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Our Memory Box

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Why the fuck am I doing this again?

Im literally about to shit a fucking yacht and cry a fucking ocean for my yacht to sail on. 

I can't do this shit.

People always tell me that a man shouldn't cry or whatever but I honestly don't give a fuck. I'm crying right now and I don't care.


Oh hello there... Who is this guy? He's hot.

"Um excuse me." The hot guy is about to sit next to me.... for 3 hours! Maybe I don't have the worst luck today.

I was sitting in the isle seat cause fuck no. I am not sitting next to the window seat again. I moved out so the hot man could sit next to the window. The view from the window was the most horrifying thing I have ever witnessed. I start to freak out at the though of being in the sky. 

"Are you okay?" His voice is so soothing and calm. I bet he travels by plane often. 

"No...I'm scared and don't you dare judge me." I was honest and If he's going to judge me by my fear then he can fuck off. 

"Oh, no! I won't judge you, I'm scared of things too."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" That sounds really hard to believe. He looks like a fearless, sexy man although I know i shouldn't be judging him.

"Escalators, people on stilts, vomit, steep slopes, busted lips, bloody wounds, seaweed.... do you wan't me to continue?"

"Uh no, you can stop now. guess I was wrong. It was a rhetorical question anyway but... why are you scared of seaweed? If you're okay with me asking."

"It's okay. Well, throughout my whole childhood I went to the beach a lot and the huge areas of seaweed in the water always looked like sharks. I don't get how giant clumps of brown look like sharks now, but since I got that fear when I was little, It just stuck with me. The beaches I went to were very likely to have real sharks and scary sea animals so having something brush against my foot as I was swimming was terrifying for me."

"Oh okay, that kind of makes me feel better about my fear. I have gone on a plane before with my family and my father had told me I was just pretending to be scared for attention. I had always thought my fear was irrational and to hear that you are afraid of seaweed, escalators and people on stilts makes me feel better... I don't know why i'm telling you all this." My face morphed into a frown at the though of my parents.

The sexy strangers face mimicked mine.

"But your fear of flying is a genuine fear. People shouldn't belittle you for it. And it's good to tell someone about what is worrying you. Even a stranger if it's not too personal but some strangers don't care honestly." 

"I always agreed with my parents that I was being stupid cause thats what they made me think but now... I guess you're right. It's not my fault that my body reacts in fear when I'm on a plane. Thank you for listening to my worries even though they're silly. "

"But they're not silly though. It's quite sad that people close to you were disregarding something that made you afraid. It shouldn't be like that but sometimes there is a way to overcome that fear or a way to help control your nerves. "

Oh my god he is so understanding and kind and oh, he is sexy and thoughtful... My heart kinda hurts from beating so fast. 

"How do you control your fears?" Hopefully that wasn't too personal of a question for me to ask.

"Well... I have a fear of Hospitals because they bring up heaps of bad memories for me but whenever I have to go to one, for an important appointment or to visit someone close to me, I draw or paint on my arms depending on how long i'm going to be there. It's comforting to me. I don't know why."

"Can you draw on my arm?" Wait... that's a weird question to ask a stranger.

"Sure. What is something that keeps you tranquil?"

"Umm...A small boat floating on open waters."

"Ok then. That image scares the fuck out of me but whatever works for you. Just focus on the brushes on your skin."

"Wait why do you have these brush pens on the plane? I didn't know you could do that."

"It's allowed cause it's small. I always bring it with me."

I sat and watched the stranger start painting the image on my wrist.

"What's your name?" I asked the stranger because I just had to put a name to the face. 

"Oh I'm Jungkook." 

Well Jungkook, I really like you.


"Taehyung, we should be friends." He stopped and looked at me seriously.

"That would be really nice. I don't have very many friends because everyone thinks i'm weird. I dress differently to others and I sometimes talk to myself... I probably shouldn't have said that now you think I'm weird too."

"No, I probably talk to myself more than I talk to actual human beings and I can ramble to people for hours so that says something. I'm also weird too."

"I don't believe it." This is too good to be true. 

"For one, I talk to myself, two, I can get really over excited about stupid things and go crazy, Three, I dance and sing everywhere I go, four, I bite my ice cream, five, I enjoy boring movies, six, my laugh is described by many as obnoxiously loud, seven, I love being freezing cold just so I can warm myself up, and eight, I love to bite the skin off my lips. There are heaps more things that people say are really weird although I don't think they are weird. Weird isn't necessarily bad though, it can also be refreshing to come across someone different to you and weird is fun."

"Oh my god, where have you been my whole life. We are like the same person and I've always been ashamed of the things I do but you just openly told a stranger all the things I became ashamed of. Oh my god wait! I mean like you shouldn't be ashamed cause the things you do are cute... wait never mind... omg i'll just shut up now."

"It's ok your rambling is cute. We should play a game while I paint."

OMG he basically called me cute!

"Ok sure omg I love games. Ok we can start ask each other questions like 21 questions but like you can ask more than 21 questions."

"How is it like 21 questions if there aren't 21 questions. The distinctive thing about 21 questions is the fact that it has only 21 questions so if there aren't 21 questions, then they are just normal questions."

"Well you're a bit of a brat aren't you?" 


He is so cute. 

"ok lets start. I'll ask first. Hmmm...... What movie could you re watch over and over without getting sick of?"

"Either Meet the Robinsons or Big Hero Six." 

"So you like cartoons and kids movies?"

"I love them." 

I should ask him to watch a movie with me... or is that weird?  

"Same. There is this kids movie I absolutely love but no one I know, knows it. Its called, Everyone's Hero."

"Oh my god I love that movie." 

Jungkook smiled and omg it was the most beautiful sight. He looks like a bunny rabbit and I love it.

"Really? Whats it about then?" I just need to make sure he's not lying.

"A kid called Yankee goes on a mission to return Babe Ruth's baseball bat back to him but things keep happening that gets him off track because this other baseball player called Leftie is trying to steal back Babe's lucky bat. Plus the bat is called Darlin' and the baseball is called Screwie and they can both talk."

"Oh my god."