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Guessing Games

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He’d never really thought about it before but he supposed she was correct. Blue was the colour of the sea and sky. He had quite a few blue shirts he wore often enough and he liked each one of them. Blueberries were blue and he liked those as well. Bluebirds were beautiful, Sapphires were gorgeous, and his favourite flower had always been the Cornflower. It made sense.

Most importantly though was that blue was the colour of her eyes, and her eyes were definitely the most wonderful things the world had to offer him. They pierced his soul and brought light to his dreary life. They sparkled so elegantly in the light and shone like the moon in the dark. They stole his breath away.

He wasn’t quite sure what had moved him into starting up a conversation with her that night. He’d simply dropped by The Rabbit Hole to collect the rent as he did once each month and that was all he’d planned the outing to be. Next thing he knew he was slipping into the seat across from the town’s new librarian, who had her nose in a book as always, and was ordering them both a Rum and Coke.

They’d started a game of trying to guess things about each other, her idea in full and he’d agreed to it for reasons he still wasn’t sure on. She was quite good at reading him it seemed. She had easily guessed his drink of choice, his favourite literary genre, favourite musical artist and even the colour of his house which he was sure she’d not seen.

( “Well everything lines up perfectly for you to have an ordinary beige little house but I sense you’re far from ordinary. Your house would probably be a shocking colour, one someone wouldn’t expect from you…. It’s Pink, isn’t it?”

He’d blinked owlishly at her a moment before nodding his head slowly. “Salmon, actually but I’ll give you the point.” )

Now she’d gone ahead and guessed his favourite colour when he previously believed he didn’t have one. He let out a short breathy chuckle and pulled his eyes away from hers to shake his head. “You astound me, Ms.French. It appears you’re right again.”

She smiled so brightly at him that he almost forgot how to breath and it was at that moment he realized he was in love with her.