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Enfer Café

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Convenience was the only thing that kept him coming to the little cafe on the corner, it sure as hell wasn't the customer service. Looking down at the watch that decorated his wrist, he watched the second hand tick by. It was two minutes past the opening and the place was dark, the door locked. Glaring down the sidewalk, as he heard footsteps belonging to a stride he had begrudgingly become familiar with. Adjusting his sleeve back over his watch he scoffed once the bastard was close enough to hear his annoyance. "You're late," Kai mentioned, tired and irritated at having to wait any longer than necessary.

A silver key was removed from the back pocket of his poor excuse for a uniform, the shirt more low-cut then he would deem acceptable for work or anywhere really. The biggest offense was the complete lack of socks with his shoes, disgusting. "Relax I slept in." Unlocking the door he opened it, using a loose brick to keep the door open, walking in to flick on the lights and. "Well little business prince, aren't you going to come in?" Dabi asked that ugly face of his cracking into a smug smirk. Dabi gave a quick wash of his hands before getting a tray of scones in the oven to bake.

Returning the smirk with a scowl, he walked in, eyes scanning over the tables. “Do you ever wash those?” He asked, a question he's asked before, and just like before the only answer he got was a lazy shrug. Sighing Kai walked to the counter, seeing crumbs there from stale scones behind the smudged glass. It was a shame, the scones were actually good here if they were fresh. This place was a nightmare, terrible, nasty, filthy, but it was close to both his condo and work. Convent. He had to remind himself, feeling his fingers twitch. He wore gloves, half gloves, white. When it came to moments like this he was glad that he wore them. “Can you at least clean the counter before you prepare my breakfast.”

He watches as Dabi takes the apron with his name tag off its hook and pulled it over his head. With a roll of his eyes, Dabi takes a dry napkin and pushed the crumbs to the floor. "Better?" He says, flicking the napkin towards Kai. He simply rolls his eyes again at the glare receives and gives a sigh. "Fine...fine. I'll clean it to your liking, little business prince." Dabi gives a formal bow, dipping his head and looking up to see the look on that prideful face of his.

“I've told you before to not call me that.” Kai hated the nickname, it felt both affectionate and demeaning all at once. It was too familiar, the tone too causal. No one spoke to him like that and it was insulting a grungy unkempt barista in a shit cafe thought that he was somehow the exception. Dabi flashed a smile, for him being a mess, at least he had good dental health, those teeth pearly white.

“Then maybe you should tell me your name...” Dabi tilted his head to the side as he spoke. Kai shook his head, giving his name would only thin the veil between server and customer. A barista was beneath him, especially this one, it would be unbecoming to give this bastard any sort of foothold in his life beyond this. Without teasing further he cleaned the counter properly and waved his hand over the now washed area. The timer of the stove dinged and ignoring the set of oven mitts, he pulled the tray out with nothing more than a hand towel (normally used to dry the tables if they ever washed them). “Lemon-rosemary ones this time.” He said as if the scent didn't make it obvious.

"Monday is always blackberry and mint." He muttered Dabi shrugged it wasn't like he was the one that made the dough, he was a barista, not the damn baker. Kai looked them over, they did smell good. "I'll try one, tall espresso to go as well." He readied his wallet, typically paying in cash, today he pulled out a card. He made sure to watch Dabi closely, making sure he put on gloves before picking up a scone with a square of parchment paper, to watch and make sure that he didn't use the top cup for his drink. The top cup was always the dirtiest and the same went for the lids. Dabi was used to his demands and at this point, he did a few unprompted.

Making the drink, using the sixth cup down to tease and as if to prove a point he even opened a new sleeve of lids to top the cup off. That along with the scone in the paper was handed over and Kai held the piece of plastic out. Dabi bit the bottom of the glove, peeling it off his hand before taking the card, purposely brushing his fingers over the ones caged in white.

Kai recoiled his hand back as if a snake had tried to bite him. Dabi only gave him a sideways glance as he slid the strip through the machine, hiding a devilish grin from behind the computer screen. That smile only widened from behind the screen, the skin between cheek piercings stretching thin. Handing the card back, Kai was able to witness the smile for himself. If circumstances had been different if their roles in the world were just slightly different than he knew Dabi would have been a formidable enemy.

Those blue eyes shined bright from box dyed black hair, they looked at him like he was nothing special. Dabi didn't care that he was the youngest president in his line of work, Dabi didn't care how he reached his position, the underhanded moves, and blackmail. There was a trail of crime behind him, men who worked for him that were loyal and stupid as dogs. None of that mattered here in this little cafe. The cafe wasn't his playground. The way those teeth gleamed such a pristine white made his skin crawl, it was to easy to picture those teeth stained pink with blood. A wolf. Taking the plastic back to tuck it away in his wallet, fingers touching over his yet again.

Dabi slid a thin piece of paper over a pet on top of it kept the paper from curling into its self. “I need you to sign this...Kai. The name slid off his tongue, sickly sweet, all the soft affection a lover would use. Their eyes locked.

Kai's shoulders tensed, realizing too late that his credit card had betrayed him. He didn't know which was worse, the way Dabi said ' little business prince ' or the way he said his name so warmly. In the end, the repulsion of hearing his name said like that, was far more repulsive. It was his first name at that, he didn't even allow the most loyal of his associates to call him that. Taking his items, he didn't give Dabi the satisfaction of a reaction, he kept his face stoic, but inside he was seething.

Before he left, he stopped with the doorknob in his hand, unable to hold his tongue. "If you insist on using my name, at least be proper and use my last name." He said, flatly.

Dabi leaned over the counter, elbows against the glass, chin in the palm of his hand. With a tilt of his head, he answered. "Nah." Dabi refused and he smiled at him yet again. "Kai sounds too pretty not to use." He winked, watching those golden eyes narrow in on him in a glare that would probably intimidate anyone else. No one here would crumble that easily under those eyes, especially not him. The glare had the opposite effect Kai wanted. Relaxed, Dabi just stared back.

Kai once heard it said that if you stare someone in the eyes for a certain amount of time it means that you either want to fuck them or kill them. Kai already knew his own feelings on the matter, as he continued to glare at him. He, however, had no idea what sort of intentions were hidden behind the flirtatious teasing and the predatory glances and smiles.

That in mind, it felt like he lost when he broke eye-contact first, they were both stubborn and could have probably stood there for hours like that. There were more important things to do then to insert his dominance over some pathetic minimum wage worker. He was above this, he had a real job to do, real power to be had. So he left, knowing that convenience would bring him back.