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Lightning in the Dark

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Izuku wanted power. He wanted to help others. He wanted to be a hero. He wanted to help others, to protect those who could not protect themselves. Izuku wanted to help the people Katsuki bullied. He wanted to stand up for himself. However, he was quirkless. Against Katsuki’s amazing quirk, how could he compare? He already practiced mixed martial arts for years. He had been training since he had found out he was quirkless. It had never helped.

So, he began to look for ways to gain a quirk or any kind of power. Always online, of course. He had heard whispers in the back corners of the internet, whispers of people with amazing powers, long before quirks. Their powers came from existence itself, called EXS. A boy who could summon a sword from nowhere. A girl who could reincarnate, and her mountainous companion. A girl who could summon and control a massive puppet, and another who could move like the wind, leaving only flower petals in her wake. A clawed man with a monstrous scythe, and a dangerous psychopath who fought with his own blood. All of them in between births, or In-Births for short.

Izuku also heard of the monsters that caused these powers, called Voids, and the Hollow Night that kept these living nightmares contained.

Now he was here, on the night of the full moon, ready to sneak out in search of these monsters. He had written his goodbyes, in case he could not return. The full moon would not return for another month after this, and junior high would be starting tomorrow. Izuku did not want to face Katsuki. Izuku slipped out the window, and into the night.

He came to a public park, with everyone else gone. Izuku sat on the swings, and waited. With his phone as a clock, he waited. Eventually, his phone stopped working. He had succeeded. He had found a Hollow Night. He waited some more, and eventually, he heard a voice.

“Flesh. New flesh. NEW FOOOOOOOOOD.”

Izuku looked behind him, and recoiled in horror at the beast rushing at him. Massive jaws, long flowing white hair and glowing eyes.

Everything went black when the hands finally reached him.




Why do you continue living?

To become a hero who helps others, like All Might!

All Might is powerful. You are not. You are weak and pathetic.

But I don't have to stay weak and pathetic. I’ll become strong!



Izuku woke up at the crack of dawn, his head pounding and his arms sore as anything. They felt like they had been torn off, and regrown overnight. He rushed back home, hoping to beat the sun. He felt faster, a little bit stronger, and he made good time. As he ran, felt tingly feelings around him, running alongside him, parallel to the power lines. He managed to sneak back into his room and get a bit of sleep, even through the soreness in his arms and his pounding head. He woke for breakfast, and headed off to his first day at Aldera Junior High.

Izuku started what he expected to be his daily endeavor to school after his breakfast of toast and milk. He said goodbye to his mother, and began the stealth mission that was avoiding Katsuki and his cronies. He didn’t feel very different, but the headache had faded and the soreness in his arms had disappeared. Izuku just wanted his EXS to appear. He vaguely remembered the Void ripping them off the night before, but he supposed his body had regrown them as he became an In-Birth. That was the cause of the soreness. He also felt tingly feelings, originating from his clock, phone, and the television in the living room. The power lines and buildings also emanated this feeling, and it was almost overwhelming. He felt as if all he had to do was call out to the feeling and it would-


Shit. Katsuki found him.

Most of the other bullies tended to leave Izuku alone. To them, he wasn’t worth the trouble. After all, he could put up a half decent fight, even through his quirklessness. Katsuki was a different matter. Not only did he always have a small entourage with him, but he was a cut above the other thugs at Aldera and the surrounding neighborhood. Katsuki was blessed with a powerful quirk and a very impressive mind. Izuku sometimes thought that maybe Katsuki had a part in keeping the other bullies away from him, wanting to be the only one to torment and belittle Izuku.

They were childhood friends, after all.

“Stupid Deku! LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU,” Katsuki screamed.

“Y..y..yes Kacchan,” Deku murmured.

“Now, get on the wall with the rest of those extras,” Katsuki said, pointing to an alley. “I’m going to drill it into your heads, since you can’t understand how pathetic you all are. I’m going to be number one, and you guys won’t even be a low ranker’s sidekick.”



“I c-c-can’t stand by and let you h-hurt others. If I can’t st-st-stand up to you here, how will I stand up to a v-villian?”


Izuku flinched as Katsuki thrust his hand toward him, explosions crackling. He closed his eyes and raised his arms. Suddenly, he heard a popping noise, and felt a flash of light. Katsuki screamed and recoiled.

Izuku had shocked Katsuki.

He looked down at his hands, and saw electrical sparks jumping between his fingers. His EXS was revealed. It was electricity. Izuku smiled with glee. He finally had a power. He wasn’t a useless Deku anymore. He was stronger than he had been before. Right then, Izuku made a decision. He would use the power given to him to protect others, to stand up for those who wouldn’t stand up for themselves. Starting right now.

Izuku took his stance, a second before Katsuki’s so-called friends jumped him. They tackled him, and Izuku panicked. He shocked them indiscriminately, and they held on. When Izuku stopped, they were out cold. The other kids on the wall had run to school by now, and Izuku was glad. It meant that he didn’t have to worry about shocking bystanders.

Suddenly, Izuku heard a bell ring. Class would be starting soon. Katsuki woke up his buddies, and they started to leg it to school. However, Izuku knew that he would have to pass off his EXS as a quirk, and to do that, he had to get it registered. So instead of following Katsuki, he ran home, hoping his mother hadn’t gone to work yet.

When Izuku arrived home, panting and out of breath, his mother was on the phone with the school. “Oh wait, no, I have him here. Thank you for calling. I’ll talk to him now,” Inko said, setting the handset down. “Izuku! Why are you here? Why aren't you at school?”

“Mom! Mom! I GOT MY QUIRK!”

End chapter 1