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It's not like Smokey was upset. He was devastated. It was only four days into his new marriage when Speedwagon called Joseph into a meeting about some unknown supernatural activity around Japan.


“When will you be back,” Smokey questioned, watching Joseph pack his suitcase in a rush. “Maybe in two weeks or four, I'm not certain.” He grunted, hauling his suitcase as quickly as possible to his side, before consoling his sulking husband.


“I'm so sorry Smoke, I-” A tender kiss was pressed to Joseph's lips, instantly shutting him up. Joseph, quickly realizing that this was the only physical contact that he and Smokey would have until he returned, grabbed Smokey's waist and pulled his smaller body into a gentle hug. The kiss lasted for what felt like a second before Smokey slowly pulled away and smiled up at him. “Don't apologize, just return safely, please.”


Joseph could tell Smokey was trying to compose himself because his eyes were getting glossy. “I'll make it up to you, I promise,” Joseph whispered as he let go of Smokey, “I love you.”


“I love you more,” Smokey responded but Joseph was already out the bedroom door and by the sounds of it; out the main door too.


Smokey let out a heavy sigh, he hoped Joseph didn't get hurt.




Smokey sat in the kitchen with Lisa-Lisa, Suzie Q and Granny Erina, who were talking about God-knows-what. Two weeks had already passed and there had been no word from Caesar, Speedwagon or Joseph.  


Smokey sighed as Suzie Q flashed a pitiful smile at him, “you miss Jojo.” She stated quietly, though it caught the attention of the two other women in the house. “Yeah, I miss him dearly.” He confirmed, absentmindedly twisting his wedding band on and off his finger.


“Don't worry! Joseph will be back before you know it!” Suzie Q happily declared, winking playfully for effect. Smokey looked up at her and smiled, “Yeah, ‘before I know it,’” he repeated, trying to look more jubilant to soothe some of the tension he uninvited in.


“It's okay to be sad Smokey,” Lisa-Lisa joined in, her motherly tone kicking in, “I'm pretty sure Joseph misses you too.” Smokey felt a hand hold his wedded hand, “I bet he's thinking about you now.” Granny Erina finished by hugging Smokey, making him feel tons better than before.


Smokey let out a quick sigh as a small genuine smile graced his lips. “Thank you guys, really.” He grunted when the women hugged him tightly. “I don't know what I'd do without you all.”




Smokey melted into his bed, his body lazily bouncing a few times. Suzie Q, Lisa-Lisa and Granny Erina had distracted him all week long. Shopping with Suzie Q was really a workout; the girl couldn't make up her mind and she shopped the day away.


He cooked with Granny Erina, which eased his mind quite a bit. He loved and adored the lady's food. She always had beautiful recipes that were written in even more beautiful writing. Plus, he learned her recipe for red velvet cake, so he was happy. Then to end it all off, he and Lisa-Lisa looked at baby pictures of Joseph. She and Smokey joked about how Joseph was always a big baby and that wouldn't change even as he aged.


Smokey sighed as he quickly stripped and grabbed one of Joseph's oversized shirt. He then made his way to their shared bed and crashed into it, inhaling the lingering citrus scent. He whimpered slightly as he palmed Joseph's side of the bed, it had already been four weeks and they still didn't get any news from the Speedwagon Foundation, or specifically Joseph.


Smokey sighed as he ran his hand down his body to his crotch. It wasn't only loneliness that plagued him but also neediness and that was nothing Suzie, Lisa-Lisa and Granny Erina could fix. He groaned quietly as he stroked eagerly at his cock, forcing his face into the bed. Without Joseph there, Smokey could only take this into his own hands, metaphorical and literal.


He thought of Joseph. His well-sized cock teasing and filling his hole until he could no longer take it. He breathed out a breathy moan as he found the right rhythm, "Ah, mgh Joseph!" He wailed, his peak almost in sight before a huffed sigh along with a wolf whistle disturbed him.


“Already going at it without me.” A British accent voiced. Smokey's eyes widened when the bed dipped and warm arms encased him, bringing him flushed against a mammoth chest.


“Joseph,” Smokey whispered, making eye contact with the other as his body was raked with touches. “I have a feeling you missed me,” Joseph growled, tilting his husband’s chin for a kiss. Smokey couldn't help but wonder how he didn't hear the man enter.


Smokey quickly separated the kiss as he turned around and sat on the man, “I missed you so much.” He murmured, pulling off the other's shirt.


Joseph smiled as Smokey's tiny cock, well compared to him it was tiny, ground onto his clothed groin. “We should see how much then.”




Smokey arched his back as Joseph trailed kisses down his neck and massaged his opening. "Please," he whimpered, making Joseph pull his fingers out and stop his prepping.

“I haven't been in you in months," Joseph stretched, caging Smokey with his arms. “I don't want to rip you.”


"You won’t...I know you won't," he kissed Joseph's nose and smiled at him. Joseph slowly got up and groaned as he grabbed the lube on the nightstand to slick up his cock.


When he decided he was good enough he slowly pushed himself inside of Smokey, watching his face scrunch up, cock leak with precum, and his body becomes extremely hot.


His anxiety only grew as he continued pushing inside until his balls slapped Smokey.


“Are you okay,” Joseph questioned as Smokey groaned and smiled at him, “Mhm, why wouldn't I be?”


Joseph felt his worries drown as Smokey wrapped his legs around his waist and arms around his neck as he leaned down and ground into him.


“Jojo...Ah!” Smokey whispered, breathlessly. Joseph buried his face into Smokey's neck, sucking hickeys as Smokey started to scratch his back. Smokey mewled. He couldn't catch his breath as Joseph started to hug him snuggly to his body, which made his thrust seem deeper. Precum slowly trickled out his cock as Joseph's next thrust urged him to scratch harder, making Joseph groan.

Smokey lolled his head back as Joseph sucked on his Adam's apple, heavy groans bottomed out Joseph as his cock grew harder from him glancing at Smokey's body bouncing from each thrust.


“Mgh..w-whatever you're doing...Ah! Don't stop it!” Smokey pleaded as Joseph crashed their lips, his thrusts keeping their passionate gentle pace. He quietly whimpered when Joseph broke the kiss and sped up, making him close his eyes and let go of the hold on his shoulders and back. Arching into each thrust, Smokey stuttered a ‘slow down’ to Joseph, who furrowed his eyebrows and compiled.


Smokey grabbed the bedsheets, "-don't m-make me come yet." Joseph understood Smokey's request immediately and felt compelled to kiss Smokey's cheek as he rocked gently and slower, somewhat lazily. He felt his body flush as Smokey clinched even tighten, forcing him to let out a few moans himself.


Joseph kissed Smokey's cheek again, “Fuck. You like this don't you,” He growled as Smokey wailed and bent his back. Joseph sighed, “ngh...Smoke, that's so fucking hot.”


Joseph grabbed Smokey hand as he gently kissed his lip, colliding their foreheads; memorizing Smokey's cute fucked out expression.


“I missed you so fucking much,” Joseph whispered as he kissed Smokey again, blocking out any outside world problems. In this room, it was only him and Smokey which made him happy. "I mi-missed you too, Joseph..” Smokey cried as Joseph rubbed his prostate.


“We need to be a little quieter; Speedwagon and Caesar are spending the night,” Joseph remembered casually as Smokey started to slightly twitch. "God, I can't do that!” Smokey whisper-shouted.


Joseph chucked, shutting his husband off with a kiss and a friendly squeeze to his occupied hand. Joseph felt his arousal come to a peak as he watched Smokey squirm and eyes roll back.


‘Damn, this is fucking nice,’ Joseph thought to himself as he felt Smokey constrict around him, causing him to groan. “A-are you close darling,” Smokey nodded, unable to used words without screaming.


Joseph’s last few thrusts angled directly to Smokey's prostate, making him sob, quite loudly, as his peak approached; spilling over his chest and Joseph's stomach as he fell limp. Joseph thrusts grew to a standstill as he came into Smokey, eyes rolled back.


Joseph collapsed onto Smokey with a brief huff as the smaller ran his unoccupied hand on his broad shoulders and touched his star marking.


“Welcome Home,” Smokey breathed as he kissed his husband tenderly.