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Fatal Mistake

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Kagome never thought too much about it. About the nice man who suddenly entered her life and who would go above and beyond to make her happy. She never had that before. She is a seventeen year old girl who never experienced love, and it was exciting to have an older guy fawning over her. If only she knew. If only she hadn’t trusted him so much, this probably would have never happened. But it’s too late now for regrets.


Chapter 1.

Kagome bounded down the stairs gleefully, she was in a good mood for once. She had stayed up late studying for her math exam which she was sure she was going to pass. She felt more confident than usual. She walked into the kitchen and called out good morning as she took her seat.

Her grandpa peered over his newspaper as he watched Kagome grabbing some food to eat from the wide array her mother had prepared that morning.

“Geez, sis, you’re in a good mood this morning. What’s up with that?” Sota asked before stuffing his face full of omelette.

“There’s a math exam at school today that I know I’m going to ace, everything made sense when I was studying last night!” She said excitedly as she took a bite of her rice.

“Hmmm, I think I have a good luck charm that can aid you during your exam. Let me see where I put that crows foot.” Her grandpa started to get and Kagome knew better than to stick around.

“Oh shoot, I’m running late! Thank you for the food mama, I gotta go!” She got up from the table so fast and slipped her shoes and backpack faster than everyone could call out goodbye to her.

‘That’s the last thing I need,’ she thought, while bounding down the stairs. ‘a crows foot to pass my exam. Can’t my grandpa get me more normal gifts?’ She walked down the street and made her way to the normal meet up spot to see her friends.

She practiced memorizing the math formulas in her mind as she walked the next few blocks. They always met out front of the convenience store a block away from the train station. She smiled as her friends came into view.

“Morning!” Kagome called out when she was in front of them.

“Kagome, did you study last night for the exam? Ugh, I’m pretty sure I’m going to flunk it.” Yuka nervously said as she gripped her backpack strap tighter.

“Yeah. I sure did! I think I’m actually going to be ok this exam?” Kagome beamed back, her ray of confidence shined down upon her friends wave of anxiety.

“Oh! I need to get a few snacks from here before we go. Is it alright if I can grab something real quick?” Ayumi asked as she reached into her backpack to get her wallet out.

“Can’t you wait until after school? We don’t have time to be stopping here.” Yuka was already trying to leave but the pleading look of Ayumi broke her resolution.

“Alright, but you have to make it quick! We can’t be late for the train.” Yuka said as the three of them followed Ayumi into the store. They followed Ayumi to the coolers while she picked out a drink. Kagome was looking around at the shelf behind them at the array of potato chips when she saw a figure in her peripheral vision.

She looked up the see the cashier staring at her, she quickly looked away, but she could still feel the eyes boring into her. She looked back up to see he was still staring at her.

He had long black hair tied up into a high ponytail with striking blue eyes that seemed even bright against the paleness of his skin. He was wearing a big baggy shirt that was purple in colour for the stores uniform. Kagome looked away again and stuck closer to her friends. Ayumi grabbed hot meal and went to the counter to pay.

The cashier scanned the meal through and the drink and bagged the items. “It’s a total of $14.85.” He looked at Ayumi while she counted her bills out. Kagome intentionally avoided eye contact with him, she could feel her cheeks getting warm when she thought she could feel him looking at her.

“If you don’t mind me asking, are you girls heading to Saiga High school?” The cashier asked as he took the money from Ayumi and made her change. He gave Ayumi the bag and Yuka had a devilish grin spread across her face. Kagome panicked on the inside, she really didn’t want Yuka to hook Kagome up with this super creepy guy.

“Yeah, we do actually, do you go there too?” She asked flirty and Kagome mentally slapped herself.

The cashier laughed but it almost sounded forced out. “I used to go there, I recognized the uniform. You better hurry if you want to catch the train, if you leave now you’ll just make it.” He smiled at them, Yuka giggled like she was a little girl. Kagome rolled her eyes but noticed that his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

She also noticed that her friends were not moving to the door of the store to catch said train. She pushed on Yuka’s backpack forcing her to move. Kagome gave a strained laugh, “Well look at the time, we better be going. Don’t want to be late!”.

The cashier didn’t smile as they left but called out after them, “See you next time ladies. Thank you for shopping.”

Once they were out of the store Kagome stopped pushing Yuka. She let out a huge sign of relief, the last thing she needed was that creepy guy knowing where they were going to be.

“Kagome, what gives? That guy was totally into us, we should have gotten his number? Did you see his eyes? They were such a pretty blue! He must be half!” Yuka exclaimed as she clutched her hands to her chest giggling like a little school girl.

“I don’t know Yuka, I have a bad feeling about him. He was staring at me the entire time we were at the store.” Kagome hugged herself, she could still feel those piercing cold blue eyes boring into her.

Yuka stopped in her tracks and yelled, “What?!? He totally has the hots for you!!” Kagome tried to shush her but Yuka was way to excited over this.

“Yuka, shush! We’re in public!!”

“We have to go back soon, we need to hook the two of you up!” Yuka winked at her as the other two girls just giggled. Kagome groaned at the thought of being with a creepy guy like that.

The group of girls walked off down the street unaware of the man with the ponytail was watching through the window the entire time.


He tried to avoid going into the office, he really tried to avoid it. But when he got the phone call to go in this morning and that the chief officer wanted to meet him personally only made it worse.

He slinked his way through the office sneaking past the other officers as he sat at his desk. He groaned at the sight of all the paperwork stacked on his desk, the aftermath of his last shifts disaster.

He heard a chortle of laughter coming from behind him, Inuyasha slowly turned around in his chair as he came face to face with the culprit. Miroku had a sly smirk on face, he usually did when Inuyasha had messed something up.

“Oi, you blind or something? Does this look like your desk?” Inuyasha snapped he was already getting worked up.

“I just didn’t think you would show up today with the Captain wanting to see you. I’ll see you later after he spits you out!” Miroku waved as he left Inuyasha in his pit of despair. He turned around to try to start tackling the paper work.

“Takahashi-san,” Inuyasha turned around again in his chair to see the Captains secretary bowing behind him. “The Captain would like to see you immediately in his office.” The secretary stood up, and gave Inuyasha a soft smile.

“Good luck Inuyasha, he’s not in a good mood this morning.” She gave him a worried look but Inuyasha gave a cocky smile back.

“Sango, don’t worry about me. I faced worse than the chief yelling at me. I’ll be fine, and I’m more worried about you being with-“ Sango's heel somehow managed to get on Inuyasha's toes cutting him off mid speech. He nodded in agreement to not finish the sentence when he caught the look of death emanating from her.

“Just go see the chief officer soon, ok?” She stormed off clicking her heels as she walked. Inuyasha followed her in the same direction, he walked past a few rows of desks, he grumbled to himself how stupid this meeting was going to be. Sango looked over her shoulder and seemed surprise that he was already attempting to head to the meeting. She stopped at her desk which was right beside the captains door, and looked over a few pieces of paper that was just recently dropped off. She straightened her grey blazer and matching pencil skirt before knocking on the captains office door.

A sound came from the inside, Inuyasha couldn’t make out what it was. Sango carefully opened the door calling out, “Good morning, I have Mr. Takahashi as requested sir. May he come in?” Another sound could be gently heard but Inuyasha still couldn’t hear what it was. Sango opened the door further and waived her hand in, an indication that he could go.

Inuyasha nodded at her and walked into the office, trying to be cocky like he felt moments ago. But the air was cold, and silent in the small office. There was one window but the blinds had been closed over it. The only light in the room was from the ceiling incandescent above the desk. The chair was turned around, the back facing Inuyasha. He scoffed at this, amused that the chief officer was trying to play hard cop.

He sat in the chair and waited for the captains chair to move. It never did and the air was becoming increasingly awkward, Inuyasha couldn’t stand it.

“Look, I know I caused a lot of problems in the last case but I swear that’s the last time it is going to happen. You and I both don’t want to be here so let’s just cut-“ The captains chair turned around so fast and the hands hitting the desk so hard actually made Inuyasha jump. Which doesn’t happen to often. But it wasn’t the captain in the chair, it was someone worse than the captain .

“Little brother, do you think that being a police officer is just a silly game? You are making this district a laughing stock which I will not allow!” Sesshomaru moved his pale hands off the desk as he recollected his image. His glare deepened as he looked Inuyasha once over, frustrated at his brothers appearance.

“Do you even know what really happened? All of my actions paid off, that woman survived because of me!” Inuyasha angrily spoke, his brothers accusations only making his mood worse than it was before. Sesshomaru stood up and walked around the desk, sitting in front of Inuyasha. His face didn’t emit any emotion but Inuyasha knew there was rage in those eyes.

He was chief of the police force, higher than the captain. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes as he stared at Inuyasha's defiant face.

“Listen here, little brother,” his voice sounded like acid as he spoke. “Father left this district in charge to me. If I had a choice you wouldn’t even have a place in this district, but it’s fathers will to have you here so I keep you here to please him. Saving that woman costed the department over $80,000 in damage that could have easily been prevented if you would have listened to SIMPLE orders.”

“But if-“

“ENOUGH!” Sesshomaru bellowed at Inuyasha which wiped the cocky look from Inuyasha's face. “I don’t want to hear any excuses you have regarding the incident. For the damage you inflicted you will be facing a two week suspension with no pay.”

Rage seethed through Inuyasha, he only did what he thought was right, his partner agreed with his actions when they worked together on this case. They pleaded their case together to the chief and he seemed to agree with his actions he took. This was just Sesshomaru's way of getting rid of him for a bit.

“This is fucking bullshit! Go fuck yourself you rigid asshole!” Inuyasha yelled at Sesshomaru while getting up from the chair. He was suddenly pushed back down and Sesshomarus face was a mere two inches from Inuyashas as he spoke, there was no malice in his voice which actually made Inuyasha a tad scared.

“If I could fire you, you would have been long gone. Fathers will hangs above my head as a daily reminder of how I can’t get rid of you. One more mistake and I’ll see to it that you can’t ever work in the police again, or that you bear fathers name. Pack your belongings and get out.” He spoke through clenched teeth and he slowly rose up away from Inuyasha.

He straightened his suit jacket as he opened the door of the office giving Inuyasha one final glare. Inuyasha understood the message, get the fuck out before you make me regret only giving you a suspension. Inuyasha stood up and stomped out of the office down to his desk. He grabbed what he brought in and stormed out of the office.

He bounded down the steps from the second floor of the office down to the lobby. He wasn’t going to stop for anybody.

“Inuyasha!” Inuyasha grumbled as he turned around to face Miroku. Miroku ran down the last few steps and exasperatedly threw his hands in the air.

“Well what happened? You can’t leave without saying anything!”

Inuyasha folded his arms across his chest, mentally counting in his head to calm down.

“I’m suspended for two weeks with no pay. The captain thought that was a fit punishment for me.” Inuyasha scoffed, he was trying to play it cool but he did feel bad for leaving his partner alone.

“Hey, take care of yourself Miroku. Don’t get into too much trouble without me around. Take care of Sango, I’ll see you later.” Inuyasha waves as he walked away not wanting to leave Miroku behind.

“Inuyasha, you don’t need to worry about me getting into trouble. I’m more worried about you.” Miroku waved him off, Inuyasha turned to face him and gave him a small smile.

The next two weeks are going to be long.