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The Training

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Shang Qinghua stared at the suspicious tray on his hands. Mobei Jun ordered him to join the Ice King with his training. He had to bring this tray containing a small jar.

How would this jar help in training?

And who would train in the bedroom???

Yes, the Ice Demon Lord specifically told him to train in the bedroom.

Shang Qinghua paused and after making sure that there’s no one around, he opened the lid of the jar and sniffed its aroma.

It had a faint sweet smell.

He tried to do a slight swish of the jar. The content seemed thick, not at all light like water. It was more like honey or oil.

What kind of training does the Demon Lord intend to practice?

Afraid that the Mobei Jun would get angry if he dilly-dallied more, he rushed to the bedchamber and to his death.

The door to the room was slightly open and Shang Qinghua took a peek inside. Mobei Jun sat against the window sill, the faint light from the outside shone on his face. His expression couldn’t be seen but that only added to his allure. This was enough to captivate anyone.

Shang Qinghua remained rooted on the spot, unable to take away his gaze from that glorious scene.

The Ice King wore a light robe and it outlined his pectorals. Just imagining running his fingers through those muscles made Shang Qinghua’s heart tremble from excitement.

Mobei Jun shifted his gaze to Shang Qinghua and the cultivator woke up from his reverie. He remembered why he was called, but scratched his head in confusion. Didn’t he say they were training? Why was he posing like a model!?

Mobei Jun raised his index finger and beckoned him to come. Being the loyal lackey that he was, Shang Qinghua moved closer. He placed the tray in one of the side tables and stood beside it like a pole. Mobei Jun narrowed his gaze on him.

“Come here.”

Excuse me!??

Mobei Jun repeated. “Come here.”

“I thought we’re going to train,” Shang Qinghua said. He mentally prepared for the blows that he would receive.

“We are.”

What kind of training are you planning to do!?

Fighting wasn’t his forte. If the Demon Lord needed a sparring partner, Shang Qinghua wasn’t the best choice. He was just a good punching bag.

The look of impatience crossed Mobei Jun’s face. Shang Qinghua could only sigh as he pondered whether he should take off his clothes or not. He decided that they probably have to train his stamina so he retained his clothes.

Seeing that he still had his clothes on, Mobei Jun spoke up. “Remove your clothes.”

What the fuck!?

In one sweep motion, Mobei Jun crossed their gap, encircled his arms around Shang Qinghua and kissed him.

So the skill he’s going to practice was his bedroom skills!?

Meaning the thing he brought was…

But he couldn’t think further because he realized that something was wrong. Mobei Jun kissed him. But it was accurate to say that Mobei Jun placed his lips on top of Shang Qinghua’s.

Fine, this was training. He should seriously help.

“H-his Highness, are we supposed to be kissing?”

Mobei Jun glared.

“Because I don’t think we are kissing.”

Mobei Jun thought for a while then said, “Then show me.”

Shang Qinghua wept in his heart as he pulled the Demon Lord closer, bringing their lips together once more. He placed butterfly kisses, checking the other’s expression every now and then, before deepening the kiss.

He licked at Mobei Jun’s lip before biting the lower lip and nibbled it.

But the Demon Lord, wanting to take back the control, kissed him again. Shang Qinghua was surprised. The feathery kisses tickled him but the slight nose bumping at the start made him want to laugh.

Using Shang Qinghua’s earlier demonstration as a reference, Mobei Jun grazed his teeth on the lower lips then biting it. Then Mobei Jun began probing the lips with his tongue. He repeated the actions until his tongue explored further, urging Shang Qinghua to open his mouth more.

The probing tongue entwined to his, slipping in and out as if mimicking a certain movement.

A pair of hands caressed Shang Qinghua’s body, touching every possible part. One cheeky hand alternated between massaging and pinching his buttocks. As if the contact was not enough, Mobei Jun lifted one of Shang Qinghua’s legs to cling to the other’s waist. A hard length poked Shang Qinghua’s stomach.

Shang Qinghua moved his head to avoid the kiss and attempted to glare at the man in front of him. But this move gave the Demon Lord reason to explore other places with his mouth.

He began to leave trails of kisses on Shang Qinghua’s neck, making the other gasp for air and raising his neck to allow the other man for better access.

When Mobei Jun reached those pink buds, Shang Qinghua let out a moan, grabbing the other man’s shoulder for support. Taking this as an encouragement, the Demon Lord kissed it, sucked it and rolled his tongue around the bud while his hand played on the other.

Mobei Jun reached out for the jar and poured out some of the contents on his finger. He lifted Shang Qinghua and carefully massaged the entrance before inserting a finger. He prodded until he touched a sensitive part when Shang Qinghua whimpered in his embrace. He added another finger and repeated the action until Shang Qinghua almost came.

Shang Qinghua laid on his stomach with his rear raised. He felt something entered him, filling his insides. A moan escaped his lips.

Mobei Jun planted a kiss on Shang Qinghua’s neck and shoulder blades as he slowly moved inside the cultivator. Like a flirty slow dance, the rhythm was painfully slow with lots moans and kisses. The Ice King’s hand caressed his side, gliding on the nipples down to his hardened length.

Shang Qinghua moaned in pleasure and frustration. “My King, more! Deeper! Faster!”

Beside his ear, he heard Mobei Jun chuckled. “More of what?”

With the Demon’s Lord hot cock inside him and the stimulation on his skin through the lips and hands, Shang Qinghua had a hard time to decide.

“Ahh, all!”

Mobei Jun grunted but he started to pump harder and faster. His hand gripped Shang Qinghua’s length, following the same rhythm.


Once they released, Shang Qinghua gathered his strength and move around. With the Demon Lord still inside him, he could feel that Mobei Jun was still not quite done. He smiled in contentment.

He gazed at Mobei Jun’s face who looked like a kid waiting for a compliment from his teacher. But within that look was a scorching gaze, burning Shang Qinghua’s body with lust.

He kissed Mobei Jun’s jawline. “My King, your skills are still lacking.”

Mobei Jun tensed.

Shang Qinghua looked up coyly. “I think you need to practice some more.”

Then he lowered his voice, “I”ll accompany you.”

Shang Qinghua licked Mobei Jun’s lips before kissing him. As their tongues entwined, Shang Qinghua started moving as he rode the Demon Lord.

True to his words, he accompanied the Ice King for the rest of the night.



“I’m hungry.”

Shang Qinghua woke up with Mobei Jun sleeping soundly on his chest. His body felt sore.

Mobei Jun stirred in his sleep and woke up, placing light kisses on the other’s lips.

“I’m hungry.” Shang Qinghua repeated.

The Demon Lord’s gaze darkened. After his astounding performance last night, the Mobei Jun wanted to polish his skill even further.

Shang Qinghua snorted. “You’ve just eaten.” me.

“That’s last night.”

“Fine. But first I need solid food. I’m sore all over so I can’t cook,” he seemed to think a bit then added, “I want ramen.”


After some time, a steaming bowl of ramen came into the room. Mobei Jun moved behind the other guy and feed him. Shang Qinghua leaned on the Demon Lord’s chest, thinking life was so good at the moment.

His eyes caught sight of the jar, thrown haphazardly after it lost its use. “Where did you get that jar?”

Mobei Jun wiped off some of the soup on the other’s mouth before answering. “From His Highness.”

Shang Qinghua almost spat out his food. “Luo Binghe!?”

Peerless Bro what have you been teaching your disciple!?!?

No wonder Luo Binghe always had a closed-door meeting with Mobei Jun. The amount of suspicious books also increased in the Ice King’s office. Mobei Jun was not a reader but if those books were adult picture books…

Shang Qinghua did not dare dwell on it any longer. The Demon Lord’s skills were getting better. And that’s what matters.