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The Crimson Stone & Inky Death: Secrets of the Stone

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As Edward and his younger brother, Alphonse, wonder the streets of New Optain, trying to make time past until the next train to Lior had arrived. Edward started to feel that his auto-mail arm was a bit off. 'Man, what's up with my right arm? That freezer guy couldn't have busted it.' Edward thought to himself. Al turned to his older brother and asked: "Something the matter?" Edward nodded.

"Something is wrong with my auto-mail." Said, Edward, as he tried to figure out what was wrong with his Auto-mail. "Maybe we should head into an Auto-mail repair shop. We have the time." Suggested Alphonse. Edward agreed to the idea and the two brothers look through the town but didn't have any luck finding an Auto-mail repair store.

"Seriously? There's no Auto-mail repair store here?!" Edward shouted in a bit of anger. "Having Auto-mail issues?" Asked a voice. Edward and Alphonse turned to the voice and saw a young Inklet wolf and small Inklet Demon. To remind you what an Inklet is, they are real-life cartoon characters with abilities. "You two are Auto-mail engineers?" Asked Edward. "Not exactly. We're actually mechanics." Stated the Inklet wolf. "I have some experience working on Auto-mail prosthetics." Added the Inklet Demon. 'I guess that I don't have much of an alternative for a repair.' Edward thought to himself. "How much for the repair?" Asked Edward. "250 Cenz." Stated the Inklet demon. "That's quite the bargain." Remarked Alphonse. "What's your guys' names by the way?" Asked Edward. "Mine's Bendy." Bendy introduce himself. "And I'm Boris." Boris introduces himself. "I'm Edward." Edward Introduce himself. "And I'm Alphonse." Alphonse introduces himself.


"I managed to figure out the problem with your Auto-mail." Stated Bendy as he looks at the inside of Edward's Auto-mail. "What is it?" Asked Alphonse. "Looks like some of the mechanism have splintered due to constant heating and cooling." Said Bendy. Edward then rolled his eyes as he said "Great! So that Freezer Alchemist did break my Auto-mail!" "You mean the guy that almost froze Central Command?" Asked Boris. Edward nodded before asking " Are you able to fix it Bendy?" Bendy nodded. "Just let me grab some things from my bag." Bendy requested as he went into his bag to grab some spare parts.

As he did that, Boris asked "So what brings you two here?" "We had a quick stop here since the train couldn't take us all the way to Lior from Central." Answered Alphonse. "What a coincidence, we are also heading to Lior." Replied Boris. "What for, if I may ask?" Questioned Edward. "We're searching for something." Answered Bendy as he pulled out some auto-mail parts from his bag. Although as he did that, a map fell out of his bag that immediately caught Edward's eye. "What's the map for?" Questioned Edward.

Bendy started to say "The map is to help us find..." However he then realized what Edward had asked as did Boris. "You Can See The Map?!" Shouted both Bendy and Boris. Alphonse then started to look for the map that they were talking about, but was unable to find it. "Why are you guys yelling? Also what kind of question is that?" Asked Edward. "We had tried to show others the map for assistance on our quest, but none of the people that we have shown it to were able to see it." Explained Bendy. "Really?" Asked Edward. Bendy nodded as he continue repairing Edward's Auto-mail.

"What are you guys heading to Lior for?" Asked Bendy. "Same reason you guys are." Replied Edward. "Maybe we can help each other." Suggested Boris. "That does sound like a good idea." Replied Alphonse. "But first, if we are gonna do that, we need to know what you guys are looking for." Stated Bendy. "I could say the same thing." Added Edward. After that Bendy had finished repairing Edward's Auto-mail and then checked his watch for the time. "We might as well discuss that when we get onto the train since its going to be here soon." Said Bendy.