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come in (but there’s no exit)

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“Have you sent in the orders for more guns yet?” Hyunwoo absently asked his lover, scribbling on the papers furiously from stress. Kihyun was perched on his huge lap, legs around his waist to reach around and play with the hairs on the back of his head. 


“All done. Jooheonie is finishing up the Jinyoon deal nearby Gangnam. Wonnie and Minnie are picking up the new recruits for their training, and Hoseok is collecting the money the Ilsan bastard owes us,” Kihyun bluntly replied, curling into the older’s chest to rest his head on Hyunwoo’s shoulder, sighing at the feeling of comfort. 


His pen dropped down onto the desk as he placed the paper on the pile of paperwork he had completed, his attention now on his lover that clung possessively to his side, sitting on his lap. 


“How about our new toy?” The glint in Hyunwoo’s eyes was well appreciated, Kihyun loving the big hands resting on his waist as he traced the older’s lip with his finger. 


“He’s crumbling. His naivety will get the best of him and he’ll learn to see only us.” Hyunwoo hummed, thumb stroking mindless circles on Kihyun’s hip. 


“Correct me if I’m wrong, darling but he’s quite attached to Hoseok, isn’t he?” 


Kihyun’s chocolate brown orbs twinkled with unadulterated excitement.


“Why yes, sweetheart. Hoseok hyung was his first after all. Besides, the more attached he is, the better it is for all of us.” 


Hyunwoo smiled brightly at his lover before pulling him closer for a chaste yet passionate kiss, arms looped around Kihyun’s back to have him against his chest.


“How much longer do you think it’ll take for him to completely break?” 


“Soon, really soon. His mind and body are weak,” Kihyun hummed in assent as he nuzzled into Hyunwoo’s touch. 




It had been a good 3 days since Changkyun was kept here, trapped, imprisoned by these lovely men that he couldn’t help but feel attracted to despite the rough treatment. He wasn’t physically tortured like his paranoia had thought up, he was emotionally isolated for a while. The only human interactions he had since he had that half banquet with them were those of with the maids, who came to serve him food and the basic services in his room. 


None of them came to visit him, so his fear of doing something out of line grew and he didn’t want to leave his room. So,  he took his time to dissipate that fear. Although his phone and wallet were taken by them, he found some solace in the books that lined the shelves in the huge bedroom he was kept in. Changkyun was an avid reader, the fantasy that built up in his head simply amazing, pulling and stretching his imagination past limits he never knew he had. It drowned out reality in a cathartic way, no need for drugs, alcohol or sex even to do the job. Somehow, he had found some reading glasses in a drawer in the room, realising that it had the exact same degree of his reading glasses, he put the wiry round glasses on. Settling down in the armchair next to his bed, he rested his feet up on the footrest and let the plot draw him away from the reality outside the door. 


It was a perfect distraction from the lonely 3 days he had experienced so far. Still, when he wasn’t doing something to distract him from reality, his situation hit him again, the pleasantness from the book he read earlier souring in his gut.


Here he was in this lavish mansion with rich, handsome gangsters likely apart of the Korean mafia as a possible sex slave. 


They had had been depriving him of any literal physical contact, the maids that had come in simply coming and going, him too terrified to run out for what this “X Clan” might do to him or those he loved. It was just getting lonelier, and Changkyun found himself forgetting certain things admist the week that suddenly flew by. 


He couldn’t read the men’s minds, trying to guess what their motive other than taking advantage of him. Alas, his mind was foggy, blanketed with a sort of haze to blur his logical thinking and sense of time. Had the hour gone by so fast? He hasn’t realised, having only lain in the sheets for what felt like a while before looking at the thin curtains to see what seemed like a glowing sunset. Changkyun felt disoriented, unsure of everything and anything. Was this an usual experience in the house of 6 gangsters and mafia members?


The maids who helped him with the simple daily activities replied his questions like robots, vaguely similar to how the men had answered him but not as cryptic. He learned some helpful things however; that he would most definitely not die, that the men were indeed part of the Korean mafia as one of the top gangs, and that that couldn’t give him more than that. Slumping into the comfy armchair, Changkyun scratched his head. At least he had some basic information about his situation, and technically speaking he wasn’t raped. Just uninhibited to the point he willingly let them do it to him. 


He had to admit to himself no matter how ashamed he was of it. He did miss them. He near craved their attention, the way their stared were finally something more than just “the science nerd”, something he didn’t particularly enjoy being called in his high school years. It was just something about them, Hoseok in particular although they were all entrancing in their own way, that called out to him invitingly. Based on his knowledge of them, he knew he was digging his own grave, just in a less painful way but nonetheless doing it. Changkyun couldn’t help but burn up while thinking of the men, his hand trembling as memories of their intimate encounters resurfaced in his brain and not just a few times. He found his mind constantly thinking back to them, simply wondering why they weren’t back coming to see him  They had all pointedly expressed their interest in him, something foreign and addicting to him. So why were they neglecting him like this? When it got too much, Changkyun did his best to distract himself with other things, often reading a book, showering or rearranging the shelves in his room. Yet, the thoughts kept coming back, making him pull at his hair in frustration. Why couldn’t it stop? 


“Guess I have to survive for another week alone before I get to see Jae-hyung again,” he sighed to himself, flipping the page of a copy of Pride and Prejudice he found on the shelf. Pushing his reading glasses up his nose bridge, he was sucked into the world of imagination the book gave him, cathartic release of his fear. Silence was the only comfort he got, not even from the kind ladies who were under the service of the 6 men. 


However, he was too absorbed into the peace that reigned the atmosphere, the small camera in the corner of the ceiling moving ever so slightly to focus on the boy, shrugging his brown locks out of his eyes. 


The night washed over, blanketing over the sky to let stars shine starkly against the black canvas. The open book lay split on Changkyun’s lap, his head tilted to the right with his hand resting on it, glasses slightly canted on the bridge of his straight nose. Tiny sniffles and snores sounded softly in the room, the air still with temporal peace. Having fallen asleep while reading the book, he was so deep in his slumber that he didn’t even stir when the door opened to reveal those 6 men in the doorway. They had a perfect view of the adorable boy snoring away in dreamland, vulnerable and unknowing of the fangs that enclosed around him. 


They couldn’t hold back smirks, revelling in the utterly innocent aura he still managed to have while asleep. Tempting it was, for it only made their urge to taint it stronger. 


“He’s so cute. You have a good eye, Hyungwon,” Jooheon murmured in a hushed tone, the sleepy aesthetic of the vulnerable boy lying not far from men normal people would instantly run from. Not that he was given the chance to run in the first place. 


Hoseok sent the younger a coquettish stare, ends of hi lips curling upwards and dirty thoughts filled his mind, telepathically filling those of the others.


They advanced towards their prey in terrifying unison, the door already closed and locked.


Changkyun still didn’t stir, shifting a bit to sink further into the plush cushions. 


They were vastly different men, all holding a common identity as the X Clan and sharing that ravenous, utterly hungry look at the boy who slept all too peacefully while surrounded by them. 


He was the little lamb lamb in the midst of the wolf pack. 


Changkyun’s lips parted in a yawn, his body feeling the stares but mind too sleep heavy to register anything yet. He stretched felinely, the book sliding further down his lap as he moved, still not noticing the amused looks between the 6 men surrounding him. His eyes slowly opened, squinting at the bright light before seeing Hoseok right in front of him. He tensed up instantly, hands gripping the arm rest in trepidation as his eyes darted at them surrounding his chair. He felt like a deer in headlights, stricken with so much fear and shock that he couldn’t find the strength to move. He tried to tell his body to move, but it just wouldn’t listen, rather it enjoyed the attention it received. 


A smirk that that never got unattractive despite being seen so many times was plastered across Hoseok’s face. 


“Time to wake up, baby boy. We’re going out now.” 


Changkyun blinked confusedly. Near a week of emotional isolation and they wanted to suddenly drag him out? What for? Where to? The sinister possibilities were endless, feeding his paranoia in the worst ways, causing his eyes to widen and fill up with fear. 


Soft, mocking chuckles erupted from the group at his reaction. They couldn’t get enough of it, so innocent in the corrupt world they constantly were in. 


They were going to ruin him, deflower him in the most beautiful, lovely ways ever.