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Strangeness and Charms

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Night routines at the Midoriya household are always simple.

Izuku usually arrives home at around 5 to 6 PM, depending on which train he managed to take that day. After taking a quick shower, he would go into his room, do a little bit of study and scribble a couple of things onto his magic observation notebook, trying to take notes on some of the new spells or new hero mages he might’ve heard during the day. At around 7 PM, Izuku walks out from his room and helps his mother out with making tonight’s dinner.

“Oh, Izuku,” Inko, his mother said, “You’re such a sweetheart, but I got it all under control, honey,”

“It’s really no problem mom,” Izuku said, waving his hand with magic, making some of the chopped ingredients fly out from the table and into the simmering pot of curry, “Besides, I like cooking!”

Inko steps back, looking at her son cooking using his magical abilities. He quickly took out the frying pan out of the kitchen cabinet, pouring cooking oil into it and heating it up using his proficient use of fire magic. The raw gyozas on the kitchen counter were quickly cooked as he increased the heat on the frying pan. At the kitchen table, his mother smiled, feeling very proud at seeing her son able to use his magic skills on something like this. After every meal was done cooking, Izuku served them on their respective dishes before making them float and land perfectly on the kitchen table.

“I’m still curious, Izuku,” Inko said before taking her first bite, “How did you manage to learn all of this so fast?”

It wasn’t easy, Izuku was born with very little magic, something he carried on for the rest of his childhood. He was unable to do the simplest of spells, such as levitation and summoning objects. All he could do was make a small fireball, and even that didn’t manage to last for more than thirty seconds. He became the pariah of the class, a freak with no magical skills, surely he has no chance of becoming a mage hero just like he dreamed about for the past ten years…

But that all changed when he met All Might, Japan’s greatest mage hero, who as it turns out, has been secretly injured and needs to look for a successor soon. After a bunch of crazy events that day, one that involves a sludge-based magical villain, and his childhood friend/local bully Bakugou, All Might decides that Izuku is indeed worthy of becoming his successor, and he transferred most of his magical properties onto the boy.

The next ten months was extremely painful as All Might trained him in both basic and complex magical spells, things he should’ve been able to master at six years old if it weren’t for his lack of magical powers. His goal was to be able to pass the entrance exam for UA high, a prestigious school famous for its mage hero program. They have been ranked as number one in the entire country, producing plenty of memorable household names mage heroes…

Izuku smiled at his mother, All Might had told him that he can’t tell anyone about his magical abilities, not even his mother. The power transferred to Izuku was way more than what a regular mage would have, which could mean danger for him if anyone finds out about it…

“Just a lot of training, I guess,” Izuku answered, lying to his mother always feels bad for him, “You know that I read a lot of spell books and watched videos, right?”

“I know, I know, it’s just that…” she paused, “It’s incredible what you managed to do in just ten months, Izukkun, I’m so proud of you,”

Izuku blushed as he continues to eat his dinner. One day he will tell his mother everything, from his new magical skills, to how All Might trained him during the past year. Inko is overprotective, he knows that, and this revelation will either make her felt astonished or extremely furious over it, she may even take Izuku out of UA if it means protecting her son. As bad as it feels to lie to her, he has to keep it up if he doesn’t want to risk losing his spot at UA. He just managed to gain local attention through the sports festival, and that’s a huge step for him even if he didn’t get any medals that day. He will tell her everything, but not today.

Not today.


After dinner, he helps his mother with the dishes, manually, not with magic. Inko believes using hands to wash dishes is more effective and clean compared to using magic, and Izuku respects her decision to do it, after all, he’s been doing dishes by hand for the past 10 years of his life, just because he has magic now, doesn’t mean he should stop.

Izuku was planning to go back to his room, lay down in bed and watch some magic skills videos on his phone until bedtime, but as he walks into his room, he heard a sound coming from the front door, it was the doorbell ringing. That’s weird, he thought, usually, nobody ever comes to his house at this hour, well, except for one person…

“Coming!” he shouts as he approached the front door. Izuku sighed and paused for five whole seconds before opening the door handle. The person that usually comes here during this hour… they only come when something awful happened to them. They would either bring their bags and decides to spend the night there until they decide to come back home the next day when everything is seemingly fine again. Izuku is glad of their company, but he wished that they wouldn’t have to come here because of that awful thing that somehow keeps repeating. He just wants everything to be fine, for them to get along together…

He opened the front door and his suspicions were confirmed. In front of him was another young teenage boy, the same as his own age, he has white and red hair, a pair of heterochromia eyes, a large visible scar on the left side of his face, and of course, one of his most distinguishable traits: a pair of cat’s ears on his head and a cat’s tail on his behind.

It was his familiar-mage boyfriend, Shouto Todoroki.

“Izuku,” he greeted, “Sorry to bother you, but I… I don’t know where else to go for now…”

It was always like this, Shouto would always say the exact same thing whenever he would run away after an incredible argument or a fight with his father. And everytime he comes here, he would apologize and say that he doesn’t know where else to go, and of course he doesn’t. Hearing his childhood story, Shouto was pretty much an outcast, being kept inside his home for years and years for harsh quirk training with his father, and as a result, he mastered his quirk at a young age, but he doesn’t have any friends around, not even at school…

At some point, Izuku wondered where Shouto ran off before they became boyfriends.

Now, of course, Izuku felt extreme pity and sympathy for his boyfriend, but also, in a way, he’s very tired of doing this. He hopes that he and his father could just get along together, but that doesn’t seem to be likely. The first time Shouto ran off to his house was when he told his father about Izuku becoming his boyfriend, and obviously, that one didn’t go well as he told him that he might’ve set fire to the couch before he stormed off from the house.

“Shouto, it’s fine,” Izuku said, “Would you like to come inside?”

“No,” he answered, to Izuku’s surprise since he usually accepts his offer, “I don’t think I will be staying for long, but can I… can we just go outside for a moment? There’s a small park just across the road, and I want to talk to you, personally,”

“Oh! Uh… of course,” Izuku said, “Let me grab my coat and tell my mom where we’re going, wait outside, okay? It’ll be just a minute!”


They both walked to the small park across the street, a place which Izuku is very familiar with as he usually plays here with Bakugou when he was still a kid. They walked through the path and found a nice bench to sit on. Shouto stared at the dark sky filled with stars and the moon, taking a deep breath of the fresh air, he didn’t say anything for a minute and Izuku spent that time staring at his cat-like boyfriend, thinking just how he managed to land probably the most handsome guy in his class…

Shouto’s story about his parents was simple but tragic, his father is the infamous mage-hero Endeavor, second only to All Might in terms of rank, and his mother was Endeavor’s familiar, Rei Todoroki. Their love isn’t exactly a mutual one, Endeavor treats his familiar terribly even before they got married, but the mutual agreement between their families puts all of that behind.

The couple has four children, only two were born as a full-fledged mage, their eldest son, Touya, and their only daughter, Fuyumi. Their other two children were born as a familiar-mage, meaning mages with the same magical energy as any regular people, but also with familiar gene inside of them, creating animal characteristics and the ability to shapeshift into their animal form even when they’re out of magic. Familiar-mage didn’t exist around four generations ago, it used to be just mages and familiars without any natural-born magical abilities. But cross-breeding between mages and familiar changed all that, and soon, familiar-exclusive bloodlines were extinct. People are now either mages, familiar-mages, or normal human without any magic, that’s the only three types that exist for now…

“So…” Izuku breaks the ice by starting the conversation.

“So…” Shouto answered.

“W-what do you wanna talk about?”

“Izuku, I… I’m going to quit UA,”

The sudden statement from the familiar-mage shocks Izuku to his bare bones. Did he just say he wanted to quit UA? This is simply unprecedented. In terms of grade, Shouto has absolutely no difficulty in keeping up with the school’s high standard. He ranked fifth in his class, only one number behind his own boyfriend, and a lot of his classmates thought that he had plenty of hero potential. Why? Izuku asked, why did he even thought about doing this?

“I… I’ve finally had enough of my father,” he said, “We just had an argument, and it was a big one this time…”

“H-how big?” he asked.

“Big enough that I decided to pack all of my things and swear to him that I would never come back to that house ever again,”

“Oh my god, Shouto…”

“I’ve put all of my stuff in a safe, rented pocket dimension, don’t worry,” Shouto answered, “And that bastard can’t touch my tuition money, it’s been trusted in my name, which means only I have access to it,”

“T-that sounds good for you, b-but I still don’t understand why you want to quit school…”

“Izuku, I have nowhere to go right now,” he said, “I can’t exactly touch that money either, since it’s an education trust fund, and well, I think it’s better if I just quit now before UA finds out about my family situation…”

“They’re not going to kick you out because of it,” Izuku said, “I mean, at least I think they don’t,”

“I’m not risking getting kicked out and losing my reputation because of it, although that’s not the worst thing a Todoroki could do…” Shouto said, “Plan is I’m going to leave the city, and figure out where I want to go from there…”

“Shouto, this is ridiculous! You don’t have any money, you don’t know anyone! Where are you gonna live??”

“My brother Natsuo already said I could stay at his place,” he said, “He’s attending university at the neighboring town, and he agreed to hide me from my dad. If things didn’t work out there, I could always…”

“You could always what?”

“M-my brother Touya,” Shouto answered, he looked like he was getting scared for a bit, this isn’t good, “He, uh… he might let me stay at his place, but it’s been a while since I last saw him, and we’re not exactly on good terms…”

“I hope you don’t have to stay with him, he doesn’t sound too good,” Izuku said, “I’m going to really miss you when are you planning to come back? Maybe we could have a nice date after that…”

“Izuku, I don’t think you understand why I brought you here instead of talking inside your home,” Shouto took a deep breath before pronouncing his intention, “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to come back, and… we have to end this…”

The words got stuck inside Izuku’s ear and mind. It almost felt like he suddenly got into a car crash or something. He’s been chasing this boy ever since the sports festival, the time when he made a resolution that he would save him from the dark path he thought he was confined into. When he finally got him, he was happy, so happy that he accidentally made the whole class float into the ceiling thanks to his magic. But now, he’s going to lose him just like that??

No way, this can’t be happening, Izuku repeated inside his thoughts. He’s not going to lose him, not without a fight, at least.

But it all ended just like that, not one struggle, he was too weak to say anything, to fight him after that last attack. Izuku wanted to speak his mind out, begging his boyfriend to stay by his side, but no, for some reason he just couldn’t.

“I know you’re upset, and believe me, this wasn’t easy,” Shouto said, “But I… if I really want to move away from this place if I want to start a new life somewhere else… I need to make a clean slate…”

“S-Shouto, I…”

Izuku was quickly interrupted when Shouto gave him a kiss right on his lips. It was sweet, like always, he remembered the first time he tasted his lips, it was right after their third date, they danced together under the moonlight after they leave the restaurant, and then just like that, the cat familiar-mage kissed him. Izuku enjoyed every second of it, and when Shouto pulls back, Izuku went even further and replied with his own version of a sweet kiss.

“I’m going to really miss you,” he said, “I really am,”

“I-I d-don’t get why y-you have to go…” Izuku sobs, “We d-don’t have to break up! We c-can always try l-long distance!”

“I’ve thought about that, and well… I don’t think it would work well. We’re not going to see each other for a very long time, and I know what that does to couples. I think it’s best to let you go now than to lose you in a painful way,”

Izuku simply sat there, motionless, not able to say anything. He wanted to fight, he really does, but all the emotion, the sorrow and the extreme feeling of sadness made him unable to convey his thoughts. He was really about to lose him, this is really happening.

“I’m going to go now,” Shouto said, “My bus leaves tonight at 11, but I’ll make a few stops first, say goodbye to some of our friends…”

“C-can I come with you?”

“Maybe not Izuku,” he answered, “But if you want to see me off, then… come to the station before I leave, I think our friends will be there as well...”

“I-It’s… I’ll think about it…”

“Good,” he said, “Goodbye, Izuku Midoriya, I hope we might see each other again in the future…”

“G-goodbye Shouto Todoroki,” Izuku said, “I will never forget you…”

And just like that, Shouto stood up and left the park bench. He didn’t look back, not even once, he just walked towards the park exit and into the cold street, leaving Izuku to cry alone…


Izuku and Shouto didn’t know each other well before the sports festival. The cat familiar-mage was pretty hostile towards him, he even made a war declaration that he will defeat him during the event. The green-haired mage took it all in good sport, but he realized that Shouto was dead serious when he pulled him for a talk, explaining about his origin and his hatred towards his father. Izuku made a declaration as well that day, that he would save Shouto from all of this, to become his friend.

Izuku lost during his battle with Shouto, the cat put up a good fight using his combined mastery of fire and ice magic. UA is a bit of an unusual place for integrating both familiar-mages with normal human mages in the same class and grade, but that’s what makes it so interesting, to see the two of them face-to-face with each other.

“Hey,” Shouto said the next morning after the sports festival, “Thanks for yesterday, by the way,”

“T-thanks for what?”

“Your words,” he said, “They made me realize who I really am. I was thanking you during that last attack, did you not hear that?”

“Not really,” Izuku answered, “The cheering crowd and the teachers panicking over us really tuned that one out…”

“I guess it did…”



“Is that it?” Izuku asked.

“No, that’s not all of it,” Shouto smiled, “I’ve been thinking all night about this, but um… would you like to go out on a date with me?”



Shouto was very honest with his emotions, and he didn’t think that asking Izuku out for a date just like that would surprise or shock him. He didn’t have many friends as a kid, he said, honestly, he didn’t have any friends at all, so socializing can sometimes be a bit of a problem for him.

Their first date was at an ice cream shop near the school, thanks to Uraraka and Iida who suggested the place for them. They enjoyed a large bowl of sundae together while talking about their respective lives. After their date, Shouto gave him a kiss on the cheeks, admitting that he thoroughly enjoyed their time together before going home. Izuku simply stood there, blushing all the way until his face turns red while freaking out over what exactly just happened.


That was Izuku’s thoughts when he went up the stairs back towards his apartment. He entered through the front door, looking like a big teary mess, and his mother quickly comforts him. He told her everything, about what happened with Shouto as he continues to cry about it. Inko simply sat there, listening to her son and carefully thinking about what she could do to help the two of them, and then it hits her.

“Izukkun,” she said, “Do you really love Shouto? Are you really sure about him?”

“Y-yes mom,” Izuku answered, “I d-do, I r-really think he’s the one for me. B-but I c-can’t make him stay, h-he… he needs to go away for his own good, a-and I… I want him to be happy…”

“Maybe he doesn’t have to,”

“M-mom? W-what are you saying?”

“There’s a way for you two to stay together, but you two will have to agree on it,” she answered.


“You’re all grown up now, Izukkun, and maybe it’s time I teach you a very important spell, one that I’ve never got to use…”


The Musutafu City bus station is usually quiet at night.

A bunch of teenagers, consists of both mages and familiar-mages arrives at the bus station, approaching the bench Shouto was sitting on. The cat familiar-mage took off his headphone when he noticed the large shadow that was looming over him, it was his classmates, the one that he visited earlier before coming here. They were extremely shocked when they heard that he was dropping out and moving away on extremely short notice, most of them tried to convince him not to go along with his (possible) impulsive plan, but he had already made up his mind, and it was time to leave.

“It’s you guys,” Shouto said, “I didn’t think anyone would come…”

“Don’t be silly, Todoroki-kun!” Uraraka, the gravity-based mage said, “Of course we would come! You’re our friends after all!”

“Todoroki,” Iida, the dog familiar-mage approached him, “I wanted to make sure that you are certain with your plan, dropping out from UA is a terrible mistake, according to all of us, and we believe you shouldn’t leave…”

“I’m very certain with my plan,” Shouto answered, “I’m not going to drop out of school entirely, I’m going to attend another school, but not here…”

“Very well then,” he said, “T-then… then all I could do is to wish you the best of luck…”

Iida is upset about this, Shouto knew that. Both he and Izuku are one of his closest friend, the ones that came to his aid and helped him fight Stain, the mage-hero slayer during that fateful day on Hosu city. To see one of them leave all of a sudden like this… it must’ve broken his heart. Saying goodbye to Izuku and Iida won’t be easy, Shouto knew that, but he has to, it’s the only way if he truly wants to start a new life away from his father.

“You know,” Yaoyorozu, the creation-based mage approached him, “You could always stay at my house, we have plenty of rooms and it’s definitely not too much for us…”

“Agreed,” Iida said, “You could always stay at my house too, Todoroki-kun!”

Shouto smiled hearing their offer, but he decided to decline. Staying at his friends’ house is a good alternative rather than moving away to another city, problem is he would be too close to his father, and that stubborn bastard has the power to drag him away if he wants to, he couldn’t risk that, he couldn’t risk getting his friends in trouble or going back to that house, nope, no way.

Kirishima is here, he had expected that the mage is a kind soul after all. But he didn’t really expect his cat familiar-mage boyfriend, Bakugou, to be here as well. They both had a rocky relationship over the semester. People would usually assume that since they’re both cats they would get along just fine, right? Wrong. For some reason, Bakugou had always viewed Shouto as a rival, an obstacle he has to get through somehow. When Shouto heard about the treatment Izuku received during his middle-school days, he instantly grew mad at him, nearly starting a fight with the other cat. They both haven’t really spoken to each other since that day…

“Kirishima,” Shouto acknowledged him, “Thanks for coming…”

“We never really got close, Todoroki-kun,” Kirishima said, “A-and I guess the least I could do is to give you a proper sendoff…”

“Hey, half n’ half!” Bakugou called out from behind Kirishima to everyone’s surprise.

“Bakugou,” Shouto stared at the cat familiar-mage with a neutral look, but obviously still feeling a bit of rage towards him…

“You’re really going?” he asked.

“Yes, yes I am,”

“Good,” Bakugou smirked, “I’ll be on top of the class when you’re gone…”

“I still can’t forgive you for what you did to Izuku…”

“Didn’t expect you to, idiot,”

“But I want you to please look after him,” Shouto requested, “Not just you, all of you,”

“We shall help Midoriya as best as we can,” Tokoyami, the bird familiar-mage said, “He isn’t here right now?”

“He’s always late, but he should be here any…”

“SHOUTO TODOROKI!!!” a voice suddenly shouted towards the crowd of teenagers. Shouto simply smiled when he saw the green-haired mage running towards him. The other students simply make way for Izuku to be able to meet with Shouto face-to-face for one last time before he leaves…

“Izuku,” Shouto said, hugging his boyfriend in a warm embrace, “I’m glad you’re here…”

“Please, please don’t leave me, please don’t leave us,” Izuku begs, “I… I know a way for you to stay with all of us, a-and you don’t have to move away!”

“It would be too much for me to stay with you,” he said, “And I’m not going to go back to that house, Izuku, I can’t risk your safety…”

“No!” Izuku argues, “You’re not going back to Endeavor, you’re going to stay at my house and we’re going to be fine, because of… uh… b-because…”

“Izuku, what are you trying to say?”

“My mom taught me something when I got back to the house, a-and we both thought that this would be a good solution for you,” he answered, both of his large dark green eyes staring at his boyfriend’s directly, “Shouto Todoroki, would you be my familiar?”

Shouto was simply shocked with Izuku’s proposal and so did everyone else standing near them.

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!” Uraraka squealed when she heard Izuku’s sentence, “It’s happening!! Guys, this is happening!!”

“Yeah, no shit! We fucking heard it loud and clear, round face!” Bakugou said.

“I-Izuku, you… your familiar?” Shouto asked, “I… we… we can’t, we’re not old enough to do that…”

“Actually!!” Iida interrupted, “The law states that the age of consent for mage and familiar bonding is only 14 years of age, but we all assumed it was 18 since the spell is commonly taught to people at that age,”

“Todoroki-kun,” Yaoyorozu said, “If you became Midoriya’s familiar, then that would mean…”

“Midoriya and his family will legally be in charge over him…”

“Endeavor can’t touch you ever again,” Izuku said, “He couldn’t, he doesn’t have the right to. You will stay with me and my mom, and we’ll figure things out…”

“He will try to touch me, try to touch you, all of us…” Shouto said, “He’s very stubborn, he’ll try to find a loophole somewhere and take me away back to that house…”

“We’re not going down without a fight, then,”

“We’ll always be at your side, Todoroki-kun!” Uraraka exclaimed.

“That is right!” Iida jumped in, “We will help you no matter what the price is if it means you will stay and go back to school,”

Shouto stared at Izuku, the green-haired mage has tears on his face, but he is also smiling at his beautiful face, those pair of heterochromia eyes, the large red scar on his left side. He knows that this is by far probably the best choice he could ever have in this matter. Izuku and his mom taking him in as a familiar adds a legal layer to it. His father could still challenge it, but hearing stories about similar cases like this, there isn't exactly much that the old man could do.

Shouto has the trump card after all if the old man decides to take this to court… he could reveal everything that’s been happening inside that house, Fuyumi would probably stay out of it, but Natsuo and Touya? Those two wouldn’t hesitate for one second.

The cat-familiar mage puts his hand on both of Izuku’s shoulder, asking him if he’s sure of his offer and decision…

“Izuku, you’re still 15,” he said, “Are you sure you want me as your familiar? You would be bound to me for life…”

“Good,” Izuku answered, “I’d rather be stuck with you than anyone else, Shouto…”

“We would have to share our magic together, you would have less power occasionally, are you okay with that?”

“I already have too much on my plate anyway, don’t worry about it,”


“I’ll tell you everything later…” he smiled.

“Your parents will have an extra mouth to feed, I don’t think I could do that to them…”

“My mom already said yes, and you don’t have to worry about sleeping arrangements…” Izuku said, “My bed is a bit cramped, but it should be big enough for the two of us. You stayed in your cat form all the time anyway, so it’s no big deal…”

It’s true, Shouto really loves staying in his cat form. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t use proper human magic in that small animal form, he would’ve stayed as a cat forever. During everyday at UA, he opts to stay as a cat during classes that don’t require magic or taking notes, except for lunch of course, since he needs a hand with an opposable thumb to pick up the chopsticks and eat his soba. At home, he also stayed as a cat, something that his father frowned upon...

“So, what do you say, Shouto Todoroki?” Izuku asked one last time, “Will you be my familiar?”

Shouto smiled at Izuku, he leans in for a tight hug and happily answered the boy with a yes. The crowd of classmates (except for Bakugou) cheered, celebrating Izuku’s victory of convincing one of their classmates to stay. The green-haired mage held both of Shouto’s hands, giving him a kiss on the lips and then telling him that he will perform the spell now, and all he has to do is say the word “ego operor” at the end when asked.

“Everyone, everyone!!” Iida shouted at the crowd, “Right now, we are acting as witnesses to this event! If anyone asked what happened, we will tell the truth no matter what, understood!”

“Yeah, yeah, class rep, we got it” Kaminari, the rabbit familiar-mage said, “Now come on! Let’s get this ceremony thing started!”

“Okay,” Izuku said, “I’ll say your name at the end, and all you have to do is say that word,”

Izuku began chanting the familiar bonding spell, and the air around them suddenly turns strange. A splash of color appeared on both of their hands, it was a mix of green, white, and red, the color of their magical auras. Shouto could feel the effect of the spell, he began to take in Izuku’s warm, green magical power while also simultaneously transferring his own to the other mage. It felt weird, but somehow right, he kept taking in more and more magical power, and he knows just how draining a familiar bonding spell could be, but Izuku didn’t look tired, not even the slightest. So this is what he meant by “having too much on his plate”…

…tu suspice eaque, Shouto?” Izuku asked.

Ego operor, Izuku,” Shouto quickly answered, “Ego operor,”

A flash of light appeared from both of their hands, creating a powerful gust of wind to their surroundings. Everyone covered their eyes since the light was too powerful and blinding, and when they finally opened their eyes, they found Izuku lying on the ground, alone, without anyone near him. Iida and Uraraka quickly ran towards him, while everyone looks around for Shouto…

“I’m f-fine,” Izuku answered, “S-Shouto? W-where is he?”

“Right here,”

They heard Shouto’s voice coming from inside of Izuku’s jacket, there was a large bulge that none of them had noticed. Shouto, in his cat form, came out from inside the jacket, jumping from Izuku’s lap on all fours.

“W-why did you turn into a cat?” Kirishima asked.

“It’s just a side effect,” he answered, “Izuku and I share magic powers now, and my body is still adjusting to his. As a result, I can’t use magic until everything settles in, which also means I can’t transform into my human form…”

“Ah, y-you’re right!” Izuku said, staring at both of his hands, he tries to conjure up a small fireball, but only a small spark appeared, “I can’t use my magic right now!”

“How long does this usually lasts?” Uraraka asked.

“I think it’s for just a couple of days,” Yaoyorozu answered, “At least, that’s the case with my older sister and her fiancée when they bonded…”

“I t-think Aizawa sensei will understand about it,” Izuku said, well, Aizawa is probably going to be sort of mad at the two of them for this, but his mage master, All Might, will probably be happy and supportive about it, and that’s good enough for him.

Speaking of All Might, now that he’s sharing magical powers with his boyfriend, he has to tell him everything, huh?

“Izuku,” Shouto said, “Your magic… it feels a bit weird… it’s a lot to take in…”

“I-I’m pretty sure it’s nothing,” Izuku answered, leaning down to the cat, “B-but uh… I’ll tell you about it once we get home…”

“Home? You mean your home?”

“Yes, silly! You live with us now!” he smiled, “C-could you get your stuff from the pocket dimension?”

“Not in this state, but I rented it for a week, so we should be fine…” the cat said, “I don’t really need clothes anyway since I’m going to stay as a cat most of the time…”

Izuku chuckled at that, he thought of what’s going to happen next. Shouto is moving in with him, as his own personal cat familiar. They would have to stay together until the end of their lives, and nothing can stop them now…

“Well, I think it’s time for me to move into my new home…”

“I’m glad to hear you say that!”

“Maybe I’ll redecorate your room a bit… put on some tatami and took down a couple of All Might posters…” Shouto joked, “You have too much of those already…”


Izuku and Shouto bid farewell to their friends as they all left the bus station to go back to their own home. The cat walked on all four, not being able to turn human for the meantime, while Izuku walks slowly to match the pace of his boyfriend’s steps. Just around five minutes after they walked away from the bus station, Shouto stopped and asked his boyfriend something.

“Izuku, you brought your backpack with you…” he said.

“I figure I should in case I decided to run away with you…” Izuku joked, “But there’s really nothing in here right now except for a couple of books…”

“Can I ride there? Can you carry me inside your backpack?”

“Oh! Of course!”

Izuku puts down his backpack and Shouto quickly jumped inside. He wore the backpack on his shoulder again, now with his familiar behind him, and he continues walking towards their home. Shouto is pretty light in his cat form, especially since Izuku is kinda strong right now after all that training with All Might…

He stared at the moon for a few seconds as he walked, smiling all the way through. Behind him, the cat closed both of his eyes, it’s getting pretty late and he wanted to rest his eyes for a moment, cozying himself up in between Izuku’s notebooks and pencil case.

This is the beginning of their happiness. Their story had just started…