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Vacant Eyes

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“See you later Ochako!”

“Bye Momo, bye Tsu!”

Ochako giggled as another snowflake fell onto her nose. She closed her eyes, the small flurries of snow descending down onto her as she stood outside the small cafe. The golden light from the cafe shone through onto her, leaving a golden hue against her motionless form. Uraraka had just left the small establishment, a small bag of baked goods tucked in her arm as she held a steaming cup of hot chocolate in her other hand. Momo and Tsuya had disappeared down the street, both heading back to their respective homes as the night grew late. The three of them had gone out with the rest of the Class 1-A girls, Momo and Tsu had been the ones to stay out with Ochako the longest, eventually, they realized just how late it had been getting. So, they stopped at a small cafe on their way home to grab some baked goods and cocoa before splitting ways.

Ochako sighed as she recognized the sweet warmth of her drink in her hand. The bitter December air nipped at her reddening nose and cheeks, biting at her ears and fingers. The city was still busy around her as people walked along the crowded streets. Shoppers carrying bags, other teens walking with their friends or talking on their phones. Children ran about or walked close to their parents as they navigated the bustling streets. The Holiday season was clear in the air as twinkling lights were strung about. Garland was twirled around lamp posts, the trees were decorated with ornaments with ribbons around their trunks. Their bare branches blinking with lights. In the center of town, which was now a good walk away from where Ochako stood, there was a large tree set up, decorated from head to two. The girls had spent quite some time there, taking photos in front of it.

Ochako had broken from her daze of watching the snow slowly falling from the night sky when a man walking by bumped into her. She called an apology out to him before looking the other way, beginning her walk back to her apartment. She pulled her phone out at the feeling of its vibrations. She unlocked it, slowing her pace slightly slowing as she read over the text she’d received.

Ochako, the guys and I are at the ice rink skating. Do you want to come?

Sorry, Isuku, but I’m heading home now. We all should go again together some other time!

She slipped her phone back into her coat pocket. It was getting late and even though they didn’t have class tomorrow she still wanted to get home and go to bed. Ochako walked for a few minutes, finishing the chocolate chip muffin she’d bought at the Cafe and stopping to toss the bag and empty cup of coco away. The young hero in training looked around, finding that the streets were growing emptier and emptier the closer she got to her apartment building. The young girl picked up her pace when she caught sight of the building. She ran up the stairs, ready to hide from the cold night air.

“Finally home!” She sang as she locked the door behind her. She flicked on the light to the front room on and hung her coat up, kicking her shoes off after. She set her gloves, scarf, and hat down on the table before heading for the small kitchen area, grabbing a bottle of water and heading for her bedroom. Ochako stopped in the doorway for a moment, something about her room looked off. She couldn’t put her finger on it though, but she had the feeling that something was missing or maybe just not in the right place. She did a quick look around, but shrugged it off and moved to grab a towel and her pajamas. The hot water felt amazing as she took her time in the shower. It felt even better to change into her pajamas and flop into bed. Her thick covers were soft and inviting as she laid down after hours outspent with her friends.

Ochako was quick to fall asleep, buried under her covers peacefully and blissfully unaware of the dark figures creeping into her darkened room.

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Ochako woke up with a small gasp as the feeling of being watched came over her sleeping form. Her eyes darted around the room. Everything seemed normal, no odd shadows cast over the walls and no bodies occupied the space beside her bed. Ochako slowly sat up, arching her back as she gave a small stretch. She leaned to turn her bedside lamp on and check her phone. It was nearly one in the morning. She looked around the room one more time before laying back down, waiting a few seconds before turning the lamp off again.

She woke up again a few hours closer to eight AM. She laid in bed for a bit, checking her phone and social media before she got up to grab an outfit for the day and shower. She made a little something for breakfast but found herself a bit lonely as she sat alone to eat. She pushed her eggs around as she watched the morning news playing on the T.V. It was the usual rundown, the latest deeds the pro hero’s had done, what villains had been active recently, as well as who’d been taken into custody. After cleaning up and doing the dishes left over from breakfast Ochako found herself lazing around the apartment, doing her homework, cleaning up a bit more, and going back and forth in texting Momo and Deku, both of which she’d hoped would head to the mall with her.

Since the Holidays were just around the corner Ochako found herself tentatively counting through the money she had on her. She put what she needed to save away and found herself budgeting out a few dollars from the money normally set aside for fun or clothing. Neither of which she found herself too worried about, as she’d rather have the extra cash to buy a gift for her mother and father. She got dressed for the cold outside weather before leaving the warmth of her apartment to head for the shopping center.

The mall was just as busy inside as it looked outside. Crowds of people walked about the building, in and out of all sorts of stores and restaurants. A majority of people held handfuls of shopping and gift bags, the cheery melody of Christmas music played throughout the mall's speakers, and a grand tree sat in the center among other decorations. Ochako checked her phone to see if Momo or Deku had replied to her yet, but found her messages empty. She put her phone away and wandered about the mall, looking for her first stop.

She stopped around for a few hours, though most of it was window shopping as she waiting for the perfect gift in her eyes from her parents to appear. She’d already bought a few baking supplies, as much as she wanted to buy gifts for her friends, she knew very well that she couldn’t afford it, so she figured baking them some Christmas cookies was the next best thing. The mall was still packed as evening approached and the sky outside slowly began its transition to sunset. Ochako’s footsteps slowed as the sound of the evening news greeted her ears. She stopped in front of one of the mounted televisions to watch for a minute. Another young woman attacked...the third one this one can identify the villains behind the attacks… She frowned, it was a tad unsettling that such cruel people had managed to avoid capture via the pro heroes. Hopefully, someone will get their hands on them! She thought hopefully.

“Hey, round face why don’t you get the fuck out of the way.” Ochako perked slightly inattention at the sound of a familiar brash voice.

“Bakugou!” She turned with a smile and a small wave. He barred towards her, a small shopping bag clutched in his hand. The powder blue bag had the small print of a candle on it and she was sure if she peeked inside she’d be greeted by a strong, sweet scent.

“You’re still in the way dumbass.” He hissed, pushing past her and the other people walking about the crowded walkway. She stumbled back slightly, but kept her grip on her bags and hurried after him. “What do you want?” He barked back at her.

“You’re the last person I wouldn’t expect to run into here.” She commented. For whatever reason imagining Katsuki Bakugou shopping like a normal, functional boy inside of a quiet candle store didn’t seem right at all.

“What? You think you’re the only person who goes to the fucking mall?”

“No- just you and a candle store don’t seem to fit” she laughed.

“I’m Christmas shopping, not that it’s any of your business” he scoffed.

“For your mom?”


“Your father?”

“Why are you asking?”

“I’m making conversation.” She explained. She knew Bakugou wouldn’t entertain her want for conversation very long, but she went on to speak anyways. She’d been feeling particularly lonely while shopping today. Especially since Momo hadn’t been able to come along due to some last minute plans coming up with her family. Deku hadn’t come along either, telling her that he was busy spending time with his mom.

“I don’t want some dumb conversation with you. I walked past you for a reason.” Ochako smiled as he quickened his pace to get away from her. She shook her head, expecting nothing less from her classmate. She couldn’t be mad at his actions either, in fact, she hadn’t even expected him to entertain her as long as he had. She supposed she was still a bit sad that she hadn’t gotten to see her parents for the Holidays yet. Soon! She thought. In just a few weeks she’d be heading home to her them and she couldn’t wait!

Ochako hurried to leave the mall shortly after her small encounter with Bakugou. She’d found a few small gifts to give to her parents and picked up a small roll of wrapping paper. She went straight home, leaving her bags on the table as she grabbed a small snack and moved to lay down in bed and relax after leaving her winter clothing on her chair.

She hadn’t been sure when she fell asleep, but when she woke up she found the sky outside was dark and dotted with faint stars. She’d woken up to an odd noise. she had begun to sit up when her eyes caught sight of a large figure creeping through her window. Ochako’s scream had been silenced before it could fully escape her throat. The hand was still cold and clamped over her mouth. Her first instinct was to reach for the intruder to activate her quirk, however, a brief orange light flew through the room. She cried out, a burning sensation sitting her forearm and spreading down to her hands. The burning didn’t stop, it lingered. She found her arms being pinned down onto the mattress below her, her hands unable to reach for her attacker. The female intruder walked over to them, her fingertips glowing like cigarettes in the dark as the reached for her. She gripped her arm, her fingertips unnaturally hot against her skin as she yanked her out of bed. Ochako moved to desperately try to activate her quirk but found a hard force hit the side of her head.

She groaned, her body falling back, but was caught in the grip of the female villain. She wasn’t completely out though, her head lulled slightly as she struggled to move her body, the pain radiating through her head and leaving her mind clouded with pain and confusion. She felt the larger villain pick her body up, tossing her over his shoulder. She felt the cold air hit her body as they went outside. Her eyes remained half-lidded and gazing down at the snowy ground, however, it wasn’t long before her eyes closed completely and lost sight of what they were talking about or just.where they were taking her.

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“Deku, have you seen Uraraka lately?”


“She’s not here yet.” Momo and Asui’s voices came up louder over the rest of the chattering class. It was Monday, the beginning of their last week of school before officially being off for the Holidays. Everyone was standing about the classroom chatting as they waited for their teacher to arrive and begin class. Izuku had been sitting quietly at his desk as he dreamily gazed out the windows, watching as small flurries of white snow fell from the grey sky when Momo approached him with Asui right at her side.


“She’s not here?” He asked with slight confusion laced in his voice.


“You didn’t notice?”


“I guess not. I assumed she was just in the restroom or around school somewhere.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Maybe she’s just running late today.”


“Really late,” Asui commented.


“She’s hasn’t my texts since Saturday. I thought at first that she wasn’t feeling well about going out with all of us, but even today she’s hasn’t responded. That’s weird, right?”


“I called her earlier” Asui went on, “but it went straight to her voicemail.”


“Really? That’s not like her…” Izuku trailed off as he moved to grab his phone from his school bag. He pulled her contact up quickly to call but set his phone down just a few short seconds after. “Straight to voicemail…”


Their conversation had drawn the attention of several of the other student around the classroom. Denki had looked up from his conversation with Mineta, or at least, Mineta had just been blabbering on about a lewd dream he’d had while Denki had been the unfortunate one to be caught by the smaller boy after walking into class. Kirishima had taken a few steps towards the three of them as well, a confused but worried expression written onto his features. Bakugou even spared an annoyed glance at them. Others looked as well, but most quickly returned to what they had been doing or talking about.


“What’s wrong with Uraraka?” Kirishima asked.”


“N-nothings wrong- well, actually we don’t know if something is really wrong with her.” He explained with a slight nervousness and unwant to make the others worry. “She’s just not answering her phone and it’s unlike her to miss class, let along the first day of our last week.”


“When’s the last time anyone’s spoke to her?” Mina spoke up, “us girls saw her Saturday night.”


“The last texts I got from her was from Saturday as well,” Izuku explained.


“She’s been MIA since Saturday!?” Momo exclaimed in worry, “what if-”


“I saw her yesterday.” Everyone’s heads turned towards Bakugou, not expecting to hear his voice pipe up in their conversation or even expecting that he’d been listening.”


“You...saw her?” Momo asked, a bit confused. She’d never imagined Bakugou the type to spend time with Ochako in or outside of class.


“Yeah. At the mall. Dumbass was standing right in the middle of the walkway. She kept trying to talk to me too.”


“When was this?”


“I don’t know. The evening.”


“What happened after?”


“Hm? I left her there. If you think I want to hang out with pink cheeks, you’re wrong.”


“Wow. You are absolutely no help.” Asui stated before looking back at Deku.


“Calm down you guys. I’m sure she’s just overslept.” Denki said.


“Or she’s sick,” Todoroki stated.


“Maybe she’s mad at us?” Kirishima wondered aloud.


“Or she’s scored herself a new man and is too busy getting all freaky-” Mineta cried out as Asui whacked him upside the head.


“No matter the excuse, she’d still answer us, wouldn’t she? Maybe something really is wrong here.” The class broke out into a chorus of chatter once again, however, it was cut short as their teacher walked into the room.


Aizawa set his things down on his desk and looked to his chattering class with a sigh. “Whatever it is you all are so wound up about needs to stop. This may be our last week before the Holiday break, but we still have a lot to do.


Everyone had taken their seats, however, Iida stood up again. “I’m sorry sir, but everyone is worried about Ochako. It seems no one can get ahold of her.” He explained.


Aizawa glanced around the room to find her desk empty. He hummed at the odd sight but didn’t elaborate much on it. “I urge you all not to let your worries get the best of you. Uraraka absence isn’t going unnoticed; however, For the time being, we have to go on with class.” Iida had taken his seat, but he and many of the other students still heald worry written on their faces. As class went on they pushed her absence to the back of their minds and went on with their work, however, it worlds till return later.


Lunchtime came around and Deku had been one of the last to exit the classroom. As he went for the door he felt Aizawa’s eyes resting on him before his tired voice stopped him before his desk. “Izuku” he began, “over your lunch break I want you to head over to Ochako’s apartment and check up on her. As your teacher I have a responsibility to make sure all my students are safe, however, I’m unable to leave to check on her due to meetings.” He explained having gotten up to grab a few things from his desk and walk towards the door with Izuku. “She may very well just be sick in bed, but check on her anyways. I’m sure the other students will appreciate having their worries put to rest as well.”


“Of course, I understand sir. I’ll be back before class resumes!” He called the last part over his shoulder as he took off down the hall, running down the stairs. Aizawa took off opposite of his student, ready to meet Toshinori and the other teachers for their last meeting before the break.


Izuku, however, had gone straight out of school and into the cold weather. He stopped outside of the school's gates, realizing that he’d forgotten to grab his coat in his hurry to leave. The cold caught up to him, his body shivering slightly as his school uniform only helped a bit against December’s bitter cold air. He thought about going back in but dismissed the idea has he only had lunchtime to go and he didn’t want to be the one to walk into class late. Besides, Ochako was more important at the moment. Izuku ran down the streets, recounting where his classmate lived. He got a bit mixed up at one point but found the small apartment building with the help of a quick text to Asui.


He rubbed his hands together after knocking on the door. A small huff of disappointment escaped him after knocking for the third time and receiving no answer. “Ohako!” He called through the door. “It’s Izuku, are you alright? Mr. Aizawa sent me to check on you, everyone’s been kind of worried about you!” He frowned and tried to the door to find it unlocked, “I-I’m sorry but I’m coming in!” He called out, feeling a bit odd about barging into her apartment uninvited. He found the small place to be quiet and seemingly untouched as he closed the door behind him and walked in. “Ochako?” He asked, walking down the small hall and towards the bedroom. The door was already ajar, so he gently pushed it open, expecting to see his friend asleep or sick in bed, however, all he saw was an empty bedroom. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary besides her blankets messily hanging off the bed and her pillow thrown to the floor. “She’s not here…” He looked down at his phone to text the others.



Aizawa had tried to ignore the vibration of his phone in his pocket as the principal went on to speak. He was sitting quietly, trying to listen besides Toshinori. They were discussing the recent villain attacks, however, the texts assaulting his phone and his thought about Izuku and Ochako left him a bit distracted. “As I’m sure we all know there’s been a string of attacks orchestrated by two villains, a pair working together. No eyewitnesses or remaining victims can clearly describe them and they claim they hardly made use of their quirks. Thought their names and identities are important, I’m more worried about the nature of their attacks.”


“They're going after young men and women, often times they’ve been quirkless or students from the surrounding schools.” Toshinori cut in, his tone serious. “They film these attacks, posing them all over online and sending them to news outlets. They’ve got some kind of message and they want everyone to see it.”


“These attacks have resulted in injuries at the most, all ranging from minor cuts and bruises to broken bones, burns, concessions, etc,” Aizawa commented. “I know many heroes have already taken to the streets to find them, but no one’s caught them in the act yet. If they do have some grand message they want to put out to the world then there’s no doubt that their actions will escalate to more violence and heinous acts the longer they're at large.” Others spoke up after Aizawa, talking about how the press was all over them about the attacks and about the worry spreading among the public the longer these villains were out there, especially of the parents as anyone young person seemed to be a target.


“Hey, Shouta, your phones blowing up right now, is everything okay?” Hizashi leaned closer to Aizawa, his voice low.


“I’m not sure.” He stated, glancing around the room before moving to slip his phone out of his pocket to turn it on. His eyebrow raised at the sight of the same unknown numbers sending him multiple messages, all reading different things.


Where’s gravity girl?

Don’t you miss her?
She’ll be the first.

It’s a shame, none of you have even caught on yet.

I’d keep her in your prayers this Holiday season if I were you.


His eye widened slightly as he stood abruptly, causing the other conversations to stop cold. “Aizawa, is something wrong?” Hizashi looked up, ready to get up as well.


Aizawa had opened his mouth to speak, however, Toshimori was quick to steal the words from him. “Yes.” The hero spoke, having looked up from his phone. Aizawa could slightly make out a similar string of text messages.


All Might, you won’t even be able to save an innocent girl.

How tragic.


“We have a situation.”



When Ochako woke up she found her lying against the cold hard ground rather than her welcoming and a familiar bed. Her arms were twisted behind her back and bound tightly to leave her wrists tightly wound together and useless. She rolled onto her back with a huff, her mouth and throat dry. She looked around the empty space of what looked to be a warehouse. Her eyes traveled up to the large metal beams and rafters above her and the lack of windows left the area dim. A deep chill ran along the flood, leaving her still pajama-clad body to tremble slightly.


“Oh, you’re awake.” Ochako’s head whipped to the side at the sound of a woman’s voice. She quickly winced as the side of her head pressed against the cool ground. A tender lump at on the side of her forehead and she could tell dried blood still clung to her skin from a gash there as well. She couldn’t make out the woman’s appearance all that well as she sat obscured in shadows. Ochako could make out a small smirk as she set down a phone. “I’m so glad you’re awake now, we have so much to do.”

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“Mr, Aizawa, I’m sorry I missed the rest of the classes. I went to Uraraka’s apartment as you wanted, but she wasn’t there. I stayed back to ask her neighbors and around the area. No one’s seen her since Sunday afternoon. I’m sorry I couldn’t find out more information for you.” Deku looked down at the floor as he stood in front of Aizawa’s desk. The class had ended ten minutes or so ago and everyone had left the classroom to get ready to head back home. Deku had come running in at the last minute to speak to his teacher. He’d walked around for so long trying to get any information on his missing friend and now he felt like he’d failed in some way in not being able to give the pro hero more information.

“It’s fine Izuku. Me and the other pro hero’s here are on the case. We’ve contacted her parents as well; however, for the time being, we want to keep thing discrete.”

“I understand. You haven’t found anything out yet, have you?”

Aizawa shook his head, “you need to go home and get some rest. Try to take this off your mind and let us settle things.”

“Yeah...of course.” Deku frowned slightly, “have a nice day sir, I know you’ll find Ochako!”

Aizawa nodded and watched as Deku gathered his things and left the classroom. He sighed as his phone softly buzzed from where it sat hidden under some of the papers scattered on his desk. He figured it was an update from Yagi or Hizashi; however, when he picked his phone up an unknown number flashed on his screen. He pressed his lips into a thin line and opened it.

Hero’s failed us a long time ago. Will they fail Uraraka Ochako as well?

Whoever these people were seemed to be getting gratification out of taunting him, Yagi as well.


Deku had left the classroom after his check in with his homeroom teacher. He dragged his feel slightly as he headed through the school, going back outside to leave. Despite Aizawa’s words, the bout of worry in his stomach didn’t settle down. Who would want to hurt Ochako? He wondered. He couldn’t imagine anyone to have a grudge against her, after all, she was so kind and friendly. She was tough as well, whoever took her really must’ve been serious. Deku had been so consumed by his thoughts that he hadn’t noticed the body walking in front of him. He grunted slightly, falling back onto the ground after walking right into Bakugou, who looked back at him with a scowl.

“Watch it, nerd!” He snapped.

“Oh, Kacchan, sorry. I didn’t see you.” Deku fiddled with the straps of his school bag, his eyes drifting back down.

“What are you walking around like that for?”

“It’s just…” Deku trailed off. Aizawa had said not to worry the other students, but he couldn’t help but blurt it out. “It’s just that Ochako is missing!” He cried, tears bubbling in the corners of his eyes. “I’m worried about her, I don’t want her to get hurt.”

“Missing?” Bakugou quirked an eyebrow. “Are you talking about what happened in class? You all are just making a big deal out of nothing!” He huffed, “she just didn’t come to school, that doesn’t make her missing.”

“No, she is!” Deku defended. “I went to her apartment and there's no sign of her. It looked like she was taken out of bed and none of her neighbors had seen or heard from her either.” The tears in his eye threatened to fall, “Aizawa said to tell the Pro’s handle it, but I’m worried about her!”

Bakugou turned away from the shorter, walking away. “H-hey!” Deku called after him. “Why are you walking away? Don’t you care about her!” Deku ran to catch up to him, “aren’t you worried?” Bakugou gave a half shrug, continuing to march forward. “Wait, Kacchan, isn’t your home this way?” Deku slowed as his classmate began in the opposite direction. “Where are you going?”

“Are you that dumb? Where do you think? I’m going to check out Pink Cheeks place.”

“You’re going to Ochako’s? I’ll go with you, we can investigate together!” Bakugou rolled his eyes, turning to keep walking and making no effort to stop Deku from following him.

When they got to the apartment Bakugou walked right in, against Deku’s want to knock to see if she’d come home yet. The pair stood in the doorway for a moment after shutting the door. It looked like a normal apartment and there really was no sign of a struggle at all. The dishes were clean, the lights off, and everything looked in order. “Look Kacchan, the shoe rack is full.” Deku pointed out.

“Yeah? So? They’re just shoes.”

“Yeah, but here school shoes, boots, and everything else are still here.” Deku pointed to the neatly lined shoes, “she doesn’t have her shoes, so they must’ve taken her from here rather than the street.”

“So she made it home after the mall,” Bakugou added before walking farther in. He groaned in slight annoyance after a few minutes of looking around. “So much for looking for clues, there’s literally nothing here!” He huffed and headed down the small hallways to kick open the bedroom door. He was immediately hit with a blast of cold air. The curtains fluttered around the open window as icy winter air invited itself in. He hurried to shut it. “So they came in or out through the window.” He turned to look around. Her school uniform was laid out neatly on her desk chair He tossed her fallen pillow back on the bed as well as the blanket. He stopped at the sight of a footprint stuck in the rug. He grabbed his phone to snap a quick picture. He knelt down, a hard grayish substance was stuck around the boot print. “Cement?” He questioned aloud, chipping at it slightly. “Hey, nerd get in here!”

Deku’s footsteps were heard as he quickly ran it. “What is it?” Bakugou pointed at his findings for Deku to get a look for himself. “It’s covered in cement, are there any villains who have quicks like this?”

Bakugou shrugged, “the hell if I know.”

Deku gasped as he looked up, he pointed a trembling finger at the sight of blood droplets on the floor and smears of it on the side of her bed and headboard. “I...I didn’t see that when I came here earlier…”

“Must’ve hit her over the head,” Bakugou spoke, pressing his lips into a slight line. “Come on, we should get out of here.” He beckoned Deku to follow. “Before the Pro’s get here to investigate themselves.”

“Right…” Deku peeled his eyes away to follow him. “Where now?”

“There’s a logo on the footprint. I say we find out where it's from.” Deku peeked at the photo and grabbed his own phone to look it up.

“It says it’s from a small shop downtown, they make costumes.”

“Hero costumes?”

“I guess so, here’s the address.”

The pair took off down the sidewalk. The snow’s light descent from the sky had stopped earlier, leaving the gray sky tinged with gray. The sun was out, though obscured by clouds. Despite the joy of the Holidays around them, both Deku and Bakugou remained silent as they looked around the busy streets for this shop. “Hey, Kacchan?”

“What?” Bakugou replied flatly, shoving his shivering hands in his coat pockets.

“Why are you helping me out? You don’t act like you like Ochako much…”

Bakugou hummed as he looked over to the other. He scoffed, “dumbass, it’s not about liking or not liking her.” He began, “she’s been kidnapped and needs saving. What kind of hero would I be if was selective of who I saved?” He questioned, “A hero saves anyone in need regardless if they’re friends or not.”

Deku stared at him for a quiet moment before quickly replying, “you’re right!” He exclaimed, “I’m glad you're helping me Kacchan, between us and the Pro’s looking, we’ll definitely find her!”

“Who are you!” Ochako attempted to sit up but found her head had begun to spin in pain. She laid back down quickly.

“Oh, sweetie lay back down before you hurt yourself.”

“Who are you?” She questioned again, rolling to keep her eyes on the woman.

“Who am I?” She leaned forward, letting the light from outside hit her face. Her wine-colored lips were stretched into a sickly kind smile. Her olive eyes were sharp and accompanied by dark makeup. Her skin was fair with brown freckles dotting along her nose and cheeks. Her hair was long, falling down her back in wispy strands of dark red. The right side of her head was shaven though, revealing her hairs natural color of black. Her heel boots clicked against the hard floor as she tapped it lightly. The boots were black and running to about her knees. Her pants were black as well and cut low. Her top was a dark brown, cropped to reveal her flat lower tummy as well as a tattoo that was partially hidden. She wore a rust red jacket that was trimmed with black fur and hung loosely off her left shoulder. “Well” she began, “of course I’m not going to tell you my real name. Solar Flare is what my villain friends call me.”

“Solar Flare? I’ve never heard of you before…”

“Course not. I’ve always laid rather low.” The woman inspected her red nails before moving to snap them, a small flair of an ember jutting out to hit Ochako and burn her. She hissed, biting down in pain. “It comes in handy you know, laying low. None of these heroes know who I am or what my quirk is. I don’t think they’ll be finding use anytime soon.”

“Why...why am I here?” Ochako shivered as a cold draft hit her skin. Still only wearing her pajamas didn’t help.

“You are here to prove a point Uraraka.”

“A point?”

She nodded, “it’s nothing personal, you were just our best opportunity. Honestly, I was hoping Eraser Head or All Might had had some kids by now so I could do it to them, unfortunately, fate didn’t grant me that much. So you, a promising young hero and student of theirs, is the next best option.”

“You’re the villain who's been attacking all those people, aren't’ you?”

“Oh no, not me. That’d be y partner, the one who helped me last night. I convinced him to give me a hand, after all, he’s getting to do such wonderful things with you rather than scouring the streets for hurt people.”

Ochacko's eyes widened in fear, “what do you mean? What are you going to do to me?”

“Oh, so many things Uraraka.” Solar Flare sighed. “I can’t wait to begin. You are my message to this city. Hero’s are nothing more than a crutch that the people of this city to lean on. They divulge everyone ounce of trust into them when in reality all these heroes are just characters playing dress up. With the pressures of this world on their shoulders, hero’s are destined to fail from the beginning. It’s time people learn that heroes will never be there for them in their real time of need. They’re too busy parading around and being praised for lackluster work while true and horrible crimes are committed right under their noses.”

Solar Flare stood up and walked over to Uraraka with a grin, her heeled boot hit her stomach hard. “You’re going to be our example to this city: not everyone can be saved.”

Yagi grip tightened around his phone as he read the most recent text from this unknown villain.

You never saved me All Might, so I'm going to make sure you never Uraraka Ochako.

Chapter Text

“Any luck on those messages?”

“Not at all” Aizawa sighed, looking over at Yagi, who’d stopped to stand in the doorway of the classroom. The school day had ended an hour or so ago and while Aizawa had stayed to finish some grading, he had no idea was Yagi was still hanging around. “What are you still doing here?”

“Just thinking about this mess” he sighed, “these villains are still attacking civilians by night, and now they’ve kidnapped a student. They're taunting us with these messages and we haven’t even been able to locate them yet.”

“It’s only been a day” Aizawa commented, closing the book before him and standing up. “Tomorrow we’ll-”

“Time is everything in these cases Shouta!”

“I know that.” He snapped back, closing his eyes with a sigh. “The police and other pros have already been searching for her, everyone’s working together to bring these guys in. We’re not the only ones. Responsibility doesn’t just fall onto you, you know that?”

“I know that” Yagi sighed, “these messages are just getting to me.” Aizawa hummed in agreement. “Have they contacted you any more?”

“Yeah, about an hour ago.” Yagi pulled his phone out, walking over to Aizawa to show him.

“You never saved me All Might, so I’m going to make sure you never save Uraraka Ochako.” Aizawa glanced at Yagi, who’d suddenly become much more interested in the floor rather than looking at the messages again. Aizawa couldn’t blame him if someone were to say it to him he likely wouldn’t feel the best. “This villain” he began, “they claim you failed to save them, any idea who?”

“No, I can’t remember a time where I’ve failed so harshly that would cause someone to turn to something like this.”

After a few moments of silence, Aizawa sat back with a soft sigh. “Yagi, do you remember Renko?”


“Renko Akagi, she was all over the news. I remember seeing her face plastered everywhere...along with yours...the tabloids were all over the case, you don’t remember?’

Yagi was silent for a long time. “I do…” He finally spoke quietly. “I haven't thought of her in years, I try not to. It had been too late when I found her. Renko…”

Aizawa collected his things, “why don’t you come to my place? We need to look into this Renko woman more in-depth.”

“This is the place,” Deku commented. He and Bakugou were standing outside a small shop hidden between two much bigger and popular stores. Bakugou cocked his head to the side, his hands shoved in his coat pockets in an attempt to keep warm. The windows of the rundown building were blacked out and a sign was taped on the double glass doors, reading “keep out” in big, bold red letters.

“It’s closed,” Bakugou stated bluntly, his eyebrows knitting together. Deku approached the door, brushing away the thin sheet of grime sticking to the door to peer inside, finding the shop empty with just a few scrap items and garbage left behind.

“So much for that lead…” Deku sighed, “maybe we should just tell Aizawa what we found and leave it alone.”

“Is quitting all you know how to do dork?” Bakugou snapped.

“No, but in truth, what else can we do?” Deku turned back around, pressing his back against the door. “Our only clue was this shop and it’s already gone dead.”

Bakugou hummed, though more to himself, as he pulled his phone out again to pull the photo of the shoe print up. “Whatever villain that took pink cheeks quirk has something to do with cement, if we can figure out possible matches to him then we might find some kind of lead.”

“How are we going to do that?” Deku questioned, “I don’t think any villains are just going to answer our questions.”

“Easy” Bakugou began, “we’ll go undercover, hit out the hotspots for crime in the city, try to get answers.”

“I don’t know about that Kaachan…” 

“What are you scared? Toughen up if you want to find your friend.”

“I want to find Ochako, but is this the right way to go about it?” Deku questioned, “if we do figure out where she is, then what? The villains who took her could capture us, then what?”

Bakugou shrugged away Deku’s worries, “I don’t hear you thinking of any plans.”

“Maybe we should just tell Aizawa what we’ve put together and leave it alone…I want to find Ochako, but….” Deku’s words were left to hang in the air as his eyes trailed up the building's second story. He swore that he had seen something moving up there. Bakugou quirked an eyebrow and followed the shorts gaze up there. The shop was abandoned, but the apartment above it looked in tack. “I saw something up you think the owner still lives here?”

“Let’s check it out.” Deku followed Bakugou around into the alleyway between the shop and another building. They only way up besides through the shop was the fire escape. Bakuhou jumped to gran the latter above, pulling himself up with easy. He didn’t wait for Deku to follow, instead, he continued up the shaky stairs until getting to the window. He peered through the dirty glass, finding the small apartment looked rather abandoned inside. There was just one light sitting in the center of the room. There didn’t appear to be anyone in there, so bakugou pried the frozen window open and slid inside. Deku followed him just a few seconds later. Inside there was no heat and the lamp was one of those cheap battery-powered ones; leaving the room dim. The roof appeared to be leaking in a few places and Deku swore he saw a few rays scurry through the hallway. 

“I swore I saw something walking around” 

Bakugou shrugged and looked around the wrecked place. There was trash discarded all around, old takeout boxes stacked on the countertops and clothing scattered around the floor. There was a small set up in the corner, a sleeping bag, and a few things. Someone must’ve been staying up here at some point. The most surprising thing about the apartment was the walls. There were all sorts of photos and clippings pinned to them. “Look it’s us!” Deku exclaimed, brushing away the thin layer of dust coating a cluster of photos. There were pictures of all the class 1A students, taken without their knowledge in all sorts of places and times. There were; however, an alarming amount of photos of Ochako. “They've been watching her-all of us.” Deku breathed, nervousness clear in his tone.

“Yeah” Bakugou eyes searched the walls. There were newspaper clippings of All Might and Eraserhead, as well as all of the other big pro heroes. Articles that were written on, photos, notes, just about anything one could think of littered the walls. “This wasn’t just some random kidnapping. Someone's been planning to take her.”

“Uhm…kaachan?” Deku’s voice sounded even more nervous as he called of Bakugou, who had taken through reading through a few of the notes written on the all. 

“Stop calling me that!”


“What are you yelling about nerd, you want someone to hear us up here-” Bakugou had looked up in annoyance, but his voice quickly fell silent as he spotted just what Deku was getting so worked up over. There was a shadow in the darkness of the hallway of the apartment. Deku had backed away closer to Bakugou as the large man’s figure loomed over them. Suddenly the boys became more aware of the dried clunks of cement dotting the floor.

Turns out they didn’t have to look hard to find that cement villain.

“Get out of the way!” Deku shoved into Bakugou as a large, hardened ball of cement flew out from the darkness at them. The boys stumbled to the side while the ball hit the wall, tearing threw it and leaving a hole behind. The man came running at the pair, a majority of his body seemed to be encased in a shell of cement as if some kind of shield. Both Deku and bakugou had to work to dodge the man’s punches as he swung rather wildly at them. Before he knew it Deku gasped for air as the unnamed villain go him in the gut, the cement hit harder than Deku could’ve imagined as the air was taken right out of him and his body was launched back and through the window. Civilians ran as Deku’s body hit the road outside. He groaned, little cuts appearing as he tried to move. He could feel a small shard of glass stuck in his shoulder as he slowly sat up. His whole body was hurting and he still found it hard to fully regain his breath.

Bakugou was out on the road not long after. He landed much more graceful than Deku, shooting back up into a fighting stance. The villain followed quickly after him, landing just a few feet away before making a run for him. Bakugou grinned, running at him as well. The Villain raised a large first to strike him, but an explosion rang through the air. Smoke clouded around them as they both backed away from each other. Bakugou, on the other hand, didn’t waste any time in going in for another blow. The cement armor around the man had begun to crumble from his arms as he attempted to black the explosion. Bakugou grinned in triumph as he got another strike, but his face quickly dropped as the villain grabbed him, picking him up with ease and throwing him back towards where Deku was starting to recover. He collided with Deku, both boys groaning as Bakugou rolled off and away from him. Deku wasn’t looking too good, appearing pretty banged up and bleeding from a gash in his head. 

The villain looked ready to charge at the boys again, but he stopped in his tracks. Looking around, he appeared to be reasoning with himself. He turned to run away, leaving Bakugou to get up and begin to chase after him, yelling in anger that he couldn’t just run away. Deku on the other smiled as he caught sight of two heroes approaching them, one staying back with the boys while the other chased the villain.

Ochako stopped her struggling when she heard Solar Flares footsteps begin to echo in the distance as the Villain returned to her. She had left a few hours ago, leaving Ochako bound and laying on the ground. The young girl was ice cold, trembling as she was almost ready to beg for any kind of blanket to cover her freezing, pajama-clad body. She doubted she’d have any luck with it though. While Flare was gone Ochako had taken to struggling immensely against her binding, rolling around and trying to find some way out of them. She did that on and off until she returned, leaving Ochako to stop in her movement and lay back down before Flare saw her.

She had no idea what the villain had left to do, but she was not happy to see her return. She still didn’t have many answers as to who she was or what she wanted from Ochako. “Trying to get out of your bindings?” Flare commented. Walking right up to Ochako with an amused smile. Her boot slammed down onto her stomach without any warning, leaving Ochako to cry out. Again Flare stomped on her side, burying her heels into the younger's ribs and jamming her boot into her upper body without much care. Ochako wasn’t sure just how long Flare spent kicking and stomping on her, but she felt a wave of relief wash over her when she finally stopped. Her skin was stinging, bruises sure to begin to form.  

Ochako peace wasn’t long as Flare dove down to grab her hair, and yanked. Ochako cried in pain as Flare drug her by her short locks. The woman brought her into a smaller room that looks much more livable than the open factory outside. Flare released her hair, leaving her lying in the middle of the warmer room. Ochako trembled, tears clouding her vision as she rolled onto her side to face away from the villain. Why is this happening? She cried silently to herself, why me...I don’t understand. What does she want with me!?

Suddenly Ochako found her body yanked back to face Flare, who was now straddling her. Ochako kicked, her wrists digging into her bindings. “Damn, Uraraka you have a better body than I thought!” Flare commented as her lithe fingers groped up her sides and to her chest. Her hands tugged her shirt up, leaving Ochako to struggle to keep her pajama top on.

“Get off of me!” She screeched, trying more than ever to free her hands from the bindings. Flare just laughed and surprisingly removed her hands. She stood up over her, her eyes peering down at her with a horrible glare.

“You’re not in any position to demand anything.” She commented, “but I will leave you alone for now, really it’s not my thing, but you know what is my thing?” She questioned with a smile. “I quite enjoy filming things, maybe once my partner gets here I’ll the camera out.”

“What are you...what are you going to me- please!” Ochako’s eyes were brimming with tears, her face red in embarrassment and anger as she looked up at the older woman. 

“Me? Well, I’m going to hurt you of course.” Flare knelt, leaning closer to Ochako until they were face to face. “I’m going to beat you until you can’t move, I’m going to break every bone in your body, burn you until the whole building smells of burning flesh. I won't stop until you’re black and blue and red- until no one can recognize who you are.” She hissed lowly, her olive eyes peering into ochako’s. “And when my partner returns, he’ll do worse to you.” She smiled, “and I am going to film every second of it. I’m going to show the whole city. You’re friends, your family, the Pro’s, everyone is going to see what we do to you. You’re going to watch every tape back. And we’ll repeat this process until you understand that no one is going to come for you.”

Ochako trembled at the sound of Flares words, his calm voice and smile sent chills down her spine. There was nothing in Flares tone of expression that gave Ochako any hope that her words were lies or exaggerations. Flare was serious and she sounded excited to do it all, and that’s what truly scared Ochako. 

Chapter Text

Day Three

Ochako hit the ground hard, a new wave of pain spreading through her. She let out a scream as tears blurred her eyes and her leg began to throb with horrible searing pain. Flare was standing over her with that mean glare Ochako had come to expect from her. With her quirk activated the tips of the older woman’s fingers were glowing a rust orange color. Her leg was almost spasming in pain, the bottom half of her sweatpants burned off and her delicate skin almost beginning to bubbling. Again Flare gripped Ochako’s ankle, her quirk quickly heating up her hand and soon beginning to burn her all over again. She laughed, a camera was pointed down at the youngers body, capturing everything as Flare had told her she was going to do.

Ochako tried to kick her away, but she was only meet with Flares hand quickly flying up to grab her chin and force her face still. Her fingers were burning Ochako’s cheeks as she dug her nails into her skin. “Try to kick me again and I’ll burn every inch of your body,” she hissed.

“Please- just-” Ochako screeched as Flare stood back up and stomped on her stomach. Ochako tried to use her arms to cover her head as Flares continued to jam her boot randomly into her body. She hit old bruises with intent to leave new ones. Suddenly Flares boot was stepping onto her burned leg. Ochako screamed the loudest she had the past few days. Flare ground her heel into her red and raw flesh. The burning sensation that had died down began to grow once again. Flares heel slammed on the ground as she stood over Ochako, the Camera was pointed directly at the girls red and tear stricken face. “Smile for the camera!” She laughed, her lips twisting into a frown as Ochako only moved to bury her face away. “Do what I tell you!” The villain roared, smashing the bottom of her boot into ochako’s face. “Smile!” 

Ochako’s body was shaking with sobs, her face flooded with tears, and blood began to trickle down from her nose. She took a few shaky breaths before looking up at the Camera and forcing her lips to upturn in a pained, tearful smile.

Day Seven

Ochako was hungry. She had lost track of how many days she’d been stuck lying on the ground. All she knew was that she hadn’t eaten anything since she’d been taken. Her stomach rumbled and turned in hunger, small pains poked her stomach and left her struggling to think of anything but a nice meal. Flare was currently asleep. She’d passed out lounging on the sofa, the small set up of computers still on and buzzing with activity. She’d been going through the footage from the other day, leaving Ochako to rewatch and listen to Flare’s comments. 

Slowly she shifted up, wincing as her bruised knees pressed into the cement. She struggled to stand all the way up, but after a few moments, she was on her feet for the first time in what felt like months. She took a pained step forward, her burned legs begging her not to. Tear’s built-in her eyes as she grit through the pain and walked out of the room as quietly as she could. She looked around the open factory, there had to be somewhere she could cut her bindings off. Her arms had been tied back for days and her muscles were screaming for any kind of movement. Her hands almost felt numb at this point and feared what would happen if they stayed bound so tightly any longer. Even if she got her hands free she wasn’t sure if she was even strong enough at the moment to make good use of it. Just get your arms free and get out of here. She told herself, quickly walking around the factory. Her eyes searched wildly for anything, finally settling on a stray piece of metal poking out from one of the support beams. She walked up to the jagged metal with a small smile. She lifted her arms up, hooking the bindings on it and beginning to pull down and saw them off.

She had to stop herself from crying in relief when they finally snapped and her arms dropped down. Her hands were stiff and imprints of her binds were pressed deeply into her wrists. Her hands looked a bit discolored with an odd tone of blue and red. She pressed her hands to her chest like some kind of form of comfort. She didn’t wait around much longer either as she pushed herself to hurry across the long stretch of the empty room. She had entered another impossibly large storage area, leaving her to sigh and look around. There were windows high on the walls, very much out of her reach. She could see the darkening sky, the sun had set just a little bit ago leaving the sky to fade to a dark color, a faint purple left in the sky. She stared for a few moments, it was silly, but she felt so overjoyed to see the sky like that after laying in that cold room for so long. 

“Gravity girl, where’d you go?” 

Ochako’s moment of relief was cut short at the sound of Flare singing her name. She hurried as quietly as she could across the room, hoping she could make it out fast enough before Flare found her. Ochako came to a door, the cold air from outside blew in from below it. She smiled and took the handle, giving it a yank. She stepped back as the heavy door swung open, but her smile quickly faded. There was a large man waiting for her on the other side and just from the look of him, she could tell that he was no hero here to save her. 

Ochako took a few steps back as the new villain walked towards her. Was this the partner Flare had been talking about all this time? She looked down at her hands, they were still stiff and tender and she wasn’t sure if she could handle trying her quirk at the moment. “There you are.” Flare’s voice was edged with amusement as she sauntered into the room. “Well, you arrived just in time, didn’t you Stone Colossus?” Ochako was sure she had heard that villain’s name before on the news, nothing big, but surely a few petty crimes. The man hummed in response to Flare. “Do me a favor and grab her for me” Flare turned on her heel to head back to the room, while Colossus walked to tower over Ochako. The girl swallowed hard, her eyes searching his muscular and thick form.

I might as well try! She thought, closing her eyes as she moved to slap her hand on his arm, her fingers barley gripping his forearm. She tried as hard as she could, but she felt her stomach lurch in return. This was it. She didn’t have anything left in her tired, bruised and hungry body to fight back properly. She hardly managed to keep the vomit down as the villain drove his fist into her stomach, taking the wind out of her and leave her to fall back and cradle her stomach. Tears pricked her eyes as that horrible feeling of sickness spread through her. Colossus grabbed her upper arm and pulled her up with ease, tossing her body over his shoulder like a ragdoll.

Ochako wanted to beg Flare not to bind her hands again, but she feared what the woman would do in response. To her surprise, Flare pulled her arms back and locked a pair of handcuffs to her wrists. It was better than those impossibly tight zip ties she supposed. Ochako sat on her knees, her body hunched over slightly as she waited what fare was going to do to her for trying to escape, but for once Flare didn’t seem interested in her. She was talking to Colossus, his voice was low and deep and Ochako could hardly hear him as he more so mumbled to Flare.

“What?” Flare stomped her heel, “you want me to feed her even though she just tried to run away?” 

“Just a little” he grumbled.

Flare rolled her eyes and looked down at her. “Fine, I’ll go get something for her, but you can spoon-feed the brat.” She left the room in a huff. Ochako glanced at Colossus, almost wishing Flare hadn’t been the one to leave. At least she knew Flare a little, but she didn’t have a clue what this man was all about, but the way Flare spoke about what he could do to her didn’t leave her very hopeful.

Colossus was sitting there watching the tapes Flare had taken. Ochako could hear her own screaming and crying, which made her huddle lower to herself. How many times would she have to relive it? Once he was done Colossus stood up, “get up” he ordered, leaving Ochako to push herself up slowly and follow him. He led her into what looked like the old employee break room. They headed down the hall and into one of the washrooms, she looked around the old room. Her nose scrunched slightly at the faint scent mildew in the air. The bathroom was pretty big and typical, but there seemed to be a few stalls for showers towards the back. Ochako’s bare feet carefully navigated disgusting tiled floor as he led her back there. He turned to her, uncaring blue eyes peering at her as he moved to unlock the handcuffs. He took a step back to speak, “strip.” He told her, his tone the same low and scratchy tone.

“Wh-what?” She stuttered out, her posture suddenly becoming more defensive. 

“Strip” he repeated, his tone growing more annoyed. Ochako stared at him with pleading eyes and a trembling lip. 

“I-I don’t really need a shower, do it? I mean what's the point? I’ll be fine-”

“Do it before I do it for you” he hissed.

Ochako looked down at her tattered and dirty pajamas. She moved slowly, her muscles tense as she could feel his eyes boring into her. She slid her sweatpants off, kicking them off her feet and to the side. Her fingers gripped the hem of her shirt, she didn’t have a bra or anything on underneath it as she usually didn’t when she slept. Her face was hot and sweat rolled down her neck and forehead as she lifted her top. She dropped it to the side and quickly moved her arms to cover her bare chest. The water was running when she stepped into the small stall. It was cold as it splashed on her skin. She looked back at Colossus, relieved that he was facing the other way, watching the exit. Ochako stepped under the water, it was blasting crudely from the showerhead, cold and a bit slimy at first. She trembled hard as the cold water ran down her body and weighed her hair down. She did feel a bit better, less dirty and more awake. She was quick in washing up, in fear that if she took too long Colossus would pull her out or something. She washed her hair, scrubbing her greasy and tangled lock with a silent sigh.

When she stepped out of the shower a towel and a change of clothes were passed to her. Shocked, she took them with a shivering hand. She reveled in the soft towel as she dried herself and while the clothing was just a simple shirt and pair of sweatpants she was just as happy to pull the fresh clothes on. Despite the discomfort and embarrassment of it all, Ocahko felt significantly better. Her hands still ached and her legs were a bit stiff as the burns on them were beginning to scab over and heal, but the grim and blood from the past few days were gone.

Colossus took her back to the room where Flare was waiting with a small bag in hand. She tossed her partner the take out food and turned to go back to her own devices. Ochako sat down on the floor, folding her legs and watching as Colossus took the small box of takeout, though didn’t until cuff Ochako again. She eyed food with hopeful eyes, the smell lingering around her was causing her already aching stomach to growl harder. 

“I can feed myself…” She tried to argue, but only got a warning glare from Flare while Colossus kneeled before her and spoon-fed her. It’s better than nothing Ochako told herself as she leaned forward a bit to take a bite.

“Don’t mistake my actions for kindness” Colossus suddenly spoke, giving her the last spoonful of food. “I have just as much intention to hurt you as Solar Flare does.” He warned.

Day fourteen

“Do you really think anyone’s coming for you?” Flare spat as she watched Colossus drive his foot into the young girl’s ribs once again. 

Ochako hesitated to answer but knew she had to. “Y-yes...I do” she breathed shakily at the pain in her lower ribs. 

“It’s been two weeks” Flare retorted.

“I know they’ll come for me” She stiffened her cries, “All Might...Deku...Mr. Aizawa, they won’t stop looking for me, I know they won't.” 

“Oh please” Flare scoffed. Ochako’s yelped in pain, her back arching as a hot spark hit her back. 

“It’s been two weeks what do you want from me!?” She cried, fresh tears rolling over the dried ones. Her shoulder hit the ground as Colossus kicked her again. “Just let me go” she spoke quietly.

Flare shared a look with Colossus, who moved to pull Ochako back up by the hair. Flare got close to her, here level with her. “This isn’t even the worst to come.” She warned. 

(Warning: this section and the next will contain themes of forced sexual activity and abuse. Please skip if you’re triggered by or don’t want to read such material.)

Day sixteen 

What had she done this time? 

Ochako whined as her bare knees smashed against the floor. Flare was standing behind her, gripping her hair. Colossus was sitting before her, whatever niceness he’d displayed other that first day had faded away. He was quiet and Flare did do most of the beatings, but Ochako found that when he joined there wasn’t much in terms of remorse in his body. Now, as he peered at her with sharp eyes she could tell that nothing was going to stop what was about to happen. Flares fingers remained tightening entangled in her hair as the sound of the man shifting before her. New anxiety took her mind as the soft sound of his belt slowly being undone filled her ears. Her eyes widened before she snapped them closed, hiding her gaze as he worked to undo the buttons on his pants.

What had she said? Ochako thought quickly about the events before this, but her mind was racing to fast for her to focus. She can’t Ochako felt her stomach shifting as a sick feeling of nerves began to brew inside. They can’t- they can’t do this she tried to tell herself as if it would make things stop. Ochako had never even seen a guy her own age like this, let alone a man. She could tell he was done shaking his pants down as a silence filled the room again. Ochako kept her eyes closed and her breathing still. Please, just be a dream…

“Open your eyes” Flares crude voice startled Ochako as the woman pulled her hair back slightly, “open your mouth too” she smirked, “since you want to be so rude, this will shut you up.”

That’s right. Ochako remembered now, she’d been angry; laying in a mess of tears as she completely broke down for the first time for them. She’d yelled at them, called them names, promised that Mr. Aizawa and everyone else would make sure they suffered as much as she was. She wasn’t sure what would happen when she was rescued, but she hoped they’d be punished to the full extent.

Ochako hesitantly opened her eyes, squeaking slightly as she was pushed farther between Colossus’s legs. She tried to pull back and wiggle out of Flares grasp, tossing her body around with whatever strength she could muster up. “Stop struggling” Flare grunted as Ochako tossed her head back into her nose. The older woman hissed in pain before tightening her grip on Ochako, her knee prodding into her back as she shifted the girl back into place. Ochako squealed at the feeling of Flares burning fingertips pressed into the side of her face as she brought a hand to pry her mouth open. Ochako’s eyes brimmed with tears as she felt the man’s length being pushed into her mouth. She gagged a bit at the unfamiliar feeling, her whole body growing tense. She tried to pull back a bit but felt Flare force her head down farther onto him. 

Flare was talking, making her snarky and teasing comments as she always did, but it was as Ohcako couldn’t even hear her. Her eyes were focused on Colossus’s stomach, trying not to look up at him because she knew if she did all she could see was the camera leering down at her. Her stomach was churning and she tried her hardest to stiffen her gagging in fear of actually getting sick. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if she did and didn’t want to find out. 

“Come on, take if farther” Flare suddenly snapped and Ochako found her head being shoved down hard. Her eyes were wide open, tears springing from them wildly. Her nose just pressed against her crotch and she felt his penis slipping into her throat. She sputtered immediately, gagging as she struggled to breathe. Suddenly she felt her head pulled up and her mouth free. She panted as tears continued to streak down her face. Strings of saliva stuck down her chin and dripped onto the floor as she fell into a coughing fit. She felt flare loosen her grip on her hair before fully letting go. She made the mistake of looking up, finding the camera pointed down at her face. Her cheeks grew deep red in embarrassment as more tears welled in her eyes. “Wow, you’re in for a long night.” She snickered, as she took the Camera from Colossus. Suddenly Ochako felt a rougher hold than Flares take her hair. Colossus yanked her back to him, causing Ochako to squeeze her eyes shut in some kind of attempt to prepare herself. 

Ochako felt like she’d been there forever. Her knees ached and her jaw was growing sore. Flare was standing at the side filming, for once having shut up with her comments. Her scalp stung as Colossus continued to pull her by her hair, shoving himself in and out of her mouth with occasional grunts. Suddenly he stopped, holding her head in place as a heavy groan left him. Ochako immediately tried to pull off of him as she felt his penis twitch in her mouth and a somewhat bitter fluid shot down her throat.

He let go of her when he was finished. Her body fell back as she coughed and craned her neck to try and whip the spit from her face on her shirt. She stopped worrying about the camera filming her for a second as she tried to compose herself. She could feel a new wave of tears rushing over her body as she thought about what exactly had just happened. Flare stopped filming finally and Colossus had disappeared into the room. Ochako fell back onto the floor with a shaking body, She tried to hide her face away, letting her hair fall into it. She heard Flares heels stomp against the floor as she made her away after Colossus. 

Ochako laid there quietly for a few hours. Flare and Colossus came and went around. She was unsure of what they were doing and she made no effort to look and try and figure it out. The was dark outside now, a pale moonlight peered through the dirty windows around the factory. Ochako had closed her eyes, enjoying the silence and ready to let her body drift to sleep. She wasn’t sure how long she slept, but she was woken with a hand around her ankle, pulling her over to where Colossus was standing. She stared at him with distressed eyes while he only pulled her up. Her body fell into his and she could tell something was wrong. She had a bad feeling that told her to get away from him. She tried to move away but found his grip tightening on her, quickly she found her body thrown back onto the ground. He fell onto her with a wicked grin, his hand curling around the hem of his shirt and beginning to pull it up.

Ochako’s throat began to burn. She was screaming louder than she ever had during her time here. She kicked her legs under him as he pinned her down. She could feel a deep chuckle vibrating through his chest as his hands ran over her sides. Ochako laid there stiff as a board and tensing in panic. Larger hands crept up her sides, over her stomach and her chest. His hands dipped under her shirt and she trembled at the feeling of rough, calloused fingers against her sensitive skin. She took deep breaths and closed her eyes as her struggling began to weaken, she was tired. Nothing she was doing was going to get him off of her. Tears dripped down her face as he cupped her breasts, squeezing them a bit too hard. Ochako bit her lip, holding in the whale that wanted to escape her throat. She had never done anything like this with anyone before, she was still a virgin.

Colossus sat back slightly, a hand ran up her leg as the other fell on her knee. Uncut nails scratched against her outer thigh, slowly creeping inward. Ochako pressed her thighs together, only for him to pry them open. Tears had swelled in her eyes long ago and she couldn’t seem to find her voice as he slipped her underwear down, finger brushing over her. She jumped slightly, begin to squirm once again. Her legs tried to move up and kick him off, but she found his weight drop on her, pinning her down. She felt chapped lips brush over her own. She froze, her first kiss? Like this? With him? Tears fell from the corners of her eyes, running down her face and falling onto the floor. He pulled away suddenly and she found her already disarrayed clothing was being pulled off. 

Her bare back pressed into the cold floor as he pushed her back down, moving to undo his pants for a second time that day. She opened her mouth, please spilling out of her as she begged him to leave her alone, to do anything but this to her. He ignored her, and pressed between her legs. She struggled under her, “smile Ochako.” Her eyes shifted to Flare, who she hadn’t even noticed had crept up to her with the camera. Suddenly she cried out as his penis pushed into her. She cried, a numb pain spreading through her body as he roughly pushed in and out of her. Ocahko recoiled at the new and unfamiliar feeling as ragged breathing hit her neck and shoulder. Her eyes were blurred with tears.

Finally, when it was over, Ochako remained on the ground. Her throat hurt and her face was hot and stained with tears. Her body hurt just about everywhere, her legs sore and chest heaving. Flare was walking around her, still filming, but Ochako didn’t have enough energy to care at the moment. She wanted to curl up and sleep, close her eyes and never wake up again.

Day nineteen

Ochako hadn’t done much the last three days. She’d gone through the same motions. Bean, attacked, starved, everything. She had taken to lay there quietly, no longer trying to defend herself or talk back. One night, after being gone all day, Flare and Colossus burst in. neither said a thing to her and both were collecting their things, all the memory cards and cameras. 

“Hurry up!” Flare snapped, tossing her bag over her shoulder and storming out of the room with a gas container in hand. Ochako sat up slowly, only for Flare to kick her back down. She listened as gas splashed against the ground as Flare seemed to be tossing everywhere. 

“What about the girl?” Colossus questioned, having grabbed the rest of their things. Flare turned to her with a smirk. 

“She’s served her purpose, let her burn with the rest of the place.” Ochako flinched as what was left in the gas container was splashed onto her. Flare smiled, “it’s been a pleasure Uraraka, can’t wait to see you on the news later. Missing student found dead: Hero’s too late to save her ” she mused.

“W-wait-” Ochako’s eyes widened as flare snapped, sparks falling from her fingers and to the gas. Fire engulfed the liquid quickly and the villains left just after. Ochako tried to stand, her legs screaming as she forced them to take a few steps. The fire was spreading fast, smoke engulfing the room. Why did they leave so fast? She asked herself, were-were they onto them? She looked around, had the pro’s really caught onto them and were coming? That would make sense since they were burning their evidence...but Ochako remember that she was evidence. She looked around, her arms bound just as tight as always. She tried to navigate the room, to get out, but the smoke was burning her eyes and it was becoming harder and harder to breathe.

“Help!” She cried out, falling to the ground. She cried out, her beaten body aching. “Help!” 

She couldn’t get back up, her body was too tired. Here eyes weighed down and watered at the smoke, please, please someone help me she rolled on t0 her back, struggling to see through the thick smoke.


Suddenly a lone voice broke the rumbling of the flames. It was familiar to her, but she was too hazy to place it.