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Splitting Image

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Wednesday November 9th

It wasn’t a secret that Goro Akechi had feelings for Akira Kurusu. But it wasn't something that he'd like to admit either, at least not to the public. He had fans all around Tokyo thinking they’d be his first pick when they weren’t really an option for him in the first place.

Akechi knew he was gay, but no one made him feel as wonderful as much as Akira did. If anyone saw him face to face, they’d change their attitude too. With his beautiful perfect hair and charcoal grey eyes, he was a man who’d radiate with this empowering kind of confidence. It’s what made him a great leader as head of the Phantom Thieves, and he was all around a great friend too.

Goro fixed his hair and dressed in his usual Detective Prince outfit for the evening, straightening his tie, he wore it proudly. He had to be on top of his game. Today it’d be only him and his cat. He had been planning this for months. Everyone always seemed to be able to go into the Metaverse, but today, Akira was his.

He waited outside for him at Leblanc as Akira arrived a few minutes later. “Good afternoon, Akira.” Akechi greeted him like always, with his overly positive attitude. “I found a big palace recently while going around the Metaverse,” he informed him, showing the palace on his phone.

“A new palace!?” Morgana piped up as he peeked from Akira’s bag to get a closer look.

“Hmm, well, it’ll be just you, me, and Morgana this evening. Unfortunately, everyone had plans this afternoon. We didn’t expect to get another lead this soon after we finished up, now we're just waiting to send the calling card on the twentieth.” Akira fumbled with his curly hair, blowing it out of his face.

“I didn’t expect it either,” he lied, giving him a meager chuckle. “That’s alright. We can handle it, just the three of us.” Akechi assured him.

“Let’s head off then, shall we?” Akira asked.

“Yes, let’s head on out.” Akechi set the coordinates and the world began to morph and shape, with Akechi grabbing Akira’s hand as it leads them to a large warehouse with nothing but mirrors everywhere they looked. He let go of his hand as soon as they appeared in their Phantom Thieves uniforms.

“So this is the place?” Akira looked around him. “Usually palaces have entrances, this one just put us right in the middle of things.” Joker inspected them further, but they all seemed to be normal looking mirrors, strewn around like one of those mirror exhibits that people would go into at a carnival or state fair. “I wouldn’t touch them, Crow. And neither you, Mon-” But he’d look around and see that his trusted cat was nowhere to be seen. All that he could see was Crow.

“Maybe we’ll find him if we go through this maze. He might be here, somewhere,” Crow suggested. “I remember in hall of mirrors you always had to look at the ground to help figure out where to go from that.”

“Ah, that’s true. That’ll help with the directional problems we’re facing.” Akira looked at the ground. “Mona!!!” He called out. “Where are you?!” Silence.

“Maybe we are too far away to hear him.”

“Yeah, otherwise we would’ve heard at least something.”

It was weird. They’d never encountered a palace that separated them before. The walls of mirrors made it difficult to see which direction to go as they saw themselves everywhere they went. This place messed with your mind, it was like looking through a kaleidoscope. “So, did your friends mention why they couldn’t come today?” Crow asked, pretending to have a semi-worried look on his face.

“Oracle and Fox are in Akihabara, Skull had to go to his new part-time job. Queen had family business she had to take care of, Noir is busy trying to fix her family's business, and Panther had modeling today…” Joker sighed, walking along the trail, watchful of the mirrors.

“That’s very unfortunate..." Crow faked his saddened tone.

“Yeah, but it happens every once in a while. So it’s fine.” Akira said dejectedly. “They have lives too.”

“Yes, I was lucky to be able to come as well. My schedule has been so hectic lately, I haven’t had any time to relax after Niijima Sae’s palace.”

“Thank you for finding this palace. I don’t know how we could’ve found out about this place.”

“It was no problem, really.” Akechi shrugged it off. “So now that we’ve gotten to know each other a bit better,” Crow began as they continued through to maze. “I wanted to ask you…. if we could take our friendship to the next level.” He twiddled his thumbs, waiting for an answer.

Akira was surprised, he thought about it for a moment and sighed. “I’m sorry Crow, but I don’t know. How you came to know the Metaverse is very weird to me. Like how you mentioned delicious pancakes a long time ago…” Joker looked at him with a patronizing gaze.

“I wished you forgot about that,” Crow bit his lip. “Yes, I knew about the Metaverse before, but I was afraid that you’d suspect me of someone devious, and I can see right now that you do. It’s bad enough that I see it on everyone’s face, and now you too...” Crow turned away from him, crossing his arms.

“Crow, I’m sorry.” Joker reached out towards him. The guilt trip always works. Crow smirked quietly. “But I don’t feel the same way. I’m not even really interested in anybody in the phantom thieves.” He continued, punching his feelings right in the gut. Crow's eyes went wide and he clenched his fists in anger. That gave him all the information he needed. If he wasn't going to have him, no one was.

Crow turned around and walked towards Joker, knocking him off balance and pushing him into the mirror. Joker should have heard the mirror shatter, but instead, he felt his back hit the hard surface of something completely different. He rubbed his back, feeling the sharp pain from that strong push. Joker took a moment to look around. He was in some kind of box, he got up and ran at Crow, pounding the mirror. “What did you do?!” Joker yelled at him, his garbled voice echoed through the room.

“You only have yourself to blame, Joker.” Crow chastised him.

“Real funny Crow, now let me out of here!” He kept going, but the mirror seemed to be made to ensure no one could get out. “I’m serious! This isn’t a joke!” He says as he kicks at Crow's reflection. “I know you're upset, but this isn’t the time nor the place for it!”

"That's surprising coming from the one who got himself into this situation in the first place!" Crow taunted him. "That scared look is amusing to me. Coming from the bravest person I once knew."

"Let me out!" He gave a hard kick to the mirror before he was knocked to the ground as the mirror vibrated. "What is it made out of?!"

Crow only looked at him with a smug grin. “You’ve met a terrible fate, now haven’t you, Joker? I hoped that I wouldn’t have to do this, but you made me. Why couldn’t you have just said YES?!” He screamed at him, looking like a madman.

“I’m not interested in anyone! And most certainly not you!” That proved that Akechi’s perfect boy act was nothing but a lie.

“Then this will be your own fault that things turned out this way.” Crow gritted his teeth and put his hand on the mirror, sealing his fate. “Allow me to tell you the story of this palace. You can’t get out of there until the process is over, so why not give you something to listen to while it happens.”

“W-What?!” Joker growled as Akechi gave him no answer. “What are you planning, Crow?”

“There was once a girl who was bullied.” Smoke began to pour out from the bottom of the room. Joker looked around warily, seeing the white smoke began to pool upwards, like running water. “Every day they’d come by and make her look in the mirror as they punished her for no other reason than to make themselves feel better. Her desire became so distorted that she wished she could be stronger like the other girls she saw in the mirror. So, whoever you see in the mirror, you will become the self-image of who they are.” Crow moved closer to him as if he was just taunting him, and how he could do nothing about his situation.

“My friends will learn about this eventually! They'll come for me!” He still tried to kick at the reflection. But found his body was off-balance, falling to the floor. The boy coughed as he was engulfed by the smoke.

“How could they? Your cat’s probably in the same situation as you right now, and after this, you won’t be telling a soul. You’ll be me, after all.” Crow chuckled to himself. “You may be Joker in here, but after you come out, you’ll be a new man. You’ll be nothing but a weakling of your former self. If you only would’ve become my boyfriend things would’ve been different!”

“How can I love some if they did this to me?” Joker gasped as he heard Crow’s familiar voice speak from him. When the smoke began to dissipate, he looked at his phantom thief costume, seeing how lanky and big it looked on him, the clothes weren’t fitting him right at all. His arms felt skinnier, the palms of his hands were just a little bit longer. He felt his face and hair, seeing the familiar chestnut curls ring from his head. “What?” He pulled at his new hair. It was longer and girlier than he wanted it. “This isn’t me…” He told himself, trying to remain composed, but even the phantom thief clothes he’s was wearing made him feel like such a weakling now, the clothes felt baggier, and they didn’t give him the confidence he once had. This was turning into a nightmare.

“Done with the procedure?” A robotic voice asked.

“No, I would like to set some commands.” Akechi smiled at him with pure confidence.

“Understood.” The robotic voice said.

“NO!!!” Joker yelled, giving all that he got as he got up and banged at the mirror again. “I’m not just some plaything of yours to mess around with and reprogram!” The voice coming out of his mouth sounded like Akechi and he grabbed his throat in surprise.

“I can do whatever I want, just to make sure you don’t leave and tell the others. I’ve thought of many things to keep you by my side. One. I want him to be submissive to me, I want him to feel inferior to me at all times until he starts following me of his own accord. Two. Akira Kurusu will not leave my side, whether it be by self-harm or other things, he will remain with me twenty-four-seven and address me by master and when there are people around him he will act normal and address me as brother. Three, if there is anything I forget, he will still follow what I say if I tell him not to do it. Four, I can think of telling him not to do something, and he won't do it, as well. And five, he will not tell anyone what happened here, he will keep his mouth shut and can never tell his friends this has happened.”

“Input commands?” the robotic voice asked.

“Yes,” Crow put his hand back on the mirror, giving Joker a devilish smile.

“Commencing reprogramming.”

“What?! No, don’t you dare do this to me!!!!” Joker let out a blood-curdling scream as the smoke started pouring out again, drowning him out.

Crow was loving this moment, feeling Joker’s confidence diminish before his eyes. This was going to be fun; for him at least. He looked back at Joker, as he could feel he had gained a sense of fear for him. When the smoke cleared, he found Joker in his formal clothes. Gone was his phantom thief outfit. Looks like the reprogramming had affected him in more ways than one.

“Process finished.” The robotic voice said.

The mirror pulled open as Akira was let free. He ran out of there as soon as he could and tried to find the entrance of the place, pulling out his phone he looked for the return home button but found he couldn’t push it. He had to get out of the palace, now! He could hear Akechi's deliberately slow-walking footsteps coming for him. He tried moving his finger towards the screen, but he realized his body wouldn’t let him do it no matter what his mind told him. “Nuh-N-No…” He shook his head and gasped as his phone clattered to the floor. His hand shook in frustration as he fell to his knees, defeated. "LET ME GO HOME!!!!" He cried, he tried picking up his phone again, only for him to just look at his screen. The home button was right in front of his face and he couldn't push it.

“Going somewhere, attic trash?” Crow asked as he turned around the corner.

“No… M-Master…” he choked on his own words, covering his mouth. Did those words just come out of him?

"What was that?" Crow asked again, with a crooked smile. "Any snarky remarks for the used-to-be Leader of the Phantom Thieves?"

"N-No M-Master." Akira just looked at him angrily, flaring his eyes. It's all he could do, but he was suddenly feeling his defiance start to plunder. Crow felt satisfied with his response and helped him to his feet, and took his phone out of his hands.

“Let’s take you home, shall we?” Crow took him by the hand, leading him, like a mother protecting her child.

My phone… Akira tried to reach for it, as Akechi kept it out of reach from him. “You don’t need this phone. I’ll take it off your hands.” He couldn’t tell him no. When he tried, his throat swelled up, and he found he couldn’t speak up. He really was a weakling, just like he said earlier.

Akira hated this feeling. He had to get out of this situation. This wasn’t him. This wasn’t his body, and he felt so lost because of it.

When they returned outside of Leblanc he knew Akechi wasn’t going back there. Akira just looked at the cafe, letting him look at it for only a few seconds before he started leading him to the station. He was taunting him, you aren’t going back, Akechi’s body language told him.

Even as they boarded the train people couldn’t help but stare at the both of them. He could hear whispers all on the train, while he kept wanting to say that man they knew as the Detective Prince was keeping someone hostage, forcing him to be by his side. “I’m not just another Akechi, I’m a real person who doesn’t look like this!” He tried to yell, but it could only be heard from the recesses of his mind.

What really came out was, “We’re identical twins,” Akira began to explain to help make everything seem normal, giving them the perfect prince everyone desired. They took pictures of him. People already loved Goro Akechi, and when there was two? That’s even better! Akira found himself giving people what they wanted, he fixed his hair and did poses with Akechi and everyone was loving it. When they arrived at the station, Akechi took him to his apartment that loomed high above them.

Akira kept silent the whole way up there, he wasn’t going to talk to someone who did this to someone they loved. This wasn’t love, this was an obsession. He kept his head down and refused to speak. “Now, what’s with the silent treatment?” Akechi asked as they entered his apartment. “Tell me.”

“I don’t want to talk, because I know you’ll use it against me if it’s something you don’t like, master,” Akira admitted, unable to keep his secret as Akechi closed the apartment door.

“Well, I want to hear your beautiful new voice, so speak, be lively.” Akechi brushed Akira’s hair behind his ear, taking off his gloves to feel his face.

“I want to go home,” Akira defied him, turning up his nose at him. Defy him, as much as you can. To hear Arsene’s voice was a relief. As long as he heard him, he’d still be reminded to keep hold of his true self. “Don’t worry I will!” He said back with confidence, feeling a little bit better.

Akechi looked him in the eyes. “You are home now, and this place is our apartment, so relax, feel at home, in fact, I suggest you get comfy in some pajamas. We’re not going anywhere else for the night.” Akechi went into his bedroom and came out, handing a spare pair to Akira. “Go change in the bathroom. I’ll be starting supper. How does ramen sound for the evening?”

“I-It sounds good, master.” Akira choked on his words as he headed to the bathroom. Ramen reminded him of Ryuji. He was already missing everybody so much.

Everything Akechi was doing was humiliating, stripping him of all at that he was. Even the bathroom was meant to make him feel inferior. The mirror made him look at himself and see that everything he was as Akira was gone, everything except his eyes, at least he could see his charcoal black eyes staring back at him. All he could do was look at that stupid face of Akechi’s but it was his own face he was hating. He wanted to punch the mirror and see it shatter, but his hand would not move. That was considered harming himself, he guessed.

He took a deep breath and started stripping, getting a look at his new body up close and personal. As he expected, his arms were weaker, but he still had a normal amount of strength and his chest was not as healthy as his body was before. And down there… He didn’t even want to look, he was a twink enough as it is, gay as Akechi could be. Even he could see, he had more of a curve in his hips and a plump new ass to accompany it.

He changed as fast as he could, putting on some new underwear and that’s when he realized he gave him satin pajamas. Ones that outlined his every curvature, and hugged his entire body. It made him shudder with disgust. He just put them on, being a champ and taking one for the team, because that’s what was given to him. He’d deal with it.

Akira came out dressed in crimson satin, and Akechi had already set the table for both of them. “You were in there for quite a while. Just in time though, the noodles are finished.” Akira went to sit down at the table.

“Even if you’re submissive, you don’t always have to agree with me. You have the option to disagree, I guess that’s just how submissive the mirror made you,” He smirked at him, satisfied with the change, setting down the noodles. He’s messing with his mind now, and he doesn't have the option. “How do you like the clothes? Comfy?”

“They’re alright, master,” he admitted. “They feel soft.”

“Good. So in the morning, I have to go to work, I’ll be seeing you again after I finish doing some detective business. Feel free to look around and fix yourself something to eat, but you can’t go outside.”

“I’ll be good, master,” he found himself saying it.

“I know you will be, maybe when you're ready we can do something nice. I know staying inside all day isn’t as fun as getting to explore Tokyo, but at least we’ll have each other.”

Despite everything, Akechi wasn’t forcing him to do anything bad. Akira felt a little relief but also felt a little sad for him. He could see Akechi was trying to seem like he was happy all the time, but with a huge apartment like this, he was bound to feel somewhat lonely.

But he knew if he was going to get his body back, he’d have to play Akechi’s little game and do what he wants. So Akira ate his dinner and moved closer to Akechi, putting his hand around his. Akechi only glimpsed at his hand before he found himself kissing Akira, taking him completely by surprise. Akira found himself sinking deeper as he indulged Akechi by going softer against his lips, giving him the closeness he desired, but Akechi took him by surprise. He wanted it rough as he felt his tongue roll into another.

Akira’s cheeks felt hot when he finally pulled away. He had to remember he didn’t like Akechi. Remember I’m only doing this because I want my body back, he thought to himself. And to Arsene.

Akechi gave him a kind smile. “Thank you, I needed that, sweetheart.”

“You’re welcome, master,” Akira tried to say without hesitation.

They finished eating their dinner together while watching some tv. More news about Masayoshi Shido’s election came in.

Then it changed to the next segment of a missing people bulletin popped up on the screen with Akira Kurusu’s face plastered with two other people. He looked at himself, at least Sojiro had filed a missing person’s claim for him or someone he knew. Maybe there was still hope. But how are they gonna be able to find him if he doesn’t even look like that anymore? His heart sank, as that heavy thought stayed in his mind.

Akechi made Akira sleep with him that night as he felt Akechi’s arms wrap around him, nuzzling into his neck any chance he got. Akechi made sure he was never alone. And that he’ll never let him go. He could feel the tears coming until he heard Arsene speak once more.

Do not give in to temptation so easily, dear trickster, remember to hold on to your rebellious ways… He’s right! He would not give up so easily, he’d rather die trying to escape if it meant he could go back to how he used to be.