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Chapter Thirteen

As the couple reached the front door of Chloe's place, Chloe dropped Elly's hand to pull her keys from her handbag. Elly immediately took a step back and wrapped her arms around Chloe's waist from behind, nuzzling her face against Chloe's neck.

Chloe fell into the embrace as she struggled to find her keys for a moment as she hoped Aaron and David weren't home. Finally finding them, Chloe unlocked the front door with Elly still holding onto her from behind. As Chloe turned around to close the door behind her, she felt Elly's lips against her neck. Chloe lent into the embrace, moaning as Elly squeezed her hips and started trailing kisses up and down her neck as they quietly maneuvered their way towards the living room.

Chloe held back gently, "As much as I want to make out with you here, I just want to see if Aaron or David are home."

"They aren't, they have plans tonight," Elly whispered against Chloe's ear.

Chloe gently shifted around so she was now facing Elly, they reached out both holding the other by the hips, asking curiously, "And how is it that you know more about my brothers than I do?"

Elly blushed as she looked at Chloe, "I may have spoken to Aaron this afternoon and gotten them a hotel room for the night so we could be alone tonight. I know I could've gotten the hotel room for us but after my last time there it kind of put me off hotels for a little while."

Chloe raised her eyebrow, “You told Aaron about our date tonight…before I even knew it was a date? You were brave enough to tell Aaron about us?”

Elly blushed even deeper as she nodded, "Of course I told Aaron about us because I knew there was going to be a relationship to tell him about. I’ve completely come to terms with my feelings for you. I mean I wasn't trying to be presumptuousness about what's going to happen tonight. I just wanted us to have a chance for a bit of privacy so we can...hang out together and work out what this is between us...except we already did that earlier at dinner." 

Chloe bought her lips to Elly's gently, "What do you want to happen tonight?"

Elly moved her hands to place them around Chloe's neck and pressed her forehead against Chloe's,

"For now I just want to stay here and dance with you."

"I didn't take you for the cheesy romantic slow-dancing type," Chloe whispered as she and Elly gently swayed together.

"I wasn't until I met you," Elly admitted.

The couple held each other close as they kissed lightly.

A few minutes later, Elly wrapped her arms around Chloe as the pair entered Chloe’s room and closed the door behind them. Elly deepened the kiss as she gently nudged Chloe against the door. With Chloe’s arms wrapped around her neck, Elly’s hands rested on Chloe’s hips and the pair couldn’t be pried apart.

Elly’s tongue explored Chloe’s mouth, making the younger girl moan into their kiss. Neither woman could believe that they were finally together. Chloe because she didn’t think the woman she loved for so long could ever feel the same way about her, Elly because she had spent so many months denying her attraction and feelings for Chloe. Elly couldn’t believe how close she had come to missing out on so much but her acceptance had led her to Chloe’s arms and she didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

Elly pressed her forehead against Chloe’s, breaking their kiss for a moment, “I love you…I know it feels way too early to feel like this but I…I am so in love with you.”

Chloe beamed with pure happiness, “I am so in love with you too. Are you sure you’re comfortable with your feelings?"

Elly pressed her body against Chloe’s, “Yes, I can’t hide from this. I love you and I am so damn attracted to you…I can’t believe I was ever stupid enough to think I wasn’t.” 

Chloe hushed her, “Hey, we’re here now and that’s all that matters. We can forget the past and focus on us tonight.”

Elly bought her lips back to Chloe’s, “I don’t want to forget the past…it led me here. So much has changed since the last time I was in this room.”

Chloe squeezed the back of Elly’s neck, “I know and I wasn’t even in this room when you were. Do you remember the things you told me when you were lying on my bed and I was sitting on the couch out there trying desperately not to take advantage of you?”

Elly blushed as she thought back, “Yes, I do. I meant every word.”

Chloe smiled, “Really?”

“I get honest when I’m drunk,” Elly admitted, “I just wish I hadn’t been drunk that night because then you would’ve…?”

Chloe bit her lip, “If you hadn’t have been drunk, how could I have resisted?”

Elly kissed Chloe gently, before staring into her eyes, “Well I mean it now. I haven’t needed drunk me to rely on been honest with you so far tonight.”

“Tell me again what you want,” Chloe pleaded softly, “Tell me you still want the same things you did that night.”

Elly bought her lips to Chloe’s jaw as she began trailing kisses across her neck and collarbone as she whispered, “I want to take you in my arms. I want to take your clothes off. I want to press my body against yours. I want to explore every inch of your body with mine. I want to pleasure you…I really want to pleasure you. I want to take my time. I want to stare into your eyes when I’m making love to you. I want my tongue to taste you. I want all of you.”

Chloe shivered at the feelings Elly invoked in her, “I want all of you too.”

Elly blushed, “I was so scared back then by how much I wanted to make love to you. I was so scared that all I wanted was to dive into my attraction for you when I came here that night.”

“It’s a scary thing to realize,” Chloe whispered, “Are you scared anymore?”

“Not in the least,” Elly confessed, “I just want to make up for the last few months of hurt and pain I caused you. Will you let me be with you tonight?”

“You will make up for it; we both will,” Chloe promised, then nodded, “Consent is sexy as hell. I want you to be with me tonight. Everything you want I want.”

Elly grinned as she kissed Chloe passionately, before she gently pulled Chloe back from the bedroom door and held onto the blonde as they made their way to the bed. The pair sat down on the edge of the bed, their lips still melding against one another’s then breaking apart as Chloe then bent down slightly to remove her shoes, Elly immediately followed suit.

As the couple bought their bodies back together, Elly shifted so she was standing in front of Chloe leaning down against her as Chloe sat on the edge of the bed. As they kissed passionately, Elly’s fingers trailed to the edge of Chloe’s blouse and breaking their kiss for a second, Elly gently dragged the shirt from Chloe’s body. Elly’s hands came to rest on the top of the skirt Chloe was wearing. Fiddling around with the zipper on it for a moment, Elly undid it and Chloe helped her by lifting her hips off the bed grinding against Elly’s hips as Elly slipped the skirt off her body.

Pressing their lips together, Elly reached up behind her neck to undo the ties on her dress. Chloe’s fingers joined hers as she helped slip the dress off Elly’s shoulders and down her body. Elly slipped out of the dress and discarded it across the room before pressing her body against Chloe’s until they collapsed on the bed. Chloe gently pushed Elly up causing Elly a moment of panic that Chloe didn’t want her until she watched as Chloe scooted up the bed and rested her head on the pillow.

Shaking her head at thinking Chloe was pushing her away, Elly then smiled as she moved up the bed to join her girlfriend. Elly laid down next to Chloe, wrapping her arms around Chloe and bringing her lips to Chloe’s. Chloe relished their embrace moaning gently. At the sound, Elly’s hand immediately reached behind Chloe’s back and she fiddled with the blonde’s bra clasp until it came undone.

Chloe smiled as Elly pulled the garment off her body and then pressed her body back to Elly’s. Chloe ran her hand down Elly’s arm before reaching around to undo Elly’s bra but was surprised when Elly stopped her.

Elly whispered into Chloe’s ear, “Not yet. I want to make up for the months of hurt I’ve caused you so let me love you and then it can be your turn, baby.”

Chloe grinned at the thought that Elly wanted to put her first and was completely comfortable initiating their night together.

Chloe bought her hand up and entangled it in Elly’s hair as her girlfriend began stroking her fingers across her breast and squeezing the nipple. Chloe moaned deeply as Elly ducked her head down and bought her lips to the other nipple. Chloe struggled to contain her emotions as Elly spent time touching and kissing her nipples.

Elly felt herself getting impatient and desperate to make love to her girlfriend, bought her hand down Chloe’s body to her hips and without hesitating she slipped her hand in Chloe’s panties, not even bothering to take them off. Chloe groaned with immense pleasure as she felt Elly’s fingers inside her.

This was a completely different experience to the first time that Elly had made love to her; Elly had been shy, unsure of herself and took her time to bring Chloe to climax. This time Chloe could sense Elly’s desperation to confidently pleasure her.

As Elly’s fingers slipped in and out of Chloe’s center, she looked down at her girlfriend and watched the look on her face as she found Chloe’s clit and bought the blonde to orgasm. Chloe whimpered for a moment and Elly lent forwards to kiss her girlfriend.

Elly broke the kiss after a moment as she wanted to pleasure Chloe once more. Sliding her body down Chloe’s kissing her lips against Chloe’s body as she went, Elly hooked her finger against Chloe’s panties, dragging them down her legs this time and discarding them. Elly felt Chloe lift her hips as she settled between her girlfriend’s legs.

Elly didn’t hesitate in leaning forwards and licking her tongue against Chloe’s opening. Chloe immediately bucked her hips toward Elly’s mouth, allowing Elly to dive her tongue deep inside of Chloe. Chloe moaned heavily as Elly began licking her tongue inside her as the brunette searched for her clit.

Elly held Chloe’s hips softly, allowing Chloe to move her hips as she pleased. Locating Chloe’s clit quickly, Elly worked her tongue over it until she bought Chloe to climax once more. Kissing her lightly, enjoying the taste for a moment, Elly then bought herself back up Chloe’s body. Elly pressed her lips against Chloe’s, the pair moaning gently at the contact.

Breaking their kiss, Elly whispered, “I love you.”

Chloe smiled, “I love you too,” then grinning, “I believe I owe you a massage.”

Elly grinned happily at the woman in her arms, “You do, don’t you. Feel free to take all the time in the world to work my knots out. I think you’ll find I’m not quite as stressed as I was a few days ago but I would love you to make sure.”

Chloe grinned back at Elly, kissing her girlfriend deeply as the pair enjoyed the rest of the night together.

The End