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come in (but there’s no exit)

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Confusion was an everlasting feeling for Changkyun since he had arrived in the mansion. 


Every time he wanted to know something about what he meant to the X Clan, he was pulled under by lust, the more common advance he couldn’t find the strength to say no to, or the purely vague answers and smirks. Maybe what was worse was the pure awkwardness he felt at the meeting he had been forced to attend while snuggled into Hoseok’s chest. He found himself liking the firmness and warmth of the elder more than he should.


Changkyun didn’t know when he would go mad. All the lies and withheld information, the unwanted touches he shouldn’t be craving for, he would probably combust if they told him they loved him. His heart could only take so much. 


Besides, if they said they loved him with their hands on his dick, how was he supposed to believe that? Well maybe he should be reconsidering that because somewhere during the meeting, Hoseok had decided that it was a great idea to palm his cock through the tight jeans he wore. Instinctively, the younger’s face heated up, hot breaths of lust trapped in his throat so as to keep at least some dignity in front the men in suits across the table. 


At the the same time however, Changkyun doubted that they would be bothered, but rather be turned on by the sight of him being stroked through his pants during a meeting. God, what if Hyunwoo made him sleep with one of the men for a business deal? Fear poured into his heart and overflowed at the thought of being used publicly by strangers, the smirks and sniggers aimed at him the more terrifying thought. Oh fuck, what if he would be paid off to them as payment? What if the X Clan decided he was no longer useful and would be glad to cast him away as any prostitute? What if- 


“You’re drifting, baby boy.” 


That was all it took for his rapid train of thought to break down. Hoseok’s sugary soft voice in breaths against his ear, a reassuring yet feather light touch on his neck and boom, Changkyun focused on his situation right there. His breathing slowed, he curled up unto the warmth of Hoseok’s chest for comfort.


The day hadn’t felt as long as it should be. Breakfast felt like it was at 5am, lunch as if it were 10am and tea before the meeting at noon. The disarranged timings messed with his mind. If that wasn’t exactly what the 6 others wanted to do with him, he would’ve been a dead corpse by now. 


Back to reality, Changkyun squirmed to make himself more comfortable and to adjust his position on the elder’s lap, the action which then led to Hoseok winding his arms around the younger’s waist tighter. It was so akin to a python squeezing its prey dead that Changkyun couldn’t help but imagine the scenario, him the prey, a pretty doe only to be strangled by the large python, Hoseok or otherwise the other members as well. 


Such a thought sent a suffocating feeling shuddering through his body, instinctively curling up into the nearest body, conveniently Hoseok’s, for comfort. He missed the sniggers everyone else in the room sent him, only focusing on the hand that stroked his nape with feather gentle touches. 


“He’s pretty, Hyunwoo. Where’d you pick this one up?” Jaehyun, one of the businessmen snorted at the scene, a smile full of lust on his face.


Hyunwoo waved his hand absently, replying, “A club, a good little bitch when we need one.” 


Jaehyun’s eyes sparkled at the words, licking his lips while making eye contact with his fellow businessmen to communicate. The other two mirrored his desires perfectly, a few hushed whispers here and there before he turned back to Hyunwoo and cleared his throat dramatically. 


“We’ll cost you half the price if we all have a go at your boy. What do you say, X?” Eyeing all members of the Clan, little was needed with the pleasant smirks and nods of assent sent their way. 


“By all means, Jaehyun. But don’t damage too much, he’s still young after all,” Jooheon teasingly warned, hands coming up to wrap around Minhyuk’s neck, taking in a deep breath of the older man’s cologne. 


As the 3 businessmen came around the table to Changkyun, Hoseok slowly began to pull the crop top they had dressed the younger in off his body, panicking him with the cold air against his torso. Doe like eyes staring up at the older almost second guess his decision but it was too good of an opportunity to miss. Hoseok cupped the younger’s face in his hand and whispered lightly, “Are you going to be a good boy for me, Changkyunnie? You know what happens when you’re a good boy don’t you?” 


The promise of a reward clouded Changkyun’s logic and he was immediately nodding vigorously, no matter the 3 men staring lustfully at his exposed torso, bare white and just healed of the marks made by Hoseok. 


The obedient puppy allowed his shorts to be stripped quickly, no underwear underneath, and for him to be turned to look at the 3 men, hands already deep in their pants. 


Hoseok’s hot breath fanned on his ear and neck, “You’re going to suck their cocks while I fuck you, got it baby?” The first dick in front of his face was not as big as any of the other Clan member’s dicks but sizeable so Changkyun got to work immediately. 


Hoseok had found the perfect way to keep their baby obedient and willing, to pour toxic words of lies in him as they make him a moaning mess. The effect was fantastically good, the younger slowly but surely more and more open to them. It wouldn’t be too long before he completely was theirs, only a matter of time. 


Changkyun jerked the other two dicks of the other men, sucking the other dick in his mouth as he felt Hoseok pull apart his butt cheeks. The ticklish feeling of Hoseok’s big cock teasing his hole gave him shivers that turned into moans, his hand grasping the two other dicks tighter and the vibrations of his moan onto the dick in his mouth. Foreign fingers curled his hair, different sounds of pleasure echoed in the meeting room. He didn’t feel so good. Wasn’t he supposed to only reserve this kind of affection for people like Hoseok? 


Right as he was about to pull away to protest, Hoseok pushed in his lubed dick right into his ass, clenching around the intruder painfully hard. Head thrown back in a deep groan, body arching towards the one right in front of him, Changkyun didn’t have the chance to recover from the intense input when Hoseok grasped his hips in a bruising grip and hit his prostate dead on with one smooth thrust. 


An onslaught of rough pushes into his tight hole led him to feel as if he were floating, drifting in clouds. He was foreign to this sort of pleasure, or happiness was it? But some part of him kept telling him that happiness wasn’t found by taking 1 cock in his mouth, 2 in his hands and 1 in his hole. A heavy blanket of pleasure fell over these thoughts, silencing their silent cry of help as Changkyun let go. He panted, whined for more just to reach that high he desperately chased, bucking his hips backwards towards Hoseok’s cock as he sucked and wanked vigorously. Taxing it was, but the sweet whisper of a word had him feel as if it had been all worth it. 


“Cum.” Hoseok’s deep authoritative tone simply turned him on more, cock twitching before sprouting at the ends with strings of white cum into his stomach and the floor, mouth stuck open through the sound of an ecstatic scream. Eyes half rolled back and high on the orgasm, Changkyun didn’t really care if he could feel cum splatter onto his face, mouth and all over him. Just the thick stretch of his hole by Hoseok’s god like dick was enough to send him into a wheeze. 


His chest had white splatters all over, face messy with sweat, drool and cum, but he couldn’t rest yet. Hoseok still hadn’t had his turn for release yet so being the good little boy Changkyun was, he snuggled closer backwards to Hoseok, tilting his body where he could feel the older’s cock deepest in him. The sound of Hoseok smirking was the only warning he got before he was ploughed into roughly. Overstimulation hit him hard till the point his dick got painful and precum kept flowing out. Muscles gave him no chance to escape as hips drove into his, the elder not resting till Changkyun felt his walls warm with sticky white cum, the satisfied noise Hoseok made his sign of happiness. 


Coming down from his ecstatic high, Changkyun received a bright red bite by his collarbone, a soft stroke on his nape and an audible compliment that made him feel so trapped yet over the moon. 


“Good boy. So good for Daddy.” 


Hoseok’s response came in the form of a purr and nuzzle into his neck. They were all too satisfied. 




Cold water cascaded heavily on Jaebum, the throbbing in his head having gotten worse with the freezing sensation. 


“Rise and shine bitch! It’s your lucky day!” A callous hand pulled his hair back, snapping his head almost violently as Jaebum tried to adjust to the sudden intrusion of light. All he could make out before him were 3 men in bespoke suits, their aura telling with the amused sniggers chiming through the air. 


Throat dry, Jaebum formed whatever response he could. 


“Mm, what the fuck am I here for? Who the hell are you guys?” 


Anger seethed slowly up his throat, his brain up and awake as he recollected previous events. It hadn’t been pleasant since his kidnapping. He was mostly left in solitude, given meals at intervals so irregular he lost track of time. Sleep was common, hell he spent nearly half the day sleeping in his helpless condition. No one to go to, no one to know he was gone, no one to help. 


One of the men’s smile had him half blind, a few of those teeth gold and Jaebum could tell they weren’t painted. 


“Im Jaebum. Age 23, worked at the club ‘Jokers Den’ for the past 2 weeks,” Gold Tooth spoke, the ease of his tone greasy like car oil as he read it off some papers he held onto. Jaebum was already wary, a frown adorned his face to complement his foul mood. 


“Yeah, so? What’s this, some fact stating competition?” Jaebum harshly bit out, leaning forward in his seat to glare harder at the 3 men. He didn’t want to be scared into submission, he couldn’t be, not in this sort of situation. 


The man sitting in the middle, presumably the leader, gave him a sigh and took off his glasses. Taking his own sweet time to wipe his glasses and cross his legs the other way, tension highlighted the room atmosphere, the composed 3 men versus Jaebum’s heated response. 


After the unnecessary long wait, Glasses opened his mouth. 


“We have information on your parents death. Want it?” Blunt and straightforward. Jaebum couldn’t like it more. 


“Heh, yeah right. I’ll tell you the full damn fucking account of what happened. They were coming home after work together and while driving a drunk shit decided to crash into them. All dead.” He venomously spat the last word, fists clenched till his nails dug into his palm, teeth shaking. No one seemed to be fazed by his anger, which frustrated him further. Wasn’t this the part they were supposed to get angry themselves and physically torture? 


The last man at the trio in suits checked his watch nonchalantly before looking up at him all smiles. “Done yet Mr Im?” 


Bewildered, Jaebum was at a loss for words, but kept his angered front up well, creases not erased from his head. 


“If I am done, I’d be at my apartment watching a rerun of Stranger Things but guess what, I’m not. So no I am not done,” he growled at them, only getting a sigh and little chuckle out of the men. Frustrated at the lack of reaction, Jaebum grit his teeth and tried to slip out of the chafing rope. 


“I suggest you don’t try anymore, Im Jaebum. It really hurts,” Glasses signed with fake sympathy, utterly amused with Jaebum’s attempts to escape. 


“Then just tell me what the fuck you fuckers what from me,” Jaebum snarled out ferociously. 


Baldy, the last man, finally spoke up. “Let’s just say we can help you and your brother learn the truth about your parents deaths 12 years ago.” 


Jaebum’s mouth refused to cooperate as he involuntarily responded. “Don’t fucking touch my brother.”


Gold Tooth smiled as if he had won the lottery. 


“You’re going to help us or your brother, as we know of it, would be killed.” 




The manor in the day had a very majestic aura. Glowing lights and the reflections of sunlight glaring and strong. But it was so very different at night. The soft whistle of wind from the windows, the mellow beams of moonlight streaming onto the lawn. Changkyun ambled down the hallway towards the kitchen, having been allowed earlier by Hoseok to freely leave his room. He used to be locked in every night, begging to leave but slowly it sank in that it was futile so he stopped. Perhaps that was the real reason why Hoseok had smirked and caressed his cheek as he whispered that he would leave the door unlocked this time. 


“You have been a good boy.” Was the most outstanding sentence from the elder’s lips, shivers sent through his spine at the words. 


The chirps of cicidas at night were a comfort of sorts, that nature still wished peace for him while he made his way to the kitchens. Life here wasn’t particularly hard, considering how rich the X Clan was to already have at least a hundred maids running to and fro in a mansion. There were the good things and the bad things, but somewhere along the line, discerning between the two got blurry for Changkyun. 


He could easily start with the food. Changkyun grew up eating what he could for the sake of financial responsibility and not from sheer desire to eat something really delicious. Whatever food he wanted, the kitchens could churn it out for him; fresh sushi and sashimi, well grilled tender steak and fries, perfectly prepared lamb rack with roasted potatoes. You name it and poof, it appears before you like how Mary Poppins makes anything happen. 


Next would be the clothing. Never had Changkyun felt more indulged in his personal style of crop tops and ripped jeans. When he had been studying, he never really cared for his outer appearance too much, being satisfied with the cheap clothes he could get at flea markets nearby. Hoseok and the other Clan member threw money around and spent it on him without batting an eyelash, Minhyuk having come back once and putting a collar with small silver chains with diamonds, that Changkyun supposed where real, around his neck. Then again he felt valued when they praised how pretty he looked in clothing or accessories they mindlessly spent money on for him. 


Lastly, the best thing he felt guilty for, the sex. He wasn’t a virgin by all means, but having let so loose in front of all the other members or business men from earlier at the meeting, it had awakened a part even the younger never knew about himself. Changkyun could see it was a ploy, to keep him submissive and obedient. Yet he found his limbs turning into jelly when they appeased all his anxieties and worries with hot whispers and deliberately soft touches. It all led to the same thing, him craving more. A lust he could never fulfill, a pit he would constantly fall down through just for the sensations, each member had their own way of making him get addicted. 


Kihyun and Hyunwoo were like electricity, sizzling hot and fiery all the same. He’d find himself sandwiched between the couple, who loved to have Hyunwoo being the dom, fucking into Kihyun while the latter bulldozed into Changkyun, motions from Hyunwoo sent down to affect Changkyun in more than one way. Jealousy and dirty talk seemed to be the thing between the couple, as Changkyun constantly be stuck as they kissed right above him. But when he wasn’t involved, they’d start with a eye fucking ritual from afar, Kihyun flirting with anyone within Hyunwoo’s line of sight to get a rise out of him, then screams and moans of pleasure that only Kihyun could go so high to make would echo throughout the mansion. 


Jooheon and Minhyuk were akin to little demons, troublemakers who just wanted to play around with Changkyun. Teasing, edging and apparently making him defenceless overall were their favourites, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy one bit of it. A typical example would be him tied to the bed, legs stretched open for Minhyuk to eat him out like a lavish dessert as Jooheon did a 69 on him, leaving the younger so helpless under all the stimulation. Obviously, the two were also a couple that looked too normal to be apart of the underbelly of the criminal world. But alas, Changkyun had been sucked into this whirlpool. From what he didn’t know, except that it just meant trouble. 


Hyungwon was slightly different though, for he was more fluid like water in his movements. Changkyun had to remind himself of how this man had contributed to his kidnapping due to the seemingly ethereal visual and graceful actions Hyungwon had. He felt like he was in a dream, where Hyungwon came in the form of a devil in the disguise of an angel, his lazy smile entrancing Changkyun into letting his guard down, the sweet kisses that supposedly held affection did not help this matter. Sex with the older was as if Changkyun was in water, drowning yet so pleasantly as he was pulled under. There was no spark or excitement, just the apprehension of being put to sleep but never to wake. 


And finally, Hoseok. His first that had been all too memorable; more than Changkyun had wanted it to be. Given one look at the elder’s physique, it was no doubt that he was a beast in bed, something Chankyun recently found out was a huge turn on for him which wasn’t necessarily good. Since Changkyun was raised to be an honest person, he had to admit that the dominance did give him a sense of security, no matter how misplaced, and want, like Hoseok wasn’t truly invested in something else other than the younger. Hoseok was unlike the other 5 yet so alike that Changkyun just placed him in the grey area called “Ambiguous Events”. The sex they had was rough, wild and raw, something Changkyun never experienced in such great intensity till now. 


Then came the question: what did this mean for him? 


Reaching for the fridge door, Changkyun pondered deeply whilst preparing himself a small night snack, craving something savoury yet not too much. Settling with some cereal, he was just walking back to his room when he heard muffled voices and noticed a tiny crack of light. Curiosity getting the better of him, he tiptoed closer to eavesdrop or to take a peek. 


One small peek couldn’t hurt right?


Bowl clutched in one hand, Changkyun leaned carefully to the crack and pulled the door just an inch open further. There in a lounge, he presumed, were all 7 X Clan members, some sitting some standing, all deep in serious conversation. 


“You can’t expect him to think we’d agree to that kind of shitty deal!” Changkyun had never heard Minhyuk sound so angry ever since his arrival (read: abduction) in the mansion, eyes widening a fraction at the tone. 


Hyunwoo sighed, Kihyun rubbed his thigh comfortingly, Jooheon’s arms were as crossed as his expression. 


“Min, I know. We need him to piece together this information and the other but at what cost?” The leader replied, exasperation at his fellow member’s stubbornness visible. 


Hyungwon cut in, “Hyung, need I remind you the reason why we couldn’t get the man? It seems like we should start working faster on our end, don’t you think?” 


“Saltwater turtle, could you be so kind to stop harping on that issue? Besides we already have the boy for the information.” Kihyun’s voice was as sharp as any knife, driven and straight to the point. 


Hoseok huffed. “I’ve already been breaking him in, he’s practically addicted to the lifestyle now. What, am I supposed to jazz it up with an abnormal question? He’s not a dumb puppy, he knows what we’re doing to him even if it is working.” 


“The fact that he is aware of our actions is enough danger already. Shouldn’t we just put an end to it, hyung?” Jooheon whined out, words directed to all in the room. 


“You mean liquidation?” Hyungwon’s tone was incredibly incredulous, strange for his usual calm temperament. Wait what?


“It’s an option, but comes with severe consequences,” Hyunwoo affirmed.


”In other words, we kill the rest of the Ims.” 


In other words, we kill the rest of the Ims. 


Cogs clicked into place in Changkyun’s mind. His mouth hung open in shock. Disbelief clouded his mind, born from the belief that they at least cared for him. 


Was he so insignificant? 


The realistic part of him agreed wholeheartedly, but he found himself yearning for their care, something he recently was beginning to hate a lot. Those words replayed in his mind, the message getting clearer and clearer each damn time. He and his brother, including any other of his relatives were going to die. The cereal tasted bitter, shock gripping him all too tightly and his body reacted before he could think. All he knew was that he was very likely going to die, and he was to take every other living relative down to the grave with him. 


The ceramic bowl of cereal tipped out of his sweaty grip and crashed unceremoniously onto the floor, shattering into pieces so loudly that Changkyun didn’t have to look to know that he had caught the attention of those 6 cruel men. 


“Who’s there?” Kihyun snapped angrily, jumping out to push open the door only to see Changkyun’s fluff of hair running down the corridor, echoing footsteps all too much of a sign.


He groaned at their slip up and cussed. 


“Fucking great bitches. Now Changkyun’s heard it and is trying to escape.” 


A cacophony of curses echoed in the room, the men all rising to their feet to chase for their precious baby boy. As Hoseok was walking out, Kihyun shot him a look, a look that Hoseok could read easily only to respond with a curt nod. 


They had to fix this quickly before it blew out of hand. 




Changkyun’s feet hurt. He was sprinting barefoot on marble floor aimlessly, just trying to find the exit to this massive manor yet to no avail. He soon found help though, in the form of a maid making a late night round, stopping right in her face only to shake her roughly and ask, “Where the fuck is the exit door?” 


The maid, shaken, raised a trembling finger to the right corridor and squeaked out some simple directions that Changkyun’s adrenaline high brain absorbed fast. Thanking her quickly, he followed her instructions to see the same doors he had gotten so close to opening before. Mahogany red greeted him, the golden knobs shining in moonlight with promise so hurriedly, he pushed the doors open and nearly fell down the small steps that lead out to the front yard (read: king size gardens). The white bright moon hung pitifully in the sea of midnight black sky, sticking out like a sore thumb, it’s light illuminating Changkyun’s surroundings but not his situation. 




Panic gripped his heart tight and squeezed out more heartbeats that could break apart his rib cage. Cool grass met the sole of his feet as he ran into the garden, everything looking the same to him as he passed each row of flowers and plants, getting absolutely nowhere until- he spotted a menacing black gate, a little cobblestoned driveway right before it. Hope sparked in his heart and he ran like a madman towards those gates. He could just climb over and this would all be over- 


Bang! The sound of a gunshot had him stock still, eyes threatening to pop out of his socket, every limb frozen. 


“I think that isn’t the best idea baby,” Hoseok’s nasally high voice seemed so condescending to Changkyun, he had to turn around and send daggers right at the older. A simple but vicious pistol in the older’s hand, pointed at him now, brows furrowed with a mask of care though frustration at the younger was easily seen. Frustration at what though? Changkyun not being compliant or Changkyun causing trouble? 


Hoseok held back a cackle at the pathetic glare Changkyun gave him, although he could sense the anger in his eyes. But to Hoseok it was just too soft, soft being the best word for the younger now. 


“Come on Kyunnie, lets get back inside.” 


He had been expecting at least some form of resistance but the question Changkyun posed he honestly had not. 


“What is so important that you have to bring out a gun?” His expression was dead yet at alive. 


Hoseok’s head cocked to the side, contemplating an answer to play this verbal game well, leaving the younger more bitter about Hoseok being so mocking of him. 


“Can’t let my baby boy leave can I?” The sharp grin with razor teeth was all too predatory. 


“You don't fucking own me, you son-”


”You are a property of the X Clan now. As a high ranking member of the X Clan, I indirectly own you.” 


Hoseok’s gaze was like the pointed end of a spear, piercing into Changkyun to leave him speechless. There was certain truth in his answer but Changkyun didn’t buy it. 


“When did you ever damage property?” Cold wind nipped unpleasantly at his skin, the thin cardigan he wore over his crop too serving no warmth. 


He knew he had given the wrong reply when Hoseok’s smile went from condescending to smug. 


“So you’re admitting that you’re X Clan property. Didn’t even try to deny it,” snickered Hoseok as he calmly walked down the verandah and to frozenly fuming Changkyun, fun still held at the younger for intimidation. Changkyun went beet red and weakly spluttered am incoherent response. “Wha- No, no. How the- No!” 


Hoseok softly nudged the younger the gun at his chest, loving how the younger seemed to tense up at the contact of the gun. Invading the younger’s personal space, the gangster gently directed the barrel at the back of Changkyun’s head, free hand pulling him in by the waist. 


“Tell me what happened earlier.” 


A deep breath. Relief at the seemingly harmless question or fear at what was to come. 


“I was getting cereal when I overheard you guys talking about-”


”Eavesdropping on us, baby boy? Naughty,” Hoseok’s snigger in his interruption was more than just rude or condescending for Changkyun, because his mind immediately latched onto the last word that sounded like a crime. 


Naughty. He had done something wrong, something Daddy didn’t like. That’s why he was naughty


The gun was lowered and chucked into his holster when the older noticed how the younger boy had frozen up at his words. He smiled maliciously, tracing the back of the younger’s neck just to feel the muscles tense under his touch deliciously and biting his earlobe albeit gently. 




A gulp was audible. Changkyun hated himself so badly at this point. 


“You guys talked about some business deal, and how you wanted information from someone then,” he took in another deep breath, either from how he didn’t want to talk about how he could die or from Hoseok’s hands going a little too low to fondle his ass through the thin sweatpants. How he wasn’t freezing at this point was probably because of the older man’s warmth. “then someone suggested killing off the Ims.” 


Hoseok hummed nonchalantly, busying himself with the luscious globes of meat in his hands, head rested firmly on the younger’s shoulder. Now was the important part, the limelight moment, how to twist the truth to their version and chuck it down Changkyun’s mouth. 


Uncomfortable silence left Changkyun thrown into the lake of worries, deeply disturbed by his growing desire to just be fucked by the gangster instead of escape death and abduction. 


“Was the light on when you eavesdropped?” 


What the fuck? 


Changkyun was too puzzled to answer, the peculiar catching him so off guard he wondered why Hoseok wasn’t just killing him now. 


“Answer me baby boy, was the light in the room on when you eavesdropped?” 


Such a trivial detail had been lost in the madness earlier so the younger found himself rapidly searching for the answer, wracking his brain for something so insignificant it was amazing how crazy he felt he was going now. Just over a light?


”So? It’s going to rain soon baby, give me an answer,” the older murmured, impatience dripping from his words in minute amounts. 


“Um... I think the lights were on, I could see you guys inside but-”


”Baby, the lights were off. Didn’t you know?” 


Too many what’s had passed through Changkyun’s mind at this point.


”You can tell our voices apart, so you obviously can easily tell me who said what. But weren’t the lights off just earlier?” Hoseok now looked up straight into Changkyun’s eyes, gaze so magnetic he couldn’t pull away in fear. 


“I-i don’t know... Maybe.” His mind was a whirlpool, sucked in deep into a place he knew nothing of. He was free falling unpredictably. Was he so wrong to have remembered it as lit up and bright? 


“Baby, the lights were off. Repeat it with me.” Hoseok sounded as if he were pleading for once, a tug on Changkyun’s heart so well thought that the younger mindlessly nodded and followed. 


As he chanted the phrase, the others looked on from a balcony high up, in their respective lovers arms sans Hyungwon. They looked on the scene delightfully, control settling back with the master. 


“One more time, loud and clear for me,” Hoseok commanded. 


Changkyun repeated it just one more time, eyes sucked into Hoseok’s own cold ones whilst he said, “The lights were off.” 


A smile graced the man in front of Changkyun and he kissed his lips. “My good boy. Let’s go sleep now ok?” 


A nod and the sound of shuffled feet back into the manor. 


Back in the room, even if it was 3am now, Hoseok have an obvious hint to the younger what their plans were for the night. Coyly wrapping his arms around the younger’s waist, Hoseok trailed upwards to toy with a pert nipple. 


“Who do you love?” A harsh suck on Changkyun’s neck made the direction all the more obvious. He tilted his head to allow more access, rasping out a weak “You” to the older. Unsatisfied, Hoseok pushed him down onto the bed, ripping the sweatpants from Changkyun’s hip as if it were mere paper. The cold air that hit his legs and the younger found himself under the muscular man who had nothing but jeans on, the bulge too big against his thigh to ignore. 


“Want to try again, baby?” Their foreheads were together, the intimacy too much for Changkyun but he just wanted to relish in having someone so close for longer. A knee rubbing his semi hard on didn’t help much. 


“I belong to you daddy.” 


Music to Hoseok’s ears, he dove into his meal like a cheetah devouring a deer. Senseless fucking and the harsh slap of their skin as Hoseok’s hips drove him into the soft mattress felt more like heaven and forgiveness for his earlier act of rebelliousness. He paid his penance through Hoseok’s torturous hands which stopped his orgasm twice in a row, even more so when he fucked himself on Hoseok’s cock after the older had came in his hole. The sensory overload was addictive, an escape from every sad thing about him to pure ecstasy. Changkyun spent the night clenching the sheets, screaming one thing and one thing only with Hoseok’s cock imprinting his walls.