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Vacant Eyes

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“See you later Ochako!”

“Bye Momo, bye Tsu!”

Ochako giggled as another snowflake fell onto her nose. She closed her eyes, the small flurries of snow descending down onto her as she stood outside the small cafe. The golden light from the cafe shone through onto her, leaving a golden hue against her motionless form. Uraraka had just left the small establishment, a small bag of baked goods tucked in her arm as she held a steaming cup of hot chocolate in her other hand. Momo and Tsuya had disappeared down the street, both heading back to their respective homes as the night grew late. The three of them had gone out with the rest of the Class 1-A girls, Momo and Tsu had been the ones to stay out with Ochako the longest, eventually, they realized just how late it had been getting. So, they stopped at a small cafe on their way home to grab some baked goods and cocoa before splitting ways.

Ochako sighed as she recognized the sweet warmth of her drink in her hand. The bitter December air nipped at her reddening nose and cheeks, biting at her ears and fingers. The city was still busy around her as people walked along the crowded streets. Shoppers carrying bags, other teens walking with their friends or talking on their phones. Children ran about or walked close to their parents as they navigated the bustling streets. The Holiday season was clear in the air as twinkling lights were strung about. Garland was twirled around lamp posts, the trees were decorated with ornaments with ribbons around their trunks. Their bare branches blinking with lights. In the center of town, which was now a good walk away from where Ochako stood, there was a large tree set up, decorated from head to two. The girls had spent quite some time there, taking photos in front of it.

Ochako had broken from her daze of watching the snow slowly falling from the night sky when a man walking by bumped into her. She called an apology out to him before looking the other way, beginning her walk back to her apartment. She pulled her phone out at the feeling of its vibrations. She unlocked it, slowing her pace slightly slowing as she read over the text she’d received.

Ochako, the guys and I are at the ice rink skating. Do you want to come?

Sorry, Isuku, but I’m heading home now. We all should go again together some other time!

She slipped her phone back into her coat pocket. It was getting late and even though they didn’t have class tomorrow she still wanted to get home and go to bed. Ochako walked for a few minutes, finishing the chocolate chip muffin she’d bought at the Cafe and stopping to toss the bag and empty cup of coco away. The young hero in training looked around, finding that the streets were growing emptier and emptier the closer she got to her apartment building. The young girl picked up her pace when she caught sight of the building. She ran up the stairs, ready to hide from the cold night air.

“Finally home!” She sang as she locked the door behind her. She flicked on the light to the front room on and hung her coat up, kicking her shoes off after. She set her gloves, scarf, and hat down on the table before heading for the small kitchen area, grabbing a bottle of water and heading for her bedroom. Ochako stopped in the doorway for a moment, something about her room looked off. She couldn’t put her finger on it though, but she had the feeling that something was missing or maybe just not in the right place. She did a quick look around, but shrugged it off and moved to grab a towel and her pajamas. The hot water felt amazing as she took her time in the shower. It felt even better to change into her pajamas and flop into bed. Her thick covers were soft and inviting as she laid down after hours outspent with her friends.

Ochako was quick to fall asleep, buried under her covers peacefully and blissfully unaware of the dark figures creeping into her darkened room.