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Remedy of your Actions

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"Woah, holy shit! Wei Wuxian's YouTube channel and social media accounts have been deleted!"

It's been only less than a day since the mass reporting against Wei Wuxian happened. For the first hour, the hashtag #WeiWuxianisOverParty started off with only 1k tweets, and then as hours pass it became the number 1 trending on every social media site, all of the posts spewing hate and relief that he's disappeared off the face of the internet. At the 20 hour mark even major news sources joined in and wrote articles about Wei Wuxian, from falsehoods to chronological events that led up to his YouTube channel being deleted and his social media accounts being suspended. The Yiling Patriarch, Wei Wuxian, has died.

Even since before, there were talks about how from the most prominent channels to the individual users on how they were all planning to get rid of the Yiling Patriarch, but they all didn't dare to attempt for the fear of backlash the Yiling Patriarch would unleash on them if he were to be offended once.

"Wei Wuxian? The Yiling Patriarch's channel was deleted? How did that happen!?"

"Hah! Who would have the balls to do that other than his own sworn brother, Jiang Wanyin? He finally did something to that problematic brother of his for good, even managing to lead the YunmengJiang Corporation, LanlingJin Enterprise, GusuLan Firm, and the QingheNie Bureau to all gather people to mass report Wei Wuxian's business — Luanzang Hills."

"Seriously fuck that guy."

"Yeah that fucking bastard is finally gone."

"In one of the articles didn't it say something about if it weren't for the fact the YunmengJiang clan adopting him he would've been a homeless street rat? Jesus he really had the nerve to get the people who raised him sent to jail and shame them by causing havoc everywhere to the point of almost destroying the entire corporation! He's really an ungrateful piece of shit!"

"Jiang Wanyin really ignored that fucker for too long. If I were him, the moment he started to cause trouble for the business I would've just stabbed him and kicked him out of the clan and make sure he hasn't corrupted any of the employees or interns. Who gives a fuck if they grew up together the moment he fucked up the family he should've made sure he doesn't ever want to live again."

"But I heard that although Jiang Wanyin led thousands of people to mass report Wei Wuxian's accounts, the algorithm backfired on Wei Wuxian and he fucked himself over and got himself suspended instead. It was then that the mass reporting got him deleted for good!"

"LMFAO! What a dumbass! The bots he created really fucked up the algorithm, messing with people's channels and business. He really deserved to be fucked in the back like that!"

"But, if it weren't for Jiang Wanyin's timing on the mass reporting, Wei Wuxian would've gotten his account back a day later. Should I remind you that he created a bot system that erased 3,000 channels in one day, ruining everyone's livelihoods at that moment?"

"I heard it was 5,000 channels though?"

"Wow what a fucking asshole."

"It's a good thing he got rid of that program before he fucked off otherwise some other asshole might've done something worse."

"Oh well... Did you read the article on how Wei Wuxian was a promising student with a future at a highly distinguished company before he went rogue? Seriously, how the hell did he fuck up that bad?"

"That only proves that using the dark web and exploiting the system is a terrible idea. Sure, it might seem easy and might be a fast way to gain views and subscribers, but look at what happened to him; that dumbass lost everything!"

"But it wasn't just because of using the dark web, I also heard that Wei Wuxian was an absolute piece of shit that fucks over everyone around him. No shit it's gonna bite him back in the ass."

After Wei Wuxian's disappearance from the internet, the topic of people's conversations always seem to draw onto him. The content mostly being the same, and opinions supporting Wei Wuxian were immediately shut down.

However, there was an obvious problem that stuck into the back of everyone's minds.

Nobody could get into contact with Wei Wuxian anywhere, meaning he completely disappeared from the internet.

It might be because moderators and staff have shut down his re-entries.

Or, he's hiding under a different alias.

If it was the first reason, all is fine. But then again, nobody doubts the fact that the Yiling Patriarch has the power to completely take over a website and delete it from existence. If it was the former, then he would eventually just make another account and start over or recover it. When the day comes, the digital world, or even worldwide, will be faced by a revenge that will sink everyone into chaos and despair, damning everything into hell.

Various clans hired a total of a hundred and twenty security personnel surrounding the former Luanzang Hills co. building and attempted to contact Wei Wuxian through various means, followed by a heightened digital patrol searching for any strange occurrences from all over the internet.

In the first year, nothing happened.
In the second year, nothing happened.
In the third year, nothing happened.

Many years passed, and on the thirteenth year, still, nothing happened.

More and more people were starting to believe that, maybe, the Yiling Patriarch has actually disappeared.

Even if he was capable of shutting down websites and destroying people's lives, it was time for him to perish.

Nobody could remain at the top for all of eternity; legends are only legends.

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It's been 13 years since he disappeared from the world. Wandering from place to place, Wei Wuxian left everything behind and ran away from everything he knew. Friends, family, he even abandoned all his possessions in a storehouse and left the key who-knows-where. Taking just a map, wallet with only cash, and a suitcase filled with basic necessities and clothes, he went off to journey to nowhere. A place where there is nothing and no one knows him.

For the first year, he wandered place to place, sometimes staying at a town for at least a couple of days before packing up and wandering elsewhere. The second year, he found a remote town and settled there for a year before packing up and wandered again. For the third and fourth year, he went abroad, traveled to various countries and stayed for a few weeks before packing up and returned to China. Then for the fifth year, he wandered again and found a secluded village in the mountains, devoid from all worldly affairs. The only source of news they could get are in the form of the local newspaper that's run by young aspiring journalists whose only source of information came from a single phone line. Chatting up the locals, Wei Wuxian finally found the ideal place and settled down for a few years.

At first, the locals were wary of Wei Wuxian, suspicious as to how an outsider found their village, which was located practically in the middle of nowhere with the closest civilization over hundreds of kilometers away, and why he would bother visiting a place with practically nothing other than farms and workforces enough to sustain the whole village. In a place with less than 500 people and where everyone knows everybody, having a sudden outsider from out of nowhere has put everyone into an unease.

But that all quickly changed when Wei Wuxian started talking to people. He simply introduced himself and explained that he's a wandering traveler, finding somewhere to stay for a few days to gather himself before going off again. Seeing that Wei Wuxian being honest, the locals warmly took him in and welcomed him. It's been decades since they last seen an outsider, so everyone was curious about this mysterious visitor.

For the next three years, Wei Wuxian stayed at the village, gathering everyone's trust and going from place to place helping out here and there. After awhile, the villagers decided to kick Wei Wuxian out of a family's toolshed, which has temporarily given to Wei Wuxian as a lodging, and built him a tiny one room home completed with a bathroom and kitchen. After a lot of resisting and pushing, Wei Wuxian gave in to the villager's nagging and settled into his new home. Wei Wuxian didn't expect to stay as long as he did, but regardless, he has somewhere to call a home for now and people, although strangers, that care for him.

For the ninth year, Wei Wuxian had a sudden impulse to wander about again and went to prepare to travel. Once he gave his goodbyes and promise to return, he set off, hopping from town to town, acquiring various skills and knowledge, and then eventually found his way back to the village 10 months later. The wander was short lived, but he was glad to come back to the place called home.
Then for the next four years, he lived peacefully with the villagers. Working in the fields, tending to the local animals, teaching the school kids and doing various tasks, Wei Wuxian was considered the village's odd-job man. Whenever there was someone who needed help with something, Wei Wuxian would usually be the first person they'd ask. Since the village is self sustainable, everyone usually share their products and trade with each other instead of money. So whenever Wei Wuxian finishes a job, he's rewarded with snacks or meals or given handmade items. Since there was no need to spend money at all, Wei Wuxian just kept his suitcase in a corner collecting dust until his next travels.

It was another normal day like any other. Wei Wuxian wakes up at 11 am, washes himself, and then sets off into the village to tend to any prior arrangements he's been called out for. Today, though, is Saturday, the only day of the week where, unless there's an emergency, all the villagers have forbidden Wei Wuxian from working or helping out in the village. The cause of this was because Wei Wuxian tend to take on more jobs than he could, and in the end work himself to the point of collapse. When the villagers saw Wei Wuxian collapse from exhaustion, they all collectively agreed to force Wei Wuxian to have a day off a week so he doesn't have to overwork himself. Wei Wuxian, of course, tried many times to get around that restriction, but he eventually had to give up after a group of villagers had enough with his shit that they boarded him inside the house until he promised that he would take every Saturday off to rest.

The sun rose through Wei Wuxian's bedroom window, shining light on his face, which was hugging the pillow made of soft cotton and fibers, making his eyes crack open. When the light shines through his window it usually indicates that it's 11 am, Wei Wuxian's usual wake up time. But today was Saturday, his off-day, and since Wei Wuxian stayed up late last night working on something, he immediately closed his eyes and turned over, pulling the blanket back up to his shoulders and burying his face deeper into his pillow. He'll wake up in a few hours.
It hasn't even been minutes until he heard a sudden knock on his door. Since it was subtle and quiet, Wei Wuxian instinctively ignored it and went deeper into sleep. It must not be important. But he was wrong. After a mommentary silence, the knocks became bangs, urgent. Eyes now snapped open, Wei Wuxian threw off his blanket, slipped on his slippers, grabbed his red ribbon that lay on the bedside table, gathered his wild shoulder length hair, ready to tie it up, and proceeded to walk out of his bedroom and towards the door. Ribbon in his mouth, he sleepily answered the door and turned the knob, ready to greet the heathen who disturbed his sleep.

Wei Wuxian, "Goodf morn... ing-"

Wei Wuxian was suddenly cut off as a man just a few centimeters shorter than him barged through his door and grabbed his arms, making him release the bundled hair he worked so hard gathering, and spoke.

"Are you Wei Wuxian?!"

Dumbfounded, Wei Wuxian reluctantly replied, "Yef, I amf the one andf only Weif Wufian."

Now wide awake, Wei Wuxian looked closely at the man. He only seems to be a couple of years younger than him and... he's not a resident of this village. Since this village doesn't have a lot of people, Wei Wuxian recognizes the faces of almost everybody, but this person doesn't resemble any of them.

Shaking off one of his arms from the strangers grasp, Wei Wuxian takes the ribbon from his mouth and holds it idly.

Wei Wuxian, "I don't recognize you. Who are you and why do you know me?"

During the whole exchange, the stranger has been staring intently at Wei Wuxian's face, as if trying to make sure of something, and after realizing he's been staring he quickly spoke with a flustered tone, eyes darting away from Wei Wuxian's face.

Mo Xuanyu, "Oh, ah, um, I'm Mo Xuanyu from the Mo clan and... you're really Wei Wuxian right? The Yiling Patriarch?"

Wei Wuxian froze. Wow, he hasn't heard that title in a long time. Wei Wuxian sighed and looked at Mo Xuanyu. He saw a man just roughly six centimeters shorter than him and looks... like him? No, that's wrong. The only thing that's similar is their hair and eye color, but compared to Wei Wuxian's handsome face, Mo Xuanyu's face leans more towards the cute side. Plus, although Mo Xuanyu's hair could also be considered messy, it's way cleaner than Wei Wuxian's unruly locks! Looking at Mo Xuanyu's face, he crossed his arms and spoke.

Wei Wuxian, "Why do you know that and how did you find me? This place is literally in the middle of nowhere!"
Mo Xuanyu, "Oh! I heard from Nie Huaisang that you were living somewhere around here. You guys were friends, right?"

Nie Huaisang, that bitch.

Wei Wuxian then remembered that the last time he saw Nie Huaisang was four years ago during his impulse travel across China. He heard that there was a festival going on in a nearby town and decided to check it out. When he got there, Wei Wuxian went around checking out the festivities and stalls until he bumped into Nie Huaisang, who was browsing through the selection of decorated fans. From the years he has known about his old high school buddy was that Nie Huaisang has always been a curator of the arts, from collecting paintings, fans, ceramics, and the likes. Much to his older brother's disapproval.

Surprised to have bumped into Wei Wuxian, Nie Huaisang, who apparently to have thought that this old classmate of his died years ago, immediately let out a scream as if he saw a ghost. But Wei Wuxian didn't mind that, since he completely disappeared from everyone's lives at that time, and flung his arm around Nie Huaisang and dragged him towards a nearby cafe so they can catch up.
But he doesn't remember ever telling him where he lived.

Wei Wuxian decided to push that to the back of his mind and gestured towards Mo Xuanyu.
Wei Wuxian, "Well, you must be here for a reason right? Come in, it's better to sit somewhere and talk than standing in my doorway."
Mo Xuanyu, "H-huh? Is that really okay?"
Mo Xuanyu suddenly looked up at Wei Wuxian, remembered something, and darted his eyes around the room behind Wei Wuxian.
Wei Wuxian, "What, would you rather talk standing in my doorway?"
Mo Xuanyu, "...yes."

Wei Wuxian was shocked. From the moment he met Mo Xuanyu, he knew he would be some rude youngster. But wow, he didn't think he'd be this rude. His tiny shed of a house may be small but at least it's clean! It even has the bare minimum of furniture too!

The stranger that came out of nowhere, a person with intentions as obvious as day, went out of his way to travel, hundreds, possibly thousands, of miles to seek him out, Wei Wuxian, the damned Yiling Patriarch. Seeing the effort the young man may have put in, like hell Wei Wuxian is gonna assume he just wants to ask a small favor. Letting out a sigh, Wei Wuxian stepped towards Mo Xuanyu and placed himself next to him, grabbed Mo Xuanyu's shoulders from behind, and pushed him inside the house while using his free leg to gently kick the front door closed.
Mo Xuanyu turned around in surprise when the sound of the door closed and looked towards Wei Wuxian in worry. Noticing this, Wei Wuxian just looked at Mo Xuanyu and gave him a grin.

Wei Wuxian, "You may prefer to talk on my doorway but I don't. Plus, we'll just bother the neighbors that way so just sit down and I'll prepare some drinks for us. You're here to ask me something, right?"
Mo Xuanyu, "Ah... yeah."
Mo Xuanyu was led by Wei Wuxian to a solitary table in the middle of the room, big enough to seat 4 people, and sat down. Wei Wuxian went into the cupboards and pulled two cups out and a jar of tea leaves the locals gifted him awhile back.
Wei Wuxian, "Ahh the only drinks I have available is water and tea. What would you like?"
Mo Xuanyu, "I'm fine with anything."
Wei Wuxian, "Tea it is."

While Wei Wuxian prepared the hot water, Mo Xuanyu looked around the room. On the walls hung various doodles and paintings, assuming that they were drawn by Wei Wuxian himself, and tapestries that seem to be hung up neatley unlike the other decorations. And left abandoned in the corners stood an easel with papers and canvasses strewn about, and a rack showcasing decorative ceramics and miscellaneous items. When there was nothing else to look at, Mo Xuanyu focused his eyes in front of him and fidgeted with his hair and fingers.

Wei Wuxian, "So, what exactly did you need me for that you're willing to search all over the mountain side, hundreds of miles away from civilization?"
Wei Wuxian placed the cup of tea in front of Mo Xuanyu and moved to sit across from him at the table, taking a sip of his own cup as he sat down. startled by the sudden question, Mo Xuanyu looked up and quickly prepared some words to respond.
Mo Xuanyu, "I um... I want you to take revenge for me!"
Wei Wuxian takes a sip of his tea.
Wei Wuxian, "...Why me?"

This wasn't the first time Wei Wuxian was asked to do something for people. And it certainly wasn't the first time he's been asked to avenge some stranger either. But that was 13 years ago. He's left all of that behind already.

Mo Xuanyu, "It's because you're the Yiling Patriarch, Wei Wuxian! You're an extremely villainous hacker who eradicated clans and can ruin 3000 people's lives in one night! A super being that could destroy an entire company with just his mouse and keyboard!-"
Wei Wuxian interrupted, "You've got the wrong person."
Wei Wuxian placed down his cup, leaned back on his chair, and sighed.
Wei Wuxian, "'Extremely villainous hacker? Please, I'm the most harmless person there is! Sure, I did destroy clans and businesses 13 years ago, but have you ever heard of me doing anything else ever since? No! I've given up on that life already. Plus, if you haven't noticed, this village is barren and devoid of all technology except for a single phone line, so I don't know what's going on out there, but I'm not taking part of any of it."
Mo Xuanyu, "But, Yiling Laozu!"

Mo Xuanyu stood up from his chair with a thud and grabbed onto Wei Wuxian's free hand, eyes now locking into his.

Mo Xuanyu, "Please, Yiling Laozu, Wei Wuxian, please help me with my problem. If this keeps going on, I don't think I could continue on living."

Mo Xuanyu bursted into tears and sank his head downwards, still holding onto Wei Wuxian's hand with both hands. His cries started off with loud sobs and then gradually became softer into whimpers and hiccups. Wei Wuxian than began to take notice of Mo Xuanyu's condition: although the shirt he's wearing was hiding it pretty well, but from the angle of Wei Wuxian's sight, he saw bruises and bandages from inside Mo Xuanyu's shirt sleeves and a slight purple discoloration just below his collarbone that's been messily covered up with make up. And with a closer look at Mo Xuanyu's face, Wei Wuxian noticed that Mo Xuanyu had eyebags, but it was also messily covered up with makeup that unless you're looking at him real close, one wouldn't notice it.
While still holding Mo Xuanyu's hand, Wei Wuxian stood up, walked around the table, and then sat down on the chair next him. Using his other hand, Wei Wuxian pulled Mo Xuanyu closer and stroked his back, comforting him, and Mo Xuanyu turned and leaned his head against Wei Wuxian's chest, still sniffling. This... this is a situation Wei Wuxian can't ignore.
Once Mo Xuanyu calmed down, only hiccuping now, Wei Wuxian reached towards the cloth napkins that were set on the counter, shook off the dust, and handed it to Mo Xuanyu who then took it and wiped his face from the snot and tears. Breaking free from Wei Wuxian's embrace, Mo Xuanyu sat still for a few moments, collecting himself, and spoke again.

Mo Xuanyu, "Ah... I'm sorry, I got snot all over you."

Wei Wuxian looked down at the place where Mo Xuanyu rested his head, and surely enough, there were tear stains on it. But considering how Wei Wuxian woke up not to long ago, he wasn't all that fussed.

Wei Wuxian, "Nah don't worry about it. I was going to change into something else later anyways... what do you need me to help you with?"
Wei Wuxian went to grab another cup and filled it with water before giving it to Mo Xuanyu, also nudging his untouched cup of tea towards him after taking his own cup and sat at the same spot next to Mo Xuanyu. Mo Xuanyu took the cup of water and drank it, paused for a bit, and then with a jolt, looked up at Wei Wuxian.
Mo Xuanyu, "You'll... help me?"
Wei Wuxian nodded and sipped his tea.
Mo Xuanyu stared at Wei Wuxian for a few seconds and then looked as if he was going to cry again. But Mo Xuanyu pursed his lips together and forced his tears back, calming himself before he could speak again.
Mo Xuanyu, "Th-thank you."

From what Mo Xuanyu quickly explained, Mo Xuanyu came from a small distinguished family that owns a small, but somewhat flourishing, real estate business, the Mo clan. One day, the CEO of the LanlingJin Enterprise came to the Mo clan to discuss business until he set his eyes on one of the secretaries there, the half-sister of the Mo clan's matriarch, Mo Xuanyu's mother. After the CEO had his fun and left, Mo Xuanyu's mother found out she was pregnant with the CEO's child, Mo Xuanyu, and the family celebrated. When the CEO heard of her pregnancy, he went back and forth from his home to the Mo clan to visit her and Mo Xuanyu. But once Mo Xuanyu turned four, his father never saw him again. Seeing that Mo Xuanyu's mother has been abandoned, the hope turned to scorn and the family bagan to look at Mo Xuanyu and his mother with disdain and pity. But despite all that, Mo Xuanyu's mother never gave up hope that the wealthy CEO will return to her and her son. And she was right. 10 years later, when Mo Xuanyu turned 14, the CEO came back to pick up Mo Xuanyu and take him in as his company's intern. Overjoyed, Mo Xuanyu's mother boasted on how Mo Xuanyu will grow up to be the most prominent business man in all of China and bring their family wealth and fortune.

However, before Mo Xuanyu could achieve any deeds, he was driven back into the family.
On top of that, he was practically dragged back into the house.

Turns out, Mo Xuanyu is gay and was apparently harassing the other interns. News companies picked up on this scandal and spread it city wide, forcing Mo Xuanyu to be fired and kicked out from the company. And to make matters worse, he was driven crazy and acted foolishly. When Mo Xuanyu arrived home, he was met with harassment and ridicule. His mother couldn't stand all the pressure anymore and ended her life.

During this time, the head of the family was changed over to Madam Mo, Mo Xuanyu's aunt, who very deeply hated her sister and spewed words of contempt every chance she got. Madam Mo also has a son, Mo Ziyuan, who was spoiled by the entire family for no reason other than being the future head of the clan. When the CEO came to take away Mo Xuanyu, Madam Mo offered to let them take Mo Ziyuan too, but she was only met with a quick look and was ignored.

When the family got together to discuss what to do with Mo Xuanyu, they all collectively agreed that if Mo Ziyuan went to intern instead of Mo Xuanyu, they would've been met with better results and proceeded to tell this nonsense to the spoiled young master who couldn't bother to study anything for himself. With this knowledge, whenever Mo Ziyuan saw Mo Xuanyu, he would ridicule and bully him, humiliating him in front of family and strangers as revenge for taking his place in the internship. And although he didn't have the energy to learn or take notes of things for himself, Mo Ziyuan would occasionally go into Mo Xuanyu's room uninvited and steal from him. His books, notes, products, and tools, taking all of it as his own and never returning it.

Although Mo Xuanyu has had his crazy mood swings, and wild behavior, he did understand he was being ostrasized and humiliated. Even still, he tolerated it. For 10 years. Just a few weeks ago, Mo Xuanyu was minding his own business in his room until suddenly his cousin stormed in with a group of servants, taking almost all of his belongings. Mo Xuanyu tried to stop them, but two servants went over and restrained him and kicked him around. That was his snapping point. After that, Mo Xuanyu stormed into the family hall and complained about his cousin's actions, but unfortunately they ignored him while his cousin got off scott-free, so Mo Xuanyu ran back to his room, packed whatever possessions he had left and ran away from the house.

He wandered a day before he ran into Nie Huaisang, who he became acquainted with back in his internship days and hung out during the times Nie Huaisang came over for business. Mo Xuanyu was sitting on a park bench nearby some cafes until Nie Huaisang spotted him and called him out, overpriced coffee in hand. It was then that Mo Xuanyu bursted out into tears, spilling all his troubles onto the poor man, until Nie Huaisang remembered that he's recently met up with a friend of his who've disappeared for 13 years, Wei Wuxian. Mo Xuanyu, remembering the the tales and deeds of the Yiling Patriarch had his hopes risen as Nie Huaisang explained the whereabouts of where Wei Wuxian is, borrowed some money from Nie Huaisang, thanked him, and immediately went off in search for the legendary internet trouble maker.

And for weeks, Mo Xuanyu searched for Wei Wuxian and came to arrive at his house today, tired, dirty, and only having a single backpack to his name.
Wei Wuxian had been listening intently to Mo Xuanyu's story, every now and then nodding and sipping his tea. When Mo Xuanyu finished, he pondered. This isn't a case he could ignore anymore. Setting down his finished cup, Wei Wuxian sat up on his chair and spoke.

Wei Wuxian, "What do you want me to do?"

The fingers that laid resting on Mo Xuanyu's lap trembled a bit and formed a fist. Mo Xuanyu lifted his head and focused his eyes onto Wei Wuxian's face, took a deep breath, and slowly ennunced each word.

Mo Xuanyu, "I want you to help me with my revenge."
Wei Wuxian, "Your wish has been heard."

Grinning at the younger man's newfound determination, Wei Wuxian stood up and ruffled Mo Xuanyu's hair, making the ends at the top stick outwards. Having his hair suddenly messed up, Mo Xuanyu reached up and frantically tried to smooth his bangs back down but to no avail. Grabbing his empty cup, Wei Wuxian walked passed Mo Xuanyu and set the cup in the sink before heading over to his bedroom door.

Wei Wuxian, "Well, anyways, I was planning to sleep in for the whole day until I was rudely interrupted, so I'm going to wash myself. Make yourself comfortable while you're here. I'll be out in a couple of minutes."

Mo Xuanyu nodded towards him as Wei Wuxian disappeared into the bedroom and came out a minute later with a new change of clothes in hand and headed into the room right next to it. When Mo Xuanyu was sitting there at the table wondering what to do in the meantime, Wei Wuxian quickly popped his head out from the bathroom door.
Wei Wuxian, "Oh yeah, I see you haven't touched your tea yet, but it's gotten cold already right? You can pour that down the sink and help yourself to anything in the kitchen if you want to. Also, don't go into my room, okay?"

Once Mo Xuanyu gave a nod to show he heard what Wei Wuxian said, Wei Wuxian ducked back into the bathroom and sounds of running water can be heard from inside. Looking at the abandoned cup of tea that Mo Xuanyu neglected to touch, he decided to take a sip out of it since Wei Wuxian, the evil Yiling Patriarch, went out of his way to give him the basic hospitality, and even prepared him a cup of tea!

Mo Xuanyu brung the mug to his lips and drank.


Big mistake.

The moment the lukewarm liquid touched his tongue, a sudden intense wave of spice hit his nose and numbed his taste buds. The overwhelming taste of cinnamon and ginger and... chili flakes!? Mo Xuanyu immediately spat out his tea and coughed wildly. He's tried spiced lattes before, but spiced teas that's actually spicy!?

Mo Xuanyu quickly picked up the cup of water that was also given to him and frantically drank, hoping to get rid of the spicy taste.

Another big mistake.

Instead of cooling it down, the water intensified the taste of the spices which has now traveled down his throat, burning his esophagus.

Mo Xuanyu jumped out of his chair and practically ran to the fridge and opened it, hoping to find some milk. But instead the first thing he saw opening the door were packages of various types of chilis and peppers taking up most of the fridge, filling his eyes with red. Luckily, he was able to find the milk, unscrewed the cap, and drank it straight from the jug. Mo Xuanyu couldn't help it; he was dying. Having the cold, thick sensation of the milk calming down the spices in his mouth, he calmed down and breathed heavily, putting the milk back into the fridge.

At that moment, Mo Xuanyu had a better understanding on why the Yiling Patriarch was so feared.


After instructing Mo Xuanyu to stay out of his bedroom, Wei Wuxian locked the bathroom door behind him, took off his tear and snot stained shirt, and threw it in the laundry basket. Walking over to the sink, he stretched in front of the mirror, some joints audibly cracking, and stared at his reflection.

Yep, there was a drool stain in the corner of his mouth.

Wei Wuxian, "...ahh fuck."

Wei Wuxian put his hands at the edges of the sink and sank his head down, praying to the gods Mo Xuanyu didn't notice that, and if he did, he forgot right away. From the moment he met Mo Xuanyu, he thought the young man is another crazed fan of his who successfully tracked him down to the secluded mountains in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, he was wrong, or else he'd have to pack up and move elsewhere or continue his wandering.

Getting up from the sink, he turned on the faucets and splashed some warm water on his face, cleaning the drool and other bodily fluids off and took off his pants, also throwing them into the laundry basket. Setting his new change of clothes on top of the counter, he headed towards the shower and turned it on, waited for a bit for the temperature to warm up, and got in.
Feeling the warmth of the water wash over him, he began to reflect on the story Mo Xuanyu told him. Compared to Wei Wuxian's first impression of Mo Xuanyu being a crazed fan, it was... drastically different. Being repeatedly abused and humiliated for years, Wei Wuxian could relate, but it's never gone on for 10 years like Mo Xuanyu. And unlike Mo Xuanyu, Wei Wuxian escaped from it and had people who cared for him afterwards.

Now neither of them had that anymore.

Wei Wuxian shook his head and grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the rack, squirted some on his hands, and washed his hair. The day before, he was assisting the teachers at the village's schoolhouse and went to help out in the fields afterwards. So when Wei Wuxian got home that day, he just quickly snacked on something, threw his sweat soaked clothes off, washed his face and went to bed dead tired. Surely, before this shower, he must've smelled of dirt and sweat. Hopefully the scent of lotus flowers and vanilla on his shirt masked his body odor from Mo Xuanyu.
While washing his hair and body clean from the dirt and sweat, Wei Wuxian began to remember some things Mo Xuanyu said.

Mo Xuanyu is a homosexual with random crazed mood swings.

Wei Wuxian isn't prejudiced in any way though, and he's definitely had gay friends before. But as far as he knows, he's always liked women.

The only thing that's going to worry him is Mo Xuanyu's mental stability. From what he remembers, the Chinese government is starting to put more effort towards mental health care, but considering Mo Xuanyu's wealth right now, it will be awhile until he could afford any treatments.

That's if he's willing to get help.

With one last scrub, Wei Wuxian let the water pour over him before turning it off and grabbing the towel hanging by the shower to dry himself off. Wrapping the towel around his waist, Wei Wuxian walked towards the sink again and grabbed his toothbrush, toothpaste, and brushed his teeth. Feeling clean, Wei Wuxian spat into the sink and rinsed his mouth and toothbrush, and then he reached over to the counter where he left his clothes and changed into a pair of black skinny jeans with some ripped patches on his knees and thighs, a red v-neck shirt, and wore a dark grey cardigan over it. Taking the towel he took off earlier, he quickly dried his dripping wet hair and left the bathroom hanging the towel around his neck.


Mo Xuanyu was wandering around the room, looking at the drawings on the walls until he heard the lock of the bathroom door click open and saw Wei Wuxian step out, steam following behind him and towel wrapped around the base of his neck with his hair still wet. Mo Xuanyu just stood there and gazed at the freshly showered man, admiring his looks. From the rumors he's heard of the Yiling Patriarch, it was said that one look from him could send shivers down your spine and kill you. Mo Xuanyu was curious as to how scary a person could be to be able to kill you with one look, but no matter how long he searched, every video and photos of Wei Wuxian were deleted from the internet, never to be recovered.
It wasn't until recently that Mo Xuanyu was able to look at a picture of Wei Wuxian from Nie Huaisang, which was a sticker filled selfie from back when Wei Wuxian was in high school. Then Mo Xuanyu began to question, how could a happy guy like that become someone feared by everybody? But now that the real Yiling Patriarch is in front of him, Mo Xuanyu is wondering if the 'one look kill' meant something else.

When Wei Wuxian stepped out of the bathroom, he looked over to see that Mo Xuanyu was looking over at his paintings he hung around the room and some tapestries the local aunties forcefully hung up for him.

Wei Wuxian, "You're looking at my drawings? What do you think? I create stuff in my free time nowadays."

Before waiting for an answer, Wei Wuxian walked over towards the fridge and took out a carton of milk, unscrewed the cap, and drank it straight from the box. Mo Xuanyu jolted at the sight and quickly turned his head back to the painting he was looking at earlier.

Mo Xuanyu, "Yeah... this painting is pretty good. Who is it?"

Wei Wuxian looked over at the painting and paused a bit before answering, "Ahh, a long acquaintance of mine. I doubt he remembers me anymore."

Mo Xuanyu pointed to a painting of a man with long black hair and white robes playing the guqin, his face expressionless but gave off an air of tranquility. Wei Wuxian remembered painting him on impulse after reading a few xianxia books but didn't have the heart to throw it away, even if the man may no longer think of him anymore. Remembering him, Wei Wuxian gave out a small, yet sad, chuckle. Mo Xuanyu noticed the change in his attitude and said nothing else.

Putting the carton of milk back inside the fridge, Wei Wuxian looked around and spotted his red hair ribbon he left on the table and picked it up. Removing the towel from his shoulders and placing it where the ribbon used to be, Wei Wuxian held the ribbon between his lips and gathered the hair behind his ears, tying it up with the ribbon. When he finished, he looked over at Mo Xuanyu, who was still looking at the painting, and spoke.

Wei Wuxian, "By the way, when did you arrive to the village?"
Mo Xuanyu, startled out of his daze, turned his body to face Wei Wuxian.
Mo Xuanyu, "Oh, I had help driving here by car and arrived just an hour before I knocked on your door. I got lost arriving here so a villager lead me to your house."
Wei Wuxian, "Is that so..." Wei Wuxian pondered on something for a moment before speaking again, "When do you want to leave?"

An ecstatic expression beamed on Mo Xuanyu's face.

Mo Xuanyu, "I can leave anytime you're ready!"
Wei Wuxian, "Great! We'll be leaving by tonight. You still have the car, right?"
Mo Xuanyu, "Oh no... I was hitchhiking actually and then walked the rest of my way here."

Wei Wuxian paused. From what he remembers the trail to the village is around a 50 mile walk to the main road. When Mo Xuanyu arrived, he had not a hint of exhaustion!

Wait a minute... unless...

Wei Wuxian, "Mo Xuanyu... how long did it take you to walk here?"

Mo Xuanyu paused and thought for a bit.

Mo Xuanyu, "I think... I walked for about 5 hours and then a couple of kids found me and led me here. They really saved me, you know!"

Oh no.

Wei Wuxian, "They don't happen to have cameras on them, do they?"
Mo Xuanyu, "I think they did, yeah."
Wei Wuxian, "Did you they ask what you came here for?"
Mo Xuanyu, "I only told them I was looking for you."
Wei Wuxian, "...Is that it."
Mo Xuanyu looked up for a bit, "I think so."
Wei Wuxian suddenly had a feeling that they won't be leaving the village tonight.
Wei Wuxian, "Actually, we'll be leaving tomorrow. For now, how about you rest here? I have to take care of some business and prepare some things before we head out, unless, you wanna come with me?"
Mo Xuanyu, "It's okay, I can stay here," he yawns, "I think I'm too tired to do anything else."

It's understandable. For weeks, Mo Xuanyu has searched all across China finding Wei Wuxian without rest, going from towns to mountains with just a backpack and money Nie Huaisang lent him. Now that Mo Xuanyu has finally found Wei Wuxian, all the fatigue that's piled up is now sinking in, hitting Mo Xuanyu with a wave of exhaustion.

Wei Wuxian, "Alright suit yourself." After thinking for a bit, Wei Wuxian spoke again, "I guess for now you can take my bed. I don't have any other furniture in here unless you want to take one of my sleeping bags."
Drowsily, Mo Xuanyu replied, "Is that really okay with you?"
Wei Wuxian, "Unless you're planning on snooping around my room, I don't mind you sleeping on my bed."
Mo Xuanyu, "Okay, I'll be borrowing your bed, thank you."

Once Wei Wuxian led Mo Xuanyu to his bedroom and instructed him on what not to do, he left the house with a wrapped package underneath his arm and walked towards the village center.
Wei Wuxian is usually not troubled by many things, but there's a certain groupie in this village that constantly troubles him.

Even so, he stalks off to his destination: The Paper Shop.