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Like a princess

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Today marks the first year of Tony's adoption.

Sam and Bucky celebrate this kind of event with Steve, so doing the same with Tony is normal.

Recently, the baby hasn't shown any interest in toys or teddies. Feeling concerned, Sam and Bucky don't know what to offer him for his first anniversary of adoption. One week ago, while the family went running groceries for the week, Tony stared a gliterry yellow dress that looked a lot like Belle's for a few minutes straight. Neither Sam nor Bucky commented about it, but they both understood the interest of their little one for that dress.

“Papa, can I help?”

Sam finished hanging the balloons before bowing his head and laughed at the sight of his messy-haired Steve barely awoken from his nap.

“Steve, you only slept half an hour.” Bucky said as he came out of the kitchen with a white towel in his hands.

Steve turned to his daddy with a pout:

“I want to help…”

Bucky's face softened after Steve's remark. He spinned around, looking for something to do, until he got an idea:

“Come, let's finish the cake's decoration.”

Steve smiled, took Bucky's hand in his and they went to the kitchen.

At the same time, a soft moan came from the baby monitor. Sam went up to the room he was sharing with Bucky, pushed the door open, and noticed that the Frozen lamp was off.

Steve. [ en italique ]

When turning the lights on, Sam saw a confused and exhausted Tony hugging Boo, his stuffed lamb.

“Baby?” Sam whispered not to scare his little one.

Tony turned his head to him and put his arms up, requesting a hug from his papa. Sam sat on the bed, took him in his arms and soothed him with strokes on his back and reassuring words:

“You're home. Your brother is in the kitchen with Daddy. You don't have to be afraid, we will not abandon you.”

Tony nodded slightly then hid his face in his papa's neck. Sam carried him to the bathroom, where he washed his sweat away him with a washcloth. He then changed his diaper and dressed him with a green bodysuit, a black overall with apples sewn on it, also green, and a pair of white socks.

“Let’s go down, shall we? A surprise is waiting for you in the kitchen.”

Tony looked up at Sam with surprise. He pointed at himself to make sure he understood well. Sam’s nod made him smile.

As Sam switched off the light behind them, Tony reminded him that he forgot Boo.

“How could I forget it? Silly papa.”

Sam got back to the bedroom, took the stuffed lamb and went down into the kitchen with Tony in his arms.

“My baby is awake!”

Bucky kissed Tony's cheeks. He started getting excited, needing his Daddy. Bucky forgot about the dirt on his clothes and took him in his arms before kissing his curly hair.

“Did Steve forget to turn on the lights again?”

Tony nodded.

“But… I can't sleep with the lights on… A-And I forgot… "

Steve was sitting on the counter, licking the cream on the kitchen utensils. Sam approached him and cupped his face:

“We're not mad at you, darling. We know that you can not sleep with the lights on. Also, forgetting happens.”

Sam ran a hand through Steve's messy blonde hair, a smile on his face, thinking about how hectic this year was. Steve, like any three year old boy, was having trouble getting a new person into his family. There were many crisis, tears, but also fights between the two brothers: Steve was jealous because Tony received a lot of attention from his fathers; on the other hand, Tony refused letting himself walked over. One night, during a fight, Tony hit his head against the table after being pushed by Steve. The poor baby had a bleeding nose and a bruise on his forehead. This episode had been traumatic for Steve, who had calmed down overnight. And even if he happened to be jealous, he kept moderated in his words and gestures.

“Do we eat the cake? Or do you want to open your gift first?”

Tony saw the big box on the table. He wondered what could be hiding within its pink gift paper, so he pointed at the wrapped box. Everybody laughed. None of them was surprised by his choice. Bucky put the box on a chair and took out his phone to take pictures. Tony removed the paper and opened the box with Sam’s help. Inside the box, there was the yellow princess dress he stared at for minutes when they went shopping last time. He began crying in boy as he grabbed the fabric and squeezed the dress against his chest.

“Oh darling… Why are you crying?”
“I'm happy… Thank you.”
“Do you want to try it on?” Bucky suggested after taking pictures.

Tony answered he wanted to be alone with him, because he was slightly scared of Steve's reaction when this one would see him wearing a dress.
Bucky helped him to put on his dress and the yellow panties coming with it. When he took a step back to see the result, he was overwhelmed by emotions: his little one was beautiful. The dress was highlighting his slightly tanned skin, the curls of his hair and his big brown eyes. He looked even more adorable.

Bucky felt the same emotion as the first time they met: he fell in love once again with this one year old boy again.

Tony gazed at his reflection through the mirror. He looked pretty in this outfit. However, he thought something was missing in his hair — maybe a crown or a knot? He did not regret having a crush on this dress.

“Are you sure you don't want to show your dad and brother how pretty you are in your new outfit?”
“No.” Tony's voice was firm, showing that he was not willing to change his mind.
“Why not? They want to see you in your beautiful dress.”
“Steve will make fun of me…”

Tony blushed and lowered his face, ashamed to confess his fears to his Daddy. Bucky looked straight in his eyes:

“Steve is not going to make fun of you. He knew what your gift was and, to be honest, he even bought you a gift that would perfectly fit with the rest of your outfit. Also, if one day, someone makes fun of you, Papa and I will kick his ass. Okay?”

Someone knocked. Tony rushed in Bucky’s arms to hide there. He didn’t want anyone to see him thus dressed.

“Daddy? Tony? May I come in?”
“Come in, darling.”

Steve —Sam was with him— came in the room, holding two presents badly wrapped in his arms. He handed them to his brother, eager to see his reaction. Tony unpacked the first present -it was a yellow headband with a cute knot on it. Tony’s eyes were sparkling. He clumsily put it on his head with satisfaction.

“It's pretty. Thank you Steve!”

The second present was a yellow bag with a rhinestone button. Finally, he had a place to put his pacifiers instead of leaving them everywhere around the house.

He took Steve in his arms. That felt good, he felt lighter.. All he wanted was his brother's approval and he got it. He could not be happier than at this moment.

“You're very pretty, Tony.”
“Thanks, Steve.”

Later, the small family tasted the cake Bucky and Steve had baked for the occasion. Then the brothers danced in front of the music videos on television while the fathers were washing the dishes. Sam watched the scene in the living room. He couldn’t be less proud.

“I think we'll have to invest in dresses.”
“I'll be able to please myself,” Bucky confessed, handing a plate to his companion.

Sam rolled his eyes, but did not dare say he would be the same or worse.

“Thank you for giving me all this, Sam.”
“I love you Buck.”

The two fathers hugged each other in front of their disgusted babies. Sam threw a towel at them before having fun chasing the two children through the living room.

Bucky watched them, happy to have them all in his life.