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curiosity killed the cat (but satisfaction brought it back)

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{saturday, august 25th, 2018; 9:34AM}


user: bunkoo97  [9:34AM]

jiminie i'm beating your ass with my timberlands when you get back today

user: minyoon3  [9:36AM]

uh . who's jiminie

user: bunkoo97  [9:37AM]


user: minyoon3  [9:38AM]

i literally don't know ANYONE who uses a ps4 anymore

who are you, a loaded-ass ten year old male who somehow knows how to use kakaotalk?

you've got the wrong user fuck off

user: bunkoo97  [9:38AM]



user: minyoon3  [9:38AM]

listen, this is already an absolutely ungodly hour of the morning

i really can't do this right now

especially not with a geek-ass ten year old who uses a ps4

and actually types out "gasp" in the chat

user: bunkoo97  [9:39AM]

my apologies kind sir i did in fact enter the username wrong



a poor boy was just tryna get JUSTICE


those things cost CASH

and i'm really fuckin BROKE

user: minyoon3  [9:40AM]

dear god what the hell do you have to be so loud for

catch this block!

user: bunkoo97  [9:40AM]


i'm really bored :(

user: minyoon3  [9:40AM]

and what does that have to do with me

go talk with this "jiminie" you speak of

user: bunkoo97  [9:41AM]

he's at work :((((((

entertain me kind sir

user: minyoon3  [9:41AM]

say, you tell me you're broke

so why aren't you

oh idk


user: bunkoo97  [9:41AM]

i've already got a part time tho :(

and i'm desperate but DEF not desperate enough

to get TWO part time jobs

i'd much rather just rt sugar daddy challenges on twt ;(

oh hey

mr. minyoon-three

do you

user: minyoon3  [9:42AM]

if you even fucking think about finishing that sentence

i'm blocking you for real

user: bunkoo97  [9:42AM]

u didn't even kno what i was gonna say!!!!!!!!!!

user: minyoon3  [9:43AM]

you were gonna ask me to be your fucking sugar daddy, weren't you?

user: bunkoo97  [9:43AM]


how'd u kno

user: minyoon3  [9:44AM]

i'm psychic.

user: bunkoo97  [9:44AM]



user: minyoon3  [9:45AM]

wow! sarcasm not fucking detected!

user: bunkoo97  [9:45AM]


kind sir


or missus


you seem like a guy

you cuss too much to be a girl

what's ur name

unless ur name is actually minyoon-three

but that would be really fuckin cruel

user: minyoon3  [9:47AM]

jesus christ kid

why the fuck do you text so much


user: minyoon3  has changed  user: bunkoo97 's chat name to  annoying fucking brat !


annoying fucking brat  [9:48AM]




annoying fucking brat  has changed  annoying fucking brat 's chat name to  jungoo :3 !

jungoo :3  has changed  user: minyoon93 's chat name to  ugly grandpa :( !

ugly grandpa :(  has changed  ugly grandpa :( 's name to  yoongi!


yoongi  [9:50AM]

what the fuck kid

ugly grandpa? that's the best you could come up with?

you're probably a fucking ten year old gremlin

who uses way too much deodorant

your name's fucking jungoo with an emoticon?

what a fucking furry

jungoo :3  [9:50AM]

you used fuck four times!

a new record!

also i'm no ten year old furry ;(

i'll have you know i'm a handsome

and incredibly well sculpted young man

also since i figure your name's yoongi, my name's jungkook!!!!!!

i bet you're a fifty year old dude who has scoliosis! :))))))

yoongi  [9:51AM]

i'm getting a master's degree in university right now, actually

so fuck off

jungoo :3  [9:51AM]


that's actually,,,,

kinda cool

what're you majoring in

yoongi  [9:51AM] production.

jungoo :3  [9:52AM]


that's awesome

i love music

at one point i was planning 

to do singing as a minor but :/

classes got too busy so

yoongi  [9:52AM]

wait, you

you're in college?

jungoo :3  [9:52AM]


don't act so surprised >:(

i'm smart!!!!!!!

i'm getting an undergrad in visual arts

i'm in my second year

yoongi  [9:53AM]

hmm. i'm in my second year getting my master's

so i'm four years older than you.

which means i'm your hyung.

treat me with some fucking respect.

jungoo :3  [9:53AM]

w-were you born in 93?????

yoongi  [9:54AM]


i assume you're born in 97 then.

from simple math, and of course, "bunkoo97."

jungoo :3  [9:54AM] 

i sense sarcasm :(

yoongi  [9:54AM]

great. you're getting better at detecting it.

i'm going, then. my roommate's set something in the kitchen

on fire again and i really don't want to burn the apartment down.

jungoo :3  [9:55AM]

just throw a wet towel over it, happens all the time in our dorms!!!!!

it even works on the ceilings!!!!!!!!!

just throw it up there like a frisbee

or like you're tossing pizza dough :3

yoongi  [9:55AM]


i'm not even going to ask

jungoo :3  [9:55AM]

that'd probably be for the better :))))))

good luck!!!!!!!




{sunday, august 26th, 2018; 3:07AM}


jungoo :3  [3:07AM]

i'm assuming you put the fire out by now!

either that or your apartment really burned down

and you're suffocated buried underneath tons

of charred timber right now!

yoongi  [3:09AM]

jesus christ kid, that's dark

and why the fuck are you texting me at 3am

people actually do something called fucking sleeping?????

jungoo :3  [3:10AM]

if you were sleeping, you wouldn't have texted me back, would you? :))))

yoongi  [3:11AM]


jungoo :3  [3:11AM]

i'm smarter than you think i am!!!!

also i just thought you'd like to know that i gave jimin

a legendary ass beating !

with my timberlands, as promised!!!

yoongi  [3:12AM] 

uh congrats kid

what the hell are you doing up at this hour you're like five

jungoo :3  [3:12AM]

hey, i'll have you know i'm turning 20 in like a week!!!!!!

also i could ask u the same question

i'm playing overwatch lmao

yoongi  [3:12AM]

overwatch? you really are a ten year old geek jesus christ

i'm literally just finishing up a track. i'm fi



jungoo :3  [3:13AM]


YOONGI DID YOU DIE????!?!?!?!?



yoongi  [3:14AM]

chill kid, i'm fine.

jungoo :3  [3:14AM]



yoongi  [3:15AM]

okay, first of all, you don't know where i am

or what i look like

and also if you came and saved me in a fucking pokemon hoodie

i'd rather just die honestly

jungoo :3  [3:15AM]


can't believe i shut down my console for u :(((

(but rlly r u ok)

yoongi  [3:16AM]

yeah, yeah, i'm fine

was just working on this track for a while and my brain kind of malfunctioned

i'm running on double shot coffee and red bull combined right now

i don't think i've blinked for the past 20 min

jungoo :3  [3:16AM]

coffee and red bull? there's no way ur still alive right now 

also you probably need to sleep

i'm willing to bet you've been in that studio for a while

yoongi  [3:16AM]

how long do you guess? 

jungoo :3  [3:17AM]

idk,,, since friday night????

yoongi  [3:17AM]

wow kid

how'd you guess

jungoo :3  [3:17AM]

idk you just seem like an overachiever i guess

someone rlly serious about what u do

and ur probably willing to give up ur health to get things perfect

idk that's just the kind of person i see u as

yoongi  [3:18AM]


maybe you're not as dumb as you let on

jungoo :3  [3:18AM]

ok wow rude >:(

(but rlly i'm sure the track sounds fine and u deserve a nap)

yoongi  [3:18AM]

you type out emoticons. you can't blame me for thinking

that maybe you're a little less intellectual

(thx i needed that)

jungoo :3  [3:18AM]

sigh well you already made me turn off my console :((((

so i might as well go to sleep

gnight yoongs

yoongi [3:19AM]

yeah goodnight kid

also never call me yoongs again

jungoo :3  [3:19AM]

whatever u say, grandpa


yoongi  [3:19AM]

wow the disrespect


yoongi  [3:27AM]





{sunday, august 26th, 2018; 9:03AM}


jungoo :3  [9:03AM]

rise n shine! up nd at em! let's move it move it!!!


yoongi  [11:37AM]


why. the fuck. did you even text me at 9am

that's like. the crack of satan's ass 

in fact, 11am is still terrible

i'm going back to sleep

jungoo :3  [11:39AM]

noooo you have to get up so you don't mess up your sleeping schedule!

eat a nutritious breakfast!!!!

lots of protein and carbs you need the energy!!!!!!!

yoongi  [11:40AM]

why do you sound like one of my friends

are you a fuckin health nut who does personal training on the side like him

because if you are please kindly never speak to me again

jungoo :3  [11:41AM]


remember when i told you i'm very well sculpted

i work out a lot

like a lot

i'm actually on a run right now!!!!!!!!!!!

you can't talk tho >:( you mix coffee and red bull

and stay up really really late a looooot!!!!!

i bet u woulda pulled an all nighter if i hadn't texted :((((

yoongi  [11:41AM]

how fucking dare you

i am the pinnacle of health

jungoo :3  [11:42AM]

i sense a lie, hyung

yoongi  [11:42AM]

oh, so you're hyung-ing me now

jungoo :3  [11:42AM]


uh yeah

sorry we've only talked for like a day

uh i can

like not do that

yoongi  [11:43AM]

tbh i don't care

but for someone who calls me hyung

u really don't show me any fucking respect

jungoo :3  [11:43AM]

oh haha


yoongi  [11:43AM]

honestly, idc as long as you don't call me

ajusshi or fucking yoongi-ssi

because both of those make me feel really fucking old

jungoo :3  [11:44AM]

don't lie to urself hyung you're a grandpa trapped inside a young adult body!!!!

also can i call you yoongi-sunbaenim

bc ur my senior :DDDDDD

yoongi  [11:44AM]

absolutely fucking not

jungoo :3  [11:44AM]

oh oh OH


yoongi  [11:44AM]

oh no

jungoo :3  [11:45AM]

(bass boosted) YOONGI SENPAI

yoongi  [11:45AM]

hey siri fastest way to fucking kill myself

jungoo :3  [11:45AM]

pls senpai i love u :(((

yoongi  [11:45AM]

i'm blocking you.

jungoo :3  [11:45AM]


yoongi  [11:46AM]

give me ONE reason why i shouldn't block you.


jungoo :3  [11:46AM]

bc i'm ur cutest dongsaeng and u love me!!!!!!

yoongi  [11:46AM]

i hate you.

jungoo :3  [11:46AM]

ur not blocking me tho!! :DDDD

yoongi  [11:46AM]

ugh. whatever.

jungoo :3  [11:46AM]


omg i'm at this REALLY cute coffee shop near campus :DDDD

and the special today is red velvet chocolate swirl pie ARE U KIDDING ME

yoongi  [11:47AM]

you're gonna buy pie? i thought you were supposed to be on a ru


red velvet chocolate swirl pie?

jungoo :3  [11:47AM]

yeah hyung :3 


yoongi  [11:47AM]


is the name of the coffee shop

so far away cafe

jungoo :3  [11:47AM]

omg yeah!!!!! do you co


yoongi  [11:48AM]


what arts university do you go to

jungoo :3  [11:48AM]

uhhh sua?

seoul university of the arts?????

yoongi  [11:48AM]

oh my god

jungkook we go to the same university

jungoo :3  [11:48AM]








yoongi  [11:49AM]

jungkook no offense

but i'm pretty sure you don't want to meet me irl

jungoo :3  [11:49AM]



yoongi  [11:49AM]


jungoo :3  [11:49AM]





yoongi  [11:49AM]

jungkook listen to me

jungoo :3  [11:49AM]



yoongi  [11:50AM]



if we meet in real life

you're going to be really,

sorely disappointed.

jungoo :3  [11:50AM]


what are you talking about?

yoongi  [11:50AM]

i'm saying that i'm really not everything you expect me to be, jungkook.

i'm quiet and awkward and kind of ugly and

jungoo :3  [11:50AM]

oh cmon you're just saying those things

i really really wanna meet you hyung

yoongi  [11:51AM]

look, jungkook


i'll be right back

jungoo :3  [11:51AM]



where'd you go???



jungoo :3  [12:32PM]

you know, if you didn't want to meet me

you could've just said...




{tuesday, august 28th, 2018; 2:38AM}


yoongi  [2:38AM]

oh my god no no no jungkook it's not that

you're probably asleep right now goddamnit

i got caught up in an errand i was running for a professor i'm sorry

i just think i'll really disappoint you if i meet you in real life is all

but i thought about it for a while and

jungoo :3  [2:40AM]

and what?

yoongi  [2:41AM]

oh jungkook thank god

i decided

that maybe

we could make a bet out of it?

jungoo :3  [2:42AM]

what do you mean?

yoongi  [2:42AM]

okay, it's like this.

you get ten guesses

jungoo :3  [2:42AM]

ten guesses for what

yoongi  [2:43AM]


let's put it this way

you said you had a basic idea of what i look like

and want to see if it's correct

so you have ten guesses

jungoo :3  [2:43AM]



okay ...

yoongi  [2:43AM]

you can send me ten pictures of people you see on campus

and i'll tell you if they are me or if they aren't me

if you find me on one of your guesses

then you can come up and say hi

jungoo :3  [2:42AM]


and if i don't?

yoongi  [2:43AM]

i don't know

i haven't gotten that far


jungoo :3  [2:44AM]



yoongi  [2:44AM]


ok great

some basic ground rules

you can look for me in or near the music building

you can look for me anywhere on or off campus

you can't ask people what i look like

you can't go to music production lectures i would go to

you can't interact with my professors

you can't use my name to seek me out

just really no using anything or anyone else to figure out who i am


jungoo :3  [2:45AM]


yoongi [2:45 AM]

oh my god, jungkook

jungoo :3  [2:45AM]

okay deal

yoongi  [2:46AM]

okay. okay, jungkook.

the race begins now.




{tuesday, august 28th, 2018; 8:30AM}


jungoo :3 [8:30 AM]

g'mornin hyung!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD

the search starts today!!!!!

are you excited

to LOSE????

yoongi  [8:32AM]

i feel like that question should be aimed towards you instead

jungoo :3  [8:33AM]

oh my god are you actually,,, awake right now????

does the deal still count if you're killed and replaced by an alien

that doesn't know how you act

yoongi  [8:33AM]

i'm very aware that it's really fucking early, kook.

unfortunately, i have a morning class at 9:00.

and i need to make coffee before i go.

jungoo :3  [8:34AM]

really???? ur lucky all the masters classes are always later in the day :((((

my class starts at 8:00

yoongi  [8:35AM]

i literally had to go through it all before but ok


jungkook, are you texting me in class

jungoo :3  [8:35AM]


it's a really boring class i promise!!!!!!!!

yoongi  [8:36AM]


jungoo :3  [8:36AM]

:(((( pls hyung it's sooo boring

the professor is talking about the history of impressionist art

i have to text you or else i'll fall asleep

yoongi  [8:36AM]

pay attention to the lecture, jungkook.

jungoo :3  [8:37AM]

pls... i'm fading away...

yoongi  [8:37AM]


god, i'm running late.

you're gonna make me late to my class, jungkook.

i can't believe you.

jungoo :3  [8:37AM]

but hyung :((((

i'm bored!!!!

yoongi  [8:37AM]

and i'm late, jungkook. goodbye.

jungoo :3  [8:38AM]

ok yoongi hyung, but once i finally see u in person

i'll make u apologize >:(


yoongi  [10:16AM]

that's if you can find me, mr. jeon jungkook.

jungoo :3  [10:20AM]

wait what


yoongi  [10:21AM]

hey, the deal was that you find me.

we didn't say anything about me not finding you.

don't worry, i still haven't seen your "god-tier beautiful face."

jungoo :3  [10:21AM]



yoongi  [10:22AM]

you fucking brat

i told you you'd get caught, but did you listen? no

i passed a professor on my way out complaining about one jeon jungkook,

who got in trouble for texting in class

you were right though. he is an old bat

jungoo :3  [10:22AM]

my pride is wounded :(

my reputation is gone :(

yoongi  [10:22AM]

oh, don't worry, jungkook

with me, you didn't have much of a fucking reputation anyway!

jungoo :3  [10:23AM]


i didn't ask to be attacked like this

also i may or may not have starting singing taylor swift's new 

album under my breath just now

yoongi  [10:23AM]

i'm sorry, you fucking what

also you better not be texting me during class right now

jungoo :3  [10:24AM]

joke's on you i'm on break !!!!!!! 

hold up

are YOU texting me in class??????


yoongi  [10:24AM]

no, asshole, i'm on break too

i've got an hour before my next lecture

jungoo :3  [10:24AM]


that means

you're on break

and you're probably still on campus





yoongi  [10:25AM]

oh my fucking god

i regret everything

jungoo :3  [10:25AM]




yoongi  [10:25AM]

i'm both terrified at the fact you're coming

and disgusted at the fact you called me "yoongs"

jungoo :3  [10:26AM]

you love it, i know you're a secret softie :DDDD

okay now since i'm texting you

i have to look for someone with a phone in their hand

unless you text on a computer which is really fuckin horrifying

i don't wanna meet you if you text on a computer

yoongi  [10:27AM]

so if i told you i text on a computer, you'd leave me the fuck alone?

jungoo :3  [10:27AM]

... mmmmmm nah

yoongi  [10:27AM]

damn it

well it was worth a try

jungoo :3  [10:28AM]

you're not getting rid of me that easy >:)


jungoo :3 [10:31 AM]

{picture attached}

guess 1 !!!!!!

yoongi  [10:33AM]

dear god this may be the blurriest picture i've seen in my life

aren't you a visual arts major

but also no

i'm not in the campus square

jungoo :3  [10:34AM]

dammit :((((

also i do painting and sketching and that stuff, not photography >:(

the height's the most off, isn't it?????

you seem like someone who's kind of tall

he's pretty short :/

i'm 178 cm if u were wondering!!!!!

yoongi  [10:34AM]

i wasn't wondering, but thanks i fucking guess

also is that your thigh????

jungoo :3  [10:35AM]


oh yeah it is

yoongi  [10:35AM]

jesus christ kid that's a big fucking thigh

jungoo :3  [10:35AM]

thanks, i can crush watermelons with them!!!!

me and taehyungie tried it once in the dorms :)))))

i told you i work out a lot!!!

yoongi  [10:35AM]

and to think when i first met you, i thought you were a ten year old limp stick

to be fair, you still text like one

jungoo :3  [10:36AM]


yoongi  [10:36AM]

wait, did you say taehyung?

as in

kim taehyung? photography major?

jungoo :3  [10:36AM]

yeah!!!!! omg do you know him

yoongi  [10:36AM]

jungkook, you can't ask people i know what i look like

but yeah. we're



jungoo :3  [10:37AM]




yoongi  [10:37AM]

ah yes, i too love to have frindes 

jungoo :3  [10:37AM]

oh shut up old man






jungkook quickly shuts off his phone and breezes through the door of the cute coffee shop he had visited on sunday ("the one where you found out yoongi went to the same university as you!" a tiny piece of his brain whispers). as he ambles up to the counter, he takes a quick look around. it's highly unlikely that yoongi is in this coffee shop, especially after jungkook mentioned it to him, but he still looks around for anyone who kind of fits jungkook's mental image of yoongi. unfortunately, he doesn't find anyone at first glance around the crowded area. unsurprisingly, this place seems popular. maybe it's because of the general ambience, or maybe it's just because the coffee and pastries are really fucking good.

after jungkook picks up his order from the counter—a caramel latte with extra cream and sugar, along with a red velvet cake pop because he's always a slut for red velvet—he looks around for a place to sit. all the tables and couches seem to be taken, and people are even standing all over the place, but jungkook's been walking around all day and his feet are fucking hurting, so he sucks it up, gives a big fuck you to his social anxiety, and goes off scavenging for someone who looks friendly enough to share a seat with. his hands (which are already full with the latte and the cake pop) itch to grab his phone and check for a response from yoongi.

jungkook looks around the front, and after finding that even all the tiniest seats are shared and completely filled, he treks off to a back alcove he sees from the front counter. when he reaches it, it's surprisingly much more quiet than the front of the store, even though, like the front, all the seats are filled. 

then, he spots someone in a corner, honey blonde hair and headphones poking out from behind a computer screen, and looks to the other side of his table. yes—the chair is empty! he quickly starts power walking over, putting the latte down to tap the man on his shoulder. 

and wow.

if that isn't the most beautiful face jungkook has ever seen.

the man's face is round and full, but still thin and fragile-looking, almost like a doll. his honey blonde hair flows down in wavy bangs, half covering his face. he's got black thin-rimmed glasses on, which only make his cat-shaped and delicate eyes look bigger and brighter. his nose is slightly red and absolutely adorable, and his lips are pale at the edges and a rosy pink in the middle. 

jungkook finally realizes he's kind of—well, oglingand shakes his head slightly. snap out of it, dammitthe man is still staring confusedly at him, already pulling his headphones off of his ears, so he puts on his best smile and sticks out his hand at the empty chair.

"hi! i'm jeon jungkook, second year," jungkook blurts out, unaware of how the other boy's eyes go almost comically wide. "i noticed this chair is open, and i've been walking around all day and my feet kind of hurt, so i was wondering if i could sit down or something?" he says, voice almost going down to a whisper at the end. 

when he's finished, he realizes the other boy is still staring at him. strangely


like he knows him. 

"uhm, yeah, go ahead," the boy finally says, deep and gravelly voice sending uncontrollable shivers down jungkook's spine. he didn't talk loudly, but somehow, his voice overtook all of the other white noise in jungkook's ears. jungkook nods slowly and pulls out the chair, plopping down and sighing as his weight is taken off his feet. he pulls out his phone, checking for any response from yoongi. when he sees one, he smiles and clicks on it.


yoongi  [10:38AM]

make me, brat


he quickly types in a response, sending it without hesitation. even if he doesn't know yoongi and they've only been talking for a little bit, he still feels more comfortable around him than most of his friends. maybe it's because yoongi doesn't have a definite face in his mind. makes it easier to spill all his secrets to.


jungoo :3  [10:47AM]

are you flirting w me hyung??????

wow you move fast 

but i mean,,,, i kno i'm irresistible 


jungkook looks up when the boy across from him's phone vibrates—he makes eye contact with him for a split second before mr. handsome looks down at his phone and snatches it up at the speed of light. okay, damn. it's not like jungkook's gonna peek or something.

actually, knowing himself, he probably would.

mr. handsome ("that's what we're calling him now? really?" his brain whispers) stares at his screen for a few seconds, his eyes wide, before slowly turning the phone off and placing it into his bag. wow, no response? cold. he looks strangely again at jungkook for a few seconds before pulling his headphones back on and turning his eyes back to his computer screen. when jungkook looks down at the man's iced drink, he realizes it's quite possibly the darkest coffee he's ever seen in his life. definitely completely black, and it definitely has more than two espresso shots mixed in there somewhere. wow, he's dying young, then. maybe jungkook wants to marry him a little less now.

once jungkook finishes his coffee and cake pop, he checks the time and realizes he's got to leave for his next class. he spends a good chunk of time debating whether or not he should say thank you to mr. handsome or just leave, but he decides to say bye. nothing wrong with showing a little politeness, and also jungkook is really thankful—his feet feel so much better. 

he slowly taps on mr. handsome's shoulder and almost giggles when his head snaps up and his glasses go slightly askew. he fixes his glasses hurriedly and pulls off his headphones, looking jungkook right in the eyes (which leaves jungkook feeling slightly intimidated, though he doesn't know why).

"thank you so much, again, uh..." jungkook pauses.

mr. handsome coughs into his hand. "august." jungkook kind of likes the name—it's an english one, he can tell, but it rolls off the tongue a certain way. august reminds him of someone, but he just can't figure out who—

"thank you, august, i definitely feel a lot better now! i really appreciate it, have a great day!" jungkook breathes out quickly, giving august a big smile before breaking out in a fast walk to the front and right out of the store. 

outside of the store, jungkook pauses slightly. he can feel his cheeks turn pink. he slowly grins, adjusts his bags, and walks back to the arts building.

even if he had to run the rest of the way there, it was worth it. so worth it.






yoongi is an idiot. an absolute fucking idiot.

sure, the boy who had stood above him and tapped his shoulder in the coffee shop was cute (really fucking cute), but when the name "jeon jungkook" came out of his mouth, it took everything in yoongi's power not to lose his shit. when the boy asked for his name, he knew it was a fucking stupid idea to cough up the name "august" from his old underground rapping days as agust d, but he couldn't help it—one look at a cute boy, and his brain automatically went to half power. one look at a cute boy who introduced himself as jeon fucking jungkook, and yoongi was absolutely screwed.

when jungkook finally leaves, yoongi's shoulders slump over in relief as he visibly deflates, earning a strange look from the girl sitting at the next table over. he sighs and buries his face in his hands, silently cursing one annoying goddamn brat with a smile that reminds yoongi strangely of a bunny. 

it's fine, it's fine. he doesn't know it's me

yoongi kind of feels like slamming his head into the table. 

now he's late for his 11:30 class, his brain feels like it's about to give out, and his heart—god, his heart.

yoongi's fucked. so fucked.






{tuesday, august 28th, 2018; 12:56PM}





yoongi-hyungie <3  [12:56PM]

you guys are not gonna believe this.

runch randa  [12:59PM]

yoongi hyung i'm with seokjin can it wait

yoongi-hyungie <3 [12:59PM]

you guys remember when you asked me why i had my

face shoved in my phone a lot more recently?

your hope, your angel  [12:59PM]

uh, yeah, that's because you're literally always texting that

"internet friend" nowadays. like literally always.

yoongi-hyungie <3  [1:00PM]

y'all better be fucking sitting down because i have a really long 

fucking story to tell






{tuesday, august 28th, 2018; 3:07PM}



best buddies :)))))


jungkookie  [3:07PM]

not even fucking around guys

i think i met the love of my life today >.<

taehyungie  [3:08PM]



jiminie  [3:08PM]



jungkookie  [3:09PM]

well i was at that cute cafe i told you guys about

and my feet really hurt but all the seats were full!!!

so i found one last empty seat

and it was in front of the cutest man i have ever seen in my life :((((

taehyungie  [3:09PM]


it sounds like a fanfiction

jungkookie  [3:10PM]


i kind of have a problem tho....

jiminie  [3:10PM]

what is it, kookie???

jungkookie  [3:11PM]


is it possible to like more than one person at the same time????

jiminie [3:12PM] 

...jungkookie, is this about that kakao mystery man you keep talking to us about?

jungkookie  [3:13PM]





jungkookie  [5:28PM]











Chapter Text


{thursday, august 30th, 2018; 3:35PM}


jungoo :3  [3:35PM]

[picture attached]

guess number 5!!!!!!

yoongi  [3:39PM]

that picture.

it was taken at night.

jungoo :3  [3:40PM]


yoongi  [3:40PM]

it's 3 in the afternoon, jungkook.

jungoo :3  [3:41PM]

ik but i took shots of a bunch of diff ppl

and i was tryna decide on which one to send :((((

i have issues w imperfection nd stuff

i just wanna get everything right all the time okay ;(

yoongi  [3:41PM]

well, for all your effort, you're sadly still really fucking wrong.

jungoo :3  [3:41PM]


i felt pretty good about this one :((((

i can't waste any guesses from now on!!!!!!!!

i already have a whole photo album of potential candidates :3

yoongi  [3:42PM]

for such a fucking idiot, you've really got a competitive streak, don't you?

you've probably photographed half the male student population at this point

also your photography skills really fucking suck

i half thought you sent me a real wobbly dick pic yesterday

jungoo :3  [3:42PM]

hey!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't want him to see me :((((

yoongi  [3:42PM]

ok jungkook but that doesn't soften the fact that you thought i could've been fucking bald

jungoo :3  [3:43PM]

can't believe u'd be so mean to ME


OMG what if i've already photographed you?????

hey u wanna see a picture of me!!!!!!!!

lowkey don't wanna send it tho cause you'll probably run when u see my face

and then i won't win :((((

yoongi  [3:44PM]

go ahead kid i've already seen your face

jungoo :3  [3:44PM]




PLEASE tell me it wasn't yesterday bc i was a really big fuckin mess

this perspectives project is gonna kill me :(

how'd u kno it was me ??!?!?!??!?!?!

yoongi  [3:45PM]

won't tell you how. i will tell you it wasn't yesterday

which is a shame because i would've had the time of my life seeing you half dead

jungoo :3  [3:45PM]

it was probably tuesday then ;(




yoongi  [3:46PM]

it wasn't, kid, trust me

and also cherry pink hair? you really are a fucking arts kid aren't you

jungoo :3  [3:46PM]

hey don't make fun of the hair >:(

i got it for a dare but i thought it was cute so i kept it!!!!!!!


did you think i was cute?????

yoooooongi hyuuuuung???????????

yoongi  [3:47PM]

jesus christ kid why do you text like that

jungoo :3  [3:47PM]

hey don't make fun of my typing you type like my grandpa >:(

well you would type like my grandpa if my grandpa was a foulmouth drunkard

yoongi  [3:47PM]

i am your elder and yet the amount of disrespect i receive is astounding

jungoo :3  [3:47PM]

hey stop avoiding the question!!!!!!

did u think i was cute :3

silence is an answer too!!!!!!

yoongi  [3:48PM]

i really fucking hate you

jungoo :3  [3:48PM]


yoongi  [3:48PM]

oh my god shut the fuck up 

i will call off this challenge just so i can storm up to you personally and tear all your cherry hair from your scalp

jungoo :3  [3:48PM]

but u liiiiiike it

and u don't wanna hurt ur cute little dongsaeng ;3

also is that a promise??? going bald is worth it if i can see ur face :DDDD

i can't believe u think i'm cute

ur so cute!!!!!

my cute hyung!!!!!!

yoongi  [3:49PM]


jungoo :3  [3:49PM]

but u love it :333

hey why is my chat name cute but yours is just ur name

that's so lame hyung

rip to ur social life

press f to pay respects

yoongi  [3:49PM]


what??? fucking what?????


jungoo :3 has changed yoongi's chat name to yongobongo!


yongobongo  [3:50PM]

absolutely fucking not

jungoo :3  [3:50PM]



jungoo :3  has changed  yongobongo 's chat name to  yoongs !


jungoo :3  [3:50PM]


yoongs  [3:51PM]



i'll take it

jungoo :3  [3:51PM]


my cute little yoongi hyung :3

yoongs  [3:51PM]

i can't fucking stand you.

jungoo :3  [3:52PM]

u love it ;)

sadly i have 2 go 2 an afternoon lecture

it's going to be boring

i'm going to fall asleep

yoongs  [3:52PM]

i'm not texting you during class, jungkook.

jungoo :3  [3:52PM]


was worth a try

you'll text me after right??????








oh my god.

jungkook stares at his last text, mentally wishing he was buried in a hole somewhere. text me after? what are we, boyfriends? you don't even fucking know what he looks like, jungkook. he curses his impulsive fingers and debates putting his phone on silent, but decides ignoring yoongi after the last text probably would just make everything weird. he stares at his locked phone, turning it sideways, upside down, turning it on and off. all he can do is wait. he's never been so fidgety over a fucking text message before, what's gotten into him?

jungkook thinks back to tuesday, when he'd asked jimin and taehyung whether or not it was possible to like two people at the same time. the thing is, jungkook really felt something with coffee shop boy the other day... but also, he found himself wishing he could find yoongi just a little bit faster so that maybe he could... he doesn't know.

the way yoongi talks, the way he hold himself and retorts to jungkook's eagerness with a natural snark had jungkook hooked from the beginning. yoongi's like an ocean, constantly pulling jungkook in, pushing him out, and pulling him right back in again. jungkook's always found it important that whoever he's with has at least somewhat of a pretty face, but somehow, with yoongi, none of that matters anymore.

all jungkook wants is to see those sarcastic comments filled with veiled fondness come right out of yoongi's lips. in yoongi's voice. he wants to look in yoongi's eyes, and maybe, just maybe, he wants to kiss him

jungkook's late to his next lecture, but it doesn't really matter because he spends the entire hour doodling cat ears and headphones and music notes, and if he maybe writes yoongi over and over again a million times, no one needs to know.

in the middle of lecture, jungkook finally decides to take a small peek at his phone. he sees two unread messages and slides right to open them.


yoongs  [3:54PM]

fine brat

but pay attention in class


jungkook smiles the rest of the lecture, his coffee run, and the entire walk back home, but really, that's nobody's business.








yoongi slams his head down on the table, groaning as his headphones slide forward. while his face is buried in his keyboard, he hears namjoon stop typing at his own and swivel around in his chair to face yoongi. 

"what's got your panties in a twist?" namjoon asks, rolling his eyes. yoongi just groans again and lifts his head from the keyboard. he's pretty sure there's a big keyboard-shaped red indentation in his face now, but he can't bring himself to care.

"can you stop it with your english idioms? they're really fucking annoying and literally no one gets them," yoongi hisses.

"you already know what it means, yoongi. i'm asking what the fuck is wrong with you this time." yoongi scowls. "is this that fucking kakao kid again? jesus, i don't get why you can't just call off the bet and fucking meet him. you're obviously in love with him, hyung." yoongi lets out an indignant sound, but the words jungkook calls me hyung too ring through his ears, so maybe the point is valid. 

and yet, after jungkook meets him in person, there's no way jungkook would like him, too. from what he saw on tuesday, jungkook's a literal fucking angel, and yoongi looks kind of like... a drowned cat. he doesn't even know if jungkook is gay, which, based on his face and his (very toned) body, he's probably not.

yoongi doesn't realize he's said it out loud until namjoon gives him an incredulous look. "seriously, hyung, what happened to mr. i am the best and literally no one can ever challenge my throne of music production? honestly, hobi and i kinda miss him, and that's saying something, because he was really fucking annoying." yoongi rolls his eyes as namjoon continues. "hyung, you're literally the most talented in our entire class of masters music production. you've got pretty much a promised position at bighit, the biggest entertainment company in south korea. and honestly, hyung, maybe you do look like a drowned cat sometimes, but usually you're actually kind of good-looking. plus, this jungkook kid seems to really like you. worst comes to worst, you get a new friend, or seokjin beats him into the ground for hurting his favorite son."

yoongi glares at namjoon (it doesn't have as much heat as he hoped it would), but silently thanks him in the back of his mind. he really needed that. namjoon seems to know how he feels, because he smiles and claps yoongi on the shoulder. "go get 'em, tiger."

and just like that, the moment is gone. "never say that to me ever again, or i won't hesitate to tear your fucking toes off your feet one by one." yoongi can sense namjoon shudder from next to him and smiles in satisfaction.

but really...

jungkook hasn't texted him in two hours, he currently thinks that real-life yoongi's name is fucking august, and he has no idea what'll happen when this unravels.

yoongi's all about control. he wants everything in a situation to be completely measured, completely perfect, so that the outcome is always what he expects every time. but this? he has no idea how this will turn out, but a churning feeling in his stomach says this won't end good.

what is he going to do now?








{friday, august 31st, 2018; 11:14AM}


jungoo :3  [11:14AM]

good morning hyung!

yoongs  [11:16AM]

this is definitely not a good morning but thanks for the fucking sentiment

jungoo :3  [11:17AM]

wow hyung's really going thru it huh

also thank u for texting me till late last night :3

i had this project that i kind of procrastinated on and i was really stressed and moody :(

but you really helped :))))))

yoongs  [11:17AM]

yeah, anytime, kid

i was up working on a track anyway

jungoo :3  [11:17AM]


now that's not right ;((((

you've been working too hard recently!!!

you need to take a break :(

hey it's just occurred to me that we talk about our majors all the time

but we've never actually


SEEN each other's work

or at least been able to match it to a person???? i guess????

if that makes sense????

yoongs  [11:18AM]

don't worry kid it does

uh well

you know the song that comes on every morning?

across campus?

the tiny jingle????

before they say "thanks for tuning in to the sua morning announcements"

jungoo :3  [11:18AM]

yeah omg

the tune is so catchy

when i was a freshman i had that stuck in my head for like the WHOLE year


don't tell me

yoongs  [11:19AM]


i made it

jungoo :3  [11:19AM]





yoongs  [11:19AM]


i did get a pretty hefty sum of money for making it tho

nice to see that a music career can ACTUALLY make money or whatever

jungoo :3  [11:20AM]

dude i would ACTUALLY pay you to make a full track w the jingle

not much bc i'm broke

but like 20 dollars cash

is like the tops i can go right now

yoongs  [11:20AM]

i'm not gonna take money off a broke and struggling college student, jungkook

i'm not a fucking demon

but maybe i will make a track out of it

jungoo :3  [11:20AM]

you should. you could sell out korea with it


here's the project i was working on last night while you texted me

[picture attached - spring_day.jpg]

it's a jpg bc i used taehyungie's camera to take the pic!!!!!

only the best quality for my baby :3

okay maybe not my baby because 

well it's definitely not the best thing i've ever made

probably not even close

and then again

i'm like 

a really bad artist

idek why i chose this major haha

yoongs  [11:21AM]

well, i know why you chose the major.

jungoo :3  [11:21AM]


yoongs  [11:21AM]

because you're really fucking talented

jungoo :3  [11:22AM]


thank you


yoongi  [11:22AM]

don't think i didn't see you stutter through text

that's fucking ugly but we'll talk about it later

but really

that painting made me feel,, something

that literally just inspired me to make music right now 

jungoo :3  [11:22AM]

thanks yoongi but

you're just saying that lol

yoongs  [11:23AM]

jeon jungkook

do i seem like the kind of person to say things i don't fucking mean? 

jungoo :3  [11:23AM]

you're right

thank you hyung

i really needed that

yoongs  [11:23AM]

dw about it kid

i know what it feels like to feel lost on a path you chose

to feel like you're not enough

but really

trust me when i say

you're really fucking talented

and hardworking

and everything else

and you're gonna go really goddamn far

jungoo :3  [11:24AM]

oh my god

please stop

i'm kind of crying in the library right now

i just let out a lil sniff and the girl at the next table is staring :(((

yoongs  [11:24AM]

oh my god please don't fucking cry

i'm gonna have to live with the fact that i made a kid cry today

i'm already stressed i don't fucking need that on my shoulders

jungoo :3  [11:25AM]

too late

and also wow i knew you were a softie on the inside :')

i was right all along

yoongs  [11:25AM]

shut the fuck up before the music undergrads hear you

they're fucking terrified of me

i get the time of my life out of making them do stuff for me

jungoo :3  [11:25AM]


omg i don't hang around music kids that much but i know a music grad student

his name's jihoon :D

he's friends with one of my friends 

yoongs  [11:26AM]

yeah i know jihoon

i like him he's got talent

he's one of the only underclassmen that isn't terrified of me

jungoo :3  [11:26AM]

really????? i thought so he seems like your kind of guy


it's my birthday tomorrow!!!! :3

i'm turning 20!!!!

yoongs  [11:26AM]

i don't know maybe this is just me

but you should probably start fucking texting like it?

just a suggestion

jungoo :3  [11:27AM]





yoongs  [11:27AM]

i mean i'm just saying

you text like a fucking furry

jungoo :3  [11:27AM]


where'd soft mushy yoongi go i miss him :(

and also

UGHDFKALFD i'm so tired

imma go get coffee ;(

caramel latte with extra cream and sugar here i come!!!!!

yoongs  [11:28AM]

a goddamn. caramel latte.

with extra cream and sugar.

who the fuck are you

that should be banned from the country

i literally cannot fucking speak to you anymore

jungoo :3  [11:28AM]

HEY >:(

somehow i knew u'd say that


i bet you drink some monstrous dark coffee

that'll make you die in like three years >:(

yoongs  [11:29AM]

i mean you're not wrong

jungoo :3  [11:30AM]

i know you so well








yoongi's been trying to text jungkook as smoothly as possible while also shoving all of his stuff into his bag with his left hand. he's pretty sure if namjoon or hoseok saw him now, they'd be fucking laughing their asses off. assholes. but yoongi can't really think about that right now, because jungkook is going to fucking breeze through the door of seokjin's coffee shop any minute now

"what's the hurry?" seokjin says languidly from the counter. the business is surprisingly slow for a friday morning, and seokjin's taking the extra time on his hands to annoy yoongi, who's been very diligently trying to work, thank you very much.

(although he has been spending the last fifteen minutes conversing through text with one jeon jungkook, but that's nobody's business. especially not seokjin's.)

"gotta fucking go before—" suddenly, the bell above the door rings out, and yoongi watches in horror as a cherry colored head waltzes inside. jungkook looks around, as if searching for someone, when his eyes land on yoongi trying to hide behind his backpack and shove his laptop into it simultaneously. he's very sure he looks like a really big fucking idiot, but he doesn't have any time to think about it before jungkook looks him straight in the eyes—and smiles.

"hi, august!" jungkook slides over as if gliding on air, or even flying (which would further prove yoongi's point that jungkook is an actual goddamn angel). out of the corner of his eye, he sees seokjin quirk an eyebrow at him, then watches as realization dawns on seokjin's face. he groans inwardly. of course namjoon told him about it. yoongi is definitely going to send seokjin the rough pdf of that one horrifyingly cheesy love song namjoon wrote for him later as revenge. 

suddenly, yoongi's staring jungkook straight in the face, and the air is almost punched out of him. from this close, he can see that jungkook has tiny freckles all over his nose, and a little scar on his cheek that yoongi kind of wants to kiss—god, he's so screwed. suddenly, jungkook starts talking in that lilting, melodious voice of his.

"wow, again, thank you so much for letting me have that seat the other day! my feet really were killing me," jungkook giggles, and yoongi almost melts into the ground then and there. he's very sure he looks like a constipated goat right now, and seokjin is definitely telling namjoon and hoseok about it. god fucking damn it

he clears his throat in his hand and slowly nods. "yeah, no problem. of course."

"i noticed you were just heading out, but maybe i could buy you a coffee sometime to make up for it?" jungkook continues, and cuts off yoongi's "oh, that won't be necessary" with a "don't worry, i want to!"

yoongi nods lightly. of course he can't fucking say no to jeon jungkook, and also the angel kid looks way too fucking excited over it. 

jungkook smiles, and yoongi's pretty sure he's going to die soon. "it's settled then! i guess... i'll see you when i see you, august-ssi!"

yoongi smiles—really just a tear of the mouth. "please don't call me -ssi. hyung is fine."

"oh, are you older than me?" jungkook tilts his head slightly, and yoongi is suddenly very aware that jungkook is taller and bigger than him. he pushes away thoughts of jungkook wrapping him up in his toned arms—stop it stop it stop it—and says, "you said you were second year last time right? i'm getting my master's, so."

jungkook gives him huge, wonderstruck eyes, and yoongi wonders if this is how he must have looked when yoongi told him he was getting his master's the first time over text. "oh, wow. what're you majoring in?"

before thinking, yoongi blurts out, "music production."


jungkook fucking knows that online yoongi is getting his master's in music production.

yoongi's a fucking idiot. 

he coughs into his hand quickly, gives a crazed look around like a caged animal, and says quite loudly, "i... kind of have to go to a lecture. sorry. i'll... see you, jungkook."

jungkook, looking incredibly confused (yoongi doesn't blame him), nods slowly. "yeah, of course! see you around, august-hyung."

yoongi scurries out of the store and straight to the music hall building. once he enters the class, he makes sure to give his table a big fucking head slam.

he's such an idiot.








jungkook is so confused.

he's so sure that august reminds him of someone, but he just can't decide who. those cat shaped eyes, that deep voice, and the quiet power august holds all remind him of a name he can't place in his brain. it's on the tip of his tongue, right there

but still, jungkook's pretty sure he'd remember if he'd met august before. the man is easily the most beautiful person jungkook's seen in his life. at the coffee shop today, august didn't have his glasses on, but that made his face look sharper and more defined. he was wearing ripped jeans that showed off his milky white legs and thighs (oh my fucking god) and a huge hoodie that basically swallowed him up. august is adorably tiny. jungkook loves it. 

but he somehow knows...

he's met august before. 


jungkook mulls over it while drinking his latte slowly. he debates buying another cake pop (the red velvet one was delicious), but he decides against it since he hasn't been working out enough recently. that spring day piece really took the life out of him.

speaking of spring day


doing his master's in music production... 

that sounds like...


jungkook ponders over it for a second, but decides against it. if yoongi was really that good looking, he wouldn't have had to give jungkook the bet in the first place; plus, there's a few hundred different students getting a master's in music production at sua right now. the chances are very, very slim.

but still.

jungkook can't shake the thought, and it stays with him through all of his lectures and the whole way home.








{saturday, september 1st, 2018; 12:14AM}


jungoo :3  [12:14AM]




yoongs [12:17AM]

jesus christ kid

have you been drinking? 

was going to wish you a happy birthday

but now that you're drunk

never fucking mind

jungoo :3 [12:19AM]


WHY :(((((

I . lOve yOU


yoongs [12:19AM]

oh my god, jungkook

are you okay?

is there someone there with you?

jungoo :3 [12:20AM]

taehyUNng and joMin are here



anf some of my othef frends

bur i cantr see themsfd

yoongs  [12:20AM]

okay, jungkook


as long as you're okay

jungoo :3  [12:20AM]

but iMm. not

yoongs [12:21AM]


jungkook, are you safe?

oh my god answer me

jungoo :3 [12:21AM]

i'm FIEN 

its just

its just you

yoongs [12:22AM]

just me what, jungkook?

what's wrong?

jungoo :3  [12:23AM]

you knno. hyumg

you could havee bEen here

you could have been celebratgin with ME

but youre a fuvkng coward

who wont show his fuckjin face

yoongs [12:23AM]


i know, kook-ah. i know.

i'm sorry.

hyung's sorry, okay?

he's just


a coward.


jungoo :3 [12:24AM]

youa dont havee to say it

i alreayd kno

ykno yoongi

i met a guy

and hes the most beautfiul personn

i ever seen in my lIfe

his name ia august

and he remidnds me of you

yoongs  [12:24AM]



oh my god



jungkook please

i'll tell you when you wake up

but you have to listen to me

jungoo :3  [12:25AM]

i only ahve.. three guesses left

im not gona find you,, yoongi

but i want to

so bad

yoongs [12:25AM]

jungkook-ah listen to me

jungoo :3 [12:26AM]

i love you

and weve only talked ofr liek a week

but i feel like ive known u my wholee life

you helpedm me through everyhting

and you fcare for me mroe than anyone else

and the way you. tlak and the way  you just are

i love you yoongi

yoongs [12:26AM]

oh my god jungkook

where are you

jungoo :3 [12:26AM]


oh m ygod

i cant believe

yoongs [12:27AM]

jungkook where are you?

jungkook please you have to listen to me

jungoo :3  [12:28AM]

just. please

i know youwant to stay away



leave me alone yoongi

yoongs [12:28AM]

jungkook please



yoongs [12:34AM]









{saturday, september 1st, 2018; 8:30AM}


yoongs [8:30AM]


i woke up at the crack of satan's ass for you

get the fuck up, hangover boy

i don't know if you'll remember anything


i hope you will


yoongs [10:47AM]

you're probably still asleep right now

you sounded wasted last night lmao

text me back when you wake up, okay?


i'm worried about you


yoongs [12:19PM]

jungkook please


yoongs [1:56PM]

i'm sitting in that cafe you talked about.

i actually come here a lot.

so far away.

if you want to come visit.


yoongs [2:32PM]

i've been here. if you want to come by.

i'll stay.


yoongs [3:45PM]

no more guesses, jungkook. 

no more bet.

just come.


i'm still waiting.


yoongs [4:06PM]

they closed early today. 4:00.

the owner said he'd leave one table outside.

just in case you want to come by.


yoongs [5:56PM]

jungkook, i'm sorry.


yoongs [7:18PM]

you were wrong, you know.

you said august was the most beautiful man you've ever seen.

but that can't be true.

i know you've looked in a mirror before.


yoongs [8:27PM]

i'm sorry, jungkook.








{sunday, september 2nd, 2018; 4:02AM}



yoongs [4:02AM]

i know it's kind of late but

happy birthday, jungkook

[attachment sent - spring_day_(forjungkook).mp3]




Chapter Text


{friday, september 7th, 2018; 3:24PM}


yoongi-hyungie [3:24PM] 


i know we haven't talked in a while but

please tell me he's okay

taehyung :) [3:30PM]

he's fine, yoongi hyung.

but he was right.

you are a really big fucking coward

yoongi-hyungie [3:31PM]

i know.

thank you for checking on him for me.

taehyung :) [3:31PM]

of course, hyung.

he's doing okay. he goes to class.

the only thing that's different is he's


really fucking sad

yoongi-hyungie [3:32PM]

i know. i know.

god, i'm so sorry.

taehyung :) [3:32PM]

i know you are.

you care about people yoongi hyung

you care about him

a lot more than you let on

you're a good person, i know that

and you have your own insecurities

but your insecurities have started hurting other people

and that's not right anymore

yoongi-hyungie [3:33PM]

i know, taehyung-ah.

i'm so fucking sorry.

taehyung :) [3:33PM]

i know you are.

i heard the song you made for jungkook

he plays it all the time in our dorm

all night

while he's painting

sometimes i'll go in his room and he's just staring at the wall while the song plays

yoongi-hyungie [3:34PM]


taehyung :) [3:34PM]


he loves you, yoongi.

you're gonna fix this.

you're a much more amazing person than you think, yoongi-hyung.

yoongi-hyungie [3:35PM]

thanks, taehyung-ah.

i can't believe it feels like i'm asking you for your fucking blessing

taehyung :) [3:35PM]


yoongi-hyungie [3:35PM]

the moment? fucking gone

taehyung :) [3:36PM]

you love me :)))

i was literally one of your only friends back in daegu 

bc ur a fuckin loser and u should be happy to have me :)

yoongi-hyungie [3:36PM]


taehyung :) [3:36PM]


yoongi-hyungie [3:37PM]

but really

thanks taehyung

taehyung :) [3:24PM]

anytime, hyung :)








jungkook, to put it simply, is not okay.

from the outside, he looks fine, just maybe a little wilted—he goes to class, hangs out with friends, does all his homework, but maybe he looks a little more tired than usual. eats a little less.

and every night, he goes home and paints.

his shared dorm with taehyung has one extra room that was supposed to hold another student, but the number of people signing up for dorms that year were surprisingly low, so it's filled with taehyung's camera equipment on one side and jungkook's art materials on the other. in the past few days, he's pretty sure he's spent more time in there than in his actual bedroom. 

every night, he goes in there and works on the same painting. of the same boy.

somehow, he looks like a mix of yoongi and august. august's chin with yoongi's setness in his jaw. august's eyes filled with yoongi's quiet mirth. august's face, but filled with yoongi yoongi yoongi

jungkook uses dark black and bright blue and vivid yellows and oranges and reds and greens. all the colors are so yoongi, it hurts.

his song plays on repeat from jungkook's tiny speaker. he closes his eyes and just listens for a little while. the song's just ending when jungkook hears the door creak behind him.

"you can't keep doing this, kook-ah."

jungkook pushes back the thoughts of how yoongi used to call him kook-ah and turns around. he finally realizes he's said it out loud when taehyung scoffs and rolls his eyes. "it's your fucking name. do you want me to call you jungkook-ssi instead?"

jungkook huffs and pouts, hand lifting to mess with a paint stain on his sweatshirt. why can't anyone let him be sad in peace?

taehyung sighs. "look, i'm not judging your life choices or whatever, but don't you have better things to do than stay cooped up in this trash fucking dorm listening to the same song on repeat and doing whatever artist shit you're doing to that poor fucking canvas? it's been through a lot, jungkook, give it a break."

the worst part is, taehyung's right. jungkook had turned down a party offer, an errand for extra credit, and even a meal at that fucking pizza place where everything on fridays is 50% off. fifty percent. all for a night sitting by himself, listening to yoongi's fucking song and staring at a fucking drawing. he doesn't even like— fucking gouache paint or whatever the fuck it is he found in his paint drawer that he's currently slapping on this poor canvas. 

he notices he's been saying fuck a lot more often recently. he stares at his phone and thinks he knows why. 


it takes him a moment to realize taehyung's still standing there when he lets out a deep sigh. "at least go get some coffee. you look like a fucking disaster."

"that's really fucking kind of you to say," jungkook lets out monotonously as he turns to throw his paintbrush straight into a water pail. kobe. god, he's making american basketball references now. he's really going insane.

jungkook decides the loose, paint covered grey sweatshirt and ripped jeans he's in right now are fine—he's feeling lazy, and it's a friday night at an arts university, there's no way it'll be the weirdest thing people on campus will see right now—and taehyung grins when he sees jungkook reaching for his dorm keys and wallet in the front hallway. "finally, you're leaving. a dude just wants to sing girl's generation karaoke in peace, man." 

jungkook stops to send taehyung an incredulous look, but decides he's too tired to smother him violently on the couch. maybe next time. and just like that, jungkook sets off, ready to get some fucking caffeine to distract him from his sorrows.








when jungkook finally arrives at the coffee shop—thank god they close late on fridayshe dashes inside, ready to place his order, get his latte, and go the fuck home so he can drown his sorrows in caffeine, k-dramas, and maybe some mint chocolate ice cream. since the store isn't busy—everyone's out partying, probably—jungkook pays and gets his coffee within three minutes. he's already walking home from the shop, basking in the sunset, when he hears a deep voice ring out from behind him.


oh no.

oh fucking no.

jungkook could recognize that deep, mesmerizing timbre anywhere.

it's august.

jungkook debates running as fast as he can—which might work since he's a really good fucking runner—but decides he doesn't want to mess with august like that. it's his own fault, the situation he's in; and really, august probably knows absolutely nothing about it.

jungkook sucks it up, decides to be a good fucking person, and slowly turns around.

god, he really is beautiful.

today, august is wearing another huge black sweatshirt, making him look miniscule and almost causing jungkook to melt right into the floor. they're paired with weathered white jeans with small rips at the front. jungkook sees that his glasses are gone again, but as jungkook looks in his eyes, he slowly realizes something is wrong.

august looks... really fucking tired

the bags underneath his eyes are so intense, they almost look like bruises; his entire back is hunched over like he's carrying some weight on his shoulders that jungkook can't see, and his eyes look almost... desperate.

jungkook gives august a slow, wilting smile. "hello, august-hyung. sorry i haven't been in touch recently, it's been—"


jungkook's eyes widen. only a few people have called him that in his lifetime, taehyung and jimin and his older brother and—

and him.

the way august says it... strikes a chord in jungkook's bones. he can feel it spread like a shiver, up and down his spine, to the tips of his fingers and the soles of his feet. it's so familiar, so close.

august takes a step forward, the same desperate, hopeless look in his eyes, like he wants to do everything, anything, like he wants to reach out and touch

august swallows deeply and looks jungkook straight in the eyes. when he speaks again, it's barely a shaking whisper.

"i made a song for you."








yoongi watches realization slowly dawn on jungkook's face. 

he knew it was a bad idea when he first saw jungkook in the sunset, looking pale and tired and sad and making yoongi's heart ache. he knew he should have just thrown on his hood, made himself as small as possible, and waited for jungkook to leave. he knew he shouldn't have spoken so soon, not when he hurt jungkook.

but none of that matters when jungkook's name comes out of yoongi's lips like a prayer.

and now yoongi is laid bare before jungkook to see. all of him. 

they stand there for a few seconds, half a day, forever, yoongi doesn't know. but finally, when yoongi's name—his real name—comes out of jungkook's lips in a trembling whisper, yoongi can't do anything but stand there and hope that jungkook will stay. 

"i'm sorry," yoongi whispers. "i just—i didn't think you'd... i thought you'd be disappointed, and i just—with someone like you—i knew how much it would hurt..."

yoongi swallows the lump in his throat and croaks out the last few words.

"if i wasn't what you wanted."

yoongi stares at the floor, but when jungkook slowly says his name like something that belongs on his tongue, he can't help himself. his head tilts upwards and suddenly, he's staring right into jungkook's eyes, filled with loss and hope and happiness and...

and love.








he's right there, jungkook's heart whispers.

the most beautiful person jungkook has ever seen.

inside and out.








yoongi's looking straight into jungkook's eyes, trying to decipher the mess of emotions in them, when suddenly jungkook surges forward, takes yoongi's face in his hands, and kisses him.








yoongi tastes like everything jungkook's ever dreamed of and more.

he tastes like the exquisite bitterness of his coffee and his sarcastic remarks, and jungkook swears he can taste red velvet. yoongi's lips feel like summer, scalding and wild and beautiful, and jungkook's very sure he could kiss yoongi to the end of eternity. yoongi tastes like something jungkook can't describe in any word but yoongi, but he imagines falling and flying and a million vivid paint strokes flying across the canvas.








to yoongi, jungkook tastes like heaven.

he tastes like caramel and chocolate and a melody yoongi's never heard before. jungkook steals all the words yoongi never said, all the mismatched lyrics and poems and melodies, right off of his tongue. jungkook tastes like everything yoongi's ever wanted, everything yoongi ever will want. he tastes like promises, like flowers and forever.

jungkook's taste is right there, but yoongi swears he'll spend every sunset and sunrise for the rest of his life chasing it. 








and on each other's lips, they both find the answer they were looking for the entire time.

i love you.








{tuesday, november 13th, 2018; 2:27PM}


kook-ah <3  [2:27PM]





yoongi hyuuung


yoongs <3  [2:28PM]

what the fuck

kook-ah <3  [2:28PM]

hey i was tryna get your attention!!!!

daddy seems to work......

noted ;)

yoongs <3  [2:28PM]

again i repeat

perhaps with more conviction this time...

what the fuck

kook-ah <3  [2:29PM]

i'm bored hyungie :((((

entertain me!!!!

yoongs <3  [2:29PM]

you're a fully grown adult jungkook

you can take care of yourself

kook-ah <3  [2:29PM]

but why should i when you're always there to take care of me ;(

ur the worst boyfriend ever!!!!!!!

yoongs <3  [2:30PM]

i literally got you coffee and chocolates this morning. 

i skipped class yesterday because you wanted to cuddle, jungkook.

i told my professor my fucking niece was giving birth.

i don't even HAVE a niece, jungkook

and then he asked for PROOF

so i had to send in a picture of hoseok's newborn fucking niece

i cannot fucking believe you

kook-ah <3  [2:31PM]

b-but i lov u :(((((


p l e a s e

hyungie :((

yoongs <3  [2:31PM]


kook-ah <3  [2:31PM]


yoongs <3  [2:32PM]



kook-ah <3  [2:32PM]


thank you hyung!!!!

i love you i love you i love you

yoongs <3  [2:32PM]

you fucking better

kook-ah <3  [2:32PM]

ur my favorite hyung :333

yoongs <3  [2:33PM]

i'm your boyfriend, kook-ah.

okay, hyung's coming

let me just pack up my laptop

i'll be over as soon as i can, okay, baby?

kook-ah <3  [2:33PM]

y-you called me baby



yoongs <3  [2:33PM]

hey you remember back before we were dating when i said you texted like a furry

kook-ah <3  [2:33PM]




but really come over soon!!!!!

i miss u :33

love uuuuuu

yoongs <3  [2:34PM]

yeah, love you too, kook-ah

love you too








rap monster  [2:39PM]

yoongi hyung

idk what happened but

i was in the bathroom

and now i'm back

and your desk

is empty??????

agust d  [2:40PM]

uh yeah

about that

rap monster  [2:41PM]

jungkook got you again didn't he


i know i wanted you guys to get together

but i honestly really fucking regret it

you're so in love it's sickening

he could ask you to tear a limb from your own body and you'd do it, hyung

no offense

agust d  [2:42PM]

shut the fuck up

rap monster  [2:42PM]

you can't ignore the TRUTH hyung

the undergrads aren't even scared of you anymore

they see you literally melt every time jungkook comes to visit

you've gotten so soft,,, it's sad

agust d  [2:42PM]

fuck you

rap monster  [2:43PM]

fucking whipped

you really do love him

agust d  [2:43PM]



yeah i do








{friday, december 14th, 2018; 3:09AM}


yoongs <3 [3:09PM]

hi kook-ah

you're sleeping next to me right now

did you know you make the cutest little huffing noises when you sleep?

it's adorable

i love it

i love you

so much. more than you know

and i'm not good with words

especially not with you

but just know that i love you so much

and i'd give you the whole goddamn world if you wanted me to

you trusted me and let me in

you taught me how to love myself

and i'll love you forever for that

i've written a lot for you

poems, small things

and i know you love my music

and you're my biggest fan


i'll be gone in the morning because i have an early class and you sleep late

but i still want you to listen to it

and next time i see you, you can tell me how much you liked it

[attachment sent - euphoria_(forjungkook).mp3]

i love you.