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heavens turns a blind eye at night, and the devils come to play

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Shi Qingxuan was a nervous wreck.


His palms were sweaty and he couldn’t help flushing under Ming Yi’s stare. He wasn’t usually like this! Why was he so nervous now? He rapidly fanned his face as a way to disperse the strange tension between them, eyes looking everywhere except Ming Yi’s face.


After seeing Shi Qingxuan wasn’t planning on doing anything else, Ming Yi scowled, “What are you doing?”


“Me? Hahahahaha, just looking around. Wow, have you tidied up your temple since the last time I came? It seems a lot cleaner, hahaha.” Shi Qingxuan scurried to open a window, “Isn’t it hot in here Ming-xiong? You should really open a window or two, haha, I’m burning up in here! Let me jus--”


A pale hand intercepted his own and Shi Qingxuan froze mid action, his hands still on the window latch. He swallowed.


Ming Yi’s slightly cool hair draped over his shoulder and pooled over Shi Qingxuan’s field of vision, as Shi Qingxuan looked up to fixate gazes with Ming Yi. His normally impassive face was imploring, as he walked closer towards Shi Qingxuan, their bodies close enough that Shi Qingxuan could feel the rise and fall of Ming Yi’s chest.


Ming Yi’s hands were still clutched to his own.


Shi Qingxuan was sure that his face was about to melt off at this point.


“What are you doing?” Ming Yi said.


“Nothing!” he said too quickly, “I just thought that this room could use some air! I won’t open the window if you don’t want to, of course.”


Ming Yi gave him a noncommittal breath of air, his hand still gripping Shi Qingxuan’s own. Oh my god, Shi Qingxuan was going to die of a heatstroke if this kept up. Why did he agree to not open the window? At least then Shi Qingxuan would have something to do, instead of standing here like a stiff statue, hoping that Ming-xiong wasn’t focusing on how sweaty his palms were becoming in his own cold ones.


A part of him, a very small part with logical thoughts, wanted to save himself from physically combusting and push Ming Yi away, but the rest, the non logical part of him, desperately wanted to press his own body against Ming Yi’s own, wanted to kiss his face a frenzy and lap up the expression he would ultimately make afterwards. ‘ That one ,’ his mind supplies, ‘ that one where his eyes go all wide and soft, like a cotton field, like he can’t comprehend what just happened to him. ’ Shi Qingxuan wants to see that one. Badly.


Have some confidence in yourself , he thinks, You don’t need to act like a child with their first crush, be as illogical as you want.


But some part of him still leans towards the logical side, and he refrains, sticking to just wrapping his fingers around Ming Yi’s own ones and bringing it around himself, like a hug. This action also makes Ming Yi’s body press flush with his back, and his chin rest on Shi Qingxuan’s head, engulfing half of his body.


Ming Yi made no diction of wanting to pry himself free and Shi Qingxuan beamed, pressing himself further into Ming Yi’s embrace.


Ming Yi had cold hands, so Shi Qingxuan had reasoned that the rest of him must be slightly cold too. He was mostly right, as the arms wrapping around him were solid and still, and the chest that held him was neither warm or comfortable. But, Ming Yi’s heart thumped as loudly, if not louder, than Shi Qingxuan’s own heartbeat, and pressed this close together, Shi Qingxuan could smell that crisp and warm scent that was normally too faint for him to catch.


But, still.


“Relax a little, Ming-xiong!” he whined, “It’s like I’m hugging a rock, not comfortable at all!”


Ming Yi’s face darkened, “Then let go.”


With that, he tried to pry himself off from Shi Qingxuan’s death grip.


Shi Qingxuan turned around and clung even tighter to Ming Yi’s body in return.


“You can’t do that Ming-xiong! You’re the one who invited me over to your temple, you can’t just throw your best friend out!”


Ming Yi raised an eyebrow, “Best friend?”


Shi Qingxuan nodded, oblivious, “Yeah! Of course, you’re my best friend!”


Ming Yi, with unusually gentle hands, pulled Shi Qingxuan’s clingy hands off of his waist, face unreadable.


“Friends?” he repeated again.


Now Shi Qingxuan was confused, why was Ming-xiong repeating the same phrase over and over again? Could it be that he still refused to believe that they were friends?


Shi Qingxuan leaned closer to him, curious as to what was happening when his world turned upside down.


One moment he was standing with Ming Yi, with his feet perfectly on the ground, and the next thing he knew, he was pressed down on the bed, wrists pinned to the sides of his face. Shi Qingxuan gaped for a moment, brain not yet processing what just happened when the same cool, dark hair cascaded down from Ming Yi’s shoulder, creating a veil that hid them from the rest of the world. The hair tickled over Shi Qingxuan’s left cheek and he wrinkled his nose.


Shi Qingxuan opened his mouth to ask what was wrong when Ming Yi moved first.


“Friends?” Ming Yi murmured, so close that Shi Qingxuan could feel the gust of air coming from his lips. Shi Qingxuan blinked dumbly.


He opened his mouth to spout something, anything, but all that came out was a breathless wheeze. Ming Yi’s dark eyes scanned towards his lips, before back to Shi Qingxuan’s face.


He then pulled both of his wrists to his left hand, and Shi Qingxuan made absolutely no effort to stop him whatsoever. Why didn’t he struggle, when he knows that Ming Yi would let go at the faintest movement? The blood rushing to his face was also a strange occurrence, even when the fluttering of his heart spoke the truth.


Ming Yi’s hand, ever so cold, ever so pale, traced the curves of his neck, fingers barely gracing the skin, as if handling a priceless treasure. Shi Qingxuan went pliant underneath his touch.


“Ming-xiong?” he said, albeit a bit dazedly but still curious as to what is going on.


Ming Yi ignored him, as always, and let free Shi Qingxuan’s recently pinned wrists. Shi Qingxuan brought them back towards his own chest, unsure what to do. He fully expected Ming Yi to get off and walk away, not explaining the phenomenon that just happened, when the curtain of black moved and something soft touched his lips.


Ming Yi moved with precision and speed, one hand reaching up to grab Shi Qingxuan’s neck, position his face with his own, and the other on his waist, keeping him still against his chest. The kiss was rough, raw with emotions that Ming Yi didn’t say in words, but kind. Shi Qingxuan’s hands found purchase on Ming Yi’s back, gripping them far too hard to be pleasurable, but Ming Yi merely bit his lip in response, so it was probably alright.

Shi Qingxuan teasedly traced the curve of Ming Yi’s spine as a joke, and was punished by his actions when Ming Yi broke off their kiss.


A pathetic whine escaped his lips before Shi Qingxuan could stop it, and he blushed at the sound. Not even realizing it, Shi Qingxuan realized that he had somehow dropped himself on top of Ming Yi’s lap, legs spread wide open, quivering softly. At this angle, Shi Qingxuan had the height to blink down at Ming Yi, who was looking up at him with dark eyes. He wanted to chase after his lips, but before he could do so, Ming Yi tilted his head and nipped at his exposed collarbone, making Shi Qingxuan yelp. Heat pooled down in Shi Qingxuan’s abdomen, uncomfortable against the robes that covered it.


Ming Yi bit down softly on his neck, sucking at Shi Qingxuan’s skin like a delicacy to be savored, while his hands latched tightly on his waist, making Shi Qingxuan’s head dizzy. He made an utterly embarrassing sound when Ming Yi started to pepper kisses along his nape, hyper aware of the sensations running throughout his body.


Ming Yi nagged Shi Qingxuan’s chin down to look at him, and Shi Qingxuan was sure that he looked thoroughly wrecked right now. His robes were askew, inner robes dipping down to his shoulders, revealing his chest and collarbones. His face was probably sweatstreaked and a bright tomato red. His eyes were strangely teary, making him blink softly every second. If possible, Shi Qingxuan flushes even redder, and tries to pry his face away from Ming Yi’s intense gaze.


Ming Yi just tightens his hold on him.


“Tell me,” he murmured, stroking Shi Qingxuan’s cheeks, “is this what friends do?””


Shi Qingxuan stuttered, “Ming—”


Ming Yi’s long fingers pressed down on Shi Qingxuan’s lips, cutting off whatever he was about to say, eyes trained on the rosy buds.


He rubbed his fingers gently on it, not realizing that Shi Qingxuan was almost about to combust with nerves.


Shi Qingxuan’s clothes were almost completely off his body by now, with only his inner robe intact. Somehow, during the process where he was smothered with kisses, Ming Yi had removes the complicated knots and binding that held his robes in place, leaving him exposed and bare.


Shi Qingxuan tried again, wanting more than anything to get the words out from the roof of his mouth, when Ming Yi angled his fingers right in front of the parted opening of Shi Qingxuan lips, eyes dark.


Shi Qingxuan stilled, a strange rush of heat spreading throughout his body.


Slowly, with his hands still tightly clutching Ming Yi’s robes, he hesitantly lapped the fingers with his tongue, looking through his lashes to meet Ming Yi’s heated eyes, which were transfixed on Shi Qingxuan’s mouth. Something seemed to surge inside him, as Shi Qingxuan rocked his hips lightly against Ming Yi’s stifling grip, which had loosened against his ministrations.


Ming Yi gave him a warning glare, in which Shi Qingxuan replied with taking his fingers fully in his mouth. He choked a bit, eyes watering from the intruding object in him, but Shi Qingxuan wasn’t about to just give up on seducing Ming Yi! He had come too far to back out now! So, he lapped at the fingers in his mouth, moving his legs to grind against Ming Yi’s robe covered hardness, panting in the fingers at the small jolts of pleasure that shot up his spine.


“What are you doing.” Ming Yi finally gritted out, and Shi Qingxuan was sure that there were bruises on his waist by now. Not he didn’t like them, of course, but he really, really wanted those long fingers to be touching something else right now.


Or all around his body.


“Nothing in particular?” he said with a innocent grin, pulling back with a loud pop, “Is there a problem, Ming-xiong?”


Shi Qingxuan continued to grind himself onto Ming Yi’s hard member, getting lost in the steadily increasing pleasure that hazed his mind. His thighs were quivering from the strain, but the delightful heat coming from the rough hands on his hips and the hungry gaze that watched him spurred him on. Shi Qingxuan didn’t have any experience in this kind of thing but he chased where it felt best, and soon enough, his quiet whimpers morphed into embarrassing moans. Ming Yi remained silent the whole time, still as a statue, but Shi Qingxuan knew he was watching, with that keen and starved look that sent goosebumps up Shi Qingxuan’s skin.


After a humiliatingly short amount of time, Shi Qingxuan felt like it was too much, that that lovely feeling was building up and he was falling and just one more movement would send him spilling over the edge. He lifted his hips and—


With lighting speed, Shi Qingxuan found himself flipped on his back, legs hosted up and over Ming Yi’s shoulder, arms held above him, incapacitating him immobile. He whimpered, he was so close, why did Ming Yi have to move right at this moment?! A high-pitched whine came from his mouth, and Shi Qingxuan could see the throbbing of his length as it twitched lightly on his stomach.


Above him, Shi Qingxuan could see how blown wide Ming Yi’s pupils were and the clenching of his teeth, and a completely different pleasure filled him at the sight. Shi Qingxuan made Ming Yi look like this, whose composure was breaking slowly because of Shi Qingxuan’s actions, not the opposite way around.


“Who said that you could do that?” Ming Yi’s cold voice cut through the pleasured daze that Shi Qingxuan was in.


It was then that Shi Qingxuan noticed how labored Ming Yi’s voice was, and how; on his pale, cold skin; sweat beads dotted his temples and neck, face with the expression of a wrecked man.


Please ,” Shi Qingxuan blabbered instead of answering, “Please, Ming-xiong? I-I can’t, please. It-it hurts Ming-xiong! I’m asking nicely! Could-could you, let me…” his voice trailed off at the end.


“Let you what?” voice perfectly steady.


His hands untied the measly robe on Shi Qingxuan’s burning body, before reaching down to give Shi Qingxuan’s length a harsh stroke. Shi Qingxuan let out a keen mewl, hand twisting against Ming Yi’s tight hold as white spots danced the edges of his vision.


“Ah, Ming-xiong, please , please,” tears formed in his eyes as Shi Qingxuan whined for..for, “ngh, please, ah , let me cum.”


Ming Yi didn’t hesitate, with a few firm strokes of his wrist, and as the pressure finally reached its peak, Shi Qingxuan letting out a silent scream of pleasure and pain as he spilled his cum all over his abdomen, painting his skin a creamy white. His body was shaking like a leaf, legs almost slipping off of Ming Yi’s shoulders with how it trembled.


Shi Qingxuan’s mind was hazy with the aftershocks, his hands awkwardly pulling Ming Yi down for a sloppy kiss that was mostly teeth and tongue, he was too out of it to really care.


Ming Yi broke the kiss, looked at the splatters of cum still present on Shi Qingxuan’s stomach, and bent down. Shi Qingxuan gaped, and tried to push Ming Yi off with his arms. But his hands were still post-orgasm weak, and didn’t really do much.


“Wha—Ming-xiong! Don’t do that! It’s weird and disgusting, get up!”


Ming Yi ignored him and gently cleaned him of any trace of remaining cum, as Shi Qingxuan spasmed and muffled his giggles during the process.


“Pffft,” Shi Qingxuan laughed breathly, “Is it any good, my dear?” he teased.


Ming Yi’s tongue brushed his nipples and Shi Qingxuan gasped, wanting to squirm away from the sensations. Ming Yi paused at the sound, blinking up at Shi Qingxuan with entirely un-innocent eyes, and Shi Qingxuan knew he was in trouble.


Ming Yi’s fingers accompanied his skilled tongue in torturing his chest, and Shi Qingxuan grabbed at the sheets below him to anchor him to something, to avoid flying away with the pleasures that racked his sensitive skin.


“Ah, Ming-xiong, slow-slow down, I-I just,” he whimpered.


But Ming Yi didn’t relent, until Shi Qingxuan was quaking underneath him in overstimulation and pleasure did he finally stop. Shi Qingxuan was hard again, the lump of heat between his legs leaking precum on his newly ‘cleaned’ stomach.


“It was alright, though it was a bit hard to swallow.” Ming Yi said.


“WHAT,” Shi Qingxuan’s shrieked.


Ming Yi ignored him and got up, fully clothed, that idiot, to pick up a vial right next to the bed. Shi Qingxuan wrapped himself in the bedsheets, letting only his head poke out from the fluffy covers. He was curious as to what Ming Yi went to get, but he mostly wanted him to come back to bed. His member was half hard and the buds on his chest ached from the recent teasing, so he wasted no time in tugging his lover back into the sheets with him, hands eagerly stripping Ming Yi from his own clothes.


“Really, you wear way to many layers, how do you bother with them?”


“You put on more,” Ming Yi deadpanned, hands still holding the vial of clear liquid.


Shi Qingxuan giggled, before once again inserting himself on top of Ming Yi, his own brown hair pooling down his shoulders, undone from the previous tumble. Ming Yi allowed Shi Qingxuan to pressed him down to the mattress and take off his dark outer robe and head circlet, leaving him in just his under robes and his hair undone.


“What do you have in hand?” Shi Qingxuan asked, looking at the strange glass vial.


“Something for you.” he said, finally losing patience and flipping Shi Qingxuan on his back, looming over him.


“For me?” Now Shi Qingxuan was curious, he was about to ask more when Ming Yi leaned down for a kiss and all other thoughts flew out the window. He hummed softly against Ming Yi’s lips, arms wrapping around his neck to pull him closer. Shi Qingxuan nipped teasingly at Ming Yi’s lips, delighted at the groan that he let out, a small slip of composure, reminding Shi Qingxuan that he wasn’t the only one affected here.


Ming Yi then proceeded to pour the clear liquid on his fingers, rubbing them together, while Shi Qingxuan watch with interest, content with just holding Ming Yi close to him and gazing at his face. Shi Qingxuan nuzzled into Ming Yi’s neck, a little drowsy, and he thought how nice this would be, to fall asleep like this every night and to wake up to Ming Yi’s face every morning. If only he could freeze time in this one small moment.


“Hey,” Ming Yi’s soft voice rang in his ear, “are you tired?”


Shi Qingxuan shook his head, and looked at Ming Yi, knowing that if he said yes, this fool would definitely stop, despite his own hard member. Goodness, what a selfless fool he managed to snag, Shi Qingxuan would laugh if he didn’t love him this much.


“No, just wanted to hug you,” Shi Qingxuan smiled, eyes curving into crescents.


Ming Yi’s eyes narrowed, suspiciously, a frown on his face.


Shi Qingxuan barely managed to choke down the laugh bubbling in his throat and leaned in to kiss the frown away from Ming Yi’s face.


“I’m fine, you worrywart,” he teased, but he knew that the fondness in his face gave him away, “I’m not made of glass, I won’t break.”


If that wasn’t convincing enough, Shi Qingxuan even clenched his legs around Ming Yi’s waist, arms going out to play with his hair, a totally innocent expression gracing his face. He looked up from his lashes, blinking slowly.


Ming Yi’s hands spasmed by his sides.


Then, Shi Qingxuan felt something cold and wet brush between his legs, making him jump in surprise.




Then Ming Yi’s liquid covered finger slid into Shi Qingxuan’s tight hole, making him yelp loudly, hands grabbing Ming Yi’s shoulders for support.


“Is the cold thing from the vial?” Shi Qingxuan asked, flabbergasted.


“It helps with the insertion.” Ming Yi said, voice slightly strained.


“The inser—” Shi Qingxuan turned a red that rivaled a phoenix's feathers.


But, his heart thumped happily, his mind a puddled mess from the intimate gesture. Oh God, Shi Qingxuan was a lovesick fool.


“Well, how kind of you, Ming-xiong,” he purred, “To think of this god’s comfort and pleasure above your own. And here I was thinking of giving you a blowjob.”


Ming Yi’s finger curved inside of him and that promptly quieted Shi Qinguxuan down.


Then he started to move, smoothly fucking Shi Qingxuan with his finger, as Shi Qingxuan clung tightly on Ming Yi. The sensation was strange, his body not used to a foreign object pumping in and out of him. Ming Yi then proceeded to add a second finger and oh , now Shi Qingxuan can feel the stretch. The clear liquid made the movement infinitely more bearable, but Shi Qingxuan couldn’t help but wince at the slight burn that he felt. When the third finger joined in, Shi Qingxuan could hold back the slight whimper of pain. He couldn’t help it, he wasn’t used to getting injured so the sensation on his bottom felt ten times worse.


“Want me to stop?” Ming Yi murmured, voice uncharacteristically worried and kind.


“No,” Shi Qingxuan shook his head, ignoring the burn.


When Ming Yi deemed it loose enough, he removed his fingers, lubed and lined his member with Shi Qingxuan twitching hole. After being denied of pleasure for so long, Ming Yi’s member throbbed faintly, making Shi Qingxuan swallow thickly at the sight.


“Go on,” he urged, “I’m not glass, remember?”


Ming Yi’s composure finally broke, hands and lips running all over Shi Qingxuan’s body, lavishing him with enough love that he could almost drown in it. Shi Qingxuan pulled Ming Yi’s face down to his own, giving him a dainty kiss, before giving him a brilliant smile.


Ming Yi looked at him with that cold face of his, but his eyes were impossibly warm.


Ming Yi slowly inserted himself into Shi Qingxuan, clearly holding back, by the way his hands gripped the bedsheets and the way he savagely sucked bruises on Shi Qingxuan’s neck and collarbones. Shi Qingxuan tried relaxing his body, but it was too much , and he gritted his teeth, focusing on the silk-like hair that draped around him and the enticing moans that Ming Yi was emitting. And it worked, distracting him from the discomfort he felt beneath him.


“You can move,” he said, after some time of just adjusting to the warm, twitching thing inside of him. “I’m fine.”


Ming Yi said nothing, before beginning to shallowly thrust into him, inaudible sounds of pleasure bursting from his lips. Shi Qingxuan endured the strange movement inside of him, favoring the soft kisses that peppered his face every so often, when Ming Yi did a deeper plunge and hit it.


A strangled moan came from his lips, back arching up to meet Ming Yi’s chest, as raw pleasure and sensation erupted from his body, and Shi Qingxuan saw stars from the pure bliss that came from that one thrust.


Ming Yi paused, looking at him, before something dark and wicked flashed in his eyes, making Shi Qingxuan shiver. He angled his member once again at that same spot and thrusted, making Shi Qingxuan moan and tremble.


Ming Yi then proceeded to hit that one spot with accuracy of a trained archer, as Shi Qingxuan was succumb to earth-shattering euphoria and pleasure, his own member pulsing with the bliss wracking his rationality.


“Ming-xiong, I,” his skin thrummed with life, and the jostling of the bed refusing him of saying the words that he needed to get out of his mouth. So, instead, he thinks with all that’s left of his mind and pours the last bit of energy into it.


I love you , he thinks, in the room filled with panting breaths and sweat-soaked skin.


I love you , he thinks, when’s he’s tipped over the edge, and he’s falling and falling, but Ming Yi’s hands are there, a soothing presence as he himself tips with him not long after. The pleasure blinds him, as he shudders through the aftershocks, tender and bruised.


I love you , he thinks, as they lay there and Ming Yi’s hair tickle his neck, and as Shi Qingxuan presses lazy kisses over Ming Yi’s much cooler skin. He thinks this when Ming Yi cleans them up, putting up with the half-awake protests and whines that Shi Qingxuan thinks he makes.


When Shi Qingxuan’s bathed and drowsy, laying on the bed with Ming Yi, since he had complained until Ming Yi finally allow him to sleep over, he looks at Ming Yi’s profile, illuminated by the passing moon and thinks it again.


He knows that when he wakes tomorrow, he’ll lament and groan over his sore waist, but right now Shi Qingxuan’s sedated and warm, and the lines slip out just before sleep takes him.


He mumbles it in the folds of Ming Yi’s robes, quietly and grumbly, not even fully conscious.


He thinks he feels Ming Yi freeze, before cold hands brushed over his cheek and the same lines gets repeated back at him.


“I love you too,” he whispers, a secret into the night, meant to be forgotten the moment day arrives.


And then sleep comes, bringing peaceful dreams and hopeful wishes.