew the smile on his face belied his words.

Kirishima grinned back up at him, “sorry man.” He gave a light laugh as Bakugou released his jaw and moved to sit back down, not bothering to move his shirt first.

“Don’t apologise, dumbass, I know I’m fucking hot. I’d have probably been a little insulted if you told me to keep my shirt on.”

Kirishima let out a loud laugh, “Yeah, as soon as you offered there wasn’t much chance of me saying no. It was too manly.”

“Fucking, manly? You remind me of a friend of mine, he’s a buff meathead too. Always going on about manly this, and manly that.” As Kirishima expressed that his friend sounded ‘totally awesome’ Bakugou found himself almost charmed by just how sweet the man actually was. They chatted easily for a few minutes, and his opinion of him only grew.

It wasn’t long before Bakugou had to get back to serving customers and handing out business cards, as his and Kirishima’s shirtless-ness had had exactly the effect he’d been hoping for. The redhead went back to reading down the price list, occasionally asking him questions when he came across something he wasn’t sure about.

“Is he your sub?” A woman with dyed white hair and a submissive collar asked as she and the two women with her ogled them both. And fuck did he want to say yes. “If he is, can we get a demonstration please?”

“He’s helping me out.” Katsuki smirked and looked back at Kirishima, who blushed at the woman’s words, but shot them all a happy smile as he tossed the list to one side, “think they can get a demonstration, Eijiro?”

Kirishima’s reaction was almost immediate. He rose from his chair, a flush staining his cheeks at the way Bakugou had said his name. He swallowed thickly and nodded, before moving to lie face down on the table without another word.

Katsuki felt himself smirk darkly. Never show a dom how flustered you are if you don’t want them to take advantage of it. He strode to the table, quickly selecting a paddle from his range before turning to address the three eager women, spouting out his usual sales spiel. As he spoke, he reached out to trail the tip of his finger from the base of Kirishima’s neck, all the way down his spine to the waistband of his jeans; his touch barely a whisper against tanned skin as it stopped right above where the crack of the redhead’s ass began.

Kirishima tensed and gasped out a breath, muscles bunching as he shuddered. Katsuki did it again in reverse, before wrapping his fingers around the back of his neck and squeezing; a silent command to stay still. He removed his hand and rounded the table, tapping the paddle down on the small of his back before smoothing it downwards, over Kirishima’s firm, denim clad, ass to rest across his thighs.

“how many do you want, Eijiro?” He said loud enough for the women to hear.

“Fuck. However many you want to give me. Please.”

Katsuki’s grin spread further. Such a good boy already. It was only a demonstration so he wouldn’t go hard, but he was definitely going to make sure the redhead felt it through his jeans this time, “I think you’ve earned five.” He leaned down to whisper into an ear already tinted pink with arousal.

“Be a good boy and take them all, and I’ll give you something good.” He flicked his tongue out to lick the shell of Eijirou’s ear, earning himself a low groan as he rose back to a stand.

At the first smack, Kirishima gasped out, moving his arm to bury his face in the crook of his elbow to silence himself. The paddle definitely hit a little harder than the flogger he’d used before. Bakugou smirked and smacked it down across the top of his thighs twice more, but Kiri didn’t make another sound.

Raising his eyebrow, Katsuki looked down at his face and bit back a laugh. Kirishima was sinking his sharp teeth into his forearm to stop himself from crying out, face flushed hot with obvious arousal. He was already feeling it that much? Katsuki might need to take measures to stop him from coming too quickly when he finally got him alone.

“You can stop that shit right now. Let me hear you.” The redhead immediately moved his arm away and let his forehead drop to the table, “good boy, Eijiro.” Bakugou bought his paddle down with more force this time, and Kirishima bit out a curse, “one more.” The final smack sounded out and Kiri went limp.

Bakugou dropped the paddle to the table next to him and bent to whisper again in his ear, “You did real good, Ei. Are you okay?”

Kirishima tilted his face towards him, dopey grin in place, “I think I’m more into this than I thought I was.” He gave a breathless laugh, “I just nearly came.”

Shit, that’s hot. Katsuki found himself grinning as he reached to smooth a hand over Kirishima’s bare back, “just stay there till I get rid of these fuckers and I’ll be back to give you your reward. I might even let you choose what it is.” He gave the redhead a heated look and moved to attend his now very excited customers, as they asked about the paddle he had just used; once again not bothering to hide the fact that his dick was hard.

Katsuki dealt with them as quickly as he could before returning to a still face down Kirishima, “you okay?” He asked as he reached to smooth a hand over the man’s bare back briefly, “I didn’t go too hard did I?” And fuck, he hoped not. He really wanted the redhead to be able to take more than a few smacks from a paddle.

Kirishima laughed, “nah man. I told you, I probably liked it too much.” He rolled to his back to grin up at him, and Katsuki couldn’t even pretend not to look at the obvious bulge at his crotch. He flicked his tongue out to wet his lips as he forced his gaze back to vibrant red.

“I promised you a reward.” He grazed his hand this time over taught abs; up and up, until he finally cupped one of the redhead’s pecs, “I think I’ll let you choose what it is. Within reason, of course.” Katsuki squeezed, hard, eliciting a shocked groan from Kirishima.

“Do- do you ever kiss your clients?” He asked, an almost embarrassed flush spreading across his face.

Well, fuck. He hadn’t expected that. A kiss, seriously? This guy was such a fucking sweetheart. Some Dom’s kissed their clients, sure, but Katsuki had never been one of them. He’d actually been hoping for Eijiro to ask him for a hand job or something - not that he did that with his clients either, mind you. But he was aching to get his hands on Kirishima properly. Fucking aching. Though, If it was a kiss he wanted - it was a kiss he was gonna get.

“Sit up properly.” He demanded more gruffly than he meant to.

Katsuki moved back slightly to allow Kiri to swing his legs to hang over the side of his demonstration table as he sat upright.

“You- uh, you don’t have to kiss me if you don’t want to, man. I just thought-“

“Shut the fuck up.” Bakugou cut him off. Kirishima complied instantly, and fuck it was hot as hell. Katsuki found himself smirking down at the redhead as he moved between his slightly spread legs. He watched Kirishima gulp nervously and felt his grin grow wider as he planted his hands in black leather, either side of the redhead’s hips.

“That’s all you want? A kiss?” Katsuki lowered his voice, allowing it to become more husky as he teased. Eijirou shivered, but didn’t shy away. Bakugou smirked again, “out of everything you could have asked for?” He leaned in closer, “you didn’t want me to touch you? I fucking would have - if you’d have asked.” He leaned in even further, licking across his top lip, turned on by the redhead’s blush, “I could have sucked you down my throat, Ei. Swallowed you down and let you choke me with your cock.” He pressed his lips against the redhead’s ear, “you missed out.” He whispered, then sank his teeth lightly into the shell.

“Oh fuck.” Kirishima tensed as he reached suddenly to wrap a hand around each of Bakugou’s forearms for a moment, before releasing his grip; hands falling back to support himself as he leaned back slightly to look at him. His face was almost as red as his hair already, and it was fucking adorable.

Bakugou opened his mouth to demand that he come closer again, but Kirishima spoke first, “I don’t know what to say, man. I’d definitely suck your cock too?” He bit his lip as he blushed a shade darker, but he kept talking, “I don’t know how to make it sound sexy or anything, but I, uh - I want you to fuck my face so bad. Just, like, use me - you know?”

Oh fuck, Katsuki mirrored Kirishima’s words to himself as he wondered if it was possible to actually rip the front of his trousers with his cock - he doubted he’d ever been as hard as he was right then in his fucking life. He grinned.

“You know that’s hot as hell, right?” He smoothed both of his hands up Kirishima’s denim clad thighs to grip his hips, yanking him forward. He bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself groaning out loud as Kiri’s erection ground against his own. The redhead didn’t manage to quiet himself in time and Katsuki smirked as he reached to grip Kiri’s jaw firmly, forcing him to look into his eyes.

“I don’t have sex with my clients either. Ever. But I’ll tell you fucking now; when you come for a session with me - I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk when I’m done with you.”

If he hadn’t been holding the redhead’s jaw, Katsuki thought it might have hit the floor. Good. He released Kirishima’s face to dig his fingers into the back of already disheveled hair, pulling him forward as he leaned in to connect their lips. Eijiro drew in a sharp breath through his nose, hands automatically reaching to grip Katsuki’s hips as he tensed. Bakugou smirked and pulled back, moving the hands digging into his hip bones back to the table either side of him, he gave them each a squeeze to let Kirishima now to keep them there.

“I’m in charge here, Ei. You can touch me when I give you permission. Not before.”

Kirishima swallowed thickly, eyes widening as he nodded his understanding; gaze already flicking back to Katsuki’s lips as he curled his fingers beneath the underside of the table to grip the edge tightly. Katsuki probably could have teased Eijirou more, but right then he was just as eager for the kiss he’d promised. He needed to know what the inside of his mouth tasted like.

Leaning in slowly, he lifted a hand to cup the redhead’s jaw, his other coming up to rest at the back of his neck as he leaned in once again. Kirishima dug his fingers into the leather of the table until his knuckles blanched, clearly making sure he didn’t reach out and cause Bakugou to pull away again. But as Katsuki tilted his head and slotted their mouths together firmly, he knew he wouldn’t have stopped the redhead if his hands had suddenly been all over him. Eijirou released a breathy moan into his mouth as he melted beneath Katsuki’s lips. He swallowed it, moving closer as the sound shot straight to his cock.

At the first delicious taste of Kirishima’s tongue, Bakugou was hooked. He kept the kiss light; their tongues undulating together as he savoured the taste of sunshine for a moment. He flicked his own tongue briefly over the points of the redhead’s sharp teeth, before sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. Kirishima gasped, opening his eyes as Bakugou pulled back to smirk at him. He opened his mouth to say something, but Katsuki cut off his words with his mouth, unable to stop himself from kissing him again, despite the fact that another customer could arrive at any moment.

Katsuki dropped his hands to slide them once again up muscled thighs, squeezing and kneading as he pulled the redhead’s hips forward more to rock between them. He’d meant to be gentle, but when Kirishima groaned and bit his lip, Katsuki jerked him roughly against him without thinking, biting him back harder.

He dug his nails into scalp as he sank his teeth into the redhead’s bottom lip, smashing Kirishima’s face more forcefully into his own as he began to practically fuck his mouth with his tongue; his other hand gripping tightly to Eijirou’s muscular hip as Katsuki ground his own forward purposefully. He felt so fucking good.

Kirishima moaned suddenly, jerking his head back, hands grasping as his eyes flew open and his body tensed. Bakugou opened his mouth to admonish him but stopped short, breath catching in his throat as he realised. Eijirou sank his sharp teeth into his own lip as his face screwed up, head dropping forward a moment later to thud against Katsuki’s collarbone as he shuddered, releasing a relieved moan. Fuck. Bakugou was stunned, immediately reaching to smooth his hands over Kirishima’s back as he pressed his lips into crimson hair, shushing quietly in reassurance as he processed what had just happened. Kirishima had just fucking come in his pants. Shit.

“Fuck, I-” Eijirou gasped out quietly against Katsuki’s shoulder a few moments later.

“Shh. It’s fucking fine.” Bakugou assured, pressing another kiss to the top of the redhead’s still bowed head, smoothing a hand up and down his back as he pulled him closer, “don’t apologise either. That was hot as fuck.” He whispered out, trying to gather himself to take action. He needed to deal with this. He pulled back to look at the man in his arms with a concerned glare, taking in his flushed cheeks and embarrassed expression before stepping away to snatch up the redhead’s shirt and toss it to him, “put this on and come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Kirishima asked as he pulled his shirt over his head.

Bakugou didn’t answer him right away, digging his phone out of his jacket pocket to scroll quickly through his contacts. He moved to snatch up his own shirt as he hit call, putting his phone down for a moment as it rang, before lifting it back to his ear after pulling the dark material over his head. Jirou answered, asking him what he wanted, but he cut her off, “you’ve got thirty fucking seconds to get back to the stall. I’m leaving right now and if we get robbed it’s on your fucking head.” He growled before hanging up, not giving his partner a chance to speak. He turned back, sticking his hand out in silent offering as he slid his phone into his pocket. Kirishima took it and he immediately set off through the crowd, making his way to the staff toilets at the back of the building.

Katsuki released the redhead’s hand as he pushed Kiri into the staff’s disabled toilet, closing and locking the door behind them, “take ‘em off.” He instructed.

“T- take what off??” The redhead looked shocked.

Bakugou rolled his eyes, but kept his voice as reassuring as he could, “your fucking boxers, dumbass.”

“O-oh. Um, are we continuing?” Kirishima flushed as he asked, already reaching to pop the button of his jeans and slide down the zipper. His enthusiasm was fucking hot and Katsuki had a hard time stopping himself from saying yes.

“No, you need to clean up - maybe throw your underwear away too. There’s probably a stall I can buy you fresh ones from. I’d give you mine, but I’m wearing a thong.” He explained.

Kirishima’s gaze snapped to him immediately, “thong?” He questioned, looking straight at Bakugou’s crotch.

Katsuki smirked, quirking a brow, “you think I’m gonna wear regular underwear with leather trousers? Yes, a thong.”

Kirishima swallowed, “can? Can I see?” He asked, blush spreading as he bit his lip.

“Didn’t you just come?” He asked, stepping into the redhead’s space and earning himself a gasp. He should be dealing with the situation, Katsuki knew, but he couldn’t resist pressing a kiss to sweetly parted lips with another smirk, “you probably couldn’t even go again if I did show you.” He teased as he pulled away.

“I-” Kirishima flushed. He took a moment before raising his eyes to Bakugou’s, “I wanna make you come too.” He bit his lip, “if that’s okay?” He asked, almost nervously, and Katsuki couldn’t take it anymore. He snapped.

He shoved Eijirou against the wall, grabbing him by the hips as he thrust a thigh between slightly parted legs. He groaned as he rolled his hips, dropping his head to mouth along the redhead’s neck and collarbone as he reached to tug the collar of his shirt down with his other hand, “I’m supposed to be looking after you, you moron.” He breathed out as Kirishima’s breath hitched. He felt hard fingers dig into his hips as he rocked them forward again, “how’m I supposed to think straight when you’re so fucking hot and willing?” He groaned.

Kirishima moaned, digging his fingers into the back of Bakugou’s hair to draw his mouth to his before kissing him desperately. Katsuki didn’t even try to stop him, immediately dominating the redhead’s mouth with his tongue and teeth as he thrust a hand beneath his shirt to palm a firm pec, drawing his thumb across a hardened nipple roughly.

Fuck, that feels good.” The back of Eijirou’s head thudded against the wall as he pulled back, eyes closing in surrender as he exposed the column of his neck to Bakugou’s view, “god, I want you to wreck me.” He groaned quietly; his voice a sinful confession meant only for Katsuki.

The redhead’s words shot straight to his cock and Katsuki growled as he bit into the soft flesh of Kirishima’s neck, rolling his hips again. Fuck, he wanted to come so badly. He could feel Eijirou’s already half hard cock twitch against his own as he stilled, “want me to clean you up?” He asked, placing open mouthed kisses up Kirishima’s neck. Katsuki sank his teeth lightly into his jaw, earning himself another desperate moan.

“What -oh fuck- what do you mean?” Eijirou gasped out, hands reaching to tug Katsuki’s shirt up, yanking slightly to insist when he couldn’t raise the material any higher. Bakugou pulled back for a moment to allow the redhead to pull his shirt over his head and toss it aside, before capturing his lips once more.

“Let me taste your fucking come.” He growled out, shoving his hand roughly into Kirishima’s boxers to palm him.

Katsuki felt Kiri’s come wet his hand as he fisted the redhead’s cock, the glide already slick as he pumped his fist back and forth over him. Eijirou moaned, loud and long, as his head dropped back to thump against the wall again dully, eyes screwed shut as he panted out.

“I- I wanted to touch you” he gasped out.

Katsuki felt himself smirk, “well too fucking bad.” He tightened his fist and Kirishima moaned out, “all you gotta do is stand there and I can come.” He growled out, dropping to his knees as he yanked roughly at the redhead’s jeans and underwear, smearing come as he went.

“Shit- you want to-?”

“Tell me now if you don’t want this Ei, cause I’m about to lose my fucking mind.” He bit out as he looked up. And he really was; already reaching to undo the laces at the front of his trousers to free himself, uncaring as he smeared the redhead’s come across the front of his pants. He took himself in an already slick hand and groaned out in pleasure, dropping his forehead forward to rest against a muscled thigh as he set a fast pace, needing to come.

Kirishima watched him for a few moments before fisting his own cock, pumping it a few times before pressing the head against Bakugou’s lips as the blond drew back, “I’m- I’m still dirty.” He whispered out, obviously unsure, “clean me?”

Katsuki growled as he immediately took the redhead to the hilt, relaxing his throat as he felt the head of his cock press against his tonsils. Fuck. His fist picked up speed as he loosened his grip on his cock slightly, pulling back to sloppily lace his tongue over the redhead’s offered cock, lapping up his come.

Insistent fingers buried themselves in his hair a few moments later as Kirishima began to mindlessly thrust into his mouth, seeking his own release.

Come smeared Bakugou’s lips and chin as he bobbed his head back and forth, taking the redhead higher as he fucked roughly into his own hand for a few moments, before pulling back to lave his tongue over Kirishima’s balls. He sucked one into his mouth before releasing it with a wet pop and pulled away, “you get this one opportunity. Grab my head and fuck my face, hard. Don’t stop til you come.” Katsuki instructed, already opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue expectantly.

Kirishima groaned and dug his fingers into Bakugou’s hair, pulling his head forward as he thrust home obediently; immediately setting a fast pace as he used Katsuki’s mouth to make himself come. It was so fucking hot, Bakugou had to squeeze the base of his cock to stop himself coming right then. He slowed the pace of his hand, gaze flicking up to watch Eijirou come undone as he tensed, head snapping back to bang against the wall loudly as he gasped out in pleasure.

“Gonna-” was all the warning Bakugou received before the redhead’s fingers dug into his scalp and Kirishima emptied himself down his throat with a bitten off curse.

Katsuki swallowed as he stood, sweeping his tongue out to lick his lips as he reached to grab Eijirou by the hair and force him to his knees at his feet, “open your fucking mouth.” He ordered. The redhead complied instantly, tongue thrusting out greedily as Bakugou fisted himself roughly.

Katsuki felt the pressure of release building, heat pooling low in his stomach as he glared down at Kirishima hotly. He sank his teeth into his lower lip as he fisted the front of red hair roughly, partly to show Kiri that he was the one in charge, but also to save his hair, as he let himself fall from the precipice; painting the redhead’s face with his desire.

Eijirou moaned as Katsuki’s hot come burst out across his lips and cheeks, tongue sweeping to taste him as Bakugou’s fist stuttered and he rode out his orgasm; milking the last of the come from his cock as he came down with a breathy moan. He pressed the head of himself against the redhead’s lips, pleased when an eager tongue darted out to clean him thoroughly.

Katsuki was sensitive, but he gritted his teeth as Eijirou tongued him gently, before pulling back and dropping to his knees; bringing himself eye to eye with the redhead.

“That was-” Kirishima began, but Bakugou cut him off, capturing his lips with his own as he pushed Kirishima back against the wall. The redhead’s tongue met his eagerly and Bakugou tasted himself, growling into the kiss before pulling away. He licked a stripe up Kirishima’s cheek, cleaning up his mess before shoving his come covered tongue roughly back into Kiri’s eager mouth; swallowing his moan of enjoyment before pulling back a moment later to clean more of his release from the redhead’s face.

Long minutes passed as they kissed roughly and Katsuki found himself hard again, fingers digging possessively into Kirishima’s hips as he forced himself to pull away, “gotta stop, before I fuck you right here.” He bit out, dropping his forehead to a muscled shoulder as Kirishima groaned out at the loss of his mouth.

Bakugou stood, offering Kiri a hand to stand before reaching to snatch his shirt off the floor and don it. As he turned to look back at the redhead he watched a look of horror flashed briefly across his face. He opened his mouth to ask if he was okay, but Kirishima spoke first;

“I just realised - I don’t even know your name!” The redhead’s cheeks flushed immediately and Bakugou couldn’t stop the loud snort that suddenly burst from him as he laughed, realising he was right.

Hadn’t he just been thinking earlier about how fucking strangers held no interest for him? Katsuki threw his head back as he laughed harder, stepping forward to crowd Kirishima back against the toilet wall. The redhead let him and Bakugou pressed their lips together briefly, “Katsuki Bakugou.” He grinned, “call me Katsuki. God knows you’ve earned it, Eijirou.”

Kirishima bit his lip, “you keep saying my name like that and we’re gonna end up going again.” He warned, grin spreading as Bakugou quirked an eyebrow in surprise at his words.

Katsuki reached to zip and button Kirishima’s jeans for him, knowing his boxers were still damp with his release, “if we carry on, you’re definitely getting fucked. And just so you know - I don’t make a habit of blowing strangers I just met in public toilets, so you better feel fucking special.” He stepped back with a smirk.

“I do! You’re so damned manly.” Eijirou grinned back at him for a moment before blushing, “and I, uh. I’ve never actually done anything like this before…” he reached to scratch the back of his head, looking apologetic, “but I think I already really like you - so, um. Do you want my number or something? I mean, you don’t have to text me or anything, I just-”

Katsuki cut him off again, leaning forward to kiss him forcefully for a few moments before pulling back, “yes, I’ll take your number. And I swear to fuck, Ei, you better be doing a scene with me too. I wanna wreck you so badly.” He stepped back and moved to the low sink; flicking the tap to run before cupping a hand beneath it, bringing the water to his lips and tilting his head back to fill his mouth. He swished and spat before wiping a wet hand over his face and shaking it off at his side. He dried his face with tissue and threw it down the toilet.

Katsuki stepped away from the sink and turned to the redhead with a smirk, “you wanna get rid of that dick breath before we go back out?” He laughed when Kiri choked slightly at his words, moving out of the way as the redhead moved to splash water over his face and swish it through his mouth. Eijirou took a moment to finger comb his gelled spikes, softening them till they dropped down, settling halfway between spiked and loose before washing his hands.

“Okay, I’m ready.” He wiped his palms down his thighs to dry them and Bakugou reached for the door handle to let them out, reaching back to take the redhead’s hand in his own, gripping it tightly as they made their way back towards the fetish fayre.

Katsuki couldn’t believe what he’d just done, but he also couldn’t be mad at himself for it either. Kirishima was fucking beautiful, and more than that, he was an angel in human skin. Bakugou already wanted to ask him out, but he didn’t want to come across as too eager; he’d already blown the guy without telling him his name, for fuck sake. Katsuki wasn’t the type to pursue anyone, let alone get grabby in public toilets, but there was just something about the sweet man holding his hand that made him want to say fuck it and see what happened.

Bakugou watched the redhead flush pink at some of the toys and equipment on offer as they walked around the stalls leisurely. He knew the main demonstration would be starting soon, and asked Kiri if he wanted to go watch it with him. Jirou could man their stall for the rest of the day he thought with an inward smirk.

“What’s the demonstration?”

“Rigging. I know the people doing it. They’re idiots, but they know what they’re doing and It’s actually pretty fucking impressive.” Katsuki explained, tugging lightly on the redhead’s hand to pull him to a stall with an array of erotic underwear and lingerie on display, “I went to school with the main rigger. His boyfriends are the other rigger and their rope bunny.” He selected a pair of black silk boxers, before changing his mind and picking up a bright red pair with a sidelong smirk at Kirishima, who smiled sheepishly back at him.

“You seriously don’t have to buy me new ones man, it’s not your fault I ruined them. Did you say boyfriends? One of my best friends has two-”

“Kirishima!!” Bakugou’s head whipped in the direction of the excited shout just as a small blond he recognised instantly took a running leap at the redhead beside him to hug him, practically dangling from his neck, “Dude! Mina said she lost you, where did you go? You wanna come see me get suspended in like half an hour?? Actually, I’m kinda hungry, buy me something to eat-”

Kirishima burst out laughing as a tall, muscular man with silver hair and a grin on his face pulled the blond off him with an arm around his waist, before setting him gently on his feet. Tetsutetsu and Kirishima fist bumped and called each other bro and Katsuki rolled his eyes. He probably should have figured they’d know each other, with their almost matching muscle mass, they probably frequented the same gym and chugged protein shakes together, he thought with small smile.

“Thank fuck I don’t have to make introductions. How’d you know each other, anyway?” He directed the question at all three of them, before turning back to the stall to make his purchase quickly.

“I went to the same high school as Kami, and T and I work together.” Came Kiri’s happy reply.

Wait a minute. Katsuki turned to furrow a brow at the redhead, “You’re a fucking firefighter??” He asked, eyes dropping automatically to stare at his now covered abs - where he knew his shirt hid sexy scars, before flashing him a grin, “that’s fucking hot.”

“I’m hurt Bakubro, you’ve never told me it was hot that I’m a fireman.” Tetsu teased him with a smirk.

“That’s cause you’re not hot, fucker. Stop fishing for compliments.” Katsuki shot back, flipping him off before reaching for Kirishima’s hand again, “shouldn’t you two be getting ready for the demo anyway? Where’s the insomniac bastard?” He asked, pointedly ignoring Kaminari’s sly grin at his and Kiri’s joined hands.

“He’s setting up; we were too, but someone-” Tetsutetsu looked pointedly at Kaminari, “lost the safety scissors, so we had to come buy some. That’s when we bumped into Mina.” He turned to Kirishima, “you should probably drop her a text or something to let her know you’re fine, bro.”

“Yeah. She said she couldn’t find you or the ‘hot dom’ you were with earlier, so she asked us to help her find you. I didn’t think you’d be with Bakubitch though.”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at the cheeky blond, “you actually want me to punch you again, don’t you?” He asked threateningly.

Kaminari batted his eyelashes at him, “can you do it in a sexy way this time? Or are you, like, taken now?” He raised an eyebrow at his and Kirishima’s hands and Bakugou actually fought a blush as Tetsutetsu burst out laughing and pulled the blond to his side, just in case he really did gut punch his boyfriend again.

“Leave them alone, Denki.” He dipped his head to press a kiss to golden locks with a sickeningly sweet smile, “if you behave-” he whispered briefly into Kaminari’s ear and the blond’s face lit with an excited grin.

Deal! But also, lemme piggyback back to the stage, I’m bored of walking now.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and told them both to fuck off, waiting for Kirishima to say goodbye to the pair with a hug each. The redhead watched after them, laughing as Tetsu bent his knees to allow his boyfriend to jump up on to his back and wrap his legs around his waist with a laugh of his own. Kaminari shouted ‘oneward steed!’ And pointed ahead as Tetsutetsu gave an eye roll and started back with a dumb smile on his face.

“He’s in full fucking brat mode today.” Katsuki commented, “are there any stalls you actually want to look at? We can check them out on the way to pick up your jacket, if you want.”

“Brat? Is that like, an actual thing? He looked like he was having fun at least. And I dunno, a lot of this is new to me, man.” Kirishima gave a light laugh, before holding out his hand in offering with a bite of sharp teeth into his bottom lip.

Bakugou stared at it for a moment before taking it, “You’re too fucking sweet, you know that? An’ yeah, a brat is a type of sub - that dumb fucker is the definition of one. Two fucking Dom’s and they can barely keep up with him sometimes.” He shook his head and Kirishima gave an affectionate laugh as they milled around, heading back to Katsuki’s stall as they chatted easily.




“Where have you been?” Jirou asked, looking up from a book with a raised brow as Bakugou released Kirishima’s hand and stomped to the back of the booth to snatch up their jackets.

“None of your business. I’ll be back to help pack up.” He stuffed the redhead’s new boxers into his jacket pocket before throwing it to him and slipped on his own.

Jirou appraised Eijirou, before shooting Katsuki a smug grin, “I see how it is, have fun then,” she waved a dismissive hand and focused back on her book, smirk still in place. The bitch knew he hated being ignored.

“Tch. I hope you set on fire.” He growled out, ignoring her cut off snort and stalking back towards the slightly thinning crowd. Most people were probably already heading to watch the main demo already, so he motioned Kirishima to follow him and led the way.




It had already begun when they moved to stand around the stage. Eijirou took out his phone and tapped at the screen for a few moments before the quiet sound of a message sending sounded out and he slipped it away. Katsuki quietly explained what the redhead’s three friends were doing on the stage as Shinsou and Tetsutetsu set to tying the blond’s arms with intricate knots, moving them behind his back as they worked. He felt a warm hand slip back into his and fought the stupidly strong urge to smile. He failed, but managed to turn it into a smirk that he shot at the redhead as he told him to focus.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Eijirou whispered to him, eyes glued to the demonstration as the blond’s legs were bent and tied, after his riggers had finished working down his bare torso with lengths of rope, “you know, I knew they went to events and that, but I had no idea they did this stuff. Probably should have guessed from the rope marks I’ve seen on Kami sometimes.” He gave a quiet chuckle.

Katsuki gave a snort at his obliviousness before answering, “yeah, actually. It can hurt. See how they keep checking the rope isn’t too tight? And asking him if it’s okay? That’s so they don’t fuck him up, especially when they lift him. It can be really dangerous if it’s done wrong; It takes years of practice and shit to get as good as they are.”

Kirishima nodded, a look of admiration lighting his face, “my bro’s are so manly.”

“Yeah, yeah. So fucking manly.” He teased, flicking his eyes back to the stage as Shinsou fed the rope through the thick metal loop that would support Kaminari’s entire body weight in a few moments, before handing it to Tetsu.

Kirishima’s breath hitched as the blond was raised off the floor and secured; left to literally hang there as Tetsutetsu spoke to the crowd. “That’s awesome!” He exclaimed excitedly, turning to Katsuki as though making sure he was seeing the same thing, “do you do that too?” He asked.

Bakugou bit off a laugh at the redhead’s excitement, “I won’t lie, it is pretty fucking awesome. But no, rope ain’t my thing - I don’t have the patience for that shit. I like my play a little more...explosive.” He shot Kirishima a wicked grin, pleased when the redhead’s gaze heated.

“Explosive is good.” Eijirou bit his lip, eyes dipping to Katsuki’s own lips as he swallowed thickly.

He knew Kiri was remembering his mouth on him, so he drew his tongue slowly over his top lip as he leaned closer, “keep looking at me like that and we’re gonna end up back in that bathroom, Ei. An’ this time I’ll be ripping your fucking underwear off you.”

Kirishima made a breathless sound, looking as though he’d love nothing more than for that to happen. And honestly, dragging him anywhere secluded and fucking his brains out was firmly at the top of Katsuki’s ‘desperately want to do’ list, but he actually liked the red haired beefcake, so he pulled back; squeezing the hand in his as he directed Eijirou’s attention back to the stage with a teasing grin. He’d spend the time between now and whenever Kirishima wanted to do a scene with him to get to know the man better. Because he would be fucking him, he thought, already hot for just the thought of making them both come again.

They both watched as Kaminari was lowered back to the ground a few minutes later; his boyfriends working his bindings loose and winding up the rope as they went. Tetsutetsu launched into an explanation about the importance of after care, specifically focusing on rope bondage, as he moved Kaminari’s ankles and knees gently, rubbing at the joints to ease them before lifting the blond to a stool. He continued speaking for a few more minutes as Shinsou handed Kami a bottle of bright blue liquid, that Katsuki knew to be bubblegum flavoured pop, before rubbing at his shoulders as the blond drank. They wrapped up the demonstration and the crowd began to disperse.

Katsuki watched as the pink haired woman Kirishima had been with earlier made her way through the thinning crowd with a big grin on her face; bags from multiple stalls held in her hands.

“Eiji-babe! Where did you run off to? I came back to get you, but neither you, nor studly mc dom here, were there. Mama was worried.” She gave a mock pout as Kirishima apologised sincerely with a blush, before turning her unnatural black and yellow eyes on Katsuki, “and you - don’t go spiriting my boi away without telling me again. I might be small, but I protecc.” Her face scrunched into a scowl for barely a second before sitting into a wide grin.

Bakugou rolled his eyes. She obviously hadn’t been that worried about the redhead, or she’d have called him, “your boy can look after himself, pinky. Hell, he could probably take on a fucking tank. You probably just wanted someone to carry all those dildo’s you bought.” He retorted.

Mina burst out laughing, “well they are pretty heavy - I couldn’t choose.”

Bakugou snorted a laugh back at her as Kirishima helpfully offered to take her bags. Fuck, he really was sunshine incarnate, wasn’t he? That, or they’d been friends for a hell of a long time and the redhead was used to her shit. Either way, he was fucking adorable.

Katsuki released Eijirou’s hand, “I gotta go back to the stall now. Gimme your phone.” He held out his hand expectantly.

Kirishima placed it in his hand without question after unlocking it for him, and Bakugou added his number under ‘Katsuki’ with an explosion emoji next to it, knowing it would make the redhead think about what he’d said earlier. He smirked to himself, hitting the call button until his own phone vibrated in his jacket pocket, before ending the call and handing it back. The happy smile that lit Kirishima’s face was almost fucking blinding, and Katsuki couldn’t help himself.

“One more thing before I let you watch me leave-” he reached to bury a hand in red hair, yanking Eijirou forward slightly to connect their lips. He heard raccoon eyes give a loud shout of excitement, but ignored it as he swallowed the redhead’s gasp of shock, feeling him melt immediately into him as he kissed back eagerly. Katsuki pulled back reluctantly a long moment later, nipping Kiri’s bottom lip before leaning to whisper in his ear, “call me.”

Katsuki stepped back and pivoted on his heel, walking away without a backward glance. He could practically feel the redhead’s eyes on him and couldn’t have stopped the smirk that spread across his face then if he’d have wanted to.

The fucker better call him soon.