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The Impossible

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When the Illusive Man entered the laboratory, the noted the body on the surgical table. The lithe human frame with the rich strawberry blonde hair was hard to miss and standing over it Miranda Lawson stared at Commander Shepard's vitals. Stable. That was a good sign. It had been touch and go at first with the Lazarus project. It wasn't sure if she could handle the rebuild because of the state her body was in when it arrived in the lab. 

The dark haired woman was vigilant in her monitoring of the vitals and hadn't heard him when he came into the room. He voiced his annoyance when she didn't turn to greet him. "What was so urgent you needed to wake me at this hour? Couldn't it wait until the morning?"

"You said if I found anything interesting to contact you immediately."

"So I did. What did you find?"



"Yes, Sperm. Or at least traces of it."

"You woke me up and dragged me down here to tell me you found sperm."

"In her uterus, yes."

"So she had sex before she died. Not exactly rocket science."

"Yes, but who it belonged to is the interesting part." Miranda tapped a few buttons and pulled up the rest results. "Due to the degrading state of her body before we got a hold of her, I wasn't able to get a clear reading of the DNA. However, the conditions her body was preserved some of the traces of it, but I wasn't able to narrow it down to which crew member was having relations with her."

"How did you knew it was a member of her crew?"

"Lucky guess?" She was cheeky. "I then realized the genes weren't levo-based, but dextro-based."

She pulled up he genes in question. He stared at it, trying to figure out what she was trying to get him to see. When he didn't, she continued. "Like I said, the DNA is dextro-based. These genes only appear in dextro-based organisms. There are only two dextro-based life forms aboard her crew. Only one of them is male and this specific sequence is only carried by Turians. She's been having relations with a Turian and more than likely the one she's in close proximity to her."

"Ugh," he groaned. "The one aboard her ship."

"That very one."

"Garrus Vakarian. Not a terrible choice, but she could do better. Like one of her own species. Of all the Human males in the universe, she had to go dipping into xenophilia. Why does this need my attention? Specifically at this hour?"

"What if we could breed a new kind of soldier? A hybrid which combined the best of Humanity and the Turians. It would definitely advance the Human ascension to its proper place in the universe. I mean, Humans came up with a way to allow dextro-based and levo-based organisms to reproduce. Kind of a big deal to be honest. And who better than our very own hero, Commander Jane Shepard, to do it. Sir, what I'm wanting is your permission to attempt an experiment."

"Go on."

"Under normal circumstances, Humans cannot carry Turian offspring for various reasons. Mostly due to the dextro/ levo conflict. What I am purposing is we modify her womb to allow her to carry one to term. Groom it, and see what happens."

"How do we know she'll go back to him?"

"Oh, she will. I know she will."


"You see that bruising on her shoulder?"

"The one which looks like someone bit her?"

That's because he did bite her. It's a Turian mating bondmark. In the Turian culture, they're as good as married."

"I see."

"So, yes. She will go back to him. I doubt she'd let him bite her if she didn't know what the mark means."

"What's your plan?"

"Make the changes we need to allow her to accept and carry a dextro offspring. Allow her to return as planned and as cliche as it sounds; let nature take it's course."

"Would it allow for her to carry levo-based offspring?"

"That I will not know until it would happen. What I do know is that it wouldn't affect the Lazarus project results."

"How would we monitor her progress?"

"Assign me to her ship. I'll observe her and report back on her condition. It is my project after all."

"Do it." He nodded, once he turned around, he called over his shoulder. "Can't wait to find out what a Human/ Turian hybrid looks like.