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Kissing Your Mouth in Different Ways

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Violet didn't try to complain as much as she used to when they were younger, back when she and Clem actually had time to spend together, lying around in her bedroom and cracking jokes about Louis and stupid ass high school. Now she didn't try to anymore, considering how far they seemed at times, with Clem off in court and her off stuck in prison with prisoners. There were always the tipping edges, the ones where Violet needed to yell and break something and breathing through her nose, slamming their house door shut, Clem seemed to know immediately what to do. Her sweet girl immediately peppering her with attention, something Violet didn't think she yet deserved, even from her beautiful wife. Her amber eyes staring up and kissing her, moving her to their bedroom. Slipping clothes out, her naked body stark against Clem's clothed ones and her settling behind her. Violet only leaned against her wife's chest, feeling her hands curling on her shoulders, needing her in a way that could only make her feel special.

"He called me a fucking dyke," She snarled, the words spitting out and Clem's beautiful humming filling out. "I know it's fucking stupid, being called that, but fuck, we're in the 2000s, not fucking 1980s!"

Clem only hummed and kneaded her, she gasped and bucked into nothing. The coolness on her clit and she slipped her hands to Clem's clothed thighs, imagining her in that pretty skirt she wore once for court. Her marching around, one of the few times she was out and had decided to watch her wife break down everyone, to prove her client was innocent. 

"He cited that because I was a dyke, I can't help prisoners," She snapped and narrowed her eyes, feeling the rumbling of her wife. "As if I can make them gay, they only become gay for the stay. Fuck him."

"Don't actually fuck him, darling," Clem purred and Vi laughed, rubbing her head against Clementine's chin.

"I prefer the prisoners over that asshole, at least I can expect that language from them, not my fucking colleague," Vi rasped and closed her eyes, as Clem's hand lowered to her back and pressed, her gasping and leaning, arching her back like a cat. Clem had called her a cat once, remembering how Clem's tongue rasped against her and kneaded her breasts, a way that Minerva never could. 

"The colleague is the one with the obnoxious pedophile mustache and blonde hair?" Clem mused and she nodded, spitting out some cuss words.

"He looks like he should be in prison," Vi snarled and turned her head away, feeling Clem's legs tighten around her. "But, he would be beaten up. No one likes a pedophile, not even the other rapists."

"Makes sense, pedophiles are the lowest of the low," Clem murmured and pressed soft kisses down her neck. She quivered and squirmed against her, her clit aching and feeling something longing inside of her.

"Fuck, can we, can we do something else?" She asked and looked up at Clem, who paused in her kneading and pressed her cheek against Vi's neck.

"Like what, darling?" She purred, her breath hot against her neck and her skin prickled at the feeling. She bucked a bit.

"Foreign," She gasped and cooed, as Clem's hands slipped to her breasts, kneading her pale skin and nails lightly pinching her nipples. She gasped and clawed at Clem's thighs, Clem's lips pressing against her neck and licking a specific area that made her gasp out and cry.

"Lay on your stomach," Clem ordered and felt Clem shuffle out from under her.

She felt so cold without Clem and she shuffled backward, flipping herself over, her skin prickling as the coolness reached her and clawed at her skin. She pressed her face against a pillow, its softness making it easier to relax, stretching her arms around it, and biting it as her stomach rubbed against the blanket. Her clit ached and she ground against the smooth fabric, bucking her hips and could hear Clem undressing, before moving away. The wet slaps of her feet on their floor and Violet arched up, gasping into the pillow and clinging to it, feeling its softness curl around her fingers. 

She could now feel Clem's breath on her neck and she cried out as Clem straddled her hips, her own clit brushing against Violet's back. She groaned at the feeling of the heat on her neck, the little kisses her wife planted on her. She watched as Clem grabbed the lube from the drawer, and could hear the lid, the squirting of lube and imagining it running down whatever object her wife had brought her. Violet favored this routine, a surprise and trust laid down upon her wife, who always cuddled her afterward and her warm breath dancing on her neck. She gasped and purred, as Clem moved down, her clit now rubbing against her thighs. She spread them wider, imagining Clem penetrating her.

"Not yet, darling," Clem whispered, and she shivered at the hot breath on her lower regions.

She arched up and groaned at the slight rasp of the tongue on her. Her eyes burned with unshed tears, gasping as Clem's tongue rubbed against her folds, and sucked around her burning bud, before moving back down to the center of her heat. Pushing into her she gasped out and clawed at the pillow, feeling such comfort that Clem was here, so close that she could move and grab her, kiss her wet mouth and feel her heat. Instead, she gasped and arched, feeling Clem prod her and lap at her with such power that made her shiver, the way only her wife could. Her wife, her wife who had a quick tongue in court and here. 

"There, now you can take it," Clem breathed once more, her hot breath back on her, tongue gone. Instead, coldness reached her and she cried out. It was cold and hard, and she panicked slightly but felt Clem's calming fingers on her shoulders, rubbing against her. "It's a remote controller, Violet. You ready?"

"Mmhmm," She gasped out and could feel Clem's fingers spread her open, and she spread her legs wider, feeling the controller prod against her.

It slipped in and she gasped out, closing her eyes and biting the pillow. The buttons rubbed furiously on one side of her walls, the other one creating a smooth layer. She sobbed out and Clem's tongue lapped against her neck, her praising her so well. Violet gasped and pushed back, feeling it slid in deeper. The buttons throbbed against her walls, and Clem thrust it in and out, her gasping and crying as her wife fucked her so well. She laughed and shivered, arching up to take more of it, her wife's hold so gentle and fierce, a hand groping her breast and mouth laying wet kisses down her neck.

"You're doing so good, Vi. So good, love," She whispered sweetly and she smiled and grinned, shivering as Clem thrust it in. She arched and felt it get wider. "Tell me when to stop."

"Cl-Clem, please," Violet gasped and felt her wife's hold tighten, her fingers making marks on her breast. "Keep going."

Her wife rumbled a purr and her chest was pressed against her back, her warmth spreading to her coolness. She cried out and clenched around the controller, that rubbed so wonderfully against her. The buttons rubbed so beautifully as the back slid against her like how Clem's tongue had. She cried out and clenched tighter, biting and closing eyes tight as Clem's words reached her ears. Such praise and delight that Violet could only shudder.

"I-I'm getting close, please, faster!" She sobbed out and could feel her wife nuzzle against her, and felt her wife push the rest of the controller in.

It stretched her wide and she cried out as she clenched tighter, feeling everything nuzzle against her. She imagined Clem's thoughts at her and could only hope good ones as Clem brushed her mouth against her neck and lapped at her. And she came as Clem praised her, feeling her wife's fingers digging into her, pressing the controller deeper in. Its buttons rubbed against her like no ever, and could feel Clem's fingers make a grab at it, grabbing around and slowly tugging it out. It tugged at her walls and she gasped as Clem soothed her with her mouth. With a slick pop, she felt the buttons drag at her once more and her heat clenching around nothing as Clem raised off from her. 

"Roll over, love," Clem spoke softly, and Violet flipped over, her releasing the pillow and arms splaying to her sides, her back sweating against the blanket and looking up at her wife's gold eyes.

They gleaned as her fingers held up the slick remote, covered in her slickness and juice. Clem moved it to Violet's mouth and she opened greedily, sucking the buttons and imagining it as Clem's beautiful clit, tasting herself as Clem purred out encouragement. And after sucking it off, feeling the back rub against her and her tongue favoring the buttons, Clem pulled it from her mouth, her saliva joining in on her slickness that was at the bottom. She watched as Clem placed it back and as Clem laid down next to her, gold eyes shielded and watching her carefully.

"Was that good?" Clem whispered and Violet purred, wrapping her arms around her wife's waist, pulling her close and nuzzling against her chin.

"Better," She cooed and pressed little kisses on Clem's chin, as her arms wrapped around her back.

"Now let's get some rest," Clem whispered softly and Violet cooed, brushing a knee against Clem's bud. Her sweet wife and she kissed her deeply, savoring her, before leaning her head against her chest. She was lucky she had such a sweet girl to take care of her.