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The New Muraders and the Chamber of Secrets

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Rose was sitting in the living room of Grimaled Place talking to her Familiar when she felt that tickle of an unknown house elf. It had been happening peridoticly throughout the two weeks of summer that the two students have experience already. Rose mumbled than called for Kreacher.

"Yes, mistress Rose?" The house elf asked with a pan and spatula in his hands. Rose asked him," Do you know if there are any other House-elves around?"

Kreacher shook his head, yes making his ears flop a bit," There is Mistress. I believe he is from the Malfoy house."

"Thank You Kreatcher," Rose told him and got up from the couch and wrote a letter to Draco. While she was doing that she heard Sirus and Remus talking in the Hall with Newt and Credence.

"I just got a letter from Narcisse. Lucis had found out about their visits here and hit her in front of Draco. This has happened before apparently because she's filing for devoice and want's us to see if we can house Draco while the devoice is happening," Sirus told them. Remus replied," It might be for the best. When is he coming over?" 

"In a little while," Sirus responded. Rose smiled and put away her parchment, ink, and quills as she hurried up to Harry's room. The slightly older child was training Norbert since the Norwegian Ridgeback formed a Familiar bond with the boy when it hatched last year. Hagrid had also let Fluffy stay with the group during the full moons since Rose had gotten used to curling up to the cerberus while she transformed at school. The two got along fairly well too. As Rose reached the door to Harry's room Lokies slid under the door and soon after Harry had opened it. He was only slightly taller than Rose and she smiled.

"Harry, Draco is coming over. Also, guess what I found out?" She said as she sat down on the other's bed. Harry asked," is it about the strange tingling sensations we both been getting?" 

"Apparently it's a house elf from Malfoy Manor. Pretty sure they're trying to stop your letters," She said as she handed him the pile of letters for their friends. Harry smiled at the Slytherin heir and said, "You're a lifesaver, Rose."

Rose blushed and said," Oh hush you. I am just trying to help out. Plus Urleas Zabini wants to do an annual class for us veelas." 

She pouted but said nothing else as she and Harry played a round of Wizards Chess. 

Little under an hour later there was a knock at the door. Harry and Rose rushed down the stairs followed by Norbert and Lokies. Draco was there with his owl, Kleew on his shoulder and his school tunk. Harry hugged his best friend while Rose just smiled at the two. 

"Rose," Draco said. 


The three kids smiled as they caught up. The three animals hooted, hissed, and chittered together at the same time.