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That which he lost

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"CAPTAIN! BAN! DIANE! MERLIN! ESCANOR! NOOOOOOO! WHY!? WHY KILL THEM, THEY’RE MY FRIENDS, MY FAMILY AND NOW THEY’RE GONE! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!” The king of the fairies screamed, kneeling in a battle field drenched in blood. Corpses surrounded him, many mutilated beyond recognition. Tears streamed down his seemingly young face, and, in all actuality, for a fairy he was rather young indeed. Across from him, a man covered in blood, more red than any other colour, stood with a blank face.


"They were in the way and so I removed them. Is that a problem?” He asked, looking blankly at the hunched figure of the once great king.


“But why kill the others? Innocent humans, fairies and even giants were slaughtered here with no regret. Were they in your way as well? Simple people who were just going about their day. Fairies that left the forest because I said it was safe and they decided to come and bring me home. WHAT DID THEY DO, THEY WEREN’T EVEN FIGHTING, THEY WERE TRYING TO FLEE BUT YOU KILLED THEM!?” He stood up while glaring murderously at the other figure, his once blue outfit now more red then it previous colour.


“If you really miss them that much then why don't you join them?” He raised his sword, preparing to strike Fairy King Harlequin but it never connected. Another person joined them on the blood soaked battlefield, pink hair standing out as a drastically different shade to the crimson stains that surrounded them.


“Gowther?” Harlequin questioned the one in front of him. The person in question didn’t turn, still blocking the sword.


"Oh, you live? I could have sworn you had already been cut down by my blade. No matter it will be easy enough to fix.”


“Run.” Gowther said, it being barely audible.


"What?” King exclaimed, “I’m not leaving you.”


“I cannot die however you can, therefore it is most logical to have you flee while we are fighting, we shall meet up later now go.” He said with a dead sounding voice. However Harlequin refused to flee, not when one of his friend could die in front of him. “You will not leave, fine. I suppose this will have to do. I apologise King for breaking one of the rules given to me by the captain however it appears necessary.” With that a pink bolt hit the fairy in the head and it all went black.